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diploMorning all07:31
christello diplo07:31
brobostigongood morning everyone.07:34
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diploMorning christel / brobostigon : Good weekends ?07:48
brobostigonmorning diplo07:50
TheOpenSourcerermorning all.08:01
TheOpenSourcererWho wants to rate my rack? http://ratemyspicerack.com/opensourcerer/08:02
TheOpenSourcererlo popey08:03
brobostigonmorning TheOpenSourcerer and popey08:06
TheOpenSourcererhow's it going brobostigon?08:06
brobostigonTheOpenSourcerer: not so hot. and you?08:07
TheOpenSourcererI'm good thanks. Had a great - and very hot - weekend (West Dean Chilli Fiesta).08:08
bigcalmGood morning peeps :)08:09
brobostigonmorning bigcalm :)08:09
popeyhttp://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/blackberry-playbook-tablet-pc-64-gb-129-currys-1294090 cheap tab...08:13
Olipopey: Yeah I'm trying to weigh it up against a nexus 708:19
TheOpenSourcererThink the Playbook is a dead duck imho08:20
brobostigonqnx is as smooth as a baby bottom though. and quite stable.08:21
popeyso would android be with zero apps08:22
OliThe thing swaying me towards a N7 is that I have an Android phone with a couple of dozen paid apps that would benefit from being run on a tablet.08:23
OliBut if I only wanted something to wheel around a ton of media, the Playbook would win hands down.08:23
TheOpenSourcererI have a customer that bought into the Playbook and regretted it ever since.08:24
OliWell you would if you paid full price before BB went postal on it.08:25
TheOpenSourcereryeah quite.08:25
TheOpenSourcererSame with the HP TP.08:25
OliSame with the HP WebOS stu.... beat me to it :)08:25
* TheOpenSourcerer has a TP08:25
TheOpenSourcererBut it only cost £10008:25
TheOpenSourcererWebOS is actually quite nice to use but as popey said with no apps it's not terribly useful.08:26
TheOpenSourcererI got a free Galaxy Tab 10.1 with my S3 and that is used all the time now.08:26
diploBlimey, a free tablet with a phone.. not a bad deal08:27
OliYeah, I had a N900. I'm familiar with the Good-OS—Awful-Support model.08:27
Oli*have. I have a N900. Not used for anything more than an in-car iPod these days.08:28
TheOpenSourcererdiplo: It was a great deal. the first 1000 customers with CPW for the S3 when it launched.08:28
OliHow much did you end up paying for the S3 though?08:28
OliI'll give you a free datacenter if you pay me a few billion pounds for a laptop.08:29
mattti'd like one of the 7" tabs08:29
* popey hugs ipad08:29
diplomattt: The Nexus 7 ?08:29
Olipopey: Get that filth out of here.08:29
matttdiplo: no, samsung :)08:30
mattti'd happily take the nexus too tho08:30
diploI was going to ask in here later when it got busy what tabs people had08:31
OliI don't really understand the allure of the SGTs. They're ancient, expensive and don't use the same screen tech as the phones do.08:31
diploI don't have a lot of money and the Nexus 7 is really tempting, but don't know anyone who has one yet08:31
* brobostigon hugs his nexus7.08:32
TheOpenSourcererdiplo: Plenty of peeps on Twitter.08:33
* AlanBell wonders how well the playbook plays with Ubuntu for music transfer stuff08:33
oimoni've already seen more nexus 7s than i've seen ipads08:33
diployeah just people I feel I 'know' a bit better i guess08:34
matttdiplo: same08:34
matttdiplo: only thing i'm concerned with is ending up with something inferior (and useless) like a netbook08:34
oimonmaybe the price made it an impulse purcahse for many08:34
TheOpenSourcererany piece of "gadget" tech will be obsolete in a couple of years.08:35
oimonor quicker if lots of people on here have it (eee pc, joggler, rasp pi )08:36
diploAs long as it works well I'm fine, then it's the decision of 8/16GB :)08:37
TheOpenSourcererIt's just a question of "preparing" yourself for the short lifespan of your shiny new toy.08:39
popeyyay, sophie has no ballet on saturday so i can go camping earlier in the day08:39
