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pittiGood morning03:50
chrisccoulsongood morning everyone07:01
pittihey chrisccoulson, how are you?07:05
chrisccoulsonpitti - yeah, not too bad thanks. how are you?07:05
chrisccoulsoni'm battling with a bit of an unreliable connection today :(07:06
pittichrisccoulson: je suis bien, merci! j'ai ecrit une test de smb pour gvfs07:06
pittiactually, un test07:07
chrisccoulsonexcellent, good stuff :)07:07
chrisccoulsoni'm going to have to start learning french ;)07:07
pittij'apprends le français avec duolingo.com -- c'est bon!07:09
pittichrisccoulson: I had thought that seb128 forced everyone to do that now :007:09
chrisccoulsonheh, i think he'd like to do that ;)07:09
pittiseb128: bonjour mon ami, ça va?07:55
seb128hey desktopers07:56
seb128pitti, salut, ca va bien, et toi ?07:56
pittihating compiz! :)07:56
pittije suis bien07:56
pittiI got bug 1042041 again, and it keeps forgetting my keybindings07:58
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1042041 in compiz "1:0.9.8+bzr3319-0ubuntu1 regression: wrong auto-raise, cannot be disabled" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/104204107:58
seb128pitti, je "vais" bien btw ;-)07:59
pittiseb128: pardon, d'accord!08:00
seb128pas de soucis ;-)08:01
seb128smspilla|z, ^ could you look at this compiz bug when you are around?08:02
seb128pitti, ctrl-alt-t got fixed in gnome-control-center,gnome-settings-daemon by jbicha this w.e, did you restart your session yesterday?08:03
pittiseb128: yes, twice; and today three times more08:04
pittifun, this time ctrl+alt+t works, but I get that autoraise misbehaviour08:04
seb128can you set it in the g-c-c ui?08:04
pittiI can always set back the keybinding for "lower window behind all others", but it keeps forgetting it08:04
pittiseb128: g-c-c doesn't allow configuring FFM or autoraise08:05
seb128pitti, I was speaking about ctrl-alt-t specifically08:09
pittiseb128: ah, that one always seems to be set08:09
pittiit forgets about my alt+b binding for "put window to the back" and also show it as disabled in g-c-c, but hte ctrl+alt+t launcher is always shown (but doesn't work often)08:09
pittiseems there's a weird bug in the gsettings port08:10
* pitti runs gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.wm.preferences auto-raise-delay 10000, which does seem to work08:11
seb128pitti, do you know what's the name the key for  "put window to the back" ?08:11
pittiorg.gnome.desktop.wm.keybindings lower ['<Alt>b']08:12
seb128pitti, is your issue only with keys under org.gnome.desktop.wm.keybindings?08:13
seb128or do you have issues with compiz schemas keys?08:13
pittij'ai ecrit un nouveau test de smb:// pour le gvfs08:13
pitti. o O { is gvfs male or female? }08:14
seb128"pour gvfs" we would say :p08:14
pittiseb128: windows+up/down are also broken right now; is that a compiz key?08:14
pittiseb128: what? no article? :-)08:14
seb128no, I'm trying to think what the rules is08:15
seb128like you would say "pour Canonical"08:15
seb128those things as proper name don't have an article08:15
pittile français n'est past facile08:15
seb128non, il ne l'est pas ;-)08:15
pittiseb128: ah, merci08:15
seb128pitti, I'm trying to figure what those actions are08:18
seb128pitti, that's the maximize,unmaximize,minimize key right?08:18
pittiorg.gnome.desktop.wm.keybindings minimize ['<Control><Primary><Alt>KP_0']08:18
pittithat looks strange08:18
pittiorg.gnome.desktop.wm.keybindings maximize ['<Control><Primary><Super>Up']08:19
pittithat too08:19
seb128pitti, ctrl-super-up,down works here08:19
pittibut isn't it suposed to be win+up/down?08:20
pittiat least I configured it that way when they changed the default08:20
pittiand sometimes it works, and sometimes not08:20
seb128pitti, where did you configure it?08:21
pittiin g-c-c08:22
seb128pitti, what's the name of the action you use?08:23
seb128pitti, those are the max,restore win?08:23
pittiseb128: right; they were shown as ctrl+super+up/down in g-c-c, I just reset them back to super+up/down and that works now08:25
pitti(until I restart once or twice)08:25
seb128pitti, do you run another session than unity sometimes?08:25
pittinot for my user08:25
seb128pitti, those keys are common ones, I wonder if gnome-shell or something change them08:25
seb128hum, k08:25
seb128well, if compiz was making wrong use of the keys I would say it's a compiz bug08:25
seb128but it seems the value of those keys change on disk08:26
seb128so I'm a bit unsure what's going on08:26
seb128otherwise, https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/compiz/1:
seb128  * debian/patches/ubuntu-config.patch:08:26
seb128      Ctrl + Super + Cursor up Maximises the current window08:26
seb128      Ctrl + Super + Cursor down Restores or minimises current window08:26
seb128 08:26
seb128not sure if that's what we stayed on for precise or if that's one we reverted08:27
* seb128 checks the source08:27
pittiI think ctrl+super is the current default08:29
seb128pitti, yeah, we have ctrl-super for those08:29
pittiso the issues is that sometimes my settings get reverted08:29
