hadsUbuntu keyboard; http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B007W66BRG/21:58
snailhads: that's actually pretty tempting22:08
ChrisNZyay ubuntu people22:10
ChrisNZIs anyone here?22:11
thumperabout 20 others22:11
ChrisNZlol Awesome22:11
ChrisNZim moving all my company stuff away from MS22:11
ChrisNZand i had some questions kinda if anyone was up for it22:12
ChrisNZits mostly about SAMBA on Ubunutu 12.04 LTS22:12
ChrisNZor am i in the wrong room :)22:12
ajmitchdepends on what you want to know about it22:12
thumperwell, you can ask...22:13
ChrisNZok, well ill give it a crack22:13
ChrisNZbasically i have a main region and sub regions, and im sharing samba across subnets.22:13
ChrisNZso here comes my question, i wrote this down so ill cut n paste22:14
ChrisNZUbuntu 12.04 LTS22:14
ChrisNZdamn only pastes one line at a time lol22:14
ChrisNZok, bullet points, the darn thing works mostly, all samba shares work locally, with either usernames and pw or plain shares22:15
ChrisNZall sub regions can connect using usernames and pw, or blank shares22:15
ChrisNZmain region can connect to sub region plain shares22:15
ChrisNZmain region cant connect to sub region password/username shares22:16
hadsWho named liboobs22:16
ChrisNZhowever, if i connect to the old windows 2003 VPN i can access the sub region samba22:16
ChrisNZthe regions are connected via IPSEC site to site22:17
ChrisNZlol hads22:17
ChrisNZwhen i try to browse the sub regions from the main region it jsut keeps asking for my username and password over and over, the same u/n and p/w that works via VPN connection or locally22:18
ChrisNZso i guess my question is why cant i connect from the main region to the sub regions with usernames and p/w22:18
ChrisNZwhen those work locally22:18
ajmitchthat may be best asked in #ubuntu-server or on a support site like askubuntu.com if noone knows here22:21
ChrisNZthanks man22:21
* hads doesn't use SMB22:21
ChrisNZI just cracked up as i was toying with the idea of asking TIM P if he knew22:22
ChrisNZand then realised hes thumper22:22
ChrisNZHey Tim, its Chris M, you know me from facebook and John E lol22:23
* ajmitch only uses samba on the local network22:23
hadsSounds like some sort of silly broadcast thing.22:23
thumperhi ChrisNZ22:23
ajmitchveebers: see what I meant about small world last night?22:23
thumperChrisNZ: I've only used samba very simply, nothing complex22:23
veebersajmitch: heh22:24
ChrisNZHavent used IRC for ages, whats private message again?22:24
ChrisNZi do agree it sounds like a broadcast thing, since the VPN lets me through....22:24
ChrisNZalhtough i can access the plain shares without usernames and passwords without a challenge22:25
ChrisNZnot private message, i mean, "directed message to a user"22:26
ChrisNZi was thinking of paying caconical to help lol22:27
hadsSounds like a reasonable idea.22:30
ChrisNZThumper, how do i best contact them in NZ?22:32
thumperum... contact the help desk?22:32
thumperit runs 24/522:32
ChrisNZdo you mean using this page, http://www.ubuntu.com/business/services/contact22:37
thumperChrisNZ: never tried, as I poke them internally :)22:38
ChrisNZlol do they have a number?22:39
thumperChrisNZ: try the links off http://canonical.com22:40
ChrisNZOkeis guys, and girls??? thanks! lol later Thumps22:42
* chilts forgot22:51
ibeardsleehads: can't tell, but is that a wobbly square on the key between the Ctrl and Alt ?22:56
ibeardsleehttp://liliputing.com/2012/08/great-wall-u310-packs-an-ubuntu-desktop-pc-into-a-keyboard.html  That one certainly is22:59
hadsHeh, looks like it.23:24
hadsWhat perplexes me is all these phones coming out with 1280x720 IPS screens and laptops seem to be stuck with crappy TN panels of around the same resolution.23:25
Atamiraif a laptop could be used as a phone, id get it instead of a phone23:26

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