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darkxst_jbicha, gdm reads locale from /etc/default/locale, but that is always en_US02:23
darkxst_jbicha, if you change the locale in that file, gdm will load in another language fine02:26
jbichadarkxst_: settings a different language works here, are you using ricotz' latest gdm from ~8 hr ago?02:31
darkxst_jbicha, umm, so what was broken then?02:46
darkxst_or is it fixed02:46
jbichadarkxst_: I think the pam symlink fixed that too02:46
darkxst_jbicha, ah cool!02:52
darkxst_ubuntu works suprisingly well in a VM except gdm (and lightdm) are always at 640x48003:08
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pittiGood morning03:49
ajmitchmorning pitti03:50
pittihey ajmitch03:50
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slangasek@pilot out05:28
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bkerensastgraber: do you plan to get another landscape-client update in before Wednesday?06:23
_rubengood morning xnox, i understood you're the (software) raid expert? :)06:50
xnox_ruben: in a way, yes. Go on =)06:51
_rubenxnox: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mdadm/+bug/1020914 .. got some workarounds that "work", but looking for a clean solution06:52
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1020914 in mdadm (Ubuntu) "The disk drive for /boot is not yet ready or not present" [Undecided,New]06:52
_ruben2 disks, each disk has 2 partition, which has 2 mdadm volumes on top, one for /boot (ext2) and the other using lvm for the rest of the system06:52
xnox_ruben: can you please install mdadm from precise-updates? =)06:53
_rubenat boottime it gives the not yet ready message and allows me to enter the recovery shell06:53
xnox_ruben: it has 3.2.5-1ubuntu0.206:53
_rubeni have 3.2.5-1ubuntu-0.2 installed06:54
_ruben(not from -proposed tho)06:54
xnoxok. bug report said Package: mdadm 3.2.3-2ubuntu106:54
_rubenah yeah, i've done some updates in the meantime06:54
xnoxoh. ok.06:55
_rubenits up to date as of yesterday06:55
_rubenbug was created right after clean install a while ago, upgrade didnt fix it tho06:55
_rubenthe only "working" solution so far is adding nobootwait to fstab and doing a mount -a in rc.local06:55
_rubenadding wait_for_udev to the initramfs mdadm script doesn't do anything (afaics)06:56
_rubenxnox: when i do a strace mountall in the recovery shell, it doesn't show any signs of /boot and ends up hanging at a select() call .. if i mount /boot and then run mountall, booting continues (but in an odd state as mountall stays lingering about)06:59
_rubenlike it's waiting for an event to fire or smth like that07:00
xnoxif I am reading this right the events for the later partitions e.g. sd[a|b][3|4] didn't fire quick enough07:07
xnoxmaybe because they are towards the end of the disk?07:07
xnoxI am pondering if a "better" "workaround" is to specify rootdelay parameters and set it to a high value e.g. 120 seconds07:08
xnox_ruben: why is raid towards the end of the disk?07:08
_rubenxnox: first 2 partitions are dell recovery07:09
xnox_ruben: why is it 2 raids, instead of 1 partinionable raid.07:09
_rubenxnox: that'd be old habit07:09
_rubendoes d-i even support partitionable raid (never really tried)07:09
* xnox probably not =))))07:09
dholbachgood morning07:10
xnoxdholbach: aloha =)07:11
dholbachhey hey :)07:11
_rubenxnox: i wonder why swap, / and /var/log do mount properly tho, those are on lvm tho07:11
xnox_ruben: once md is up, udev fires and LVM volumes come up very quick, even on like external drives.07:11
xnoxthose are not a problem =) ever.07:12
_rubenso a lv comes up faster than a ext2 voluem?07:12
_rubeni'd expect the latter to be "simpler" :)07:13
_rubenxnox: where would i put those rootdelay params? willing to try anything ;)07:14
xnox_ruben: it's a kernel / boot parameter "quiet splash rootdelay=120"07:18
xnoxeither in /etc/default/grub & update-grub07:18
xnoxor simply in the grub menu with edit functionality07:19
_rubennot ready yet ... wonder if it'll go on after 2 minutes07:26
_rubenstill not ready, seems rootdelay isn't gonna help here07:28
_rubenthis is odd, hitting M for manual recovery makes it continue to boot, but no recovery shell07:29
_rubenand no mounted /boot either07:29
