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brendandhi, is it possible to determine the difference between a touchscreen and an MT touchpad in xinput?14:23
cndbrendand: yes, use xinput list <device id | device name>14:25
cndlook for the touch class14:25
cndit will be dependent for a touchpad14:26
cndand direct for a touchscreen14:26
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brendandcnd, do you guys have any tests which confirm a touchscreen is working properly?15:03
cndbrendand: it's an area we are lacking a bit in, tbh15:04
cndthe qt4 demos have a fingerpaint app15:04
cndyou should be able to test your touchscreen with it15:04
cndgestures in unity should work as well15:05
cndthree touches to move a window around, for example15:05
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brendandcnd - so the scope of our testing is actually that we want to a.) detect that the system has a MT touchscreen or touchpad (and which one), b.) test that it detects multiple contacts (not interested really in testing gestures)16:18
cndbrendand: if qt fingerpaint works, then it should be working16:18
cndif you want a text based test16:18
cndyou could use xinput test-xi216:18
brendandcnd - i tried test-xi216:19
brendandcnd - any tips on confirming that more than one contact has been detected?16:20
cndbrendand: what did it show?16:20
cndyou should watch the detail of the touch events16:20
cndthe detail is the touch ID16:20
brendandcnd - i don't have a device in physical proximity. i'm testing remotely in a lab16:20
cndif you are getting touch begin….touch updates….touch ends with multiple detail values at the same time16:20
cndthen you are getting multiple touches at the same time16:20
brendandcnd - sounds like i'll need to write a script to process the output of test-xi216:21
brendandcnd - thanks16:21
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