JoseeAntonioRcjohnston: hey, have you got an automatic mailing system for sponsorship, so responses are sent automatically depending on the status of it?02:36
JoseeAntonioR^: that's in summit02:36
mhall119JoseeAntonioR: no, summit doesn't do the mailing, those are done manually03:00
JoseeAntonioRmhall119: wouldn't it be nice to have that feature? added to the "sponsorship status" page it'd be a super system03:00
bkerensajono: I'm finally a Ubuntu Accomplishments Contributor ;p03:54
jonobkerensa, :-)03:54
jonothanks bkerensa!03:54
czajkowskimorning folks06:01
dholbachgood morning07:10
czajkowskidholbach: you know much about AU ?08:53
dholbachno, not really08:56
czajkowskitrying to work out the best URL to put on LP to point to an external tracker aka AU under maas08:56
czajkowskihttp://askubuntu.com/search?q=maas  or http://askubuntu.com/questions/tagged/maas?sort=active&pagesize=5008:57
dholbachno idea I'm afraid :-/08:57
czajkowskino worries08:57
czajkowskimoves into one of the other items on the to do list08:58
czajkowskiit's kinda never ending today08:58
jussiAU is a valuable metal iirc :P09:55
* jussi hugs czajkowski09:56
czajkowskiwhat have I done......09:58
czajkowskiwhat do you want09:58
jussiczajkowski: :P :P Just make you cringe inside... :D10:00
czajkowskino no cringing10:03
czajkowskiIve noticed my pings increasing to get LP work done since I've started :)10:03
czajkowskijcastro: you about to help for a tick13:05
czajkowskijcastro: any idea why I get http://askubuntu.com/questions/tagged/maas 57 results this way and http://askubuntu.com/search?q=maas 67 this way13:06
popeybecause the second one searches inside the questions, not just the tags13:12
popeyso some questions will have mass in the text but not mass as a tag13:12
popeyhence more13:12
czajkowskiah ok13:12
czajkowskimost confusing13:12
czajkowskipopey: thanks13:13
popeyit does say in the top right :)13:13
popeystupid CTRL+W13:14
dpmany wiki guru around here who could tell me if it's possible to add a link within a page that takes you to the edit version of another page? I've tried adding a link as [[SomePage?action=edit|edit me]], but the wiki simply tries to create a page called "SomePage?action=edit" whenevr I click on it13:20
czajkowskidpm: can you add a link to a shortented link like bit.ly13:20
dpmhm... clever13:21
czajkowskievery once ina  while I get a good one!13:21
dpmthanks czajkowski :)13:21
dpmactually, I should probably be able to use the full URL as well: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SomePage13:22
czajkowskidpm: but now that I hae you :)13:22
* dpm tries13:22
czajkowskiany wee chance we can get translation love on the membership page...13:22
dpmczajkowski, I'll see what I can do, but I'm working full time on app development right now. Let me see if I've got some time before eod13:23
czajkowskior else tell me who or what to do13:23
czajkowskif I should mail a certain list I can do that13:24
czajkowskihttp://impressapenguin.com/ hhehehe14:26
dholbach213 people in #u-classroom - not bad for a start14:57
pleia2mhall119: is there any plans in the works to upgrade loco.ubuntu.com's server to 12.04? I'm wondering if we should be telling people to dev on 10.04 (plus that gets rid of the need to s/2.6/2.7 in instructions)16:04
pleia2of course that's sucky because... 10.04 :)16:04
pleia2but writing some python 2.7 specific stuff only to learn it won't run in production wouldn't be great either16:05
pleia2(is there much between 2.6 and 2.7 to be worried about?)16:06
pleia2anyway, I bring this up because I saw updates to the ltp blueprint today about people sending emails to their locos about working on it, and I didn't get to updating instructions yet :)16:06
czajkowskipleia2: ah Iv'e yet to send the mail about dev16:08
czajkowskiI've a longer mail to go out16:08
pleia2czajkowski: cprofitt acked his action item to do the same16:08
czajkowskimost likely will not get to that till tomorrow, I thought 2 mails and a blog post was a lot already today :)16:08
pleia2so I was like "oh no, everyone is sending them out!" :)16:08
pleia2it's really quite simple to get it going in 12.04 since daker fixed the environment issue I ran into, just a quick change in one file from the current instructions16:09
czajkowskiI'm around till 17:00 UTC tomorrow and then just for the CC call although will be at the airport for that so this should be fun16:13
mhall119pleia2: the problem is that loco.u.c shares the server with a bunch of other sites (I don't recall which), they'd all have to be able to upgrade to 12.0416:17
czajkowskiall the ones on the DC move16:18
czajkowskiI can ask to see how much hassle it would be to upgrade if you want16:18
czajkowskias I'm in hands reach of them now16:18
mhall119there isn't much difference between 2.6 and 2.7, as far as I know loco-team-portal runs fine on 2.716:18
pleia2mhall119: I know, just asking if any plans were in the works16:18
mhall119we'll get a new django version though, so it'll need to be tested with that16:18
mhall119pleia2: daker would be the one to coordinage an upgrade16:19
mhall119I don't know if he's talked with IS about it yet or not16:19
pleia2I'm really just asking so we know what to recommend to potential devs16:19
pleia2I don't care when it gets upgraded ;) but I don't want to tell people to dev on 12.04 if their code will be useless on 10.04 django and python 2.616:19
mhall119pleia2: python 2.6 if they have it, 2.7 if they don't, and yeah it's kind of a sucky situation16:19
mhall119the django version we install to virtualenv should roughly match what's in production16:20
mhall119regardless of whether they are on 12.04 or not16:20
mhall119so only the python version would be different16:21
pleia2should we recommend people not use 2.7 stuff for now?16:21
pleia2stuff == new python things in 2.716:21
mhall119yeah, but knowing which ones are new isn't always obvious16:22
pleia2of course16:22
mhall119but 2.6 to 2.7 is *much* better than when we went 2.4 to 2.616:22
pleia2yeah :)16:22
pleia2ok, I'll add a new step to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoTeamPortal for 12.04 about manually updating the python version in the Makefile16:24
czajkowskiok I've spokent to elmo16:25
czajkowskihe will upgrae the machine that ltp is on16:26
czajkowskiif we get someone to help cordinate it16:26
czajkowskiaka find someoen to poke the other 15 people who have stuff on that server16:26
czajkowskiso if darker wants to do this I will help16:26
czajkowskithen cranberry will be on 12/0416:26
pleia2I really wasn't suggesting an upgrade, since it needs to be tested and all and I don't know who is available for that, I was just asking for my instructions16:26
dholbachalright, dinner time - see you tomorrow :)17:15
PiciWhere would I point someone looking for help/resources programming a HUD plugin?18:34
mhall119Pici: depends on what is meant by "HUD plugin"18:39
* Pici shrugs18:39
mhall119HUD reads data from the indicators18:39
mhall119if it's in an indicator menu (including appmenu indicator, which does the global menu) then it'll be in HUD18:40
Picimhall119: I personally don't use Unity (yeah, boo hiss whatever), so I'm a bit unfamiliar with its parts.  I suggested they try to ask in #ubuntu-unity.18:40
mhall119outside of that, there really isn't anything else you can do18:40
mhall119#ubuntu-unity would work, yeah18:40
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