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* Laney respins the failed ubuntu dailies09:14
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xnoxFFe process applies to unseeded/universe packages as well. True or False?10:05
knomehi Laney10:05
Laneyhey knome10:05
knomeLaney, i'm sorry, i had a misunderstanding on the gtk2 indicator issue - i'm been told we knew about it well before10:05
knomeLaney, and now the answer for your question: we are going to reupload them; if you can help..10:06
knomeLaney, ..then please tell us you can. :)10:06
Laneyhelp in what way?10:06
LaneyI can't help you maintain them ...10:06
knomehelp reuploading10:06
knomeof course not, but we still need to reupload them10:07
Laneyah, well if you prepare a package then I can help on that side10:07
knomewe'll get it sorted10:07
Laneyyou'll need FFe too.10:07
knomeyes, i hope those will be granted10:08
knomemr_pouit is working on it with gilir from lubuntu10:08
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davmor2Hey guys there looks to be an issue with webcam detection on my laptop did a current install from yesterday and ubiquity fails on the webcam page.  This in turn nails the system I have to hard power switch it, reisub fails, ssh fails.  I'm going to see if it effects the installed system and see if I can get some debug info from there11:11
davmor2yeap same issue running cheese it just kills the system completely11:18
davmor2over the the kernel channel I guess and hopefully they can help11:19
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phillwis the quantal kernel in todays release, or do we need to await for a rebuild ( re: http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2012/08/28/%23ubuntu-meeting.txt|IRC )19:58
slangasekphillw: what do you mean by "in today's release"?  any quantal daily builds are using a quantal kernel.20:08
phillwslangasek: the notes from http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2012/08/28/%23ubuntu-meeting.txt20:10
phillwwas that updated Q kernel in for todays respins, or does it have to wait untill tomorrow?20:11
Laneyyou can check the manifest files to find out exactly which packages are included20:11
phillwLaney: do have a link handy, save me spending time on google when all I want to do is let the Qa teams know we have 'the final' kernel to be tested quickly before feature freeze lands on Thursday?20:13
bjfphillw: if you are talking about 3.5.0-13.13 then it will probably be in tomorrows daily. that quantal kernel was only published 7 hrs. ago.20:14
phillwbjf: thanks I'm referring to the part of the email http://pastebin.com/F8zYn4i620:15
Laneyeg http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/quantal-desktop-amd64.manifest20:15
phillwIt's always fun to the testers that they have 24 hours before a feature freeze for a kernel :P20:15
bjfphillw: that's the kernel version i just mentioned20:15
phillwno worries, I'll let them all know :)20:15
cyphermoxarf, I blindly uploaded indicator-sync 12.10.1-0ubuntu1; it's perhaps not so clear, but it's a bugfix release despite the API/ABI changes; nothing should be using it in the archive yet20:41
micahgcyphermox: I'm sure you're aware that new binaries need an FFe20:59
seb128micahg, do they?21:09
micahgseb128: that's what I've been told21:10
seb128micahg, where is it written?21:10
micahgseb128: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FeatureFreeze21:10
micahgsecond section, second bullet21:10
micahgthat's ABI, not general though21:10
seb128micahg, that's not about new binaries, but about abi changes21:11
* micahg thought this was fixed last cycle....21:11
seb128micahg, that page has no new binary mention21:11
seb128there is no "binary" match at all in fact21:11
micahgwell, if you want to get technical, the first line doesn't say source explicitly :)21:12
* micahg wishes a release person would come to his defense here :)21:13
seb128well,I disagree that new binaries should require a ffe in a systematic way21:13
seb128the documentation doesn't state it should21:13
seb128so if that's a real rule it should be stated somewhere21:13
micahgI would argue that it could have in impact on how other packages use this package in question21:14
seb128we have been accepting some new -dbg recently without asking for a ffe21:14
seb128why would adding a dbg impact on other packages?21:15
micahgseb128: that's a case where it wouldn't, but cases where you add a data/common package certainly could21:15
seb128ok, so the rules is not about "new binaries", it's more specific ;-)21:15
micahgwell, some FFes you know will be approved, but you file them anyways, but I'll let someone from the release team verify what I've said before I go on with it21:16
slangasekseb128: it has an impact on how the developers are spending time post-FF; uploading (and archive processing) of -dbg packages doesn't seem like very much focusing on bugfixes?21:17
slangasekbut I wouldn't reject a -dbg package I saw in the NEW queue during FF21:17
slangasekbecause it wouldn't be worth arguing about21:17
seb128right, that's basically my position as well...21:17
seb128slangasek, well, I could argue that -dbg can be useful for debugging,bug fixing21:18
slangasekno, that's what we have .ddebs for :)21:18
seb128yeah, I wish we had ddebs support in launchpad though for those upstream who do daily builds and such in ppas using the same packaging21:19
LaneyI understand that this indicator-sync upload /was/ an ABI break though?21:27
LaneySo should have had an exception however you read that page...21:28
Laneyit's kind of unfortunate that it now FTBFS on arm* ppc too21:28
seb128Laney, oh, it's indicator-sync we are talking about ;-) I joined just to read the comment on new binaries21:36
seb128Laney, well, indicator-sync is NEW in the archive for less than a week and used by nothing and there is a ffe for u1 to use it21:36
seb128Laney, I'm unsure there is a need to file yet another ffe for a new package just to make it work when it never worked21:36

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