bkerensapleia2: xubuntu docs would be interesting :)04:34
pleia2they already exist, they're just outdated04:35
pleia2I think they haven't been updated in 2 years or something :\04:35
darthrobotTitle: [Xubuntu Documentation in Launchpad]04:35
bkerensapleia2: if you want a official response (or close to it) jbicha is assumed leader although technically mdke is doc lead but per discussion at UDS (he really doesn't seem active)04:35
* bkerensa has been pondering switching to xubuntu04:36
bkerensaI need to do some testing to see how much power xubuntu uses :D04:36
pleia2thanks, I might track down jbicha directly, I think my request got lost in wiki discussion04:36
pleia2but I'll give it another day04:36
pleia2the XPL just sent an email to the list today about starting to move rewritten docs to docbook, they're in a wiki I'm hosting now04:37
darthrobotTitle: [Documentation / Docbook experts/editors, where art thou?]04:37
pleia2bkerensa: mind a quick PM?04:37
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kdubhola channel15:39
pleia2morning kdub15:40
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philballewAnyone here going to be in SD this week for linuxcon?23:11
philballewMight head over if I have any free time...23:12

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