_rubenxnox: heh, hitting M within those 120secs does give a recovery shell07:31
xnox_ruben: now this is peculiar. and I bet cannot be reproduced in a VM?!07:32
_rubenxnox: i could give that a try .. creating a vm with 2 similar sized extra partitions before the actual used ones07:34
xnox_ruben: if boot is not ready, where does it take initramfs from?! so it is readable, but not assembled/synced?! I'll need to think about that one a bit more07:34
_rubenxnox: perhaps grub reads off the raw disks and not the raid?07:34
xnox_ruben: please try, that would be a massive help, if it is reproducible in a VM.07:34
xnox_ruben: well... new enough grub understands md raid, but I don't know how knew  our grub is07:35
stgraberbkerensa: no. I'm not maintaining that package, the landscape team is. I just happen to be the last uploader for it.07:36
_rubencrap, lets create a 2-disk vm, not single disk :P07:37
ev@pilot out07:38
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evslangasek: nope :)07:38
* dholbach hugs ev07:39
xnoxev: just a day and a bit later =)07:39
xnoxstgraber: how big is ltsp-* bits and bobs =)07:51
xnoxs/is/are/ ?07:51
xnoxstgraber: looking at edubuntu my understanding was that it's dvd because of all the education packages, not because of ltsp.07:52
stgraberxnox: not terribly big, however they bring thing like isc-dhcp-server, tftpd-hpa, openssh-server, ...07:52
xnox=/ guk07:52
stgraberxnox: well, as I just replied to ubuntu-devel, Edubuntu DVD also contains a 500MB LTSP squashfs on top of the main squashfs ;)07:52
stgraberbecause we want to have an i386 LTSP squashfs when installing on amd64 systems07:53
stgraberalkisg's trick is really nice, but only works when your server is the same architecture as your clients, which isn't that often true in the LTSP world (most clients are old intel atoms at best, servers are usually big SMP systems with a lot of memory)07:53
xnoxstgraber: /me w07:53
* xnox waits 30s to see the follow-up to the follow-up07:54
xnoxI see.07:54
xnoxshipping a hybrid 32/64 bit is a no-go for ubuntu-desktop cd07:54
stgraberright :)07:54
xnoxso the only path here is ubiquity with mdadm support07:55
stgraberEdubuntu is great for that, we have plenty of space, the only concern at the moment is really the lack of RAID support in ubiquity as we'd usually point these users to the alternate media and with dropping it, wouldn't have anywhere to point them to07:55
stgraberanyway, I have to run to the airport... talk to you later07:55
xnoxstgraber: yeah, i was wondering why are you up?!07:56
xnoxtake care07:56
stgraberhehe, yeah, having a flight at 7:30am does that to you ;)07:56
_rubenxnox: install completed .. performing first boot .. fingers crossed :P08:12
_rubenbugger, it boots just fine :/08:12
xnox_ruben: yeah, VM hardware comes up instantly hence you don't get the bare metal experience.08:17
_rubenxnox: indeed08:18
hrwwhat is a proper way of fixing ftfbs for packages which just need rebuild? like lot of those haskell packages which ftfbs because of transition and build now08:25
hrwghc-mod for example builds but is listed as ftfbs08:26
_rubenxnox: any other ideas you can think of?08:27
xnoxhrw: are those next in the queue? see http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/transitions/ghc.html08:28
xnoxhrw: if you are sure they are, I can retry them. Strahnge I don't see ghc-mod on the list... is that the source package name?08:29
hrwxnox: yes, its source name08:29
hrwxnox: git-annex is other one08:30
iulianhrw: Where do you see ghc-mod listed as FTBFS?08:31
xnox_ruben: I've confirmed the bug and added it to the reliable raid spec for me to look at later. Busy with ubiquity right now ;-)08:31
iulianThe transition is almost over now. Just a few more rebuilds to go and we're done.08:31
hrwxnox: github-backup, haskell-hledger-web also08:32
hrwiulian: http://qa.ubuntuwire.com/ftbfs/ and https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ghc-mod08:32
xnoxhrw: ok, i've requeued i386 of ghc-mod, if that will be fine, I'll requeue other arches.08:32
hrwxnox: thanks08:32
_rubenxnox: ah, ok. i'll get on with the current workarounds active and continue this deployment. i'll likely have another set of 2 pretty similar boxes to be deployed soon. those will probably behave the same (i'm seeing this on 2 nearly identical boxes)08:33
