SpinningWheelsi was attempting to install a deb that requires "sun-java5-jre | sun-java6-jre | default-jre-headless", i have installed openjdk-7-jre-headless. i noticed that apt-get install default-jre-headless installs 6. is there a way to use openjdk-7 to satisfy "default-jre-headless"?00:42
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arrrghhhhey all.  having a case of the dumb.  i upgraded my server, and dnsmasq broke.  i put the old config file back in, and dhcp works - but dns does not.  i assume this relates to my resolv.conf on the server?00:59
blackshirtwhat you mean with broke, not fully correctly installed?01:00
arrrghhhsorry, config file was put to default.  i saved the old one.  copied everything from it, pasted it into the new one (and made sure everything else was commented out) and restarted dnsmasq01:01
arrrghhhearlier i had to fix a dns issue by removing some lines from /etc/resolv.conf.  but it seems something else is auto-generating that file, because those lines are back.01:02
blackshirtwas dnsmasq correctly started?01:02
arrrghhhdnsmasq did start, it's handing out IP's01:02
blackshirtwhy you said dns doesn't work?01:03
arrrghhhthe server can resolve hostnames01:03
arrrghhhbut clients cannot01:03
arrrghhhi have to statically configure dns on the clients to point to opendns for example01:03
arrrghhhotherwise, no name resolution on the client ^^01:04
arrrghhhhrm i think i ran into this before... let me see01:04
blackshirtare you firewall permitted this?01:04
blackshirtI mean are you sure firewall permitted this?01:05
arrrghhhmy firewall allows access to
arrrghhhon any port01:05
blackshirtsome options on dhcp-server to pass your dns server to client..have you check it?01:06
SpinningWheelsi was attempting to install a deb that requires "sun-java5-jre | sun-java6-jre | default-jre-headless", i have installed openjdk-7-jre-headless. i noticed that apt-get install default-jre-headless installs 6. is there a way to use openjdk-7 to satisfy "default-jre-headless"?01:12
arrrghhhinteresting read, but i'm not sure i'm closer to fixing the issue.01:13
blackshirthave you analyze your log to watch them?01:13
arrrghhhblackshirt, no, i shall do so now.01:14
arrrghhhdoes dnsmasq make a log, or just syslog?01:14
blackshirtyou shoul do them...01:14
arrrghhh nas dnsmasq-dhcp[14012]: DHCPACK(eth0)
arrrghhhi see dhcp working.  i don't see anything about DNS... where should i look?  thank you for helping :)01:15
blackshirtI don't know exactly..but you check it basically01:15
blackshirtUsually log reside on syslog01:15
arrrghhhsooo... syslog?  i'm sorry i don't know where to look for this issue.01:15
arrrghhhi don't see anything DNS related unfortunately... just DHCP.  :(01:15
blackshirtjust tail your syslog ... And see if your dns works normally01:16
blackshirtLook at /var/log syslog01:16
arrrghhhshould i restart dnsmasq or something?  that's what i was doing, and i only see stuff about dhcp.01:17
blackshirtdo some dns related test, with lookup,dig,hostname from the client...01:17
blackshirtOr other tools01:18
blackshirtSorry guys, i have going to work now..01:18
arrrghhhok thanks for helping01:18
blackshirtsorry can't help more01:19
arrrghhhno worries, you've pointed me in the right direction01:19
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arrrghhhhrm.  definitely entires for DHCP requests.  nothing for DNS lookups...01:27
arrrghhhSpinningWheels, sorry you haven't gotten any response.  did you try doing the install with --no-depends or whatever and seeing if you can force it after the fact?01:27
arrrghhhmy server is listening on port 5301:28
arrrghhhnslookup fails on the server, but ping is successful?  odd01:34
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arrrghhhanyone else around can help with dnsmasq/DNS in general?01:57
arrrghhhso from the clients, dns does seem to work locally02:05
arrrghhhbut dns still doesn't work to the 'net... wth?02:05
arrrghhhOK i've narrowed it down02:12
arrrghhhif nameserver is in my resolv.conf, i can't nslookup on the server.02:12
arrrghhhso the server isn't forwarding DNS.  i saw this in syslog02:12
xnoxwe run dns on by default now, for the sake of network manager integration.02:12
xnoxcheck dnsmasq configuration and fix that.02:13
arrrghhhdnsmasq[26090]: using local addresses only for domain localnet02:13
arrrghhhi guess that changed?  i'll re-read it02:13
xnoxalso resolvconf package "manages" resolf.conf file in a dynamic way02:13
arrrghhhyea, i've noticed that part.  i read a blog02:13
arrrghhhso i understand why you do those things now (which on the desktop for VPN users, that's awesome)02:14