* TheOpenSourcerer is off to Swansea for a golf and drinking weekend on Fri :-)08:40
popeyi may go to swanage08:40
christel   08:42
czajkowskipopey: find a place to go camping with the kids08:42
TheOpenSourcererThere is a very nice camp site not too far away - stayed there a few years ago... http://www.theinsidepark.co.uk/08:43
TheOpenSourcererNear Blandford08:43
christel  08:43
JamesTaitGood morning all! :)08:48
popeyczajkowski, i am08:48
* popey decompresses all over the channel08:52
daubersTheOpenSourcerer: Up in Mumbles?09:01
TheOpenSourcererHuh daubers09:01
daubersTheOpenSourcerer: The golfing thing :)09:01
daubersThe only golf course near swansea I know of is on the Gower09:01
daubers(very nice area the Gower, and Mumbles. Swansea itself is a bit of a concrete disaster)09:02
TheOpenSourcererOh - Dunno. Hang on. Checking email from aorganiser09:02
diplodaubers: Was there myself a few weeks ago09:02
diploVery nice09:02
daubersTheOpenSourcerer: If you end up in Mumbles, go to Verdi's for ice cream. Best. Ice. Cream. Ever.09:02
TheOpenSourcererPennard GC, Gower G.C, Langland Bay GC09:04
daubersYep, all on the Gower :)09:04
daubersLangland Bay is really nice. Normally full of surfers and kite surfers09:05
* daubers spent many days he should have been in lectures on the various beaches around the Gower09:06
AlanBellI have been to the gower. Worst holiday evar.09:15
AlanBellnot the fault of the place as such (apart from the dire mobile reception)09:16
daubersheh, they didn't really have mobiles in the 70's you know09:16
BigRedSAnyone know of a cloudy™ service that'll slave MySQL as a sort of backup/dr thingy? So I'd set up mysql rep to it and they'd take regular dumps or do whatever's necessary to give the illusion of a robust backup?09:17
AlanBellverdi's is certainly the place for ice cream09:17
BigRedSObvious solution is a VPS with MySQL on it, but I'm wondering how little of this can be my problem :)09:17
diploBigRedS: I'd say the same thing about VPS, with our customer sites I rsync data nad mysqldump out mysql to a local work server daily09:18
diploBut haven't set up replication of any sort yet09:18
AlanBellBigRedS: I think mysql replication is pull replication, which means they have to be able to connect to the master, not the other way round09:20
BigRedSAlanBell: yeah09:20
BigRedSbut that'd be work-roundable.09:20
AlanBellI looked at it a while back, but ended up throwing mysql dump files outbound rather than have an inbound connection09:21
* BigRedS ponders starting a cloudy mysql backup service based on replicating other people's dbs for them09:21
* AlanBell ponders same. With Galcier as a back end09:21
BigRedSHaha, is that any good?09:22
BigRedSI did a bunch of stuff with EC2 about a year ago and the thing that made me leave was the atrocious I/O09:22
AlanBellGlacier, Amazon's new store stuff forever service.09:22
BigRedSOh, yeah, that one09:22
BigRedSI was thinking about the new fast-I/O thing09:22
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TheOpenSourcererhmm - http://www.h-online.com/open/news/item/Ubuntu-to-drop-alternate-installer-1676906.html09:45
TheOpenSourcererCould be interesting. The Alternate is often very useful when trying to install on systems with dodgy graphics or other non-standard h/w that the standard installer fails to recognise correctly.09:46
brobostigoninteresting move, yes.09:46
BigRedSwhat? That's a dumb idea09:47
jussiTheOpenSourcerer: but the netboot has the same properties, no ?09:50
TheOpenSourcererdunno jussi - not used that one. I find the Alternate very useful. Never needed netboot iirc09:51
OliI wish they'd just make bigger discs for things. A 60cm diameter, dual-layer BluRay disk would store 1.4TB.09:51
jussiyeah, I read the thread in question here, and it seems netboot was the way to do it then.09:51
AlanBellwell if there isn't an alternate, then maybe the standard installer will be improved to work on such systems09:51
AlanBellserver CD will also work fine, then install ubuntu-desktop09:52