xnox_ruben: *sigh*08:33
xnoxhrw: ghc-mod: i386 success, amd64/powerpc requeued, arms are dep-wait anyway.08:38
xnoxhrw: git-annex: i386 re-queued08:38
Laneyxnox: hrw is motu and could have done this himself08:41
Laneyteach a man to fish ...08:41
Laneyps. good morning08:41
xnoxLaney: good morning. I requested rebuilds myself from somebody the other day. Little did I know I can do it myself as a core-dev. =)08:42
xnoxLaney: plus this is my first time clicking that button! Exciting =)08:42
hrwLaney: I asked which way would be proper and xnox said that this is part of transition and handled queue08:42
Laneyhrw: I know, I was suggesting that him showing you how to do it instead of doing it for you would have been more profitable08:43
xnoxhrw: tbh. Well my assumption was wrong =)08:43
Laneyas you'd have been able to learn08:43
Laney(also, for these a retry is only good if it never built on any arch, as the others will need rebuilding anyway)08:43
hrwLaney: I suspect that 'press rebuilt button for i386|amd64' was easiest answer08:44
xnoxhrw: that's what I did, after verifying.08:44
hrwbtw: bug 1028761 is ~fine to go or would require FFE?08:45
xnoxLaney: I checked that build-deps were uninstallable in the build-log. Did not suceed to build on any arch. Did i386 first, wait for it to succeed, then requeue other arches.08:45
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1028761 in git-annex (Ubuntu) "Sync git-annex 3.20120721 (universe) from Debian unstable (main)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/102876108:45
Laneygreat, good work08:45
Laneythis transition is almost done now08:45
Laneyapart from investigating the arm problem, of course08:45
xnoxhrw: git-annex is in main (?!)08:46
hrwLaney: armhf and haskell one?08:46
hrwxnox: in Debian yes08:46
Laneyhrw: yeah08:46
Laneysee e.g. haskell-chell08:46
xnoxLaney: this is confusing https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/git-annex why does it say main, when it isn't....08:47
Laneythe table at the top is about the Debian publishing for some reason08:47
Laneypresumably because it's synced and shows you the original place the package came from08:47
hrwxnox: lower it says "release (universe)"08:48
xnoxhrw: hmmm.... true.08:48
* xnox doesn't like that08:48
hrwspeaking of main... bug 824708 has aptitude fix for precise which also fixes  bug #97579308:50
ubottuLaunchpad bug 824708 in aptitude (Ubuntu) "aptitude can no longer show changelogs: "Changelog download failed: Download queue destroyed." Please merge the fixed version, 0.6.8, from Debian." [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82470808:50
ubottuLaunchpad bug 975793 in aptitude (Ubuntu) "'aptitude safe-upgrade -d -y' enters infinite loop" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/97579308:50
hrwits 'fix released' in quantal only08:51
xnoxi'd say you should never use this "aptitude safe-upgrade -d -y" in general, and especially on amd64 with multi-arch.08:51
hrwxnox: but it is possible to use so...08:51
hrwxnox: and -d == download only so its safe08:51
hrwxnox: years ago I had similar command in cron for 5:23 to be able to do system updates at start of daily routine without waiting long time for downloads08:52
hyperairxnox: why not?08:53
hyperairalso there's a patch on bugs.debian.org that fixes this08:53
xnoxhyperair: ok. fair enough.08:53
hyperairi think safe-upgrade should be safe enough08:54
hyperairfull-upgrade -y is the scary one08:54
* xnox wishes aptitude would strop removing all of the i386 packages from my amd64 machine08:54
lifelessdon't use it then :)08:54
xnoxLaney: if the build finished recently e.g. github-backup on armel. Is it safe to rebuild others or a new upload required. Also why are they not in the transition tracker?08:55
xnoxlifeless: the answer to everything eh ;-) =))))08:55
hrwxnox: I use aptitude on amd64 system which has i386/armel/armhf packages installed and it works08:55
* xnox ponders if hyperair and lifeless have highlighs on 'aptitude' keyword08:55
hyperairi don't08:56
hyperairyou just had good timing08:56
lifelessxnox: I've had some weirdness from aptitude with multiarch08:56