* xnox ponders if stgraber enjoys nick highlights from his blog URLs =)02:14
arrrghhhi'm just reusing my dnsmasq config from 10.04, and perhaps there's something else i need to define now.02:14
arrrghhhi've hightlighted him 2x now then... ;)02:14
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arrrghhhit's a great read02:14
xnox.... yes you need "migrate" =)))))02:14
arrrghhhhah.  ok, i'll go rtfm.02:14
xnoxgood luck =)02:15
arrrghhhhah thx02:15
stgraberxnox: hehe, I'm used to it ;) the dns link is posted around quite often ;)02:17
arrrghhhstgraber, thx for writing it.  great article.02:19
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roasteddumb question - I know you can install the GUI on the server variant, but when I start it up, would it go to a regular CLI login first?02:22
arrrghhhdepends on what runlevel the GUI is set to i suppose...02:23
arrrghhhbut i am not the person to ask about putting a GUI on a server.  i would do my best to steer you away02:23
roastedI was just thinking how little I use the GUI on my powerbook. I thought it'd be nice to have the server version running since it's such a low powered machine, and only start the GUI if absolutely needed.02:23
roastedwell it's also not for a true server :P02:23
roastedreally just meant for as much resource saving as possible02:23
roastedI literally only use it for SSH work. It has nothing on it whatsoever.02:24
xnoxroasted: $ sudo stop lightdm02:26
xnoxbang, you have a server =)02:26
roastedxnox, but, the GUI would still start up by default each time, right?02:26
arrrghhhwell, if you install the gui stuffs - can't you just change the runlevel the GUI runs at?02:26
roastedI'd rather have it start in CLI mode, and only start the GUI manually if I need.02:26
roastedI have no idea - I never tinkered with runlevels, so I'm drawing a bit of a blank there.02:27
arrrghhhi think that's the right term02:27
xnoxroasted: disable lightdm upstart job by renaming the conf file to .conf.disabled i think.02:28
roastedthink? :P02:28
arrrghhhwell that would work too02:30
arrrghhhthen it won't run the upstart job02:30
arrrghhhroasted, after you rename that file, run update-rc.d02:31
arrrghhhhell you could just disable the job with update-rc.d huh02:31
arrrghhhi forget how handy that thing is02:31
arrrghhhThe disable|enable API is not stable and might change in the future.02:32
arrrghhhxnox, ok so is there some delta page on dnsmasq or dns in general?  i'm confused as to what i need to do here.  i was reading the ubuntu community doc on dnsmasq, and i don't see anything wrong with the config02:32
xnoxnot sure. last time I did networking "by-hand" was in 8.04 =_02:35
xnoxso i rather know this in theory, than practice =)02:35
arrrghhhwell i'm combing the new dnsmasq.conf file nao02:35
arrrghhhmaybe something will pop out @ me02:35
arrrghhhmy config right now is stupid simple, so it's possible there's some new option i need to enable.02:35
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arrrghhh** server can't find google.com: REFUSED02:48
arrrghhhi don't get what i'm missing02:48
arrrghhhwould someone mind at least looking at my config?02:48
arrrghhhthis is the same 'working' config from 10.04.  why is it not working now?02:53
arrrghhhstgraber, would you mind helping me?  i'm really not sure what would've changed so drastically that broke this...03:10
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blackshirtcan someone guide me to setup postfix with ldap backend for virtual user and domains? or direct me to right guide :D03:12
arrrghhhblackshirt, http://www.postfix.org/LDAP_README.html ?03:13
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arrrghhhit seems a lot of people are disabling dnsmasq on the desktop because it fails in the same way my server is failing.... :/03:26
arrrghhhwow.  well, that was it i guess.03:33
arrrghhhi needed to add some 'server' lines...03:33
* arrrghhh has done it03:41
tgm4883good thing I don't use the same password in multiple places03:41
Vampydoes any one know if the Horde4 Guide on Ubuntu Wiki works for 12.04LTS as written?04:00
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lickalottgents, trying auto mount partitions for NFS shares via fstab.  If I leave "default" it won't let me write to the folder.  if I use (rw,user,no_subtree_check,async) the network connection times out.   Can anyone help?04:25
lickalottanyone know of a way to see/monitor if someone is accessing your NFS shares.  *they are hosted over apache04:30
arrrghhhlickalott, try Server:/share  /media/nfs  nfs  rsize=8192 and wsize=8192,noexec,nosuid04:31
arrrghhh'Server' can be IP or hostname04:32
