netritiousok that's weird...I install cinnamon and I get gnome-panel? weird. Maybe it's because this system was upgraded from 10.04 or something. :/00:05
netritiousreally wanted to give this family an option besides unity. gnome-shell is ok, but wanted to try cinnamon. </rant>00:07
chris4585anyone know how to mount a hard drive like it is an external hdd?00:33
wrstnetritious: considered kde?00:53
wrstchris4585: what is the difference?00:54
chris4585external hdds auto mount and show up as removeable devices00:54
wrstcan't say i've ever really wnt through actually mounting an external it just sorta always automagically works for me00:54
chris4585hdds need to be manually mounted00:54
chris4585I'd like to treat an hdd as if it was removeable00:55
wrstchris4585: on my little server i mount it just like i would any internal drive00:55
chris4585yeah, but I want the opposite00:57
cyberangerchris4585: umount & mount04:25
cyberangerjust can't have system partitions on it04:25
netritiouswrst: I thought kde might be a little to resource hungry for an older machine but maybe worth looking into? will keep you posted. :)05:46
chris4585cyberanger, that isn't automated ;)05:53
chris4585netritious, why not LXDE? its light and simple05:54
netritiouschris4585: maybe an option to. I'm still disappointed that cinnamon was a bust on this system.05:54
cyberangerchris4585: how automated do you need it to be?05:57
cyberangerI mean, you gotta tell it to eject yes?05:57
chris4585lol cyberanger well usually yes05:58
* cyberanger likes cinnamon on his rolls, lxde for a gui, and cli for me05:59
chris4585but what I meant is I want a hard drive to act and be treated as if it was an external hard drive, which means auto mounting to /media05:59
netritiouschris4585: I think fuse has something to do with that05:59
cyberangerset it as such in fstab, then umount /media will work06:00
netritiousyeah, that would work06:00
netritioushey cyberanger06:00
cyberangerwhen you plug it back in, fstab will see it again, and mount it06:00
cyberangerhey netritious06:00
chris4585ah, well the syntax I have is UUID=13c1e789-ebe8-424b-bd94-91a15f474769 /mediaauto default 0 206:01
chris4585I'll see if it works next reboot06:01
cyberangerthe issue is umount /media vs right click & eject06:01
cyberangerbut if your using lxde, openbox menu could fix that06:02
cyberangerother options too06:02
chris4585well I am using openbox, but nautilus hides the menu06:02
chris4585it just kind of baffles me that there isn't an easy option06:02
cyberangernautilus hides the openbox menu on the desktop06:03
cyberangerhrm, guess that's one more for pcmanfm then06:03
netritiouschris4585: the last time I messed around with fstab for a desktop, anything I mounted under /media was given an icon on the desktop in ubuntu...06:04
netritiousbut we are talking hardy days06:04
cyberangerand what I told you is what nautilus does, with udev instead of a fstab entry06:04
chris4585netritious, ah thats neat, I hope the same for myself then06:04
cyberangerexcept that eject bit (there's options for that, but idk what nautilus does)06:05
chris4585cyberanger, I like it that way though, when I right click on the desktop I want to see the nautilus menu, I'm just happy I can scroll on the desktop06:05
cyberangerI follow, but it's that one detail idk how to tell nautilus to eject /media06:06
cyberangerI don't use nautilus anymore06:06
cyberangernetritious: last time I used ubuntu for any length of time was intrepid06:07
chris4585ah, I'm not so much on ejecting, if I needed I would just open nautilus and eject it through the side pane06:07
cyberangerwell, stock desktop (to clarify)06:08
chris4585also if it does show up on the desktop I'd be very happy06:08
chris4585I can't handle stock desktop... on any distro06:08
cyberangerchris4585: I've sorta gotten to that point, I'm in terminal too much06:09
chris4585anyone use sticks with stock desktops are too weak ;)06:10
netritiousi wouldn't say weak, but 'less adventurous' is likely accurate ;)06:14
cyberangerso I have openbox & conky, use iceweasel & flash (regret, can't be helped) and otherwies, it's cli here06:15
netritiousI'm actually at the the point where the default desktop is fine for me since I don't use it enough to care.06:15
netritiousmost of my linux installs don't have desktops, and the ones that do are disabled from starting automatically06:16
cyberangergnome-terminal and ssh out?06:16
netritiouswhy? just ssh out06:16
cyberangerI mean, for your stock desktop, what do you use on it06:17
netritiousas little as possible without breaking packages06:17
