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TheLordOfTime-classroom-chat is missing a secondary cloak string in its access list (for future ref)15:43
TheLordOfTime-ChanServ- 8     *!*@*/ubuntu.member.*  +Aiotv [modified 1 year, 10 weeks, 5 days, 15:31:54 ago]15:43
TheLordOfTime^ that's the old string15:43
TheLordOfTimethe "new" secondary is just */ubuntu.*15:43
pleia2it has both15:45
pleia2oh, I see15:46
TheLordOfTime-ChanServ- 2     *!*@ubuntu/member/*    +Aiotv [modified ? ago]15:46
TheLordOfTimethat's the primary-cloak format15:46
pleia2yeah, I misunderstood what you were saying :) I get it now15:46
TheLordOfTimefor people with  just an ubuntu member cloak :)15:46
TheLordOfTimethe "old" secondary format was the one i earlier posted15:46
pleia2yes yes, I get it15:46
TheLordOfTimethe *new* format freenode uses can be seen in my cloak :)15:46
pleia2so it's actually *ubuntu. ?15:47
TheLordOfTimethe only reason i noticed is because i happened to check the classroom-chat's ACL15:47
pleia2since I think */ubuntu.* would require a /?15:47
TheLordOfTimeyeah, i forgot the /15:47
TheLordOfTimei HIT that key, i guess my system is being weird again15:48
TheLordOfTime... or there's dust under the key...15:48
TheLordOfTimebut the correct string for that should be...15:48
TheLordOfTimei think that got brought up at the last IRCC meeting i was present for (not the most recent one, mind you, i think i missed that one)15:49
* TheLordOfTime brought it up as part of the "Other Issues" thing15:49
pleia2should be sorted now15:50
TheLordOfTimethe classroom itself needs the same fix15:50
TheLordOfTimepleia2:  sorry to be a bother whilst the classroom's in session, just wanting to make sure things are sorted :)15:51
pleia2nah, thanks for letting me know :)15:51
TheLordOfTimepleia2:  well, its either let you know here, or bring it up at the next IRCC meeting saying "This should be  perpetualized as an issue, but the ACL(s) which reference ubuntu members are probably still borked"15:52
pleia2you can always join #ubuntu-classroom-backstage for any issues with the classroom channels :)15:53
TheLordOfTimealthough i tend to report here for ACL issues in IRCC governed channels :P15:53
TheLordOfTimesince when i notice them, semi-fast-response tends to happen here :P15:53
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imbrandonello ello friendly ops22:56
TheLordOfTimenot everyone here is on the ops teams :)22:56
imbrandonmay we request that the logbot join #juju so that the channel is logged to irclogs.ubuntu.com ( #juju-dev seems to be but #juju got skipped somehow )22:57
imbrandonTheLordOfTime: understood :) once upon a time i myself was , but have let it lapse :)22:58
tsimpsonimbrandon: you'd need to file a ticket at rt@ubuntu.com requesting the log bot23:03
imbrandontsimpson: thanks23:04

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