seb128so, something reset your user config sometime, will be fun to figure the something ...08:29
pittiand that autoraise behaviour is strange, as we do not defualt to autoraise08:29
seb128which one is that?08:30
pittiand unlike for the keybindings, the gsettings key for autoraise looks correct08:30
pittior so it was yesterday08:30
pittiorg.gnome.desktop.wm.preferences auto-raise true08:30
pittiorg.gnome.desktop.wm.preferences auto-raise-delay 1000008:30
pittinow it seems it got set to true08:30
seb128so your bug is basically "something plays with gsettings keys and reset them"08:30
pittiwell, at least that makes it more consistent08:30
pittiseb128: yes, except for autoraise08:31
* pitti resets autoraise and a-r-delay now and will check at next login08:31
seb128I though you just said the key got resetted as well?08:31
pittiseb128: no, the default for aut-raise is false (as it should be), and something set it to true08:31
smspilla|zseb128: can you tag is with "gsettings" ?08:32
seb128smspilla|z, sure08:32
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MCR1pitti: Is it bug 1022743 ?08:33
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1022743 in unity "Shortcuts in CCSM reset after getting changed." [Low,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/102274308:33
smspillaz|classnot the same thing no08:33
smspillaz|classprobably a thinko when I ported the integration code :1~08:33
smspillaz|classpitti: right, compiz is playing with those keys :]08:34
seb128pitti, auto-raise is false in a guest session for me08:34
smspillaz|classtag the bug gsettings and I'll fix it08:34
pittiseb128: right08:34
smspillaz|classI wasn't able to write an autotest suite for the integration code [no time]08:34
seb128smspillaz|class, why would it write those keys at all if you don't use ccsm?08:34
pittiseb128: so next time I'll check if it really resets the key bindings, or just sets them to a different value08:35
pittiseb128: as for the autoraise key, that can't be a reset, it must actually set the key to true (for whatever strange reason)08:36
pitticould it be that there is some permanent gconf migration going on, and I have some gconf settings somewhere?08:36
seb128pitti, I get you can edit the schemas and put a weird default value (and run the glib-compile-schemas) helper for that08:36
smspillaz|classseb128: it just synchronizes keys08:37
seb128smspillaz|class, synchronize with what?08:37
smspillaz|classseb128: there are some gnome keys that it synchronizes with each other for non-trivial reasons08:37
smspillaz|classbut let me have a look into it08:37
smspillaz|classseb128: anyways, please tag any such regressions with "gsettings"08:38
MCR1this fix is also key-related and needs approval: https://code.launchpad.net/~mc-return/unity/unity.merge.fix-hardcoded-keys-part1/+merge/12154508:38
pittiI did use ccsm in the past for some bits (configuring FFM mostly)08:38
pittismspillaz|class: I'll tag my bug08:38
smspillaz|classI expected there might be a few, I had to rush the integration code08:38
seb128smspillaz|class, done08:38
smspillaz|classpitti: btw, FFM is not a supported usecase :]08:38
pittismspillaz|class: well, but changing key bindings in g-c-c certainly is?08:38
smspillaz|classsure, just keep that in mind08:39
smspillaz|classthe bug priority will likely be downgraded08:39
pittismspillaz|class: FFM is the one thing that never broke during this, just my keybindings and enabling autoraise08:39
seb128pitti, gsettings-data-convert --dry-run --file /usr/lib/compiz/migration/compiz-profile-active-Default.convert08:39
smspillaz|classjust letting you know :1~08:39
seb128pitti, does that work or hit a schemas bug?08:39
seb128smspillaz|class, btw are the .convert upstream or ubuntu packaging stuff?08:40
pittiseb128: no error08:40
pittiseb128: and it seems to get the right values (after I set them in g-c-c)08:40
pittiSet key 'maximize' to string '<Super>Up'08:40
pittiSet key 'unmaximize' to string '<Super>Down'08:40
pittiSet key 'lower' to string '<Alt>b'08:40
seb128pitti, so it's not likely the migration running over again and screwing your values08:41
seb128pitti, does that include auto-raise?08:41
pittiseb128: no, the only hit of "raise" is the 'raise' keybinding08:42
seb128pitti, ok, in fact auto-raise is migrated by /usr/share/GConf/gsettings/wm-schemas.convert08:43
seb128which I guess is writen as migrated in .local/share/gsettings-data-convert for you08:43
seb128e.g has been migrated and will not be again08:44
* pitti loves the word "téléchargement"08:46
seb128pitti, running your desktop in french?08:46
pittij'aime le mots "téléchargement"08:47
pitti"le mot"08:47
chrisccoulsonhey seb128, how are you?09:05
seb128chrisccoulson, hey, good thanks you, how are you? no rain today yet? :p09:08
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chrisccoulsonseb128, heh, it's sunny at the moment09:08
seb128chrisccoulson, can't you use your phone as a modem btw?09:08
chrisccoulsonnot sure how long that's going to last though ;)09:08
