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creftosCould we just create a new group on launchpad?00:24
SaltI have my hands full with other things, but I'm sure if you hang out here there will be conversation at some point00:31
Saltwhat part of wa are you in btw?00:31
creftosKitsap county/Bremerton00:33
creftosI've been interviewing a bunch over in Seattle though.00:34
SaltSeattle, I run GSLUG00:49
creftosHey Dan00:52
creftosSalt: oh coolio00:52
Dan68mmm, there is activity here, yay!00:54
creftosjust a little lol00:54
creftostrying to stir it up00:55
Dan68Any way we could organize a ubuntu 12.10 release party?00:55
creftosI don't really know what goes into that. Sounds like all the leadership is either MIA or too busy 00:55
Dan68I'm sure we could host it at AltSpace or In The Red Wine Bar or some place in Seattle00:55
SaltI can offer space in Redmond01:06
Saltorganizing an event is just saying it's going to happen then being there, advertising optional01:06
creftosYou make it sound so easy ^_^01:06
Saltit is deceptively easy01:11
valoriehi all -- we don't need to create a new group01:44
valorieas I understand it, if we get leadership together, we can remove Chuck easily01:44
valoriebut so far we haven't gotten it together01:44
valorieand I can't help right now with my dad in a nursing home01:45
valoriehe's 86; that won't last forever, but for now I'm busy every other evening01:45
* valorie will attend a party, but that's all I can do01:45
valorieI would love to see more activity, but I can't do my part to make that happen right now01:46
Saltif there was some way for me to make a living off of being an organizer I'd have things going from 0-60 in no time flat01:47
SaltI enjoy doing it, and I do it decently well, but I need moneyz to live01:48
valorieI hear ya03:18
valorieI think we need a few more people03:23
valorieour group is just small so far, which makes it difficult to cover all the necessary bits of organization03:24
Dan68yep valorie04:59
Saltvalorie: which is why it was initially ubuntu-pnw (holds self back from long rant)05:19
valorieI know05:29
valoriesad history there05:29
creftosany idea why there's two of me?20:39

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