netritiousdepends on the distro and what I plan to do with the machine06:17
cyberangerthe main reason I tweak mine is to give programs more cpu06:17
cyberangerinstead of the UI I don't need a ton of06:18
netritiousexactly. browsers come in handy though, which is why sometimes my linux boxen has a desktop06:18
netritiousi mean, who wants to use lynx when you have chromium06:18
cyberangerwhich is why I use openbox and iceweasel06:19
netritiouswe're on teh same page I think cyberanger, just go about it different ways06:19
cyberangerany smaller and I'm writing an xorg config for it06:19
cyberangeryep, we do06:19
netritiousI use windows ...the only big difference between us I guess lol06:19
cyberangeryeah, I fix it, you use it06:20
netritiousheh mine doesn't break06:20
netritioussame install three years in Jan06:20
cyberangerand I tweak my UI to fit, you turn off your UI to fit06:20
netritiousmaybe two years, but I thinkit's three06:21
netritiousyes, no UI unless I need UI06:21
cyberangerwell, we're talking you and not the bittorrenting college student or the office coupon saver06:21
netritiousrather, no GUI unless I need GUI06:21
netritiousright...it's a tool just like ubuntu ;)06:22
cyberangera tool that is like a jackhammer when a chisel would do, IMHO06:22
netritiousmaybe, but I like dangerous toys XD06:23
netritiousbesides, it keeps my persepctive right...I know windows is fine, just as linux is fine /IF/ you don't screw around with it to much and/or abuse it06:24
netritiousOSX though, is just pure evil </fud>06:25
cyberangerand how you screw around with it, equally important06:25
chris4585I don't think I break linux anymore, except when I'm careless and delete /lib06:25
netritiousomg unity is soooooo slow06:26
chris4585unity isn't really slow on my laptop... before it died, but I don't like using it :<06:27
netritiousp4 2.4ghz /512MB DDR, 60GB ATA66 ? (maybe ATA100), and gnome-panel and gnome-shell leave unity in the dust.06:27
netritiouson modern hardware unity rocks, in the sense it doesn't take forever to render a friggin' window06:28
cyberangerhaha, difference between developer and user strikes again06:29
cyberangerwallet size06:29
netritiousAthlon x2 2.7GHz, 4GB DDR2 800MHz, EVGA GeForce 440, 80GB SATA II....unity works awesome on that machine06:30
netritious^that's my ubuntu box06:31
netritiousI'm slowly transitioning, trying to use it everyday but never works out that way heh06:32
cyberangerknow how that goes06:33
netritiousmy debian server that has the same cpu/mem specs but with 2x160GB and 2x500GB SATA II and GeForce 6100 (on board) I am on constantly, just via putty on win06:35
cyberangerI'm lucky to be on a computer every day lately, thanks to the smartphone & work's lunchbreak, I'm on now06:35
cyberangervia a server with screen06:35
netritiousthat's awesome cyberanger...gotta love smartphones06:35
netritiousthe ultra portable computer06:35
* netritious is still in love after two weeks with samsung captivate glide06:36
netritioushey I found something out that is kind of interesting...06:38
cyberangerwaiting for security to improve thogh06:38
netritiousabout how ubuntu handles user name anomalies upon creation...06:38
cyberangerand yeah, the captivate can do backflips around your old motorola06:39
netritiousindeed cyberanger XD pun intended I bet06:39
netritiousbut this family I am helping, one of them created user accounts for the fam members...06:39
Juzzyany of u guys in san fran this week? (vmworld)06:40
netritiousso for instance say 'Alice' needed a login, so the user name that was requested was 'Alice's Desktop' ...06:40
netritioussure not Juzzy...wish I was :/06:40
Juzzyah sux, we could meet up06:41
netritiousubuntu created 'alicesd:alicesd'06:41
Juzzyive never met any of you guys irl06:41
netritiousyeah ...we should try to have another statewide meetup, just a mixer maybe06:42
* netritious doesn't get out much06:44
netritiousand when I do it's almost always family oriented06:44
netritioussome business, but most of that is via skype, xmpp, and as a last resort, email06:45
netritiousso not 'IRL' but at least 'IRT' (in real time)06:45
wrstnetritious: i would think kde is no more resource hungry than gnome shell, but with kwin disabled its probably less a beast than gnome shell10:18
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netritiousgnome-panel is doing the  job atm. to be honest, it looks just like gnome-shell to me but this is an upgraded system, not clean install so wonky stuff abounds12:33
netritiousspeaking of upgrades, malware for linux is real.12:34
