shakes808Hello all02:20
shakes808anyone still up?02:20
rick_h_yea, but I should be heading ot bed02:20
shakes808alright. Good night rick_h_02:21
rick_h_400 more records to go...dare I wait for the script to end...02:21
shakes808It can wait until the morning02:21
rick_h_but but but :P02:21
shakes808Do you suppose that your processes will mess up and is it likely that you will do something about it tonight or in the morning?02:22
rick_h_no, but it's the first time it should finally complete successfully in a while and I want to enable the cron job to run every 2hrs now that I've gotten it working again02:22
rick_h_down to the last 500 of over 7000 back records of processing02:23
shakes808You are going to stay up for the remainder of the process aren't you?02:25
shakes808Since you are going to be up for a moment longer. I know you have the wifi hotspot through VZW, do you have your cell from them as well?02:32
shakes808I think we have had this conversation a while ago, but can't remember. I know snap-l and his view and ting.com lol02:32
rick_h_yea, me, wife, and the mifi02:32
shakes808How do you like it? What phones?02:33
rick_h_we both have galaxy nexus, like it02:33
rick_h_4g is awesome, coverage is solid, and lots of 4g added all the time02:34
rick_h_but I pay through the nose for hte privilege02:34
shakes808They redid there plans02:34
rick_h_yea, I've not seen the rework. Since my phone has unlimited data if I change I lose that02:35
rick_h_but I should look into the shared data plans02:35
shakes808They are comparable to Sprint now, just not unlimited data but my girlfriend and I use ~2GB of data02:35
rick_h_yea, I used 3gb from my phone one weekend02:36
rick_h_so lucked out I still had my unlimited02:36
shakes808if you were to upgrade, what do you think you would git02:36
rick_h_no, google io, I could only seem to hold the stream of video on my phone over 4g02:37
rick_h_phone-wise? nothing. I'd wait until next galaxy device and debate aobut not getting it on verizon again02:37
rick_h_I still don't have jelly bean on my phone and it was the whole reason to get the nexus, for the 'google updates' :/02:38
Blazeixyeah, i've basically permanently given up on stock02:41
Blazeixi used to check back now and then to see if i should revert02:41
Blazeixbut i've fallen out of the habit now02:41
rick_h_yea, I should just look at what it takes to root02:43
rick_h_but then I lose google video and netflix I think02:43
Blazeixhm, maybe. i don't use either of those on my phone.02:44
rick_h_yea, I guess I use them on the N7 more now02:44
roivas /exit03:18
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rick_h_http://wiki.postgresql.org/wiki/What%27s_new_in_PostgreSQL_9.2#JSON_datatype yummy11:40
snap-lI sent a note to Staples Rewards about a card issue11:50
snap-ltheir automated e-mail put me on hold.11:51
snap-lThank you for contacting Staples Rewards.11:51
snap-lWe are currently experiencing high contact volume; please expect a delay in our response.11:51
brouschWhy are you eating JSON?11:51
rick_h_so for a couple of reasons11:51
rick_h_1) set of data to send to a template, say email that goes out11:52
rick_h_2) Logging - often I log something happened and I store a set of data with it. The old values before an update, etc11:52
rick_h_3) Api calls end up sending json, so I do a query, then turn the objects into json. The ability to do a select to_json() would be more effecient11:53
snap-lPHP / Wordpress: because it loves storing serialized data in the fucking database.11:59
snap-lOh, sorry, was listing reasons why I'd love to see JSON in the database. :)12:00
snap-lrick_h_:  That good?12:04
rick_h_I'm cranky and doing code reviews...no good can come of this12:05
snap-lRuh roh12:05
rick_h_and seriously...wtf http://paste.mitechie.com/show/765/12:07
rick_h_"first one to use the variable key 10 times wins!"12:07
rick_h_no comments, no idea wtf key vs key_name is...how can you have key and key_name...isn't a key a name by freaking definition?12:07
* snap-l pulls down his github12:08
rick_h_and then this gem... http://paste.mitechie.com/show/766/12:09
rick_h_let's just check out wtf the super class in this case is doing for us: http://yuilibrary.com/yui/docs/api/files/widget_js_Widget.js.html#l61212:09
rick_h_oh right....NOTHING... *sigh*12:09
brouschScumbag rover http://weknowmemes.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/scumbag-curiosity-rover.jpeg12:09
snap-lthere there12:09
rick_h_and $#@#@$#@$#@ I'm not allowed to fly to australia nad kill anyone right?12:10
snap-las much as you were allowed to strangle people in NC.12:11
snap-lie: you'd have to expense it afterward.12:14
shakes808Good morning all12:57
shakes808Have a question for snap-l. Coworker wants to make his own media server and was wondering where to start. Thought of you for this question.12:57
snap-lWhat sort of media?13:25
snap-lIf it's more video related, I'm not the best person to ask. krondor is (Ryan Kather)13:25
snap-lor jcastro13:25
snap-lIf it's audio, I have some opinions. :)13:26
rick_h_first new book buy in a while, curse you oreilly sales13:56
snap-lWhich one?13:57
rick_h_regex cookbook13:57
snap-lDamnit rick_h_13:58
snap-lI was so good.13:59
snap-lbut then I saw the 21st century C book13:59
brouschMakefiles are fun13:59
rick_h_brousch: yea, the cream of the 'DRY' crop13:59
shakes808snap-l: More of a video server. I will ask those two to see what they would recommend and how. Thank you for your input.14:14
