WeThePeopleim tired00:00
v0lksmansorry I wasn't clear00:00
LiquidNilHello, I want to watch blu ray disk on ubuntu, VLC does not play it and yes I have the restricted extras and a blu ray drive????????00:00
hylianWeThePeople: have a good rest!00:00
v0lksmanso fancontrol is removed but how do I restore the default fan behavior?00:00
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience00:00
LiquidNilHello, I want to watch blu ray disk on ubuntu, VLC does not play it and yes I have the restricted extras and a blu ray drive????????00:00
v0lksmanmy fans are running full speed right now...hahaha00:00
LiquidNilv0lksman: please take that to ot00:00
v0lksmanLiquidNil: ? how is that not an ubuntu support question?00:01
KM0201i don't think you can play bluray natively in linux yet (i could be wrong)00:01
hylianv0lksman: well your pc is nice and cool. I will do some research quick and see if i can dig anything up...00:01
LiquidNilKM0201: so Blu ray can not be played on Ubuntu?00:01
v0lksmanhylian: thanks! digging too!00:01
KM0201LiquidNil: thats not what i said, i said i don't think it can be done natively(the way you're wanting to do it)..00:02
MerisLiquidNil, it can be played, just takes a little work00:02
KM0201google seems to confirm this.00:02
ZeptisLiquidnil, lmgtfy: http://apcmag.com/how-to-play-blu-ray-in-linux.htm00:02
LiquidNilMeris: what do i do exactly?00:02
NicoBresslerIs it viable to program in Python in Ubuntu?00:02
ZeptisNicoBressler, yep.00:02
Dr_WillisNicoBressler:  python is used for a lot of things in Ubuntu00:02
NicoBresslerI would love to start learning Python00:03
Dr_Willismore viable in Linux, then in windows i would imagine.. ;)00:03
NicoBresslerI knew someone who was coding a phone system in Python00:03
MerisLiquidNil, try this link: http://apcmag.com/how-to-play-blu-ray-in-linux.htm00:03
CongOkay I got my answer.00:03
ZeptisMeris: jinx :P00:03
WeThePeopleliquidnil, http://apcmag.com/how-to-play-blu-ray-in-linux.htm00:03
Dr_Willishttp://www.pyweek.org/      Python game of the Week.00:03
Vyla2i think my system is not using the iGPU integrated of my i5-2500K... how do i check that?00:04
MerisZeptis, what's wrong?00:04
hylianv0lksman: well, this is a lot of work, but I think this may solve your problem. gkrellm is a strange little program. it will let you control your fan with the proper plugin... http://tuxtweaks.com/2008/08/how-to-control-fan-speeds-in-ubuntu/00:04
Zeptisnothing, Meris, I just posted that right before you did00:04
MerisZeptis, ah, you meant: Ninja'd.00:04
Zeptisninja'd implies lack of sodas :\00:05
Dr_WillisNinja Soda Jerks?00:05
MerisZeptis, does it now? How curious. Can't seem to see the connection between soda and ninja, but that must be me, I guess ;-)00:05
v0lksmanhylian: yeah I'm hoping to not have to control my fan and set it back to auto.  it's on a server anyways so no gui00:06
* hylian is listening to highway 181 old country -
natsirtDr Willis I came back for seconds00:06
andrilanyone good with nvidia drivers?00:06
v0lksmanhylian: just not my night...00:06
Zeptisandril, ubottu is.00:06
hylianv0lksman: i was thinkgin you could use that line about how to restart fancontrol. that's why i mentioned it.00:06
Zeptis!nvidia > andril00:07
ubottuandril, please see my private message00:07
v0lksmanhylian: hahaha...that's what got me into this mess. :)00:07
v0lksmanhylian: fancontrol wasn't installed before I started. so it makes sense that it's not needed and it disabled something00:08
Zeptisyou're welcome00:08
LiquidNilWeThePeople: i am here http://www.makemkv.com/forum2/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=22400:08
LiquidNilim trying to do the make -f for the two files00:08
LiquidNilbut i get an error00:08
LiquidNilmakemkv-bin-1.7.7.tar.gz:2: *** target pattern contains no `%'.  Stop.00:09
LiquidNilwait, i need to upack it first00:09
LiquidNilI have never compiled from source, how do i unpack it?00:09
Dr_Willisa -bin- imples to me its allready compiled and has the binary in it00:10
LiquidNilDr_Willis: there are two files, a bin and a oss00:10
hylianv0lksman: ohh, i misunderstood. hmmm, how strange. considering this is a server you probably want to keep up, i am assuming you have not restarted it... could it be something that needs restart of the kernel to re-implement?00:10
LiquidNilapparently i need both.00:10
HAMKootLiquidNil, old post from 2008 ..00:11
Dr_WillisLiquidNil:  you sure you dont mean 2 directories?00:11
LiquidNilthose two files there00:11
LiquidNilim trying to watch blu ray on ubuntu00:11
hylianv0lksman: also, what version of ubuntu are you using?00:11
Dr_WillisYou may want to spend an hr learning some shell basics first.00:12
v0lksmanhylian: I could reboot but would rather not, might try just to save time... :)  12.0400:12
hylianv0lksman: yeah i figured. to be honest, i don't know what to tell you. I have never needed to control my fans/temp to the degree your dealing with. I don't monk with the rack mounts too often.00:13
natsirtLiquidNil:  you sure you dont mean 2 directories?00:14
hylianv0lksman: well, i'll keep digging.00:14
LiquidNilnatsirt: I just did "tar -xfz" to those two files00:14
LiquidNiland now i have two new directories00:14
natsirtDr Willis ou may want to spend an hr learning some shell basics first.00:14
Zeptishotkeys are working, nvidia is working, wine is working, and pulseaudio is working; am I missing any big functionalities to readd to ubuntu?00:14
hylianDr_Willis: i wonder if geekbox can play blueray. kind of a srtange woraround. but...00:14
markitSolarisBoy: probably I've found the problem with my bonding00:15
LiquidNilis that a program available in the repos?00:15
hylianLiquidNil: ever hear of geekbox? it's a live cd/dvd for playing dvd's and blue ray... i think it can handle blueray.00:15
LiquidNilApparently it supports blue ray00:15
LiquidNilhylian: is it in the repos?00:15
hylianLiquidNil: yeah, my typo. geexbox.00:15
szalhylian: did you mean: GeeXboX?00:15
LiquidNilis Geexbox in the repos?00:16
markitjust an hardware one... with the case open, the video board was "burning" the 2 nics above it, sigh00:16
hylianszal: yeah i meant geexbox.00:16
szalLiquidNil: last I read of it, it was a Linux distro00:16
LiquidNilim not going to run it on a vm just to watch a blu ray disk00:16
hylianlinusable: no, it is dvd/blueray software pre configured in a linux kernel. you run it from live cd or usb drive.00:16
v0lksmanhylian: yeah thanks! normally we don't need to mess with fan speeds but this box is acting weird. at least it will be nice and cool overnight...hahaha00:17
LiquidNilhylian: where can i get it, the repos?00:17
Jordan_ULiquidNil: http://lxbdplayer.sourceforge.net/english.html looks promising, but I have not tested it in any way and cannot vouch for it.(simly found it through http://askubuntu.com/questions/9912/how-can-i-watch-blu-ray-discs?rq=1 )00:17
LiquidNilJordan_U: thanks00:18
hylianLiquidNil: not vm. you reboot the machine with the linux kernel, and then run the blueray. it doesn't play encrypted blue ray though...00:18
subz3r0hylian, bla00:18
hyliansubz3r0: um, did i say something strange or bad?00:19
Zeptishow does one take a screen with Xwindows?00:19
Zeptiswell, just X and a window manager, that is, and command line.00:19
Dr_Willisgeexbox is a little old.. OpenElec is a nice alternative00:21
ubottuScreenshots can be made with the [PrtScr] button. Want to show us a screenshot of your problem? Upload an image to http://imagebin.org/?page=add and post a link to it.00:21
Dr_Willisgimp can do screenshots also. theres other apps as well00:21
ZeptisDr_Willis: I have X and Openbox, so I was wondering how to do it from terminal via X.00:22
LiquidNilJordan_U: your a genious00:22
Dr_Willistheres dozens of screenshot apps out there..00:22
LiquidNilJordan_U: just one thing, though i need a aacs plugin do you know where i can find it?00:22
LiquidNilthe player needs it to decode the blu ray disk00:22
szal!info scrot00:23
ubottuscrot (source: scrot): command line screen capture utility. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.8-13 (precise), package size 15 kB, installed size 72 kB00:23
szalZeptis: there you have on00:23
Zeptisthanks mate00:23
Meris!restrictedformats | malcolm9100:24
ubottumalcolm91: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats00:24
Meris!restrictedformats > malcolm9100:25
ubottumalcolm91, please see my private message00:25
=== Dr_Willis is now known as Dr_Willis_
WeThePeopleliquidnil, http://vlc-bluray.whoknowsmy.name/00:26
ZeptisI don't suppose there's anything like #packages or anything so I can stop bugging people who are fixing actual problems...00:26
ubottumotu is short for Masters of the Universe. The brave souls who maintain the packages in the Universe section of Ubuntu. See  http://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU00:27
Dr_Willis_Zeptis:  the package manager tools have search features....00:27
hylianv0lksman: sorry man... i came up with nothing. there are plenty of clients to control the fan speeds, etc... but they are not part of the vanilla ubuntu server iso. Perhaps it's built directly into the kernel? there are a few control optopns, thinkfan, fancontrol, but these are addons for tweaking the fans. not what ubuntu usually uses...00:29
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hylianohh whatever alpha..00:30
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* hylian is listening to Ricky Skaggs - Uncle Pen on
bkerensahylian: turn that script please00:33
hylianbkerensa: not a script. i hate using irc scripts.00:33
BudricHi, i was wondering if it's possible to exclude certain traffic from going over VPN using IP tables.  Assume vpn is going over tun0, and network card is eth000:33
bkerensa!offtopic > hylian00:33
ubottuhylian, please see my private message00:33
hylianok ubottu.00:34
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots00:35
Zeptisoh cool, an actual error. >>softwarecenter.backend - WARNING - _on_trans_error: org.freedesktop.PolicyKit.Error.Failed00:36
hylianv0lksman: any joy?00:36
hylianZeptis: sorry your having such a hard time. From what i have read, i can't seem to find anything that lets you play encrypted blue ray discs... maybe this is your problem?00:37
Zeptislol, I'm not the bluray guy00:39
hylianZeptis: oops, my bad.00:39
ZeptisI'm the "let's make ubu skinny, but break it" guy00:39
dial-a-monkeyAnyone know the name of a CGI/PHP based web proxy that I can setup on my "Home Ubunut PC" to be able to get to blocked sites from work? - and hopefully use SSL to the home machine00:39
dial-a-monkeyAnyone know the name of a CGI/PHP based web proxy that I can setup on my "Home Ubunut PC" to be able to get to blocked sites from work? - and hopefully use SSL to the home machine00:39
dial-a-monkeyAnyone know the name of a CGI/PHP based web proxy that I can setup on my "Home Ubunut PC" to be able to get to blocked sites from work? - and hopefully use SSL to the home machine00:39
FloodBot1dial-a-monkey: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.00:39
hylianZeptis: I like openbox for that reason. openbox with lxpanel flies like a speedtrained on greased tracks.00:40
Zeptisif you use FireFox, you can use FoxyProxy, dial-a-monkey.00:40
dial-a-monkeyAnyone know the name of a CGI/PHP based web proxy that I can setup on my "Home Ubunut PC" to be able to get to blocked sites from work? - and hopefully use SSL to the home machine00:40
Psi-Jackdial-a-monkey: What you are asking could be construed as illegal and therefore off-topic on Freenode.00:40
Zeptishylian: indeed, it's booting into ~200MB now, but I banished all of my daemons and started again from X. freedesktop.PolicyKit seems to be next on my to-do list.00:42
WeThePeoplebudric, see #networking00:42
Teddey305hello everyone.00:42
ZeptisPsi-jack: proxies illegal?00:42
ZeptisTeddey305: welcome00:42
Psi-JackZeptis: Security evasion of the workplace firewall, ABSOLUTELY.00:43
hylianZeptis: a hammer aint illegal either, unless your going to bludgeon me to death with it. I think Psi-Jack was trying to get to this point. :)00:43
hylianTeddey305: hello00:43
Teddey305I was wondering if anyone might be able to help with an installation problem i was running in to while trying to install Ubuntu 12.04 on an IBM 600X Notebook, I believe it said something like you eepron or prom serial might be changed, and it won't install.00:44
Psi-Jackhylian: Heh, glad some people have common sense. ;)00:44
ZeptisPsi-jack: do you happen to know which statute?00:45
ZeptisI know the modifying a network is, but just running certain traffic through it?00:45
Psi-JackUsing an external proxy to evade the company firewall is "modifying the network"00:45
hylianTeddey305: sorry, couldn't find anything like that. your trying to install 12.04?00:46
Zeptishow draconian00:46
hylianPsi-Jack: well, atleast i have something, thanks. :) Yeah, good idea to protect yourself from a possbiel lawsuit or worse.00:47
pharotekwhat's the safest way to update roundcube to version 0.8 from 0.7 if i originally installed 0.7 from the repo, but said repo doesn't have the 0.8 version?00:48
Teddey305this is the exact error message i got hylian, IBM Laptop detected; this module may corrupt your serial eeprom! Refusing to load mudule!00:48
=== skaet is now known as skaet__
hylianpharotek: i would assume... that uninstalling it and removing the repo, and then adding the repo and installing said version would be the safest. alsu a purge wouldn't be a bad idea.00:49
hylianTeddey305: thanks, i'll do some diggin and be back.00:50
ZeptisX really needs to stop exploding00:50
Zeptis!nvidia > zeptis00:51
ubottuZeptis, please see my private message00:51
stuartrexkingshould sudo su username source the files in /etc/profile.d?00:51
MerisGotta sleep now, thanks for the nice atmosphere.00:51
Jordan_Ustuartrexking: No. "sudo su - username" would though (as that makes it a login shell).00:51
stuartrexkingAh, thanks!00:52
WeThePeopleteddey305, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/EEPROM00:52
Jordan_Ustuartrexking: You're welcome.00:52
stuartrexkingJordan_U: Thanks, that works.00:52
WeThePeopleteddey305, its not going to corrupt it, just change it00:53
HeatSeekerHi, how can I list what my outputs are named as in console? I'm trying to add a new resolution via xrandr but --addmode doesn't recognise VGA-0.00:53
WeThePeopleteddey305,might need to remove the battery00:53
coldkey21I have a dule monitor set up on a desktop but when i go to display all it sees is one large laptop screen is there a way for me to seperate them?00:53
Psi-Jackhylian: Not protecting myself. Just not willing to help someone ELSE break their company policies they put in place, with a full infrastructure (firewall), and all.00:54
Teddey305h ok, well00:54
StarthunderI think I found a bug...I have Ubuntu 12.04.1-LTS on a PowerPC machine, and when I switch to a tty that nopony's logged in on and press any arrow key, the whole thing acts like...I'm not even sure how to describe it...00:54
Teddey305i restarted the pc00:54
Teddey305and the cd seems to have gotten stuck, so im going to burn a  new copy and see00:54
WeThePeoplecoldkey21, what distro u using00:55
hylianTeddey305: this problem has existed since 2006. It looks like Ubuntu never did solve this problem. You may have to use another distrobution. I would not suggest fedora though, it seems they have the same problem00:56
blackshirtwhat the problem exactly?00:56
hylianblackshirt: he gets this error: IBM Laptop detected; this module may corrupt your serial eeprom! Refusing to load mudule!00:56
hylianblackshirt: and then he can't install ubnutu00:57
blackshirtthat was very basic...00:57
WeThePeopleteddey305, you could ask in #hardware too00:57
Jordan_UTeddey305: Are you actually running into any problems or are you just worried about seeing an error message?00:57
Teddey305i already ran into an error message00:57
hylianblackshirt: he has a ibm 600 x. there is a problem in the kernel itself, i believe. it will not install ubuntu.00:57
Teddey305but i restarted the pc and it seemed to get past the error message, but the pc froze up00:58
blackshirti don't know exactly what the hardware inside that series..00:58
Teddey305so i burned a new copy to see if i get the same message00:58
blackshirtHave you try to disable some spesific options?00:58
Teddey305but if i did have to find another distro, which one is as easy to use as ubuntu? This is for my mother, who is 67, and she's used to windows lol, but i dont have the money to buy her a new pc at the moment, so im trying to get this one fixed up, so she can at least  watch some youtube videos or listen to some music.01:00
=== Dr_Willis_ is now known as Dr-Willis-testin
hylianTeddey305: it looks like the inclusion of lm-sesnors is the cause. the easiest to use distros besides ubuntu are opensuse, magea, and pclinuxos. (this is my opinion)01:02
coldkey21hello!  So i am using 12.04 and i am running duel monitors but it is telling me in the display that it is just on giant one.  is there a way to seperate them?01:04
hyliancoldkey21: it's been a while. i remember having to unlock it so i could tell it to be 2. I think i had to untick the "mirror" option01:07
LostMonkdoes netflix instant watch not work on linux?01:09
hylianTeddey305: i am sorry man. I have dug as deep as I can. IBM never did give much or any support for this issue, and the linux heads basically came up with nada. I know ubuntu 5.10 works on your laptop. i can't imagine that being of any real help to you though for your purposes.01:09
coldkey21hylian: the mirror option is not even avalible it sees it all as one large laptop monitor 3360x1050 when it should be two 1680x105001:09
hylianLostMonk: yes. it doesn't work. Netflix was paid a hefty sum of money by a certain large corporation to keep netflix off of linux machines, sorry.01:09
ikoniahylian: please don't make things up01:10
jam__I need someone to tell me step by step how to install avira on ubuntu12.0401:10
hylianikonia: just what i read. I am not intentionally making things up. I am big enough to admit the article I read could be very askew. :)01:10
Teddey305well, ill try and see if ubuntu installs on the laptop, i hope it does. All i really want is for my mother to be able to browse the internet, and with XP on the pc, it runs terribly slow, so even though im not a wiz with linux, i do know that older pc's usually run better on linux, so i wanted to try and see.01:10
=== DarwinSu1vivor is now known as DarwinSurvivor
KM0201jam__: avira?  why01:10
StarthunderI think I found a bug in the tty's on 12.04.1-powerpc...01:11
Teddey305thanks alot for the help.01:11
blackshirtjam_.. Are you sure you want avira ???01:11
jam__why not01:11
blackshirtThat's not fully needed01:11
ikoniahylian: right, so if you don't know - don't just say things, don't speak, be quiet, there is no need for random/untrue adlib to peoples technical questions.01:11
KM0201jam__: avast is better for Linux (and easier to install/update) in my opinion01:11
jam__It didnot send any password to my email01:12
hylianikonia: i didn't make it up, i read it. how does anyone know things? they read about it. seriously.01:12
KM0201jam__: check your spam filter... and remember, it takes up to 24hrs01:12
jam__I did01:12
jam__nothing there01:12
KM0201how long has it been?.. cuz it's always sent me registration numbers no problem01:12
hyliancoldkey21: what is the grpahics card of your machine?01:12
ikoniahylian: ok, "please don't quote random unsubstantiated articles as an adlib to technical questions - answer the question with a technical answer, or please don't speak". Is that any clearer for you ?01:13
WeThePeopleteddey305, i would recommend DamnSmallLinux >> http://www.damnsmalllinux.org/download.html01:13
hylianikonia: can do. :)01:13
hylianWeThePeople: but he wants to watch youtube videos... can you do that on dsl?01:13
WeThePeoplejust need flash01:13
ikoniayou can watch youtube videos on any linux01:14
jam__hey km0201 I tried it with two email but non of them recieved the password01:14
hylianWeThePeople: cool, last time i used dsl it could barely use java...01:14
ikoniaguys - if you don't know an answer to something, please don't push it01:15
ikonialook at the question he's asking, look at the hardware he's using, think about what you are offering01:15
jam__I really need to install avira (tar.gz package)01:16
jam__please someone help me01:16
hylianikonia: he is using a ibm 600 x. the problem is that any linux that uses lm sensors will conflict. this is after reading articles for ten minutes, but I think I have this down pat. because of this ubuntnu 12.04 is crashing during install. any advice is very appreciated. :)01:16
wormjam__:  Is it source code? or binary package?01:16
KM0201jam__: you're going to have to google "compile from source"...01:17
ikoniahylian: again think about it, lmsensors......nothing to do with youtube01:17
=== aaaas is now known as aaas
wilee-nileejam__, here is a link, are you sure you need avira? http://www.liberiangeek.net/2012/04/list-of-free-antivirus-software-for-ubuntu-12-04-precise-pangolin/?ModPagespeed=noscript01:17
ikonia!antivirus | jam__01:18
ubottujam__: Antivirus is something you don't need on !Linux. except where files are then passed to windows computers (perhaps using samba), See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Antivirus01:18
hylianikonia: right. we are looking for a linux distrobution that does not use lm sensors so he can install linux, so he can watch youtube. you don't know what's going on, i do. please don't act this way, thanks.,01:18
ikoniahylian: lmsensors is not installed an enabled by default on pretty much any linux distro01:18
ikoniahylian: I'm pretty sure I do know what's going on, hence why I'm asking you to think about the random advice and comments you are making to actually help poeple.01:19
wormjam__: Open the file, and have a look inside. if there is a file looks like "makefile" or "configure", that is a source code.01:19
hylianikonia: he gets the error "IBM Laptop detected; this module may corrupt your serial eeprom! Refusing to load module!" and then ubuntu crashes during install. you now have all the info i do. research says it has something (maybe) to do with lm sensors.01:19
jam__Ubottu I use dual boot with window and i transfer files to win with usb so01:19
ubottujam__: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)01:19
* cfhowlett Can't we all get along?01:19
ikoniahylian: ........why is that lmsensors ?01:19
ikoniacfhowlett: please don't01:20
hylianikonia: i really don't know. it was on 5 of the 8 websites i read abot this issue, so it is just my assumption.01:20
ikoniahylian: so the part that I said "please don't quote random websites that are unsubstantiated".....if you don't know, don't speak point didn't hit home.01:20
hylianikonia: i am sorry i tried to help someone while no one else would help him. please help him, seriously. Teddey305 needs the help01:21
ikoniahylian: helping someone is great, if you know the answer, throwing random things at him.....is not01:22
hylianikonia: stop barking at me and help him, please. this bickering with me is getting us nowhere.01:22
ikoniahylian: I'm not barking at you, I'm asking you to stop giving out random advice/comments to people if you don't know the answer/substance of an article.01:23
hyliancfhowlett: sorry man. i get too tied up in all this.01:23
hylianikonia: OMG. you win. speak to someone else please.01:23
cfhowletthylian>happens to the best of us.  breath.01:24
hyliancfhowlett: thanks for trying to help me with teddy. man that laptop is ancient. i feel for him01:25
jam__ubottu still there?01:26
ubottujam__: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)01:26
KM0201jam__: ubottu is a bot.01:26
hylianjam__: any way we can help you today?01:26
StarthunderKM0201: I think ubottu expressed that good enough itself. ;)01:26
jam__I installed avira and now it just disappeared01:26
jam__I dont know where it is !!!!!!!!!!!!!01:27
KM0201Starthunder: well considering he told him twice, and he still didnt' get it... i figured it needed reinforcing01:27
hylianjam__: on Ubuntu?01:27
jam__yep 12.0401:27
StarthunderKM0201: oh, lol01:27
hylianjam__: the first question would be why you installed an antivirus.. is it a linux version, or did you try and install it via wine?01:27
jam__it linux version and it was a deb package01:28
jam__got it from here See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Antivirus01:28
hylianjam__: can you type apt-cache search avg for me in the console?01:28
jam__console is terminal?01:29
hylianjam__: yes.01:29
jam__amavisd-new - Interface between MTA and virus scanner/content filters amavisd-new-postfix - part of Ubuntu mail stack provided by Ubuntu server team g15stats - a CPU/Memory/Swap usage meter for G15Daemon mttroff - TROff - A libavg based multitouch TRON clone pd-cxc - Pd library for working with patterns and numbers python-libavg - High-level development platform for media-centric applications wmmon - Window Maker dockapp for monitoring sy01:30
jam__this the result jam01:30
hylianjam__: ok, you did install it. i believe avg for ubuntu is strictly in the terminal though. I don't think it has a graphical component to it. this is from some experience using it on servers to remove viruses from windows machines.01:32
WeThePeopleteddey305, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XvrfBTrgfPU01:32
jam__so i cant scan my usb drive?01:32
jam__or any directory/01:33
hylianjam__: you should be able to. you will just have to use avg console commands to do it with. if you want a graphical system, then you may want to look into f-prot instead.01:33
=== worm is now known as StephdeChine
daneshello, is it possible to watch netflix instant streaming on ubuntu?01:34
KM0201danes: not natively01:34
jam__never heard of it. is it free?01:34
WeThePeopleteddey305, i think it needs eth0 though01:34
cfhowlettdanes: nope.01:34
danesKM0201, is it possible at all? I dont want to use a VM01:34
KM0201danes: then you don't want it to work01:35
jam__nope let me use avira what is the command for that01:35
danesKM0201, so I bought a useless suscription then  :(01:35
KM0201jam__: you know there's antivirus software in the repositories don't you?01:35
StephdeChineI've got a small problem on using Quassel IRC. Those "xxx joined #ubuntu" is really annoying. Are there anyway to hide them?01:36
jam__nooooo I dont know you mean by default?01:36
KM0201danes: no, it works fine if you have Windows, or if you have an xbox/ps3/wii/TV that is capable of streaming netflix01:36
wilee-nileeStephdeChine, you can in xchat.01:36
cellofellowI plan to install Windows 8 in a virtual machine. Just, which one? I'm quite familiar with VirtualBox but was wondering if KVM with virt-manager is better.01:37
hylianjam__: here are the commands and a nice howto for avg. it is all console commands though. I had some success with clam av and f-prot. clam av does have a gui (grpahical front end) you can download seperately that will let you run the anti virus in a nice graphic window. http://ihaveapc.com/2011/07/how-to-install-and-use-avg-antivirus-in-linux-mint-ubuntu/01:37
danesKM0201, too bad. I am enemy with windows and don't have any device you mentioned... Well. I'll stick to the phone screen01:37
KM0201danes: it seems your main complaint should be with Netflix, not Linux01:37
IsmAvatarHey guys, I want to change the icon of a program I have in my Unity Launcher. It got stuck with a gray box with a questionmark.01:37
danesKM0201, yes, I know. Linux rocks! I don't have anything against linux :)01:37
cfhowlettcellofellow: can't advise as windows 8 isn't even out yet and no one knows how well it will work in virutal.  sorry.01:38
cellofellowcfhowlett: got ya, but I was just looking at my universities free (gratis) MS software shop, and it has 8 so I figured I'd use it.01:39
StephdeChineBut I really like the user interface of Quassel. Especially when I am using KDE01:39
cfhowlettcellofellow: non-snarky: good luck with that.  :)01:39
=== |_ocke2 is now known as |_ocke
cellofellowanybody prefer virt-manager or virtualbox?01:39
cfhowlettcellofellow: I prefer vbox, but then I run very few windows programs in it.  I prefer the dual boot option.  Perhaps that's your solution?01:40
zsolt_hi there!how is it possible to extract a vmlinuz image,that is not in gzip format?01:40
Vbitzchrome just crashed, just closed out01:41
jam__hylian___: Thanks01:41
hylianwell i am burned out. to ikonia i ask forgiveness. I am far from perfect. to the rest of you, have a good night.01:41
=== aaaas is now known as aaas
cellofellowcfhowlett: problem with that is Windows doesn't play nice installing dual-boot. You've gotta install first Windows then Linux, and this box straight Linux and I don't want to reinstall.01:42
cfhowlettcellofellow: ahh, but grasshopper, you do NOT need to reinstall linux.  You only need to reinstall the bootloader.01:42
craigbass1976Anyone running on an ibook g4?01:43
cfhowlettcellofellow: installing windows then ubuntu just avoids restoring grub bootloader.01:43
craigbass1976ubuntu won't wake up when I crack tyhe lid back open, but I'm running lxde, not unity.  I'm not sure if it's an ubuntu question or lubuntu01:44
cellofellowcfhowlett: figures. But, even so, I'm not going to use it heavily. The only thing I can think that I'd for sure be running is Visio, and it's good to test sites in IE too.01:44
Smackbookhow can I list which hard drives devices are in an mdadm device?01:44
cfhowlettcellofellow: ok.  Best of luck.01:45
zsolt_is it possible to do that?got no kernel source,but need to extract vmlinuz content01:46
zsolt_then repackage it01:46
=== scottas is now known as zz_scottas
Dan39hello ubuntu :)01:52
Dan39what is whoopsie?01:52
h22turboDan39: you been hacked01:52
h22turboDan39: haha jk... Its like error reporting service01:53
h22turbocrash reporting01:53
Dan39h22turbo: imma hack your ass01:54
ubottuDan39: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.01:54
Dan39ok nazis01:54
Dan39this is IRC you know... cant even say the a word without people throwing bot commands at you?01:55
Dan39someone trying to be super strict here to get recognized, eh? growing your epeen?01:56
h22turbonaa, almost all channels on freenode do not allow cussing....01:57
h22turbothey're pretty strict about sh!t like that01:57
Dan39freenode is just the network01:57
bazhangactual ubuntu support question Dan39 ?01:57
Dan39the channels decide on rules like that01:57
cfhowlettDan39: follow the rules of this community and channel or feel free to start your own.01:58
h22turboyea, i know... i said almost all chan here dont allow cussing01:58
Dan39ill follow the rules01:58
Dan39i havnt curses since01:59
h22turbobut, its not a actual network rule01:59
bazhang!ot | Dan39 h22turbo01:59
ubottuDan39 h22turbo: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!01:59
Dan39but does that mean im not allowed to voice my opinion? i wasnt aware a open-source *nix distro has become so close minded01:59
=== SolarisB2y is now known as SolarisBoy
h22turbohe's telling us we cant chat here.... we must join #ubuntu-offtopic to general chat02:00
h22turboonly support Qs here02:00
h22turbofreenode is hardcore about dumb sh!t like this02:00
bazhangh22turbo, stop it02:00
Dan39bazhang: i would address you in the offtopic channel, but it seems you are not there. so i will ask here, why i was kicked, the specific rules broken, and how h22turbo was not kicked02:05
yekomsis there an alternative for webmin? i need something a little better.02:10
bazhang!ebox | yekoms02:10
ubottuyekoms: zentyal is a web-based GUI interface for administering a server. It is designed to work with Ubuntu/Debian style configuration management. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Zentyal (Project formally known as eBox - including in Lucid/10.04).02:10
=== YoMomma_ is now known as YoMomma
yekomsi installed it using apt-get, i have no idea of the user/password02:11
Zeptishi all~02:12
h22turboyekoms: Any system account belonging to the admin group is allowed to log into Zentyal web interface02:12
Zeptisanyone know where I can find an installable/buildable version of xorg-video-abi-10?02:13
Zeptisapt-get is telling me it's not installable.02:14
h22turboZeptis: http://pkgs.org/download/xorg-video-abi-1002:15
Dan39Zeptis: what version of ubuntu?02:16
Zeptishello, hello.02:17
dj_segfault1Hi.  I'm trying to follow the directions at  thttps://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/postfix.htm to get SASL working.  I'm supposed to find the "socket listen" section, but I can't find that in any file under /etc/dovecot.  Does anyone know where that is?02:18
Zeptisso, my X decided to explode last time I was here, so I'm going to ask again: is there a buildable/installable version for xorg-video-obi-10?02:19
jribZeptis: Why? What version of ubuntu?02:21
Dan39its obi now? you wrote abi before02:21
ZeptisDan39: gotta check myself before I wreck myself, obviously, one moment. ADHD and *nix isn't a safe combo02:22
lidarZeptis, sure it is just dont play with root!!02:24
Zeptis>Depends: xorg-video-abi-10 but it is not installable02:24
chspurgeonI'm attempting an install on a Dell N5040 from a live usb.. And I get nothing after passing he bios02:24
Zeptisplaying is how I learn :302:24
jribZeptis: what gives you that output...?02:24
lidarZeptis, have your tried apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade ?02:24
=== YoMomma_ is now known as YoMomma
Zeptisapt-get install for nvidia-9602:24
ZeptisI'll try that, lidar, but I've been had updated02:25
|Anthony|i am using 10.04 and have checked off the "Pre-Released Updates (lucid proposed)" in the Software Sources. When checking for updates, it is listing image and headers for 2.6.32-38 and 2.6.32-42. I already have 42 installed. What is going on here?02:25
cfhowlettchspurgeon: did you checksum the iiso?02:25
chspurgeonYes, and I did a test boot on both other ubuntu machines in my house02:26
jribZeptis: see bug #94805302:26
ubottuLaunchpad bug 948053 in nvidia-graphics-drivers-96 (Ubuntu Precise) "nvidia-173 and nvidia-96 uninstallable on Precise" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/94805302:26
ZeptisI'm going to need to find a workaround, then02:27
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
cfhowlettchspurgeon: booting from USB?02:27
trism|Anthony|: 42 has a minor bump in -proposed, 2.6.32-42.95 to 2.6.32-42.96 (happens occasionally)02:28
cfhowlettchspurgeon: oops.  never mind02:28
ubottuchspurgeon:: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter02:28
|Anthony|should i ignore the apparent contradiction and continue with the update, or should i uncheck those things?02:28
wilee-nileechspurgeon, That unit is certified, do you know how to boot with nomodeset? http://www.ubuntu.com/certification/hardware/201104-7783/02:28
|Anthony|trism, why would 38 be listed there also?02:28
chspurgeonNo I don't, but I'll look into it thank you02:29
wilee-nilee!nomodeset > chspurgeon02:29
ubottuchspurgeon, please see my private message02:29
cfhowlett|Anthony|: as I understand, proposed updates are not cutting edge, they're bleeding edge.  Unless you REALLY need the latest and greatest (not fully vetted) shiny stuff, I'd pass.  That said, isn't it time to update to 12.04?02:29
chspurgeonOk, thank you02:29
wilee-nileechspurgeon, If you get it booted make sure you are plugged into the net when installing and tick the downloads box as well.02:30
|Anthony|cfhowlett, lol i appreciate the offer, but from my testings with gnome3... i despise it02:30
trism|Anthony|: seems it is the same with -38, 2.6.32-38.83 to 2.6.32-38.8502:30
WeThePeople|anthony|, just a side note when you boot i think you can select either of those kernels02:30
win98foreverHi, anyone here having trouble with Skype for Linux screwing up?02:30
ZeptisI know ubottu knows how to school me in nVidia, but software center is borked, so I can't use their method, and the nVidia *.run is "Unable to determine the version of the kernel sources located in '/lib/modules/3.2.0-29-generic/build'."02:30
cfhowlett|Anthony|: consider k/l/x/ubuntu.  no gnome02:30
jribZeptis: I'd start by un-borking software center02:31
|Anthony|probably end up with kde02:31
|Anthony|win98forever, yes i just started using skype from the 10.04 repo... and have had some issue with it02:31
Zeptis>>softwarecenter.backend.reviews - WARNING - Could not get usefulness from server, no username in config file02:32
cfhowlett|Anthony|: nice to have options.  :)  fwiw, I was forced to switch when UbuntuStudio adopted xfce.  Very VERY minor complaints not worth mentioning here.02:32
ZeptisI just installed this thing02:32
|Anthony|i thought it was either the webcam, or pulseaudio as that has been a perpetual thorn in my side02:32
win98foreverYeah, skype keeps failing every hour and acts as it lost connection,02:32
jribZeptis: how is software center borked?02:32
win98foreverand then I have to kill it from the terminal and restart it.02:32
|Anthony|cfhowlett, MATE has be recommended to me as well02:33
somsipwin98forever: what version of Skype?02:33
WeThePeople|anothny|, type sudo apt-get install linux-headers-`uname -r`  to update headers02:33
=== evevoe is now known as doslove
win98foreverSkype 4.0 for Linux, from Skype's website.02:33
WeThePeople|anthony|, see abouve02:33
Zeptiswell, whenever I try to click something to install/uninstall, nothing happens in the shell and the output in CLI is "softwarecenter.backend - WARNING - _on_trans_error: org.freedesktop.PolicyKit.Error.Failed: ('system-bus-name', {'name':  ':1.26'}): org.debian.apt.install-or-remove-packages"02:33
|Anthony|i read it ;)02:33
win98foreverI could run it under a Windows VM, but my computer doesn't have Intel VT.02:33
somsipwin98forever: ah - that's the one I changed to after finding 2.0X beta to be a bit flakey.02:33
somsipwin98forever: any terminal errors?02:34
|Anthony|skype is a bit of a resource hog tbh02:34
jrib!who | Zeptis02:34
ubottuZeptis: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)02:34
NicoBresslerHey all02:34
cfhowlett|Anthony|: take your word for it ... XFCE works for me!  (Slogan trademarked and registered.)02:34
somsip|Anthony|: so are my clients who use Skype...02:34
NicoBresslerFinally installed Ubuntu and I have to say, BIG fan so far.02:34
jribZeptis: if you close software center, does apt-get work ok in a terminal?02:34