arrrghhh/share is the location04:32
arrrghhhon the server *04:32
osmosishow can I get libboost1.37-dev  for precise?04:32
arrrghhh/media/nas is the location on the client04:32
osmosisthis is empty,  https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/precise/amd64/libboost1.37-dev04:32
arrrghhhosmosis, https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/boost1.37/1.37.0-3ubuntu3 ?04:34
osmosiscool, howd you find it?04:34
arrrghhher is that jaunty?04:35
* arrrghhh is confused04:35
osmosisthat link only has a tar.gz....not a deb04:35
arrrghhhno i know.  that link i sent tho04:35
arrrghhhyea that's the source.04:36
osmosisyah, says jaunty04:36
arrrghhhze tarball04:36
arrrghhhthat's the newest i could find...04:36
arrrghhhwhat do you need it for?04:36
lickalottexportfs: /etc/exports [3]: Neither 'subtree_check' or 'no_subtree_check' specified for export "*:/media/files".04:36
lickalott  Assuming default behaviour ('no_subtree_check').04:36
lickalott  NOTE: this default has changed since nfs-utils version 1.0.x04:36
lickalotti get that when I restart the service arrrghhh04:37
arrrghhhlickalott, please ask a question, and pastebin multiple lines.04:37
osmosisarrrghhh, its a compile dependency for nightly build of an app04:37
arrrghhhi don't see any issues?04:37
osmosisarrrghhh, so is there a way to install the src as a deb?04:37
osmosisor can I just rip a libboost 1.37 deb from an older release04:38
arrrghhhosmosis, you can compile it04:38
arrrghhhand that might or might not work... ha04:38
arrrghhhlickalott, so are we talkin fstab or exports?04:39
lickalottwould exports be better?04:41
arrrghhhyou get that output from mount -a after modifying fstab?!?04:41
osmosisso im just suppose to make install a tar.gz on my system?  feels archaic04:41
arrrghhhwell wait we need to establish what you want lickalott04:41
arrrghhhosmosis, you're building for nightly stuff... might want to stick to something that's already working.04:42
osmosisarrrghhh, only the nightly has the feature I need04:42
arrrghhhotherwise, you're on bleeding edge stuff - so you've gotta do some leg work, if you want to be on bleeding edge.04:42
osmosismaybe ill just go sleep in a capsule and wake up in 6 months04:42
arrrghhhgotta be on bleeding edge?  gotta do some work.04:42
lickalottyou know what.... i'm an idiot04:43
lickalotti've been messing with the wrong file04:43
arrrghhhhah, it happens04:43
lickalotthere's my entries in exports -  *(rw,sync,no_root_squash)04:44
lickalottjust found out another tidbit.  I can copy from the laptop that i'm on now, but I get denied when i use my windows server.  Both mounted as "mapped network drives" the same way on each machien04:45
arrrghhhwindoze can't do nfs...04:45
lickalottsure she can04:46
lickalottwindows 7 comes with an NFS client install.04:46
lickalottyou have to actually install it, it's not default04:46
arrrghhhi guess i've always stuck with samba on windoze.04:47
arrrghhhcan't help ya there... assuming you give the same permissions in the share on the server, it has to be how it's setup on the client.04:47
lickalotti did too, but recently I've been messing around with a raspberry pi and media streams better to the pi over NFS.  Then i realized that NFS has faster transfer rates so i went with it.04:48
arrrghhhNFS is a much better protocol, yes.04:48
lickalottonly problem is hanewin is only good for 30 days then it's 29.9504:49
lickalottbut i will be purchasing shortly.04:50
lickalotti'll mess around more.04:51
lickalottthanks for the assist arrrghhh.  appreciate your time!04:51
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Kartagiswith xen, can I create the vm on a different partition?07:46
bencerjdstrand: hi, we have reported LP: #1042260 did u have the chance to have a look at it?07:50
SpamapSKartagis: typically you attach some kind of block device to a VM07:53
SpamapSKartagis: that can be a physical device, an LVM volume.. or even a file on disk.07:53
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lynxmanmorning o/09:34
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jamespagemorning lynxman10:13
lynxmanjamespage: morning sir :)10:16
nanderssonHi, I read on Phoronix that there are plans to drop the alternate CD. How would that affect unattended installations with debian-installer in future LTS? Like Ubuntu 14.04?10:17
xnoxnandersson: ubiquity supports unattended installations using debian-installer preseed files for a long time.10:32
xnoxnandersson: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbiquityAutomation10:32
xnoxnandersson: and since you are on the server channel, server continuous to use debian-installer as it always had.10:33