lifelessxnox: I don't know if its sorted yet08:56
hrwxnox: you 'just' need to mark all other-arch packages to upgrade each time08:56
hyperairlifeless: when anything conflicts, aptitude attempts to purge all :i386 packages08:56
xnoxhrw: joy.08:56
hyperairlp 83176808:57
ubottuLaunchpad bug 831768 in aptitude (Ubuntu Precise) "aptitude cannot handle conflicts with multiarch enabled" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/83176808:57
hyperaircorresponding debian bug: http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=67234008:57
ubottuDebian bug 672340 in aptitude "aptitude: Dependency solver always uninstalls all foreign-architecture packages" [Important,Fixed]08:57
hyperairdebian bug has a patch08:57
hyperairi'm using it locally since debian hasn't slapped on the patch yet.08:57
xnoxhyperair: you should propose debian release policy to "slap the patches from bts" as a GR =)09:00
lifelesshyperair: yeah, that looks like at least part of it09:00
hyperairoh looks like the bug has been closed now09:01
hrwit is with upload09:01
hyperairweird that the graph doesn't show it.09:01
hyperairi didn't see any green entries in the graph so i assumed it wasn't done.09:01
hrwmerging should be much easier then it was with current quantal version09:01
hyperaircan we SRU this?09:01
hyperairseems like an annoying enough bug.09:02
hrwhyperair: to 12.04 you mean?09:02
hrwhyperair: first land it in quantal09:02
hrwhyperair: then merge into my debdiff from bug 824708 and happy sruing09:03
ubottuLaunchpad bug 824708 in aptitude (Ubuntu) "aptitude can no longer show changelogs: "Changelog download failed: Download queue destroyed." Please merge the fixed version, 0.6.8, from Debian." [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82470809:03
hyperairmaybe this weekend if i'm free09:03
hrwhyperair: this way sru would fix 3 bugs at once09:03
hrwaptitude is in incoming so far09:05
hrwI will merge09:07
Laneyxnox: the tracker has a little blind spot where stuff has never built09:07
hrwaptitude really helps on multiarch systems09:25
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hrwI am uploading aptitude to http://tygrysek.juszkiewicz.com.pl/~hrw/ubuntu/09:37
hrwand this one should go though FFE process - right?09:39
xnoxeverything goes through FFe =)10:04
sladenparticularly if it's system wide and mission critical ;-)10:05
hrwsladen: I am just motu so would not upload aptitude anyway ;)10:06
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svenxcjwatson: where's debian's source repo for grub2 these days? http://anonscm.debian.org/viewvc/pkg-grub/ was updated 2 years ago10:08
xnoxsvenx: have you tried $ debcheckout ?10:13
xnoxsvenx: http://anonscm.debian.org/bzr/pkg-grub/trunk/grub/ ?10:14
xnoxlast commit 2012-08-2410:14
svenxxnox: ah, i've looked in the wrong place10:21
xnoxsvenx: no problem ;-)10:21
mr_pouitseb128_: hey, do you know if "internal" indicator dbus services (e.g. ./usr/lib/indicator-messages/indicator-messages-service) will stay compatible?10:21
mr_pouitseb128_: to know whether I can ship only the .so in the gtk2 package, or if I need to include everything10:22
seb128_mr_pouit, hey, what are you trying to do? get old versions or get the new version built with gtk2?10:23
seb128_mr_pouit, the indicator-messages protocol changed in quantal, you can't use the old version, like applications are ported from libindicate to libmessaging-menu10:24
hrwok, some ftfbs entries removed by retrying builds10:25
mr_pouitseb128_: "last uploaded gtk2 version", so old version I guess (it's a bit messy though, some 12.10-0ubuntu1 uploads still had gtk2 support)10:25
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seb128mr_pouit, I don't know over time but I think that for quantal the service will stay compatible (out of indicator-messages where you really need the version uploaded yesterday because clients will work only with this one)10:27
mr_pouitok, so only indicator-messages will be problematic10:29
xnoxhrw: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/haskell-hledger-web/0.18.1-1 retries failed.10:30
hrwops, sorry10:36
xnoxhrw: http://xkcd.com/838/10:37
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hrw~curse torcs debian/rules12:02
