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Guest22894can anyone help with a qquestion?01:35
MCR1bschaefer: Hi :) Your better-wording branch has been finally merged. I have deleted and recreated my branch to fix the hardcoded "Alt+Space" based on latest unity, but it needs approval: https://code.launchpad.net/~mc-return/unity/unity.merge.fix-hardcoded-keys-part1/+merge/12154507:19
MCR1duflu: Hi :) Merging the GLES branch was imho a little bit too early maybe, I had to revert to r3319 here at least. Compiz was crashing on me all the time and loads of new bugs showed that have not been there before...07:25
dufluMCR1: If there are any crashes/bugs, please prove it and log them :)07:26
MCR1duflu: I filed some of them already, but you can imagine that the reduced functionality and non-working plugins hurt...07:29
dufluMCR1: As far as I know, all Ubuntu plugins are fully functional. What are the bugs?07:30
MCR1for example 3d-windows do not work anymore (no Ubuntu default, I know)07:31
MCR1or my second screen is rendered black while moving a window in expo mode07:31
dufluMCR1: Bug id?07:31
MCR1or the text is rendered with black background07:31
MCR1one moment07:32
MCR1bug 104182207:32
ubot5Launchpad bug 1041822 in Compiz "Expo: Miniature of second display is rendered completely black while moving a window" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/104182207:32
MCR1bug 104213207:32
ubot5Launchpad bug 1042132 in Compiz "[GLES] Regression: Text background rendering broken - black rectangle instead of rectangle with rounded edges and transparency is drawn" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/104213207:32
MCR1I am now back on r3319, because as I said r3320+ crashed on me all the time - I could not get it to run with Unity trunk07:33
MCR1now everything is back to stable here07:34
dufluMCR1: Sorry, something has gone wrong with the group subscriptions and your bugs never arrived in my email. Also, if there is a crash then please create a bug and discuss it there07:41
MCR1I should have some crash logs dumped, but I forgot where those were saved...07:42
dufluMCR1: /var/crash07:43
dufluMCR1: What video driver do you use?07:45
MCR1ATI opensource07:45
dufluMCR1: OK radeon07:45
MCR1HD 5750 here07:45
MCR1the last time I tried fglrx failed on qu, but I did not try the latest one yet07:46
MCR1Unfortunately I have already cleaned up the crash logs :P07:47
MCR1duflu: Yeah, I already thought about filing a bug regarding the launchpad mails - If I file a bug and you add a comment I never get informed about it - that is quite bad07:50
MCR1it looks like everyone would ignore each other07:50
dufluMCR1: Sounds like a launchpad bug http://launchpad.net/launchpad07:50
MCR1yes, probably this should be reported07:51
MCR1duflu: I've asked on the launchpad channel what this not-sending email launchpad thing is all about for now...07:55
dufluMCR1: Using wobbly07:57
dufluAs in wobbly in expo?07:57
dufluMCR1: That's a very important detail. Please mention it in your expo bug(s)08:03
MCR1duflu: ok08:03
MCR1duflu: I have reported the launchpad mail issues: https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad/+bug/104262808:41
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1042628 in Launchpad itself "Launchpad is a lazy e-mail writer these days" [Undecided,New]08:41
MCR1I was informed about this: http://blog.launchpad.net/cool-new-stuff/better-bug-subscriptions08:42
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Mirvhttps://launchpad.net/~unity-team/+archive/release updated, testing welcome although do note there are already a bunch of known bugs so check for duplicates13:05
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smoseranyone have a functional hiding launcher on quantal?14:44
smoseri cannot seem to make the thing hide14:44
* Debolaz has an invisible launcher in quantal.14:44
DebolazThough I suspect that's a bug. :-)14:44
smoserwell, i'd honestly prefer that.14:45
seb128smoser, hide fine here14:45
seb128smoser, did you check the state in system settings, appareance?14:45
smoseri've toggled back and forth14:46
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1042330 in unity (Ubuntu) "launcher ignores settings on multiple heads" [Undecided,New]14:46
smoseris the bug i opened14:46
smoseri'm not actually sure if its related to 2 heads or not14:46
smoserseb128, you have any thing that could help me?15:22
seb128smoser, no15:26
seb128sorry I'm busy and I've no idea out of the fact that it works here with my session or a guest session15:26
hallyn_Say I have 3 terminator's open on one desktop.  I switch to another desktop.  The left side of the icon in launcher now just shows one ticky.  That's neat.  But if one of the terminators extends onto another virtual desktop, the launcher doesn't jump to the terminators when I click on the icon?15:59
hallyn_is that known current behavior, worth filing a bug, or deemed notabug-dontdothat?16:00
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krychuHi everyone, I'm working on a research project and have little experience with ubuntu/unity, is there a simple way to write extensions/plugins to HUD? in particular to get all menu items from all installed applications and alter the results of user queries?18:43
CookieM_https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Unity/HUD ' Info (!) HUD is in a very early stage of development, and not ready for production use.'18:49
krychudeveloping for HUD: coming soon - ok this explains a lot18:55
krychuI have another question then, how to get all menu items (structures) from all installed applications in ubuntu? I tried dbusmenu.Client().get_root() but that returns None18:56
krychuI also tried dbusmenu-dumper but it complains about com.canonical.AppMenu.Registrar name not being provided by any service18:57
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g0twigmhall119: I think about supporting a nice app for my recipes search, but I think the author does not care anymore about the app19:40
alesageping cyphermox19:44
cyphermoxpong alesage19:44
mhall119g0twig: which app?19:46
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gotwiglol, I am chatting trough Thunderbird19:53
gotwigmhall119: I talk about cookety19:53
mhall119the author isn't going to keep working on it?19:54
gotwigmhall119: last commit was about 1 month ago, I sent him a mail yesterday about collaboration19:55
mhall119hmm, hope he keeps it going19:59
mhall119there was another recipe manager that was submitted to the app showdown19:59
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