Kiloshi superfly and others04:59
Kiloshi Squirm 05:05
Squirmyou're in early Kilos 05:06
Kilosyeah everything is working, no need to sort stuff first05:06
Kiloshi kbmonk 05:12
kbmonkhi hi o/05:12
Kilosno more ey? hehe05:12
kbmonkI got in via the freenode webchat05:12
kbmonkhe he. how are you Kilos?05:12
Kilosyou have showed online since your UH05:13
Kilosgood ty kbmonk and you05:13
Kiloshows things your side kbmonk 05:13
Kiloswork going good?05:13
kbmonkthat is my irssi on a shell account that is always online Kilos. 05:13
kbmonkbut they block that at work so i cant get ssh in.05:14
Kilosyou just need to etll it to show away05:14
Kilosi have greeted and pinged you few times05:14
kbmonkusually I do, but my 3G cut out before I could do that. Murphey eh ;)05:15
Kilosha ha ha05:15
kbmonkIt doesn't show as away?05:15
Kiloshave you tried 8ta, much more stable than the others05:15
Kilosdidnt nuvolari tell you05:16
kbmonknuvolari did and I'm interested now!05:16
Kiloslotsa guys here gone 8ta05:16
Kilosjust member when you buy a sim put it in fone and fone 8ta and get them to enable 3g05:17
kbmonktoday i'm going to see an agent about a place to stay... so maybe i cant go find 8ta tomorrow or the weekend.05:17
Kilosotherwise its edge or gprs05:17
kbmonkThanks for that tip, Kilos! XD05:17
Kilosno shops near you?05:17
Kilosevery second tea room sells sims and airtime05:18
* Squirm noms05:20
kbmonkhi Squirm o/05:20
Squirmlo kbmonk 05:20
* kbmonk throws bananas at Kilos and Squirm 05:20
Squirmkbmonk: you're a monk today, act like one :/05:21
SquirmI'm going to be late again...05:22
kbmonkI don't like this webchat, it has no SSL :/05:23
Kiloshi Gavin__ 05:26
Kiloskbmonk, there must be someway to bypass their block05:27
Kilosyou not a geek for nothing05:27
kbmonkhow much R/MB does 8ta go for?05:27
Kilosthey got a special on R149 for 2g +1g night surfer05:28
Kilosafter 11 pm05:28
kbmonkI pay that for 500MB on voda. wow that is much cheaper. Thanks Kilos :)05:29
Kilosyeah i jumped at it too05:29
kbmonknot sure why their site says R1/MB. 05:29
kbmonkaah, okay for data only its cheaper. no voice. no problem05:30
Kilosonce you have enabled the sim to 3g it shows where you change airtime to data 05:32
Kilosbefore enabling 3g i didnt see it on the fone05:33
Kilosi think the 8ta guy said once 3g is activated then that sim only works to other 8ta fones 05:34
Kilosbut thats fine in the modem05:34
Kilosand there is a tool to topup and check airtime balance on linux05:35
kbmonkOkay :)05:35
kbmonkI have to go now :(05:36
Kiloshavent found how to check data balance without putting sim in fone yet05:36
Kiloshave a good day laddy05:36
Squirmbetter run to work. be back in <505:36
Kilosgo Squirm 05:36
kbmonknormally its like *100# (or whatever code they have). that is called ussd codes05:37
kbmonkyou can use the gsm-ussd program to *100# your 3G modem :)05:37
kbmonkthat's what I used to top-up airtime. no fone reqrd05:38
Kilosill check inna repos05:38
kbmonkciao ciao o/05:38
Kilosbe good05:39
kbmonkI'll try ;)05:39
* Squirm yawns05:46
Kiloslol so early05:46
Kilosor you still waking up05:46
SquirmI'm either always waking up, or always going to sleep05:47
inetproKilos-: good morning05:55
Kilos-hmm hiya inetpro 05:56
inetproKilos-: go to https://home.8ta.com/05:56
=== Kilos- is now known as Kilos
inetprodo the 'Self Service Login' thing05:56
inetprothen you can recharge your bundle05:57
inetproand check your balance05:57
Kilosprepaid tool allows that 05:57
Kilosoh you can check too05:58
inetprowhat's the prepaid tool?05:58
Kilos8ta sees opera as a fone05:58
Kilosin repos05:58
Kilosshows airtime balance and allows topup05:59
Kilosonly doesnt show data balance05:59
inetprointeresting, thanks06:00
* inetpro didn't even know about that06:00
Kilosi saw it in a mail the weed answered06:00
inetpronot that I need it any more these days06:00
