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smartboyhwping balloons are you not away?10:45
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jibelmvo, I looked at the failures for software-center with autopkgtest. Most of them are network related (fixed with a proxy) or tests running with too much privileges (fixed by running them via su)12:34
jibelbut when I run them through su I get 2 failures: 1 in database and 1 in dataprovider12:34
jibelmvo, here is the assertion error: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1171695/12:35
jibelmvo, is there any specific requirement to run these tests ? If I run them directly they pass12:35
mvojibel: cool, thanks. I did some fixes recently too to skip some tests when run as root12:36
mvojibel: what can I do to fix this permanently? I guess the proxy is something you can provide, but the su to a different user could be done by the dep8 test-runner, right?12:37
jibelmvo, there is a feature in adt-run to gain or drop privileges but they are both broken :)12:37
mvojibel: i.e. in debian/tests/run-tests12:37
mvoheh :)12:37
mvojibel: I think I know what is causing the two remaining ones, I will work on a fix12:38
jibelmvo, in debian/tests/run-tests I execute the main runner with: su -lc "xvfb-run ./run-tests.sh" ubuntu12:38
jibelcd software-center*/; xvfb-run ./run-tests.sh12:39
jibelyou want an MP or it's ok ?12:39
jibelmvo, for the proxy it's all right. I fixed in the setup of the imag12:40
mvojibel: thats ok, I can add this easily12:42
jibelubuntu@autopkgtest:~/software-center-5.3.9$ vim12:42
jibelInconsistency detected by ld.so: ../sysdeps/x86_64/dl-machine.h: 460: elf_machine_rela_relative: Assertion `((reloc->r_info) & 0xffffffff) == 8' failed!12:42
jibelmvo, great, thanks!12:43
mvojibel: I can also add a skipIf() decorator for the tests that need networking, give me a minute13:05
mvojibel: https://code.launchpad.net/~mvo/software-center/more-dep8-again/+merge/12160813:17
mvojibel: feel free to approve13:18
mvojibel: or disapprove ;)13:18
jibelmvo, looks good. You prefer to skip the tests instead of running as a user with su ?13:24
jibelmvo, nevermind13:24
jibelI skipped r312813:25
mvojibel: I will sing and dance and hug you once the tests run in the adt env, that is going to be a glorious day13:26
jibelmvo, heh, count me in, I'll dance and sing with you, :D13:28
mvojibel: :-D13:32
smartboyhwLet me see when balloons will get up;P13:33
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smartboyhwping balloons:)14:03
xnoxis 20120828.2 image ok or borked?16:34
xnoxamd64 desktop16:35
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balloonsxnox, the image failed to build last night18:44
balloonsgvfs issues.. anyways, the current image I don't know anything about18:52
balloonswhat's going on with it?18:52
jibelballoons, 20120828.2 was publish, Laney respun it to fix gvfs. automated tests passed, but I haven't tried it manually19:49
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balloonsjibel, ty20:00
phillwballoons: hiyas, you will have an email from me.20:43
balloonsphillw, kk20:43
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