brycehtjaalton, looks like we got a slew of xserver bug reports about 7 days ago - http://www.bryceharrington.org/Arsenal/ubuntu-x-swat/Reports/totals-quantal-workqueue.svg00:25
brycehtjaalton, probably those SIGABRT bugs I'm guessing, somehow related to the X stack update?00:25
RAOFbryceh: Those SIGABRT bugs are likely related to dropping the rethrow-signals patch and lightdm passing -core instead.01:11
RAOFbryceh: ie: we'll now be getting more apport crashes than before (because -core is more reliable at dumping core) but they'll be marked as SIGABRT because that's how -core dies. If that turns out to be annoying we can post-process the dumps in the xorg-server apport hook to extract the right signal.01:13
brycehRAOF, makes sense, although isn't it odd there was a sudden jump over the period of 1-2 days then it went back to the previous rate01:15
RAOFYeah, that is a bit odd.01:16
RAOF...actually, not *that* odd.01:16
RAOFBecause whoopsie's duplicate detection would be kicking in, and wouldn't be letting people file new bugs.01:16
brycehskimming traces, it looks like we're getting good stack traces.  I'm curious why the titles aren't being filled in though.  Would be more helpful if they specified the symbol01:17
brycehhmm, reasonable hypothesis re whoopsie.  I don't think it was noticing X crashes previously though; if it is now then I can cross off a work item!  :-)01:19
brycehinteresting; we have a topic page for xorg.  http://status.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-quantal/group/topic-quantal-desktop-xorg.html01:21
RAOFSo, to extract that, we'd want to post-process the backtrace and extract the signo out of OsSigHandler; that's got the right signal.01:21
RAOFHm. Actually, so does Xorg.0.log; the log should say ?Server crashed with signal 11 (SIGSEGV)?01:22
RAOFThat might be more reliable.01:22
brycehhrm, errors.ubuntu.com seems not to be loading the problems list01:23
brycehRAOF, yeah agreed those should be improved so the titles are clearer01:27
RAOFIn my experience errors.ubuntu.com takes *ages* to load.01:27
RAOFProbably because it's scraping launchpad.01:28
brycehaw well01:30
brycehhere we go01:35
brycehok one bug against xserver-xorg-core this month, ranked at 28:  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xorg-server/+bug/103353301:35
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1033533 in xorg-server (Ubuntu) "Xorg crashed with SIGABRT" [Medium,Confirmed]01:35
brycehRAOF, so I'll take that as confirmation of that hypothesis01:37
RAOFYeah, that's not going to end well :)01:39
RAOFAlso, hurray! Working backtraces from xserver bugs!01:40
brycehindeed :-)01:43
brycehif I had time I could even totally triage all these01:43
brycehbet that one is an easy fix though01:44
tjaaltonbryceh: some of them seem to be due to nouveau dri/ddx03:32
bjsniderok, so there's going to be a fourth legacy blob series, the 30405:11
bjsniderso there will need to be a special package, perhaps nvidia-304 or something, created for that05:12
tjaaltonfourth yes, but -71 isn't alive anymore05:16
seb128can the xorg-edger nvidia's binary drivers be installed on a quantal stack?09:03
shadeslayerhi, the last X upgrade on quantal has rendered my X useless, xorg.log says it can't find any device09:37
tjaaltonlog please09:37
tjaaltonseb128_: probably09:38
seb128_tjaalton, thanks09:38
shadeslayeryeah, I will need a couple of minutes :)09:38
tjaaltonpastebinit /var/log/..09:39
tjaaltona hybrid laptop?09:44
tjaaltonpastebin dmesg too09:44
shadeslayeruh yeah, it worked just fine till about a hour ago09:47
tjaaltonand why the heck do you have nomodeset on the kernel cmdline?09:47
shadeslayerwon't boot without it09:47
tjaaltonwell that dmesg is useless09:47
shadeslayeruh ok09:48
tjaaltonwhat do you mean "until an hour ago"? mesa is the only update since couple of weeks09:48
shadeslayerlemme pastebin last couple of lines from apt logs09:50
tjaaltondo you have the previous xserver-xorg-core in /var/cache/apt/archives?09:53