Kilosyou got the big 8ta bundle?06:00
Kilos60 + 6006:01
inetproKilos: no not yet06:01
Kilosthis 2 +1 is great for me06:01
Kiloshi Tonberry 06:02
SquirmI want a holiday06:02
Kiloshow long you been working Squirm ?06:06
Kilosat that place?06:06
Squirmsince January06:07
Kilos5 more months then you got leave06:08
SquirmI've had bits of leave06:10
Squirmbut I want to go away somewhere06:10
Squirmhello Tonberry 06:15
Kiloshiya maiatoday 06:23
Kilosall good?06:23
maiatodayyup thanks, juggeling priorities as usual but all good, you?06:25
Kilosgood ty06:25
jrgnsmorning all06:28
Kiloshi jrgns 06:29
superflymorning all06:45
sakhimorning all06:46
charlvngood morning06:55
charlvnmorning superfly, sakhi, Kilos, jrgns, maiatoday 06:56
charlvnMaaz: coffee on06:56
* Maaz flips the salt-timer06:56
jrgnsmorning charlvn06:56
maiatodayhi all06:58
MaazCoffee's ready for charlvn!07:00
superflyhey, maiatoday, good to see you07:00
maiatodaysuperfly are you super busy with work or do you have some time for a python project07:02
superflymaiatoday: what does it involve?07:05
maiatodayI don't have a lot of detail, it's prism and web stuff07:05
maiatodayno no typo, pyramid, not prism07:06
maiatodayIf you think you have time mail me and I'll get more info07:07
superflypyramid, oooo07:07
charlvnMaaz: thanks!07:08
Maazcharlvn: Okay :-)07:08
superflymy framework of choice07:08
charlvnhi smile :)08:06
smilehi. :)08:06
Kiloshi smile 08:07
Kiloslo charlvn sakhi 08:07
Kilosand psydroid 08:07
psydroidhi Kilos worth of smile :)08:10
psydroidhi charlvn08:10
psydroidhi sakhi08:10
smilepsydroid: lol. :p08:12
charlvnhi psydroid 08:12
smilecharlvn: have you slept well? :)08:23
charlvnyes indeed! much nicer weather now!08:32
charlvni am feeling GREAT this morning!08:32
charlvni wish i could sleep longer :)08:32
charlvnbut i have a job i need to tend to ;)08:32
SquirmI just got the rest of the day off09:19
Squirmnow I don't know what to do with myself09:20
inetproSquirm: where are you based?09:20
SquirmTreverton Schools, Mooi RIver09:20
=== Trix[a]r_za is now known as Trixar_za
* Symmetria laughs10:14
SymmetriaIm now broke :P I just spent all my cash haha, need to make more 10:15
Kiloswhat you bought, another car? or an aeroplane10:18
Symmetrialol parents house is on a double plot10:20
Symmetriaor was10:20
SymmetriaI now own the bottom plot 10:20
Symmetriaeventually lol I'll probably buy the house/top plot as well10:20
Symmetriaheh but I refuse to take loans to do this stuff so will be a while before I can afford to buy either the house on the top plot or build, coupla months at least 10:21
* Symmetria believes in a cash world10:21
Kerberoit is better10:42
=== Trixar_za is now known as Trix[a]r_za
magespawnhowdy all11:07
smileHi :)11:19
inetproSymmetria: eish!11:59
inetproblowing your horn like that is really not so nice11:59
charlvngood afternoon12:52
zeref_campusis anybody a member of: http://www.meetup.com/Jozi-Linux-User-Group-JLUG/13:00
charlvnzeref_campus: interesting, are they trying to compete with the glug?13:03
charlvnafaik the glug is much more well established13:03
zeref_campushad a peak at the clug site, seems to be dead13:04
zeref_campusthe Jozi guys seem to be very active13:04
jrgnsi want to one of the meetups once13:05
jrgnswas quite good13:05
jrgnsin my experience (and opinion) glug isn't very chat / noob friendly13:06
jrgnsany glug members here? i'd like to hear other experiences?13:07
zeref_campusheard about the jozi guys today, thinkning about going to a meetup and see whats cookin there13:08
Symmetriato redo the switches in the hostels at one of the universities13:10
SymmetriaI need 150 48 hour switches13:10
Symmetrialike, holy crap :p13:10
inetprojrgns: what happened?13:12
charlvnjrgns: i used to belong to some of the glug mailing lists a long time ago, they were even relatively inactive back then compared to the clug13:12