trism|Anthony|: interestingly, -38 was uploaded to -proposed in January so probably just got left behind, the release tracking bug dups on a bug for -3902:34
lidarNicoBressler, congrats :)02:34
cfhowlettNicoBressler: greetings.02:34
Zeptisjrib: yes it does, for the most part02:34
jribZeptis: "for the most part"?02:35
Zeptisjrib: the bug you directed me to is an example02:35
win98foreverYeah, I'll try using something other than skype untill Microsoft fixes skype, but thanks anyways.02:35
NicoBresslerTrying to learn the ins and outs.02:35
yam_oh man I killed my ubuntu . I cant log in again . somebody help me02:35
|Anthony|trism, thanks for looking into it. I'm going to avoid the kernel updates from proposed02:35
jribZeptis: is that the only example?02:35
Zeptispretty much, jrib02:35
cfhowlettNicoBressler: narrow your focus.  What one thing would you like advice on.02:35
KM0201win98forever: whats wrong w/ skype for linux (i find it works flawlessly for me... but ymmv)02:36
bazhang!manual | NicoBressler start here02:36
ubottuNicoBressler start here: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/02:36
lidarNicoBressler, install myunity its great!02:36
NicoBresslercfhowlett: I'm trying to start programming in Python so I got an IDE for it02:36
bazhang!rute | NicoBressler and here02:36
ubottuNicoBressler and here: documentation is to be found at http://help.ubuntu.com and http://wiki.ubuntu.com - General linux documentation: http://www.tldp.org - http://rute.2038bug.com02:36
Zeptishow does Software center need freedesktop?02:36
jribZeptis: what are you trying to accomplish now?  Getting drivers for your video card or something else?02:36
win98foreverKM0201: Skype keeps loosing signal and going offline, and I have to restart it, which gets very annoying.02:36
chspurgeonwillee-nilee: I can't get to nomodeset unless I'm missing something in the bios menu. Ones I get past the bios splash I get a non-reactive cursor02:36
cfhowlettNicoBressler: ok.  Python is over my head, but ask in this channel for help  or #python (might be ##python)02:37
KM0201win98forever: strange...02:37
Zeptisjrib: getting drivers for my video card so X doesn't default to intel02:37
somsipwin98forever: if you start Skype in a terminal, you might get some error messages that could help02:37
win98foreverYeah, I'll try running from the terminal, thanks.02:37
yam_stopping recieving karnel message -starting the winbind daemon winbind- starting crash report submission daemon02:37
jribZeptis: does « jockey-gtk » offer anything?02:37
yam_I recieve this message [19:37] <yam_> stopping recieving karnel message -starting the winbind daemon winbind- starting crash report submission daemon02:37
|Anthony|win98forever, are you using video or just chat?02:37
cfhowlettchspurgeon: you're booting 386/32 bit iso?02:37
|Anthony|yam_, state you question please02:38
bazhangyam_, patience02:38
yam_[19:37] <yam_> stopping recieving karnel message -starting the winbind daemon winbind- starting crash report submission daemon02:38
chspurgeoncfhowlett: Yes, and I've installed ubuntu on this machine before. I made the mistake of letting a friend borrow it02:39
yam_I just purged avg antivirus02:39
Zeptisjrib: you're awesome. Thanks for knowing that daemon's name.02:39
yam_and Ubuntu 12.04 died :(02:39
|Anthony|i wouldn't recommend anyone to use avg on ubuntu, but that's just me.02:39
cfhowlettchspurgeon: dang.  Gotta ask though, how'd the friend mess things up?  Guest account doesn't allow system changes, so ...?02:39
Ububeginhow to know whether my ubuntu OS is 32 or 64 biy02:39
Ububeginbit, i mean02:39
jribZeptis: it's "Additional Drivers", "Hardware Drivers", "Restricted Drivers", or something like that in one of the menus02:40
jribUbubegin: uname -m02:40
h22turboUbubegin: type uname -a in terminal and paste results here02:40
|Anthony|or uname -a02:40
h22turbois it says x86_64 (i think) then its 64 bit02:40
Zeptislol, hello again02:40
Zeptissignal 11 again02:41
chspurgeoncfhowlett: No, I gave him the laptop as a stand in, gave him a clean install to convert him to ubuntu. Was successful as well, but I couldn't boot the machine once he returned it.02:41
h22turboif it says something about i686 or i386... then its 32 bit02:41
amy_Hey folks. Is anyone on good with network data analysis/management and might know some good apps for monitoring various machine usages?02:41
amy_both for windows systems and linux ones?02:41
Ububeginh22turbo: UTC 2012 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux02:41
cfhowlettchspurgeon: first, get a new friend.  :)  So the user account had admin privileges?02:42
__EggmanZeptis: what video card are you running?02:42
yam_hey I purged avg and now my ubuntu is down?? any guide?02:42
h22turboUbubegin: you are using Ubuntu 64 bit02:42
chspurgeoncfhowlett: he had sudo and a clean install02:42
lidaryam_, do you havbe a shell ?02:42
h22turboyam_: purged avg?02:42
|Anthony|yam_, what do you mean you purged avg?02:42
Zeptis_Eggman: nVidia 9650m GT rev:a102:42
h22turboremoved it?02:42
yam_purge is kind of uninstalling I guess.02:43
lidaryam_, "purge" brutalizes because you probably removed half the gui files02:43
__EggmanHave you installed the nVidia drivers? I've never heard of them causing a sig 1102:43
SpiifyHello all02:43
yam_oh my gosh I m the best in destroying my os02:43
cfhowlettchspurgeon: ah.  My $0.02, use a non-admin account for daily use and save the admin for, well, admin stuff.  But that's only because I've done the 0200 in the a.m. "Oh ****!" what did I just do?02:43
yam_is there anything that I can do now02:43
ubottuyam_: To purge all removed but not yet purged packages, use the following command: dpkg -l | awk '/^rc/{print $2}' |  sudo xargs dpkg -P02:44
Ububeginh22turbo: gracias bro02:44
cfhowlettSpiify: greetings02:44
h22turboUbubegin: :)02:44
chspurgeoncfhowlett: yeah, I think I'm coming around to your line of thinking after this02:44
cfhowlettchspurgeon: wish I could help, but that nomodeset should have worked.  the workaround is to get the alternate installer iso.02:45
lidarWeThePeople, hi02:45
yam_ubottu: You mean I should purge the rest of files left from my ubuntu ??02:45
ubottuyam_: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)02:45
cfhowlettWeThePeople: greetings02:45
SpiifySo i have a question that may sound silly. Can ubuntu be installed on a freshly built cp with no os02:45
cfhowlettSpiify: not silly and yes it can02:46
yam_is that real he always repead it . is it joke or sth?02:46
chspurgeoncfhowlett: ill give that a try, thanks for your help!02:46
cfhowlettchspurgeon: best of luck.02:46
lidarSpiify, no question is silly!! well yours kind of is but of course it can be installed02:46
|Anthony|yam_, that is a bot02:46
h22turboyam_: u can boot ubuntu in recovery mode, drop to a root shell, then reinstall it to get back to your desktop02:46
Smackbookdoes adding a drive to an mdadm array overwrite its partition table?02:47
MonkeyDustyam_  ubottu is a (ro)bot02:47
yam_so should i do what he says dpkg -l | awk '/^rc/{print $2}' |  sudo xargs dpkg -P02:47
yoofhow much programming knowledge does it take before i can write code for ubuntu02:47
h22turboyam_: then try to remove it again (try google for proper way to uninstall AVG on ubuntu)02:47
MonkeyDustyam_  and ubottu is a girl02:47
|Anthony|yam_, may i suggest that in the future you use clamav02:47
jribyam_: wait02:48
h22turboyoof: thats a pretty open question... code what? what language? umm... cant really be answered02:48
|Anthony|yam_, it is in the ubuntu repos and is (imho) superior to the commercial options02:48
agc93Has anyone else had the NVIDIA API Mismatch errors with the new drivers?02:48
yoofi am beginning c++ right now02:48
jribyam_: do you understand that that command will remove all configurations from packages you've uninstalled?02:48
SpiifyHaha i was thinking about building a pc for the first time and i am on a strict budget figured ubuntu would be the eay to go02:48
lidaryoof, you cvan contribute to almost any project ... if its a good patch the maintainer will use it02:48
__Eggmanyoof: I would suggest reading the GNU guide to C/C++ programming, it is very well written and has plenty of examples02:49
h22turboyoof: you can download many C++ IDEs for ubuntu to code and compile02:49
Zeptishello again: I'm in jockey-gtk, and I'm looking at 4 drivers; they all seem to be directing me to a /usr/share/doc/ section I don't have a directory for.02:49
cfhowlettSpiify: very wise.02:50
h22turboZeptis: i always download the drivers from the actual company website (nvidia.com, etc) and install like that02:50
agc93After I installed the latest NVIDIA drivers, X won't start because of a mismatch with the kernel module.02:50
agc93I don't think that will work02:51
Zeptish22turbo: >>Unable to determine the version of the kernel sources located in '/lib/modules/3.2.0-29-generic/build'02:52
h22turboagc93: did u remove the nouveau modules?02:52
Zeptisfrom the nvidia-installer.log02:52
yoofgreat, i will check out the gnu guide to c/c++ programming02:52
zykotick9h22turbo: nvidia.com drivers are usually a bad idea on ubuntu... jockey is a MUCH better idea.02:52
h22turbooh, u need to download your kernel source/headers, uninstall the nouveau modules, then install nvidia drivers02:53
h22turbozykotick9: i get better performance with nvidia.coms drivers.... way better than the jockey drivers02:53
ubottuCommon Sense: Just because you can, does not mean you should (and especially recommend to others). Think before you do. "Works for me" does not mean it is ok. The latest version of everything is not always useful if you aim for stability. Please see http://geekosophical.net/random/worksforme/02:53
lidarits not the "ubuntu" way but i always built my own kernel and then used nvidia drivers from website02:54
__Eggmanyoof: It's a small pdf, I would also hang out at #ubuntu-programming (though it's usually a ghost town)02:54
Zeptish22turbo: if I did the universal metapackage for headers and source, I just need to uninstall nouveau, right?02:55
h22turboagc93: there is tons of howto guides on installing nvidia.coms drivers on ubuntu. it will show you step by step how to do everything.02:55
h22turboZeptis: yea, but just to be safe... I'd do a uname -a and download the correct ones... the meta packages should work fine tho02:56
h22turboand install the build-essential package02:57
SpiifyDoes ubuntu run well on low end processors?02:58
=== buhman is now known as xXxXxbUhmAnxXxXx
h22turboZeptis: apt-cache search linux-headers-$(uname -r)02:58
ZeptisSpiify: not out of the box, use xbuntu for that02:58
=== xXxXxbUhmAnxXxXx is now known as xXxXXXxXxX
__EggmanSpiffy: Depends, GNOME can be kind of heavy handed on your graphics, I'd suggest trying Lubuntu or Kubuntu which feature lighter-weight desktop environments02:58
cfhowlettSpiify: lubuntu and xubuntu both run well on low-spec machines are are designed to do so02:59
h22turboSpiify: depends on the desktop env u use... gnome and kde would be pretty sluggish on a low end pc02:59
h22turboSpiify: try xubuntu02:59
yam_I cant log in my ubuntu . how can i back up by desktop to a flash drive?02:59
euryalehi guys02:59
Zeptish22turbo: having the pae won't confuse my driver installer, right02:59
lidaryam_, boot off live cd02:59
cfhowletteuryale: greetings02:59
Zeptisyo euryale, what up?02:59
h22turboZeptis: nope02:59
euryalei cant login to ubuntu 11.04 im using tty03:00
SpiifyShould i stay away form amd?03:00
cfhowlettSpiify: imo, yes03:00
__EggmanSpiify: AMD procs? GPUS?03:00
yam_lidar: what do you mean?03:00
Zeptisspiify: nah, but hyperthreading is cool, if you can afford it.03:00
h22turboyam_: boot from live cd... or boot in "recovery mode" and drop to root shell03:00
somsipSpiify: Age Related Macular Degeneration?03:00
__EggmanProcs are fine, GPUs (and their driver support) are a different story03:01
lidarhyperthreading is slow under load03:01
Zeptisah~ the great no-driver vs burning-car argument03:01
agc93I just had a quick search and turns out there actually aren't any guides on the net that work with the new NVIDIA drivers. They usually fail after the first reboot.03:02
cfhowlettforecle: ?? what?03:02
somsipagc93: new ones from where?03:02
lidaryam_, use the install disk .. or usb stick as a recovery tool03:02
Zeptish22turbo: so, I got my headers, I got my source, so I just need to remove the nouveau xorg, right?03:03
agc93NVIDIA website, or the xorg-edgers PPA, possibly also X-Swat. Haven't checked what they're up to03:03
yam_ok how lidar03:03
cfhowlettforecle: this is ubuntu support.  have you a question?03:03
yam_Im in boot shel now03:03
yam_root shel03:03
Zeptisyam_: startx?03:03
SpiifySo say pentium G630 vs amd Athlon II X3?03:03
lidaryam_, you might be able to just apt-getr install ubuntu-desktop03:04
=== xXxXXXxXxX is now known as buhman
somsipagc93: I think you've already been advised that NVIDIA drivers may not be suitable, but if current drivers are not working, instal official repo drivers or an old version of XSwat, etc...03:04
foreclei'm have question03:04
Zeptisshoot, forecle.03:04
__EggmanSpiify: Either is good, the G630 would use less power IIRC it's a 65W but most of the i3's use closer to 35 regardless of their TDP rating03:04
ubottuforecle:: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience03:04
agc93somsip: Repo ones don't seem to support multimonitors on my card, which is kind of a deal-breaker for me. Will try old XSwat03:04
h22turboZeptis: no... u have to blacklist the kernel module from loading... do a google search on install nvidia ubuntu03:05
yam_command not found lidar03:05
Zeptis!nvidia > zeptis03:05
ubottuZeptis, please see my private message03:05
Zeptisplay it again, James.03:05
h22turbolots of howto guides on installing nvidia drivers on ubuntu03:05
somsipagc93: I played with a few and XSwat seemed to have a good rep. I'm on dual monitor here on an old card with official drivers, but different models may be dodgy03:05
agc93somsip: ok, I'll have a look. My early attempts at using multiple cards for triple monitors resulted in a borked install but I might be able to get duals working03:06
yam_what is the command to coppy my desktop to usb03:06
=== euphoria is now known as ceradon-away
SpiifyWould ubuntu run good enough on either of those with 4GB DDR3?03:06
Zeptisokay, I'm going to write this down this time so I don't forget syntax03:06
somsipagc93: how are you settng it up? With nvidia-settings or a manual method?03:06
agc93yam_ what are you trying to copy?03:06
yam_my desktop03:07
agc93somsip: nvidia-settings mostly. Xorg.conf never works for me anymore03:07
ZeptisSpiffy: RAM would be fine, but the processing on unity will be somewhat slow03:07
agc93yam_ you're going to need to be more specific03:07
h22turboyam_: cp /home/XXXX/Desktop /media/USB/ (or whatever ur USB is mounted as)03:07
__Eggmanagc93: What card? have you tried nividia-current03:07
somsipagc93: ok - that worked easily for me, so seems to make sense03:07
yam_a folder named ubuntu traing  for ex03:07
agc93nvidia-current from where?03:07
Zeptisunity+lightdm+ubuntu= ~700MB on RAM, Spiify.03:07
agc93the one from X-Swat didn't work03:07
__Eggmanagc93: apt-get install nvidia-current nvidia-settings03:07
h22turboyam_: i dont think u just want to backup your desktop.... u prob mean everything? the complete ubuntu03:08
lidaryam_, apt-get install i typoed it03:08
agc93The one from jockey is allegedly already installed03:08
__Eggmanagc93: Also, not all cards support triple head03:08
h22turboyam_: what are u trying to backup/save?03:08
agc93__Eggman: which is why before I tried with multiple cards. That was what broke it first03:08
wadeSorry to interrupt, has anyone successfully made a 12.04 bootable flash drive for an Intel Mac?03:08
yam_h22 yep03:09
h22turboyam_: if your do just your Desktop... its only going to save your desktop icons and whatever is on your desktop03:09
amy_er, sorry.03:09
amy_meant to type /join there03:09
__Eggmanagc93: what card(s) are you using? Typical multicard, multimonitor setups use xinerama + twinview, but GT/GTX 6xx series can support up to 4 monitors out of the box03:10
SpiifyAre the Llano line any better or should i stay away from them03:10
yam_lidar: I corrected it now but still does not work03:10
lidaryam_, what error ?03:10
__EggmanSpiify: Weak cores, strong GPUs, depends on the computers intended use03:10
h22turboyam_: umm, why are u backing everything up on a usb stick? i would just backup what u need/want like docs, pics, etc... then reinstall ubuntu fresh...03:10
F1CCC#channel 1003:11
agc93__Eggman: older than that. I've tried a couple of combinations of GeForce 210's, 9800's, 9600's and 8400's. None of them work properly. Turning on Xinerama usually breaks, but TwinView works for just two of them03:11
yam_lidar: not using locking for read only lock file /var/lib/dpkg/lock03:11
SpiifyGeneral, media, light to moderate gaming03:11
lidarh22turbo, yam_ purged a program so probably uninstalled 3/4 of the desktop app x all kinds of things03:11
yam_lindar: unable to write to /var/cache/apt/03:11
lidaryam_, your not root ?03:11
h22turboyam_: just backup whatever u need... like documents, pictures, important stuff like that.... then do a fresh install of ubuntu03:12
yam_lidar: its writen here root@sam:#03:12
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h22turboyam_: why are u backing up a broken ubuntu to a usb stick?03:12
somsipagc93: GF210 here on 295.40 official with dual screen03:12
agc93somsip: with Xinerama or TwinView?03:13
yam_trying to do the same h2203:13
__EggmanSpiify: If you intend on gaming I'd go with an nvidia discrete card, I can't recommend AMD for a GPU, though you may have success with the OSS drivers03:13
yam_I m not Im tring to backup my desktop files03:13
cfhowlettyam_: maybe backup your /home data and clean install at this point?  Broken system is broken.  Fix it or lose it.03:13
lidaryam_, make a live cd to run from .. back up important stuff then just start over .. it "is|" fixable however faster easier for you to start over im sure03:13
somsipagc93: Option         "TwinView" "1"03:13
__Eggmaneither the G930 or the x3 will be fine, which ever fits better into your budget03:13
yam_lidar: I dont know what is live cd03:14
somsipagc93: big monitor on DFP and little one on CRT. Worked very easiy with nvidia-settings03:14
__Eggmandepending on the games you intend to play, I'd start with a GT640 (~$110 USD) and work your way up depending on your needs03:14
yam_lidar: please be simple Im new03:14
cfhowlett!live cd|yam_03:14
ubottuyam_: The Ubuntu Desktop CD is a "LiveCD" which can be run without altering existing files on your harddrive. Especially useful for testing your hardware's compatibility, it also includes an install option.03:14
h22turboyam_: live cd is ubuntu iso burnt to a CD. u can boot up ubuntu in a live env from the CD03:15
__Eggmanagc: sorry to leave you hanging, I don't have any experience w/ twinview :(03:15
cfhowlettyam_: you can also create a live USB03:15
yam_I installed it from a bootable usb03:15
cfhowlettyam_: same same03:15
yam_I still have it03:15
h22turboyam_: that will give u a graphical desktop again... then u can mount your ubuntu partition and save whatever u want and also try to fix your problems03:15
bruteforceyam_: then the bootable usb is your live media03:16
yam_how step by step? please03:16
agc93somsip: just tried apt-get installing nvidia-current, rebooting, then all my monitors appear as disabled in nvidia-settings. If I change one back to Separate X Screen and restart X, Compiz crashes, Unity never loads and the desktop is unusable. With just one monitor03:17
h22turboyam_: google is your friend man... use it... esp if you are new to linux and trying to do stuff. google has millions of step by step howto guides with pictures and everything03:17
h22turboyam_: a lot easier than somebody tryin to type everything out on IRC03:17
cfhowlettyam_: plug in your usb, reboot, change the bios to booot from the usb and then install.  You said you did this already so it's the same process.03:17
somsipagc93: ah, well I'm not in unity/compiz so I'm not sure how badly that might affect things. If I paste xorg.conf would that help?03:18
agc93somsip: maybe. I was more just getting at the fact that wasn't working.03:18
yam_cfhowlett: I did it before but it will erase all of my files03:18
h22turboyam_: google search ubuntu live cd recovery and u will find lots of howto guides on what you are trying to do03:19
somsipagc93: then maybe I can't help more. I'm no expert - I just have the same config and, except for some kernel module build problems I had, this worked out of the box for me03:19
cfhowlettyam_: which is why you backup your /home first.03:19
somsipagc93: the module is loading ok is it?03:19
yam_which I failed to do the backup03:19
agc93somsip: Not sure. Seems to be. lsmod has it there. But nvidia-settings thinks all of my displays are disabled03:19
h22turboyam_: it will not erase all your files... you are just booting from cd/usb... then you must mount the actual partition u installed ubuntu on... then u can make changes to it and/or fix it03:20
yam_thats all I need a back up03:20
SpiifyHow about a prntium g640t for cpu?03:20
_pepitorhi buddiesanybody knows what's up with undernet servers? I can't connect!03:20
cfhowlett_pepitor: servers are changing over.  It'll be awhile ...03:20
h22turboyam_: like i said, google ubuntu live cd recovery (use the same process even tho you are using live usb)03:21
somsipagc93: this may be unrelated, but I did have the same. Make sure that the module is present and built for the kernel you're running. That whatever you show for uname -r is in the list of modules built by dpkg when you install the drivers03:21
_pepitorokie, long time I don't log into IRC...  thanks! :)03:21
yam_tell me what to google h2203:21
h22turboyam_: backup important stuff like pics, docs, whatever... then format ur hard drive and do a fresh install of ubuntu03:21
__EggmanSpiify: Good, but it may struggle on some games03:21
h22turboyam_: ubuntu live cd recovery03:22
agc93somsip: That's what the original problem was. NVIDIA's drivers off the website build the 304.43 driver, but with a 173 module, so they fail. I can't work out how to force the module version03:22
somsipagc93: Purge everything nvidia. Start again.03:22
h22turboyam_: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CategoryBackupRecovery03:22
agc93somsip: done that. Twice :(03:22
agc93somsip: all of this is from a clean install because I keep having to reinstall03:23
cfhowlettict: greetings03:23
somsipagc93: and this is with 295.4 or the drivers from NVIDIA website?03:23
vendyCan someone answered my question about sdcard at askubuntu.com/questions/180903/card-reader-ever-been-read-but-now-cannot03:23
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h22turboyam_: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecoveryMode - then drop to root shell03:24
agc93somsip: no since 295.4 isn't current anymore. Now 304.43 is the latest one. I think that's whats causing the problem03:24
h22turbotheres many ways to do it... just use google and read up03:24
ictask google03:24
agc93vendy: if you have a question, just ask it. Otherwise, people will reply to your AskUbuntu question if they know the answer. You dont need to ask here to answer there03:24
somsipagc93: ok -0 when I say current, I mean nvidia-current from the official repo. Has that changed?? I only got 295.4 about a week ago03:24
agc93How do I tell without GUI?03:25
somsipagc93: use minimal/aternative install03:25
somsipagc93: and 295.4 is the lastest official driver. https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/precise/+package/nvidia-current03:25
SpiifyAre there games that are graphics intensive on Ubuntu?03:26
agc93somsip: I just did apt-get install nvidia-current this time, so I should have 295.4 then03:26
cfhowlettSpiify: alien arena and the flight sims03:26
nydelSpiify: there is red eclipse, which is a wonderful fps03:26
vendyAug 27 16:15:08 vendy-Aspire-4540 bluetoothd[636]: Unregister path: /org/bluez/636/hci003:26
vendyAug 27 16:15:08 vendy-Aspire-4540 bluetoothd[636]: Endpoint unregistered: sender=:1.4703:26
vendyAug 27 16:15:08 vendy-Aspire-4540 bluetoothd[636]: Endpoint unregistered: sender=:1.4703:26
FloodBot1vendy: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.03:26
nydelaw poor vendy, i was just about to try & help with that.03:27
SpiifyAny mmorpgs?03:27
somsipagc93: and you cleared out everything before? I can't understand how it's building a 173 module if the package for 173 has been purged. Unless it's not building the module and an old one is still in there. Any error messages from dpkg?03:27
=== chad_ is now known as ChadB
agc93somsip: i didnt see any. Definitely cleared out. Its a fresh install. Will try again. Hang on a sec03:27
vendyAfter running this command tail -f /var/log/syslog03:27
cfhowlettSpiify: http://askubuntu.com/questions/18297/list-of-free-mmos-for-ubuntu03:28
agc93somsip: atm, it's giving me NV driver version 173.14.35. This is getting weird03:29
vendyMy card reader is disconnected by ubuntu after inserting it... Why??03:29
nydelSpiify: are you looking for something to play, or are you looking for source code?03:29
somsipagc93: I purged nv and nouveau when I had my problems. X was very ugly, but it gave me a clean starting point03:29
agc93somsip: and apt-get reports that nvidia-current is still the current version.03:29
somsipagc93: any errors from dpkg when building the modules?03:30
h22turboyam_: ur going to have to get use to using google and reading a lot. learning linux takes a long time and takes a lot of patients, a lot of reading, and following howto guides found on the internet03:30
agc93somsip: just that it didnt match either of the quirks (it shouldn't have) and that there was no module before, so installing to lib/modules etc etc03:31
SpiifyJust looking at options03:31
SpiifyTo play03:31
MonkeyDustyam_  you're going to start with the basics, like you did with windows or macOS03:31
somsipagc93: and it's installed the the correct kernel src dir? What's your uname -r?03:31
vendyCan someone answered my question on askubuntu.com/questions/180903/card-reader-ever-been-read-but-now-cannot.... Now im using tablet and difficult to write my question....03:31
yam_Yeah you right I need  to read alot of things to learn linux like what i did for win03:32
agc93!patience | vendy03:32
ubottuvendy: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/03:32
h22turboos[Linux 3.2.0-29-generic-pae i686] distro[Ubuntu "precise" 12.04] cpu[2 x AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 3800+ (AuthenticAMD) @ 2.00GHz] mem[Physical: 873.7MB, 73.8% free] disk[Total: 73.5GB, 34.2% free] video[NVIDIA Corporation C51 [GeForce 6150 LE]] sound[HDA-Intel - HDA NVidia]03:32
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Zeptish22turbo: I'm in /lib/modules/$(uname -r)/build; what does nvidia look for in this dir that I wouldn't have?03:34
h22turboZeptis: no idea? did u get a error msg or something?03:34
Zeptisyes I did, h22turbo: >>Unable to determine the version of the kernel sources located in03:35
Zeptis       '/lib/modules/3.2.0-29-generic/build'03:35
membreyalooking for assistance with Ubuntu .  It recognises the touchscreen and I can drag in the console to highlight but it wont recognise the use of the launcher or the x _ - buttons03:35
Zeptis!pasting > ubottu03:35
ubottuZeptis, please see my private message03:35
membreyado i need to use another UI?03:36
Zeptish22turbo: apt get output >>nvidia-current is already the newest version03:37
Zeptis!nvidia > zeptis03:37
ubottuZeptis, please see my private message03:37
|Anthony|are there any known caveats to updating 10.04 to use a 3.x kernel?03:38
cfhowlett!search > /e03:39
cfhowlett!search > /me03:39
ubottu<cfhowlett> wants you to know: Search factoids for term: !search <term>03:39
=== xubuntu is now known as Guest95517
Guest95517Eghads...  I finally freed up a hundred gigs on a vista partition.  Now how do I make it part of my current ext4 partition?03:40
cfhowlettGuest95517: boot from live cd/usb and resize your partition to include the freed space.03:41
ZeptisMr or Mrs 95517: I recommend Gparted03:41
membreyacan someone recommend where to get assistance for touch screens then?03:41
Guest83188curious I am wondering is there a sybase database version for oracle or is sybase only for microsoft machines ?03:41
Guest83188I am assuming NO but just throwing it out there and lettin it brew03:42
ki4ro_Why doesn't system monitor show I'm on 12.04.1?03:42
cfhowlettAndroUser: greetings03:42
Zeptis83188; *I'm also assuming no, but have you tried using wine?03:43
AndroUserHow can I make ubuntu root user password random again?03:43
membreyaZeptis, you seem to be the resident oracle...any tips?03:43
Guest95517cfhowlett, I'm on a livecd now.  gparted won't let me incorporate the 100 gigs of unformatted space indo sda503:44
cfhowlettGuest95517: won't let you?  you get error msgs?03:44
cfhowlettGuest95517: paste a screenshot?03:45
agc93simsop: thanks for your help. I have duals going at the moment (res is a bit off) and will try and fix the rest myself.03:45
* Zeptis is no oracle, and has only ever used ODAC with FreeBSD03:45
ubottuguest95517: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.03:45
Zeptismembreya, I'm sorry, but I have no experience with touchscreens03:45
somsipagc93: cool.03:45
GabriellleGNnecesito ayuda urgente, por favor03:45
ubottuGabriellleGN:: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.03:45
membreyathanks anyways zeptis :)03:46
Zeptiswhich model is it, Membreya?03:46
deper29hey, i am kind of stuck trying to setup autofs to mount an nfs share. I go here https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Autofs#Create_.2BAC8-etc.2BAC8-auto.nfs and try following example 4, but have a few questions. can someone help?03:46
AndroUserThe way the root password is when you first install... I want it back :-P03:47
membreyailiteck multi-touch according to xinput --list03:47
jrib!root | AndroUser03:47
ubottuAndroUser: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo03:47
jribAndroUser: that wiki page explains how03:47
TeruFSXI just installed kubuntu and it appeared to have misconfigured grub, causing a file not found error on boot03:47
TeruFSXalso if you want root sudo passwd would work iirc03:48
cfhowlett!grub|TeruFSX  try restoring/reinstalling grub.03:48
ubottuTeruFSX  try restoring/reinstalling grub.: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)03:48
AndroUserThanks jrib03:48
ZeptisAndrouser: alternatively, you may want to boot into Recovery-mode03:48
Guest95517cfhowlett, no.  I try to resize sda5 and I can't seem to add anything. http://static.inky.ws/image/2678/image.jpg03:48
TeruFSXwindows was installed beforehand03:48
Zeptisvia Grub2 that is, Androuser.03:49
rafaelsoaresbrhow to change charset to iso8859-1?03:49
cfhowlettGuest95517: unallocated needs to be next to the partition you want to resize.  You gotta move stuff around.03:49
AndroUserI can't even see my grub menu zeptis03:49
Guest95517cfhowlett, I don't see how03:50
yoofusing microsoft visual studio 2010 and lovin it03:50
ZeptisHold shift at startup and pray to the machine spirits, Androuser.03:50
cfhowlettGuest95517: select unallocated and move it next to /dev/sda5??03:50
bpcompI have an xsession problem if anyone is willing to help03:50
AndroUserIts an old nvidia card :-(03:50
deper29i'm wanting to use autofs to mount an nfs share, can someone help?03:51
Guest95517cfhowlett, move is grayed out03:51
bpcompI somehow started an xsession :1 and can't figure out how to kill it03:51
ZeptisAndrouser: holding shift should show grub2, even if hidden by default. Can anyone confirm this?03:51
Spiify So i know this is a ubuntu chat but anyone want to take a shot at a windows question for me03:51
yoofsure, lets hear it03:51
cfhowlettSpiify: nope.  ##windows03:51
yoofi use windows 703:52
ZeptisSpiify: PM me.03:52
cfhowlettZeptis: I thought it was up/down arrow?03:52
AndroUserI understand but my monitor can't showanything between.bios and login.03:52
Guest95517Spiify, maybe privately, but don't complain if someone makes fun of you -- I've had enough of a Vista box this week that I might not be nice. :)03:52
bpcompany help for killing an xsession?03:53
ZeptisAndrouser: just because it's not showing anything, doesn't mean it's not hidden via X.conf03:53
Zeptisbpcomp: do you know how to get into tty?03:53
bpcompI'm ssh'd into the offending box03:53
Zeptisbpcomp: tty, then if you're using vanilla ubuntu, lightdm stop03:54
Guest95517cfhowlett, how do I move it if I select it in gparted and the move option is grayed out?03:54
vendyany forum can answered question fast03:54
WeThePeoplewhy doesnt the pop out menu stay put when i try to select something with my mouse from the bottom parts03:54
TeruFSXwell a full reinstall didn't fix it, cd time03:54
AndroUserZeptis you don't know my computer. My monitor says red too high. But I'll fix it later.03:54
bpcompZeptis: Failed to use bus name org.freedesktop.DisplayManager, do you have appropriate permissions?03:55
AndroUserRes asterick03:55
Zeptisbpcomp: lol, sudo03:55
bpcompI did03:55
membreyaalright it seems to work sporadically..not so much for the launcher but in control panel and dragging.  I noticed that the video drivers are not installed03:55
bpcompthat was the result03:55
membreyacould this be causing performance issues for the touch screen?03:55
SpiifyMaybe i should just find a windoze chat lol03:55
bpcompit is a mythbuntu box03:55
cfhowlettGuest95517: been awhile since I moved/resized.  The doomsday option is to delete /dev/sda4 which will reassign the freed space to unallocated.  then reboot/reinstall03:56
membreyathe video card is an Intel GMA 3150.  Shouldn't that be in the default install?03:56
bpcompI was playing with trying to forward X over SSH03:56
Zeptisbpcomp: no shit? sudo init 303:56
ubottuZeptis:: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.03:56
=== oem is now known as helecho2
bpcompI'm at runlevel 303:57
vendywhy after i installed sdcard and running command tail -f /var/log/syslog the result is like this Aug 27 16:21:44 vendy-Aspire-4540 kernel: [  840.954578] sd 2:0:0:0: Attached scsi generic sg2 type 003:57
vendyAug 27 16:21:51 vendy-Aspire-4540 kernel: [  847.454513] sd 2:0:0:0: [sdb] Attached SCSI removable disk03:57
vendyAug 27 16:21:54 vendy-Aspire-4540 kernel: [  850.832212] usb 1-5: USB disconnect, device number 303:57
Guest95517cfhowlett, I've already got their data (it's a friend I'm trying to convert to xubuntu -- they're out of disk space because Vista is retarded and I got sick of fighting with it the first go 'round about repartitioning) where I want it so I don't want to reinstall03:57
Zeptisbpcomp: mythbuntu still uses GDM, right?03:58
ZeptisI guess try tty and lightdm stop, again.03:59
bpcompsame result03:59
bpcompwhen I cat .xsession-errors03:59
cfhowlettGuest95517: not sure you'll be happy for long as it is.  you've already used 5.47 of 5.66 gigs of available space...03:59
bpcompI get this line04:00
bpcomp/usr/bin/x-session-manager: X server already running on display :104:00
vendyhellooooo can anybody answered mine....04:00
Zeptisbpcomp: is there another user still logged in?04:00
bpcompme ssh04:01
bpcompshould I kill that and do local tty only?04:01
Zeptisbpcomp: you may have to do that.04:01
bpcompI'll give that a show04:02
Zeptis brb, honey nut nvidias04:03
Guest95517cfhowlett, I could create a new partition and just mount it somewhere, but I'm not sure what the best schema would be.  The box won't boot to ubuntu right now, and I think it's because the guy filled it up with some new software.  Wondering if I make the partition /home or wherever software gets installed...04:03
cfhowlettGuest95517: won't boot linux as in defaults straight into Vista?04:03
membreyathe video card is an Intel GMA 3150.  Shouldn't that be in the default install?04:04
Guest95517cfhowlett, no, it gets so far past grub then bleah....  Something about a broken pipe at this point, but the disk was totally full before I started clearing out old apt caches and trying to repartition.04:05
cfhowlettGuest95517: also, if he's running vista and has only 250 gig HDD, I'm guessing this is an older box which means MBR scheme.04:05
Zeptis95517: 'broken pipe' is an error returned by X11, if that's any help in narrowing it down.04:06
cfhowlettGuest95517: you got issues, son.  :)  Assuming you're not contemplating "fixing" Vista, seems to me the best option is to optimize ubuntu.  You're limited as there're already 3 primary partitions, so you can't add another primary without violating the mbr and breaking things.  My suggestion?  Delete/Reinstall (pita, I know, but whatchagonnado?04:08
Guest95517Zeptis, and it only happened after an update, which I don't think the fellow had room for when he ran it04:08
Zeptiscan you run a liveCD, 95517.04:09
Guest95517cfhowlett, I've now got the Vista partition shrunk to 100 gigs less than what it was.  It only need to run in April, as it has turbotax that the guy needs for taxes.04:09
cfhowlettGuest95517: by the way, if you go that way, assign a larger a / partition.  1 or 2 updates and that things going to max out.  You;ll need to clean out the .debs with sudo apt-get clean, but your user won't know that, will he?04:09
Guest95517Zeptis, I'm on a xubuntu 12.04 livecd right now, on the box in question04:09
Guest95517cfhowlett, that's what I'm trying to do.04:10
Guest95517cfhowlett, the / I mean04:10
Zeptisoh cool; what flavor of Xorg is his installation using?04:10
cfhowlettZeptis: guest95517's gparted >> http://static.inky.ws/image/2678/image.jpg04:11
Guest95517Zeptis, I installed xubuntu on his box off this livecd04:11
membreyatouch screen worked after reboot.  Where is the USB drive mounted however?04:11
membreya ./media ...nevermind ;)04:12
Guest95517cfhowlett, hang on... I might be all set.  I've never moved stuff with gparted.  Usually I use fdisk and just delete everything.  I quit windows years ago and haven't had to worry about dual boot since04:12
Zeptis95517: select the unallocated space, then device>create partition table, no?04:15
=== n is now known as Guest2584
dj_segfaultHi.  I'm trying to get Postfix configured based on https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/postfix.html#postfix-sasl  That section on SASL says to add a block to the  socket listen {... section, but I can't find that in any of the configuration files.  Where is that supposed to be?04:16