hrwgiving up on that one. rewriting rules just to make one ftfbs less is waste of time12:09
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hrwmade it.12:30
hrwbug 94161912:31
ubottuLaunchpad bug 941619 in torcs (Ubuntu) "torcs: new versions 1.3.3 and 1.3.2 with security fixes available severity: important" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/94161912:31
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zeuskI'm getting totally corrupted display using the latest 12.10 nightlies on Nvidia adapter, is this a known bug ?13:06
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xnox@pilot in13:31
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ogra_safe flight !13:32
* xnox Zoom Zoom13:33
sconklin@patch in13:41
udevbotError: "patch" is not a valid command.13:41
sconklin@pilot in13:41
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xnoxsconklin: do we need to coordinate? I was thinking to take: llvm, ubiquity, ubiquity-slideshow as first candidates13:49
sconklinxnox: go ahead, I generally only look at kernel anyway13:50
xnoxsconklin: ah... I see =)13:50
xnoxsconklin: I don't ever look at kernel =))))13:50
hrwxnox: happy you13:50
xnoxhrw: well.... i file complex kernel bugs =) that's enough13:51
sconklinxnox: it's what I do every day, so I'm tooled up for it, and know the workflow. bzr, not so much13:51
xnoxsconklin: as infinity puts it "pick one side of the syscalls and stick to it, otherwise you will go mad"13:51
sconklinhaha, had not heard that one but it's true13:52
ogra_poor syscall developers then13:52
hrwdid I already said that I do not like torcs packaging?13:53
hrwI do not understand why they call configure in clean step13:54
sconklinto paraphrase Inigo Montoya: "You keep using that syscall. I do not think it does what you think it does".13:54
xnoxhrw: scons?13:54
xnoxthat thing does that for no reason.....13:55
hrwxnox: rather own + cdbs13:55
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hrwfirst FFe today: bug 104275214:03
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1042752 in torcs (Ubuntu) "FFe: new version 1.3.3 with security fixes available" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/104275214:03
hrwbut I have a question about it. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FreezeExceptionProcess says: "Up through RC, if a developer believes an upload of a new upstream release that just has bug fixes in it is warranted, they may upload it. The developer should explicitly document that this is a bugfix-only upload in the changelog or sync request." My debdiff is only patch to get it stop ftfbs in quantal (as 1.3.3 got uploaded but never built) - so it may look like 'meh, thats 14:06
xnoxhrw: what's the debdiff like against torcs_1.3.1-6.2.dsc  ?14:11
xnoxcause that is the effectively the changes you are trying to land =)14:11
hrwxnox: good point14:12
iulian1.3.3 is already in quantal and thus no FFe is needed as it's just a bug fix.14:12
hrwiulian: even when 1.3.3 never built in quantal?14:13
xnoxiulian: source tarball is, no binaries though.14:13
iulianWell, the source is already in the archive so it doesn't really matter. You just work on the latest version which is
hrwok, so will run dput14:15
xnoxhrw: i disagree with iulian interpretation.14:15
xnoxiulian: $ apt-cache show torcs | grep Version14:16
xnoxVersion: 1.3.1-6.214:16
hrwbasically I will just wait - have few other things on a list, bug is opened so let ubuntu release team decide there14:16
iulianxnox: That's because there's no binaries.14:16
hrwonce I will get answer in a bug from someone from release team I will apply14:17
xnoxiulian: the binaries is what counts, not the source package. and it's the binaries we are freezing not the version strings on the source package.14:17
iulianxnox: Try apt-cache showsrc torcs.14:17
xnoxiulian: but that is just my interpretation, and I am not on the release team or anything.14:17
iulianhrw: You just got.14:17
xnoxiulian: I totally understand your point though. "It landed on time, let's make it build now"14:18
xnoxiulian: and well, you wear release team hat =)14:19
hyperairxnox: hmm aptitude still has issues when doing install -f.14:19
* hrw builds source package, dput, close bug14:20