nanderssonxnox, Ok, thanks for the link!10:36
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chmacI've resized an LVM physical volume and the underlying mdX raid array. I now want to resize the two disk partitions. I tried deleting them and creating new partitions of a smaller size with parted, but the system wouldn't boot. How do I resize the partitions?11:47
xnoxchmac: did you restore partition table back? did you back it up?11:48
xnoxchmac: what did you use to resize?11:48
chmacxnox: It's a brand new machine, so I just re-installed fresh.11:48
xnoxchmac: so no need to resize anymore?11:48
chmacxnox: I used parted rm / mkpart to delete and create new partitions, but it warned that the partition was active, although the system was in rescue mode.11:48
chmacxnox: Trouble is, the installer partitions the whole disk, even though I'm only using 80%, and I want the extra space unpartitioned because it's an SSD11:49
xnoxunmount filesystem, vgchange -a n $vgname, mdadm /dev/md$n --stop11:49
xnoxthen resize11:49
chmacThe process was pvresize, mdadm --grow /dev/md5 --size 80G11:49
chmacxnox: How do I achieve the resize step?11:49
xnoxoh ok.11:49
chmacOk, I figured the mdadm part wouldn't be running in rescue mode, but maybe I missed the --stop command11:50
xnoxchmac: surely you grow mdadm first, then grow the pv which is on top of mdadm11:50
AlphaWolfI've been trying to remove some old partitions from a Windows installation to free up some space but when I've rebooted it will only see the original boot partition, no others (e.g. what "/" and "/swap" was on). I have gone into recovery mode from the install CD but could not mount a partition, and I'm now in the built-in shell. Is there much I can do, or should I just re-install at this point?11:50
chmacxnox: I'm actually shrinking, so it's the other way round :-)11:50
chmacAlphaWolf: Do you have backups of all the data?11:50
chmacAlphaWolf: There is something about Windows only seeing partitions which come *before* linux partitions on the disk. I've run across it on usb thumb drives where I created a fat partition and a luks encrypted partition.11:51
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AlphaWolfAny media I have is on another drive, but I do have data that I would rather not lose on the primary drive11:51
chmacAlphaWolf: Then I'd suggest trying to at least recover before you re-install. Do you want the fastest solution or the greatest data retention?11:52
AlphaWolfData retention for now please11:52
chmacxnox: After I've stopped the md5 array, should I be able to simply delete and recreate the partitions with `parted rm && parted mkpart` ?11:53
chmacAlphaWolf: Are you still running windows on this drive?11:53
AlphaWolfI believe it would be possible11:53
AlphaWolfchmac: I will give it a try now and see11:54
chmacAlphaWolf: I'm not sure what that means. Do you *want* to be able to run Windows?11:54
chmacAlphaWolf: I'm trying to understand whether or not you need to keep Windows happy, or whether you're only thinking about Ubuntu (much simpler)11:54
AlphaWolfchmac: I have moved from Windows to Ubuntu, but kept Windows just in case, but I'm now looking at removing it11:55
AlphaWolfchmac: (it being Windows)11:55
AlphaWolfI currently get "error: no such partition. grub rescue". I also have the install CD for Ubuntu and Windows available11:56
chmacAlphaWolf: Ok, gotcha. So when you say that you can only access the boot partition, you mean from the ubuntu rescue cd?11:59
chmacAlphaWolf: Can you pastebin the ouput of `fdisk -l` for that drive?11:59
chmacAlphaWolf: I'm struggling to understand the specific details of what you've done, what you're trying to do, and what's not working.11:59
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AlphaWolfchmac: Give me a moment, I will give a little more information12:02
AlphaWolfchmac: I started by using "sudo parted -l", which showed 6 partitions on that drive. 1 was marked as boot (and was the old Windows partition), 2 and 3 were created/used by Windows. 4 was empty space, 5 was (I think) Ubuntu's "/" and 6 was (again, I think) Ubuntu's "/swap". I tried removing 2, 3 and 4, but all I can "see" is 1 right now.12:05
chmacAlphaWolf: Ok, so you deleted those partitions along the lines of `parted rm 2` and `parted rm 3` etc, is that correct?12:06
chmacAlphaWolf: Do you have a record of where each partition started and stopped?12:06
AlphaWolfchmac: No, I guess that would have been a good idea though12:07
chmacAlphaWolf: Yeah, for future reference, it's helpful to run `sudo parted /dev/sda unit s print`12:07
chmacThat prints your partition table by sector, then copy / paste into a file or something, even a photo will do :-)12:08