Guest95517Zeptis, I'm trying to leave the Vista partition alone, so I Guess I keep shifting things about until I get the unallocated space next to sda5...  Dunno if that will work yet.04:16
Zeptis95517: and you can't move /dev/sda4?04:17
Guest95517Zeptis, there were alread four priamry partitons.  I guess that was shooting me in the foot.  The vista partition being secretly corrupted (rather like politicians, no?) was something that has been shooting me in the other foot that I just didn't know yet.04:19
LiDaRdj_segfault, you "should" be able to put settings in any one of the config files ...04:19
dj_segfaultLiDaR: thanks04:19
cfhowlettGuest95517: fixed?04:20
Guest95517cfhowlett, waiting...04:20
grendal_primeok this is reallllly pissing me off04:22
cfochhello... I'm in a Live CD. I can't install some programs, because they're not found. What could I do?04:22
grendal_primei neeeeeed to be able to write these to dvd.  I have done this before with 10.0404:22
grendal_primeon this same machine04:22
Zeptisgrendal: so, you converted your AVI -> mpeg2, and then what happened?04:23
Zeptiscfoch: which programs?04:23
grendal_primei got 3 machines here and two of them I know i have done this on before..but for some reason now..with 1204 i get as far as. ya that part..i have the files in mpeg2 format04:23
cfochZeptis: for example testdisk, audacity, scalpel04:24
grendal_primebut brasero gets...2-25 megs into "converting to mpeg format" wich it is already in...and it stops working04:24
Zeptisgrendal: have you attempted using a different DVDburner, or making an ISO then burning that?04:24
osmosishow can I get libboost1.37-dev  for precise?04:24
grendal_primethese dvd burners work fine..it never even gets to that phase04:24
grendal_primethas what im talking about i cant even write them to iso04:25
Zeptisgrendal: you might also consider 'sudo dpkg-reconfigure brasero'04:25
Zeptisif you haven't that is04:25
grendal_primeya ill give it a shot04:25
Zeptiscfoch: did you load the programs onto the LiveCD when you made it?04:26
cfochZeptis: seems they're not found in the repos04:27
lickalottanyone know of a way to see/monitor if someone is accessing your NFS shares.  *they are hosted over apache04:29
Zeptiscfoch: you may want to apt-add-repository04:29
=== hunter is now known as Guest73782
Zeptiscfoch: canonical was down for a number of people yesterday in this chat.04:30
=== aaaas is now known as aaas
Ann-MariyaIs there any password cracker for ubuntu other than John The Ripper ???04:33
cfochI've remove my /home/user/* files04:34
cfochwhat can I do to recover my files with the structures?04:34
membreyathe video card is an Intel GMA 3150.  Shouldn't that be in the default install?04:34
cfochI mean the directories and not only my files with random names04:34
Ann-Mariyamembreya: ya. ofcourse04:34
membreyait says unknown04:35
Ann-MariyaIs there any password cracker for ubuntu other than John The Ripper ???(I prefer GUI)04:36
membreyaand how do i install mono for wine for .net apps?04:37
* Ann-Mariya : Nobody here responses04:37
wan26Ann-Mariya, hashcat.04:37
LiDaR!patience > Ann-Mariya04:38
Ann-Mariyawan26: ya04:38
ubottuAnn-Mariya, please see my private message04:38
ubottuAnn-Mariya:: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/04:38
Ann-MariyaIs there any password cracker for ubuntu other than John The Ripper ???04:38
wan26I answered you04:38
grendal_primeya i get a bunch of this when i stop execution04:39
grendal_prime++ WARN: [brasero] Stream bd: data will arrive too late sent(SCR)=58368 required(DTS)=1440004:39
cfochhaha xD04:39
Crawlygrendal_prime: Error: "brasero" is not a valid command.04:39
Ann-Mariyahashcat ?04:39
Ann-Mariyawan26 :  thanks04:39
grendal_primewhatever that means04:39
LiDaRAnn-Mariya, if the computer is yours .. there is probably a better method besides 'cracking'04:39
Ann-MariyaLiDaR: cracking win 7 password from ubuntu 1204:40
LiDaRAnn-Mariya, there are tools to just reset it ..04:41
cfhowlettAnn-Mariya: http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/14369/change-or-reset-windows-password-from-a-ubuntu-live-cd/04:41
* Ann-Mariya :bnm04:41
wan26Ann-Mariya, they look like better options, as your isp may have policies against downloading things like hashcat04:42
NomadI'm getting an error that says, "This kernal is not supported on your CPU" or something to that affect.  Trying to install he latest x86 version of Ubuntu.04:42
LiDaRNomad, you have 32bit / 64bit mixed up?04:42
NomadNo, 32-bit is what I mean.04:43
cyrano_I'm having a weird issue with my dell latitude d630 (12.04 with MATE) where it seems to boot just fine when connected to my dock. But when I try to boot it when not connected to the dock it takes longer to boot and shows a message in the plymouth boot theme stating that it is trying to connect to network then eventually counts down from 60 to give up and finish booting. Once it eventually boots the network manager does not show up in th04:43
LiDaRNomad, what does uname -m say ?04:44
NomadI don't know what you mean by that04:44
LiDaRNomad, your on ubuntu now ?04:44
NomadNo, I am on Windows XP now.04:45
* cfhowlett oh the humanity!04:45
wan26what does it say under cpu in system,hardware?04:45
NomadI am tryin to install ubuntu 32-bit on an IBM thinkpad t-4204:45
NomadIntel Pentium M Processor 1.7Ghz04:46
cfhowlettNomad: you might want to try x/l/ubuntu.  They work better on older and low spec machines.04:46
NomadI don't know what you mean by x/l/ubuntu04:46
ubottuNomand: Xubuntu is Ubuntu with Xfce instead of !GNOME. More info at http://www.xubuntu.org and http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/ - To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop » - Join #xubuntu for support - See also: !Ubuntu and !Xubuntu-Channels04:46
ubottuNomad: Xubuntu is Ubuntu with Xfce instead of !GNOME. More info at http://www.xubuntu.org and http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/ - To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop » - Join #xubuntu for support - See also: !Ubuntu and !Xubuntu-Channels04:46
ubottuNomand: lubuntu is Ubuntu with LXDE instead of !GNOME as desktop environment, which makes it extremely lightweight. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu - /join #lubuntu for lubuntu support.04:47
ubottuNomad: lubuntu is Ubuntu with LXDE instead of !GNOME as desktop environment, which makes it extremely lightweight. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu - /join #lubuntu for lubuntu support.04:47
LiDaRNomad, go for the lxde its nice on slow computers04:47
amicrawledoes any body know how to get a dell inspiron 1501 to see if it is a x86 or a x6404:47
Zeptish22turbo: MAD PROPS!04:48
Zeptisscreenshot soon04:48
LiDaRamicrawle, open a shell types uname -m04:48
wan26it has a 64 bit processor so04:48
amicrawlewell right now i'm using i38604:48
amicrawlenot sure if the hardware needs x64   i386 dvd04:49
grendal_primeim trying something called dvd styler04:49
Zeptisamicrawle: that means no x64 iso04:49
grendal_primeit seems to be working its doing the transcodding and whatnot.04:49
LiDaRamicrawle, if your cpu is 64bit .. use amd6404:49
cfhowlettamicrawle: needs?  no.  32 bit willl run04:49
amicrawleit does use amd 6404:49
amicrawlethats what it said on the sticker on the laptop04:50
Nomadonce I have xubuntu intalled, what's the command to install unity?04:50
* Zeptis slaps Zeptis04:50
LiDaRamicrawle, then download a amd64 iso to install from04:50
amicrawlewhat i'm puzzled about it  uses  i38604:50
cfhowlettNomad: umm, unity does NOT play well on older machines...04:50
amicrawlethe splash screen crashes04:50
amicrawlewill not load04:51
cfhowlettamicrawle: amd64 can and does boot 32 bit ubuntu04:51
amicrawlethe screen trips out04:51
NomadI'm farily certain that it'll run on my system04:51
NomadI have a 128mb dedicated gpu.04:51
xanguaNomad: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop04:51
Zeptish22turbo: check this out, http://i.eho.st/pphdnowo.png04:51
Zeptisubuntu in ~200MB04:51
cfhowlettNomad: then just install ubuntu.  Oh wait..04:52
amicrawlejust wantes to make sure my dvd was right for the cpu04:52
h22turboZeptis: nice04:52
grendal_primeoh man that thing works great!!!!04:52
grendal_primegave me a preview and built the menus for me to...04:53
Zeptish22turbo: you and everyone else at #ubuntu deserve a pat on the back04:53
Zeptisgrendal: what package, now I'm curious?04:53
h22turboZeptis: thats what its all about... helping others with linux04:53
Zeptisis there a #ricing on this server? lol04:54
LiDaRZeptis, what program is showing your system stats ?04:55
h22turboas long as I can keep 1 person away from microsoft... and use linux, im happy! lol04:55
ZeptisLiDaR: that is Screenfetch, taken from the Arch repos with git.04:55
ZeptisLiDaR: it's a bunch of silly nested checks, but it's awesome04:55
ZeptisH22turbo: are you ready for Linux-native steam for ubu?04:56
LiDaRZeptis, looks nice im gonna get it04:56
ZeptisGo git it, LiDaR. it's sweet.04:56
membreyaIntel GMA 3150...how to install04:56
Zeptismembreya: do you know how to open a terminal?04:57
h22turboZeptis: ehh, i really dont play many games... just Quake Live, Enemy Territory, and Urban Terror04:57
LiDaRim using 790mb of ram !04:58
=== chris__0076 is now known as chris_0076
ZeptisLiDaR: because unity and lightdm is hueg04:58
ZeptisI was using >1GB, and I raged, hence my two day gutting of my system.04:59
NomadOk, since my CPU is unsupported...04:59
NomadOr, not PAE supported.04:59
h22turboLiDaR: I only have 1 GB lol04:59
wan26im using 161mb of ram, finally05:00
LiDaRheh i have 6 gigs of ram so im doing ok05:00
NomadA good workaround would be too... install ubuntu ver 10.04, and then simply upgrade to 12.04.  That'd work right?05:00
* Zeptis claps for wan26's inspirational story05:01
xanguahttp://www.webupd8.org/2012/05/how-to-install-ubuntu-1204-on-non-pae.html Nomad05:01
wan26another clap for dumb sarcasm05:01
BlackWebDoes anyone know the command that causes everything in the buffer to be written to disk, I've seen it somewhere but cant remember it05:01
ChogyDanBlackWeb: sync05:01
h22turboBlackWeb: http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/lucid/man2/sync.2.html05:02
BlackWeb:) Thank You ChogyDan05:02
lotuspsychjehowto fix a corrupt square mouse pointer every cold boot in precise?(ati grafix card)05:02
LiDaRi dont have anything to do tomorrow so maybe i will enter the lowest amount of ram competition !05:02
NomadWell that was my next option05:02
Zeptislotuspsychje: what is a "corrupt square mouse"?05:03
Zeptislouspsychje: the cursor?05:03
h22turbolotuspsychje: google square mouse ubuntu fix05:03
BlackWebThanks h22turbo :)05:03
h22turbolotuspsychje: google square mouse pointer ubuntu05:03
LiDaRlotuspsychje, were you here yesterday or so with same problem ?05:04
h22turboi dont see why its so hard for people to use google. ive been here for like 2-3 hours... and every question asked here has a solution/answer just by doing a simple google search05:04
ubottuWhile Google is useful for helpers, many newer users don't have the google-fu yet. Please don't tell people to "google it" when they ask a question.05:04
ubottuh22turbo: please see above05:04
king_cobratoo many trackers on google..05:05
h22turbowell thats just dumb... cause ive answered every question here in the past 3 hours just by doing a simple google search then copy and paste them the answer here05:05
ChogyDanh22turbo: I agree with you.  Folks should at least give google a try.   It's frustrating when you google for it, and it is like the top result05:05
LiDaRback when i started using linux people were mean i was told go google it and rtfm a few timeslol05:05
h22turboif they're that lazy... or dumb... they dont need to use linux lol05:06
h22turbogo back to winblows05:06
BlackWebSamehere LiDaR lol :)05:07
h22turbojust my opinion tho...05:07
king_cobrathank you h2205:07
timatootheggs benedict05:08
LiDaRill be back starting the pursuit of low ram usage!!05:08
king_cobratry linux, if you don't like it, it's ok, microsoft will take your money05:08
king_cobraall of it05:09
timatoothking_cobra: indeed05:09
ChogyDanor, folks will just use a mac05:09
lotuspsychjeLiDar:as long as the problem still satys ill ask every day05:10
king_cobraif they can afford it.. expensive crap05:10
LiDaRthere we go 265 ram05:10
timatoothposix on mac is out of date05:10
LiDaRlotuspsychje, did you try restarting x ?05:10
Zeptisanyone else experienced with openbox?05:10
lotuspsychjeZeptis: square mouse pointer is corrupt, not a pointer anymore..but disformed05:11
h22turbolotuspsychje: cd / then rm -rf / then install windows05:12
h22turbojk dont do that....05:12
king_cobraha.. that's funny05:12
Adiepeople need to stop saying "rm -rf" in here -.-05:12
lotuspsychjeh22turbo: you think it didnt google it yet..strugling on this bug for years now05:12
AdieIt's not funny, especially when people here are often new to linux and looking for support05:13
lotuspsychjeAdie: i agree on that05:13
h22turbolotuspsychje: http://www.google.com/search?q=square+mouse+pointer+ubuntu&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&client=ubuntu&channel=fs05:13
h22turbotry those results?05:13
LiDaRlotuspsychje, sudo service login-manager restart05:13
h22turbotons of results about that bug05:13
Adieis chromium going to work better than chrome?05:13
lotuspsychjeLiDaR:ok tnx lemme try that later on the machine, you think it would help?05:14
Adieor maybe I should use firefox? idk. I am using chrome now it's it's pretty buggy :<05:14
ChogyDanAdie: not particularly.  the flash is a bit different05:14
LiDaRlotuspsychje, probably not05:14
king_cobrafirefox is a really good browser.. not so buggy05:15
lotuspsychjeh22turbo:ive been reading them all already, nothing suggested helped me05:15
LiDaRlotuspsychje, however if restrting x makes it go away then there may be a setting in your x config to fix it05:15
aslanHi all,05:15
aslanI am working in ubuntu for past few weeks .05:15
aslanecho ${Name[1]}05:15
FloodBot1aslan: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.05:15
aslanExpected result is apple.But I got a error as "Bad substitution" .what is the reason05:15
lotuspsychjeLiDaR:where can one find settings of x05:16
aslanHi all,I am facing array bad substitution error even the code is correct.Name[1]="apple" ;Name[2]="orange" ;echo ${Name[1]} Expected result is apple.But I got a error as "Bad substitution" .what is the reason05:17
ChogyDanaslan: works for me05:18
Dawn262Blah.  I forgot how to log in as root.  I need to copy some images to my /backgrounds folder and it won't let me til I am root05:18
aslanChogyDan, what should I do for you05:18
Dawn262help the brain damaged blonde!05:18
LiDaRsudo !05:18
AdieDawn262, try sudo nautilus05:18
ChogyDanAdie: Dawn262 no, don't do that please05:19
Adiewill open nautilus as root, and you can copy anything anywhere05:19
aslanHi all,I am facing array bad substitution error even the code is correct.Name[1]="apple" ;Name[2]="orange" ;echo ${Name[1]} Expected result is apple.But I got a error as "Bad substitution" .what is the reason05:19
FloodBot1Adie: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.05:19
* Dawn262 higgles the pee out of Adie05:19
ChogyDan!gksu | Adie Dawn26205:19
ubottuAdie Dawn262: If you need to run graphical applications as root, use « gksudo », as it will set up the environment more appropriately. Never just use "sudo"! (See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to know why)05:19
Dawn262I just want to copy a .jpg to the /backgrounds folder and change the permissions there05:20
king_cobrai just id that Dawn262.. the only way i could do it was to login at the login screen as root.. i wasn't able to do it in the terminal05:20
Adieso then... gksudo nautilus?05:20
Adieam i right?05:20
AdieDawn262, you don't need to log into ubuntu as root to do that.05:21
Adieyou simply need to open a file manager as root05:21
Dawn262yeah   but I forgot how to do that!05:22
Dawn262dain bramage05:22
Adienautilus is the default one in ubuntu, so if you use "gksudo nautilus" you shoudl have no issue copying05:22
Dawn262will try     brb05:22
Adiejust don't delete your filesystem while you do that D:05:22
AdieI did that once for fun. it worked....05:22
king_cobrawell i was havin bug issues with permissions but that's fixed now05:22
=== love is now known as Guest97858
aslanHi all,I am facing array bad substitution error even the code is correct.Name[1]="apple" ;Name[2]="orange" ;echo ${Name[1]} Expected result is apple.But I got a error as "Bad substitution" .what is the reason05:31
lotuspsychjehowto fix a corrupted square mouse pointer every cold boot in precise (ati grafix card, after a reboot problem vanish)05:31
fishbaitanyone got a deb file or source for adobe flash player 11.1 because 11.2 is broken05:34
zIzaslan: that's not really a ubuntu issue05:35
Drakizaslan: tried echo ${correct.Name[1]} ?05:35
tsimpsonaslan: make sure you are using the bash shell, not /bin/sh05:37
fishbaitlol linux has joined ubuntu05:37
membreyatrying to use Mono to run a .net application and it's saying I need libgluezille installed...but it is according to the software centre05:37
fishbaitanyone got a deb file or source for adobe flash player 11.1 because 11.2 is broken05:38
lotuspsychjefishbait: did you install restricted extras?05:38
Drakizmembreya: maybe versions differ ?05:38
=== Kitar|st_ is now known as Kitar|st
fishbaitwhats the repository for that?05:39
lotuspsychje!info ubuntu-restricted-extras | fishbait05:39
ubottufishbait: ubuntu-restricted-extras (source: ubuntu-restricted-extras): Commonly used restricted packages for Ubuntu. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 57 (precise), package size 2 kB, installed size 30 kB05:39
lotuspsychjefishbait: i also thought my 11.2 was broke after installing this it fixxed05:39
membreyaDrazik: I have both 4.0 and 2.0 CLI installed05:40
fishbaitty i'll try the issue is that i use opera and flash randomly crashes luckily opera uses plugin wrapper so the browser doesn't crash05:40
membreyaall it states is "libgluezilla not found.  to have webbrwser support, you need libgluezilla installed"05:40
lotuspsychjefishbait: you installed from web or software centre?05:41
fishbaitapt-get install05:41
octavio-rdzhi, room is anyone having problems with aptitude and ubuntu 12.04.1 (fresh install)05:41
xangua!aptitude | octavio-rdz05:41
ubottuoctavio-rdz: aptitude is another terminal-based front-end to APT. You may encounter problems on multiarch installs (11.10 and higher) as aptitude cannot currently handle the same package with different architectures being installed at the same time. See http://pad.lv/831768 for more information.05:41
jayd3ehow do you get a package up on one of the default ubuntu package repos?05:41
lotuspsychjefishbait: ok i would try the extras first, if not work you can try the web one too05:42
lotuspsychjeoctavio-rdz: what excaclty is your issue?05:42
lotuspsychjejayd3e: software centre?05:43
fishbaiti show ubuntu-restricted-extras as installed looking at synaptic05:43
octavio-rdzit doesnt work ...  aptitude is linked against a not existed library I did a ldd05:43
aslanzIz, Drakiz,tsimpson, I'm using bash i edited the first line of the command to bash05:43
Guest39692hi, I need help with ubuntu 120405:43
octavio-rdzldd result   libcwidget.so.3 => not foundlibept.so. => not found05:43
jayd3elotuspsychje: nvm guess I need to file a bug to launchpad to get a package added05:43
lotuspsychjefishbait: if you have it already, its indeed not a codec issue, try the installer from web?05:44
lotuspsychje!ask | Guest3969205:44
ubottuGuest39692: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience05:44
fishbaitit still might be trying re-install could just be wonky from kernel upgrades05:44
membreyacould it be because im running both 2.0 and 4.0?05:45
lotuspsychjefishbait:yes playing a bit install:uninstall does the trick mostly05:45
LiDaRwb Zeptis05:45
Zeptisthanks for the welcome, LiDaR05:45
Zeptisgetting some segfaults out of Openbox, so I switched to the xedgers repos, because they support weird stuff.05:46
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/05:46
fishbaitif my years with windows have taught me one thing its that codecs can be very finnicky when you change the computers brain05:46
ZeptisIf I suddenly disappear, you know what happened.05:46
lotuspsychjefishbait: lucky your windows years are over noew :p05:47
fishbaitno go not the codecs05:48
Zeptisdid your x-windows problem get solved, lotus?05:48
LiDaRZeptis, i bacame my quest for low mem footprint down to 260 ish05:48
lotuspsychjeZeptis: well im not at the desktop atm, but this is really a hard one05:48
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ZeptisLiDaR: time to start using that freed space to run servers, fold proteins, and contact ET :P05:49
lotuspsychjeZeptis: we tryed yesterday generating a xorg.conf adding few mouse lines, didnt workout05:49
fishbaitgoing offline gonna try the install from flash player download center05:49
lotuspsychjefishbait: ok good luck05:50
lotuspsychjefishbait: you might wanna uninstall the current one05:50
LiDaRZeptis, my laptop wouldnt make a very good server05:53
Zeptishi again, also, that's a drag, LiDaR.05:54
yam_where can i learn to install tar.gz packages?05:54
yam_what should i google?05:54
Zeptisyam_: tar.gz is an archive file05:54
crizistar zxvf05:54
LiDaRyam_, compile from source05:54
yam_thanks lidar :)05:55
LiDaRyam_, you should avoid .tar.gz on ubuntu if at all possible you can break things fairly easily05:55
crizisno you can't05:55
Zeptisoh, no wonder I'm having problems with X. My system is insane.05:56
yam_LiDaR_: I prefer to use deb packages but sometimes they dont exist05:56
lotuspsychjeZeptis: the strange part is after i reboot, the square mouse is gone..till i cold boot afew time after05:56
yam_and do i need to update clamav my self or it updates automaticly?05:57
LiDaRyam_, your running a mail server  ?05:58
crizisyam_, you can install 'checkinstall' package, then you can do "checkinstall -D -y" instead of "make install" so you get .deb out of sources which can be easily uninstalled05:58
yam_LiDaR_: nop05:58
lotuspsychjeyam_:does clamav have rootkit support?05:58
LiDaRyam_, no benefit to running an antivirus05:58
LiDaRantivirus only good for mail/file servers on windows networks05:59
yam_I use the same usb on ubuntu and windows so i can carry them to my win05:59
yam_carry --->transfer05:59
crizisclamav doesn't really detect anything so it's waste of time06:00
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crizisit's only useless for filtering worst big viruses out at mail servers06:00
coolstarcrizis: http://www.avast.com/linux-home-edition06:01
IBM1234hi kostasa06:01
lotuspsychjecrizis:what you recommend for rootkits and usb autorun protection?06:01
h22turborunning a antivirus on linux is pointless.... if anything, get a rootkit scanner06:01
crizislotuspsychje, common sense06:01
fishbaitno luck flash still crashes on some videos06:01
yam_i register for avast but it never send me the activation code06:02
xormorh22turbo, chkrootkit, http://www.chkrootkit.org06:02
lotuspsychjeh22turbo: every day linux servers get exploited...dont tell me its pointless06:02
fishbaiti need a download for 11.1 11.2 is broke on some machines06:02
h22turbogetting exploited and viruses/malware is 2 totally different things dude.... lol06:02
coolstarfishbait: HTML5 video still works, riet?06:02
h22turboa antivirus is not going to protect your server or linux pc from getting exploited06:02
IBM1234now is an xploit and a virus the same thing, b/c then will the antivirus check for xploits?06:03
crizislotuspsychje, "linux servers" hardly get exploited that often, crappy web software is what gets exploited usually06:03
h22turboIBM1234: a exploit (or your pc getting exploited) and a antivirus scanner is 2 totally different things. a antivirus will not help in any way and will not detect a exploit if your computer is vulnerable06:04
lotuspsychjecrizis: to stay a bit ontopic, you saying an ubuntu server is fully safe against specialized rootkits?06:04
fishbaiti tried re-install of codecs tried install flashplugin-installer then sudo su cd /usr/lib/flashplugin-installer cp libflashplayer.so /usr/lib/opera/plugins06:05
IBM1234h22turbo: I understnad that which makes sense to me06:05
fishbaitam i being ignored for noobism or is this genuinely stumping06:06
lotuspsychje!patience | fishbait06:06
ubottufishbait: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/06:06
IBM1234how about that USB autorun protection ? is there one for linux?06:06
lotuspsychjefishbait: just re-ask your question once in a while mate06:06
crizislotuspsychje, that's pretty unanswerable question06:07
crizislotuspsychje, capable admin can prevent getting any specialized rootkits on the server, to put it shortly06:07
fishbaitof course i remembered rm libflashplyer.so before cd06:08
lotuspsychjecrizis: i know common sense can save us alot of trouble, but still every day new tricks in tha house to exploit linux servers06:08
h22turboIBM1234: u dont need one for linux.... autorun stuff works on windows... and malware that uses USB spread (autorun) only works on windows06:08
lotuspsychjefishbait: you got same troubles on other browsers?06:08
Zeptisfishbait: I segfaulted, what's the issue?06:08
IBM1234h22turbo: nice!06:09
h22turboIBM1234: just install rkhunter... thats really all u need06:09
h22turborkhunter --update06:09
h22turborkhunter --check06:09
IBM1234thank you06:09
h22turbothere is malware and viruses for linux... but its pretty rare06:10
h22turbou dont need a antivirus tho06:10
crizislotuspsychje, 1) allow ssh only from certain ip's/hosts which you really need 2) install only services you actually use 3) mount /home and /var/www with noexec flag so you can't run binaries out of them, 4) jailkit the ssh users unless absolutely needed, and you've already done the job almost impossible for 99.99% cases06:11
lotuspsychjeh22turbo: thats a dangerous thing to say..06:11
h22turboeven downloading from torrents, limewire, etc... or browsing the web to an infected (drive-by) website that infects computers.... will 99.8% of the time not infect a linux computer06:11
lotuspsychjecrizis: i agree that ssh is a danger for remote intrusion06:12
yam_do i need to update clamav or it updates itself06:12
crizis+ etckeeper so /etc keeps version controlled, install unattended-upgrades for security..06:12
Crawlycrizis: Error: "etckeeper" is not a valid command.06:12
rawfodogis there a way to find out how many watts my power supply is with ubuntu ?06:13
rawfodogor whatever its messured in06:13
Blue1rawfodog: if it is an apc unit yes06:13
rawfodogit's just whatever came with my tower06:13
Blue1rawfodog: there is also rtfm06:13
h22turboif u get a virus, malware, rootkit, etc on your linux pc.... its because you dont have a fully updated system, you have some vulnerability that the "hacker" got in and installed the virus himself06:13
IBM1234will the application.....sysinfo .... provide the info rawfodog is looking for?06:14
h22turbosome vulnerability as in open VNC or weak pass on VNC or SSH06:14
h22turbohacker accesses it, then installs the malware, backdoor, rootkit, etc himself06:14
trijntjeh22turbo: not completely true, linux can have unpatched exploits like any other system. For example the recent java exploit06:14
lotuspsychjeh22turbo: lets stick with ubuntu topic06:14
lotuspsychjetrijntje: thats a realistic approach finally06:15
IBM1234Now if you have a good firewall then you strengthen your volnerabilities06:15
h22turboyea, but the malware being spread is 99.8% of the time for windows pcs06:15
crizistheoretical scaremongering is waste of time06:15
Blue1they way I run vnc is strange but secure.  It requires ssh into the box, starting the vnc server manually, remaining logged in, then another password to start the vnc session.  it works06:15
LiDaRyour all off topic!!!06:15
lotuspsychjeyes lets keep ontopic guys06:15
Blue1yes we are06:15
h22turbolotuspsychje: worry about ur convo... we are talking about ubuntu/linux06:15
h22turbopay attention and quit acting like the channel police... trying to tell people what to do06:16
lotuspsychjeso howto make sure an ubuntu system is 100% safe?06:16
* KM0201 agrees with h22turbo 06:16
h22turbowe're talkin about linux computers being infected with malware and viruses06:16
IBM1234h22turbo: Agree06:16
susundbergimho no system is 100% safe06:16
tsimpsonplease keep the conversation respectful and on topic06:16
Blue1lotuspsychje: there is not such thing as 100% safe06:16
h22turbosusundberg: true06:16
IBM1234It will never be 100% safe06:17
susundbergto be very sure you can always boot from live-dvd, without any user data06:17
lotuspsychjeBlue1: still alot of security is on ubuntu's website, saying its very safe already06:17
IBM1234thers is always going to be that someone that does it06:17
KM0201security starts w/ with the knuckleheads that are pounding on the keyboard... if that fails, trust me, no OS is safe.06:17
susundbergin the media that is read-only malware cannot write changes ..06:17
Blue1there is also a security through obscurity measure -- port 22 is blocked to the outside world - works inside the lan - if you want to ssh from the outside, you can move the listening port.06:18
h22turboi know a lot about viruses, spreading malware, botnets, etc etc... and its very very rare your linux box will be infected by one browsing the web or downloading stuff from the internet (like movies, music, programs from known websites)06:18
lotuspsychjesusundberg: how sure are we there is not a new-style mallware that can intrude ubuntu?06:18
Blue1rootkits are hard, but not impossie06:18
Blue1impossible even06:19
crizistheoretical bullcrap06:19
h22turboor even if u access a java drive-by website that infects computers... the malware will not (well, 99% chance) spread or infect a linux bot06:19
IBM1234Why the worry about Viruses??06:19
FloodBot1Adidas: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.06:20
KM0201IBM1234: well, you have to worry about something06:20
tonysan_I got error on installing YAML on 11.10, anyone could help?06:20
fishbaitno luck flash still crashes under stress tried reinstalling ubuntu-restricted-extras and flashplugin-installer no luck tried sudo su cd /usr/lib/opera/plugin rm libflashplayer.so mms.cfg oem.cfg cd/usr/lib/flashplugin-installer cp libflashplayer /usr/lib/opera/plugins exit exit06:20
KM0201fishbait: is it only crashing opera, or all browsers?06:21
h22turboon linux... its all about keeping your system updates, and knowing which services (vnc, ssh) you have open to the internet and securing them06:21
AdidasKM0201 colloquy windows patch ?06:21
histotonysan_: what kind of error06:21
fishbaithmm i'll have to see it says i'm using
Bram_Phi, when I want to live use ubuntu, or install it to disk I get this error http://img717.imageshack.us/img717/6566/dsc00381t.jpg does someone know what it means?06:21
KoketsoMabusemorning. need help was upgrading from 10.4 to 12 and had to reboot machine before installation was done now system wont boot not continue with thw install it was finished with the download06:22
tonysan_histo: Make Running make test Make had some problems, won't test06:22
KM0201Bram_P: how much ram does your machine have?06:22
fishbaitonly opera06:22
Bram_PKM0201 I believe it has 4GB, it's a friends desktop of about 2 years old06:23
Blue1KoketsoMabuse: upgrades have been problematic for me -- I backup /etc/ and /home/ and then do a fresh install.06:23
KM0201fishbait: well, i'd say there's your solution, use firefox, chrome, chromium06:23
KoketsoMabuse am also struggling to download it it times out after i have reached about 50% of the download06:23
h22turboBram_P: looks like a problem with ur video card? its not working with the nouveau kernel module.....06:23
KM0201Bram_P: and what version of ubuntu are you trying to install?06:23
histotonysan_: what is yaml btw? Is it possible there is a package in the repos so you don't have to build from source?06:23
fishbaitits the browser06:24
tonysan_histo: I got the message 'YAML' not installed, will not store persistent state while I am installing some perl packages06:24
fishbaitgoing to check into downgrading opera *.*06:24
KoketsoMabusefanx bro. i caused this crash that the thing06:24
histotonysan_: what package are you trying to install from source and what is the error specifically you are getting?  I can guess all night but it will take a long time.06:24
Bram_Ph22turbo, that's possible indeed. KM0201, I'm installing 12.0406:25
KM0201Bram_P: well, my first thought, would be to try the alternate install cd.06:25
h22turboBram_P: you can disable nouveau during boot... and use something else so it will boot up properly06:26
tonysan_histo: I am going to setup a bugzilla with its checksetup.pl, and it says I need to run "/usr/bin/perl install-module.pl SVN::Core"06:26
tonysan_The install-module.pl then checks YAML and output the error06:28
IBM1234How come Synaptic Package Manager doenst come now with ubuntu. You have to download it in Software Center06:29
KM0201IBM1234: because software center is considered a replacement for synaptic06:29
histotonysan_: doesn't checksetup.pl just report missing dependancies?06:29
tonysan_histo: yes06:29
KM0201i just can't warm up to software center06:30
IBM1234It is not that bad I can just find more stuff in Synaptic06:32
timfrost!info libsvn-perl | tonysan_06:32
ubottutonysan_: libsvn-perl (source: subversion): Perl bindings for Subversion. In component main, is optional. Version 1.6.17dfsg-3ubuntu3 (precise), package size 848 kB, installed size 3374 kB06:32
histotonysan_: I would try asking the bugzilla people to get a better answer than anyone here.06:33
tonysan_histo: thanks06:34
histotonysan_: irc.mozilla.org #bugzilla channel06:35
IBM1234Does anyone know a gui for... Users .... to control groups.  It seems as though in past distros I was balt to control it better in a gui rather then in the terminal06:36
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IBM1234*able to control it better06:36
=== AFKMunks is now known as chamunks
johnfIs it possible to download the original 12.04 server install media from anywhere  ie I don't want the 12.04.1 update06:38
KoketsoMabuseusing BB and keeps knocking me off just missed messages from Adidas06:38
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fishbaiti located a lib flashplayer.so for and swapped accordingly now opera works perfectly06:40
fishbaitokay so the root issue is opera 12.01 is incompatible with flashplayer for future reference the fix is to *completely remove* flash player and install and older version worked for me06:43
fishbaitdoes that help any of you lurkers round her i hope so. XD06:44
piquadratHi. Is there any way to list the profiles that my bluetooth adapter supports?06:44
Shimonis there a way to pair a bluetooth device that does not support pin codes?06:45
sikmajndHello guys. I have a problem installing ubuntu with wubi. At the end this error occured -> http://shrani.si/f/1s/4O/1n9NRu75/capture.png06:45
fishbaitsikmajnd: my only idea here were you running wubi as admin?06:47
sikmajndi was running wubi as admin, yes06:48
fishbaitsikmajnd: hmm waht windows are you using?06:48
sikmajndwin 7 32bit06:49
fishbaitsikmajnd: welp shoots me in the foot i'm out of ideas06:49
mbooneHaving trouble with Hulu displaying the message, plug-in missing. Any idea what it is?06:51
fishbaitmboone is it only hulu?06:51
mbooneLet me check youtube, but I belive so06:51
mboonefishbait, youtube as well06:52
mbooneI have adobe flash installed06:52
fishbaitmboone: what browser?06:52
histopiquadrat: http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/releases/12.04/\06:53
histopiquadrat: sorry typo http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/releases/12.04/06:53
sikmajnd@fishbait - i tried with cd boot and installation gets terminated by signal 15 [9028]06:53
mboonefish: both firefox and chrome, firefox simply doesn't show anything, as chome says missing plugin06:54
fishbaitsikmajnd: try re-downloading?06:54
fishbaitmboone: try sudo apt-get reinstall flashplugin-installer06:55
mbooneOn it06:55
erbowhere does the "1:" in a version like 1:173-0ubuntu4.3 come from? what does it mean?06:56
piquadrathisto: how does that relate to my question?06:57
erbotrying to build a newer version my self but ubuntu thinks 1:173 > my 183 version06:57
erbo(by ubuntu I mean apt :) )06:57
tsimpsonerbo: it's called an epoch, it happens when a version is uploaded but then needs to be replaced by an (numerically) older version06:57
histopiquadrat: sorry wrong person06:59
erbotsimpson: thanks! do you know what part of the debian/* files controls the epoch info? I guess I need to use an epoch in my custom package as well.06:59
tsimpsonerbo: debian/changelog07:00
mboonefishbait: Damn, it didn't fix the problem07:00
nabilsudo apt-get install smuxi07:00
gainnabil: hi07:01
rimalHi, I am using ubuntu 12.04 LTS. I am having a problem when i try to DUN connect my phone to my laptop using bluetooth. when i search to pair my phone, it didn't shows my phone detected although my phone is visible and within the range. Can anyone please help me?07:01
fishbaitmboone: try restarting the browser if that doesn't work i'm stumped i'm still trying to troubleshoot a compatability problem between flash and my browser my self07:02
abhisinghalhey I am using ubuntu 12.04 and it hangs most of the time.. What to do?07:02
nabilhelp.......i am using smuxi....wat's it used for?07:03
zoranhello there07:04
nabil-!- network list07:04
zoranpls anyone help me install bearpaw 1200cu plus 2 scanner on 12.04.107:05
susundbergzoran: have you tried just plugging it in?07:05
mboonefishbait: Ya man it isn't working. If I find an answer I'll let you know07:05
wilee-nileerimal, You are sure the computer has bluetooth hardware I assume, and you hit the discover on the phone07:05
zoranyes it is already plugged07:05
fishbaitmboone: don't worry about it i'm using opera not firefox07:06
zoranused to have mint 13 now switched to ubuntu07:06
zoranremember there was something with firmware to install the scanner07:06
zoranbut do not remember details07:07
