Ghost_BoyHow to join , is it through launchpad only .. ?!05:07
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thelinuxer1xnixan: hi16:24
xnixanthelinuxer1: :)16:24
thelinuxer1xnixan: can u hold on for a second ?16:25
xnixanthelinuxer1: sure!16:25
thelinuxerxnixan: back16:26
thelinuxerhow can I help you :) ?16:26
xnixani was searching facebook for ubuntu-eg, but the group page16:27
xnixanthelinuxer: is it the same group?16:27
thelinuxerhere it is https://www.facebook.com/groups/ubuntueg16:28
xnixanthelinuxer: thanks :)16:28
thelinuxerwe have several channels and they are all listed on our wiki pages16:28
thelinuxerxnixan: ur welcome :)16:28
xnixanthelinuxer: so happy to see Linux community become this mature shape :)16:29
thelinuxerxnixan: thanks man :D16:30
thelinuxery don't u join us ?16:30
xnixanthelinuxer: i just did :)16:31
xnixanand you are most welcome :)16:31
thelinuxerxnixan: not just the facebook group16:31
xnixanthelinuxer: ?16:31
thelinuxeralso join our mailing list as it is the main channel for the team communication16:31
xnixanthelinuxer: very well16:32
xnixanthelinuxer: you are doing good job man :)16:32
thelinuxerxnixan: thanks man, just trying to do something and the team is full of great guys/gals if u ask me :)16:33
xnixanthelinuxer: i am sure that you are doing a great job, i remember distributing mandrake in Alexandria 2003/2004, there was less than 50 linux users back then :D16:37
thelinuxerxnixan: days are different now ;)16:37
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a_Sultanhi guys17:34
MohamedAlaa98hi a_Sultan17:36
a_Sultanwe do have a meeting today am I right?17:37
MohamedAlaa98dunno :-/17:37
MohamedAlaa98Who told you that?17:38
a_SultanI'm so lost these days having like a billion thing to do17:38
a_Sultanmaybe I'm just loosing it :D17:38
MohamedAlaa98lol :D17:42
MohamedAlaa98sorry was away17:42
MohamedAlaa98a_Sultan: What do you think about announcing an irc meeting before the ubuntu 12.10 release date?17:45
a_Sultanthat would be nice idea but not alot would attend I think17:45
a_SultanIRC is not that familiar for everyone17:46
a_Sultanwe will be needing a real meeting tho to see about the release party17:47
MohamedAlaa98we should create a document in ubuntu-eg fb group that lets people know what is IRC and how to create a nickname on irc.17:48
a_Sultancan you do that and sorry for the weired delay :)17:56
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