thafreakjust picked up my raspberry pi from the ups store04:28
thafreaknow to boot this thing up...need to find an sd card first I guess...04:28
canthus13Nice. :)04:31
toddcclass 4 works better FYI04:35
thafreak4 psh...imma get a class 1004:36
thafreakactually, I had a class 6 in my netbook, which I'm replacing with a tiny tiny usb disk instead...so I'll just use that I think04:37
toddcin the Raspberry forum I read that class 10 was set up for large file (jpg) and class 4 had the best speed for lots of read/writes on the Rasp04:39
toddc6 should work for testing and I cannot remember how they rated with out reading it again04:39
thafreakreally...so the slower rated cards are faster in the pi?04:41
toddcnew one are better for cameras not R/W of small files when running a PC04:42
thafreakok...time to try to boot this bad boy05:58
toddcis holding his breath :)05:59
thafreakwell, blows the pants off my NSLU2, that's for sure, and it's better than my pogo plug I'd say06:37
thafreaklxde looks nice on it...and runs quite well...06:37
thafreakwill mess with it more tomorrow06:37
thafreakso far, very promising...might even be my new "always on" desktop, from which I keep ssh sessions open to everywhere06:37
thafreakThis is why I love virtual machines so much:14:11
cpatelHow are you16:53
dzhonot bad, thanks.  You?16:56
cpatelCant complain16:56
dzhogood to hear.16:56
cpatelAnother long day, halfway through17:04
* skellat wonders how hard it would be to set up a keysigning in say Mentor for folks from Ashtabula, Lake, Geagua, and Cuyahoga counties19:48
paultagskellat: I'll be at OLF, it'd be awesome if we could have that mesh up19:51
skellatThis does not bode well: http://www.nhc.noaa.gov/refresh/graphics_at4+shtml/152333.shtml?5-daynl?large#contents19:53
canthus13skellat: Heh.19:53
skellatWell, at least it won't be hitting during the weekend of OLF!19:53
canthus13skellat: I have a friend right on the western edge of the area it's supposed to strike.19:53
skellatcanthus13: It is going to be a mess19:54
* canthus13 shrugs.19:54
skellatWe're merely human and certainly not masters of our domain19:55
skellatWeather modification remains something consigned to ST:TNG19:55
canthus13Meh. SOme people just don't have the sense to not make a home in a known disaster area.19:57
skellatcanthus13: Well, Ashtabula County isn't much better in that regard.  We get dumped on with heavy amounts of water each water.  Unlike along the Gulf of Mexico, we can shovel the snow and haul it to dump into Lake Erie.19:58
canthus13skellat: You also have decent drainage and don't flood out like they do around the Platt river when it melts.19:59
skellatNo, that's a problem around the Chagrin River in Lake, Geagua, and Cuyahoga counties at the end of winter...they get ice flow and flooding as the river defrosts20:00
skellatThankfully I'm uphill from Fields Brook, one of the most heavily contaminated bodies of water that flow into the Ashtabula River then Lake Erie.20:02
skellatcanthus13: Where you do you call "home" these days?20:03
skellatcanthus13: Ah, you haven't left NW OH then.20:08
canthus13Nope. still stuck here.20:08
skellatAh, okay.20:10
* canthus13 is trying to make his way towards your area, actually.20:10
skellatI will say the job market here in Ashtabula County is rather hideous unless you are an experienced welder or a medical professional.  This area is becoming more and more of a bedroom community.20:13
* canthus13 nods.20:13
canthus13I wouldn't move there without a plan.20:13
skellatThat'll be essential20:14
canthus13paultag: Check this out... http://stunt.io/20:22
paultagcanthus13: Oh! I remember reading about this! :)20:23
canthus13paultag: In a nutshell, a MUD server mashed up with a web server.20:23
* canthus13 always loved LambdaMOO.20:23
paultagrockn' stuff20:23
* canthus13 has a MOO server running on that DL380 right now...20:23
canthus13yeah. NOthing much going on it at the moment, though.20:24
paultagholy crap21:21
paultagwhen I was playing with AWS, I ran up a $4 bill21:22
dzhopaultag: extortionate21:49

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