chmacAlphaWolf: Ok, so now you're in the rescue CD terminal, is that correct?12:08
chmacAlphaWolf: What do you get now, if you run that command?12:08
AlphaWolfchmac: When entering rescue mode I can see the internal drive and another external drive. The internal drive only shows "/dev/sda1", which was my boot drive, but cannot be mounted12:08
AlphaWolfI can choose "Do not use a root file system"?12:08
chmacAlphaWolf: Sounds good12:08
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AlphaWolfchmac: Partition Table: msdos12:10
AlphaWolfchmac: Number: 1, Start: 1049kB, End: 106MB, Size: 105MB, Type: Primary, File System: ntfs, Flags: boot12:10
chmacAlphaWolf: You can only see 1 partition?12:11
AlphaWolfchmac: Previously there were 6 there, but now just the 112:11
chmacAlphaWolf: When you issued the rm commands, did you repeat the print command after each one?12:11
chmacAlphaWolf: So did you go `sudo parted print` then `sudo parted rm 2` then `sudo parted print` then `sudo parted rm 3` or just print, rm, rm, rm, rm?12:12
chmacAlphaWolf: I'm guessing that your actual data is fine, the problem is, you deleted the partition by mistake.12:12
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chmacSo to recover the data, you only need to find the start and end of the partition, recreate it, and you should be golden.12:12
AlphaWolfchmac: I didn't use rm, rm, I used something else, but I did not use print, no. I checked it at the end but it only showed 1 partition12:13
AlphaWolfchmac: Ok, hopefully I'll be able to do that :)12:13
chmacAlphaWolf: What did you use to remove the partitions?12:13
chmacAlphaWolf: Ok, so maybe the partition numbers changed as you deleted the intermediary partitions, and then you accidentally deleted the one you wanted to keep, because it came after the others.12:13
chmacAfter you delete 2, 3 might become 2, depending on the circumstances I think, I'm not certain.12:13
AlphaWolfchmac: That would make sense, although I did only delete 3 of the 6 partitions, but I see how it could have gone wrong12:14
chmacAlphaWolf: I'm guessing that's what the issue is. On the plus side, Ubuntu will most likely boot right backup if you can figure out the partition layout that was in place.12:14
chmacAlphaWolf: There are tools which will scan your disk and try to recreate your partition table. I don't remember the name off the top of my head, but I recommend some searching, I'm sure you'll find something.12:15
AlphaWolfchmac: I'm trying to find the command I used. I do remember I got a list of commands, using "d [partition number]" to delete and then "w" to write the changes12:15
chmacAlphaWolf: Were you using fdisk maybe?12:15
chmacAlphaWolf: To be honest, it's not so important, the partitions are now gone!12:15
AlphaWolfchmac: Fair enough, but yes, fdisk sounds right!12:16
chmacAlphaWolf: Ok, so here's what it could be. If the first 1 or 2 or 3 were primary partitions, and then the rest were within an extended partition, you might have deleted the extend partition and therefore deleted all the contained logical partitions.12:16
AlphaWolfchmac: I'll take the disk out and pop it in another PC and try and recover the partitions, thanks.12:17
AlphaWolfchmac: Ok, that's exactly what I did now you say it :P12:17
chmacAlphaWolf: You should be able to do that from the rescue system.12:17
chmacAlphaWolf: https://duckduckgo.com/?q=ubuntu+recover+partition+table12:17
chmacAlphaWolf: http://www.mohdshakir.net/2008/01/03/recover-lost-partition-table-using-ubuntu-live-cd-gpart12:17
AlphaWolfchmac: I'll need a Live CD for that, right? That's not going to work in the built-in shell?12:20
chmacAlphaWolf: Ahh, sorry, I thought you were running the live CD, but you're not, my bad.12:20
chmacAlphaWolf: Are you running a shell from just the /boot partition?12:20
uvirtbotNew bug: #1042711 in php5 (main) "php: throw and catch within a destructor causes exception on-the-fly to be lost" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/104271112:21
chmacAlphaWolf: I'm not familiar with that, but I'm guessing that yes, you'll need a rescue CD / USB device, or an alternate machine.12:21
AlphaWolfchmac: When I enter rescue mode I cannot mount a disk, so I will create a Live CD and have a go at that tutorial, thanks12:22
chmacAlphaWolf: Good luck, and when you get your data back, use this as a poignant reminder to improve your backups ;-)12:22
AlphaWolfI'm moving my drives around so I can make backups, but it wrong somewhere :P12:23
chmacQuestion: Is there an equivalent of /etc/init.d/lvm stop these days / on ubuntu?12:26