erbotsimpson: got it now, got confused that the old src package didn't have the epoch in the version field in the changelog, but it seems to work when I add it there :)07:07
zoranscanner help???07:09
susundbergzoran: you need to say what is the problem07:10
zorancan not get it to work07:10
zoranpls someone tell me how and where to put gt68xx/PS1Dfw.usb things07:11
zoranthink that would be a solution07:11
susundbergzoran: i would google with lsusb the instructions how to get it working07:12
Benkinoobyhi i have a laptop which as a eth connector on it, but ifconfig only shows the link local interface. how can i find out if he has a working network card and in case activate it?07:12
susundbergzoran: or maybe also check dmesg what it shows when you attach the device07:12
dagerikunable to detect my external monitor i am plugging in. it does not appear in the 'displays' settings07:13
susundbergBenkinooby: try 'sudo ifconfig eth0 up'07:14
Benkinoobysusundberg, ERROR while getting interface flags: no such device07:15
Benkinoobysusundberg, maybe it has a connectur but no card attached to it?07:15
Benkinoobysusundberg, it's a dell latitude laptop, pentium 3 desingend for windows 200007:15
Benkinoobysusundberg, let me chck the bios... maybe i find something there07:16
mboonefishbait: It's looking like the Restricted Extras package might solve the problem, I'll let you know07:16
sam___hey i can authorize my self with su command .  need help please07:17
LiDaRsam___, sudo su07:17
zorani wrote DMESG huge text showed07:17
wilee-nileesam___, sudo -i07:17
somanHi all. Cannot build codelite Ubuntu 12.04 32bit. I'm getting error asm/errno.h: file not found. Here is etc/environment file's contents: C_INCLUDE_PATH="/usr/include/i386-linux-gnu" CPLUS_INCLUDE_PATH="/usr/include/i386-linux-gnu". What could be a problem?07:18
sam___sudo su or sudo -i07:18
LiDaRsoman, looks like your missing gcc or parts of07:18
tsimpsonsam___: use "sudo -i" if you want a "root shell"07:19
geirhasam___: «sudo -s» instead of «su» or  «sudo -i» instead of «su -»07:19
somanLiDaR: how can I fix it?07:19
histosoman: is there a reason you don't want to use codelite from teh software center?07:19
sam___I need it for compiling07:19
sam___whch one do i need?07:19
tsimpsonsam___: you don't need to be root to compile anything07:19
somanhisto: I need last from codelite's SVN07:19
sam___tar.gz packages i read it in a guide i should be root.07:20
BlackWebis Anyone familiar with Samba, My Question is through the gui interface then I'm able to add a samba user thats not a user on the local linux system, which when doing so it asks for Windows Username, & password then above for Unix account it says asterisk, Well how would i do that on a server through commandline, so that a windows user can access share without having local account on actual server07:20
LiDaRsoman, i dont remebr the package names off top of my head07:20
k1l_sam___: just use sudo <command>07:20
geirhasam___: Then the guide is wrong. Only an install requires root, if you install it under /usr or /opt07:21
k1l_sam___: its the ubuntu way to not be root all the time. so most howtos which are for linux dont expect that ubuntu way07:21
LiDaRsoman, apt-cache search gcc should show what you need maybe apt-cache search build07:21
histosam___: you don't need tob e root to compile only to install. but the correct way would be sudo -i07:21
timfrostsoman: the compile dependencies will be  needed.  They will be installed with 'sudo apt-get build-dep codelite'07:21
geirhasam___: ./configure && make && sudo make install07:21
histosam___: I would suggest using checkinstall to install packages from source07:21
histo!checkinstall | sam___07:21
ubottusam___: checkinstall is a wrapper to "make install", useful for installing programs you compiled. It will create a .deb package, which will be listed in the APT database and can be uninstalled like other packages. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CheckInstall - Read the warnings at the top and bottom of that web page, and DO NOT interrupt CheckInstall while it's running!07:21
dagerikhow do i troubleshoot that an external monitor is not detected by the 'Display' menu in the settings?07:22
k1l_sam___: why not using the ubuntu how tos on the ubuntu wiki?07:22
zoranplease what should i do to have my scanner working...i need some help07:22
sam___wow thanks guy i got more that what i expected07:22
wilee-nileezoran, With a quick look on the net I saw a debian and linux installs, appears to be a driver issuw and maybe xsane as well used07:23
somantimfrost: I got a message that I should fill sources.list. What does it mean? Should I add official repository's adress to those file or what?07:24
timfrostsoman: what was the message (use a pastebin if it is more than one line )07:25
Name141When will 12.04 get a 12.04.1 ?07:26
k1l_Name141: did it already07:26
Name141k1l_: ah. Is there still billions of MBs to download in updates?07:27
k1l_Name141: ?07:27
k1l_Name141: think of it like the servicepacks on windows. they are steps where the updates get bundled for easier install07:27
Name141k1l_: I don't want to be outside of my FAP Free Window time after installing the OS. (1-6 AM) and it count towards my FAP.07:27
somantimfrost: the message in russian and I'm translating: no packages with source code were found for codelite. No one package will be updated installed or removed. E: you should fill sources.list putting sources' URI in it.07:28
Name141k1l_: I really should get off of Sat internet and their silly FAPs.07:28
LiDaRName141, what country does that ?07:29
Name141LiDaR: USA.07:29
k1l_Name141: the reason for .1 release is, that you dont have to get all the updates since start. you only need the updates that came after that .1 release07:29
Name141LiDaR: Hughes(net)07:29
LiDaRName141, time to switch :))07:30
jessejammeshola que tal07:30
fidel!es > jessejammes07:31
ubottujessejammes, please see my private message07:31
fideljessejammes: this channel itself is english ;) & yes - hola ;)07:31
thufir_has anyone completed the https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mailman guide?  it seems quite flawed...07:31
jessejammessorry thanks07:31
Name141LiDaR: yeah specially since they are coming out with hard limitations on Hughesnet Gen4.  $100 for 20 GB daily FAP and "Extra Bytes" (The new "FAP Free Window) 20 GBs.  All together only 40 GBs a month for $100.07:32
Name141I assume they'll start rolling that down to old customers not on Gen407:32
timfrostsoman: there is a version of codelite in the universe repository (at least for 12.04/precise).  If you enable that repository, you should have access to the necessary packages.  You might also find that the version of codelite in the repository is suitabl;e, so that you don't need to build  frpom source07:33
somantimfrost: can it be because of I desabled I repository with source code version?07:34
Bram_PKM0201 I'm using the Alternate cd now, however I tried it a couple of times and it stays frozen at the second language screen07:34
=== mimor is now known as mimor_
timfrostsoman: unlikely, but not impossible.  Usually, a compile needs binary packages that have '-dev' in there name (such as 'libc-dev'), to get header files07:38
LiDaRName141, i would run out of bandwidth in like 1 week if i was limited like that07:38
=== Merwin is now known as ThibautD
Name141LiDaR: maybe we should move this to off topic ;o07:39
xorox90is there anyone who know why xmodmap didn't changed at all after `remove mod1 = Hangul` in .Xmodmap?07:40
xorox90what make me crazy... it changed  after logout & login wihle but it didn't changed after reboot07:41
somantimfrost: apt-get search asm/errno.h returned me 'linux-libc-dev: /usr/include/i386-linux-gnu/asm/errno.h' Does it mean that I already have this header (I think it's path's problems or something else)?07:43
cfochWhat happened with "Moovida"?07:45
gansterhi all07:45
jalexandruI need help with program defaults; I set up libreoffice-calc as default for xlsx files and that works ok for local files but if I open thunderbird go to an e-mail, select the attached xlsx and hit "open" the default is set to "gnome numeric" and I have to search for libre office in all my computer; is there anything I can do about it?07:46
timfrostsoman: check 'dpkg -l linux-libc-dev'  - if that shows 'ii07:46
timfrostat the start of the line, then yes.  otherwise no07:47
somantimfrost: thanks, it's installed... I will try to remove environment's include variables and re-run 'make' now...07:49
Benkinoobyhow can i see if i have a networkcard in my computer. the laptop has a network plug but ifconfig only shows the lo interface07:50
LiDaRBenkinooby, lspci07:50
BenkinoobyLiDaR, it lists vga controller, audio multimedia controller, bridge, ide interface, usb controller, two card bus bridges, pci bridge und host bridge07:52
timfrostsoman: there may be other development packages that you need. On my system, I get the results at http://paste.ubuntu.com/1171306/07:52
LiDaRBenkinooby, no ethernet controller ?07:53
somantimfrost: now all worked. 1st: I removed includes from /etc/environment file and get next same error... 2nd I add include paths again and now it's building...07:53
BenkinoobyLiDaR, there is nothing about ethernet07:53
BenkinoobyLiDaR, since the laptop is elderly i thought it might not have a network card07:54
BenkinoobyLiDaR, but there is an ethernet plug...07:54
LiDaRBenkinooby, is it disabled in bios? or by a "hotkey" ?07:54
somantimfrost: Yesterday I built gcc 4.7.1 and as I understand I somethink broke in building system:(07:54
jasonzhi all when I try to buy a game from the ubuntu software centre it say ssl handshake failed.07:55
Kevin1aI'm nearing the limits of my frustration here.  Maybe one of you helpful individuals can ease my anger.  I am getting stuttering (cutting in and out, sounding robotic, popping and crackling) sound on my system.  I first experienced it using Window$ 7, and reinstalled the drivers a million times, tried 2 external soundcards (some of which linked to wireless headset so it can't be the cables), and tried just about everything else.  I got frust07:55
Kevin1arated, blamed it on Window$, and installed Ubuntu on the second hard disk.  Strangely, I still have the issue.  What in the world could cause cutting-out audio that is cross platform, cross sound-card, CPU-load independent (happens even when playing a regular mp3), not a codec problem (problem occures in VLC which uses it's own codecs), etc.  Any ideas?  The system has decent specs.  Built in audio is Realteck, Audio Card I added is Creative07:55
Kevin1a X-Fi Platinum Fatality Champion Series, also tried with Plantronics wireless headset.07:55
LiDaRKevin1a, maybe a bios update ?07:55
BenkinoobyLiDaR, i checked in the bios but did not find anything... hotkeys either07:56
BenkinoobyLiDaR, maybe the card was optional... so it has the plug but not the card... or it's broken07:56
BenkinoobyLiDaR, ok, thank you for your input07:56
LiDaRBenkinooby, put your entire output from lspci on pastebin07:56
BenkinoobyLiDaR, ok, give me a sec07:57
histoKevin1a: problem with the audio file you are trying to play perhaps?07:59
BenkinoobyLiDaR, http://pastebin.com/hLRCJxJn08:00
anteroKevin1a: did you try adding pci=nomsi to GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT in /etc/default/grub08:00
sunil__im recieving this message after installing FSL software08:01
sunil__any one can help pls08:01
LiDaRBenkinooby, your right not there08:02
Kevin1aI wish it was.  I experience the problem with local and remote media.  Youtube and mp3, flac, ogg, etc. files on my local drive.  Also, in game audio.  I could look for a bios update.  This is going to make me sound like an idiot, and I probably deserve it despite running linux for almost 3 years now.  How do I look for a bios update? :)  I'm 25 and have never worked in the computer industry all I know about linux/computers is from screwing08:02
Kevin1aaround and figuring stuff out.08:02
sunil__Depends: libgcc1 (>= 1:4.1.1) but 1:4.6.3-1ubuntu5 is to be installed08:02
LiDaRBenkinooby, look in bios again see if its disabled08:02
sunil__how to fix this?08:02
BenkinoobyLiDaR, ok, will do that..but if i don't find anything i'd say it has not eth card. thank you for your time08:03
LiDaRKevin1a, a bios update would be from manufacturer website its unlikely ... but it may be the solution08:03
LiDaRBenkinooby, if its physically present ... it should be there08:04
Kevin1a:(  No idea what the motherboard is.  This computer was literally pulled out of the trash at work.08:04
BenkinoobyLiDaR, ok, thank you08:04
sunil__any one help me plsssss08:04
anteroKevin1a: if you want to try the pci=nomsi thing, remember to run update-grub and reboot for it to take effect08:05
LiDaRKevin1a, is it a desktop or laptop ?08:05
Kevin1aIt's a desktop computer.08:05
sunil__any one help me to fix this pleaseeeeeee08:06
k1l_sunil__: "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade"08:06
sunil__ooooh i did that08:07
LiDaRKevin1a, the make model on outside ... or else pop case and look at mobo08:07
k1l_sunil__: kan you put the whole output in a pastebin?08:07
k1l_!paste | sunil__08:07
ubottusunil__: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.08:07
LiDaRKevin1a, i remebr there were hp/compaqs that shipped with a broken sound card in the past could be soemthing like that08:08
Kevin1aThe case is just a random case we had sitting in the basement.  I'll open it up and take a look at the board itself.08:09
sunil__yea pasted in paste bin08:09
anteroKevin1a: mind giving pci=nomsi a try before that?08:09
anteroKevin1a: I almost invariably have to add that when installing ubuntu on a laptop08:09
LiDaRsunil__, sudo apt-get -f install08:10
sunil__ok let me seee08:10
Kevin1aAntero: I would gladly give it a try.  Can you explain it more though?  I've never had a problem like this, so while I might know what's going on with a misbehaving network card, I have not idea what pci-nomsi means. :(08:11
sunil__this is appearing08:12
anteroKevin1a: it's some message signaled interrupts bug somewhere =)08:12
LiDaRsunil__, try installing the package you were after now apt-get install whatever08:13
sunil__i did08:13
sunil__same thing appearing08:13
anteroKevin1a: I've lost it on launchpad, but anyways workaround is to add pci=nomsi to /etc/default/grub GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT then run update-grub and reboot08:13
LiDaRsunil__, after you did the -f install ?08:13
sunil__yes sir08:14
sunil__after that08:14
Linpassionhter is some italian user on-line?08:14
anteroKevin1a: if that doesn't help then option can be removed08:14
histosunil__: what package are you trying to install?08:14
k1l_Linpassion: better ask in #ubuntu-it08:14
sunil__fsl 4.108:14
Linpassionsema server freenode?08:15
anteroKevin1a: breaks audio horribly on some systems without the option08:15
k1l_!it > Linpassion08:15
ubottuLinpassion, please see my private message08:15
LiDaRsunil__, install the packages it wants08:15
sunil__how to install them ....any command?08:15
LiDaRsunil__, apt-get install libstdc++6 ect. ect.08:16
sunil__Thanks lidar ...let me try08:16
Krofnamy ubuntu 12.10 crashes when I try to instal Qt SDK from official site. What should I do? :/08:17
LiDaRsunil__, after they are installed try that fsl package again08:17
histosunil__: is there a reason you are trying to install fsl from source?08:17
k1l_!quantal| Krofna08:18
ubottuKrofna: Ubuntu 12.10 (Quantal Quetzal) will be the 17th release of Ubuntu, Discussion and support until final release in #ubuntu+108:18
histosunil__: make sure you have the multiverse repo enabled and sudo apt-get install fsl08:18
Bram_Phow can I turn noapic on when booting Ubuntu?08:18
krofnaAnyway... crashed again now..08:18
histoBram_P: edit the /etc/default/grub file and add whatever default commands you want. Save the file and sudo update-grub and reboot08:19
k1l_!quantal > Krofna08:19
ubottuKrofna, please see my private message08:19
sunil__im installing fsd from software centre @ histo08:20
Bram_Phisto I'm not able to load Ubuntu, while installing I could turn it on with F6, then it automatically rebooted, but it wont let me in unless I turn it on. So I don't think I'm able to edit the file08:21
=== nreusse is now known as drm
netbookhi i have a problem with this hardware http://www.ebay.it/itm/140559990918?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1439.l2649?08:21
netbooki must restart my computer to start a hd 80 gb08:23
Kevin1aAntera- rebooting now, added that line to grub file.  Hopefully it'll work :)  I'll be back on irc in a second.08:26
LiDaRsunil__, i get the same errors seems that package is broken08:28
LiDaRsunil__, http://www.fmrib.ox.ac.uk/fsl/fsl/linux.html follow these directions08:30
=== Garr255 is now known as matthewisatlas
sunil__ok thaks sir08:31
LiDaRsunil__, dont install to /usr/local install to your ~/ i suggest though so it wont interfere with ubuntu package later08:31
Bahamanhi how do I update java on ubuntu. chrome says Java(TM) was blocked because it's out of date and it's only the browser plugin i think08:31
mrjemplooking for help with getting and installing new linux == pclinuxos08:32
Kevin1aNo luck.  Tried playing an audio file, and still have it cutting out.  I'll try to find a BIOS update now.08:32
fidelmrjemp: this channel is focused on ubuntu itself - dont expect help for other distris08:33
histoBram_P: you can boot a livecd or usb and mount your root paritition then chroot to that partition and edit the file and sudo update-grub.  Or you can try passing command options at the grub menu. Hold the shift key down to get a grub menu08:33
LiDaRKevin1a, figure out the mobo and google it .. might find a solution that way08:33
Kevin1aThat's the plan, thanks for the help.  If I boot up into windows, will it show me the mobo in the device manager?08:33
=== Laif is now known as Laif`
histoBram_P: you should be able to press e at the grub menu to edit the current selected kernels boot options08:34
LiDaRKevin1a, no08:34
AdvoWorkI'm just writing a bash script,and will be sending the output to a log file(i want to put this in /var/log) is there anything I need to do to monitor the rotation?08:36
anteroKevin1a: just a slight concern since you typed 'added that line' - the line should have been there already and just needed modification08:36
Kevin1ayeah, I just changed it.  It was something about soft splash or so.08:36
anteroKevin1a: great then it should have indeed taken effect if you run update-grub too08:37
anteroKevin1a: run=ran08:37
zeroxwolfxOk, for the life of me, I can't figure out how to get my old graphics card working08:38
=== matthewisatlas is now known as MatthewNWrong
zeroxwolfxI have an ATI mobility 960008:38
gordonjcpzeroxwolfx: it should work at least in VESA mode08:38
zeroxwolfxFor an IBM thinkpad t4208:38
zeroxwolfxI don't know what vesa mode is.08:38
histo!ati | zeroxwolfx08:38
ubottuzeroxwolfx: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto08:38
gordonjcpzeroxwolfx: ATI has terrible Linux support08:38
zeroxwolfxI'm aware.08:39
gordonjcpthey're very fond of just entirely dropping support for cards08:39
Kevin1ayes, I ran update-grub and restarted the system.  Still had the problem.  I've got the case open, looking at the Mobo right now.08:39
zeroxwolfxAlso for f***s sake, how do I move the menu bar on the bottom of the screen?08:40
lotuspsychjehowto fix a corrupt square mouse pointer every cold boot in precise (after reboot its gone)?08:40
histoAdvoWork: add the log file to logrotates settings08:40
zeroxwolfxThat's a mobility radeon 9600 m1008:41
histoAdvoWork: use logrotate daemon to manage the rotation I should say08:41
=== MatthewNWrong is now known as piratestolemypla
histoAdvoWork: if you have a look in /etc/logrotate.d/  you should be able to pick up on what your file needs to contain in there.08:42
=== piratestolemypla is now known as Garr255
AdvoWorkhisto, ok cheers, thanks08:42
kapzhisto, can someone pls help me with my Suspend/resume problem on my laptop. I am using ubuntu 12.04 gnome 64 bit. Laptop resumes from sleep automatically when plugged to power source08:44
gordonjcpkapz: is there something like "wake on power" in the BIOS?08:45
kapzgordonjcp, oh i haven't check BIOS yet. BUt there is no setting in the OS itself?08:46
gordonjcpkapz: not that I can see08:46
kapzwell then I better check BIOS settings. Thanks :)08:47
=== heisenmi_ is now known as heisenmink
kapzgordonjcp, I checked BIOS settings and could not find any power related option. Any more suggestions08:52
=== k1l_ is now known as k1l
=== Guddu_ is now known as Guddu
IamtotallyscreweI installed  libasound2-plugins-equal in ubuntu through terminal using apt-get and it removed everything and obviously now i cant get ubuntu to boot, i had to use ctrl alt prt_sc + r + s + e just to get a terminal to work can someone help me fix this.08:56
Iamtotallyscrewealso not a noob i know a decent amount of what I am doing my main problem is getting my repositories back so I can install the packages i need08:57
ritzIamtotallyscrewe, it does not uninstall the system08:58
ritzare you able to connect to network ?08:58
IamtotallyscreweWell heres my biggest problem, I ran these commands in a tty while running xbmc in natty with my login set to auto and i thin it keeps trying to get into xbmc which was uninstalled08:59
Iamtotallyscreweidk it uninstalled the packages i need for ipconfig08:59
Iamtotallyscreweis there a utility I can use to connect to wireless if i need to?09:00
Iamtotallyscrewethat will run in terminal that is09:00
histoIamtotallyscrewe: wicd or you can just use the wireless-tools packages09:01
gordonjcpIamtotallyscrewe: yo umust have done something other than just install a package09:01
histoIamtotallyscrewe: wicd has a curses client and is very easy to use.09:01
Iamtotallyscreweall of my repositories were removed when i installed libasound2-plugin-equal09:01
lkthomashey guys, my ubuntu PC keep auto turn off after a period of time, anyone have idea why ?09:02
IamtotallyscreweI have a flash drive that i can use to transport files from my laptop for whatever thsta worth09:02
k1llkthomas: heat issue?09:02
lkthomask1l: errr, not sure yet, does log suppose to capture that ?09:02
=== \n is now known as nyuszika7h
Iamtotallyscrewealso I'm not a noob as mentioned before if you look at bugtracker I'm not the only person who has seen the list of files libasound2-plugin-equal removes I am just the only user dumb enough to install it09:04
nikolawhen i put image on removable device via dd command, i get all data but names are messed just random character.any idea?09:11
nikolawhen i put image on removable device via dd command, i get all data but names are messed just random character.any idea?09:12
k1llkthomas: yep, show in the logs in /var/log  so dmesg and syslog (keep in mind that the get rotated after reboot to .0 or .1 etc)09:13
nikolawhen i put image on removable device via dd command, i get all data but names are messed just random character.any idea?09:15
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ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit09:16
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axgbI've got about 6  10 minute video files. Does anyone know how i make the audio in them all level - some its very loud, some its too quiet09:22
MonkeyDustaxgb  better ask in #ubuntustudio, they're the sound and video guys09:24
pharotekwhat's the safest way to update roundcube to version 0.8 from 0.7 if i originally installed 0.7 from the repo, but said repo doesn't have the 0.8 version? I have a .gz with the updated files in it but i don't want to upset my package manager.09:29
relationhi, i have strange problem.. connection works once, then only after long time, see http://pastebin.com/f5gwrLXw, where can be the problem? (in os x it works as expected)09:30
relationit does not work in wget, ftp, or in python's urlopen().urlread and so on09:30
thufir_ http://askubuntu.com/a/155676/45156   says  mydestination = dur, dur.bounceme.net, localhost.bounceme.net, localhost      is wrong, it should just be localhost?   what does mydestination mean or do?  I want to spool mail to my FQDN to /var/spool/mail and not mail it on.09:31
iamtotalyscrewedwell this sucks09:36
CrypticS_iamtotalyscrewed: ?09:38
smartboyhwHow do I extend my partition to become bigger?09:39
CrypticS_use a gparted boot cd09:39
iamtotalyscrewedUbuntu will never move forward as an operating system because it lacks the users willing to help that it desperately needs. Most of the time all I see in forums are half resolved threads and trolls. I installed a package available in the official ubuntu repositories and recived no solutions, basically what i got was make this work or we cant help you, no one has the knowledge to help me get the files i need on a broken s09:42
iamtotalyscrewedystem and most users ignore the power of the bare bones tty terminal. smartboyhw - make a live cd and run gparted, p.s. I work for proofpoint as a tech agent for sutherland, i actually know what i am doing and people wont even make a suggestion, the most I got was "installing a package wont break your system" the only distro that gets any suppoer is free bsd and they are just a bunch of masturbating monkeys complaining a09:42
iamtotalyscrewedbout sucurity threats.09:42
FloodBot1iamtotalyscrewed: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.09:42
iamtotalyscrewedmy bad that was a mistype but please at least agree i have a point beyond my frustration09:43
CrypticS_what's that ops command for trolls/?09:43
MonkeyDustiamtotalyscrewed  mind your language -- did you have a question? this is not the place to rant09:43
CrypticS_know what i'm doing and no one has a solution to my  problem09:44
* CrypticS_ shakes his head09:44
iamtotalyscrewedyes i did I installed a package that completely ruined natty, it is called libasound2-plugin-equal09:45
MonkeyDustiamtotalyscrewed  hint: first upgrade to 12.04, it may solve a lot of your technical issues09:46
iamtotalyscrewedi have no networking because it uninstalled wireless-utils09:46
iamtotalyscrewedi have terminal and that is it09:46
iamtotalyscrewedI would like to upgrade but first i have some hurdles to overcome09:47
gordonjcpiamtotalyscrewed: tbh if you've broken it to that extent, nuke and pave09:47
gordonjcpiamtotalyscrewed: I won't waste more than 30 minutes recovering a damaged system09:47
iamtotalyscrewedis there anyway to get packages to install in terminal using a flash drive?09:48
gordonjcpiamtotalyscrewed: dpkg -i <package>09:48
iamtotalyscrewedThe flash drive is recognized the problem i am facing is getting to terminal reuires me to use alt + prtsc + r+ s +e then going into temrinal with ctrl alt 109:48
iamtotalyscrewedand thank you gordon i am trying that now09:49
xapelHow do I know if I am running 12.04.1?09:52
MonkeyDustxapel  lsb_release -sd09:52
gordonjcpxapel: cat /etc/issue09:52
wolf15danielHallo!!! My first in this IRC chanel09:54
wolf15danielfirst time sorry09:55
wolf15danielis there any code of conduct for messages here?09:56
geirhawolf15daniel: Yes, see /topic09:57
wolf15danielthank you09:57
MonkeyDust!coc > wolf15daniel09:57
ubottuwolf15daniel, please see my private message09:57
iamtotalyscrewedcan someone tell me how to acess a flashdrive through terminal as in cd <dir>09:57
ubottuMagyar nyelvű segítséget az #ubuntu-hu csatornán talál09:57
MonkeyDustiamtotalyscrewed  first mouont it, then cd to it09:57
MonkeyDustiamtotalyscrewed  first mount it, then cd to it09:58
iamtotalyscrewedit is mounted09:58
dr_willisMount it first iamtotalyscrewed09:58
MonkeyDustiamtotalyscrewed  ok, now cd to the mount point09:58
dr_willisThen CD to the path its mounted to09:58
iamtotalyscrewedcan you tell me how to pull up the mount point in terminal, it is all i have at the meoment09:58
MonkeyDustiamtotalyscrewed  type mount09:59
ubottumount is used to attach devices to directories. See also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount09:59
iamtotalyscrewedI know that how do i navigate to the directory of the mount point is it in media?10:00
MonkeyDustiamtotalyscrewed  in a terminal, type mount10:01
MonkeyDustiamtotalyscrewed  in a terminal, type mount, see where it is mounted, then cd to it10:04
dr_willisnow would be a good time to spend a half hour reading some bash  basics guides10:10
dr_williscd /media/whatever10:10
gordonjcpiamtotalyscrewed: why not just reinstall it?10:11
gordonjcpiamtotalyscrewed: save yourself some time10:11
iamtotalyscrewedwell i'll just do a total reinstall, 'mount' does not display the location of my flash drive so i can install the package i want to install, for future reference do not install the officially provided ubuntu package libasound2-plugin-equal if you want a system wide equalizer, it will completely break your operating system in any debian based distro of linux. Even if you need a system wide equalizer to cross reference an10:12
iamtotalyscrewedaudio file made with ubuntu studio. p.s. /media is empty, there is nothing left in my install to direct a mount point to media it is using legacy mount points.10:12
gordonjcpalternatively you may be able to boot off the install media and repair your system from that10:12
gordonjcpiamtotalyscrewed: what does "mount" say10:12
gordonjcpjust "mount" on its own10:12
gordonjcpyou may need to pastebin10:12
iamtotalyscrewedI tried using the recovery console but it doesnt support my default display mode of 1366x768 there are too many problems right now to repair without taking more time than it would to re-record off a fresh install, and pastebin isnt an option I cant retrieve text without nano10:13
MonkeyDustiamtotalyscrewed  what was your initial question again, what are you tryin to achieve?10:14
iamtotalyscrewedi installed libasound2-plugin-equals and it uninstalled a laundry list of packages including my desktop manager and firefox as well as all of my xorg.conf packages10:15
iamtotalyscrewedit completely destroyed an installation that had been running since its release10:15
MonkeyDust!info libasound2-plugin-equals10:15
ubottuPackage libasound2-plugin-equals does not exist in precise10:15
iamtotalyscrewedand i'm sorry i am running orneric10:16
iamtotalyscrewedso is there any way to get a sytem wide equalizer in ubuntu after natty?10:16
MonkeyDustiamtotalyscrewed  i guess it's faster, easier and more efficient to upgrade to 12.04, first10:17
VastGsmhaving trouble trying to create an "Xorg.conf" file due to it does NOT exist as of yet. The only file that exists is a "Xorg.conf" ----> How can I use this same file but save in directory "/etc/x11" as "Xorg.conf" please....?? thanks10:17
petooI have a problem10:17
petooI can't find xampp10:18
MonkeyDustpetoo  try lampp10:18
petooI mean its running and still I can't see its location10:18
iamtotalyscrewedI'm going to redownload oneric then update because the studio wont get amonitor that supports anything other than 1366x768 1024x768 and 800x600 and when i boot into a live cd it says invalid display mode10:18
Vbitzsadly when I run xset dpms force off it does not really turn the screen off , infact it goes to a black and white checkerboard10:18
petooMonkeyDust: try what?10:18
MonkeyDustiamtotalyscrewed  what's keeping you from downloading 12.04 ?10:18
Vbitzwhat would turn it off10:19
MonkeyDust!xampp  > petoo10:19
ubottupetoo, please see my private message10:19
petooit was installed from the repository10:20
petoothat's the reason I can't find it s location10:20
blackshirtpetoo, what you are try to install?10:20
petooif it were some folder copied from the Internet10:20
iamtotalyscrewedi can dowload it the display mode for the installer isnt supported on the monitor i'm using10:21
iamtotalyscrewedit's outdated and i'm stuck with what i have10:21
nibbobU.S. Pres. Elections: In a free, intelligent and just world, Green Party's Jill Stein will become the President, Libertarian Party will be the majority in Congress and the U.S. Green Party will be the majority in Senate.10:21
petooblackshirtI have to make some changes in configuration files10:21
petooblackboxer: *10:21
nibbobBut I wouldn't hold my breath for that to happen10:21
nibbobI'm not a U.S. national btw.10:22
nibbobEven I, a foreigner, knows about these candidates10:22
petoo!offtopic | nibbob10:22
ubottunibbob: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!10:22
nibbobYet most Americans don't know about them10:22
dial-a-monkeyAnyone know the name of a php app for retrieving web pages like on all the open web proxies( examplewww.polysolve.com)? or the generic name for the code10:22
blackshirtpetoo, soo10:22
petoothanks :)10:22
DragonflyHey guys, need some assistance with troubleshooting the laptop fan, its a software fault but I have no idea about it.10:23
luftikussWhat command-line command will display the file systems of the partitions of the hard disk used?10:23
iamtotalyscrewedI am prevented from installing 12.04 from a live cd because of a conflict in display modes if that helps10:23
petooblackshirt: I don't know where the installation directory of xampp/lampp is, i have to make changes in config.inc.php of phpmyadmin10:23
blackshirtpetoo, list with dpkg -L10:24
blackshirtPpetoo, usually, configuration files resides on /etc directory, especially under/etc/phpmyadmin/10:25
blackshirtfor phpmyadmin10:25
blackshirtbut i'm not sure about xampp/lampp,...check documentation10:26
iamtotalyscrewedpls help I only have until monday to fix this or i am toast10:26
dr_willisyou can always use the locate command if you know the file name10:26
blackshirtiamtotalyscrewed, whats your problem?10:27
iamtotalyscrewedcan someone tell me how to change the display mode in the ubuntu 12.04 installer to 1024x76810:28
dr_willisand your video card is?10:28
blackshirtiamtotalyscrewed, why do you need them?10:28
iamtotalyscrewedmy monitor will only display 1024x768 and 800x600 through vga input and i dont have anyother options10:29
blackshirtyou can use tab to move next tab10:30
blackshirthello misbah10:30
misbahis any one here to help me :(10:30
misbahstatus: 0xc0000225 The Boot selection failed because a required device is in accessible10:31
blackshirtjusk ask your question misbah10:31
misbahi am facing this problem i cant boot my system10:31
MonkeyDustmisbah  wubi?10:31
blackshirtdescribe what are you going to do?10:31
misbahi am trying to boot my pc nut it showing message status: 0xc0000225 The Boot selection failed because a required device is in accessible not showing APIC10:32
blackshirtI think you should describe more detail10:33
misbahhelp me status: 0xc0000225 The Boot selection failed because a required device is in accessible not showing APIC10:33
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest3412
VastGsmHello Everyone, Good Morning :-) ----> (I have just done a clean FRESH install of "Ubuntu 10.04 LTS" and I get a blank screen if I run kernel 2.6.32-42, I believe this is because no Xorg.conf is created, If I run kernel I dont get a blank screen and I can login ok as I can see the screen. I have tried Googleing a LOT and not found the solution as of yet. I am using an "Fujitsu-Siemens LifeBook s6120" laptop with an "Intel 82852/855GM intergrated grap10:34
=== Dazedy_ is now known as Dazedy
blackshirtwhat your hardware, hd, dll?10:34
twalbaumsatchmo? as in Peter's dog?10:34
ozozehello, why am i not able to download the package aircrack-ng on my kubuntu 12.0410:34
Satchmotwalbaum: :) Who's Peter?10:34
VastGsmbut I just get the blank screen. Any ideas or thoughts please. I am having trouble trying to create an "Xorg.conf" file due to it does NOT exist as of yet. The only file that exists is a "Xorg.conf.failsafe" ----> How can I use this same file but save in directory "/etc/x11" as "Xorg.conf" ----> I think it is a permissions issue, can anyone help please....?? thanks10:35
MonkeyDustVastGsm  the latest supported kernel is 3.2.0-2910:35
misbahmy Notebook pc HP pavilion DV6 2005, is not working m trying to boot my pc i have to install windows 7 64bit but it showing the error status: 0xc0000225 The Boot selection failed because a required device is in accessible not showing APIC10:35
twalbaumon a tv show called White Collar, one of the main characters is named Peter, and he has as dog named Satchmo10:35
VastGsmyeah but thats on another distro dude10:35
Satchmotwalbaum: I'll check it out :)10:35
misbahany 1 help me?10:36
misbahstatus: 0xc0000225 The Boot selection failed because a required device is in accessible not showing APIC10:36
lapionmisbah why are you asking this on a ubuntu (linux) channel ?10:38
smartboyhwEr, it might be my problem, I used !support in #ubuntuforums to redirect him here10:39
=== adrian is now known as adrianrly
lapionok smartboyhw10:39
twalbaumok i have an issue. prepare for a long post10:40
twalbaumI have an issue with 12.04.1 regarding the boot menu. I've searched around and cant find anything like it. When I first booted, my boot menu had the usual linux generic, recovery mode, both memtest options, and my windows 7 entry, but it also had like five identical entries labeled "Ubuntu 12.04.1 (12.04) (on /dev/sda5)". I installed grub customizer to remove the duplicates (im using burg, by the way). I uncheck everything except win10:40
twalbaumdows 7 and one of the ubuntu 12.04.1 entries and save it. when i refresh it, it generates NEW ubuntu 12.04.1 entries and they are checked. so i started out with about five, and now i have 12 because i keep trying to get rid of them.10:40
MonkeyDustVastGsm  it's safer to keep it in the channel10:40
twalbaumalso ive used ubuntu tweaks to see if i had some old kernel issues, and i dont.10:40
viliny_^Anyone able to recommend a DVB-C USB-dongle that would work in ubuntu?10:42
viliny_^Like, with a certain level of certainty?10:42
d1rkp1ttHi All, Not sure if this is a postgres query or ubuntu, but I issues a command sudo passwd postgres... and now whenever I attempt to use sudo, it is requesting that I enter my postgres password, which it then does not accept10:43
luftikuss'/ # df -T; df: invalid option -- 'T'; BusyBox v1.17.2 (2012-02-03 17:38:03 CST) multi-call binary.' What would be the correct syntax?10:43
godosulpullmansojoin/ #ubuntu-it10:43
ikonialuftikuss: busybox is not ubuntu10:44
twalbaumanyone have any ideas why my boot menu is breeding duplicates?10:44
=== joel is now known as Guest52456
godosulpullmansoI wear the boxers black elasticizzati and stò enjoying10:47
Guest52456hola elst10:48