charlvnjrgns: i don't know about being noob friendly or not though, i can't say i particularly experienced them as being *ssholes or anything13:13
charlvnjrgns: to the contrary, you get a lot of snobbish attitude under the clug as well, probably much more so than the glug13:13
jrgnsinetpro: i've seen a couple of responses from members where they are either very defensive of their own points of view, or very dismissive of other people's lack of experience / skills13:14
jrgnsinetpro: i've always managed to steer clear of that, but made the mistake about asking if anyone knew about a PHP community on the list. got the dressing down of my life13:15
charlvnSymmetria: 48 hour switches? what's that?13:15
Kerbero48 port?13:15
charlvnhi smile4 13:15
inetprojrgns: hmm...13:15
jrgnsinetpro: i'm probably exaggerating a bit, but it wasn't the response i expected13:15
inetproI know the feeling... 13:16
jrgnscharlvn: i suspect the inactivity stems from a lack of openness13:16
charlvnjrgns: you're probably right13:16
jrgnsinetpro: ?13:16
charlvnjrgns: that problem is quite common though, also with the clug. you get the most insane fights about petty stuff on some of the lists13:16
jrgnscharlvn: not kewl13:17
inetproemail communication can be a tough medium, I guess like all communication13:17
charlvnjrgns: there is definitely a degree of elitism but regarding php programming, php is always the victim of elitism amoung programmers13:17
jrgnsin contrast, the jlug group is very open and willing to teach and be taught. the meetup I went to was more a discussion than a lecture. quite nice13:17
charlvnjrgns: the problem really stems from a great number of php programmers who really have no idea of how to program or architect systems13:17
jrgnscharlvn: oh, definitely13:17
charlvnjrgns: due to that, php programmers have gotten a really bad reputation of the years13:18
charlvnjrgns: of course, there are a lot of really good programmers that also use php (when the need calls for it)13:18
jrgnscharlvn: the problem is that a lot of animosity towards php dev comes from this misconception13:18
inetpromany times you must learn to take in on the chin and just move on13:18
inetprodon't take it personal13:18
=== smile4 is now known as smile
jrgnscharlvn: which just creates a bigger divide between inexperienced php devs and other devs, as they young php devs now get the idea that ruby / python / whatever devs are snobbish ruffians13:19
jrgnsand prevents them from then learning from the other languages13:19
charlvnjrgns: perhals you're right, although, to be perfectly honest, it shouldn't come as a surprise13:20
jrgnsinetpro: definitely. i still lurk on glug-chat, but will think twice and read any responses much more carefully13:20
jrgnscharlvn: ??13:20
charlvnjrgns: lemme put it this way... there is really no barrier of entry when it comes to calling yourself a "programmer"13:21
charlvnfor example, a doctor needs to have a medical degree, or a lawyer needs to attend law school13:21
jrgnscharlvn: ah. i can copy & paste from SO, and now I can code13:21
charlvnbut anyone can learn how to program and claim to be an "experienced programmer" after just taking on a few small and relatively simple projects\13:22
charlvnexactly, just by using google and resources like stack overflow etc, you can actually get a lot done without having too much experience13:22
jrgnscharlvn: definitely. I've interviewed a few coders that rated their PHP skills as above average / expert, but couldn't answer simple php basics13:22
jrgnsfrustrates the hell out of me13:22
charlvnwell that's why you get some strange behaviour from a lot of programmers, i don't think they have anything against helping promising young programmers\13:23
charlvnbut i think they want to try and keep the "wannabees" out13:23
jrgnscharlvn: i agree13:23
charlvni have seen very few of those wannabees in europe but in south africa they seem to be quite common13:23
