CarstenGHi together16:37
CarstenGHi Nora16:44
nautuhow are u?16:49
CarstenGThanks, fine. :-)16:51
CarstenGStill preparing some dinner :-)16:51
nautuits night there16:51
nautulunch time here16:51
CarstenGWhere do you live?16:52
nautucan you cook and chat at the same time? ;)16:53
nautui dont think so16:53
CarstenGNo, I don’t cook :-)16:54
CarstenGOnly cold dishes today16:54
naututoday, what are you having?16:56
nautuim curious16:56
CarstenGWell, some slices bread with cheese and sausage, some vegetables...16:59
nautuit sounds tasty16:59
nautuare u from germany?17:00
CarstenGYes it is :-)17:00
nautuis there anything you need from argentina or me?17:01
nautuor ure curious about what a teacher is doing here17:02
CarstenGMmmh, I have to think about it17:02
CarstenGAre you visiting Germany in the near future?17:02
nautuu  must be kidding me17:03
nautuim a teacher i would love to travel17:03
nautubut havent you heard?17:03
nautuin argentina its impossible to save money in a different currency17:03
nautuas inflation goes it is impossible to travel17:03
CarstenGOh, sorry17:04
nautuhonestly, i would love to visit italy17:04
nautui dont know germany17:04
CarstenGI didn't know that.17:04
nautui guess if im in europe, i can go up17:04
nautua bit further17:04
nautucan you speak spanish?17:05
CarstenGOnly english17:06
nautuand german17:06
CarstenGAnd a little russian17:06
CarstenGyes of cource :-)17:06
nautui cant speak german17:07
naututhats fair17:07
CarstenGAnd my local dialect :-)17:07
nautuwhere are you from in germany?17:07
CarstenGI was born in Saxony, in the eastern part17:08
CarstenGBut live now since 5 years near Düsseldorf, in the west17:09
nautuit sounds like the name of a beer17:09
nautui like taht17:09
nautuwhere I live theres a German community17:09
nautua school17:09
nautuI mean in my town17:10
nautuin the rest of argentina there are huge cities full of german immigrants17:10
CarstenGNice, than you can taste the german beer there. :-)17:12
nautui cant spell the name of the good17:12
naututhis is supposed to be a place to talk about serious stuff, is it? im new here17:13
nautui dont want to break any rule17:13
CarstenGI think it’s ok. Only remember that this channel will be logged.17:15
CarstenGAnd everybody can read what we are speaking about :-)17:16
nautuI know that17:17
nautuwhat do you mean by this channel?17:17
CarstenGI mean this chat room, #ubuntu-manual, see here: http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2012/08/26/%23ubuntu-manual.html17:24
CarstenGgood night20:40

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