smartboyhwbobweaver: Are you here?08:46
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cob-olp_I'm trying to build ubuntu-tv on 12.04 and pandaboard and I'm stuck on this http://paste.ubuntu.com/1171497/10:11
cob-olp_does this mean that I installed qt4 (because in fact I installed), but not the one for pandaboard?10:12
Saviqcob-olp_, lp:ubuntutv won't build on 12.0411:14
smartboyhwUse Saviq's ppa:)11:14
Saviqnot ppa11:14
Saviqcob-olp_, but anyway cmake complains about the lack of the compiler, not even q11:15
cob-olp_I use this one  lp:~saviq/ubuntutv/precise_merge11:23
Saviqcob-olp_, that's ~ok, it's as close as you can get for 12.0411:24
Saviqcob-olp_, can't you just go `apt-get build-dep unity-2d`? that will install all build dependencies you need for building ubuntutv11:24
smartboyhwYep, and at least it runs:)11:24
cob-olp_now I can :)11:26
cob-olp_why I have to `apt-get build-dep unity-2d`11:27
cob-olp_I thought that I have unity2d already11:27
cob-olp_and 3d as well11:27
smartboyhwcob-olp_: Just follow the instructions:)11:27
smartboyhwActually it installs extra packages:)11:29
cob-olp_I saw that you have tried the same thing recently11:29
cob-olp_did it work?11:30
smartboyhwYes:) I am actually running it in a Ubuntu Studio with Unity:)11:30
cob-olp_Ubuntu Studio?11:30
smartboyhwYep. I installed ubuntu-desktop on it:)11:31
cob-olp_I don't understand11:31
smartboyhwcob-olp_: It was Xfce out-of-the-box, then I installed unity on it. The simple version11:32
cob-olp_unity and then ubuntu-tv11:34
smartboyhwYou don't need to do so11:34
smartboyhwI do11:34
cob-olp_but I would like to run it on pandaboard11:34
Saviqcob-olp_, `apt-get build-dep` installs _build_ dependencies, not runtime dependencies11:35
Saviqcob-olp_, means things that are needed to _build_ the package, not necessarily to run it11:36
cob-olp_now it's clear11:36
smartboyhwSo cob-olp_: Does TV work in 12.04?11:53
cob-olp_I do not know11:53
smartboyhwWhich step are you on?11:53
cob-olp_at the moment I'm stuck on apt-get build-dep unity-2d11:54
smartboyhwUse sudo11:54
cob-olp_there are some problems11:54
cob-olp_I use sudo11:54
smartboyhwCopy and paste it to paste.ubuntu.com11:54
cob-olp_but I do this on pandaboard11:54
cob-olp_will try to paste11:56
cob-olp_it is strange11:56
cob-olp_some errors say that there is no space left11:57
popeydf -h11:57
cob-olp_but there is free space11:57
popeydo you have any space left?11:57
smartboyhwcob-olp_: That is a bit less...11:58
cob-olp_I hope that this doesn't mean that next SD card is broken11:59
cob-olp_but now there are errors right after I execute for example dpkg --configure -a12:00
cob-olp_will try to reboot12:02
cob-olp_after reboot "recovery required on readonly filesystem"...12:04
cob-olp_hope it will boot after recovery12:04
ogra_looks more like your install wasnt run properly ... does the second partition actually fill the card ?12:06
cob-olp_I have only 4GB card12:07
cob-olp_I bought cheap, small after two were broken...12:07
smartboyhwcob-olp_: 4GB isn't enough AT ALL12:07
cob-olp_ok, but now I am pretty sure that this is not free space problem12:09
cob-olp_it looks like that12:09
smartboyhwOn the first 2 lines, do you actually have another terminal running?12:12
cob-olp_no in fact12:13
cob-olp_I'm right after reboot12:13
smartboyhwHmm...I'm a bit dumbfounded12:13
ogra_hmm, did you use a proper ubuntu imae for this install ? doesnt really look like12:13
ogra_yeah, linaro ...12:14
ogra_no idea how they mix in their hacks and changes on top of ubuntu12:15
cob-olp_I can use any other12:15
ogra_thats the official doc pointing to the official images12:16
cob-olp_didn't know that there is official one12:16
cob-olp_thanks, will try with it12:18
ogra_also if you have arm questions or problems, there is #ubuntu-arm ;)12:20
smartboyhwogra_ will help you a lot in ARM knowledge I'm sure12:22
cob-olp_should I use dd to copy this image to SD  card?12:47
cob-olp_or maybe there is different procedure?12:48
ogra_just follow the instructions on the wiki12:50
ogra_zcat image.img.gz | sudo dd of=/path/to/your/unmounted/SD/device12:51
cob-olp_ok, I decompressed manualy and now dd12:52
smartboyhwo/ bobweaver13:26
bobweaverhello smartboyhw  how are you today ?13:30
smartboyhwFine. How are ya13:31
bobweaverok trying to figure out why mythavtest is not working correctly13:31