xnoxchmac: not really. What do you want to achieve?12:26
chmac`mdadm --stop /dev/md5` says "Cannot get exclusive access to /dev/md5:Perhaps a running process, mounted filesystem or active volume group?"12:26
xnoxchmac: $ sudo vgchange -a n $vgroup12:26
xnoxno stop volume group12:26
chmac0 logical volume(s) in volume group "vg" now active12:27
xnoxchmac: try mdadm again =)12:27
chmacOoh, now it works!12:27
chmacxnox: I could have sworn I did that already, DOH!12:27
chmacxnox: Thanks12:28
chmacDo I need to worry about "Warning: The resulting partition is not properly aligned for best performance." on an SSD?12:39
patdk-wkyou should12:39
chmacpatdk-wk: I get the same error if I recreate the partitions that I had before...12:40
patdk-wkhow are you making them?12:40
chmacpatdk-wk: I'm guessing I want to align to the 512K block size of the drive, does that sound right?12:40
chmacpatdk-wk: `parted /dev/sdb mkpart 1234s 2123s`12:40
chmacpatdk-wk: Just made those up12:41
patdk-wkI'll make up some answers then :)12:41
chmacactual is 21527100s 210270780s12:41
patdk-wkI believe parted uses 1mb alignment12:42
patdk-wkso try making it divisable by 204812:42
chmacpatdk-wk: I'm resizing partitions on a live system, but the root partition is probably misaligned, is it worth trying to fix that as well do you think?12:43
patdk-wkhmm, your going need to actually move the physical data first12:43
chmacpatdk-wk: Right, which could be a PITA, although it's a fresh install, so no actual data12:44
chmacAs in, nothing I'd need to save, it can all be recreated.12:44
chmacpatdk-wk: I've read about how SSDs need to erase in blocks, usually 512K I think was the number, so I should probably align to that, does that sound correct?12:45
patdk-wkyes and no12:45
patdk-wkthere is no filesystem that works on blocks that large12:45
patdk-wkso there is no point in attempting to make sure it fits that12:46
patdk-wkbut, since ext* works on a 4k block, normally, it would be helpful to make sure none of the 4k blocks are split between two 512k blocks12:46
chmacpatdk-wk: Ahh yes, ok, that makes sense. So I want my 4k blocks to start on a 512k block, but it won't make a huge impact12:47
chmacI'll probably leave our current data where it is, and try to get this partition laid out properly, it's lvm on mdadm anyway, so there's all kinds of alignment going on!12:48
chmacpatdk-wk: Thanks12:48
chmacpatdk-wk: I'm creating an extended partition and a logical partition within it, would you recommend pushing the logical partition down to 4k in from the beginning of the extended partition?12:50
chmacNever mind, there's already data on the disk, I forgot about that, so I can't move the start of the partitions, I'll just leave them where they were.12:52
raubI posted a question in launchpad and now realized it is attached to cups instead of libapache2-mod-auth-kerb. How do I move it to the proper location?13:06
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sorenzul: Thanks for noting in the changelogs of the cloud archive backports why they're needed. That's very helpful.14:20
zulsoren:  no problme14:20
zulsoren: patches accepted for anything you seen14:20
sorenI have a few lined up.14:20
zulsoren: sweet14:21
AlphaWolfchmac: I have run a GParted live CD but didn't find anything. I'm running it using the command line, but I doubt it'll find anything. I also tried a Windows program, EaseUS Partition Recovery (http://www.easeus.com/partition-recovery/download.htm) and that found the first couple of NTFS partitions. Would it help if I recover them and then try GParted again? Thanks for all your help!14:27
AlphaWolfchmac: I'm just not sure if recovering the NTFS partitions could somehow make it hared to find the ext4 ones?14:32
chmacAlphaWolf: As far as I'm aware, the type of partition isn't relevant.14:36
chmacAlphaWolf: GParted won't recover partitions I don't think, I think you need a specific partition recovery tool for that.14:36
chmacSomething to scan the disk and try to find partitions14:36
chmacThere might be something funky about recovering logical partitions inside an extended partition, I'm not certain how that works.14:37
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xnoxAlphaWolf: http://www.cgsecurity.org/wiki/TestDisk14:58
jibelsmoser, when do you plan an upload of cloud-init with the fix for bug 1042459 ?15:40
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1042459 in cloud-init "user creation happens after ssh configuration" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/104245915:40
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smoserjibel, its up there. https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/cloud-init15:51