wrsti'm not for sure about gnome-panel i knew it was still around and I think that is what ubuntu uses for its classic gnome still?12:34
wrstreally netritious, what is it?12:34
netritiousi'm trying to remove some right now from a 10.04 machine upgaded to 12.0412:35
netritiousbrowser hijacker12:35
wrstreally what is it netritious?12:35
netritioustoolbar kind12:35
netritiousrefuses to be uninstalled, and when you finally do get it to, it reinstalls itself12:35
wrstahh toolbars are from satan12:36
netritiousbut that's what happens when you surf the nastiest part of the net12:38
wrstyeah i mean really people probably deserver what they get if they venture there12:38
netritiouswithout the proper protection anyway lol12:38
wrstha yeah, i can say i have no antivirus protection on anything at home12:39
wrstbut i don't have any windows machines other than a vm that I run and i do keep antivirus on it12:39
netritiousnot anymore...got dansguardian setup, and going all users behind that and cross my fingers12:39
netritious*and putting12:40
wrstthat's a good setup12:40
wrstdansguardian that is12:40
netritiousyeah it works ok. I was able to go to google and type 'naked', click on 'Images' and there be naked ppl, even behind dansguardian12:41
wrstits a pain to setup i have used opendns and that seems to work decently12:41
netritiousi'm using privoxy...I might need to switch to squid12:42
netritioususing it with dansguardian I mean12:43
netritiousi don't trust opendns12:46
wrstwhy do you not trust opendns?12:46
netritiousgut instinct12:46
wrsti mean i don't trust any thing like that much but figure you have a reason :)12:46
wrsti fully suspect they are snooping around in my business when i use them12:47
netritiousan unknown entity that collects information about my surfing habits...12:47
netritiousi mean, there is already my ISP, google, yahoo, ms, etc12:47
wrstwell i've already sold my soul to google12:48
netritiousthe govt too if you want to be paranoid about it (even though it's true according to an AT&T whistle blower)12:48
netritiousso I kinda see it like this wrst....12:49
netritiousgovt? I voted those people in.12:49
wrstyeah the govt both sides of the political spectrum are snakes12:49
netritiousgoogle? i ask them lots and lots of questions. it's a fair trade and inevitable they collect my data.12:50
wrstyeah i am not trading state secrets so i must say i don't worry a lot about it12:50
netritiousbut opendns?12:50
wrstteh grocery stores bother me more with their tracking than what google does12:50
netritiousI don't know anything about them12:50
netritiousopendns that is12:51
wrstin theory they could be capturing everything you do, but lots of organizations use opendns12:51
netritiousi will give them this: they have the best metrics collection gambit going besides google12:52
netritiouswell google and your ISP (anyone's ISP)12:52
wrstwell my isp probably doesn't know how to use anything like that or what it is12:53
netritiouswell not exactly...I mean, I'm not talking about hacking here, just log analysis12:53
netritiouslol @ your ISP12:53
wrstyeah local phone company... the know phones but when they send soemone out to your house and they utter the " i don't know much about computers " line when they have come to fix your internet you could be in trouble12:54
netritiousoh crap, that would bite12:55
netritiousback to the topic of opendns, they are just new and I am old and you know how old people don't like new things lol12:57
netritiousunless it's shiny of course12:58
netritiousha killed the malware13:12
netritioussudo rm -rfv /home/<user>/.mozilla/firefox/*13:13
netritiousrebuilds the profile on next run13:13
netritious*firefox rebuilds13:13
wrstthat makes sense and can only effect stuff on a limited basis also13:30
wrstbut opendns i didn't think was all that new13:30
xTEMPLARxopendns has been around for a few years now13:49
wrstxTEMPLARx: i think netritious may be getting old and senile? :)13:49
xTEMPLARxI resemble that remark!13:50
wrstha ha me too xTEMPLARx13:54
xTEMPLARxPersonally, I think its much too quiet in here.18:48
xTEMPLARx..and don't give me any of that "some of us have to work" junk.18:48
wrstxTEMPLARx: some of us have to... oh18:54
chris4585I don't wake up until 2pm lol19:01
wrstchris4585: you are my hero19:13
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* xTEMPLARx is now known as xTEMPLARx_xTEMPLARx20:52
wrstxTEMPLARx i don't think that did it? :)20:53
* wrst looks at guitars and blames xTEMPLARx for it21:16
jfenn2199afternoon all!21:50
wrsthello jfenn219922:27
netritioushey jfenn219923:21

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