ShawnRanyone here ever worked with the amazon S3?16:52
=== itnet7_ is now known as itnet7
maxolasersquadAny grepping experts out there?20:31
maxolasersquadgrepping with regexes?20:31
chayniehow "expert" do you need?20:49
maxolasersquadchaynie: I got it figured out.21:11
maxolasersquadMy plan of attack was way wrong.21:12
maxolasersquadI pipe ls to grep to get certain files I want and generate a signle PDF we send out for printing.21:12
maxolasersquadit was discovered today that the regex wasn't picking up some files.21:12
maxolasersquadAnyways, by simply changing {3} to {3,7} I could capture the right files.21:13

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