chrisccoulsonseb128, i tried that too, and that also didn't work09:09
chrisccoulsonit seems everything is regressing in quantal ;)09:09
chrisccoulsonmy touchpad doesn't work properly either09:09
chrisccoulsonalthough, that is bug 104159409:09
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1041594 in linux "Edge scrolling on touchpad broken since the upgrade to 3.5.0-11" [Medium,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/104159409:09
seb128chrisccoulson, boot a precise kernel?09:11
seb128chrisccoulson, you probably still have it installed since we never clean those :p09:12
chrisccoulsonseb128, i'm currently using the 3.5.0-10 quantal kernel, which works fine09:14
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Sweetsha1kseb128: "13:47 <@pmladek> caolan: 3.6.1 should go out tomorrow if nothing happens; so it is basically done" <- we have a ppa build for that, but I will prepare one for quantal-proposed today, okay?11:50
seb128Sweetsha1k, works for me11:51
chrisccoulsonawesome, i've got all of the ffox/tb branches all ready for the next set of releases, by lunchtime :)12:02
chrisccoulsoncan i haz 6 weeks off now? ;)12:02
ogra_if you dont need them to upload through your 3G :)12:02
chrisccoulsonogra_, chinstrap ;)12:02
ogra_cheater !12:02
seb128chrisccoulson, are you done with your workitems? do we have overlay scrollbars yet? ;-)12:02
chrisccoulsoni've got the next set of releases all ready before we've even got the current one out ;)12:03
chrisccoulsonseb128, hah :)12:03
chrisccoulsoni knew there was something else!"12:03
chrisccoulsonthe upgrade wants to remove vim!12:32
seb128chrisccoulson, welcome to the world of emacs!12:32
* pitti gets the torches ready12:32
seb128chrisccoulson, it's firefox's fault right?12:34
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chrisccoulsonof course ;)12:37
tkamppeterseb128, you have sent out the reminder but it seems that you have forgotten to create https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopTeam/Meeting/2012-08-2812:56
chrisccoulsondoes http://summit.ubuntu.com/uds-r/sponsorship/review/ work for anyone else?12:57
chrisccoulsoni just keep getting looped back to the login page12:57
tkamppeterchrisccoulson, same for me.13:00
seb128chrisccoulson, tkamppeter: it's not supposed to work, jasoncwarner made an error with his email, it's only available to ~uds-organizers13:02
seb128you should tell jasoncwarner_ (or me) if you want somebody added or voted13:03
seb128tkamppeter, oh yeah, I forgot, seems like kenvandine just did it13:03
seb128hey kenvandine, mterry, good morning ;-)13:03
kenvandinecreate the page?13:04
kenvandinegood morning13:04
seb128kenvandine, <tkamppeter> seb128, you have sent out the reminder but it seems that you have forgotten to create https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopTeam/Meeting/2012-08-2813:04
* kenvandine took matters in his own hands13:04
seb128thanks man ;-)13:04
kenvandineseb128, i think our bugs are related13:04
seb128kenvandine, I told you! ;-)13:04
kenvandineor rather the one you found is causing mine13:04
kenvandinebut i think there is a bug in LMM too :)13:05
seb128kenvandine, is that xchat being buggy, did you figure out?13:05
kenvandineso here's what i think is happening13:05
* seb128 listen13:05
kenvandinewhen i focus the chat it calls remove_source on one of the indicators13:05
kenvandinefor the one xchat says is focused13:05
kenvandineat the same time, it is clearing the indicator i clicked on13:05
kenvandineso removing that one13:05
seb128oh, that disconnect the signal?13:06
kenvandinei think the one i am not clicking on, is sometimes not getting removed13:06
kenvandineor that13:06
kenvandinethat makes more sense though13:06
kenvandineso i think that is why when we click on the other one13:06
kenvandinewe don't get the callback13:06
kenvandinebecause of xchat13:06
kenvandinei can't figure that part out though13:06
kenvandinei don't see how that could have anything to do with our code13:07
seb128yeah, me neither13:07
seb128but you said it was working before those updates?13:07
kenvandinei checked last night13:08
kenvandinein precise13:08
tkamppeterseb128, under the sponsorship applications should be Kai-Uwe Behrmann, one of the two most important people (together with Richard Hughes) for color management under Linux. I would very much like if he gets funded to get to UDS.13:08
kenvandinei queued up 5 indicators13:08
kenvandineand went through them13:08
seb128tkamppeter, ok, thanks13:08
kenvandinethey all worked13:08
tkamppeterkenvandine, thanks for setting up the page.13:08
seb128kenvandine, on quantal how often does it not work? does the "not work" only concerns the last "active" channel (e.g the one that xchat consider selected wrongly and which leads to a source being cleared when it should not)?13:11
kenvandineat least 50%13:12
kenvandineseb128, but i really can't see why13:12
kenvandineit's very bazaar13:12
seb128kenvandine, indeed :-(13:13
seb128ok, channel, if you feel adventurous:13:13