jussitrue that09:52
jussior they could just introduce tasksel on the server cd (if it isnt there already and have the desktop as one of those options)09:52
jussilike the ubuntu studio cd's used to have.09:53
OliIt's the offline low-end installs (which I gather are fairly frequent in developing countries) that are going to get hit by something like that.09:53
OliThey'd need to ship a separate repo-on-cd around with the desktop stuff on. Possible but harder than the current install process.09:54
jussiOli: yeah, thats true enough09:54
directhexTheOpenSourcerer, er, no alternate installer means no net install means no more ubuntu in the office09:55
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davmor2Morning all09:58
jussidavmor2: !09:58
jussidavmor2: I see you were credited twice in the Diaspora thankyou list :D09:59
jussi(I assume it is you and you dont have a double...)09:59
czajkowskione of davmor2 is more than enough09:59
directhexhuh, kubuntu etc will still offer D-I10:00
arsenhaving a problem with NIS/NFS, when trying to chown an existing file on NFS(v4) share to a NIS user:group, it instead changes it to nobody:nobody :/ anyone seen this?10:00
davmor2jussi: I'm not even on it10:00
jussioh LOL10:00
jussilemme find the email - PM your email addy :D10:01
arsenhaving a problem with NIS/NFS, when trying to chown an existing file on NFS(v4) share to a NIS user:group, it instead changes it to nobody:nobody :/ anyone seen this?10:01
popeydirecthex, net installer isn't being ditched10:01
popeythe 'mini' iso10:01
davmor2jussi: I made a post on g+ thanking everyone who makes oggcamp rock even though I wasn't there, that might of been passed on by members of dis10:02
directhexpopey, so pxeboot with d-i will still be offered?10:02
popeywe d-i isnt going away10:03
popeyjust the big fat alternate cd10:03
arseneugh silly irssi.10:04
arsenhaving a problem with NIS/NFS, when trying to chown an existing file on NFS(v4) share to a NIS user:group, it instead changes it to nobody:nobody :/ anyone seen this?10:04
dwatkinsarsen: does the user and group exist with the same IDs on both systems?10:06
BigRedSdiplo: exactly.10:06
arsenwell it does via NFS, dwatkins10:08
arsener, NIS, sorry.10:08
dwatkinsarsen: and both systems allow local files to have ownership set like this?10:09
dwatkinsi.e. they identify correctly10:09
arsenjust tested10:11
dwatkinshmm, non-matching UID/GID are the only thing I can think of in this situation, arsen - unless you have options set on the filesystem in /etc/exports on the server to specify UID/GID explicitly.10:13
arsenhm thats what i was thinking about unmatched uid/gid, but as they're both authing successfully through NIS id of assumed that works10:13
davmor2directhex: the mini.iso isn't going away10:13
dwatkinsarsen: I assume you're checking the files with 'ls -n'10:16
dwatkinsi.e. to show numerical UID/GID10:16
arsenwhen yuo say checking, im reading them from locally and remote via nfs - both share the same numerical id's yeah.10:19
arsenbut the uid matches nobody:nobody on the nfs server10:21
dwatkinsso the NFS server isn't respecting the UID you're setting. I'd check its options in /etc/exports and the daemon options too.10:26
arsenyeah strange (it works for 20+ other clients)10:27
dwatkinsWhat's different about this one, then?10:27
dwatkinsis it definitely joined to NIS properly, for one thing?10:28
arsenyeah, logged in successfuly with a NIS user, nis works fine on local stuff10:28
arsentypically when nis isnt configured i find it will list lal files as nobody:nobody, until you set NIS a higher priority in nsswitch.conf10:29
arsenso following that being fixed, it pulls permissions correctly, its now just a problem when trying to apply permissions10:29
dwatkinsit shows the correct NIS master as well, I assume.10:29
dwatkinsI'm stumped. Have you asked on #ubuntu?10:32
arsennot yet, i will do shortly10:32
arsena cup of tea might solve this.10:32