smartboyhwUh oh13:32
bobweaversmartboyhw,   hows the 12.04 experience coming along ?13:34
smartboyhwWell, sorry, I re-installed my Ubuntu Studio, so no TV now:(13:34
bobweaversmartboyhw,  I learned yesterday that Myth tv is the best13:35
bobweaverand that threre is nothing out that that even compairs13:35
bobweaverwith tgm4883  scope running this thing is a beast now only if mythavtest would play the videos13:36
bobweaverDear tgm4883   you rock also here is how to get previews need to add this to lens and fill it in correct http://paste.ubuntu.com/1171828/13:50
smartboyhwbobweaver and tgm4883 you BOTH rock13:51
jhodappNew weekly update: http://www.doadjustyourset.com/2012/08/28/ubuntu-tv-weekly-update-8/13:58
smartboyhwThanks jhodapp13:58
smartboyhwo/ bobweaver you're back!14:15
bobweaveryeah this is going to happen alot today as I am testing new lens and scopes14:15
smartboyhwHave you looked at the new weekly update?14:16
bobweavertrying to get the previews going for the myth tv scope14:16
bobweaverI have not seen that14:16
bobweaverwhat is the link again ?14:16
smartboyhw http://www.doadjustyourset.com/2012/08/28/ubuntu-tv-weekly-update-8/14:16
bobweavernone of that makes sense to me14:17
bobweaveresp grilo14:17
bobweaverbecause myth does all that14:17
bobweaverand a box of tricks14:17
smartboyhwYeah, ask jhodapp for taht14:18
bobweaverweve talked14:18
bobweaverbottom line is this there is no other thing out there that I know of that can read data like myth14:18
bobweaverIE E.I.T14:18
bobweaverdont get me wrong grilo is awesome14:19
bobweaverbut it needs so much work that IDT that it is worth it when there are things that are faster and included in the thing that you need the most14:19
bobweaverthat beeing myth tv14:19
bobweaverthere is no other way to watch live tv14:20
bobweaverwith out it14:20
bobweaverAnd it scans all of you data for you and sets it up real nice14:20
bobweavernow that form-factor tv is there we can use the services api in lens and scopes to get all that info14:21
bobweaverand present to the end user in the dash14:21
bobweaverI would say that if we want to use grilo14:21
bobweaver1) Implant into myth tv 1st14:21
smartboyhwUh huh14:21
bobweaverthen just use as a secondary meta grabber14:22
bobweaverbut I still dont see the point14:22
bobweaverThe #1 thing that people do with tv's are watch them14:22
bobweaverhow you going to watch tv on ubuntu tv with out myth14:22
smartboyhwI do agree;)14:23
bobweaverThat is the real question that should be floating around14:23
bobweaverBut Like I saud I use and like grilo14:23
bobweaversaid *14:23
smartboyhwbobweaver I support you:)14:23
bobweaverbut myth api offers all that and a bag of tricks14:24
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bobweaverand after RE the unity-scope-videos-remote last night it would work the same dang way :)14:24
bobweavermaybe put a debconf file in there that can be used on install that ask's the user what there IP for there server is and then fills in the blanks via ppostinst14:25
bobweaveror have Ubuntu Fill there servers with all the meta data allready that they have14:26
bobweaveras the scope calls the ubuntu server14:26
bobweaverit is in the code on the 1 10 lines14:26
tgm4883bobweaver, doesn't it just get a list of sources?14:27
bobweavercat /usr/lib/unity-scope-video-remote/unity-scope-video-remote | grep "SERVER14:28
bobweavercat /usr/lib/unity-scope-video-remote/unity-scope-video-remote | grep "SERVER"14:29
bobweaverNot sure tgm4883  that is why I am RE'ing it14:30
tgm4883cat /usr/lib/unity-scope-video-remote/unity-scope-video-remote | grep -B 5 -A 5 "SERVER"14:30
bobweaverNot sure tgm4883  that is why I am RE'ing it14:30
tgm4883"""Query the server for a list of sources that will be used14:30
tgm4883        to build sources filter options and search queries."""14:30
tgm4883        msg = Soup.Message.new("GET", SERVER + "/sources")14:30
bobweaverso it gets a list14:30
jhodappwhat's the issue, I've been working on the remote scope recently...anything I can answer?14:30
bobweaverhow to plug in previews jhodapp14:31
jhodappwhat do you mean?14:31
bobweaverhang on I will pastebn14:31
bobweaverthanks for jumping in14:31
jhodappyou are using the latest version of the remote video scope's source, right?14:32
jhodappit has a preview plugged in14:32