seb128<Mirv> https://launchpad.net/~unity-team/+archive/release updated, testing welcome although do note there are already a bunch of known bugs so check for duplicates13:13
seb128 13:14
seb128that's the ffe unity,compiz-gles candidate stack13:14
seb128works fine out of minor details for me13:14
kenvandineand webapps right?13:14
seb128but having extra testing would probably be welcome13:14
seb128kenvandine, you wish :p13:14
* ogra_ would love to help testing if there were any arm packages :/13:16
seb128ogra_, do you have a non virtual ppa to throw those sources at?13:16
ogra_especially since i just uploaded the (hopefully) final fix for our driver13:16
ogra_seb128, oh, indeed i should just be able to copy them to the canonical-arm ppa13:17
seb128ogra_, you should yes13:17
seb128ogra_, that would be great if you could try that ;-)13:17
ogra_seb128, argh13:21
ogra_if the packager would have actually allowed any arm arches in debian/control this would actually have worked :(13:21
seb128ogra_, unity you mean?13:22
* ogra_ glares at https://launchpad.net/~canonical-arm-dev/+archive/ppa/+builds?build_state=pending .... nux, unity, compiz and bamf are all waiting for amd64 and i386 builds now13:22
seb128ogra_, I guess that's part of the workaround that was used by then when gles was not ready yet and nobody wanted to update the compiz patch13:22
ogra_might be13:22
ogra_or they just got tired of getting failure mails for the meissing arches13:23
seb128ogra_, I'm pretty sure Didier did that before a2 or a3 because he needed to land the updates and nobody wanted to update the gles patch13:24
ogra_well, cant test then ... at least not without fiddling with the pakages which i dont have time for right now13:25
seb128ogra_, right, I will get that fixed and ping you for a new ppa copy13:26
ogra_seb128, great, else i can do it tomorrow myself13:27
ogra_just not today13:27
seb128ogra_, ok, let's see how things go13:31
ogra_oh, fun amd the copied packages actually FTBFS on i36813:39
seb128ogra_, yeah, their build-depends are not well versioned, you need the new bamf and nux13:39
ogra_which are in the same PPA (and copied) ... but if they arent versioned it wont o into dep-wait indeed13:40
ogra_hmpf, somehow my g key doesnt like me on that new kbd13:40
chrisccoulsonhmmm, bugger, just updated my thunderbird nightly and it crashes every time i click on a source in the messaging indicator13:59
chrisccoulsonthat didn't happen this morning13:59
seb128chrisccoulson, :-(14:02
cyphermoxchrisccoulson: btw if you want I can help making your 3G dongle work ;)14:03
chrisccoulsonseb128, this one is going to be an absolute joy to debug: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1171850/14:03
chrisccoulsoncrashes deep in the JS engine ;)14:03
chrisccoulsoncyphermox, oh, i'm not sure what's going on with that. i've rebooted again in to the 3.5.0-10 kernel, and it worked again :/14:03
chrisccoulsonit seems quite random14:03
cyphermoxdid you use a different usb port?14:04
chrisccoulsoncyphermox, it's an internal 3G card14:04
cyphermoxI have at least one dongle that refuses to work unless I use my USB 3.0 port14:04
cyphermoxchrisccoulson: internal 3G from the thinkpads? the Gobi horror?14:04
chrisccoulsoncyphermox, it's one of these: http://search.dell.co.uk/1/2/128267-mobile-broadband-internal-dell-wireless-5540-card-3g-hsdpa-sim-not-included-kit.html14:09
chrisccoulsonoh, man, there is a huge black cloud moving over here14:10
cyphermoxchrisccoulson: do tell, how is fiber supposed to be affected by rain? :)14:11
Mirvogra_: what did you discuss about compiz gles on arm? (I only joined after)14:13
chrisccoulsoncyphermox, the bit from the cabinet to my house is still copper ;)14:13
Mirvogra_: I'm compiling atm on arm without the patch just to see if the current problem is merely packaging14:13
chrisccoulson(but the cabinet is pretty much a stone-throw away from the house)14:13
ogra_Mirv, seb128 called for testers, and i'm just about to be done to have the pandaboard GLES driver ready for quantal ...14:14
ogra_so i would have tested14:14
cyphermoxchrisccoulson: but it's wires? is it raining directly on the exposed wire?14:14
Mirvogra_: ah, ok, so no testing yet. if it compiles for me, I'll update the packaging so that also staging & friends will work again on ARM14:14
ogra_awesome, thanks14:14
cyphermoxseb128: still looking at pango for the lucid->precise upgrade14:14
seb128cyphermox, ok14:15
cyphermoxseb128: I think I found the issue, but I'm not sure how to fix it14:15
seb128what is it?14:15
chrisccoulsoncyphermox, i'm not sure where the rain gets in yet, although the cable that goes from my house across the road to the telegraph pole is probably a good bet :)14:15
cyphermoxseb128: the libpango1.0-0.modules file moves from a non-multiarch dir to a multiarch dir14:16
cyphermoxchrisccoulson: wow :(14:16
cyphermoxseb128: problem is the actual execution; I'll do one more upgrade test to look at what happens to those files and figure out if it could just be a symlink added from /usr/lib/pango to /usr/lib/$arch/pango maybe14:17
pittibonne nuit!14:20
seb128pitti, bonne après-midi14:20
