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Man_Studhello world...05:16
axgbi've got some 10 minute video files. Does anyone know how i make the audio in them all level - some its very loud, some its too quiet09:26
axgbis there software to do this with?09:26
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tristanStrangehey all. any one know how to make the "disable touch pad while typing" option respond quicker in xfce?09:57
tristanStrangei know I've got to change the timeout for syndaemon but can't see where to change the place that I should this parameter at startup09:58
tristanStrangeit's not showing in gnome-session-properties or xfce4-session-settings.09:58
tristanStrangei'm talking about the option in the mouse and touchpad settings control panel btw.10:00
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Guest50967just wondering if my root ( / ) directory is supposed to be 777 (rwxrwxrwx)) thanks.18:29
holsteinGuest50967: i usually go with "if it aint broke".. by default, i would trust the configuration... i also have a strict "do what makes you feel safe" policy.. if you prefer 755, no reason you cant try it18:33
Guest50967Thanks - so is that the default setting? Just that i got a warning when applying updates yesterday18:34
holsteinyou shouldnt get any warnings.. what were the warnings?18:35
Guest50967something like "warn: / world writable" - not had them before18:37
holsteinGuest50967: i would bring those here or in #xubuntu if you see them again... if you didnt mess with anything i would expect that to be default18:37
holsteini havent checked, and i dont have an install running right in front of me18:37
Guest50967ok - didn't ask me for authentication either. I'll maybe try xubuntu. thanks18:40
MintberryCrunchhello there22:16
MintberryCrunchi've just tried ubuntu studio 12.04 and ive got massive problems with fint rendering22:19
MintberryCrunchBlack text looks very bad with red glow/edges, especially on high contrast areas22:19
MintberryCrunchiS there a fit? I havent had these problems with the same ubuntu 12.04 unity or Mint 13 gnome322:20
MintberryCrunchdo i have to turn subpixel rendering off ?22:27
MintberryCrunchthis is what it does look like http://www.kilobitspersecond.com/stuff/rgba-rgb.png22:27

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