fidelGuest52456: this is an english channel10:48
fidel!es > Guest5245610:48
ubottuGuest52456, please see my private message10:48
VastGsmits just that when too many people speak its confuzing dude10:51
VastGsmI managed to find a few configs to use but when I try and save the file as xorg.conf I get a permissions issue10:52
MonkeyDust!who | VastGsm10:55
ubottuVastGsm: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)10:55
b3rz3rk3r_morning all, i need some advice on installing ubuntu to an ssd. I have windows on its own separate drive and will be giving Ubuntu the whole SSD. Will grub still properly overwrite the windows boot loader even though its on another drive?10:57
WarOfTheNerdb3rz3rk3r_, you can specify the drive it goes on10:58
WarOfTheNerdb3rz3rk3r_, to be honest though, I'd just change boot order in the BIOS and leave the Windows bootloader intact10:59
dr_willisb3rz3rk3r_: tell grub to install to the mbr of the ssd and set bios to boot from the ssd10:59
dr_willisthets mt setup with a 128gb ssd just for linux10:59
WarOfTheNerdbecause Windows 8 and future versions are going to be harder to work with in the future10:59
WarOfTheNerddr_willis, SSD is more valuable on Linux with the way it jams up under heavy I/O load11:00
twalbaumcan anyone tell me why my boot menu is generating duplicate entries every time i refresh it in grub customizer?11:00
b3rz3rk3r_WarOfTheNerd, dr_willis ok thanks guys, will do!11:00
dr_williswith ssd here 12.10 boots into unity in like 10 sec ;)11:01
dr_willisthere a few ssd tweaks you may want to use also11:01
b3rz3rk3r_dr_willis, can you link me a guide you'd recommend?11:02
dr_willisscary when the os boots faster then the bios can do its post testing11:02
WarOfTheNerdI'm guessing noop is a good idea for an SSD11:02
dr_willisb3rz3rk3r_:  read up on it at webupd8 omgubuntu and askubuntu.com is all i did11:02
WarOfTheNerdor deadline11:02
b3rz3rk3r_dr_willis, ok thanks, i'll take a look11:03
dr_willisjust a few extra options in fstab and moved  tmp to a ramdisk i recall11:03
gancarHi, I'm just wondering, can I have a bootable USB stick to use Ubuntu OS?11:09
smartboyhwgancar: Do you have a Ubuntu Installation CD?11:10
gancarsmartboyhw: Well I downloaded the OS from the website, installed ISO to disc, and now am running from DVD disc11:10
smartboyhwGood. Tell me what stage of installation are you in:)11:11
viliny_^gancar: try http://pendrivelinux.com11:11
gancarsmartboyhw: I'm not installing it to the Hard Drive, but am 'trying it'11:11
smartboyhwOpen the installer, or use viliny_^'s option11:12
dr_willisOr make a live USB on it11:12
viliny_^gancar: you get the added benefit of the usb -> ability to run in persistent mode and your "live" stick stores changes as if it were an installed os11:12
viliny_^http://www.pendrivelinux.com/universal-usb-installer-easy-as-1-2-3/ http://www.pendrivelinux.com/yumi-multiboot-usb-creator/11:13
viliny_^either one is fine11:13
dr_willisA live setup is not quite as good as a f11:13
BlackrhinoWhats grub ?11:17
smartboyhwBlackrhino: The bootloader11:19
theGrgzwhat's the best way to customize an Ubuntu ISO? (Have some packages pre-installed, change wallpaper, etc.)11:20
ubottuInterested in remastering the Ubuntu !LiveCD or !Alternate installer? See: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallCDCustomization - Or use tools such as http://uck.sourceforge.net/ or http://linux.dell.com/wiki/index.php/DRU_Disc_Remastering_Utility11:21
theGrgzI've also heard of "Ubuntu Builder", how does that compare11:22
dr_willisa lot of the remastering tools broke with 12.04 . i dont even know what ones work anymore11:23
dr_willisused to be a website that did it.. but i think it closed down. or you have to pay now11:23
UbuntuHelp_Please help me11:24
theGrgzBtw, does it matter if I'm chrooting from a totally different distro?11:24
UbuntuHelp_I am having internet problems11:24
UbuntuHelp_Can someone help?11:25
UbuntuHelp_I posted about ti here11:25
theGrgzUbuntuHelp_: just say your problem and maybe someone will reply11:25
fidel!enter > UbuntuHelp_11:25
ubottuUbuntuHelp_, please see my private message11:25
UbuntuHelp_I added a PPA to my system and it gave me a bunch of updates11:26
UbuntuHelp_Now I have a bunch more entries in the additional drivers thing11:26
UbuntuHelp_And a few of them are not activated11:26
UbuntuHelp_Like the broadcom one11:26
UbuntuHelp_And I can only get online via ethernet11:26
theGrgzI want to remaster an Ubuntu ISO, does it matter if I chroot from a non-Ubuntu host distro?11:29
theGrgzUbuntuHelp_: honestly your description is too vague, and you provide little details. It seems like you should remove the ppa you added and purge the new packages you installed, then install them again.11:31
VastGsmI thought this place was full of freindly helpfull linux gurus so far all I got is abuse for not being uber advanced in linux amazing place11:33
kbotnenhi, anyone know what the file ~/.cache/software-center/software-center-agent.db contains?11:34
kbotnenmy softwarecenter was unstable so I decided to remove that file, but is it important in any way?11:35
susundbergkbotnen: naa, dont think so since its under user directory -- the software center can re-generate that surely11:36
theGrgzspecially that its under .cache/11:37
kbotnenmm.. my thought too.11:37
theGrgzFor Ubuntu ISO rematering purposes, would it matter if I'm chrooting from a non *buntu host distro?11:39
=== hunter is now known as Guest77211
bazhangfinpyy1, ubuntu support question?11:47
zedrhello, I have a dependency problem when installing the package `libxslt1-dev`: libxslt1-dev : Depends: libxslt1.1 (= 1.1.26-8ubuntu1) but 1.1.26-8ubuntu1.1 is to be installed11:48
=== finpyy1 is now known as konsta
alek66what the proper way to give a user rights ona  disk, I added a new disk, its mounted now I want the main user to have rights to read and write, chmod 777 is not the way, whats the correct way to do this? Add a flag in the fstab, or just chmod XXX11:48
zedrhow would I approach the problem to fix it11:48
bazhangJoku, stop that11:49
bazhangzedr, what version of ubuntu, what version is that package from11:49
zedrbazhang: xubuntu 12.04, the package provides development files (sources) for libxslt11:51
bujiis there a possiblity to hide the desktop icons of the mounted devices under ubuntu lucid lynx?11:51
thufir_why is this e-mail delayed?  https://gist.github.com/733420bf4c1c74c7d510 status=deferred because the connection was refused.11:51
kandinskiany way of acquring h.264 support for firefox on 12.04?11:51
cherfashi, i need some help who can help me?11:56
bazhangcherfas, whats the real question11:56
wibbit33kandinski: This has been an issue for the past 2 years. I doubt it.11:56
cherfasi have a problem playing any kind of media (including music) it lags for a second every minute or so11:57
cherfasi'v cheked the system monitor, and every time it happends the one of my cpu's peaks11:57
cherfasi have a quad core cpu11:57
bazhangcherfas, is this a wubi install? in a Virtual Machine? how much ram? is this flash video ie youtube songs or what, please give us the exact details11:57
cherfasit a refular install11:58
wibbit33cherfas: system specs?11:58
cherfasno vm11:58
bazhangcherfas, all on ONE line please11:58
cherfas8GB ram11:58
cherfasregular machine, no vm, 8GB ram, on flash video it happens too, and on music on my computer too11:59
bazhangcherfas, is the music stored on another partition/ drive?11:59
cherfasin /home partition12:00
* WarOfTheNerd wants to put bets on it being PulseAudio >_>12:00
wibbit33hahhaah me too12:00
cherfasusing banshee12:00
wibbit33I was going to say that or video drivers12:00
wibbit33but I just read audio12:01
cherfasany ideas?12:02
j`ey_whow can I run the ubuntu lock screen from the command line?12:03
cherfasbazhang you are still here?12:04
wibbit33Try installing libflashsupport12:04
wibbit33See if that fixes it for flash at least12:05
cherfasapt-get can't find it12:05
cherfasi have the mint-flashplugin12:06
cherfasinstall it anyway?12:06
wibbit33if not just remove it12:06
cherfasyeah it removes the other one12:06
k610know about some command line tool to view logs ? multitail is kinda hard12:07
MonkeyDustk610  use the command 'less' to read logs12:08
alek66what the proper way to give a user rights on a  disk, I added a new disk, its mounted now I want users to have rights to read and write, is adding "users" to fstab the right way?12:08
useralek66: I don't need rights on a disk12:08
k610MonkeyDust, i like multitail coloring12:08
cherfaschecking it now on youtube12:08
alek66user: funny ^^, know how to help?12:09
kandinskiwibbit33: thanks12:09
useralek66: I'd create a group with all the relevant users in and give group permissions12:10
wibbit33kadinski: I think it's because Mozilla doesn't want to pay the licensing fees12:10
wibbit33kainski: I couldn't find any work around... try searching on forums12:10
MonkeyDustinfo multitail | k610 it's in the repos12:10
MonkeyDust!info multitail | k610 it's in the repos12:11
ubottuk610 it's in the repos: multitail (source: multitail): view multiple logfiles windowed on console. In component universe, is optional. Version 5.2.8-1 (precise), package size 137 kB, installed size 384 kB12:11
=== cryptfu_ is now known as Guest74973
alek66user: thanks for the idea, I am looking for soemthing more simple, I know theres a way12:11
cherfaswibbit33 i think it worked for flash. a 4 minute vid on youtube worked just fine12:12
cherfasno lages12:13
cherfasany idea about the music that is stored on my computer?12:13
wibbit33try that now :P12:13
cherfasyeah just hit play12:13
wibbit33If it fixed it for flash maybe try playing the music in like VLC12:14
wibbit33I have no idea...12:14
cherfasif it works then it's kind of strange no?  :)12:14
wibbit33Yeah that would make no sense lol12:14
wibbit33I highly doubt banshee relies on flash lol12:14
k610then, how can i add multitail like color schemes to less12:14
BroklyniteI could use some help with Samba, if anyone is available.12:15
wibbit33If you want to be lazy perhaps try another media player like VLC and if that works12:15
cherfasmaybe flash made the peaks on the cpu? and all the multi media was effected?12:15
cherfasi just love banshee..... :)12:16
wibbit33if they were running at the same time then maybe12:16
wibbit33if not I doubt banshee utlizes flash12:16
cherfasyeah but i don't think they were12:16
wibbit33Does multimedia still lag with banshee?12:16
cherfasnot yet12:17
wibbit33it must utilize flash in some capacity then12:17
cherfasbut sometimes it takes a few minutes12:17
cherfasyeah right now it lagged12:17
wibbit33I wonder if it's related to pulse audio12:17
cherfasmaybe something with the codes?12:17
wibbit33that could be it too12:17
k610okay ccze seems to cut it12:17
wibbit33can you just try playing the same multimedia in vlc?12:17
=== lahwran- is now known as lahwran
wibbit33see if its codec related12:18
cherfasyeah lets see12:18
JB___hey everyone12:18
timeimphi everyone. I was on the #vmware channel and have an issue with 12.04 and Bonjour/Avahi, specifically accessing Apache using hostname.local. Does anyone have any pointers?12:19
cherfas7:39 song, if it lags then it will probably happens while this song is playing12:19
BroklyniteI have samba shares set up on my ubuntu box. I have multiple win 7 computers accessing it. There is one computer which multiple users need to access their share. Is there a secure way to do this?12:19
BroklyniteTHat is, maybe they are auto-logged out after a few minutes or something?12:19
k610MonkeyDust, ccze -A < file.log | less -R12:20
JB___I have two machines on the same local network using 12.04 and they always say there are no new updates (it's been about 2 weeks now). I'm not seeing any obvious error messages, does anyone know how I can find out why it's not updating?12:20
Richy-1was geht12:20
cherfashow can i check what codecs the media playing is using?12:20
SlartJB___: see if the software sources thingy is setup to actually check a repository12:21
Slart!de | Richy-112:21
ubottuRichy-1: In den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!12:21
cherfaswibbit33 ok until now12:22
wibbit33so the same issue occurs in vlc?12:22
JB___slart - how can I do that?12:22
cherfasno it doesn;t12:22
cherfasuntill now12:22
cherfas4:19 through12:23
b3rz3rk3r_dr_willis, im manually setting up the partitions on that 120gb ssd we discussed earlier. I'm giving / 40gb and rest to /home. How do I make sure that partitions are aligned properly?12:23
wibbit33I guess it's related to pulseaudio I would ask people in here12:23
=== xubuntu is now known as Guest99498
cherfasok thanks12:23
wibbit33np sorry12:23
cherfasso it's not related?12:23
SlartJB___: start the Ubuntu Software Center and go to the Edit menu, then click Software Sources.. it should be on the bottom of that menu12:23
wibbit33maybe research your hardware for issues with ubuntu12:23
wibbit33see if people are experiencing similar issues12:24
cherfasbut it can't be hardware because in vlc it's fine12:24
wibbit33oh it is fine?12:24
cherfasyeah i said it's fine in vlc12:24
cherfasno problems here12:24
wibbit33forget banshee then :P12:24
cherfasso it's codecs right?12:24
BluesKajHi all12:24
wibbit33If it plays fine it vlc it's not the codecs12:24
skpl^hi BluesKaj12:25
cherfasit uses the same codecs?12:25
thierryenglish ?12:25
cherfasso maybe i'll reinstall banshee or something12:25
wibbit33yeah try that12:25
cherfashow can i install the latest version of it12:25
wibbit33I know little about banshee12:25
JB___slart - everything seems to be checked on there12:25
cherfasoho ok...12:25
wibbit33can't you use the Ubuntu Software Center?12:25
BluesKajhi skpl^12:26
cherfasas far as i know it's not the latest version12:26
SlartJB___: hmm.. then I'm not sure what is wrong.. it's not an outdated version of ubuntu?12:26
cherfasmaybe somethong with the version12:26
cherfasi'll try looking in thier website12:26
JB___slart - nope, brand new install of 12.0412:26
sheinattevous parlez français ?12:26
wibbit33Stable release 2.5.0  (August 22, 2012; 4 days ago[2]) [±]12:26
=== lahwran is now known as lahwran-
SlartJB___: if you can paste the output from "sudo apt-get update" on a pastebin it might be useful12:26
=== lahwran- is now known as lahwran_
cherfasanywate wibbit33 thanks a lot!12:26
Slart!pastebin | JB___12:26
ubottuJB___: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.12:26
wibbit33np goodluck12:26
=== lahwran_ is now known as lahwran
Richy-1kennt mich jemand?12:26
JB___slart - ok let me try12:27
sheinatteHELLO MYN NAME IS !12:27
Guest99498I have a partition question...  I couldn't shrink a Vista partition when I initially set this box up, so ubuntu was only on a 7 gig partition.  I've now finally gotten vista shrunk by 100 gigs, and I'm trying to make the ext4 partition bigger.  I couldn't get the unallocated space next to the ext4, so I made the unallocated space ext4 and copied sda5 over to sda1  http://static.inky.ws/image/2681/image.jpg  Can I leave it this way and just go fix grub?12:27
sheinattebonjour diamonds12:27
Slart!fr | sheinatte12:27
ubottusheinatte: Nous sommes désolés, mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.12:27
Guest99498sheinatte, I thought you were going to sauy Inigo Montoya...12:27
JB___slart - this is all I get: 0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.12:27
SlartJB___: update, not upgrade12:28
SlartJB___: sudo apt-get update12:28
cherfashow do i add a repositery from the terminal?12:29
SlartJB___: mine looks like this http://paste.ubuntu.com/1171680/12:29
JB___slart - oops sorry, one sec12:29
cherfasnevermind added12:29
Guest99498cherfas, there used to be a sources.lst in /etc/apt/12:29
BluesKaj!de | Richy-112:29
ubottuRichy-1: In den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!12:29
dr_willisUse sources.list.d  these da12:30
hammommahgreetings, i've just setup edubuntu 12.04 to run thin clients for all my kidlets. Only problem is I havent got any sound :( when I go to system settings and click sound option it freezes. Alsa mixer shows 3 devices and all are unmuted. Where do i look to trouble shoot??12:30
JB___slart - here it is: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1171687/12:31
=== viliny_^ is now known as Viliny
Sidewinder1!sound | hammommah12:32
ubottuhammommah: If you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.12:32
cherfashow can i get the ppa line from this url? https://launchpad.net/~banshee-team/+archive/ppa12:32
cherfasi'm trying to add it12:32
SlartJB___: hmm.. it looks ok to me.. you're sure it's not doing the updates silently in the background?12:32
cherfasoho sorry i just found it12:33
JB___slart - I'm not sure, it's never done that before? how can I check that?12:33
SlartJB___: hmm.. let me think.. there might be logs somewhere in /var/log/apt/12:34
JB___slart - k lemme check those12:35
sheinattehello floodbot112:35
sheinattebonjour tout le monde est ce qu'il y a des français ?12:36
vectorxhey all... is it cool to ask networking questions here?12:36
timeimphi everyone. I was on the #vmware channel and have an issue with 12.04 and Bonjour/Avahi, specifically accessing Apache using hostname.local. Does anyone have any pointers?12:37
vectorx what does "tty_port_close_start: tty->count = 1 port count = 0" mean in the output of "dmesg | grep tty" ?12:37
sheinattebonjour vectorx12:37
vectorxbonjour sheinatte12:38
sheinatteça va vectorx ?12:38
sheinatteça va ?12:38
=== magentar_ is now known as magentar
sheinattecomment vas-tu vectorx ?12:39
zykotick9!fr | sheinatte12:40
ubottusheinatte: Nous sommes désolés, mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.12:40
cherfasany recommended media player to replace banshee?12:40
vectorxi'm sorry.. i don't speak french12:40
KM0201cherfas: i like rhythmbox personally.12:41
sheinattebonjour miss vectorx12:41
Andres_chilehi somebody can help me?, i cant log in in xubuntu, when i put my password the screen get black 2 sec and back to log in screen :/12:41
Andres_chilei just can log in as guess12:41
cherfasthanks KM0201 i'll try it12:41
KM0201cherfas:  but it's strictly audio (i don't know what all banshee does as i don't use it)12:42
vectorxbtw, anyone know what "tty_port_close_start: tty->count = 1 port count = 0" means in the output of "dmesg | grep tty"12:42
JB___slart - I'm checking term.log and not seeing anything that jumps out as an error or anything12:42
sheinattecreem a rolovo aimy doto five12:43
vectorxis it that the port was closed by some program?12:43
sheinattea no12:43
wibbit33I'm on a Lenovo B570 Laptop which uses Broadcom Wifi Chipset. Everything was working fine... I don't even see the card anymore in Network Manager or iwconfig\ifconfig (it use to show up as eth1). b43-fwcutter_014-9_i386.deb is installed.12:43
dr_willisAndres_chile: login at the console check the ownership of the .Xauthority file chown it back to your user. or just rename it and see if that helps12:43
sheinatteme wuilliam and shopeeng12:43
SlartJB___: but are there log entries for the last week or so? is there a history.log?12:43
sheinatteme elisabeth father the wuilliam12:44
JB___slart - I also checked history.log and not seeing any errors... last update was 4 days ago12:44
wibbit33"the driver is activated but not currently in use"12:44
wibbit33This package contains Broadcom 802.11 Linux STA wireless driverfor use with Broadcom's BCM4311-, BCM4312-, BCM4313-, BCM4321-,BCM4322-, BCM43224-, and BCM43225-, BCM43227- and BCM43228-basedhardware.12:44
JB___slart - it just seems odd there haven't been any updates in 4 days, usually it's like a dozen a day or more12:44
sheinatteje dosi déco a+12:44
SlartJB___: well.. there might not have been any updates in the last 4 days12:44
SlartJB___: I don't know if there is a list somewhere of updates.. there should be12:45
JB___slart - I suppose so... I guess I'll just wait a week or so and if there still aren't any, I can check back lol :)12:45
JB___slart - yeah that's a good idea, I'll look into that12:45
JB___slart - thanks again for your help, I really appreciate it!12:45
SlartJB___: you're welcome12:45
wibbit33How do I see which wifi drivers are in use? I guess I need to blacklist one?12:47
wibbit33"the driver is activated but not currently in use"12:47
munskinghello, i work with FTP a lot, but i dont want to save the login data on every client computer i have, is there any way for me to save that stuff on my ubuntu server and somehow auto-connect to my ftp servers through that?12:49
Bipulfilezilla munsking12:50
munskingor mount ftp/sftp directories in my users home folder?12:50
munskingBipul: filezilla saves passwords in plaintext on every client, that's how we got hacked a couple of weeks ago12:51
Cong-newhe wants like a keyring thing12:51
godbod_hello everyone, I went on the linux/Documentation/usb/usbmon.txt, I would like some help.12:51
munskingCong-new: something like that yea, i dont have much experience in the whole security thingie, up until now i've always worked alone, never had any troubles, now i work in a bigger company and we need a solution for that kind of stuff :/12:52
gordonjcpmunsking: first off, ditch FTP and use SFTP12:52
zykotick9munsking: lol, ftp and security...12:52
gordonjcpFTP is horrible and needs to die12:52
gordonjcpif you ever see a server with FTP on it, assume it's been 0wned12:53
=== Cong-new is now known as nnkh
munskingour customers have the servers, we're a webdev company12:54
godbod_anyone ?12:54
tomtomtomis there any speed limit on update manager ?12:54
hammommahi just noticed my gnome-seetings-daemon is unresponsive when trying to reboot. could be related to sound not working. Which log do i look in to find out why its crashing?12:55
oanacan anyone help me?12:55
epinky!ask | oana12:55
ubottuoana: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience12:55
oanai tried to install an windows aplication with wine and give 's me an error12:55
oanathis error err:ntdll:RtlpWaitForCriticalSection section 0x32f8ec "?" wait timed out in thread 0009, blocked by 001b, retrying (60 sec)12:56
Auzyoana, You'll always get some errors..12:56
nnkhdo nautilus dialogs messages get logged, and where do they go?12:56
oanaso what should i do?12:56
Auzyoana, Best to google it, as other people may have an idea, or checking the compatibility database..12:56
Guest99498I have a partition question...  I couldn't shrink a Vista partition when I initially set this box up, so ubuntu was only on a 7 gig partition.  I've now finally gotten vista shrunk by 100 gigs, and I'm trying to make the ext4 partition bigger.  I couldn't get the unallocated space next to the ext4, so I made the unallocated space ext4 and copied sda5 over to sda1  http://static.inky.ws/image/2681/image.jpg  Can I leave it this way and just go fix grub?12:56
fidelhi - is it just me - or is selecting a font-type for a text-layer in gimp 2.8 somehow broken - as there is no more real dropdown-element?12:56
oanais there any upgrade for wine12:57
Auzyoana, Wine HQ compatibility DB may have some ideas..12:57
AuzyAnyway.. Sleep.. night all12:57
konquiHi, magnet links do not seem to work with ktorrent. If I click a magnet link in Google Chrome or chromium or any browser, I get a prompt to let ktorrent handle it. When I way yes, ktorrent opens but no download starts12:57
oanafor compatibility wine for windows xp12:57
MonkeyDustoana  sudu apt-get update;sudo apt-get upgrade12:57
malvadinamm donde andoooo12:57
oanayou told me to upgrade to 12.04?12:58
gordonjcpmunsking: the real problem with FTP is that it requires both the server *and* the client to allow arbitrary users to write to anywhere in the filesystem12:58
Auzyoana, Upgrading always helps12:58
MonkeyDustoana  that's the latest and greatest release, yes12:58
AdvoWorki'm trying to connect to another server without a password. I've got a .ssh dir, so in there i've done: ssh-keygen -t rsa  and I can copy that to the remote server, but where in the remote server must i copy it to?12:58
KM0201AdvoWork: you wan tto ssh w/o a password?12:59
godbod_How can I solve this problem : modprobe usbmon12:59
godbod_FATAL: Module usbmon not found.12:59
AdvoWorkKM0201, using key based auth, its a local server12:59
gordonjcpAdvoWork: ~/.ssh/authorized_keys but sshing without a password isn't necessarily a good idea12:59
oanaok ill try that but the windows program is verry old12:59
AdvoWorkgordonjcp, its for an rsync script12:59
oanais from 2002 like that12:59
KM0201AdvoWork: yeah, i'm not sur e id do that, not evenn for a local server13:00
dekroningare ubuntu repository mirror's having troubles? or is there perhaps some status page where I can check my self ?13:00
gordonjcpAdvoWork: read up on how ssh keys and passwordless ssh works *properly*, and tread carefully13:00
KM0201dekroning: mine seem ok13:00
MonkeyDustoana  i run a win program that's from 1995 or so13:01
nitayHello all, I'm trying to connect a usb-serial device to 12.04 but /dev/ttyUSB0 doesn't appear13:01
godbod_How can I insert the usbmon module into my kernel ?13:01
MonkeyDustoana if 2002 is 'verry' old to you, then you must be verry young13:01
nitayI have a 10.04 machine on which the same adapter works13:02
Guest99498MonkeyDust, 1995...  Do you suppose that means a 96-ish dos game might work?  It's in a box with the original EarthSeige...13:03
MonkeyDustGuest99498  it's DOOM :)13:03
godbod_I can't cat /proc/bus/usb/devices13:04
godbod_can someone help ?13:04
compdocgodbod_, what happens?13:04
godbod_compdoc, the directory doesn't exist13:05
toki_please suggest me some good references to repaire my inode references . I can't mount my ntfs filesystem and don't even start my GUI .Please suggest me how to solve such probems .13:06
compdocgodbod_, you can always just look in the directories:   cat /proc/bus/usb/devices13:07
godbod_huh ?13:07
compdocits:  cat /proc/bus/pci/devices13:07
compdocthere is no usb directory13:08
godbod_compdoc, where is it ?13:08
godbod_I am following the linux/documentation about ubsmon, I need to capture raw usb packets13:09
manisabri1I'm trying to install  libwxgtk2.8-dev in 12.04 64 , but it gives me """ Depends: libwxgtk2.8-0 (= but is to be installed """ and won't let me install it, any ideas?13:09
jribmanisabri1: have you installed anything outside the official repositories?  Have you enabled any 3rd party repositories?13:10
manisabri1jrib: I think I did... how come/13:10
jribmanisabri1: what did you install/enable?13:10
wibbit2I installed compat-wireless for aircrack and rebooted and now my adapted which is: This package contains Broadcom 802.11 Linux STA wireless driverfor use with "Broadcom's BCM4311-, BCM4312-, BCM4313-, BCM4321-,BCM4322-, BCM43224-, and BCM43225-, BCM43227- and BCM43228-basedhardware." says The driver is activated but not in use.13:10
flan_suseWhen testing Ubuntu 12.04.1 live CD, this bug still exists: I cannot unpin the LibreOffice launchers if I run the main LibreOffice start screen and then launch another instance of Writer (or Calc).13:10
wibbit2how do I roll back? :P13:10
flan_suseHow can I forcefully unpin a stubborn LibreOffice launcher from the dock?13:10
flan_suseThis is a major bug.13:11
manisabri1jrib: hmmm... can't remember let me check13:11
jribmanisabri1: actually, before doing anything else, do « sudo apt-get update » and make sure the message persists13:11
toki_please suggest me some good references to repaire my inode references . I can't mount my ntfs filesystem and don't even start my GUI .Please suggest me how to solve such probems .13:11
jalexandruubuntu 12.04 has support for python 2.x or 3.x ?13:11
jribjalexandru: both13:11
manisabri1jrib : ok I'm on it13:11
jalexandrujrib: thanks13:11
xtianhi everyone. i think i've found an issue with gnome-autogen.sh from gnome-common (3.5.5) in quantal. tried to build gtkhtml from today's git master. gnome-autogen.sh seemed to call configure before it even created that file. anything known about this issue?13:11
jrib!quantal | xtian13:12
ubottuxtian: Ubuntu 12.10 (Quantal Quetzal) will be the 17th release of Ubuntu, Discussion and support until final release in #ubuntu+113:12
xtianjrib: fair enough, thanks :)13:13
kurtwp_can someone provide me a link to 12.04 desktop net cdrom - I don't want to download the 12.04 burn a cdrom- I would perfer the smaller 12.04 cdrom and then install all the packages via the internat13:13
zykotick9!mini | kurtwp_13:13
ubottukurtwp_: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want (the installer is like the one on the !Alternate CD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD13:13
manisabri1jrib: the message persists after update , how can I check the packages I installed are not from standard repositories ? any straight forward way in Synaptic?13:14
grymanisabri1, 'manual' section at the left13:14
jribmanisabri1: start with apt-cache policy libwxgtk2.8-dev libwxgtk2.8-013:15
j`ey_wwhat's the nanme of the ubutu screen-lock executable?13:15
jalexandruI want to start developing software had a look on the internet and got some info about python ... is this the recommended software? or is there another one that is more popular at this point?13:15
flan_suseNo one else has bumped into issues with LibreOffice and unpinning the icon from the dock?13:16
BlackWebIs anyone familiar with samba, to I know in order to allow a user to access your samba file, without having a local account on machine you'd have a entry in the /etc/samba/smbusers, But giving that user a password would you just do smbpasswd to the local account that you tied the username to, or is there a different way13:16
jribjalexandru: depends on what you actually want to do.  Python is a great language though; #python for more help with it13:16
gryjalexandru, that's a language choice question; different languages have different applications. as this is an ubuntu support channel, i might suggest we discuss that in #ubuntu-offtopic13:16
MirtheNdepends what you want to develop, each language has its own strengths13:16
MirtheNme, i tried python, perl, on java now since its also cross platform13:17
manisabri1jrib: apt-cache gices me Installed: (none) Candidate: Version table http://gb.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ precise/universe amd64 Packages13:17
plantroonWhen I install ATI fglrx driver (clicking additional drivers in system settings, without fglrx updates!)  on ubuntu 12.04.1, what version does it install? 12.4 or 12.8? only answer if you have it please13:17
jribmanisabri1: pastebin the full output to: apt-cache policy libwxgtk2.8-dev libwxgtk2.8-013:17
gryBlackWeb, are you sharing a file located at ubuntu machine, or accessing a windows share?13:18
v0lksmanhello all!  anyone know how to tell aptitude to install package maintainer versions of config files automatically on upgrade?13:19
manisabri1jrib: http://pastebin.com/5GiMyG4x13:19
=== 17SABTGJW is now known as CookieM_
jribmanisabri1: pastebin the full output to: apt-cache policy libwxgtk2.8-013:20
BlackWebon a linux machine13:20
larryhi all13:20
gryhi larry13:21
manisabri1jrib: http://pastebin.com/FpAGbz1Q13:21
larryxubuntu 12.0413:22
jribmanisabri1: yes, your  libwxgtk2.8-0 is not the version from the repositories you have enabled13:23
=== rowan is now known as Guest46186
plantroonPlease tell me when I install ATI fglrx driver (clicking additional drivers in system settings, without fglrx updates!)  on ubuntu 12.04.1, what version does it install? 12.4 or 12.8? I dont know how to determine the version, because in ubuntu it uses different version number than on catalyst site.13:24
manisabri1jrib: hmmm. how did you find out from that results? any thing I can do about it?13:25
usr13plantroon: The package name doesn't show version number?13:25
plantroonit does show 12.6 for example ... but when I install fglrx drivers, it doesnt show any kind of 12.X13:26
jribmanisabri1: you can just remove libwxgtk2.8-0 (pay close attention that it won't take other things along with it that you want)13:26
AdvoWorkI assume -mtime  + 7 is > 7 days?13:28
manisabri1jrib: I see. pgadmin3 is using it... I use it for managing porstgres 913:28
jribmanisabri1: pgadmin3 is in the repositories.  So if you're using the version in the repositories, it should not require that version of libwxgtk2.8-013:29
VastGsmI want to remain on the current distro 10.04 LTS but ONLY upgrade the kernel to 3.0.0-24 and NOT the distro ---------> is this the right command apt safe-upgrade ---> If NOT what is the correct way to upgrade the kernel to the latest but remain on the same distro?13:30
kaspukskhi :)13:30
ubottumigmax98: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».13:30
jribVastGsm: sudo apt-get dist-upgrade   will upgrade your packages (all of them; not just the kernel) and not change your release version13:31
kaspukskwitch coun try belong this channel ?13:31
plantroonso what is the version of catalyst fglrx drivers in ubuntu 12.04.1?? Without installing updates??13:31
jribkaspuksk: all countries, but we use the english language only13:31
cherfashow can i check witch codecs my system is using?13:31
kaspukski understand :)13:32
kaspukskare there some of lithuanina ?13:32
VastGsmAny Ubuntu gurus here, I got a query and need advice before I KILL my box13:32
jrib!ask | VastGsm13:32
ubottuVastGsm: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience13:32
smartboyhwVastGsm: What?13:32
plantroonkaspuksk dont ask that on such a huge chat :D13:33
zykotick9cherfas: (not really what you asked but...) install ubuntu-restricted-extras should give you MOST codecs, use w32codecs (or w64codecs) from medibuntu if you require more13:33
kaspukskim just searching :D13:33
cherfaszykotick9 i'm trying to reinstall all the codecs, because i;m having some problem with multimedia13:33
plantroonif anyone has ubuntu 12.04.1 and ATI / AMD card plz help me :D13:34
zykotick9!medibuntu | cherfas13:34
ubottucherfas: medibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org13:34
kaspukskwhat is ubuntu , i dont understand :D13:34
VastGsmok great13:34
__Eggmanplantroon: what's the issue?13:34
VastGsmIll type it again then13:34
VastGsmI want to remain on the current distro 10.04 LTS but ONLY upgrade the kernel to 3.0.0-24 and NOT the distro ---------> is this the right command apt safe-upgrade ---> If NOT what is the correct way to upgrade the kernel to the latest but remain on the same distro?13:34
grykaspuksk, read www.ubuntu.com ; or what is your native language?13:34
plantroonno issue, I just wanna know what version are those ubuntu drivers ...13:34
zykotick9cherfas: FYI "reinstalling" things in gnu/linux almost NEVER solves anything13:34
jribVastGsm: did you see what I told you?13:35
VastGsmsorry no I missed that jrib sorry13:35
jribVastGsm: sudo apt-get dist-upgrade   will upgrade your packages (all of them; not just the kernel) and not change your release version13:35
cherfasok so i'll tell you the problem maybe you'll have an idea13:35
plantroonif they are 12.4 version or if they got updated in the first service pack for ubuntu 12.0413:35
VastGsmnice one dude :)13:35
kaspukskok gl for everyone :)13:35
__EggmanI'm not sure, are you getting two drivers listed under 'Additional Drivers'?13:36
cherfasthe media in my computer gets laged for a second every 5 couple of minutes or so13:36
cherfasevery couple*13:36
plantroon@__Eggman yes I am13:36
antivirtelI'm planning to encrypt a disc with LUKS. I'm wondering if the aes-cbc-essiv:sha256 in 128 bits will provide me enough security today, or may I upgrade to 256 bits or other cipher?13:37
plantroon@__ currently I dont have ubuntu but another distro and I know that ubuntu drivers were working very well so I need to know the version to get them ...13:37
cherfasin flash, and also in playing music stored on my compter. i have a quad core processor. also, i checked system monitor and one of my cpus peaks when this happens13:37
__Eggman@plantroon what card? In my experience one of those does not get along very well with ubuntu (will break your install)13:38
VastGsmHey jrib that done nothing dude13:39
plantroonI have an old ati card ... Radeon HD 3600.. but I just wanna know (if you have the drivers) if the version is 12.4 or 12.8 ??13:39
WarOfTheNerdantivirtel, to be honest, there's no need for above 128-bit13:39
VastGsm0 upgraded 0 newly installed 0 to remove and 0 upgraded13:39
WarOfTheNerdantivirtel, by the point someone really interested in stealing data comes along, they'll just torture you for the passphrase/key13:39
MonkeyDustantivirtel  there's always the channel #security13:40
__Eggmanplantroon: IIRC those are not supported anymore by ATI in linux, I'd suggest staying with the OSS drivers, YMMV though.13:40
Guest99498I couldn't shrink a Vista partition when I initially set this box up, so ubuntu was only on a 7 gig partition.  I've now finally gotten vista shrunk by 100 gigs, and I'm trying to make the ext4 partition bigger.  I couldn't get the unallocated space next to the ext4, so I made the unallocated space ext4 and copied sda5 over to sda1  http://static.inky.ws/image/2681/image.jpg  Can I leave it this way and just go fix grub?13:40
antivirtelWarOfTheNerd thank you... It will protect the illegal data from the police, to be honest :D13:41
cherfasevery few minutes the mutlimedia in my computer gets lagged, in flash and also in playing music stored on my computer. i have linuxmint. quad core processor. also, i  checked processor monitor and noticed that one of my cpus peaks when this happens. any ideas?13:41
antivirtelMonkeyDust, thank you, I've joined13:41
VastGsmHey jrib that never done much dude, it said 0 on all buddy13:41
VastGsm0 upgraded 0 newly installed 0 to remove and 0 upgraded13:41
jribVastGsm: that means your packages are up to date for the repositories you have.  What kernel do you have installed and what did you expect?13:42
antivirtelWarOfTheNerd  "they'll just torture you for the passphrase/key" :) maybe, but I'll probably suffer from injury than sit in a prison for a half life, or just pay a fortune for that data :)13:43
plantroon__Eggman: I said fglrx drivers from ubuntu 12.04.1 worked very well on my PC, I could play Portal 2, World of Warcraft and many good games on ubuntu with those drivers, but the problem I have is that I moved to another distro and dont remember the drivers version so I need to know what drivers does ubuntu install when clicking that additional drivers icon in system settings ... thats the only info I need :D13:43