cyphermox(or copying the new one in /etc/pango/pango.modules maybe) what I don't understand is why nobody noticed or filed a similar bug for another release upgrade between lucid and quantal14:20
seb128pitti, c'est pas encore la nuit14:20
cyphermoxpitti: bonne nuit!14:20
seb128pitti, ou "bonne soirée"14:20
seb128cyphermox, is evolution the only app having that issue? didn't the hook you did to restart the service work?14:21
cyphermox*any* application started after libpango1.0-0 would be affected14:21
cyphermoxbut it also needs to be something that wasn't upgraded yet, or it needs to happen between the time that pango is updated and something else14:22
cyphermox(or maybe a new dialog from a running app?)14:22
chrisccoulsonhmmmm, i'm gonna have to get bisecting14:32
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mvopitti: I addressed the aptdaemon points you raised, would be great if you could have a look at the MP again at some point :)15:06
seb128kenvandine, chrisccoulson, Ursinha, Laney, mlankhorst, cyphermox, mterry, Sweetshark, tkamppeter, robru: it's meeting time if anyone has a topic (none on the wiki so far), also please update https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopTeam/Meeting/2012-08-28 with things you worked on this week for those who didn't write anything yet15:30
mterryThat was a quick meeting!  :)15:43
seb128mterry, I was wondering if I was still online, or if anyone was working today15:45
seb128usually I get at least a bunch of "hey, no topic from me" replies15:45
mterryhey, no topic from me15:45
robruseb128, work? nah15:45
seb128mterry, ;-)15:46
robruseb128, barry and I are working hard on this port, there's a lot done but also a lot left to do.15:46
seb128robru, yeah, what is this work thing everybody keeps talking about, right? ;-)15:46
Sweetsha1kseb128: my brother works in climate simulation (in cars, planes etc.). One day his boss called him, he recognized the number and answered the phone with: "$COMPANYNAME, we simulate work!'15:48
Sweetsha1kle boss was not amused ... and my brother made the perfect trollface.15:48
jbicharicotz: you're working on the gdm changelog?15:58
micahgseb128: are we sticking with glew 1.8 for quantal?15:58
seb128micahg, I would think so, would you prefer to go for 1.9?16:00
seb128Sweetsha1k, lol16:01
micahgseb128: no, no preference, but I won't bother with 1.5, 1.6, and 1.7 rebuilds if we're not sticking with 1.8 :)16:01
seb128we do plan to stick with 1.816:01
micahgok, sounds good, thanks16:01
jbicharicotz: or I could just diff fta's changelog & credit you with what's changed16:02
ricotzjbicha, i updated the changelog (just drop the file which sneaked in)16:03
ricotzjbicha, but give is some testing before you consider pushing it16:03
jbicharicotz: yeah I've been testing it, except for the one major issue with gdm-fallback-mode I emailed you about, things are working well16:05
jbichait also took me a bit of effort to even trigger fallback mode, but I'm going to try reporting that bug to GNOME16:06
ricotzjbicha, you emailed me before i uploaded it, and your patch wasnt right if you used it16:06
jbichaI've been using your 0827 ricotz0 build this morning16:08
ricotzjbicha, ok16:09
ricotzdidnt see that issue16:09
seb128jbicha, did you forgot to push your g-c-c update?16:13
seb128jbicha, it's UNRELEASED in the vcs16:13
ogra_quantal is unreleased too :P16:14
jbichaseb128: done, GNOME wasn't interested in my patch by the way16:14
seb128jbicha, why not? too technical?16:15
jbichathey don't want terminal getting special treatment16:15
seb128well I'm unsure about the ui bit for it16:15
seb128it might be enough to have it in g-s-d16:16
Sweetsha1kseb128: hmmm, the new libreoffice package is just as bad -- if not worse -- wrt unitymenus.16:30
seb128Sweetsha1k, "new", you got an update? what changed in good or bad?16:31
chrisccoulsonlololololol @ https://twitter.com/paul_irish/status/24047949811247513616:34
Sweetsha1kseb128: well, afernandez asked be for an updated build. However, I see lots of menus having 'EMPTY STRING' as label now, and bug 1041354 isnt solved at all.16:35
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1041354 in libreoffice "unity-panel-service since yesterday uses ~100% CPU when libreoffice-gtk is installed and enabled" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/104135416:35
seb128desrt, travelling I guess?16:36
chrisccoulsonit's typical. when i want it to rain, it stays dry16:49
chrisccoulsonnever mind, the forecast for tomorrow is rain for the whole working day16:50
ogra_want to end your day early eh ?16:50
chrisccoulsoni'd best make sure my 3G is working properly then :)16:50
chrisccoulsonogra_, no, i want to see if our line actually sounds noisier when it rains. my ISP wants to know ;)16:50
seb128chrisccoulson, start complaining louder to your ISP16:50
ogra_pee on it16:51
chrisccoulson"sorry, i won't be working today. i got arrested overnight for indecent exposure after following advice from ogra"16:51
seb128jbicha, you guys go the opposite direction from us, rather than being conservative you go for git snapshots? ;-)16:53