hyperairi.e. the typical dpkg -i foo.deb; aptitude install -f still doesn't work well with multiarch14:20
xnoxyeah, I know =/14:20
xnoxhyperair: apt-ftparchive package ./ > Packages14:21
hrwxnox: I prefer dpkg-scanpackages - has less dependencies14:22
xnoxhrw: learned something new ;-)14:22
hrwxnox: effect is same and do not need libapt14:22
hrwxnox: embedded linux work learnt me such tricks14:23
tumbleweediulian: ah, we both reviewed that at the same time14:27
* tumbleweed took a more middle-ground approval approach though :P14:27
iuliantumbleweed: Hehe.14:27
iulianOh well.14:28
hrwbuilds started14:28
xnoxhrw: you built it locally first, right?! =))))))))14:29
hrwxnox: several times14:30
hrwxnox: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/torcs/+bug/1042752/+attachment/3280649/+files/torcs_1.3.3-5ubuntu1_amd64.build was in FFe bug14:30
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1042752 in torcs (Ubuntu) "FFe: new version 1.3.3 with security fixes available" [Undecided,Fix committed]14:30
* xnox hrw +1 point after FTBFS on the rebuilds. Current Balance: 0.14:30
hyperairxnox: i use reprepro, but i don't really feel up to apt-get update.14:31
hyperairxnox: when you've got loads of PPAs and live in a region where canonical's servers are slow..14:31
hyperairwell.. you don't really feel like doing apt-get update just for a single package you have locally14:31
hrwhyperair: apt-cacher-ng on router (with hdd) helps14:31
hyperairhrw: it does, but for some reason apt-get update still takes a long time.14:31
* tumbleweed develops against snapshots that are 6-12hours old and it's never been an issue (I guess I just stay clear of the fast-moving stuff)14:32
hyperairapt-cacher-ng caches debs well enough, but doesn't do so well with package indexes.14:32
hrwdpkg-deb: building package `torcs-data-tracks' in `../torcs-data-tracks_1.3.3-5ubuntu1_all.deb'.14:32
tumbleweedapt-cacher-ng is terrible with indexes, and even worse with pdiffed indexes14:32
hyperairyeah that14:32
hyperairsquid might do better14:32
ogra_approx ftw !14:37
hyperairoh nice.14:39
hyperairis it more stable than acng?14:39
ogra_apt-cache show approx ?14:39
hyperairis it?14:39
ogra_dunno, i have never used any other package cacher14:39
ogra_its rock solid though14:39
hyperairno problems whatsoever?14:40
hyperairi should try it out14:40
hyperairi wonder if i can import my existing archives14:40
dholbachhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDeveloperWeek is starting in a bit more than 10 minutes in #ubuntu-classroom14:47
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dholbachogra_, bilal, barry: ready for later on?14:49
ogra_no, but i will be if i'm up to speak :)14:49
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PaoloRotoloHi all!14:53
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bilaldholbach: yup :)14:57
barrydholbach: getting there :)14:59
barrydholbach: is it a problem if i have 3 hrs worth of material? :)14:59
dholbachnot at all :)14:59
dholbachok, got to start :)14:59
siretartstgraber: just curious, does ltsp in quantal netboot the thinclients with root on nfs using live-boot?15:10
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smoseris it acceptable to write a file in /etc/ in a post install?15:23
smoserto avoid it being a conf file ?15:24
smoserand only create if non-existing and only remove on purge?15:24
stokachuxnox, sconklin : feel like doing multi-arch sru reviews? :D:D15:25
xnoxstokachu: you still have some?! =)15:26
stokachuxnox: yea all the ones from last week's meeting15:26
stokachui know slangasek is busy so i dont want to nag15:27
siretartsmoser: if you create it, I see no problem with it, but you need to pay special attention wrt. preserving local changes on upgrade. the ucf package may help with that15:28
smosersiretart, well my thought was to never change it.15:30
smoseronly write the initial15:30
smoserand then only if it did not exist.15:30
siretartsmoser: what if the local admin deleted the file and did not want to have it reintroduced on upgrades?15:31
siretartwith conffiles, dpkg does the right thing here.15:32
smosersiretart, true.15:34
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xnoxI used to be affect by arch:all skew, now I am also affected by arch:i386 skew =/15:56