VastGsmthats what I want to do dude, just upgrade the kernel but keep the distro version the same and not change it13:43
jribVastGsm: ok, can you answer my question?13:43
VastGsm10.04 LTS kernel 2.6.33-4213:43
Fodi69hello, is there a utility to run a program many times in a terminal until I press Ctrl + C? so for example, it runs ten times in every second without attention13:43
VastGsm10.04 LTS kernel 2.6.32-4213:43
VastGsmmy bad typo13:43
VastGsm10.04 LTS kernel 2.6.32-4213:43
SolarAquarionhow do i make sure i get the latest packages for ubuntu?13:43
jribVastGsm: that's the latest kernel in 10.04's repositories13:44
Fodi69SolarAquarion: you run the update manager?13:44
jribVastGsm: yes13:44
armin_hi guys13:45
armin_im new13:45
armin_so how dis works?13:45
cherfasevery few minutes the mutlimedia in my computer gets lagged, in flash and also in playing music stored on my computer. i have linuxmint. quad core processor. also, i  checked processor monitor and noticed that one of my cpus peaks when this happens. any ideas?13:45
armin_is it like global chat?13:45
SinTaX98I'm trying to build a kernel from source on 12.04 server, but when I run make xconfig I get "qconf: cannot connect to X server", does that mean I need a GUI installed?13:45
Fodi69armin_: you ask something, somebody answers it13:45
manisabri1jrib: thanks mate,you solved my problem13:45
=== Manu is now known as Guest71113
WinMasterguys, disk util says my daemon is being inhibited! I'm worried about it.13:46
jribSinTaX98: or don't use qconf...13:46
__Eggmanplantroon: AFAIK it's 12.4, the drivers available under the 'Additional Drivers' dialogue tend to lag behind ATI official by a few revisions, I'm not currently on my ubuntu box, cant be of much help, have you tried checking the version number in the repos? I'm not sure this will match up with the ATI version numbers13:46
jrib!kernel > SinTaX9813:46
ubottuSinTaX98, please see my private message13:46
SolarAquarionFodi69 there's package in the packages.ubuntu.com rep which is not being installed to my system13:46
=== andrea_ is now known as Vylan3
Fodi69SolarAquarion: what is the package name? not installed at all, or not the latest version installed?13:47
VastGsmif i do an apt-cache search linux-image it says 3.0.0-24 is the latest13:47
jribVastGsm: pastebin13:47
VastGsmok ill paste bin it dude13:48
SolarAquarion@Fodi69 not the latest version13:48
nnkh!kernel >nnkh13:48
ubottunnkh, please see my private message13:48
Guest99498Where will the computer be looking for grub, now that I think about it, if I copied a whole linux partition over to a new partition?  I don't think I put grub on the MBR13:48
SolarAquarionexample would be the gnome packages13:48
SinTaX98jrib, I am trying to build a kernel with more driver support for a tftp boot /fog environment.  I have been looking for a way to do so, but the only way I can seem to find is qconf.  Is there another (possibly better) way?13:48
Fodi69SolarAquarion: and what version of ubuntu do you have?13:49
jribSinTaX98: see ubottu's message to you13:49
nnkh!kernel >SinTaX9813:49
ubottuSinTaX98, please see my private message13:49
usr13!grub | Guest9949813:49
ubottuGuest99498: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)13:49
plantroon__Eggman I cant get the version from this ... :( http://packages.ubuntu.com/precise/fglrx13:49
usr13Guest99498: You have write grub to MBR in order to boot.13:50
Fodi69SolarAquarion: each distribution has its own versions of packages, so if you want to have the latest packages, you probably want to update your whole distribution (quantal is not the latest versuin)13:50
SolarAquarionFodi69 what's the latest version?13:50
usr13Guest99498: That first link is probably the one you need, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub13:50
Fodi69SolarAquarion: sry it is the latest, i was wrong.13:50
jribVastGsm: never mind, I see now.  You can install one of the linux-image-server-lts-backport-* packages and the 3.0 kernel will be pulled in.  For example: linux-image-server-lts-backport-oneiric13:51
Guest99498usr13, I didn't lose it necessarily, but I copied sda5 over to a newly create sda1 (http://static.inky.ws/image/2681/image.jpg)  which /etc/grub is the computer using?13:51
asoganiping asogani13:52
Fodi69SolarAquarion: the beta versions can have this kind of update failures, but you should ask someone else, too13:53
LockalThe following packages will be REMOVED:13:53
Lockal  indicator-status-provider-mc5 indicator-status-provider-pidgin libdbusmenu-qt2:i386 libindicator-messages-status-provider1 libqt4-dbus:i386 libqt4-declarative:i386 libqt4-network:i386 libqt4-script:i386 libqt4-sql:i38613:53
Lockal  libqt4-sql-mysql:i386 libqt4-xml:i386 libqt4-xmlpatterns:i386 libqtcore4:i386 libqtgui4:i386 skype skype-bin:i386 sni-qt:i38613:53
Lockalapt-get in 12.10 removes Skype like a boss! :)13:53
FloodBot1Lockal: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.13:53
lotuspsychjehowto fix a corrupt square mouse pointer every cold boot on precise (ati grafix card), after reboot it goes away13:54
Bipuli  want to ask something related to philosphy13:54
MonkeyDustBipul  try in #philosophy13:54
usr13Guest12684: So this is a dual boot system?  (Or it was?)13:55
usr13Guest12684: I'm not sure I understand your situation.13:55
=== nlh is now known as Guest99341
usr13Guest12684: What used to be on sda1?  (before you made what ever changes you just made...)13:57
ElvanoHey lot, might there be a way to change my GUI of Ubuntu 12.04 to be more like the on like 8.0414:05
bazhang!notunity | Elvano14:05
ubottuElvano: Ubuntu 11.10 and higher use GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown. Using Natty? See !classic14:05
Yanchoguys anyone experienceing problems with avi on a samsung streamed from minidlna ? can seem to find a fix on google for it :S14:05
ElvanoDoes going back to Gnome also put less stress on my graphic memory?14:07
corentinhow can i tell NetworkManager to forget about my wireless card for a while ?14:08
bazhangElvano, you mean gnome-panel ?14:08
marcappuccino@elvano try xfce14:08
WarOfTheNerdElvano, in my experience yes14:09
WarOfTheNerdElvano, and you can run Unity 2D within gnome-panel for epic win there too14:09
ElvanoI am running unity 2D14:09
marcappuccino@corentin network icon > deselect enable wireless > deselect enable networking maybe14:09
craigbass1976How can I tell if grub was put on the MBR?14:09
WarOfTheNerdElvano, try GNOME Panel and then fire up Unity 2D inside of it if you still want Unity goodness :D14:10
WarOfTheNerdElvano, it's less glitchy than straight up Unity 2D is for some reason14:10
corentinmarcappuccino: ah thanks, eventhough i feel stupid now :P14:10
thufir_anyone familiar with both postfix and mailman?  I'm not sure where my problem resides.14:10
marcappuccinowhat is your problem14:11
linucksHi, I'm having issues on 12.04 after I suspend my thinkpad x220t. For some reason it only picks up some wireless networks and I cannot reconnect to my home network. The wifi card is Intel Corporation Centrino Advanced-N 6205 (rev 34). Wondering if anyone can please help me?14:11
ElvanoI'll switch to my testaccount and give it a try14:11
ElvanoWhat's that xfce mentioned before btw?14:11
gordonjcplinucks: I get that sometimes14:11
gansterdreamweaver for ubuntu14:12
gordonjcplinucks: disabling then re-enabling wifi sorts it out14:12
bazhangElvano, xfce4, xubuntu14:12
marcappuccinoIts a lightweight desktop environment if u want to try it out sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop14:12
gansteranyone who knows dreamweaver for ubuntu14:12
bazhangaptana studio ganster14:12
linucksgordonjcp, hmmm I thought I tried that, but which way did you go about disabling and re-enabling the wireless?14:12
gordonjcpganster: you don't get dreamweaver for linux14:12
gordonjcpganster: it might work in wine14:12
gansterbazhang, ok let me try14:12
marcappuccinoit is not native dreamweaver only through wine maybe14:13
gordonjcplinucks: just from the nm-applet14:13
marcappuccinodualboot windows?14:13
gordonjcpganster: tbh dreamweaver is a nuisance anyway14:13
Elvanobest thing is to write html in gedit @ gangster14:13
corentinmarcappuccino: oh noes, it's still messing with my card even though i disabled wireless :(14:13
marcappuccinoor geany14:13
lotuspsychjehowto fix a corrupt square mouse pointer every cold boot on precise (ati grafix card), after reboot it goes away14:13
ganstergordonjcp, i don like  wine isn't  working fine with ubuntu14:13
linucksgordonjcp, Ah right, yes I am using the nm applet in gnome 3 to do that. Doesn't seem to help. Thanks though :/14:13
marcappuccino@corentin other than that im not sure then - www.askubuntu.com14:14
craigbass1976linucks, I've had trouble for some time waking up a laptop; when I do something like shut the lid at work (while I'm on the network there) and then cracking it open again at home.14:14
gordonjcpganster: having done quite a bit of backend work on websites, I find the best way to deal with dreamweaver sites is to delete them completely and start from scratch ;-)14:14
ganstermarcappuccino, , i don like  wine isn't  working fine with ubuntu14:14
linuckscraigbass1976, hmm I see, have you had any issues like it only showing _some_ of the available networks? found any fixes?14:14
corentinmarcappuccino: guess i'll just kill that stupid NM14:14
craigbass1976gordonjcp, heh14:14
marcappuccinoit depends what you run - i pesonally dont like wine, but if you want extra compatibility try crossover for linux14:15
linucksthe thing is, this works on fedora, but not ubuntu14:15
ganstergordonjcp,  why from the scratch is more preferable than dreamweaver14:15
craigbass1976linucks, eventually I can get on.  I see your fedora issue though...  I tried 16 for a bit and didn't have this problem at all.14:16
gordonjcpganster: because dreamweaver produces horrible unusable code14:16
=== AlertEye_ is now known as AlertEye
linuckscraigbass1976, cool, interesting to know14:16
somanwhy configuring wxWidets fails on Ubuntu 12.04 with gcc 4.7.1? Log => http://paste.kde.org/540686/13461633/14:16
linuckscraigbass1976, maybe I am not being patient enough after disabling and re-enabling the card, how long does it usually take you to get on again?14:16
jribsoman: wxwidgets is in the repositories, why aren't you using the packages?14:16
WarOfTheNerdlinucks, what is failing in Wine for you on Ubuntu?14:17
ganstergordonjcp, but dreamweaver comes from the scratch14:17
linucksWarOfTheNerd, sorry, I think you have me mixed up with something else - I am not using wine, or having problems with it.14:17
ganstergordonjcp, all i know dreamweaver its just   simplifies the work14:18
craigbass1976linucks, I don't shut the card off and on, I just keep trying to disconnect from the last network to get on the one I'm near at the moment.  There's lots of swearing and stuff, and i don't know how long it takes.  It's better in 12.04 than 10.04.14:18
somanjrib: I want to use 2.9.414:18
jribsoman: ok14:18
WarOfTheNerdlinucks, sorry my bad, misread :$14:18
gordonjcpganster: not really14:18
marcappuccinobtw anyone know how to draw up/down/left/right straight lines in gimp14:18
WarOfTheNerdganster, what issues are you having with Wine?14:18
gordonjcpganster: it gives you really horrible HTML code that doesn't render properly and cannot be maintained14:19
craigbass1976marcappuccino, shift maybe?14:19
linuckscraigbass1976, okay thanks, I might try swearing a bit more =)14:19
somanI built gcc 4.7.1 last week and think that gcc may be corrupt despite of that I removed 4.6.3 first before installing 4.7.114:19
marcappuccino@craigbass yeah i know shift and it works but i want to draw flat lines like in photoshop14:19
craigbass1976linucks, sometimes if you start walking over to the gun cabinet...14:19
thufir_marcappuccino:  the problem I have with postfix and mailman is that e-mails to the list get rejected. I can subscribe to the list, however.14:19
spiky59I need help xD14:19
linuckscraigbass1976, haha.14:20
jasonzCan anyone help I am unable to buy software from the ubuntu software centre I get "url failed to load ssl handshake failed when I try to process my payment14:20
marcappuccino@thufir yeah i dont know about that problem file a bug on launchpad14:20
spiky59Is it possible to make a boot iso on a usb drive ?14:20
ganstergordonjcp, if  i make the  with dreamweaver then after i make throughly  looking at the code  for the site  i made the will it also be horrible14:20
Adiespiky59, a usb boot disk of ubuntu?14:21
Adiefrom windows?14:21
spiky59thing is, i already have ubuntu14:21
spiky59but my windows failed, and i tried to reinstall it14:21
lotuspsychjehowto fix a corrupt square mouse pointer every cold boot on precise (ati grafix card), after reboot it goes away14:21
user123132marcappuccino: use office ,draw line and paste in gimp14:21
spiky59now i cant boot anymore, and windows wont recognize any drive14:21
WarOfTheNerdspiky59, there's a USB image tool:  http://unetbootin.sourceforge.net/14:21
spiky59ty War14:21
spiky59ty WarOfTheNerd14:22
marcappuccino@user thats really unpretty though thanks anyways14:22
drPooI added a line to my crontab "@reboot /path/to/script" so as to start a script at reboot. But it is not working. Any ideas?14:22
|Anthony|what is eol for 10.04?14:22
jribdrPoo: define "not working"14:22
thufir_marcappuccino: oh :(  ok.14:22
jrib!10.04 | |Anthony|14:22
ubottu|Anthony|: Ubuntu 10.04 LTS (Lucid Lynx) was the twelfth release of Ubuntu. Download http://releases.ubuntu.com/10.04/ - Release Info: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/1004 - Supported until April 2013 (Desktop), April 2015 (Server)14:22
drPoojrib, the script is not getting executed14:23
drPooat reboot14:23
jribdrPoo: how are you sure of that?14:23
gordonjcpmarcappuccino: What exactly are you trying to do?14:23
=== AlertEye_ is now known as AlertEye
drPoojrib, because the program its supposed to start doesnt14:23
gordonjcpmarcappuccino: draw straight horizontal/vertical lines in gimp?14:23
thufir_is anyone else familiar with both postfix and mailman?  I'm trying to todetermine whether, when an e-mail is rejected, that's the fault of postfix or mailman.  How do you tell?14:23
marcappuccinoim trying to draw a straight line but not diagonal so only up/down/left/right14:23
|Anthony|mmm another 8 months14:23
gordonjcpmarcappuccino: drop a marker, snap to it14:23
drPoojrib, and it does work when i run the script manually14:23
gansterbazhang, i cant find aptana14:23
craigbass1976/dev/sda1 is a new ext4 partition I created (I was Guest99498 a bit ago, using xchat from a livecd) and it's contents are what I copied (via gparted) over from /dev/sda5.  If I boot, I'm seeing grub as it was before the repartitioning.  How do I fix this?14:23
gordonjcpmarcappuccino: sorry, guide, not marker14:23
jribdrPoo: how are you sure it doesn't start but simply doesn't do what you want to do?14:23
marcappuccino@gordon i dont understand sorry14:24
gordonjcpmarcappuccino: look at the drawing window, do you see the ruler at the top and the size?14:24
marcappuccinohang on14:24
drPoojrib, because the script does work when i run it manually14:24
jribdrPoo: cron's environment isn't the same as when you run it manually.  Pastebin your script14:24
craigbass1976marcappuccino, with a brush or pencil, click where you want one end of the line to be.  Now hit the Shift key and click where you want the other end of the line to be.14:25
marcappuccinowhere is the drawing window i am running 2.814:25
gordonjcpmarcappuccino: click on the ruler and drag into the drawing area14:25
gordonjcpmarcappuccino: you'll drag a guide onto the image14:25
=== quimoniz is now known as Guest71600
marcappuccinowhere is the drawing area14:25
craigbass1976gordonjcp, oops, I didn't see yuo already answering him14:26
spiky59I hope this will work =)14:26
=== Guest71600 is now known as Quimoniz
jasonzCan anyone help I am unable to buy software from the ubuntu software centre I get "url failed to load ssl handshake failed when I try to process my payment14:26
gordonjcpcraigbass1976: no worries ;-)14:26
gordonjcpcraigbass1976: you were quicker14:26
WarOfTheNerdjasonz, refresh a few times14:27
gansterimage   bin site14:27
user123132gordonjcp: you mean snap to guid ?14:27
WarOfTheNerdjasonz, it occasionally happens with me when adding Humble Bundle games :D14:27
drPoojrib, the script is fine. It had been working for a while. I guess I will not use crontab anymore. I will put it in /etc/init.d and use update-rc.d14:27
jribdrPoo: you should pastebin the script...14:28
drPoojrib, http://paste.ubuntu.com/1171889/14:29
jribdrPoo: a general issue with crontab is that, for example, your PATH is not the same; you could also try changing @reboot to some current time so you can better test without rebooting.  Lastly, you could put something like /usr/bin/touch /tmp/script_runs to verify the script runs14:29
GargoyleAnyone know if there is an issue gettings keys from keyserver.ubuntu.com ?14:29
mads-If I have sudo access can I then change myself to another user without knowing the users password?14:29
jribdrPoo: hmm, maybe bio2rdf isn't mounted at the time crontab runs your script?  See if it works now with a specific time in crontab14:30
drPoojrib, that might be it... the mounting of the /media/bio2rdf directory14:30
drPoojrib, but wouldnt it be better just not to use crontab?14:31
=== omar is now known as Omarman
gordonjcpuser123132: yes14:33
jribdrPoo: probably14:34
user123132gordonjcp: ok, thanks14:35
savioat first when i using older firefox  when i enter keyword in address bar it direectly search to google14:37
saviobut that's not happening now14:37
LappdogIs there a Linux program that will make a 1:1 copy of a DVD to .iso? I use AnyDVD on Windows...14:40
WarOfTheNerdLappdog, would you believe me if I told you you can dump it like any other disk device using dd?14:40
r0thalol it's called dd14:40
bazhang!info ogmrip | Lappdog14:40
ubottuLappdog: ogmrip (source: ogmrip): Application for ripping and encoding DVD. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 0.13.6-0ubuntu4 (precise), package size 332 kB, installed size 1540 kB14:40
WarOfTheNerdLappdog, dd if=/dev/dvd of=/home/yourusername/nameofiso.iso14:41
WarOfTheNerdif you want to rip it to a video file there's handbrake14:41
WarOfTheNerd!info handbrake | Lappdog14:41
ubottuLappdog: Package handbrake does not exist in precise14:41
WarOfTheNerdugh damn you ubottu!14:42
LappdogI want to make a true 1:1 copy of DVD to .iso. No compression or changing...14:42
bazhang!handbrake | WarOfTheNerd Lappdog14:42
ubottuWarOfTheNerd Lappdog: handbrake is a an open-source, GPL-licensed, multiplatform, multithreaded video transcoder, available for MacOS X, Linux and Windows. - http://handbrake.fr14:42
bazhangLappdog, ogmrip as I said14:42
WarOfTheNerdLappdog, dd if=/dev/dvd of=/home/yourusername/nameofiso.iso14:42
LappdogExcellent! Thank you all!14:43
WarOfTheNerd(that command works without any changing, and requires no package installs, literally)14:43
nitram147have somebody do Stripe CTF 2.0 ? i stoped on level 5 an need help :)14:43
nitram147have somebody do Stripe CTF 2.0 ? i stoped on level 5 an need help :)14:46
nitram147have somebody do Stripe CTF 2.0 ? i stoped on level 5 an need help :)14:46
nitram147have somebody do Stripe CTF 2.0 ? i stoped on level 5 an need help :)14:46
FloodBot1nitram147: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.14:46
dr_willisDD may not work on all these newer copy protected DVDs14:47
dholbachhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDeveloperWeek is starting in a bit more than 10 minutes in #ubuntu-classroom14:47
nitram147have somebody do Stripe CTF 2.0 ? i stoped on level 5 an need help :)14:47
nitram147have somebody do Stripe CTF 2.0 ? i stoped on level 5 an need help :)14:47
FloodBot1nitram147: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.14:47
bazhangnitram147, stop that14:47
=== Masduqe is now known as Masduqe|Off
user82hi. which is the "last" log when shutting down. my computer gets stuck 80% when shutting down at the logo with the dots and i want to find the reason14:50
mneptokuser82: look in syslog and messages14:51
user82thanks mneptok . directly after rebooting i guess they have a timestamp?14:51
mneptokuser82: yes14:53
user123132user82: maybe you can use bootchart14:53
AdvoWorkevery now and again I have a problem where my applications lose their top bars, ie the toolbar(all applications - terminal, gedit, pidgin etc) any idea how to get these back?14:54
sorin7486anybody happen to know what version of ubuntu is a machine that gives #42-Ubuntu in uname ?14:54
sorin7486is there a list somewhere ?14:54
JackAndTheBeanAdvoWork, what precedes the loss of toolbar?14:54
user82user123132 sounds like a cool tool. i will try it(but for another purpose)14:54
iunruhI'm using lightdm with Kerberos/LDAP.. if a user's password is expired, it won't let them change their password.. it simply says "enter it again:" after the password and won't accept anything14:55
krababbelWhen shutting down, or rebooting, sometimes I got a 'requesting services stop: fail'. Where can I see what exactly went wrong? /var/log/messages?14:55
bazhangsorin7486, 11.0414:56
AdvoWorkJackAndTheBean, I don't know how it occured really, but its really annoying lol. I noticed it earlier with pidgin, but now it's happened to gedit too14:56
sorin7486thanks bazhang14:56
JackAndTheBeanAdvoWork, everytime U start Ubuntu? or just this one time14:56
AdvoWorkJackAndTheBean, i've had this client machine running for about 4 days now I think, then it suddenly goes(only now and again) othertimes it works for weeks, othertimes 1 day :S14:57
JackAndTheBeanAdvoWork, the I would type in the command line: sudo /etc/init.d/gdm restart Maybe it could help14:58
vnKnow of a fix to get VRTSralus (BackupExec client) to work after an update from lucid to precise? it crashes...15:00
=== chaplain is now known as thomas
CarlFKI am on oneiric, need some goofy fonts.  any suggestions on easy way of reviewing/installing ?15:00
jrib!fonts | CarlFK15:00
ubottuCarlFK: Font installation basics here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FontInstallHowto - No fonts in Flash? Install "ttf-mscorefonts-installer" (from !Multiverse), "gsfonts", and "gsfonts-x11". For the official ubuntu font, see: http://font.ubuntu.com/15:00
CarlFKa few months ago I found Purisa (looks kinda like pencil scribbles) but I don't remember where/how15:00
|Anthony|that is a great font15:00
|Anthony|i have it15:00
|Anthony|lol... it's actually what i use for xchat15:01
CarlFK|Anthony|: lol15:01
CarlFKjrib: thank.. I see some font links15:01
iunruhanyone familiar with lightdm + Kerberos/LDAP?15:01
AdvoWorkJackAndTheBean, will that log me out or anything15:01
bazhangCarlFK, packages.ubuntu.com has it15:02
JackAndTheBeanAdvoWork, it should restart X15:02
AdvoWorkwill that close any of my programs though? I don't mind, as long as I know15:02
JackAndTheBeanAdvoWork, Yes it restarts all graphical interface, so it logically must close all opened apps without toolbars15:03
bazhangJackAndTheBean, its lightdm not gdm you realize15:03
iunruhon precise, it's $ sudo service lightdm restart15:03
iunruhon anything before, it's $ sudo service gdm restart15:04
bazhang!upstart | JackAndTheBean15:04
ubottuJackAndTheBean: Upstart is meant to replace the old Sys V Init system with an event-driven init model.  For more information please see: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/15:04
JackAndTheBeanbazhang, ok then: more heads more ideas ;-)15:04
=== matt_ is now known as CuppaT
CarlFKbazhang: has what?15:04
bazhangCarlFK, purisa .ttf font15:04
CarlFKbazhang: ah.  I already have that one.  no clue how15:06
bazhangCarlFK, it comes with phatch-cli , for one15:07
user123132AdvoWork: do you install any applet or desktop application ?15:07
flash_Hi guys. I have the strangest error. Every time I reboot my pc, an additional panel is created at both the top and the bottom of the gnome desktop. There are also multiple copies of the default icons on the first panel. Every time I reboot the pc, another copy of everything is created. Any ideas how to fix this?15:08
bazhangflash_, screenshot please15:08
gordonjcpflash_: no, but can you get a screenshot, for comedy value?15:08
flash_Ok hang on15:08
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience15:09
cloudgeek!help .command15:09
bazhangcloudgeek, with what15:09
cloudgeekbazhang: i want know command of irc bot ubottu15:09
bazhangcloudgeek, /msg ubottu factoids15:10
CarlFKbazhang: phatch-cli (love phatch...)  does it have a bunch of fonts bundeled with it?15:10
bazhangCarlFK, yep15:10
cloudgeekbazhang: like how if want dictiory lookup with it15:11
CarlFKbazhang: sweet.  that's the kind of easy I was looking for15:11
bazhangcloudgeek, the bot does not have that plugin installed15:11
flash_gordonjcp, http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/62/36519035.png/15:11
motaka2hello the vendor sold me 11.10 and the latest release is 12.04, Am I missing too much ?15:12
crizis^better unity15:12
Aradianhey im just wondering why my hostname is displaying with ~ ? root@ns:~#15:12
bazhangmotaka2, it's free15:12
crizis^pre-installed os?15:12
flash_bazhang, http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/62/36519035.png/15:13
motaka2bazhang: I know but since the internet speed in this country is low i prefer to buy it15:13
crizis^motaka2, you can upgrade with pretty much single click in update-manager anyway if you feel like it15:13
crizis^oh then15:13
crizis^motaka2, well, if it fits your need, it still has like 1 year of support left15:13
bazhanghttp://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/12.04   motaka215:14
cloudgeekbazhang: like some other irc bots support several other , so they put all information on a website about command , ,and what is use of those commands like .in for reminder , so from where i can get information about ubottu15:14
bazhangcloudgeek, at the /msg ubottu factoids link15:14
motaka2crizis upgrading means downloading and reinstalling everything from zero ? that mean about let's say 500 MB of download ? or just 50 MB?15:14
crizis^motaka2, updating with package manager you don't need to reinstall anything. but it's 500-1gb download, yes15:15
motaka2crizis how long ubuntu 12 will be supported?15:15
andreahi there, any free IPSEC client for 12.04 ?15:16
crizis^motaka2, then again 12.04 is LTS release and it's supported for 5 years15:16
=== andrea is now known as Guest98767
motaka2crizis wow I have to find it's DVD then15:16
crizis^motaka2, you can upgrade your current installation15:16
=== Guest98767 is now known as Vylan3
krofnajoin #c++15:16
motaka2crizis but you told me its about a giga byte of download15:17
crizis^motaka2, if you're on unity, just hit top-right corner power button > updates15:17
crizis^motaka2, well, more or less15:17
crizis^motaka2, update manager will tell you how much must be downloaded15:17
motaka2crizis thats too much for me as I told you internet speed is low and costs too much pergig here15:18
MirtheNif you download the bootable cd for 12.04 its just a tad over 700megs15:18
cloudgeekgrep cloudgeek15:18
dr_willis12.10 will be over 700meg when its released in a few months.15:18
MirtheNspeed means little, per gig prices yeah thats an issue15:18
MirtheNi used to download full CDs on 56k dialup all the time, just takes a little patience ;)15:19
crizis^i'm almost feeling bad for looking for 110MBit > 200Mbit upgrade since it's only 4 eur more.. ;)15:19
motaka2They can provide us with fiber internet, but they are bastards15:19
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!15:19
bazhangmotaka2, watch the language please15:19
motaka2bazhang: ok sorry15:19
dr_willispc magazines and online shops can be a cheap way to get the latest cd/dvds also15:20
crizis^what happened to shipit? is it up anymore?15:20
motaka2ok 11.04 is made the sceen black15:20
TheLordOfTimecrizis^:  that's been gone for a while, that's the free disk service, right?15:20
motaka2should I eject the DVD ?15:20
bazhangcrizis^, shipit has been gone for a while now15:20
MirtheNmotaka2, can you purchase things from http://shop.canonical.com/ ? can get the current releases there if you can15:21
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=== zz_scottas is now known as scottas
=== piro is now known as Guest22304
=== omar_ is now known as Omarman
brontosaurusrexa good/easy way to embed parts of exif to image in gimp?15:25
AndrewX192When I connect a monitor to my Ubuntu 12.04 laptop, I can no longer open minimized windows -- what can be done to solve this?15:25
AndrewX192I can't alt+tab to them or anything, they just get stuck until they are quit15:25
mnewtonWhen I do sudo service mysql restart I get: stop: Unknown instance: start: Job failed to start15:26
mnewtonI think it may have broken after I updated - not sure15:26
jpdsmnewton: Well, start failed, so check the MySQL logs.15:26
mnewtonjpds, how do i do that15:27
Alpha-Omegaquestion: how do the releases in Firefox work? I know they happen every 6 months, but why do I have a version of Firefox that came out after the release of the version of Ubuntu that I have?15:27
jpdsmnewton: tail -f /var/log/syslog ?15:28
LiDaRAlpha-Omega, as the pacjage maintainer updates .. you get new versions alot of the time as part of a security update15:28
ElvanoHey lot, are the guys who helped me  earlier with my GUI still here?15:28
DarkAceLaptopmy volume randomly resets to 0 and mutes, and I cannot set it back unless I reboot? any idea why, and/or any ideas on how to fix?15:29
LiDaRDarkAceLaptop, does syslog / dmesg show an error sounds like pun intended module unloading15:29
mnewtonjpds, cat /var/log/mysql.err yields nothing15:29
DarkAceLaptopwhen I turn up the volume and un-mute, I hear nothing. if I plug something in when the volume is up and un-muted it resets to muted and 0 again15:29
killer_can anyone suggest me a good document manager?15:30
Alpha-OmegaLiDaR: I knew about the security updates, but I didn't know that you get updates of new versions as well, thought it was only security updates15:30
ElvanoJust wanted to tell you I've tried both the Xubuntu and Gnome interfaces and eventually went for the gnome one. Seems to work nicely up till now. Thank you15:30
mrborisis there a way via command line on 12.04 to map my power button to the F5 key?15:30
mrborisjust short press, not hold.15:31
=== omar_ is now known as Omarman
Alpha-OmegaLiDaR: so why exactly is there 6 month release cycles if new software is automatically added in the repos and not frozen after release?15:31
LiDaRAlpha-Omega, the updates are new versions if you have version 12.5.1 .. something needs fixed they release 12.5.2 ect. ect.15:31
LiDaRAlpha-Omega, non critical updates are tested to make sure they have less bugs before releasing to everyone15:32
DarkAceLaptopLiDaR, am I looking for something in particular? "audio" "sound" and "speaker" is not found when running dmesg15:32
=== foobArrrr is now known as foobArrr
Alpha-OmegaLiDaR: non critical being the kernel, GNU utils, shh, etc? so I'll be getting updates for Firefox this that all the time huh, I just installed Ubuntu yesterday?15:33
LiDaRDarkAceLaptop, could be cryptic post your dmesg output to pastebin15:33
mneptokAlpha-Omega: no new versions are added to repos unless they address security vulnerabilities and cannot be backported.15:34
LiDaRAlpha-Omega, if there is a security issue .. the update comes faster if its just a new version .. there is no rush and they test more there is probably some explanation on ubuntu site somehwere what method used15:34
Alpha-Omegamneptok: ohh ok, so the new version of firefox, 14.0.1 most likely addresses a security vulnerability as well, not just new features15:35
mneptokAlpha-Omega: correct. you will have that version of Firefox, with some point releases to address backported fixes.15:35
Alpha-Omegaalright, makes sense now, just was amazed where firefox was such a new version15:35
mneptokAlpha-Omega: this is assuming you use only the default repositories.15:36
n0l0v3trying to install Ubuntu on my desktop but every time it boots up it freezes when running through the install. yet I can intall it on the same desktop in a VM15:36
n0l0v3any reason for this?15:36
mnewtonwhen I try running mysql I get ERROR 2002 (HY000): Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock' (2)15:36
motaka2ok I was installing the wrong CD so I just took that out and I am installing the new cd it asked me the language and then It just went on a black screen on the top of that screen I can see the blinking cursor, what is happening ? it is more than 10 mins that it is blinking15:37
LiDaRAlpha-Omega, if your just a desktop user and adventurous you could always use testing/unstable but things break frequently15:37
Alpha-Omegaone thing that should be fixed though in the Ubuntu minimal install is having the default suggested place of Grub to be installed be the drive which the install was done and root was installed, not sda when sdb is what was used for the install, had an issue with that yesterday15:37
jribAlpha-Omega: I think firefox is somewhat of a special case: http://www.h-online.com/open/news/item/Ubuntu-will-now-track-Mozilla-updates-1386831.html15:37
DarkAceLaptopLiDaR, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/1171994/15:37
SolarisB2ymnewton: is the socket file present?15:38
LiDaRDarkAceLaptop, see the line PME# d1 d2 ect repeating .. thats your error message i bet15:39
Alpha-Omegajrib: yep, it seems that firefox will be updated with every new release, odd why they chose to do that, most likely because of the frequent updates and wide-spread usage of the browser I'm guessing15:39
Lorran0l0v3, the two things are very different, in fact the virtual machine comprises some virtual hardware where your computer comprises physical (and possibly different) hardware. It might be that your installation media is corrupted, you could check it when you switch on your computer by choosing the appropriate option in the very first menu you get15:39
motaka2no help ?15:41
LiDaRDarkAceLaptop, the webcam is throwing errors also it seems its a external usb one ?15:41
n0l0v3thanks Lorra I will try that.....I have downloaded the install 3 different times and used 3 different methods all with the same result.....it runs Windows 7 just fine so I wouldn't think it was a hardware issue15:42
mrborishow do you triggler a refresh in chromium via a shell script?15:43
Adieif I like ubuntu from wubi, can I transfer my installation to a real partition, or do I have to install it?15:44
Adieinstall it again15:44
n0l0v3it scrolls through the text screen so fast when doing the install I can't really make sense of it then it just freezes. really strange15:44
DarkAceLaptopLiDaR, really? I don't have a USB webcam15:46
DarkAceLaptopI have a webcam, but it's built-in15:46
Lorran0l0v3, you may also check your media image before burning it, you need to download the md5 checksum along with the image and then using a program which computes md5 sums. On linux it commonly comes with your distro and having the checksum file and the image in the same directory you can run md5sum -c checksumsFile and see what it says. On Windows you need a program to compute md5 sums.15:46
kdsmainis there a JDK/JAVA support channel?15:47
DarkAceLaptopLiDaR, any idea on how to fix the audio error?15:48
Lorrakdsmain, try /join #java15:48
LiDaRDarkAceLaptop: can you unplug the webcam ?15:49
kdsmainLorra doesn't seem to take me anywhere15:49
DarkAceLaptopnot easily, I'd have to take apart the laptop to do that, LiDaR15:49
n0l0v3got cha!!!! I will start researching and checking it out. I am trying to turn this desktop into my media/file server for home....learning and teaching myself so running into some speedbumps..thanks for the advice15:49
Lorrakdsmain, it did for me, I tried it just know before suggesting it to you15:49
LiDaRDarkAceLaptop: i see nevermind15:49
LiDaRDarkAceLaptop: pastebin output from lspci15:50
DarkAceLaptopLiDaR, actually, I never tried using it much, but I'm kinda thinking the webcam doesn't even work15:50
Lorrakdsmain, you type /join #java in the bar where you write messages and you hit the return button15:50
Lubuntu-useranyone experiance with asus eee701 netbook and peppermint?15:50
kdsmainLorra yeah I did that and nothing happened15:50
kdsmaini also tried using the Room menu15:50
LiDaRDarkAceLaptop: looking at the error messages im pretty sure it wont15:51
Lorrakdsmain, try /join ##java15:51
wildcard-gerhej all15:51
DarkAceLaptopLiDaR, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/1172022/15:51
nownotwhat is the best tool to burn blu ray image?15:53
Canuckiana lighter, or a blowtorch ^.^15:54
w_i installed ubuntu 12.10 repos to upgrade kernel, can i upgrade the other packages?15:54
wildcard-geri have a notebook with 1tb hdd inside. i have to install windows on it and also want to install ubuntu to it. now i am wondering if its possible to install the os' with like 200gb each, and have the remaining 600gb like some kind of data volume to mount in windows and in ubuntu depending on what os i am running ?15:54
nownotjesus christ, I thought the kids were back at school ....15:55
nownotjesus christ, I thought the kids were back at school …15:55
Lorraw_, I don't know if it is a very smart idea, have you tried doing sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade?15:55
trond-If I have packages that is installed with the xorg.edgers package, how do I remove these? I tried to do the remove option, but that caused a list of quite a lot of files.15:55
nownotok, I'm looking for a piece of software that I can install on 12.04 that will allow me to create blu ray iso images ..15:55
w_i want to by i came here to see if there is a problem15:55
HAMKootw_, join #ubuntu+1 for QQ 12.10 support.15:56
w_HAMKoot, ok15:56
motaka2while installing ubuntu 12.04 after selecting the language it went to a black screen with a blinking cusor , what should I do ?15:57
LiDaRDarkAceLaptop:  check this out http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=5131958&postcount=215:57
gansteri like ubuntu but ubuntu doesn't likes me15:58
Lorrawildcard-ger, sure, you can install Windows first and Ubuntu after and when you install Ubuntu you edit your partitioning scheme to suit your needs. Do format the share partition with a filesystem readable by both OS's (e.g. NTFS)15:58