seb128gdm (3.5.90+git20120827.b558e179-0ubuntu1) quantal; urgency=low16:53
seb128"  * TODO: the following Ubuntu patches need to be ported:"16:53
seb128not cool :-(16:53
jbichaseb128: just be glad we're not responsible for nautilus16:53
seb128jbicha, lol16:54
seb128jbicha, I wouldn't be woried, you couldn't break it over what upstream has done :p16:54
jbichaguest session really ought to be built into GNOME16:58
Sweetsha1koh, nautilus is still such a mess? I remember it from back in the days ...16:58
jbichaguest session was mentioned this morning as a workaround for https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=67657716:59
ubot2`Gnome bug 676577 in general "There is not a place for the user to set Privacy or Security related options" [Enhancement,New]16:59
mterrykenvandine, I was thinking of rolling a new light-themes (I committed a unity-greeter-specific change there).  Any objection?17:16
=== ogra_ is now known as ogra
=== ogra is now known as ogra_
kenvandinemterry, nope18:02
kenvandinego for it18:02
mterrykenvandine, done18:24
jbicharicotz: did you know that the gdm login screen looks different if you were still using gnome-shell 3.5.4?18:35
jbichait also looks like gdm won't load if gnome-shell isn't installed (probably part of why Debian force gdm-fallback-mode)18:35
jbichaso I'm going to bump gnome-shell to a depends18:37
micahgthat'll be a fun upgrade :), if gdm isn't removed on upgrade from lucid -> precise, when you upgrade to quantal you get gnome-shell18:38
micahgs/unity-2d/gnome-shell/ :)18:38
jbichamicahg: yeah I don't think the gdm developers have tried running gdm without gnome-shell :|18:39
chrisccoulsongetting gnome-shell after the upgrade wouldn't be the end of the world ;)18:41
chrisccoulsonseb128, oh, the crash i see is definitely a thunderbird regression (in nightly), and not my addon. so it doesn't affect quantal (yet) ;)18:44
seb128chrisccoulson, \o/18:44
chrisccoulsonit's taking agest to bisect though because there are so many commits which touch the build system and trigger a full rebuild18:45
chrisccoulsonwhich is a pain18:45
jbicharicotz: it looks like lightdm works with gnome-shell as long as gdm is installed, Switch Session won't work and if you lock your screen you can't unlock it...18:45
jbichaSwitch Session does nothing18:45
seb128jbicha, you should talk to robert_ancell about getting lightdm to support those18:45
* micahg is happy that his latest round of Firefox/Thunderbird crashes appear to have been due to a bad stick of TAM18:46
seb128it seems like the GNOME guys are settings for a "GNOME or nothing" which is a bit annoying18:46
seb128I guess at some point it will be impossible to get GNOME for most distros18:46
seb128yeah, there is a bit of that...18:49
seb128not sure if that's a good move being done for GNOME as a project and community though18:50
seb128they move to "let's fix the stack" to "we define the stack and everybody else can go play somewhere else"18:50
dobeyit seems a bit overzealous, ideological, and utopian; the whole "GNOME OS" thing18:50
seb128things like lock screen or login manager should be a fdo interface18:51
chrisccoulsongah, ffs @ bug 104289418:51
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1042894 in thunderbird "Thunderbird hangs at startup only on laptop" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/104289418:51
chrisccoulson2 copies of eds being loaded?18:51
seb128they moved from ... to*18:51
seb128chrisccoulson, aka the pre-upgrade version is still running and user didn't restart?18:52
chrisccoulsonseb128, actually, looking at https://launchpadlibrarian.net/113859523/Extensions.txt, i suspect that the couchdb addon loads an old eds ABI18:53
chrisccoulsoni should just kill that entirely18:53
seb128it's about time ;-)18:53
chrisccoulsonah, i bet that's the reason for bug 1040839 too18:55
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1040839 in evolution-data-server "Thunderbird hangs accessing eds on startup" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/104083918:55
chrisccoulsonyay @ the third item on http://www.mozilla.org/en-US/thunderbird/15.0/releasenotes/ ;)18:58
Ursinhabryceh, hello19:09
Ursinhabryceh, I believe I've been hitting bug 932900, could you enlighten me with ideas on how to figure out if it's the same problem?19:10
ubot2`Launchpad bug 932900 in mesa "Unity freeze, crashes when trying to restart - intel_do_flush_locked failed: Input/output error" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93290019:10
jbichakenvandine: how are you deciding which account plugins should be recommends and which should be suggests?19:21
jbichawill there be a way in the UI for users to install additional plugins?19:21
kenvandinejust with software center i guess19:22
jbichaok, should IRC be installed by default?19:22
kenvandineseb128 and i did a quick brain storm to pick what is there19:22
kenvandineno, telepathy-idle isn't19:22
seb128jbicha, @IRC: no19:23
seb128if users want IRC they are better served getting an IRC client from s-c19:23