bobweaverthat is the scope that we are trying to add previews to14:32
jhodappit has a preview14:32
bobweaveryeah I am using the most Bleeding edge14:32
jhodapppreview = Unity.MoviePreview.new(title, subtitle, desc, thumbnail_icon)14:32
jhodapp        play_video = Unity.PreviewAction.new("play", _("Play"), None)14:32
jhodapp        play_video.connect('activated', self.play_video)14:32
jhodapp        preview.add_action(play_video)14:32
jhodapp        #TODO: insert proper uploader and upload date when available in videosearch metadata14:32
jhodapp        preview.add_info(Unity.InfoHint.new("uploaded-by", _("Uploaded by"), None, ""));14:32
bobweaverthere not working14:32
jhodapp        preview.add_info(Unity.InfoHint.new("uploaded-on", _("Uploaded on"), None, ""));14:32
jhodapp        return preview14:32
bobweaverI just added that14:33
bobweaverthere are #comments  where I am adding stuff14:33
jhodappso on_activate_uri() is not getting called?14:33
jhodapperr, on_preview_uri14:33
bobweaverline 57 ?14:34
jhodappyeah, looks correct14:34
jhodappyou're not using a new enough unity then14:34
jhodappI had that issue...use the unity staging ppa14:34
bobweaverthat is crazy I am on staging ppa14:34
jhodappoh, I'm not sure then as that's what I'm using14:35
bobweaverlet me try again14:35
jhodapppaste the URL of the staging ppa you're using14:35
bobweaverso yesterday me and tgm rocked the world with his mythtv scope14:35
bobweaverthat is what you are seing in that paste14:35
jhodappvery cool14:36
bobweaverbut me beeing a N00b to python don't help so what is going on here is that the scope works great14:36
bobweaverbut just not the previews14:36
bobweaverthat is the only thing that is not working14:36
jhodapppaste the URL please14:37
bobweaverI am getting back picture from my mythtv backend and all my videos ect14:37
bobweaverthat is  /etc/apt/sources.list.d14:38
bobweaverwhere do I find link ?14:38
bobweaverI got the link from the Ubuntu tv page last week14:38
jhodappusing this? ppa:unity-team/staging14:39
bobweaverit is the http://ppa.launchpad.net/unity-team/staging/ubuntu14:40
bobweaverthat one14:40
tgm4883the url is in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/unity-team-staging-quantal.list14:40
tgm4883the filename doesn't really matter14:40
bobweaverdeb http://ppa.launchpad.net/unity-team/staging/ubuntu quantal main14:41
bobweaverthat is what is installed14:41
bobweaverupdateing and upgradeing14:42
bobweaverjhodapp,  do you see anything in that file that need to be added like json or anything like that for previews14:43
bobweaveror a glib or something maybe ?14:43
jhodappnot for a preview to work, it's as easy as those lines that I pasted above, and having the signal handlers properly connected14:44
jhodapplike I said, I'm 99% sure you're just missing the latest unity/libunity14:44
bobweaverUnity is now beeing upgraded14:46
bobweaverjhodapp,  did you see my rant about meatadata14:46
bobweaverand myth tv14:46
jhodappI did, and I don't know what to say about it other than we decided to use Grilo14:47
jhodappI don't know enough about MythTV to comment on it's merits or otherwise14:47
bobweaverthat is get how you going to get EIT14:47
jhodappbobweaver, that's not overly difficult14:48
jhodappif you're done it before14:48
bobweaverjhodapp,  I think that you should look into that and the fact that myth tv is the only open source software that plays live tv (at least that I know about )14:48
jhodappbobweaver, that's not to say that we haven't looked at it, I just haven't looked at it14:49
bobweaverahh cool14:49
jhodappwe being the uTV team in Canonical14:49
bobweaverwhen are you guys ever going to let the public in14:49
bobweaverI think that I have permission14:49
smartboyhwbobweaver certainly has:)14:49
jhodapp13.04 will be huge for that14:49
bobweaverlike when mark shuttleworth said welcome to the team14:50
jhodappand you already are in some ways now, the previews work14:50
bobweaverI think that one of the most imporant things with this whole thing is beeing over looked14:51
jhodappbobweaver, you read my email to you at the end of last week, right?14:52
bobweaverthe most imporant thing to joe average is that he can watch his news or what ever it is that he wants to14:52
bobweaveryes sis you read the follow up jhodapp14:52
bobweaverdid *14:52
