stocktongoodrepaI just installed the latest ubuntu on our first test computer for sister Susan and now I have to learn how to port a program call esword to her computer.j04:07
stocktongoodrepa wish there was an equivalent that would go on ubuntu direct04:07
stocktongoodrepaThe Ubuntu Beginner's Guide05:18
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ntwrk_keith_Good morning. Not sure if this is a Windows or Ubuntu issue but I have a desktop with ubuntu server running CUPS and connected to my USB printer. I then connect to it from my Windows/Linux workstations over the network. I can print from them just fine if I do it from Microsoft Word or websites but cant print from notepad. Any ideas?13:14
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holsteinntwrk_keith_: notepad in windows?14:09
holsteinntwrk_keith_: printing should and usually is just from the system... you set up the printer in windwos, not in word or "websites"14:10
holsteinthe system should print from whatever apps... you can start testing and removing things... i supppose you could hard plug a printer into the windwos machine and see if notepad prints14:11
holsteinnotepad printing functionality would not be a deal breaker for me.. i would just print from something else14:11
ntwrk_keith_holstein: Windows notepad, yes. And I did setup the printer for the system... I'm just having problems printing from certain apps, specifically notepad.14:12
ntwrk_keith_And yes, when I used to have the printer plugged into the Windows 7 desktop, I could printer from any application, including notepad14:13
holsteini would change that from "used to" and plug the printer in.. try printing from notepad.. then i think you'll have a better idea of what the issue is14:14
holsteinntwrk_keith_: what im saying is.. if you havent plugged the printer in locally recently, then you cant say what the issue is14:15
ntwrk_keith_holstein: I know it works when it is plugged in14:16
holsteinyou plug the printer in, right now, and try printing.. if notepad doesnt print, you know it has nothing to do with ubuntu or the network14:16
ntwrk_keith_But I appreciate your advice14:16
holsteinntwrk_keith_: you said "when i used to".. if you have recieved an update, that could have broken functionality14:16
ntwrk_keith_It wasnt that long ago. The ubuntu server was stood up recently14:17
holsteini typically suggest as troubleshooting steps to rule out variables, and depending on how long it has been, you cant rule that out14:17
ntwrk_keith_And this happens from multiple Windows workstations. That would assume that all of them had the same update that broke the functionality14:17
holsteinyes, that would assume that, and hard-plugging it could rule that out14:18
holsteini would try taking the same .txt files and printing from linux14:18
holsteini would try some different drivers maybe14:18
holsteini would say, there likely will be no one who says "i konw exactly what that issue is", so being open to troubleshooting ideas will be helpful14:21
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Vampyhas any one here used turnkey linux?21:59

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