seb128im client doing IRC are poor choices19:23
mterrychrisccoulson, nice re: U1 in thunderbird19:23
jbichaso connecting to #ubuntu requires installing extra software?19:24
seb128so far yes, is #ubuntu an user recommended contact point?19:24
seb128we should maybe figure a way to web proxy there...19:24
jbichait's listed at http://www.ubuntu.com/support19:25
seb128IRC stays a really specialized medium, look at the number of people on IRC compared to e.g forums or askubuntu19:25
seb128imho we should better direct user to those sites19:25
seb128(just my opinion19:26
* micahg would still be using pidgin for IRC if it wasn't for the freenode flood issue I could never track down19:27
brycehUrsinha, anything in /sys/kernel/debug/dri/0/i915_error_state attached ?19:28
micahgthere's http://webchat.freenode.net/ also19:28
micahgseb128: maybe a .desktop file linking to ^^ if #ubuntu is useful19:29
micahgor whatever the URL with the channel in it would be19:29
* mterry is going afk for a bit19:30
seb128jbicha as being a documentation team member is probably better placed that me to reply19:30
kenvandineseb128, where is the packaging branch for unity staging?19:30
seb128but I don't think IRC is a good end user recommendation19:30
seb128kenvandine, ~/staging/unity/ubuntu19:30
seb128kenvandine, :-p19:30
seb128kenvandine, there is none, what's up?19:31
kenvandinei am having to patch unity, and want to base it off staging for now19:31
kenvandinesince it has all the previews stuff and all19:31
Ursinhabryceh, there's nothing in /sys/kernel/debug19:34
Ursinha(sorry, was answering the door)19:34
brycehUrsinha, are you able to reproduce the bug deliberately?19:35
Ursinhabryceh, whenever I try to unity --replace, it gives me that error message19:35
UrsinhaI'm right now using metacity --replace to be able to talk to you here19:36
brycehok good19:36
brycehUrsinha, ssh into your system from another one and then do unity --replace to lock the system up.  Then, from ssh collect /sys/kernel/debug/dri/0/i915_error_state and post to the bug19:37
brycehif you have 'IPEHR: 0x7a000002' in that file, then you probably have the same bug19:38
Ursinhait doesn't exactly lock, it becomes impossible to move windows or use alt-tab19:39
brycehUrsinha, ok interesting.  Still, reproduce that failure case and we can verify whether or not it's a gpu lockup19:39
Ursinhaok, a moment19:39
Ursinhabryceh, here's the output of unity --replace: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1172430/19:42
Ursinhathere you go, the debug file is there19:43
Ursinhalet me look for the specific thing you said19:43
Ursinhabryceh, no, I see only 'IPEHR: 0x00000000' in i915_error_state19:44
Ursinhado you want me to attach it to that same bug, or should I open another?19:45
brycehUrsinha, there's several IPEHR's in the debug file; try grep IPEHR /sys/kernel/debug/dri/0/i915_error_state19:46
brycehif that still results in just zeros, then yeah let's get a new bug filed about that.19:47
UrsinhaI did that, it returned three, all of them like this one19:47
brycehhm, ok19:47
Ursinhabryceh, ok, so how do I file the perfect bug? :)19:49
Ursinhabryceh, against which package should I file this bug?19:58
brycehUrsinha, for now file it against xorg as usual.  ubuntu-bug xorg.  Include your unity --replace output, the i915_error_state file, and dmesg20:02
UrsinhaI see some stacktraces on dmesg20:03
Ursinhawill do, just a moment20:03
brycehho ho!  that's a good sign20:03
brycehUrsinha, fwiw I'm not familiar with the "intel_do_flush_locked failed" error message but it sort of sounds like a generic "I couldn't talk to the gpu" message, in which case that may be misleading you to think you have bug #932900 when it could be something different entirely20:04
ubot2`Launchpad bug 932900 in mesa "Unity freeze, crashes when trying to restart - intel_do_flush_locked failed: Input/output error" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93290020:04
Ursinhado you know what is that IPEHR value?20:05
brycehIPEHR: 0x7******* errors typically indicate a fault in the renderer (mesa)20:07
brycehso Giovanni's bug looks to be mesa related.  Yours is sounding more like the kernel, if you're getting traces in dmesg20:08
Ursinharight, this is cool20:09
brycehUrsinha, oh I forgot to ask, what video card you are on?20:11
Ursinhabryceh, it's an intel generic one, I have a lenovo x22020:15
* Ursinha is looking for specifics20:16
brycehUrsinha, ok intel generic's sufficient to know20:19
tjaaltonUrsinha: is this after you resume from suspend?20:19
Ursinhatjaalton, nope, I was moving windows from one side to another and it happened20:20
UrsinhaI meant, the first crash, the unity --replace issue I can reproduce consistently at this moment20:20
tjaaltonok, bug 966744 was the one I was after20:20
ubot2`Launchpad bug 966744 in xserver-xorg-video-intel "[i965] Resume from suspend leaves me with black screen or a screen of the desktop before it suspended. Compiz hung in intel_update_renderbuffers() from intel_prepare_render() from brw_draw_prims()" [Critical,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/96674420:20