jibelsmoser, ah thanks, I missed it.15:53
smoserit didn't get a ubuntu bug task15:54
smoserso it did'nt get auto closed on that non-existant task15:54
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AlphaWolf xnox: Thanks, I'll give that a shot!16:45
AlphaWolfxnox: Thank you so much, it seems to have found them instantly!16:55
AlphaWolfSo, I guess the next question is how can I remove some partitions (NTFS) and make my ext4 partitions larger?16:58
xnoxAlphaWolf: restore & backup your data first.16:58
xnoxAlphaWolf: then you can, almost do anything.16:59
xnoxAlphaWolf: extending partitions to the right is easy. moving the beggining of the partition is harder. You can do it with dd, but it's also easy to screw up and wipe your data16:59
AlphaWolfxnox: Which is why we do backups before we move any data. How can I back up an ext4 partition? I'm guessing GParted will do that?17:00
xnoxAlphaWolf: no Gparted will not do that. Gparted modifies your HDD without promising anything. If Gparted fails to do something, you get to keep both pieces.17:01
xnoxAlphaWolf: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem17:02
xnoxAlphaWolf: use dd, rsync, tar, rsnapshot whatever to backup your data. Setup a ~similar test to what you are trying to do with fake disks in a VM, and try to complete what you are trying to do now there.17:02
xnoxbetter safe than sorry.17:02
AlphaWolfxnox: Can I boot into the drive from a VM on another computer? The computer this is running off does not have and HDs to store the backup on17:03
xnoxAlphaWolf: NFS or SSH is a better way to remotely access a data for backup purposes.17:04
xnoxAlphaWolf: read available options on the page I linked. It covers backups over the network.17:05
AlphaWolfAh, I didn't see the "remote" column, so I'll give that a crack. Thank you very much!17:05
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uvirtbotNew bug: #1042856 in libapache-mod-auth-kerb (universe) "libapache2-mod-auth-kerb using krb5passwd and keepalive and credential delegation loses delegation after first request on connection" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/104285617:21
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utlemmingsmoser: looks like the quantal build that just finished didn't get the new cloud-init17:55
smoseramd64 did17:56
utlemmingI just launched that one and its showing the old code17:57
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utlemmingsmoser: something's up with your MP changes: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1172268/18:02
smosersuck. i18:04
smoseri actually know that i fixed that last night.18:04
smoseri did fix it18:05
smoserand didnot commit18:05
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smoserutlemming, so its less severe than before, buecase right now only ssh_import-id is busted18:05
smoserbut.. i'll fix and upload18:05
utlemmingright...I'll build a new one when it lands and try again18:06
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Kartagismy route table says static.97.44.9. under gateway. what is the IP here?19:07
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chmacKartagis: I think you'll get your ip from `sudo ipconfig` rather than from `sudo route`19:41
guntbertKartagis: chmac: for seeing your ip config type     ip ad19:42
guntbertchmac: no sudo needed here :)19:43
Psi-JackHmm. Anyone here by chance ever used Samba4's new fangled ADS server? ;)19:43
chmacI have an SSD partition which begins at sector 20482875s, does the 5 mean that the 4k filesystem blocks are misaligned with the SSD 4k pages?20:13
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sorenadam_g: Do you guys just push to the OpenStack packaging branches directly or do you use Launchpad reviews?21:32
uvirtbotNew bug: #1042968 in asterisk (universe) "Russian core sounds must be packaged" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/104296821:41
adam_gsoren: which ones?21:58
Vampyanyone here used turnkey linux?22:00
sorenadam_g: E.g. lp:~ubuntu-server-dev/python-swiftclient/quantal/22:01
adam_gsoren: yes, but those are mostly used for tracking work elsewhere these days22:02
TheLordOfTimeVampy:  probably not the right place to ask about it, this is an Ubuntu channel22:03
adam_gsoren: the majority of the packaging work takes place in branches off lp:~openstack-ubuntu-testing, where changes go and get added to automated builds, then packaging gets pulled from there and uploaded into ubuntu, and (ideally) synced to ubuntu-server-dev22:03
VampyTheLordOfTime, wasnt sure as turnkey is ubuntu based22:03