dwatkinsDid you switch it off then on again? ;)10:32
arsenyeah a few times :<10:33
dwatkinsyeah, that's not really a solution to most of my problems either10:33
arseni even sporadically restarted random services10:33
* daubers hates writing documentation10:40
oimoni enjoy it daubers, but only on fridays12:03
oimoni need a live iso with KDE4.9 on it - anyone suggest anything?12:23
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MezSignup for Coventry Global Jam is up ... http://ugj-cov.eventbrite.co.uk/15:13
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popeygord, did you pay for sublime?16:10
popeyalso, do you have it in your launcher etc?16:10
gordpopey, nope and don't use it. tried to get in to it but i always go back to vim16:16
gordmore to do with my lazyness than a comment on the software really16:16
Monotokoevenin' all16:19
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extrasolarHow do you like your toast in the morning?16:58
`Cat`burnt beyond recognition17:10
extrasolarI like mine with a hug17:11
extrasolarDark or light the worlds alright as long as I get my hug17:12
extrasolarlol burned17:14
extrasolaris that a word now?17:14
* davmor2 is currently enjoying placebos rendition of running up that hill (Kate Bush classic)17:19
extrasolarI like pure morning, good song17:21
MartijnVdSevening popey17:22
popeypip pip17:23
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davmor2popey: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zKkaLM9NcSo it's nice17:23
davmor2popey: it's kinda eerie and a bit edgy and yet mellow at the same time17:24
popeyshe scares me17:25
davmor2popey: Kate Bush or Placebo17:25
davmor2popey: or czajkowski or christel17:25
MartijnVdSpopey: if you really want to be scared, http://www.youtube.com/user/wzr071317:26
christeldavmor2: are you saying i am scary? :o17:29
MartijnVdSchristel: is he wrong?17:32
christelyes :(17:33
MartijnVdSBut how can we be sure?17:34
christelspend a night with me in a haunted house and you'll see!17:34
* christel nods17:34
* MartijnVdS imagines http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sOnqjkJTMaA17:35
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davmor2christel: you were one of the only She's that I knew could take a joke that was in hte channel to be honest :)  I think your a harmless little kitty cat myself and not at all scary :D  But then I've had years of beatings off czajkowski so I would :)18:04
* christel purrs sweetly18:05
* davmor2 remembers getting blagged by a cat like this before with claw marks most of the way down my arms :D18:09
* christel smirks18:10
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* TheOpenS1 is on IRC direct from Thunderbird 15 :-)19:02
TheOpenSourcererHmm - seems to chop my username a bit ;-)19:03
davmor2yeah but who needs usernames right19:10
TheOpenSourcererHmm, not sure about Thunderbird's implementation. Not enough tweaking options... I want the timeline the other way round... I want to see all the tweet and not a truncated version of it (why is it doing that anyway?)19:13
TheOpenSourcererMakes me realise just how cool Hotot really is.19:13
christeli parsed Hotot as "Hotornot"19:14
TheOpenS1The IRC layout in TB is much better than for Twitter.19:15
TheOpenSourcererThen I guess it being written in XUL anyone can make a new theme for it... Interesting idea. Not sure how I like having all my conversation stuff in one app yet. Could be good or it be a PITA.19:18
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davmor2Okay I couldn't stay away you cheer me up to much now bring on the funny19:49
SuperEngineerdavmor2: for funny [& sense] - tune into the Ubuntu UK Podcast19:53
davmor2Nah I'm on my phone here there is a limit to what I can do19:55
SuperEngineerdavmor2: :(19:55
christelah but you only need one hand to type!20:12
davmor2Yeah the other is obviously holding the phone20:22
* christel nods20:22
AlanBellany more people coming for a beer in Farnham? http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/ubuntu-uk/1906/detail/20:23