motaka2Can anyone help me ?15:58
LiDaRmotaka2: use the the alt install / text mode15:58
ganstermotaka2, leave it for a while15:58
motaka2LiDaR:  How can I do that?  ganster How much is the normal time , I think it is about 15 minutes15:59
w_i can't get my laptop to suspend when i close the lid, anyone knows how?15:59
LiDaRmotaka2: its a different iso to download16:00
motaka2LiDaR: that pc is disconnected from internet16:00
ganstermotaka2, if more than 15minutes its extraordinary that16:00
motaka2LiDaR: ganster  should I connect it to internet and try again ?16:01
ganstermotaka2, are u upgrading or installing16:01
Lorraw_, have you checked the power saving settings?16:01
LiDaRmotaka2: how did you get the installation media your using now ?16:01
motaka2I am installing16:01
wildcard-gerLorra, okay :) can i also write on the ntfs partition with ubuntu without problems ? im not sure but i think there were problems with writing to ntfs due to microsoft licensing ?16:01
Lorraw_, you should be able to choose the behaviour of the laptop when you close the lid16:01
w_Lorra, yes16:01
kdsmainLorra do I have to specify kdsmain on #java or something like that? Does the freenode thing have anything to do with my inability to join the #java channel?16:01
motaka2LiDaR: I bought from a store16:01
LiDaRwildcard-ger: ntfs works fine16:01
ganster and have u select to install the third part motaka216:01
=== rzbz is now known as Zimsky
wildcard-gerLiDaR, okay thanks :)16:02
DarkAceLaptopLiDaR, /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base is blank. normal?16:02
motaka2ganster: no I just put the dvd in the ROM and then in greyish screen What language? I hit enter on english and from then I jsut see a black screen16:02
Lorrakdsmain, I don't know, I am able to join #java and I am redirected to ##java16:03
LiDaRDarkAceLaptop: you need to add that line into there16:03
w_Lorra, i did that, i did lots of things and nothing16:03
kdsmainLorra: that's weird, it doesn't take me anywhere. thanks for the suggestion though16:03
LiDaRDarkAceLaptop: options snd-hda-intel model=hp16:03
w_i tried to install a newer kernel and nothing16:03
kdsmainLorra are you on freenode?16:03
kdsmaini guess is everyone here on freenode?16:03
LiDaRkdsmain: yes16:04
motaka2What should I do ?16:04
ganstermotaka2, eject the dvd  and start again cuz ijust want u  to try using it as live first if okay then installation follows16:05
motaka2ganster: ok wait ...16:05
LiDaRDarkAceLaptop: there are like 8 options for various hp models.. so it may be one of the other ones might have to guess if your not sure16:05
w_I have a samsung 530u3b and i'm  having troubles on suspending by closing the lid...16:06
motaka2ganster: dvd ROM doesnt open up should I resete ?16:06
gansterand are u sure with the dvd and  the image  made motaka216:06
w_is there anyone with the same issue?16:06
motaka2ganster: I dont know it's  of a good company16:06
motaka2ok I rseted16:07
gansterdo it again motaka216:07
motaka2and it is booting up16:07
gansteryep motaka216:07
LiDaRw_: my acer suspends perfect! do you get an error message in dmesg ?16:08
motaka2ganster: this time just askin me the language and not the installetion type16:08
Lorrawildcard-ger, true, that might be a problem. You might install Windows on a larger parition, then install Ubuntu and install the gparted package and use it to reduce the Windows partition and create a brand new NTFS one16:08
Lorrakdsmain, yes, I'm on Freenode16:08
motaka2ganster: and automatically it went on english and again the black page16:08
motaka2ganster: What should I do /16:08
ganstermotaka2, is that i16:08
motaka2ganster: What do u mean?16:09
LiDaRmotaka2: power down and start again .. at installation type what options do you have ??16:09
ganstermotaka2, am doubt with the image u have16:09
kdsmainLorra: thanks16:09
motaka2LiDaR: I did that16:09
motaka2LiDaR: lemme do that once gain16:09
ganstermotaka2, i mean the u burn on dvd16:09
LiDaRmotaka2: just arrow up down it will pasue there16:10
w_LiDaR, nothing that im aware of16:10
motaka2LiDaR: it just goes directly on the selection language for installation16:10
motaka2LiDaR: now it is asking16:11
motaka2tryubuntu without installing install ubuntu check dic for defects etc ...16:11
ganstermotaka2, its unusual for ubuntu  image  to that step motaka216:11
kdsmaindoes anyone know what the JDK_HOME variable is supposed to point to in general?16:11
LiDaRmotaka2: if you "tryubuntu" does it run ?16:11
motaka2LiDaR: lemme see16:12
ganstermotaka2,  and i want to  reach to step of try ubuntu16:12
motaka2LiDaR: now went on blinking blak page16:12
LiDaRmotaka2: what cpu/ram are in this computer ?16:12
DarkAceLaptopLiDaR, should I login again now or restart?16:12
gansterLiDaR, i doubt with the image he created16:13
craigbass1976I got this whole partition mess and grub sorted out I thought... Vista won't boot now.  I'm not sure if the windows partition is messed up, or if grub is pointing at the other ntfs partition.16:13
LiDaRDarkAceLaptop: reboot16:13
motaka2LiDaR: RAM 1gig CPU 2.8 GHz16:13
LiDaRganster: he bought it at a store he said16:13
=== yggdrasil is now known as Guest47055
motaka2So it is still blinking16:14
motaka2What should I do ?16:14
LiDaRmotaka2: you will need to get a diffrent install disk .. try the alternative inatall iso16:14
craigbass1976How do I see the equivalent of the old menu.lst file to see where the grub menu choices are actually aimed at?16:14
gansterLiDaR, though he bought but it come from human and  may come with errors16:14
motaka2LiDaR: ok thx ganster thx16:14
LiDaRmotaka2: http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop/alternative-downloads16:15
LiDaRmotaka2: its fee .. just have to download and create the disk/usb stick to install from16:15
motaka2LiDaR: I cant download it's slow and expensive here16:15
pranjal710hey, how do we change file permission in an NTFS mount. chmod dosent work. Can someone please help?16:15
LiDaRpranjal710: change the options that is mounted with .. ntfs "permissions" arent used in linux16:16
=== mimor_ is now known as mimor
LiDaRmotaka2: how expensive ? the .iso is 700megbayte16:18
pranjal710LiDaR, I tried it using the right click menu> properties. But the settings do not save after i click ok16:18
vmhow do i list all disks installed?16:18
vmincluding unmounted disk16:18
gyre007I can't ssh to my server ....I'm guessing it's the iptables....but I dont know how to turn them off...i disabled ufw....sudo ufw disable but when I try to ssh from my mac to it im still getting the error: SSH CONNECT TO HOST BLAH-BLAH PERMISSION DENIED16:18
LiDaRmotaka2: another option .. if youhave a diffrent desktop/computer pull the harddrive out install on other computer then swap the harddrive back16:18
Ownervm: fdisk -l16:18
gyre007anyone idea ?16:18
ganstermotaka2, what was the problem16:19
Vylan3hi there, any free IPSEC client for 12.04 ?16:19
vmOwner: that just list partition table for a particular disk16:20
Ownervm: lists all of them for me i thought16:20
fedvasuguys i'm using netbeans 7.2 with jdk7 bundled16:20
fedvasuhow can i make it java ee6 aware and how can i install tomcat and glassfish16:20
Ownervm: for me it lists all partitions on all disks16:21
designbybeckHas anyone joined an Adobe Connect meeting... it seems it has an install for Ubuntu.16:21
designbybeckI haven't tried it on Ubuntu yet, just trying to see if anyone has had experience with it16:21
fedvasusuch that i can write java servlet apps16:21
vmOwner: fdisk -l for me returns empty16:21
MonkeyDust!find ipsec > Vylan316:21
gansterLiDaR, i dont get u there    '' another option .. if youhave a diffrent desktop/computer pull the harddrive out install on other computer then swap the harddrive back''16:21
Lorravm you need to give fdisk -l a device to list the partitions of16:22
Lorralike doing fdisk -l /dev/sda16:22
Ownerfdisk -l shows all here16:22
gordonjcpganster: if you have a machine you can't boot install media on, take its drive out, put the drive into a machine you *can* boot install media on, install there, then swap it back16:22
LiDaRganster: ubuntu will install fine on diffrent/faster computer then when install is finished swap the harddrive back into slower computer16:22
LorraOwner, vm fdisk -l doesn't show anything to me too16:23
Owneron slackware, debian, and ubuntu16:23
LiDaRganster: ive done installs that way onto old p1 and p2 computers that couldnt boot from cd ect. works nice16:23
Ownerand centos16:23
LorraOwner, vm I guess you need to be root to see anything by running that program16:23
Owneryes, be root16:23
LiDaRpranjal710: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MountingWindowsPartitions read this16:23
LorraOwner, vm that way it works16:24
vmOwner: ha,16:24
Lorra(by being root when running that command)16:24
Ownerim always root...16:24
=== tejaswi is now known as idiot_man
ganstergordonjcp, LiDaR u mean that if one drive havent OS and the other one have how can u shift the files on other works fine16:25
=== tejaswidp is now known as man_let
gordonjcpganster: I don't understand that16:25
LiDaRganster: your not moving files .. your moving the hardware/disk16:26
bepebehello, i am having trouble loading a gui when first start. I have to CTRL+ALT+F1, log in, and run startx as root to get a GUI. if I try CTRL+ALT+F7 i have nothing, any ideas ?16:26
gansterLiDaR, ok16:27
n0l0v3just downloaded a new install of ubuntu desktop exactly how it say to burned the disk, and booted my desktop from it....now all I am getting is a blank screen with a blinking cursor16:27
=== DaZ_ is now known as DaZ
gansterLiDaR, if move the harddisk where to16:27
vmOwner: then format and mount for a raw disk?16:27
LiDaRganster: in between two diffrent computers16:27
Ownervm: what filesystem16:28
vmOwner: no filesystem yet, just a raw disk16:29
gansterLiDaR, well as move to other   so if i want boot  how can it be possible  to boot without OS files16:29
Ownervm: just partition it how you want (or not) and put some fielsystems on it16:29
vmOwner: how to partition it? i use windows not ubuntu16:30
Ownervm: use disk management in Computer management in administrator tools16:31
LiDaRganster: 1 computer is good ... 1 computer is old junky one ... take harddrive from junky one install in good computer .. complete the ubuntu installation.. and then take harddrive with ubuntu and place back into old junky computer16:31
=== root is now known as Guest25908
gansterLiDaR, was that problem facing motaka216:32
Adiewhat programming language should I learn?16:33
Kitty_i need help .. i cant find the recycle bin on my edubuntu lol :/16:34
LiDaRganster: yes he had older computer the ubuntu install disk would not run on16:34
johan_1337what software can i download to improve my music sound?16:34
gansterLiDaR, now i get u but suppose  if dont have image of the OS can it be possible to make installation  from the installed one16:35
LiDaRganster: yes you can16:35
LiDaRKitty_: i for see crying in your near future !16:36
gansterLiDaR, that wold be surprising to me today and am gonna learn from u16:36
gansterLiDaR, that would be surprising to me today and am gonna learn from u16:36
LiDaRganster: read up on the usage of dd16:36
craigbass1976How do I look at the equivalent of the old menu.lst file to see where the grub menu choices are actually aimed at?16:36
gansterLiDaR, tell  me how16:36
xref_Hello. I have a question16:37
gansterLiDaR, let me tell u one thing when i want start installation  i just prepare the media using startup disk creator16:37
LiDaR!ask > xref_16:38
ubottuxref_, please see my private message16:38
LiDaRganster: www.backuphowto.info/linux-backup-hard-disk-clone-dd16:38
gansterLiDaR, tell me16:38
designbybeckhas anyone Installed Ubuntu Linux on ETB all in one computers?16:38
Kitty_i m not joking, havent used the edubuntu and removed that recycle bean somehow so i cant find it now ..16:38
designbybeckFrom what I can tell they are some Off-Brand computer from a few years ago?16:39
designbybeckWe just got donated 64 of them!?!!! I told them I'd take them but maybe I should see if Linux runs on them first!16:40
=== ola is now known as Guest27752
xreforwhat is the difference of the NVIDIA accelerated graphics driver vs the linux binary I can download from the nvidia website?16:40
vmOwner: which version ubuntu? i use 12.04 and found Disk Utilities16:40
Owner<vm> Owner: how to partition it? i use windows not ubuntu16:41
Owner<vm> Owner: which version ubuntu? i use 12.04 and found Disk Utilities16:41
=== faz_ is now known as faz
=== MuNk is now known as MuNk`
killownwho here uses raid setup https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel/2012-August/035675.html16:46
killownvery bad suggestion16:46
killownif it really happens I will change of the distro16:47
LiDaRkillown: that post is to start a conversation on the topic if you have something important on the subject ... post back to him about why it is bad16:49
gordonjcpkillown: that's probably best discussed in #ubuntu-offtopic16:50
lickalottis anyone here good at scripting in csh?16:51
lickalottneed some help scripting a training tool.  I have a text file (10,500 lines).  What I want to do is tail -5f file.1 and have that populate with a single line from the large file.  Almost realtime monitoring.16:52
conradinwhy script in csh?16:52
lickalotttalk to me goose16:52
conradinI had to 3 months ago do tsch, for a guy who like that.16:52
lickalottit's for a Solaris 8 machine (old school) and csh is easiest on there (for me)16:52
conradinno other reason.16:52
lickalotttcsh/csh....same same16:53
conradinanyhow what do you need?16:53
lickalottneed some help scripting a training tool.  I have a text file (10,500 lines).  What I want to do is tail -5f file.1 and have that populate with a single line from the large file.  Almost realtime monitoring.16:53
conradindoesnt tail have a monitoring function in it?16:53
lickalottI bascially want to feed a single line from the large file to file.1 and tail that file16:53
SolarisB2yconradin: yes its -f16:53
SolarisB2ylickalott: in order to do that you will simply need to leave a note of your offset16:54
SolarisB2yits not difficult sounds like a good test - but not on ubuntu topic16:54
lickalottthe monitor function i have.  it's feeding a single line that i'm having troubles with16:54
lickalottagree SolarisB2y, but you guys are much more helpful than the linux chan16:55
=== xiambax_ is now known as xiambax
lickalotti will be testing it on an ubuntu machine16:55
lickalottwhat I started with was cat, but cat won't do a single line16:56
=== chamunks is now known as AFKMunks
n0l0v3just downloaded a new install of ubuntu desktop exactly how it say to burned the disk, and booted my desktop from it....now all I am getting is a blank screen with a blinking cursor16:58
conradinlickalott, Im tempted to say you could get the functionality you want from using vim16:58
lickalotthows that?16:59
conradinis this training program straight command line?16:59
conradinvim allows you to do some decent amount of programing within it.16:59
ubottu如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw17:00
conradinperhaps someone has writen something similar. Im envisioning something like a starwars prolouge17:00
lickalottno, it's mainly gui based, but it was written in TCL/TK and I don't have a decompiler.  So my work around is to make my own realtime "gui" by redirecting a single line per second to another file and then tailing that file with the -f17:00
conradindo dont need a decompiler for tcl17:00
conradinits scriptig17:01
gordonjcplickalott: what about "watch"?17:01
conradinwhere is the source17:01
conradinI speak expect.17:01
lickalottright.  the particular GUI i'm trying to mirror is .tk17:01
* lickalott googles watch17:01
lickalottthat may work..... gordonjcp17:03
SolarisB2ysounds hacky17:03
SolarisB2ythe method you explained using for reading one line of a file17:04
gasbakidhello world17:05
lickalottthe main thing I need is to be able to adjust the interval at which the redirection happens.  But if I can redirect the entire content of the large file to another (file.1) then "watch -n 1" file.1 that may work?17:05
gasbakidcan someone help me with the libvirt message  : Failed to connect socket to '/var/run/libvirt/libvirt-sock': No such file or directory17:05
lickalotti'm open to suggestion17:05
KircleIf an ether cable doesn't have what category it is printed on the cable how might I find out which one it is?17:06
SolarisB2yKircle: possibly you can derive some ideas from the speed they auto-negotiate too if it works?17:07
KircleWhat do you mean by 'auto-negotiate'?17:08
SolarisB2yunless you set speed/duplex on a hard code - it autonegotiates17:08
gordonjcpKircle: it's probably CAT5E17:08
SolarisB2ymost likely17:08
yattaif I close lid of laptop suspend is activated and lock screen too but it seems that suspend freezes my screen after moving mouse how to fix this?17:08
SolarisB2ybut it could be CAT617:08
gordonjcpKircle: if it's about as thick as a pencil, CAT5E17:08
SolarisB2yits insulated17:09
gordonjcpKircle: if it's about as thick as a Berol pen, CAT617:09
yattai know my enlighs is bad17:09
KircleI'll check it now thanks17:09
SolarisB2ythats an interesting method gordonjcp ..17:09
lickalottwatch no workie17:09
gordonjcpSolarisB2y: CAT6 has a thick plastic separator up the inside17:09
lickalottseems like that is more geared for processes17:10
drag0niusdoes wondershaper put limits on lan speeds too?17:10
drag0niusor just wan?17:10
dtcrshr I need help in setting up ubuntu networking so locally (via iptables or something) all traffic to web servide (p 80) go redirected to my proxy server. Iv created the rules, changed the forwarding to 1 but didnt worked, is there a different way to use iptables under ubuntu?17:10
SolarisB2ybiggest difference is the bandwidth and features etc for crosstalk etc but if thats a result of extra padding in the bundle - cool17:10
KircleThe ether cable I'm using now is cat5. But the newer cable seems slightly less thicker. Ow well.17:11
Poindexter_Hey folks, is there an apt-get for a paste-bin for a private server?17:11
linuxfanhello octane17:12
linuxfan hinardev17:12
linuxfanneed some help anyone?17:13
linuxfanhi wiz17:13
linuxfanhi ring117:14
gordonjcp!ask | linuxfan17:14
ubottulinuxfan: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience17:14
linuxfancan someone help with my ubuntu q&a17:14
MonkeyDustlinuxfan  let's hear it17:15
TDJACRSo I have two new 3TB Seagate 6Gbps Hard Drives17:15
linuxfani cant downnlowd audacity17:15
TDJACRI haven't used them yet, but SMART is saying there are thousands of read/seek errors17:15
TDJACRIs this a bug, or do I have two DOA drives?17:15
yattasystem preferences --> power --> when the lid is closed = do nothing, do nothing17:15
TDJACR(Will post SMART)17:15
linuxfanmy browser keeps blockig it17:15
andrewxIs anyone here familiar with 'xclip' utility? I have a problem.17:15
gordonjcpTDJACR: SMART says a lot of things17:15
TDJACRgordonjcp: It's showing seek/read errors in the thousands17:16
gordonjcplinuxfan: install it from the software centre17:16
Poindexter_TDJACR most hard drives have bad sectors on them from the factory.17:16
yattalinuxfan, ubuntu software center?17:16
gordonjcpTDJACR: yup17:16
TDJACRPoindexter_: This seems almost like a bug in the SMART protocol17:16
serbanhi, i installed compiz settings manager, played around with some settings and now switching between workspaces(CTRL+ALT+arrows) doesnt work anymore. I removed CCSM17:16
TDJACROr I have two DOA drives17:16
MonkeyDustlinuxfan  sudo apt-get install audacitiy17:16
MonkeyDustlinuxfan  sudo apt-get install audacity17:16
gordonjcpTDJACR: SMART is currently telling me that my drive is at 350°C and has roughly 2.5PB of bad sectors17:17
linuxfanI have old ubuntu 9.0417:17
Poindexter_TDJACR is the SMART a Windows software?17:17
linuxfanwon't work17:17
yattalinuxfan, that's gonna be hard17:17
TDJACRgordonjcp: SMART seems to be working on all the other drives =/17:17
yattaI have 9.04 can't do a thing17:17
gordonjcplinuxfan: you pretty much need to update17:17
=== ogra_ is now known as ogra
yattaexcept eclipse and firefox17:18
ubottuUbuntu 9.04 (Jaunty Jackalope) was the tenth release of Ubuntu. End Of Life: October 23, 2010. See !eol and !upgrade for more details.17:18
Poindexter_TDJACR, don't forget that any time you use a 3 TByte drive that the BIOS may not recognize it. Are you using a new Motherboard with SATA?17:18
linuxfanI am just trying edit a recording i made17:18
andrewxIs anyone here familiar with 'xclip' ?17:19
antonio_ciao ragazzi, il mio ubuntu 11.04 è molto lento... cosa posso fare???17:19
Pici!it | antonio_17:19
ubottuantonio_: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)17:19
TDJACRPoindexter_: It should, I'm using a P55-USB from Gigabyte, with 6 SATA ports 3Gbps17:19
linuxfananother question? what is a  stable distro for old pc's17:19
yattalinuxfan, I know this may not be what you want but you'd be better with ubuntu 12.0417:19
ubottuEnd-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades17:19
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade17:20
TDJACRPoindexter_: gordonjcp: http://image.bayimg.com/nabgaaaek.jpg17:20
Poindexter_TDJACR lots of the older mother boards will not handle and nor were they disigned for the newest Storage Space such as the 3 Tbytes.17:20
TDJACRPoindexter_: It's from 2010 and has USB3. Is that old?17:20
linuxfanyatta I got ubuntu 1204 lts 2copies! one of xubuntu and one of linux mint17:21
Poindexter_TD check with your manufacturer.17:21
marcappuccinoIs your drive SATA?17:21
linuxfannone of them install rihgt17:21
TheLordOfTimelinuxfan:  mint isnt a supported derivative17:21
TheLordOfTime!mint | linuxfan17:21
TDJACRAnd why would it have every other SMART attribute normal17:21
ubottulinuxfan: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org17:21
Poindexter_TD I installed a 1.5 Tbyte on my Dell computer and when I use XP Pro it crashes using the Windows <SEARCH>17:21
marcappuccinoMaybe something in the BIOS settings, to make sure flash and update your bios and look around the settings17:22
conradinlickalot, you there?17:22
conradinhow about writing a sed function17:22
Poindexter_TD is your system 32 bit or 64?17:22
yattalinuxfan, I can't install packages in 9.0417:22
TheLordOfTime!9.04 | yatta17:22
ubottuyatta: Ubuntu 9.04 (Jaunty Jackalope) was the tenth release of Ubuntu. End Of Life: October 23, 2010. See !eol and !upgrade for more details.17:22
conradinsed -n 2p /path/to/someFile.txt17:22
linuxfanI have many burned and one bought distro dvd's but wont work on my pc17:23
ClientAliveI have no sound on my desktop - what am I missing to make it work?17:23
TheLordOfTimeyatta:  its end of life, therefore you can't install stuff, since those repos are kind of... um... not useable17:23
yattayees yes17:23
=== zz_diddledan is now known as diddledan
yattaI know17:23
TDJACRPoindexter_: 6417:23
krababbelTDJACR: are those internal drives, or usb3?17:23
marcappuccino@client go to settings > sounf and make sure the output is the correct one17:23
TDJACRkrababbel: I know for sure my USB3 enclosure doesn't work with them, so I'm using standard SATA internal17:23
krababbelTDJACR: why doesn't it work?17:24
krababbelmine does17:24
marcappuccinoSATA I II or III17:24
yattalinuxfan, so you have problem with installing 12.04 on old machine?17:24
TDJACRkrababbel: The enclosure itself only supports up to 2 TB17:24
usr13yatta: Your best bet is to back up your home and re-install a supported version, (I would suggest 10.04 or 12.04 (LTS).  (Especially since you dont seem to be hevily into upgrading.)17:24
TDJACR(I was an idiot for overlooking that)17:24
conradinfor i in {0..10500..1}17:24
FloodBot1conradin: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.17:24
conradinsed -n varp  vim.txt17:24
krababbelTDJACR: what, didn't know the enclosure cares about what you connect to it17:24
linuxfanyes yatta cuase I think I have no internet17:25
yattausr13, I have dual boot 9.04 and 12.04 and I use 12.0417:25
krababbelI guess I am lucky having only 2TB17:25
linuxfanmost new distros are web dependent17:25
Poindexter_TD are you trying to mount these drives on a Linux box or a Windows box?17:25
usr13yatta: I C17:25
TDJACRkrababbel: Neither did I17:25
usr13yatta: So just ditch 9.0417:25
yattausr13, also because of that boot time is slow17:25
TDJACRPoindexter_: I'm on a Linux box. Get the same errors with Ubuntu and Arch17:26
yattaso yes I amgoing to remove ubuntu 9.0417:26
ClientAliveIt seems I have all the alsa stuff and pulsaudio, etc, etc. I'm wondering if I shouldn't check my bios settings, as this is a relatively new build and the sound has never worked on it yet.17:26
TDJACRThey mount fine and sound okay (no click of death)17:26
TDJACRI'm just wary of using them with thousands of reported errors17:26
Poindexter_TD check to see if there is an upgrade for the BIOS and check the manufacturer.17:26
krababbelTDJACR: other than switching cables, try formatting and using the drive, you'd see if smart is right17:26
linuxfani am running christian ubuntu edition every one!! 9.0417:26
usr13ClientAlive: Are you sure it's not muted or turned down and that you have working speakers plugged into an active port?17:27
krababbelTDJACR: fill them with something17:27
TDJACRI'm going to use dd and fill with random data. If it gets an IO error, I'll know17:27
marcappuccinoformat using the GUID partition table as it is more modern17:27
yattacan anyone tell me what's default of type of visualization in movie player?17:27
krababbelTDJACR: usually these things either break completely in a short time, or they are good for a long time17:27
Poindexter_Krababbel, good point. But, I should hope that there is no DATA on the drives. Formatting is always good but consider the file type.17:27
szal[19:25:06] <linuxfan> yes yatta cuase I think I have no internet <- how are you here then?17:28
marcappuccinobut remember to add a 1MB biosgrup flagged partition (you are not limited to 4 primary partitions)17:28
krababbelPoindexter_: I guess these are new and empty :)17:28
conradinlickalot: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1172222/17:28
linuxfanszal I am tethering my sister android phone17:28
TDJACRkrababbel: Poindexter_  They're empty. I have four drives currently in RAID-1  (two pair), and I'm about to make a 5-drive raid-6 array. I need to put all the files on the 3 TB drives, so they have to be reliable17:29
GiantChiphow can i make it so the swapdrive partition is on from start up.17:29
lickalotttrying now conradin17:29
Poindexter_TD you never mentioned RAID.17:29
Poindexter_That is a different story.17:29
marcappuccino@Giantchip it is already activated on startup17:29
GiantChipmarcappuccino> no it's not. I have to manually turn it on after every restart17:30
Poindexter_RAID with USB is not a great idea.17:30
Poindexter_Unless you have a USB HUB internal.17:30
marcappuccino@Giantchip go on gparted and look at your swap partition it should have a lock symbol next to it if not right click > swapon17:30
linuxfanthinking of dual booting windows and linux17:31
TDJACRPoindexter_: The drives with the SMART errors are neither in RAID or on USB17:31
linuxfanunless I can get internet first17:31
TDJACRPoindexter_: They are connected SATA, internal, and aren17:31
TDJACRt in an arry17:31
Poindexter_The higher the frequency of th4e CPU and any device means critical location of the physical device.17:31
GiantChipmarcappuccino> that's the steps i have to do manually everytime i restart. I want it to be turned on auto for that17:32
=== scottas is now known as zz_scottas
marcappuccinoUsually it is, is this a fresh install?17:32
EmoSpiceGiantChip: looking to enable swap on startup? (or did I read wrong?)17:32
Poindexter_Location of internal cables is critical as well.17:32
GiantChipEmoSpice> i want to to be turned on when startup.17:33
marcappuccinoMaybe something in /etc/fstab but im not experienced with that17:33
[snake]I think I fixed my grub resolution, how do I get into the menu?17:33
GiantChipmarcappuccino> I know. but for some reason it doens't do that.17:33
EmoSpiceGiantChip: Is the drive present in /etc/fstab?17:33
linuxfansnake ? how is your internet speed?17:33
EmoSpicemarcappuccino: luckily, I am :P17:33
[snake]linuxfan, about 300kb/s17:33
lickalottconradin - ./run.csh: line 6: wait: pid 5 is not a child of this shell17:33
lickalott^Csed: -e expression #1, char 2: extra characters after command17:33
Poindexter_RAID arrays can emit crosstalk across the cables if they are too close at high frequencies.17:34
linuxfansnake been thinking bout using verizon vs tmobile?17:34
=== Jilly is now known as JillyB
GiantChipEmoSpice> yes17:35
[snake]linuxfan, lol... looking at my interwebz when I join the channel have you? I might recommend it... I'm not sure. It's really my dad's I don't pay for internet.17:36
[snake]how do I grub menu when I boot up? shift or something right?17:36
ActionParsnip[snake]: hold SHIFT at boot17:37
linuxfansnake -oh, just considering verizon cuase I know it claims to be fast17:37
EmoSpiceGiantChip: can you pastebin the file? (please don't use pastebin.com)17:37
[snake]ActionParsnip, thanks you're always good help :)17:37
[snake]linuxfan, no one claims to be slow though :P otherwise they wouldn't sell haha.17:37
Poindexter_TD have you tried the same configuration with another computer?17:38
GiantChipEmoSpice> think i saved a step there17:38
linuxfansnake- tmobile is cheaper price17:38
GiantChipEmoSpice> i'm lookign at it now says that swap was on /dev/sdb5 during installation. I don't have a sdb5 it's odd. can i cahnge it to current layer?17:39
mrkentanyone know how to check what my "system fixed width font" is?17:39
marcappuccinoSnake - are you using a 3g dongle17:39
marcappuccinoI@mrkent if you are using ubuntu it is Ubuntu Mono17:39
zetherooI want to rsync the contents of my /Home/user/Pictures directory to /mnt/2TB/Pictures .... what is the best command for that?17:39
conradinlickalot, is think there needs to be a space in $ip ... $i p17:39
ActionParsnipzetheroo: I'd use grsync if you have a desktop UI17:40
EmoSpicezetheroo: rsync17:40
conradinalso, it seems to baulk at wait. perhaps sleep will work better17:40
zetherooI would use the Deja Dup Backup solution in Ubuntu, but I am not sure how it backs up ...17:40
ActionParsnip!backup | zetheroo17:40
ubottuzetheroo: There are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning17:40
linuxfanthanks to every one for help, time to experiment on getting my audio problem fixed17:40
zetherooActionParsnip: is grsync a GUI for rsync?17:41
ActionParsnipzetheroo: yes17:41
JessicaWhow do you reinstall a module?17:41
ActionParsnip!info grsync17:41
=== thomas is now known as chaplain
ubottugrsync (source: grsync): GTK+ frontend for rsync. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.2.0-1 (precise), package size 136 kB, installed size 596 kB17:41
johan_1337please help me i cant uninstall or install from software manager, what to do?17:42
zetherooActionParsnip: ok will check it out - tks17:42
k1l_johan_1337: why that? is there an error message?17:42
lidarwb me17:42
b3rz3rk3r_im trying to change the I/O scheduler to "noop" on my SSD. It's mounted in Fstab as "sdd", but i get an error saying it doesnt exist? Gparted shows it as "sdc" but when trying to change that i get permission denied, even with sudo and correct password. Help?17:42
k1l_johan_1337: open a terminal and type: "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade"  and put the output into a pastebini pls17:43
JessicaWcifs module appears to have something wrong with it.17:43
johan_1337it says another software is using it but i had reboot my computer 2 times17:43
marcappuccinoDid it say something about /var/lock or something?17:43
johan_1337i sent the output to you17:44
marcappuccinodid you17:44
k1l_johan_1337: support ply just in this channel17:45
andrewxAnyone here familiar with 'xclip' utility?17:45
k1l_johan_1337: but did you try the command that is mentioned in the error msg?17:45
johan_1337it is downloading something for platinum art sandbox17:46
johan_1337i typed sudo dpkg --configure -a17:46
EmoSpiceandrewx: somewhat, why?17:46
andrewxprintf ${cmd} | xclip -i -selection clipboard    cmd='this is a test', only "this" gets copied! why? how do I get whole string with spaces?17:46
johan_1337how can i stop the download? i need to save connection i have mobile broadband17:46
ActionParsnipandrewx: you may need to escape the spaces17:47
marcappuccinoIf it is from the terminal try Ctrl + D17:47
andrewxExample please?17:47
ActionParsnipandrewx:   cmd='this\ is\ a\ test'17:47
andrewxoh dear...17:47
ActionParsnipandrewx: or try using double quots17:47
ActionParsnipandrewx:  cmd="this is a test"17:48
andrewx" does what ' does17:48
andrewxwon't work! :(17:48
EmoSpiceif I'm not mistaken, double quotes fixes that in sane shells.17:48
Newb100Hi, Im trying to use putty to ssh into nother computer, cant seem to do it17:48
ActionParsnipandrewx: try with the escaped characters17:48
Newb100Hi, Im trying to use putty to ssh into nother computer, cant seem to do it. any help?17:48
ActionParsnipNewb100: did you install openssh-server17:48
LiDaR!patience > Newb10017:48
Newb100ActionParsnip, yep17:48
ubottuNewb100, please see my private message17:48
ActionParsnipNewb100: please don't repeast like that17:48
andrewxThis isn't working!17:49
andrewxI actually get \ now! in the string17:49
ActionParsnipNewb100: can the system ssh to localhost?17:49
johan_1337what is this commando doing?  "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade"17:49
JessicaWtrying to figure out how to remove a module with modprobe17:49
ActionParsnipandrewx: have you asked in #bash ?17:49
andrewxnext suggestion?17:49
andrewxI think its either an issue with xclip, globbing, or some such...17:49
ActionParsnipJessicaW: sudo modprobe -r name17:49
ActionParsnipJessicaW: the man pae tells you, there's nothing to 'work out'17:49
belgianguyanyone know if the OpenJDK is vulnerable to the 0-day Java exploit?17:50
JessicaWActionParsnip: thanks. do I need to stop the services associated with it first?17:50
LiDaRjohan_1337: updates package list from server .. then updates the packages on your computer17:50
k1l_johan_1337: it updates your system.17:50
marcappuccinoit is updating the packages you have then upgrading your software johan17:50
Newb100ActionParsnip, I loaded putty on my machine and the host machine. I'm unclear what to after that point.17:50
k1l_johan_1337: come back when you have you not-mobil connection set up17:50
EmoSpiceandrewx:  echo "this is a test" | xclip -i -selection clipboard17:50
EmoSpiceworks just fine for me17:50
ActionParsnipNewb100: can the system connect to itself via ssh?17:50
Newb100ActionParsnip, will try17:50
ActionParsnipNewb100: isn't that an obvious thing to try first?17:51
Newb100ActionParsnip, should it make a difference if I'm running it in a virtual machine17:51
JessicaWActionParsnip: I'm not just trying to work out how to remove it. I'm trying to figure out why it stopped working in the first place and fix it. modprobe cifs > FATAL: Module .ignore_install not found.17:51
ActionParsnipNewb100: you may need to set the network to bridged, so it appears on the LAN, otherwise you will need to setup extra stuff17:51
ActionParsnipJessicaW: what does the output mean?17:52
zetheroowith rsync, if a file is deleted from the source location will it be deleted from the destination ?17:52
LiDaRi cant get below 200 mb of ram usage im stuck at 21417:52
JessicaWActionParsnip: No clue. I've googled it several different ways and no one seems to know what it is.17:52
ActionParsnipzetheroo: no,its just copied over if there is a newer version on the source17:52
=== sdx24 is now known as sdx23
andrewxYippee! #Bash fixed it! Thanks!17:53
mrkentmarcappuccino, I just switched from mint to archlinux, but I like the default font in mint17:53
marcappuccinoIncrease swappiness - google it17:53
EmoSpiceandrewx: what was it?17:53
ActionParsnipJessicaW: its a network setting in virtualbox, you'll need to power off the vm to change it. Can the system ssh to itself?17:53
zetherooActionParsnip: is there any way to have it so that if a file is removed from the source it is also removed from the destination?17:53
ActionParsnipandrewx: sweet17:53
marcappuccinoI beleive it still is ubuntu mono17:53
JessicaWActionParsnip: it's not a virtual machine. It's a physical server17:53
ActionParsnipzetheroo: there is an option for that, i'm unsure if it's in the GUI. The GUI does give the command it is running so you can copy it and modify17:54
JessicaWActionParsnip: and yes. it can ssh to itself.17:54
ActionParsnipJessicaW: can the client ping the server?17:54
andrewxProper syntax is:  printf '%s' "$cmd" | xclip -i -selection clipboard17:54
andrewxthat works perfectly!17:54
JessicaWActionParsnip: yes17:54
JessicaWActionParsnip: and I can mount the shares from any of my other linux boxes.17:54
ActionParsnipJessicaW: try:   ssh -vv username@server17:55
JessicaWActionParsnip: we do not have ssh enabled on that windows machine.17:56
belgianguyanyone know if the OpenJDK is vulnerable to the 0-day Java exploit?17:56
ActionParsnipJessicaW: oh, then is there a logging option in putty?17:56
ActionParsnipbelgianguy: I'd ask in #java17:57
iunruhanyone here experienced with lightdm + LDAP?17:57
baizonbelgianguy: i think so, because its based on Oracle Java17:57
iunruhanyone at alllll17:57
jasonzunable to buy software from ubuntu software centre after buying humble bundle can anyone help?17:57
ActionParsnipiunruh: give people a chance to reply....jesus17:57
ActionParsnipiunruh: 9 seconds is all you waited, literally17:57
JessicaWActionParsnip: yes.17:58
marcappuccino@jasonz how is there an error message17:58
JessicaWbelgianguy: https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=85205117:58
ubottubugzilla.redhat.com bug 852051 in vulnerability "CVE-2012-4681 OpenJDK: Java 7 0day vulnerability" [Urgent,New]17:58
HAMKootbelgianguy, no, OpenJDK is not affected, AFAIK.17:58
ActionParsnipJessicaW: ok then use the logs and see what is going on17:58
iunruhActionParsnip: it was for dramatic effect!17:58
ActionParsnipJessicaW: I'd switch the networking to bridged17:58
ActionParsnipiunruh: it didn't work17:58
