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tekwizz123!seen jedijf07:39
ChinnoDogMorning, peeps.13:02
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ChinnoDogHere we go ahead. Let's just skip to party time.16:39
ChinnoDog[insert bacon here]20:19
MutantTurkeyyo yo yo23:03
MutantTurkeyAnyone have old thinkpads I can get my hands on?23:03
TheLordOfTimeOY OY OY23:03
MutantTurkeyday 2 of my father complaining23:03
TheLordOfTimewhat're thinkpads, again?23:04
* TheLordOfTime has been... "drinking"23:04
rmg51MutantTurkey: ping jedijf23:04
MutantTurkeyjedijf: PING PING PING23:05
rmg51if you were at FossCon you could have picked out several23:07
MutantTurkeyvery true23:12
MutantTurkeyhmm I am trying to find the best laptop for less than 50023:17
rmg51good luck23:18
MutantTurkeyi'm thinking T6123:20
jedijfMutantTurkey: ebay is great - ntr has a sale23:22
jedijf30% off23:22
jedijfMutantTurkey: what os will dad be running?23:23
MutantTurkeywindows 7 hopefully23:23
MutantTurkeyI'm not one to trust ebay always23:24
jedijfnonprofit tech resources23:24
jedijf1524 brandywine st (1 block north of spring garden)23:24
MutantTurkeycool cool23:24
MutantTurkeywould they have T61's?23:25
MutantTurkeyjedijf: with a laptop from ebay should we also order a new battery?23:26
jedijfMutantTurkey: ntr will definitely have 40's23:26
MutantTurkeylooking to get something a bit newer than the 4023:27
jedijfMutantTurkey: would do better on ebay with 60's23:27
jedijfi would wait to order the battery23:27
jedijfsee what it needs23:27
jedijfbut then again, i don't care about batteries23:28

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