* xnox multiarch.... win?!15:56
* xnox just did a "complex" downgrade of a locally compiled package back to the disto version15:57
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Will123456hey guys. i'm thinking about adding HUD support to blender, but it'd have to be ubuntu specific as the blender devs aren't interested. is this the right place to talk about it?16:07
seb128Will123456, hey, try #ubuntu-unity rather16:07
Will123456seb128: thanks :)16:08
xnoxplease reject https://code.launchpad.net/~roger.light/ubuntu/precise/mosquitto/fix-972389/+merge/119973 ?16:25
xnoxor should I s/precise/precise-proposed/16:25
xnoxno fix in quantal yet, though16:25
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killownhttps://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel/2012-August/035675.html  DONT DO THAT16:32
killownthis alternate CD is a lot useful16:32
killownI have a raid setup here would be useless if I would need install ubuntu 12.10 from scratch16:33
killownI ubuntu devels really do that I will need to chance of distro, VERY VERY BAD DECISION16:33
killownRAID is relatively straightforward to turn on post-install.16:34
killownMAN how can I install without setup my raid before?16:34
killownplease ignore this request, it's insane16:36
xnoxkillown: you would use mini.iso and get all the updates from the internet instead of downloading ~300MB of 0day SRUs16:57
xnoxkillown: which has the exact same installer as the alternative installer including RAID.16:57
xnoxkillown: sans the package pool, which you will have to pull from the network / mirror16:57
xnoxkillown: or the server cd, if your hardware is amd6416:58
seb128ev, hey, is e.u.c timing out of the start page (like default daily view) a known issue?17:00
evseb128: with launchpad=false set?17:01
seb128ev, no, without it, just opening the page17:01
evseb128: oh, so even before you get any content at all you get a timeout?17:02
seb128ev, right, I get "Loading..." in the table for 30s17:03
seb128and then "an error occurred..."17:03
evoh, that17:03
seb128like no content17:03
evyes - please set launchpad=false for now. There have been a number of speed ups to the launchpad color-coding in trunk, but we're blocked on another RT before those can land17:04
ev(the caching of open ID credentials one)17:04
evsure thing17:04
xnox@pilot out17:12
=== udevbot changed the topic of #ubuntu-devel to: Quantal Quetzal development | Archive: Feature Freeze | Dev' of Ubuntu (not support or app devel) | build failures -> http://qa.ubuntuwire.com/ftbfs/ | #ubuntu for support and general discussion for hardy -> precise | #ubuntu-app-devel for app development on Ubuntu http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment | See #ubuntu-bugs for http://bit.ly/lv8soi | Patch Pilots: sconklin
xnoxbut I will be back again later.17:13
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stokachucould someone look at bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/accountsservice/+bug/941673 it was marked fix released but i doubt a release is present18:50
ubottuLaunchpad bug 941673 in accountsservice "performance of accounts-daemon is very poor" [Medium,Confirmed]18:50
seb128stokachu, set it back to triaged, you might want to point the qa team (or bdmurray) to the user who vandalized the bug that way18:53
stokachuseb128: ok thanks, i tried to set it back the other day it just error'ed on me18:53
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trismdoko: I don't think bug 1037566 is fixed, it is still missing the multiarch path to pyconfig.h, http://paste.ubuntu.com/1172348/18:57
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1037566 in python3.3 (Ubuntu) "invalid Python installation: unable to open /usr/lib/python3.3/config-3.3m/Makefile" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/103756618:57
stgrabersiretart: ltsp uses nbd and doesn't use live-boot19:20
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mterryjdstrand, on the remote-login-service test suite errors, tedg told me those were expected failures, and he added code to not have the error output cause a test failure22:29
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