trismJessicaW: do you have a .conf file with an install cifs line in /etc/modprobe.d/ ? I noticed some random superuser question with something like: install cifs /sbin/modprobe --ignore-install cifs; and I notice if you typo --ignore-install as .ignore-install it gives the error from your pastebin17:59
belgianguythx JessicaW, that's what I needed to see17:59
javier_nicolasa question for developers of webapps is here? it's about a "bug", or not, that is my question17:59
JessicaWtrism: checking18:00
HAMKootJessicaW, "IcedTea-Web using OpenJDK7 blocks this exploit by not allowing applet to change the SecurityManager (which is allowed in Oracle and IBM Java plugin) " so not affected18:00
baizonHAMKoot: thanks for the info, didnt know that18:01
baizonand sorry for the wrong information18:01
JessicaWtrism: install cifs /sbin/modprobe .ignore-install cifs18:01
belgianguyah, thanks for the extra clarification HAMKoot18:01
JessicaWtrism: looks right to me18:01
=== ogra is now known as ogra_
JessicaWtrism: err... I mean wrong18:01
JessicaWtrism: do you have a link for that?18:02
jotajotasomeone know an mirc scripting channel?18:02
javier_nicolascan I make a question from Webapps here?18:03
trismJessicaW: this is the superuser question, looks like a workaround, but it has no answers: http://superuser.com/questions/459689/how-to-disable-opportunity-locking-on-red-hat-5-centos-5 (not really sure what it is for, I don't actually have a cifs .conf file here, just made one for testing)18:03
baizonjotajota: wrong channel for a windows app =)18:03
LiDaRmirc is a windows program use xchat .. or something linux!18:03
JessicaWtrism: TOTALLY JUST FIXED IT18:04
trismJessicaW: excellent18:04
AegirAegir (Has quit)18:04
JessicaWtrism: I want to make out with you right now. THANK YOU.18:04
ActionParsnipjotajota: irssi has a tonne of scripting ability18:04
EmoSpiceweechat ftw :P18:04
Newb100ActionParsnip, So I load up putty gui, then what do I do?18:05
Picijavier_nicolas: This channel is for support of the Ubuntu distro, theres probably a better channel for your question.18:05
ActionParsnipNewb100: no idea, i don't us it18:05
jotajotaActionParsnip irssi?18:05
ActionParsnipjotajota: yes18:06
Pici!alis | javier_nicolas18:06
ubottujavier_nicolas: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*18:06
ZDroid_UbuntuXChat is bets18:06
ActionParsnipZDroid_Ubuntu: not for scripting :)18:06
baizonindeed, using xchat :)18:06
ZDroid_Ubuntuirssi is great for commands18:06
EmoSpiceare we just shouting names of software we like?18:06
ZDroid_Ubuntuand advanced18:06
javier_nicolasok, thanks18:06
ActionParsnipZDroid_Ubuntu: thats what is needed, xchat doesn't fit the needs here18:06
ActionParsnipZDroid_Ubuntu: so is in no way best18:06
ubottuUsually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.18:06
MonkeyDust<3 irssi18:07
ActionParsnipZDroid_Ubuntu: mainly because a single best doesn't exist18:07
ZDroid_UbuntuThere are three FloodBots18:07
jotajotadoes anyone know anything about mirc scripting or where to get help in this network?18:07
PiciZDroid_Ubuntu: Thats right.18:07
Picijotajota: try ##mirc18:07
belgianguyDora the Explorer: Three!18:07
ActionParsnipjotajota: try in ##windows18:07
jotajotai'll be using a linux alternative in some days18:08
sstaircii ftw :)18:08
marcappuccinoAnyone know why there are random horizontal red lines in XChat18:09
ActionParsnippidgin here :)18:09
PiciCan we please get back to support?18:09
EmoSpicemarcappuccino: I think that's focus indication?18:09
EmoSpicedo they happen when you switch away from the window?18:09
HAMKootmarcappuccino, it is a last view line18:09
marcappuccinoWhat is that?18:09
HAMKootmarcappuccino, or "mark line' in preferences.18:10
EmoSpiceit's point when you last viewed the window.18:10
marcappuccinoOh i swiched windows and the line appeared18:10
jotajotais there any problem update the kernel in ubuntu?18:10
LiDaRPici: what support do you need ?18:10
marcappuccino@jojota no...? why would there be18:11
ActionParsnipjotajota: no, they are downloaded in normal updates18:11
PiciLiDaR: *I* don't need any support, but this channel is for supporting others, not random chat about what IRC client is best.18:11
marcappuccinosudo apt-get dist-upgrade18:11
EmoSpiceboy...I didn't see any support requests come in while we were talking. I guess we should've been just waiting for someone to ask, rather than carrying on a somewhat meaningful conversation in the mantime.18:12
EmoSpices/mantime/mean time/18:12
marcappuccinoBye everyone18:12
xanguaEmoSpice: that's what #ubuntu-offtopic is for , This is Only support18:12
Newb100ActionParsnip, When I ssh into the computer, I try to open gedit but it fails18:13
Newb100ActionParsnip, nano and Vi wirk though?18:13
EmoSpiceNewb100: enable X11 forwarding18:14
LiDaRNewb100: gedit is gui program you will need to use nano / vi or other cli program18:14
cherfasevery few seconds the multimedia gets lagged for a second or so. it happens in flash, and also when playing music that is stored on my computer. also, i checked the system monitor and i'v noticed that every time it happens one of my cpus peaks.18:14
cherfassystem: linuxmint maya 13 ,processor: quad core cpu intel i5-2500k, 8GB ram , graphics card: Geforce GTX560 Ti18:14
brian__Does anyone know how to read the first 3 bits of a ushort in python (already asked python)18:14
LiDaRcherfas: it is because your not using ubuntu!!18:14
cherfasLiDaR, linuxmint is pretty much the same no?18:15
brian__i use mint and i can open gedit and play videos using mplayer on remote machine over ssh18:15
EmoSpice...again: enable X11 forwarding.18:15
ActionParsnipNewb100: do you have xming installed and running?18:15
Pici!mintsupport | cherfas18:16
ubottucherfas: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org18:16
Newb100ActionParsnip, Nope18:16
ActionParsnipNewb100: your junk Windows OS doesn't have an X server to attach the apps to, so you need to install and run one18:16
cherfasok thanks18:16
AegirAegir heeft verlaten (Quit)18:16
brian__Does anyone know how to read the first 3 bits of a ushort in python (already asked python)18:16
ActionParsnipNewb100: you also need to enable the option in putty to allow X applications to run18:16
brian__whats the terminal command that tells you what version of operating system your using18:17
EmoSpicebrian__: cat /etc/motd will give you some distro specific stuff, but if it's stuff like kernal etc that you want, use uname.18:17
Picibrian__: lsb_release -r18:18
WeThePeoplebrian__, see #programming18:18
Picibrian__: and you'll need to use #python, we cannot support those sorts of things here.18:18
brian__EmoSpice:  Thats the one i was looking18:18
ActionParsnipNewb100: http://ait.web.psi.ch/services/ssh/images/putty-xf.gif    shows how you can enable X forwarding in putty18:19
ActionParsnipNewb100: running xming and that option before starting the connection, you can run GUI apps18:21
krychuHi all, I was wondering if it is possible to write any extensions/plugins to ubuntu HUD ?18:22
tziemann_anything is possible with Linux18:22
ActionParsnipNewb100: its fun to run GUI sound apps and the sound willcome from the server but be controllable by the client system :)18:22
EmoSpiceor just use mpd :)18:23
ActionParsnipEmoSpice: x forwarding is easier to setup :)18:23
krychutziemann_: but is there any API or this would rather mean changing the sources of the HUD?18:23
EmoSpiceActionParsnip: then you've been setting up mpd wrong :P18:23
tziemann_krychu: Yes there is 3 ways actually18:24
ActionParsnipEmoSpice: the openssh-server is all you need to install, mpd needs tweaking and such18:24
EmoSpiceActionParsnip: No more than any other media client. Irregardless, I don't want to start a flame war :P18:24
krychutziemann_: I couldn't find any specific information on it, could you point me to some good sources?18:25
tziemann_ yeah18:25
tziemann_krychu: Here you go, hope this helps. http://lmgtfy.com/?q=write+extensions%2Fplugins+to+ubuntu+HUD18:27
=== tziemann_ is now known as krychu_is_a_noob
Newb100ActionParsnip, Yep x11 works but vert very slow18:28
Picikrychu: sorry about that, let me see if I can get you something that actually might be useful.18:29
krychuPici: thanks18:29
=== JBOND is now known as bondj
morganwkcan someone help me with compiling a tarball18:29
morganwknothing I try works18:29
ActionParsnipNewb100: try enablingcompression18:31
Picikrychu: You might be able to find some resources by asking the devs in #ubuntu-unity18:31
ActionParsnipmorganwk: is there no ppa?18:31
k1l_morganwk: what are you trying, what doesnt work? any errors?18:31
krychuPici: thank you, I wasn't aware of that channel18:31
morganwkso: I download the tar.gz, I extract it, and then, as my linuxer friend suggested, I opened up the command and typed "make" and then the directory of the extracted tar.  then it said: "make: Nothing to be done for" and then the directory.18:33
ActionParsnipmorganwk: what is it a tarball of?18:33
=== andredieb_ is now known as andredieb
krychuPici: it is a part of a research project, I don't have experience with ubuntu, would you perhaps know how to get menu items (structure) of all applications installed in ubuntu? I tried dbusmenu.Client().get_root() but that returns nothing18:33
morganwksome ambience generator thing18:33
morganwkwhy isn't there a program that compiles stuff for you by now?18:34
morganwkit's far too complicated18:34
v0lksman^ love this statement18:34
ActionParsnipmorganwk: compilingisn't for the lay-user18:35
k1l_!compile | morganwk18:35
ubottumorganwk: Compiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first). Also read !checkinstall18:35
ActionParsnipmorganwk: what is the name of the tarball you extracted?18:35
natsirtkrychu: did that work?18:35
eamagoo_I need some help18:35
v0lksmanmorganwk: http://boodler.org/dl/doc/install.html18:36
v0lksmanno make needed...it's a python script18:36
krychunatsirt: no, that returned None18:36
eamagoo_I think I broke udev config18:36
k1l_!ask | eamagoo_18:36
ubottueamagoo_: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience18:36
eamagoo_or something18:37
morganwkso it tells me things to type in the prompt, however18:37
=== cesar is now known as Guest97819
morganwkdoes it need the directory?18:37
sukimaWhen I put the Ubuntu ISO on a thumb drive I can run it on several machines. But when I insytalled Ubuntu to an external drive and tried to boot one each machine the graphics have errors. How do you install all the benifits of a "live USB ISO" on an installed Ubuntu system?18:37
devccplus     18:37
Picikrychu: I don't have enough familiarity with dbus or HUD to be able to answer you.18:37
krychuPici: ok, thank you anyways will ask the unity guys18:37
johan_1337how to update kubuntu system?18:38
v0lksmanmorganwk: If you list the source directory, you will see the following arrangement:18:38
v0lksmanmorganwk: 1) Type python setup.py build18:38
eamagoo_ok, sory, as I said I think I broke udev config or fstab because I cant mount my pen drive anymore18:38
k1l_johan_1337: are you on not-mobil now?18:38
morganwkit says no such file or directory18:38
johan_1337i am on mobil but i still need help18:38
v0lksmanmorganwk: did you list the directory and see the same thing as they list on the install doc?18:39
k1l_johan_1337: you will need to download files18:39
krychunatsirt: I tried dbusmenu-dumper but it complains about com.canonical.AppMenu.Registrar name not being provided by any service18:39
LiDaRjohan_1337: does the computer have a internet conenction ?18:39
johan_1337i have 3 gig now to download18:39
k1l_johan_1337: then do "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade" in a terminal18:39
ActionParsnipmorganwk: I found a PPA butits for Karmic18:39
johan_1337my friend helped my with 3 gig18:39
=== diddledan is now known as zz_diddledan
Kartagiscan you remind me the name of the cairo-dock config tool?18:39
natsirtkrychu: Did you try development18:40
eamagoo_the goal is to connect to a iscsi storage18:40
eamagoo_i did that but I cant make permanent18:40
eamagoo_I need the conection ready on boot18:40
krychunatsirt: no, I installed 12.04.118:41
johan_1337can someone help me with widgets? i klick download but it wont download widgets18:41
ActionParsnipmorganwk: you do realise that app hasn't been updated since 7th March 2011.....its pretty dead18:41
natsirtkrychu: interesting...18:41
ActionParsnipmorganwk: what does the app do?18:41
johan_1337please help me with that <k1l_>18:41
k1l_johan_1337: sry i dont know kde18:41
johan_1337ok, what OS are you using?18:42
k1l_johan_1337: ubuntu :) but not with kde18:43
v0lksmanmorganwk: it's python so you could also try 'pip install boodler' granted it won't install 2.0.4 it will be 2.0.3 but much less hassle18:43
k1l_johan_1337: but your last problem was that you wanted to update your system :/18:44
ActionParsnipv0lksman: s/he's gone18:44
sukimaHow do you install *all* graphics drivers and have the system autodetect?18:45
v0lksmanActionParsnip: yep...was just about to get to the good parts...installing python headers... :)  ah well18:45
johan_1337it went well18:45
johan_1337thankyou :D18:45
Kartagis!find ccsm18:45
ubottuFound: libconqat-ccsm-commons-java, libconqat-ccsm-commons-java-doc18:45
Kartagis!info ccsm18:45
ubottuPackage ccsm does not exist in precise18:45
k1l_johan_1337: ok18:46
johan_1337someone know why i cant download widgets?18:46
tech1you cant download them or cant install them?18:47
jellfhi all18:47
pseudohi guys, I am having problems with ubuntu 10.04 on my laptop - my native resolution is 1366x768, but xrandr is reporting 1024x768 as my resolution - I am having trouble tracing the source of this issue, could I get a nudge in the right dirrection?18:47
pseudoxf86-video-intel is my driver18:47
johan_1337<k1l_> can you help me? how to open download widget panel from terminal with sudo command?18:48
dr_willisdownload widgit panel?18:48
k1l_johan_1337: im not familiar with the kde stuff. but i dont think sudo will be a good idea on gui18:49
=== zz_diddledan is now known as diddledan
dr_willisoh kde.. why do you need to run it as root?18:49
johan_1337the panel you download widget in18:49
k1l_but im sure, if you decribe your problem with errormessages etc some kde guy will jump in18:49
johan_1337dr willis18:49
jtannenbaumwhat should I reformat my new external to, ext4?18:49
jtannenbaumit'll be for music, movies, etc18:49
dr_willisjtannenbaum:  depends on your needs and ussage.18:49
marcappuccinoyes - it is the most modern18:49
jtannenbaumjust music and movies basically18:50
dr_willisjtannenbaum: linux only system to access it?18:50
k1l_jtannenbaum: ext4 is a good choice if its never gonna come to a windows pc18:50
belgianguyNTFS if using both Windows and Linux to access it18:50
jtannenbaumI might want to connect it to a windows 7 laptop but if the difference is really that great18:50
johan_1337ext4 format is the fastest for copy files to?18:50
marcappuccinoyou can install apps for windows to recognise ext partitions18:50
jtannenbaumoh really then ext4 it is18:50
marcappuccinoext2 is the fastest but not journaled18:51
jtannenbaumshould i reformat the partition or the entire drive18:51
SolarisB2yits fast cause its not journaled afaik =)18:51
k1l_jtannenbaum: you cant access ext* from windows (that easy)18:51
dr_willisjtannenbaum:  you have 2 partitions?18:51
somanTrying to run gedit (sudo gedit) and get an error: gedit: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/libpangocairo-1.0.so.0: undefined symbol: cairo_ft_font_options_substitute What is the reason?18:51
Newb100ActionParsnip, Yep x11 works but vert very slow?18:51
jtannenbaumno, it's new, just one 1TB partition18:51
jtannenbaumcurrently NTFS18:51
k1l_soman: dont run sudo gedit :X18:51
dr_willissom use gksudo for gui apps...18:51
jtannenbaumsoman: gksu not sudo18:51
k1l_soman: you will break your rights from the files you open with that18:52
jtannenbaumext2 is the fastest but what is journaling18:52
k1l_jtannenbaum: keep it with ntfs then18:52
dr_willisjtannenbaum:  you can keep it ntfs if you wanted.. it wont matter much. and ext2 is not always the 'fastest'18:52
jtannenbaumalright sounds good18:52
jtannenbaumoops, "mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/sdb1"18:53
somank1l_: with gksudo terminal stays some seconds and command is returned with no run applicatiob...18:53
Newb100Hoe to view gedit through SSH from ubuntu comand line to ubuntu18:53
Boffyi think NTFS will become fragmented18:54
dr_willisNewb100: enable ssh x forwarding18:54
SolarisB2yNewb100: possibly by forwarding xX18:54
SolarisB2yssh -X Newb10018:54
ubottuSSH is the Secure SHell protocol, see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH for client usage. PuTTY is an SSH client for Windows; see: http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/ for it's homepage. See also !scp (Secure CoPy) and !sshd (Secure SHell Daemon)18:54
LiDaRNewb100: gedit is just s simple text editor .. if that is all you need just use nano18:54
marcappuccinontfs is not very stable with ubuntu nor is (ext)fat18:54
k1l_marcappuccino: ntfs is stbale enough18:54
SolarisB2yits stable for me18:54
marcappuccinowell, worse than ext1-418:55
dr_willisntfs-3g seems to work quite well18:55
k1l_marcappuccino: and to install hackish driver stuff on every windows machine you put that drive is not a solution imho18:55
Newb100Why is so much faster ssh -x from an ubuntu to an ubuntu and so slow windows to ubuntu?18:55
jtannenbaumI reformatted it to NTFS and it's still not mounting18:55
johan_1337now i am formating my usb drive to ext2, something baad with that?18:55
marcappuccinoof course, but is you must use windows, then that is the way to access ext drives18:55
dr_willisNewb100:  -x is VERY different then -X for ssh18:56
SolarisB2yNewb100: thats disabling forwarding18:56
SolarisB2yNewb100: you want to enable it18:56
SolarisB2yNewb100: -X (capital)18:56
Kartagiswhy can't I get ccsm when I search for it?18:56
Newb100I meant -X18:56
marcappuccinoext 2 is besster for usb drives as it does not write with journals as much and preserves the lifespan18:56
SolarisB2ythats not doing anything that will make it faster18:56
Newb100Why is so much faster ssh -X from an ubuntu to an ubuntu and so slow windows to ubuntu?18:56
ubottuTo enable advanced customization of desktop effects in Ubuntu: install 'compizconfig-settings-manager' (or 'simple-ccsm' for pre-Oneiric). If you install the latter, a new option will appear in your appearance properties - See also !compiz - Help in #compiz18:56
SolarisB2yNewb100: use -vvv if your interested it's likely a fluke18:57
marcappuccinotry launching 'gksudo ccsm' from termiinal18:57
johan_1337thanks for everything, bye m8:es18:57
=== cesar_ is now known as Guest30560
dr_willisNewb100:  i use xming on windows to ssh forard. seems to work well18:57
Newb100dr_willis, How do use it?18:58
dr_willisNewb100:  go to xming homepage, download, install, run.. check its docs18:58
SolarisB2ysorry for offtopic question - is there a listing of TZ data in the format that the linux text files expects them? like on wikipedia or such? Example Asia/Jakarta - i'd just like an exhaustive listing of all of them if possible18:58
marcappuccinoext2 does not use journalling - therefore does not perform extra writes that ext3/4 would otherwise do18:59
marcappuccino...so it is faster18:59
ActionParsnipNewb100: try enabling compression18:59
SolarisB2yor even switching to different encryption18:59
motaka2where is ubuntu 12.04 synaptic manager ?19:00
ActionParsnipmotaka2: its not installed by defaultbut is available for install19:00
dr_willissynaptic is not installed by default19:00
motaka2ActionParsnip: So what should I do ?19:00
dr_willisinstall it.. if you want it......19:01
motaka2ActionParsnip: from where I can install softwares ?19:01
Alpha-Omega_I just installed openbox, I'm trying to get nm-applet to work, but it says "NetworkManager is not running..."19:01
marcappuccinoinstall through software centre search 'synaptic'19:01
dr_willis!manual | motaka219:01
ubottumotaka2: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/19:01
ActionParsnipmotaka2: software centre19:01
=== hg is now known as Guest84990
ActionParsnipAlpha-Omega_: sudo restart network-manager    maybe19:02
jtannenbaumits taking forever to format this partition to ext419:02
Alpha-Omega_ActionParsnip: it's already running, but let me try19:02
ActionParsnipjtannenbaum: how big is it?19:02
kurtwp_using 12.04 desktop and I want to connect to a windows share do I need to have samba installed on the ubuntu desktop19:03
dr_willis'hurry up and learn patience'19:03
ActionParsnipjtannenbaum: it'll take a while, depending on speed etc19:03
Alpha-Omega_ActionParsnip:  now I'm getting no network connection19:03
Alpha-Omega_I'm using a cable right now and I want to use the wifi on it19:04
Alpha-Omega_yet it says no connection19:04
ActionParsnipAlpha-Omega_: reboot and you'll be back where you started. You can always install wicd then uninstall network manager, may be friendlier19:04
Alpha-Omega_ActionParsnip: how would I add the network-manager service to startup?19:05
=== johannes_ is now known as drjd
ActionParsnipAlpha-Omega_: not sure of that, I thought it added when you installed the package19:08
Alpha-Omega_ActionParsnip: maybe idk let me restart computer19:08
ActionParsnipAlpha-Omega_: could run:    sudo apt-get --reinstall install `dpkg -l | grep network-ma | awk {'print $2'}`19:08
jtannenbaumwoah, I still can't mount this external hard drive19:10
ActionParsnipjtannenbaum: can you mount it manually?19:10
jtannenbaum[1545628.860665] EXT3-fs: sdb1: couldn't mount because of unsupported optional features (240).19:10
EnderTheThirdAnyone know how to modify xorg.conf on a live Ubuntu USB drive?  I've been reading that my cheap Korean monitor doesn't give corred EDID info, so I'm hoping that entering stuff manually in xorg.conf will let the thing boot with a display19:10
ActionParsnipjtannenbaum: what file system did you format it?19:11
ClientAlivestill no sound. I checked my bios settings and took a peek at what drivers I have installed - I'm not very fmailiar with what things ought to be like so not sure if I'm missing something or not. Can anyone please help me get the sound working on this beast?19:11
ActionParsnipEnderTheThird: have you tried the boot option:  nomodeset19:11
thierry__Please, i am trying to port ubuntu-core on my Pandaboard B1 , i have installed Xorg and openBox, for now, i'm using a serial terminal to get output: my first question is, when i launsh startx , nothing happens , normally the terminal should change? is it a miciom restricion?19:11
ActionParsnipjtannenbaum: sudo mkdir /media/sdb1; sudo mount -t ext4 /dev/sdb1 /media/sdb119:12
thierry__ second question : what packages should i add to get the output via HDMI?19:12
EnderTheThirdActionParsnip:  I can do that now.  brb.19:12
jtannenbaumActionParsnip: great, thanks19:12
jtannenbaumhow can I make it do that every time19:12
ActionParsnipjtannenbaum: did it mount?19:13
ActionParsnipjtannenbaum: run:  sudo blkid | grep sdb119:13
ActionParsnipjtannenbaum: you can then use the UUID and add it to /etc/fstab  and the option will be used every time19:13
Alpha-Omegaalright, nm-applet doesn't show up on tint2 but when I randomly click on where it should be, it comes up and I select my network and nothing happens19:13
jtannenbaum/dev/sdb1: LABEL="ace" UUID="..." TYPE="ext4"19:13
jtannenbaumyea I figured.. what's the exact thing I should add I can never remember19:14
cristian_cI'm using lostirc, and I would change the quit message. I've looked for in the lostirc hidden folder of my Home directory and I've found a file called events.conf. There are these lines in this file: quit = 15--  00%1 16 has quit  15( 09%2 15)   quit2 =  15--  00%1 16 has quit, but I don't think it is the right file19:14
EnderTheThirdActionParsnip:  No dice.  Just getting a black screen.  Trying to ctrl+alt+f1 to a terminal, but no luck.19:14
jtannenbaumoh duh I bet it's because there's already an fstab entry for /etc/sdb119:15
cristian_cHow can I change my personal quit message? What's the right file to edit?19:15
cristian_cAny ideas?19:15
jtannenbaummaybe I should just comment that out19:15
ActionParsnipEnderTheThird: did you try the safe vga boot option?19:15
ActionParsnipjtannenbaum: yes, then I suggest you reboot and it should be ok19:15
WeThePeoplecristian_c, use xchat ;p19:15
ActionParsnipcristian_c: in't it:   /quit some text here19:16
jtannenbaum"Free space: 870.1 GB" :I19:16
cristian_cWeThePeople, I'm using Lubuntu, and lostirc is a lightweight irc client19:16
jtannenbaumdoes journalling really use like 100 GB or is that just WD screwing with me19:16
cristian_cActionParsnip, I don't understand?§ Can you repeat? :)19:16
ActionParsnipjtannenbaum: 5% I believe, you can use tune2fs to change it19:17
EnderTheThirdActionParsnip:  nvm, I forgot the space before nomodeset when changing the boot options19:17
EnderTheThirdActionParsnip:  Now I can get to a terminal.  I'll see if I can get it to show me a GUI with the custom xorg.conf now.19:17
ActionParsnipcristian_c: the /quitirc command can be tailed with some text, its pretty worthless tbh19:17
TeduardoIs there a MySQL 5.6 pkg for Ubuntu 12.04?19:18
ActionParsnipEnderTheThird: you can use:  Xorg -configure     to make a skeleton xorg.conf file you can copy to /etc/X1119:18
jtannenbaumis journalling good or bad for a drive that will have torrent data on it19:18
ActionParsnipjtannenbaum: its probably not needed if its just user data19:19
jtannenbaumso maybe I should just use ext219:19
ActionParsnipjtannenbaum: that's an option too19:19
cristian_cActionParsnip, it tells me: 'QUITIRC: Unknown command'19:19
ActionParsnipjtannenbaum: i'd look online for the pros and cons of both19:20
=== adlopez is now known as Akemi
ActionParsnipcristian_c: the command is /quit    so you can use:   /quit bye y'all19:20
ClientAlivewhat does it mean in sound settings when it says "...(HDMI) output" ? Is that the normal, small round jack or is it like the hdmi from my monitor (a flat/ rectangular plug)?19:20
SolarisB2yClientAlive: sounds coming via HDMI cable is one attached?19:21
WeThePeopleactionparsnip, ActionParsnip has quit (Quit: bye y'all)19:22
ClientAliveSolarisB2y: The hardware ports I have (on a desktop) are the small round ones that are internal to the mobo. They are on the back of the machine.19:22
lusuhard_hello to everyone, I just finish to install ubuntu 12.04 on my hp 6735s and I updated the BIOS so that the wireless and the screen light problem were solved, but I still can't make the system read any cd, usb key or hdd19:23
ActionParsnipWeThePeople: thanks19:23
cristian_cactionParsnip, but this message is not stored19:25
ActionParsnipcristian_c: its each time you leave you can select an exit message19:25
ClientAliveI'm not really sure what things need to be installed or how they should be configured. I did just install alsa-tools (which wasn't on there) and did a "sudo adduser <myusername> audio. Still no sound though.19:26
cristian_cActionParsnip, I would like that the message was always the same19:26
EnderTheThirdActionParsnip: As for restarting X from tty after making my xorg.conf?  I"ve tried "killall X" but still get error about X running when i try "starts"19:26
WeThePeoplelusuhard_, do you receive any error messages19:26
ClientAliveCan the little speakers I have be powered through that audio jack? I don't see that they  have a power cord - not part of their design.19:26
ActionParsnipClientAlive: if you run:  groups   are you in the group?19:26
ClientAlivelet me see19:27
lusuhard_WeThePeople no error message, just nothing lshw shows no missing USB HUB...19:27
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ActionParsnipClientAlive: also, did you log off and on after being added to the group?19:27
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cristian_cActionParsnip, How can I store the quit message? :)19:28
lusuhard_WeThePeople http://pastebin.com/FvQLXv3V19:29
ClientAliveheere is what's listed: "<myusername> adm cdrom sudo dip plugdev lpadmin sambashare"  But I ran the command "sudo adduser <myusername> audio" just a few min ago. Do I have to run it as sudo groups to get everything to show?19:29
jtannenbaumerrsize: 700 kB :( ddrescue work wit me19:29
ActionParsnipcristian_c: no idea, not something I 've bothered with19:29
ActionParsnipClientAlive: run:   sudo usermod -a -G audio $USER      and it will add your username to the audio group19:30
guntbertClientAlive: if I remember correctly you have to log out and log in again19:30
ActionParsnipClientAlive: have you tried:  killall pulseaudio; rm -r ~/.pulse*    wait 10 seconds then reboot19:30
ClientAliveActionParsnip:I did not log off and on. Let me do that and see if anything changes. Shall I log off and on first or run sudo usermod -a -G audio $USER and it will add your username to the audio group19:31
misteresudo usermod -a -G audio $mistere19:31
ActionParsnipClientAlive: I'd run the command, so you know it is added to the group19:31
ActionParsnipmistere: no, $USER is a variable for the name of the user19:31
ActionParsnipmistere: if you want to use the username as is, remove the dollar19:31
ActionParsnipClientAlive: ^19:32
malcolm91hello. looking for help with watching dvds...19:32
ClientAliveI replace $USER with my actual username right?19:32
misteresudo usermod -a -G audio mistere19:32
ActionParsnipClientAlive: the $USER variable allows you to not worry about what the username is, great in scripts19:32
tioxI wonder, had anyone ever found a solution for the sound issues that people are having with Ubuntu?19:32
ActionParsnipClientAlive: no, just run it as is19:32
ActionParsnipClientAlive: you don't have to change it in any way19:32
WeThePeoplelusuhard, did you update yet19:32
guntbert!dvd | malcolm9119:32
ubottumalcolm91: Ubuntu's default installation and repositories do not include packages needed to play commercial DVDs for legal reasons. For information on adding them, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/PlayingDVDs | For information on the legalities involved, see the "DVD" section of https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats19:32
tioxAnyone with experience updating a stock install of Ubuntu and getting sound working on some machines without having to add repositories or mess with the pre-installed software?19:33
ActionParsniptiox: yes 100% of my sound works ootb19:33
tioxActionParsnip: Before, did the sound not work for you?19:34
ClientAliveActionParsnip: ok, got that one. Should I run killall pulseaudio; rm -r ~/.pulse* or log off and on?19:34
ActionParsniptiox: never had that issue in 11 years of linux19:34
misteremy system not support 64bit ubuntu? i am using Corei319:34
ActionParsnipClientAlive: yes, you will get default sound settings19:34
tioxWell, I did, and last night, I believe that installing alsa-firmware from the medibuntu repository resolved my issue.19:34
lkeijseris it possible to dist-upgrade 9.1019:34
Alpha-OmegaI'm using Openbox and I can't get network manager to work19:35
lkeijserto whatever ubuntu is the most recent now19:35
malcolm91ubottu, I just did that. do i need to restart?19:35
ubottumalcolm91: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)19:35
ClientAliveok, brb after reboot19:35
guntbert!eol | lkeijser19:35
ubottulkeijser: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades19:35
Alpha-OmegaI load the applet and I cant connect to any wireless networks19:35
tioxBRB,, going to reboot into a live session to see if I cannot replicate the result there.19:35
Kartagiswhy can't I get ccsm when I search for it?19:35
lkeijserguntbert: you are saying 9.10 is eol?19:36
MonkeyDustKartagis  it's compiz-config-settings- manager19:36
lkeijseryeah I figured that out by the date alone :)19:36
mibofrahi everyone :D .19:36
Emil_How can i remove the "has join messages in empathy" :P19:36
guntbertlkeijser: yes, and look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades19:37
lkeijserguntbert: sorry, line wrap caused me to miss the last part of your sentence :|19:37
guntbertlkeijser: no problem :)19:37
KartagisMonkeyDust: I can't get that either :S19:37
mistereMy ubunut 12.04 not showing "Show Desktop" button? how can i fix it?19:38
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xanguaEmil_: you'll have better luck using a dedicatet irc client, empathy is very very limited for it19:38
lkeijsernice, thanks, going to read :)19:38
guntbert!info myunity | mistere19:39
ubottumistere: myunity (source: myunity): Unity configurator. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.1.3-0ubuntu1 (precise), package size 529 kB, installed size 1125 kB19:39
malcolm91still can't watch dvds19:39
guntbertmistere: myunity can switch it on19:39
mistereguntbert, i try but not19:39
MonkeyDustKartagis  that's odd... what ubuntu version?19:40
ActionParsnipmalcolm91: sudo apt-get --reinstall install libdvdread4; sudo /usr/share/doc/libdvdread4/install-css.sh; sudo apt-get upgrade19:40
mistereguntbert, when i start my unity its msg show "Your Ubuntu 12.04 is running in 2D mode.19:40
mistereMany features will not be available."19:40
KartagisMonkeyDust: precise19:40
ActionParsnipmistere: what GPU are you using>19:40
mistereActionParsnip, GPU?19:41
WeThePeoplemalcolm91, whats wrong19:41
ActionParsnipmistere: the graphical chip19:41
gbaghello, i just installed ubuntu 12.0419:41
gbag.1 (didn't mean to press enter)19:41
mistereActionParsnip, 256MB 3d card19:42
miboframistere : type "lshw" in a terminale and paste the output there with pastebin :D .19:42
MonkeyDustKartagis  http://packages.ubuntu.com/precise/compizconfig-settings-manager19:42
trond-I am getting this message in .xsession-errors: recent-manager-provider.vala:133 (refering to zeitgeist) - how can I fix it?19:43
gbagi can't get my asus xonar dx sound card output 5.1 sound over 3*3.5mm analog audio jack, it will only output stereo sound. can you help?19:43
ActionParsnipmistere: yes, nvidia or ati....?19:43
ActionParsnipmistere: telling use the video ram isn't relevant19:43
ActionParsnipmistere: lspci | grep -i vga    will tell you19:44
ActionParsniphi py19:44
pyhow do i open port on ubuntu iptables and its remembered ?19:44
mistereActionParsnip, ati19:44
KartagisMonkeyDust: my bad, I was doing sudo apt-get install compiz-config...19:44
dr_willis!firewall | py19:44
ubottupy: Ubuntu, like any other Linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW | An alternative to ufw is the 'iptables' command - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo | GUI frontends such as Gufw (GNOME) and Guarddog (KDE from Lucid onwards) also exist.19:44
mistereActionParsnip, 01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: NVIDIA Corporation G71 [GeForce 7300 GS] (rev a1)19:44
MonkeyDustKartagis  yeah, sometimes it's a detail19:45
pywhat is better ufw or iptables ?19:45
pyi am currently connected to that machine19:45
pyvia ssh dont wonna luse connection19:45
ubottuUbuntu, like any other Linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW | An alternative to ufw is the 'iptables' command - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo | GUI frontends such as Gufw (GNOME) and Guarddog (KDE from Lucid onwards) also exist.19:45
dr_willisufw is a frontwnd to iptables19:45
pyhow to i open19:45
pyport via iptables19:45
FloodBot1py: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.19:45
pyi tried but still not able to connect19:45
dr_willisuse ufw.. its easier19:45
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ActionParsnipmistere: did you  install the nvidia-current package?19:46
dr_willistheres no blocked ports by default19:46
pydr_willis: but19:46
pyi have service that is listening on some port19:46
pybut when i try to connect19:46
pyi am not able from outside machine19:46
mistereActionParsnip, no .. where i found current packages?19:46
MonkeyDust!enter > py19:46
ubottupy, please see my private message19:46
pysorry for flood19:47
dr_willisthere are NO default firewall rules.. if your blocked you either added the rules.. or the router is doing iiit19:47
ActionParsnipmistere: sudo apt-get install nvidia-current19:47
ki4ro_py: Just keep typing...don't hit ENTER19:47
usr13py: What service are you trying to use?19:47
ki4ro_py: Until you are finished typing19:47
pyircd obvisuly isp is blocking19:47
pyone sec19:47
dr_willissudo iptables --list to show any rules19:47
mistereActionParsnip, installing19:47
pydr_willis: no rules19:48
usr13py: So there you go.  You can test over your LAN with nmap.19:48
pyi see lan is the problem19:49
pyone sec19:49
usr13py: And then test the outside ip.19:49
pyyes outside ip is blocking19:49
pyone sec19:49
WeThePeoplepy, sudo apt-get install nmap19:49
usr13py: Then talk to your ISP19:49
usr13py: Or your router19:49
mistereActionParsnip, done.. now?19:50
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ActionParsnipmistere: reboot19:50
leomachHi.  I have a question about bash commands and awk with apache logs, is this the right channel?19:51
usr13leomach: maybe, depends....19:51
guntbertleomach: for bash commands #bash would be better suited19:51
antivirtelhello! Can I store the password for the device auto mounted by the /etc/crypttab encrypted? I don't want to allow someone to use a live disc to read the password from the file...19:51
malcolm91WeThePeople, I've put in the codes that were on the instructions. i don't know what's wrong.19:52
WeThePeoplemalcolm91, what instructions19:52
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malcolm91WeThePeople, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/PlayingDVDs19:53
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mistereActionParsnip, me back.. but same problem19:55
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guntbert!nickspam > graingert19:56
ubottugraingert, please see my private message19:56
hayhi all... I need a TrueType support compiled into libgd2 and it seems that it isn't included in packages libgd2-xmp and libgd2-xpm-dev that I have added via apt-get install... what is the easiest way to add this capability to gd2? thx19:56
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graingertguntbert: "Please set your preferred nick in your client's settings instead." that's what I was doing19:56
guntbertgraingert: but not while you are in a big channel please19:57
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mistereActionParsnip, ??19:57
graingertguntbert: it's probably worth changing that message - it's wrong<