shadeslayerbut I can download stuff since I have my phone tethered09:54
shadeslayeralso have that package installed already09:54
tjaaltonit shouldn't matter, there was an update to an arm-specific patch09:55
tjaaltonmesa got an update to fix an intel bug09:56
tjaaltonso when was your previous reboot before the upgrade?09:56
shadeslayer4 days ago09:56
tjaaltonand didn't upgrade anything between?09:57
shadeslayerI most likely did09:58
tjaaltondo you get the plymouth splash?09:59
shadeslayermesa upgrade 2 days ago, that's from 8.0.4 to 9.009:59
shadeslayeruh, was out of the room for that part, lemme reboot and check10:00
tjaaltonwithout nomodeset10:00
shadeslayerI am certain I won't be able to boot without it10:01
shadeslayeryep, only a black screen10:01
tjaaltonso kernel is broken somehow10:01
shadeslayerhm ...10:02
shadeslayerI have always booted with nomodeset10:03
tjaaltonso no regression10:03
shadeslayersince without it it never works10:03
tjaaltonok, so probably your X got upgraded within the four days, meaning now your ati doesn't support non-kms anymore10:04
shadeslayerand with nomodeset I get Plymouth10:04
shadeslayeroh 10:04
tjaaltondunno why it doesn't fall back on vesa then10:04
tjaaltonwell, tries and fails10:05
shadeslayerok, any suggestions on what I can do ?10:06
shadeslayertjaalton: thanks anyway10:07
tjaaltontry a newer kernel?10:07
tjaaltonwithout nomodeset10:07
shadeslayerhm ...10:07
shadeslayerlooking at the mainline debs 10:08
shadeslayerok, Plymouth came up with 3.6 and not passing nomodeset10:22
shadeslayera error occured while mounting boot10:22
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tjaaltonuh, how to install the backport stack on precise? enable the ppa, then what?15:44
tjaaltonthought there was one package that would pull it all, including the kernel15:48
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ricotztseliot, hi18:05
ricotztseliot, please drop the 3.6 buildfix patch which isnt needed anymore and break the build18:06
ricotzalso please lower xserver-xorg-core (>= 2: to (>= 2: to make the lts-backport easier18:07
tseliotricotz: I'll do that tomorrow. Thanks18:42
Prf_JakobSarvatt_, bryceh: Regarding the vmwgfx bug where it didn't start, I think the patches Dave Airlie posted will fix those.20:45
brycehPrf_Jakob, thanks21:11
shadeslayertjaalton: if you're awake, using 3.6 rc3 without nomodeset gives me a orange screen ... not sure how else to describe it22:27
brycehshadeslayer, check dmesg?22:37
shadeslayerbryceh: uh ... I kind of hacked my way around stuff and got everything working22:38
shadeslayerusing nomodeset, and specifying X to use fbdev in /etc/X11/Xorg.conf22:38
shadeslayerand I can't post dmesg because I can't switch to a tty when not using nomodeset22:39
bjsnideran orange screen22:40
bjsniderdon't think i've heard of that before22:40
shadeslayerI've never seen one before :P22:41
bjsnideri guess ubuntu now has the orange screen o' death22:41
shadeslayerlemme reboot without nomodeset and no xorg.conf and try to switch to a tty22:41
shadeslayernew color this time22:43
bjsniderpurple would make sense22:44
shadeslayerhttp://db.tt/b8KiiYRu 22:44
shadeslayernot exactly purple :P22:45
bjsnideryou should be able to get to a tty from that22:45
shadeslayerno amount of ctrl-alt-f1 gives me a tty22:47
shadeslayertried all of them22:47
bjsniderif you touch the lock keys do the lights on the keyboard light up?22:47
shadeslayeron a external keyboard 22:48
bjsniderthe keyboad is working then22:48
shadeslayercaps lock lights up on the onboard keyboard, so that works as well22:49
shadeslayerbjsnider: why the aversion to nomodeset ? 23:01
shadeslayerhm, dmesg.2 is empty23:07
shadeslayerthat's the boot without nomodeset23:07
bjsniderthe modern drivers need kms23:12
shadeslayerbjsnider: oh ok23:33
shadeslayerwell, like I said, no dmesg logs from the boot without nomodeset23:33

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