davmor2Anyway people I'm off this works well :)20:27
christelyou scared him away!20:28
AlanBellyes, I am very scary :(20:28
christelyes, i know :(20:29
christeli want icecream20:31
* bigcalm pounces20:31
AlanBelllike an Essex tiger20:33
AlanBellno, that was a lion wasn't it20:33
bigcalmSo I hear20:33
AlanBelltiggers pounce20:33
bigcalmWell, they bounce20:33
bigcalmThis much we know20:33
AlanBellthe wonderful thing about tiggers is tiggers are wonderful things20:33
AlanBellThey're bouncy, trouncy, flouncy, pouncy Fun, fun, fun, fun, FUN!20:34
bigcalmtee eye double guh uh20:34
christelbut the most wonderful thing about tiggers is i am the only one! :P20:35
AlanBell"They're loaded with vim and with vigor" not emacs !!!20:35
bigcalmThere's only one christel20:35
christel(and they love to leap in your laps!)20:35
bigcalmTiggers or christels?20:36
christeltiggers silly!20:36
bigcalmI always felt sad for Tigger that he was the only one20:36
christelchristels dont leap :x20:37
bigcalmchristel: welcome home my dear :)20:44
christeldid you miss me? :D20:48
bigcalmAlways do. Who else is to keep the sanity around here?20:49
christelyou're the sweetest20:52
* bigcalm hugs his beer mug20:53
bigcalmDare I have a 2nd pint on a school night?20:53
AlanBellone pint of vodka is probably enough20:54
bigcalmAlanBell: aww, one for the road guvnor?20:54
AlanBelloh go on then20:55
bigcalmWorking from home means the morning commute is hell20:55
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dwatkinsWatch out for Lego on the floor, bigcalm.21:06
bigcalmdwatkins: I haven't played with lego for a good 20 years :(21:08
bigcalmMaybe I should do something about that21:08
dwatkinsbigcalm: ok, plugs then? ;)21:08
dwatkinsI have a Lego phone holder or four.21:08
dwatkinsI built cases for my Raspberry Pi and Arduino out of Lego, too.21:08
SuperEngineerme wantte: http://tinyurl.com/ubuntu-preloaded-keyboard21:12
bigcalmThere's scope for a lot of hardware inside a keyboard case21:17
dwatkinsI think Commodore made a PC inna keyboard.21:20
ali1234it's been tried several times before21:22
ali1234but nobody buys them because you can't fit any decent hardware in that form factor unless you are willing to pay macbook air prices21:22
ali1234and anyone willing to do that just buys a macbook air21:22
dwatkinsI connected my IBM Model M to my Macbook this evening, it worked well now I have an adapter cable.21:23
dwatkinsIt's like driving a tank, though.21:23
SuperEngineerhmmm... someone seems unaware of possibilities here...21:23
bigcalmNoisy keys of the world unite!21:23
dwatkinsbigcalm: yeah, I was discussing it with a colleague, he has clearly never been in a room with one21:24
dwatkinspossibilities, SuperEngineer?21:24
bigcalmdwatkins: I ordered a Modle M clone from Unicomp in the States. Hayley hates it, I love it :D21:24
dwatkinsbigcalm: egg boxes on the walls ;)21:25
bigcalmUnicomp is actually the company that made the Model M in the 1st place21:25
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mgdmI hate model Ms21:27
mgdmI seem to be in the minority, here, but I find them horrible to type on, far too noisy, and painful to use21:28
mgdmGive me a thinkpad keyboard, or at a stretch, a Mac one21:28
SuperEngineertime for bed, said Zebedee ;)21:33
bigcalmI really should book phpnw and a hotel21:34
mgdmjust wait till you get 5.421:37
mgdm$you->can()->chain()['and']-dereference()->in()[1]; !21:37
bigcalmAccessing returned arrays directly from the method call?! Yay. Something I miss from Perl21:39
bigcalmHazar. My code catches Exceptions sensibly at last21:47
bigcalmTomorrow shall be horribly unproductive as I have to write unit and functional tests21:48
bigcalmActually, I see the rest of the week being like that21:49
bigcalmWho thought that testing would be a good idea?21:49
bigcalm2 pints of bitter say that I don't do testing now :D21:51
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