jrgnshehe, yup13:23
charlvni think it's because a lot of people see programming as a "good job" where they are going to "earn lots of money"13:23
charlvnwhere in europe it's kind of "oh yeah so you're a programmer, whatevs"13:24
charlvnnot that it's a bad thing to say you're a programmer, but it doesn't impress people too much13:24
jrgnsi've been dealing with managing people's perception of me because I market myself as an expert php coder. i'm starting to throw that out, and just go with backend coder or systems dev13:24
charlvni'm completely with you there13:24
charlvni don't refer to myself as a python/php/java/whatever programmer13:25
charlvnsimply as a backend developer13:25
jrgnsja, and i only go for web dev if i know people either know what it entails (not just html and some js) or if i know they are looking for a web dev13:26
charlvnwell let's face it, most systems are going to have a web component these days13:27
charlvnthe whole concept of a "desktop programmer" versus a "web programmer" is totally outdated13:27
charlvnbesides, these days people are running after the mobile application hype13:27
charlvnthat is also only temporary because that will also largely be taken over by mobile web applications13:28
charlvnthe world goes through these phases of "web 2.0" or "mobile" or "cloud"13:28
charlvnat the end of the day, very little of that is driven by actual technology13:28
charlvnwe had services like hotmail in the 90's that people are now branding as "cloud"13:29
charlvnit's as ancient as trojan horses13:29
charlvn(of the greek kind of course)13:29
jrgnsi'm trying to stay on the backend, 'cause at the end of the day even cloud services need an api or backend to communicate to13:29
charlvnwell that's why the backend is so important, for every web page that the user sees, a whole lot of stuff needs to happen on various servers to make that possible13:30
charlvnok i need to get back to work :) bbl13:30
jrgnsexactly. schweet13:33
inetproheh, there are only a few buzzwords that I hate more than the cloud13:33
inetproif anything a cloud can vanish as fast as it appears in the skies13:34
jrgnsinetpro: witty13:35
Kilosyou okes didnt even say hi to carma13:36
inetproKilos: eish! Sorry oom.13:37
Kiloslol never mind13:37
Kilosi was outside13:38
jrgnsgtg, chat tomorrow13:38
zeref_campushurrrmmm, has anybody used django?13:38
Kiloscheers jr13:38
superflyzeref_campus: somewhat. if possible I prefer to steer clear of it. there are much better options.13:39
zeref_campussuperfly: why?13:41
superflyzeref_campus: Django suffers terribly from "Not Invented Here" syndrome13:41
tumbleweedwhich is partly what makes it easily understandable13:41
superflythus you cannot typically use Django libraries in non-Django projects, and you can't use non-Django libraries in Django projects13:42
superflytumbleweed: just like PHP ;-)13:42
tumbleweednon-django libraries work just fine in django13:42
tumbleweedzeref_campus: we use a lot of django at work13:42
superflytumbleweed: depends on what you're trying to do13:42
tumbleweedeverything that isn't java (urgh) is django13:42
superflyzeref_campus: there's also Pyramid, Flash, Bottle and Werkzeug13:43
tumbleweedsuperfly: sure. you can't esaily swap out the DB layer / templating. But you can easily use a library that doesn't replace a core django component13:43
superflyzeref_campus: you might want to take a look at a few of them and try to evaluate them13:44
tumbleweedWerkzeug is great if you are just trying to build a little API endpoint. Flask adds templating to it. Never used Pyramid / Bottle13:44
zeref_campushmmm, no one is mentioning any CMS13:44
zeref_campusdrupal, joomla13:44
tumbleweedzeref_campus: we're talking about application frameworks here, not CMSs13:45
tumbleweedalthough django was meant to replace the CMS13:45