shakes808jcastro: krondor: if you could shed some light for me about video servers, that would be much appreciated.14:15
tony-smlrshakes808: I have a ubuntu file server to store the video and music then use xbmc at the TV...  What is your friend looking to do?14:16
dsschnauThinking about setting up a media computer to hook up to my tv in my living room. Mostly so my girlfriend can watch movies.. I was thinking if I built a windows box for it I could run some classic game emulators14:19
dsschnaushakes808 mentioned i could do all that with an xbox but I'm skeptical.. would I be able to read and stream movie/game files from a network share? and is there good emulation software available for xbox?14:30
krondordsschnau:  xbox1?15:20
krondorshakes808:  what you looking for15:21
jrwreni use xbmc on xbox115:27
jrwreni love it.15:27
dsschnaukrondor: yeah - an xbox 1 (running xbmc) i suppose.15:27
jrwrenits not zomg awesome latest. icpu is not fast enough to decode 720p h26415:28
jrwrenthe standard def stuff plays awesome, and on 100mbit it scrubs faster than anything around.15:28
krondordsschnau:  xbox 1 has a lot of emulators, but lacks some grunt to run things (like HD, dreamcast/ps1/2 roms) etc.. works well for nintendo, snes, genesis, gameboy etc..15:29
dsschnauit would be connected to a 1080p tv, hmm15:29
krondordsschnau:  if you have the component HD adapter for it, it will drive 720p, but can't handle 720p file playback relaly15:29
jrwrenbest connection you can get is component video, which I think maxes at 720p.15:30
jrwrenit looks beautiful at 720p on my 1080p tv15:30
jrwrenits an excellent "good enough" device. its not great at ZOMG I MUST HAVE THE LATEST HOTNESS15:30
shakes808krondor: dsschnau is my coworker that was inquiring about making a media server. You are assisting him now. :D15:30
shakes808Thank you for your help like usual15:30
dsschnausounds like it would be very cost effective... an xbox 1 would be super cheap.15:31
jrwreni got mine 5yrs ago, already hard modded with 120G drive for $4015:32
jrwrennever use the storage on the 120 though, i just smb stream everything15:32
dsschnauthat was my next concern.. what would be a good solution for storage for it?15:33
krondorxbmc4xbox is the fork of xbmc for xbox1.  xbmc no longer supports xbox1.15:34
krondorsome of the emulators for xbox1; http://www.x-scene.com/software/software.php?page=emulators15:34
jrwrensamba share works great for storage15:35
krondorI still think xbmc on xbox1 had the best visualizations to music at 720p they're gorgeous15:37
krondordid get some stutter with higher bitrate mp3 and flac I seem to recall, been a bit.15:37
brouschIt's way too quiet in here17:09
BlazeixWOOP WOOP17:11
Blazeix...did that help?17:11
tony-smlrI use xbmc on a pc with stripped down ubuntu   "XBMCbuntu"  http://wiki.xbmc.org/index.php?title=XBMCbuntu17:33
shakes80how do i change my user name in there?17:54
rick_h_ /nick something17:55
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greg-gman, google analytics sure does take a ton of ram in Fx18:00
brouschWhere was this when I was at UM? http://games.slashdot.org/story/12/08/28/1517245/welcome-to-the-university-of-michigans-computer-and-video-game-archive-video18:10
greg-git's been there for a while18:11
greg-gmy school (School of Info) had game night there a few times18:11
brouschThe Dude was built when I went there. I pirated warcraft 1 on floppies in there18:13
brouschBut no game center18:13
rick_h_sqlalchemy taking over the world http://goo.gl/dokpl18:16
jrwrenut oh... i am reading cythonize... static typing python... i may be walking a slipery slope :)19:06
rick_h_lol watch out jrwren19:20
rick_h_cpython is good enough for everyone :P19:20
shakes808>:{ IIS19:25
jrwrenwhen cython says stuff like, 120 times faster than python, it is hard to ignore, esp given the type of data processing we do19:32
brouschrick_h_: Bah, let me know when the Django ORM is SQLAlchemy, then I'll believe it's taking over the world19:44
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snap-lgreg-g: Do you know if they accept donations of old consoles?20:28
snap-lI have a few that I don't care to keep anymore, and rather than sell them, it'd be neat to see them put to good use.20:29
greg-gsnap-l: if they don't have them, most likely, not sure what the policy really is though20:29
greg-gbut, they're friendly and would receive an email well20:30
snap-lHeh, I got selected for Project Sputnik, but I don't have $1200 laying around for a new machine.20:49
shakes808snap-l: You can donate your old systems to me ;D20:53
snap-lshakes808: I'm pretty sure you don't give a crap about the Colecovision. ;)20:55
shakes808SOmething like that !!!!20:56
shakes808HELLS YEAH!!!!20:56
shakes808If you are going to be throwing it away, bring it tomorrow.20:56
snap-lI'm not throwing it out, I'm just not interested in it as much as the other systems.20:57
snap-lBut if you're interested in it, lmk20:58
shakes808lol I will find it a home, next to my 2 Ataris, 1985 Nintendo, Dreamcast, N64, Sega Genesis, PS2. :D20:58
snap-lI'd rather it go to someone who actually respects20:58
snap-lshakes808: You didn't happen to ever hit Cinciclassic, did you? :)20:59
shakes808nope. I have to go, will talk to you either later on tonight or tomorrow. I will look up that cinciclassic later :D21:01
snap-lYou'd know it if you were there. :)21:01
snap-lAnywho, I'd have to get it from storage, so it would be next week21:02

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