smartboyhwFor me it is that I can talk to my TV using Skype app in my TV, using voice control for me:)14:53
jhodappI did yes14:53
jhodappbobweaver, so 13.04 will be huge, and until then you just gotta be patient14:53
bobweaversmartboyhw,  yeah and when the dude on the tv is about to blow up and says "we need to shut down the bomb"  your tv shuts down14:54
smartboyhwI think bobweaver doesn't have the patience *sigh*14:54
smartboyhwbobweaver: LOL14:54
bobweaverjhodapp,  that is not true you are just saying that14:55
bobweaverIDGI I mean what you think that I will leak things ? or that I will take code and run . I guess that my 100's of push's of code dont show anything14:57
bobweaverthat is a slap to the face of the community14:57
jhodappbobweaver, it is true14:57
bobweaverehh water under the bridge14:57
smartboyhwI support bobweaver14:57
bobweaverwhen there are questions like the one that I have and other just say wait that means that people are hiddig things14:59
tgm4883bobweaver, A lot of this will get sorted during UDS-R14:59
bobweaverthat is great15:00
bobweaverI thought that we where a team15:00
bobweaverBut I guess that the canonical employee's do not want there to be a community team15:00
tgm4883bobweaver, Historically, Canonical has played some things close to the vest15:01
smartboyhwYeah, Canonical wants the whole project be their own:(15:01
tgm4883until it's going to be included15:01
bobweaverIDGI I thought that it was open source ?15:01
tgm4883if you look at how things have been done in the past, you will realize that Ubuntu TV will not be shipping in 12.1015:01
smartboyhwSo do I15:01
bobweaveroh I know that for sure15:01
bobweaverbut 13.04 either at the rate things are going15:02
smartboyhwSure, at 13.04 we will all be dead:(15:02
bobweaveresp when you got bamf coders just sitting by on there hands15:02
tgm4883so when jhodapp says it will be big in 13.04, that probably means that things will start being public (since they would need to be)15:02
tgm4883smartboyhw, 13.04 is like 2-3 months away15:02
smartboyhwEr, we can't wait. Do we, bobweaver>15:03
bobweaverwhat ?15:03
tgm4883smartboyhw, depending on what you are working on, you don't have to wait15:03
bobweaverI can wait but I will test the alpha and if there is something that I see I make patch and send upstream15:03
bobweaverthat is what I am15:03
bobweaverI am a tester15:04
tgm4883for instance, I didn't wait to start on the MythTV scope15:04
smartboyhwWell, I don't know how to code Grilo, and I'm best at testing, which I have to wait.15:04
tgm4883smartboyhw, you could test grilo?15:04
smartboyhwtgm4883: How to? You need people to CODE grilo15:04
jhodappbobweaver, all I can say is, come to UDS-R or if you can't, join in online for the TV sessions. We will already have input UDS sessions online for everyone to read and think about15:04
bobweaverI have not used a stable version of *nix in like 2 years and I just started using  * nix 2.5 years ago15:04
bobweaversmartboyhw,  you can test girlo there is a ppa15:05
bobweaverand grilo is awesome15:05
tgm4883smartboyhw, well it's a gnome project, so I'd assume you can install it somehow ;)15:05
smartboyhwSorry, I'm in ubuntu Studio now:(15:05
tgm4883it isn't an internal canonical project15:05
smartboyhwI can't do it right now.... I'm not in Unity:(15:06
bobweaverplz dont think that I am knocking grilo i am not it is awesome. But tools are tools and there made for only certian things. Unless I am wrong and if I am EXPLAIN why not tell me to Shut up and wait15:06
tgm4883smartboyhw, 1) VM, 2) Grilo doesn't have anything to do with Unity15:06
bobweaverthat is all I ask15:06
smartboyhwUh oh. Where's the ppa then?15:06
bobweaverlaunchpad :P15:06
smartboyhw**** it15:07
bobweaversmartboyhw,  https://launchpad.net/~grilo-team/+archive/ppa15:07
bobweaverbut I think that there is a newer  one15:07
bobweaverand git has the bleeding edge15:07
jhodappbobweaver, you are wrong in thinking that we don't want community participation...we do...why would I still be chatting with you if we didn't want your help when we actually have things more organized for the community to participate in?15:08
bobweaverwhich is installed on this systen and works all but mine that is15:08
bobweaverit dont connect well it does then drops15:08
bobweaver+1 jhodapp15:08
bobweaverjhodapp,  plz dont take this like I am yelling or pissed15:08