tumbleweed(at a slightly lower level)13:45
superflyzeref_campus: Application Frameworks and CMS/CMF's are different things.13:45
zeref_campusoh, my mistake13:46
tumbleweedTBH, we use django as a replacement for a CMS for our front page13:46
tumbleweedand are very happy with it13:46
tumbleweedthe "web people" don't need to know anything about python. They just drop in HTML, CSS, and JS. And it's all glued together with magic they don't touch13:47
zeref_campushmmm, soo many to try :\13:48
superflyzeref_campus: at least try Pyramid and Flask in addition to Django13:52
zeref_campushmm, i'm busy reading up on them atm :D13:56
tumbleweed16:47 < dholbach> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDeveloperWeek is starting in a  bit more than 10 minutes in #ubuntu-classroom14:49
magespawnsee you all later15:00
charlvnmikurubeam: http://www.diginfo.tv/v/12-0162-r-en.php15:31
mikurubeamAutomatic motion tracking home security camera helps keep your pets safe - DigInfo TV - Tech News Videos From Japan | The latest technology, products, gadgets and scientific research direct from Tokyo15:31
Kiloshi mikurubeam 15:32
charlvnvery nice15:32
charlvnKilos: mikurubeam is a java bot i created15:32
Kilostoods magespawn 15:32
Kilosha ha15:32
charlvnit's a little r&d15:32
charlvnok i'm off, need to go home15:33
Lionthinkerhowzit guys15:44
Lionthinkeris there an app or something that allows us cell data users to check and load airtime/data in sa?15:45
nuvolariLionthinker: I'm positive each network has a web interface? :P16:00
nuvolariI gave up on a native app16:00
nuvolariok, I'm ogg to home16:00
nuvolarihrr major lag16:00
nuvolariwould be better at home16:00
nuvolariand I'm hungry16:00
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charlvnmikurubeam: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=08zbQwwljAg16:30
mikurubeamYouTube video by Hak5Darren: RFID Injection and Laser Hands at Toorcamp 2012, Hak5 1201.116:30
Trixar_zaHehehe - Flatpress actually has an Count Down to Ubuntu Release plugin16:31
Trixar_zaWhy do all the flatfile services have it?16:31
not_foundHak5 is awesome (pity I don't understand half of it)16:32
charlvnlol not_found 16:32
charlvna lot of their stuff is pretty noob but some of it is awesome16:32
not_foundI sometimes understand the things snubsy is on about but once Darren starts getting excited I am lost16:33
charlvnshannon is more of a windows / high level user16:34
charlvndarren is more of a low level / command line / unix user16:34
charlvnshannon does some good ones too though16:34
charlvnmikurubeam: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6X5TwvGXHP016:35
mikurubeamYouTube video by Hak5Darren: How to Capture Packets with Wireshark - Getting Started16:35
not_foundnew bot I see16:35
charlvnshannon is getting better :)16:35
charlvnnot_found: yeah something i wrote this morning, based off old code16:36
Kerberoshannon is my computer's name16:36
charlvnit was actually an experiment of how to do html5 parsing in java16:36
charlvnKerbero: you got a crush? :P16:36
not_foundcharlvn: nice16:36
not_foundKerbero: cool name :)16:36
Kerberoshannon was not gay16:37
Kerberobut he was a friend of turing16:37
Kerberowho was16:37
charlvnoh that shannon16:37
Tonberrydifferent shannons16:37
charlvnok now i get it16:37
not_foundSnubsy is cute :p16:37
charlvnnot_found: yeah she has a cute asian look to her16:37
charlvnnot_found: even though she's not16:37
Kerberowhat if turing had kids...16:38
charlvni think she's a mixture of european and native american or something16:38
Tonberryreminds me im still on season7 of hak516:38
* not_found can't remember when last he watched :(\16:38
charlvni've been following hak5 all the way from season 116:38
charlvnok i need to go get food: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kapsalon16:40
Kerberoo lekker16:40
Kerberoeen heel leuk naam ook16:41