tjaaltonnevermind then :)20:21
Ursinhabryceh, maybe it's worth mentioning the first crash happened when I was using an external monitor in a dock?20:24
UrsinhaI'm undocked now20:24
Ursinhabryceh, there are two folders in /sys/kernel/debug/dri/: 0 and 6420:36
UrsinhaI just noticed the i915_error_state in the 0 one is empty20:37
brycehUrsinha, 0 is the one to use20:37
Ursinhathe 64 one has the IPEHR info, the other one is empty... do you know why is that?20:38
brycehUrsinha, docking is worth mentioning, although hard to say at this point if it's relevant20:38
brycehI'm not sure why there is a 64 dir.20:39
Ursinhathese crashes seem rather old. none of these files were touched today, but Aug. 21 -- I've been having these for a while, was lucky to find that bug on a google search20:41
mterryRhythmbox seems broken20:44
mterrydue to U1 plugin...20:44
Ursinhabryceh, bug 104294720:51
Ursinhathanks for the pointers, bryceh20:51
brycehUrsinha,  Uname: Linux 3.4.0-030400rc4-generic - do you have a non-standard kernel installed by chance?20:56
Ursinhabryceh, I installed this a while ago because of another bug that I don't recall right now, it was asked to test with a newer kernel package than the default... will have to dig a bit20:57
brycehUrsinha, hmm [575708.158540] [drm:i915_hangcheck_elapsed] *ERROR* Hangcheck timer elapsed... GPU hung21:01
bryceh[575708.158545] [drm] capturing error event; look for more information in /debug/dri/0/i915_error_state21:01
brycehUrsinha, so seems you *are* having a gpu lockup but guess it's resetting the gpu and continuing.21:01
brycehthe i915_drv.c:398 gen6_gt_check_fifodbg warnings seem pertinent21:02
Ursinhabryceh, hm. why that error file is empty I don't know21:02
Ursinhabryceh, is there anything I could do to help debugging the issue?21:02
Ursinhainstalling a package, a procedure or something21:03
brycehUrsinha, when the gpu is reset, that file is zero'd out21:07
Ursinhaoh, right21:07
brycehthe kernel will try to reset the gpu when it notices it gets locked, which appears to be what's happening here21:07
brycehUrsinha, there is a gpu lockup detector udev rule which is turned off in precise that you could try turning back on21:08
brycehSUBSYSTEM=="drm", ACTION=="change", ENV{RESET}=="1", RUN+="/usr/share/apport/apport-gpu-error-intel.p21:09
brycehthat's the rule that's needed21:09
brycehin xdiagnose-2.5.2/debian/xdiagnose.udev it is commented out21:10
brycehgrab that package, uncomment the line, rebuild, install, (reboot?) and that should theoretically enable the gpu error collector21:10
Ursinhaall right, will do that now21:12
brycehUrsinha, since you're able to repro this fairly easily, another thing I'd like you to try is boot to the current stock precise kernel and repro it with that.21:16
brycehif this ends up just being a flaw in one of the interim mainline kernels, might not be worth your time to do a lot of debugging on it21:16
Ursinhamakes sense21:16
Ursinhaokay, the rule is there, I'll let you know if anything happens bryceh21:25
Ursinhathanks again!21:25
brycehgreat, good luck21:25
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rickspencer3kenvandine, if I have a machine with the webapps PPA, and I distupgrade it to Quantal, I should be fine right? don't need to do anything special first?21:54
seb128rickspencer3, not sure about quantal, ken said he had unity segfaulting when updating to unity staging the other dya21:56
seb128rickspencer3, the webapp abi changed slightly between their ppa and the official version that landed apparently21:56
rickspencer3seb128,well, a dist-upgrade should remove the PPA version and install the one in archives, right?21:57
seb128rickspencer3, if the archive version are > ppa21:57
seb128which usually they are not21:57
seb128otherwise you couldn't install the ppa packages21:57
rickspencer3well, at some point the archive will pass the PPA, and I'll be good21:57
seb128yeah, "some point" ;-)21:58
rickspencer3well, I'm on Precise on this machine21:58
rickspencer3I am going to move it to Quantal now21:58
seb128not sure what's their versioning in thar regard21:58
rickspencer3I should keep one on Precise, I suppose, but I can't help myself21:58
seb128but I would recommend to ppa-purge first21:58
rickspencer3will do21:58
seb128keeping a machine on precise is good btw ;-)21:59
seb128I upgraded recently but I miss my precise :p21:59
rickspencer3maybe I should just keep this one Precise21:59
* rickspencer3 ponders21:59
jasoncwarner_morning everyone. bryceh TheMuso RAOF robert_ancell meeting reminder. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopTeam/Meeting/2012-08-28 please update with your items and add any agenda items you want to talk about.22:52
bryceh \o/22:52
robert_ancellbryceh, you are way too happy about meetings22:54
brycehrobert_ancell, heh22:54
brycehrobert_ancell, at least it's a nice break from looking at X crashes and GPU lockups22:54
robert_ancellbryceh, :)22:56

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