jhodappbobweaver, it does seem like it, it's not very professional15:09
bobweaverit is that I want to understand where the future is how I can help and not over code15:09
bobweaverjhodapp,  I dont know that I am v.profess15:09
smartboyhwI'm installing grilo now15:10
bobweaverof all things, I know that it is easy to say wait and you have not done that jhodapp  but yet you have , I am glad that you are honest with me and again I am not mad or anything I just want to understand15:10
jhodappbobweaver, I understand, you are ahead of the game here, ahead of what myself and team are actively working on ourselves...so to avoid not having to recode things, just sit tight and follow the weekly updates.15:10
bobweaverjhodapp,  grilo is great previews are great but there needs to be communication that is what I am talkingabout15:11
smartboyhwI'm having errors in installing the plugins of grilo15:11
jhodappwhat would you like to know about them?15:11
bobweaverI am not ahead of "game" I did not know that there was a game15:11
jhodappgame, figure of speech15:12
bobweaverfor 1 ) myth tv that needs to be put on the plate that is the most imporant thing that I can think of15:12
bobweaveror gnome-dvb what ever but how can we make scopes lens ect with out the core fundamentals15:12
smartboyhwhelp, I can't get grilo plugins installed15:12
bobweaver2) should I help with building unity if yes just anwser my question about naming new files or if I should just put in case statements15:13
bobweaverI def dont think that I am smarter or "better" then any one in fact that is why I come to you with questions15:14
jhodappbobweaver, for 1) we already have some technology that we're considering for live TV, for 2) you can help with unity as much as you like and the place to do that is with the unity team since desktop Unity and TV Unity are the same thing.15:14
tgm4883jhodapp, +115:15
bobweaverjhodapp,  anything to know about renameing and or casestaments15:15
bobweaverand thanks for the stright anwser15:15
jhodappbobweaver, I'm not sure what you're referring to with that15:15
jhodappcan you be more specific?15:15
tgm4883I'd say we can probably get the MythTV scope 90% of the way there without seeing the DVR lens15:15
bobweaversay I want to make for  the standaloneunity formfactor-tv a newer looking launcher (like the one that was in TV 2d ) now there are 2 ways that I can think about doing this15:17
smartboyhwI can't install the grilo plugins:(((((15:17
bobweaver1) make casestaments in the dash saying if form_factor = tv do this15:17
bobweaver2) make new .cpp .h  and call it SimpleLauncher or StandaloneSimpleLauncher15:18
jhodappbobweaver, the second approach15:19
bobweaverI do not know the naming conventions , should they stay the same that they where when there was 2d ? like it was called SimpleLauncher in 2d15:19
jhodappsince you're basing it off the demo, yes that's fine15:19
bobweaverI waited 4 days for that15:19
bobweaverthat was all I wanted now I can write up a framework and hand off to the unity guys !!!15:20
jhodappsorry, I didn't see you ask that (or so directly)15:20
bobweaverjhodapp,  then you should check your email15:20
bobweavermaybe you missed my last one ?15:20
bobweaver:) thanks15:20
jhodappI might have15:20
bobweaverthat is all that I am after is simple questions like that15:21
bobweaverjhodapp,  I am sorry if I am brash15:21
bobweavernot my intentions15:21
bobweaverplz dont take personal15:22
jhodappthat's cool man, questions are good15:22
smartboyhwEr, you said I should go and test grilo, right??15:22
smartboyhwI can't install the plugins15:22
jhodappwhat's the issue smartboyhw?15:22
smartboyhwI can't install the plugins of grilo15:22
tgm4883did you try installing the plugins?15:22
bobweaverI think you and all the crew are top notch there is no way that I think that I am smarter then any one on this planet we all have are down falls but there are things that I can help with15:23
jhodappsmartboyhw, pastebin the error output15:23
tgm4883sorry, couldn't resist ;P15:23
jhodappthanks bobweaver15:23
jhodappsmartboyhw, I recommend install grilo-0.2 from source15:25
jhodappand the plugins15:25
jhodappthat's the version uTV will be using (for now)15:25
smartboyhwEr, I'm afraid there ISN'T a 0.215:26
smartboyhwI can't find it:(15:26
bobweaverthere is also a git15:26