Symmetriathese new juniper switches 16:52
Symmetriahave some really cool shit 16:52
Symmetriayou can virtualize them with a cable between them16:52
Symmetriathat runs at 128gigabit16:53
Symmetriaand they become a single switch 16:53
Symmetriawhich means you can run a fiber into each unit, and then lacp across the fibers in a single l2 trunk 16:53
Kerberowhat type of cable will hadle that bandwidth16:53
Symmetriawhich means that in full mode, you have double capacity, but if you lose an entire switch, your uplink still works16:53
Symmetriathats a special stacking cable, you can do 100gig on a single normal fiber though16:54
Symmetria(infact you can dwdm 100gig so you can do 1.6 terabit using multi-wave)16:54
Kilosnuvolari, prepaid-manager in the repos17:21
Kiloshi not_found 17:22
Kilosgives airtime balance and topup facility17:22
not_foundhi uncle Kilos 17:24
Kilosprepaid-manager-applet inetpro nuvolari 17:25
Kilosi forgot the applet part17:26
Kilosnight guys. i go crash early17:41
Kilossleep tight17:41
zerefok, a friend of mine mentioned that phones are now designed to last for 3 years, anybody heard about this?18:11
smilebye :)18:32
magespawnevening al18:49
magespawntumbleweed is there an published schedule for those classes/talks in #ubuntu-classroom?18:56
tumbleweedmagespawn: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDeveloperWeek/Timetable19:04
tumbleweedlonger term: http://people.ubuntu.com/~nhandler/classroom.html19:05
charlvngood evening19:08
magespawncool ty tumbleweed19:23
magespawnevening  charlvn 19:23
charlvnhi magespawn 19:27
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=== CanStudied is now known as Cantide
zerefhow do you get your app to show in the panel when its running?20:06
zereffor instance when you start dropbox it shows in the top panel20:06
=== Trixar_za is now known as Trix[a]r_za
charlvnzeref: for your own application i mean? in which programming language?20:44
charlvn*you mean20:44
zerefteh python20:45
charlvnmikurubeam: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopExperienceTeam/ApplicationIndicators#Python_version20:48
mikurubeamDesktopExperienceTeam/ApplicationIndicators - Ubuntu Wiki20:48
charlvnmikurubeam: http://standards.freedesktop.org/systemtray-spec/systemtray-spec-0.2.html20:49
mikurubeamSystem Tray Protocol Specification20:49
zerefahhh, just what i was looking for, thanks20:50
zerefkept on missing my aaplications20:51
zeref*application notifications :D20:51
charlvnmikurubeam: http://packages.ubuntu.com/precise/python-eggtrayicon20:51
mikurubeamUbuntu -- Details of package python-eggtrayicon in precise20:51
charlvnif you are using PyGTK20:52
charlvnmikurubeam: http://www.pygtk.org/docs/pygtk/class-gtkstatusicon.html20:52
charlvnif you are using pyqt, maybe check this out20:53
charlvnmikurubeam: http://qt-project.org/doc/qt-4.8/qsystemtrayicon.html20:53
mikurubeamQSystemTrayIcon | Documentation | Qt Developer Network20:53
charlvnit all depends on which gui library you are using20:54
charlvnfrom the look of it, ubuntu is using some new strange custom and incompatible thing in unity20:54
zerefusing GTK, nice and quick20:54
charlvnbut i have never used it myself so i don't know20:54
charlvnjust try a few things and see what works for you20:54
charlvnwould be interesting to see what works, please report back with your findings20:54
zerefthe first link is what i was looking for :D20:55
zerefPyGtK is fading out, making way for pygobject20:56
charlvni almost never write any gui utilities anymore, it's either command line or web based for me now20:56
charlvni used to develop some pretty heavy stuff with swing and dabbled around in qt as well a number of years ago20:56
charlvn*java swing20:57
charlvnok lemme go to bed20:57
charlvni am dead tired20:57
charlvnenjoy your developments!20:57
magespawnlater all21:25

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