adam_gsoren: changes usually sit as UNRELEASED in the -proposed packaging branches for a while between uploads22:03
TheLordOfTimeVampy:  so's Mint.  but its not an official derivative, so its not supported in the Ubuntu channels22:04
TheLordOfTimelast i heard, at least...22:04
TheLordOfTimeso i assume the same would apply (the same applies to backtrack linux too)22:04
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sorenadam_g: What purpose does it serve to sync things over to ubuntu-server-dev?22:04
Vampyunderstood..thre was only a few (less then 5) in the turnkey chan so i thought maybe someone here might have soem input22:05
TheLordOfTimeVampy:  you could try in #ubuntu-offtopic, or in ##linux22:06
adam_gsoren: thats a good question.22:07
sorenadam_g: Heh22:08
sorenadam_g: Ok, so ~ubuntu-openestack-testing is where all the action is?22:08
adam_gsoren: IIRC, originally it was meant to separate our testing efforts from the ubuntu branches. new packaging chnages could be added to the testing branches, tested, merged into ubuntu-server-devs and new releases cut from there. never really ended up that way.22:09
sorenadam_g: I see mostly automated commits there... What are they based on?22:09
adam_gsoren: ideally merged into lp:~ubuntu-server-dev via review22:09
adam_gsoren: the flow for, say, folsom nova is like this:  i commit packaging fixes to lp:~openstack-ubuntu-testing/nova/quantal-folsom-proposed. during an automated build, the bot pulls lp:~penstack-ubuntu-testing/nova/quantal-folsom-proposed , merges it with lp:~openstack-ubuntu-testing/nova/quantal-folsom, adds a changelog entry with git commits in new package, builds and uploads to PPA22:11
adam_gugh lagged hotel wifi22:11
sorenadam_g: Hm.. It's not really sinking in here, I'm afraid :) Let's say you wanted to make a change to the packaging of e.g. python-swiftlient... What would you do?22:11
sorenadam_g: Oh, ok.22:12
adam_gsoren: lp:~openstack-ubuntu-testing/python-swiftclient/quantal-folsom-proposed22:12
sorenadam_g: Gotcha22:12
adam_gsoren: those changes also get synced back to the precise folsom branches, manually ATM22:12
adam_gsoren: some point soon, we're gonna reconfigure all of this so that there is one place to propose folsom nova changes, and they sync back to quantal and precise branches automatically22:13
sorenadam_g: Ah, I see you already fixed the first bug I was battling-22:14
sorenI was looking at the branches under ubuntu-server-dev.22:14
adam_gsoren: yippie. which one?22:14
adam_gppa:openstack-ubuntu-testing/folsom-trunk-testing packaging should all have the most recent packaging updates from those branches, assuming they're still building okay22:14
adam_gProvies, nice.22:15
sorenYeah, I didn't want to say anything :)22:15
adam_gsoren: i startd this a few weeks ago and would like to expand it as we figure out how this is going to scale into the future: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OpenStack/Packaging22:16
sorenadam_g: Cool.22:19
sorenadam_g: And in the openstack-ubuntu-testing team, do you just push changes to the -proposed branches, or do you you impose a formal review process?22:19
sorenI'm guessing the former.22:19
zulfor the cloud-archive stuff? its a formal review process22:22
adam_gsoren: yea. directly atm. hasn't really been much interest outside of me/chuck. often times a jenkins build will block on some packaging change, i commit and retrigger22:22
sorenadam_g, zul: You guys crack me up.22:23
adam_gzul: i'm not talking about the cloud archive, just our general packaging work22:24
zuladam_g: ah....22:25
* zul disapears for a while22:25
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ChrisNZWow, lots of linux people22:44
ChrisNZWould i be in the right place to ask a SAMBA question, sharing across subnets?22:51
ChrisNZok lol23:07
ChrisNZwhile im being patient we could talk about life23:08
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uvirtbotNew bug: #1043004 in lxc (universe) "--bindhome option should be on lxc-create, not on lxc-ubuntu" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/104300423:21
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lifelessChrisNZ: this is a fine place to ask. in fact...23:30
lifeless!ask | ChrisNZ23:30
ubottuChrisNZ: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience23:30
uvirtbotNew bug: #1043010 in samba (main) "Update to 3.6.7" [Wishlist,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/104301023:36
lickalottguys...i'm 10 google pages into vsftpd and cannot find out how to change the location of the default ftp path.  can someone point me in the right direction?23:38

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