bobweaverbut there is a tar ball15:27
smartboyhwI want the git15:27
bobweavergoogle it it is easy to find15:27
jhodappuse the tarball, git main is already on 0.315:28
smartboyhwI can't find the git...15:29
bobweaversmartboyhw,  listen to jhodapp  he is smart15:29
smartboyhwbobweaver: Don't I know that15:29
bobweaverhe is saying that you should use 0.2 because that is what ubuntu tv is going to use15:30
smartboyhwI know, I can't even find the git of 0.2:(15:30
smartboyhwUsing Google15:30
bobweaverand if the main branch is up to 0.3 then it would be a waste15:30
bobweaversmartboyhw,  you have read https://live.gnome.org/Grilo/15:30
bobweaveralright unity is updated lets see if the previews now work on tgm's scope15:36
smartboyhwSorry, I can't do the testing of grilo, the ppa messed up my apt-get.15:42
jhodappproblems? :)16:44
jhodappor has the devil taken over with 66616:44
jhodappI'm seeing weird output from you tgm488316:45
jhodappgot a + sign16:46
bobweaverI can not get these dang previews to show up for the myth tv scope :(16:53
bobweavernot even just a play button or something IDK if it has anything to do with zeitguest or what sorry tgm488316:54
jhodappbobweaver, have you tried the latest remote video scope?16:54
bobweaveryeah jhodapp  all the defaults work wesome16:54
bobweaverawesome *16:54
jhodappoh good16:54
jhodappso you right click on a video, and you get the preview view?16:54
bobweaverBut me and tgm4883  where trying to intergrate the mythscope into the previews16:55
bobweaveryes sir abbout the button 3 thingy ;)16:55
bobweaverso atm I am trying to compair the videos remote daemon too the mythtv scope daemon and all I can see is that I am not entering in the correct place that it is getting info or that zeitguest might have something to do with it I know 0 about zeitguest16:57
jhodappbobweaver, Z should have nothing to do with it16:58
bobweaverhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/1172174/  << is what I got I know that when I am def previews it is not pulling in the correct info but I am wonder if I can even just get the buttons to show up17:00
bobweaverhere this one should be formated to python http://paste.ubuntu.com/1172176/17:01
bobweaver 17:01
bobweaverlines 97 too 12317:01
jhodappbobweaver, are you getting into on_preview_uri()?17:02
bobweaverI though that that is how I can connect to the previews page maybe tgm4883  can anwser that if he keyboard is ok :)17:04
bobweaverjhodapp,  I am sorr but I dont understand what you are asking17:04
bobweaversorry *17:04
bobweaverI do not use python everyday17:04
jhodappbobweaver, the function, is it getting called when you right click on a video in the lens?17:05
bobweaveroh yeah17:05
bobweaverbut nothing is showing up17:05
jhodappwhat happens, anything?17:05
bobweaverlines 99 too 102 are the troubles I think17:06
bobweaverI will take screen shot for yah17:06
jhodappwhy don't you replace those variables with some string literals17:06
jhodappjust for proof of concept reasons17:06
bobweaverthanks for helping me jhodapp17:09
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bobweaveryeah the minute that I changed the vars to be strings the scope would not load anymore17:35
bobweaverLike I tried to even break it down to one string that it would return and it was still broken there is something else maybe the way that the lens its self is handling the function17:36
jhodappsorry, yes you can't get rid of all of those vars17:37
jhodapplater functions rely on the embedded "metdata://" tags17:37
tgm4883well that is interesting17:41
tgm4883I would bet that my wife put something down on the keyboard at home :/17:41
bobweavertgm4883,  that is funny do you have a cat or any animals ?17:53
tgm4883a dog, but I texted the wife, it was her17:54
bobweaverso yeah i am trying like heck to get this previews going but I am not sure that I am going to be able to do thou I know do understand alot more of how there made and what to call to get them to show up17:56
bobweaverbut cant even get text to show in due time17:56
tgm4883I'll work on it probably this weekend. Got a busy week this week17:56
bobweaversure is nice thou to have over 500 gigs of movie/tv right in the dash17:58
bobweavernow that is17:58
bobweaverand mythavtest is working great also17:59
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