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gnomefreakanyone have a clue as to how to add the weather indicater  for some reason right  or left clicks dont work09:29
jussiis nvidia currently working on quantal?11:16
ActionParsniphey guys, does anyone find the desktop is black until you click it etc?11:25
ActionParsnipalso menus aren't drawn til I move mouse (bug has been reported)11:26
BluesKajHey all11:29
ActionParsniphi BluesKaj11:34
ActionParsnipBluesKaj: does your desktop stay black til you click it, then the desktop shows?11:34
BluesKajhi ActionParsnip , what's that boot app for nonsupported USB booting ?11:35
BluesKajActionParsnip:  no11:35
ActionParsnipBluesKaj: unetbootin maybe11:35
BluesKajI reinstalled yesterday11:36
ActionParsnipmight try deleting all the configs in $HOME  see if it's that11:36
BluesKajI was thinking plop11:36
ActionParsnipboth are good11:36
geserActionParsnip: what graphic card do you have? I've a similar issue (redraw problems) with VMWare11:52
ActionParsnipIntel Corporation Mobile 945GM/GMS, 943/940GML Express Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 03)11:53
protiI managed to boot my laptop with latest fedora but not latest Ubuntu.12:28
protiGrub is different between the two. Kernel is different.12:29
protiNext step I'll try to figure if I need the new grub, the new kernel or both.12:29
protiBut I think ubuntu should be able to reliably boot UEFI machines.12:30
BluesKajproti: let one install OS handle grub , not both12:32
gotwigYAY, linux abi!13:19
BluesKajis mounting drives and partitions no longer given root permissions in dolphin/places ?13:34
BluesKajwith sudoers ?13:34
BluesKajseems policykit now needs the pw to mount them. How do i edit policykit to automount them?13:36
WaltherAny news on the nvidia-current?13:49
BluesKajWalther, dunno ,I haven't checked13:52
WaltherI'm having a bit hard time developing web pages - I just realized that the transition: ease might actually work but my framerate might be too slow -.-'13:53
Waltheri just spent well over half an hour trying to debug the js and css13:53
BluesKajthe available additional drivers are still the same ones...probly break your system ..I'm sticking with nouveau for now13:54
xtiani think i found an issue in quantal gnome-common (gnome-autogen.sh). i currently cannot build gtkhtml git master, which means i cannot build evolution git master13:55
xtiananything known about this?13:55
xtianissue started to show around wednesday/thursday last week13:56
BluesKajI'm trying to figure out why sudoers no longer supports automounting of partitions and connected drives , without the pw13:56
dholbachhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDeveloperWeek Day 2 starting in ~15 minutes in #ubuntu-classroom14:43
protiBluesKay: I did not install both.14:53
protiBluesKaj: I did not install both.14:53
protiI tried to boot each install cd.14:53
protiOne works, the other don't.14:53
protiBluesKaj: I did not install both.15:01
protiI tried to boot each install cd.15:01
protiOne works, the other don't.15:01
BluesKajproti, ok , I have 2 linux installs , 12.04 and 12.10 and grub is on both ...was told I need only one , but I haven't tried that yet15:07
protiYou indeed need only one. Have the /boot be shared by both instances.15:08
proti1Â2.04 and 12.10 grub-update will find all systes via os-prober.15:09
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user82hi. is the current image size really 750mb?17:53
user82or is the max border higher17:53
jtaylor750 is the new max17:54
wilee-nileehehe my daily is 78217:57
jtaylordailies often exceed the limit18:00
jtaylorits only enforced for the release milestones18:00
micahg750?  I thought it was 800 for quantal18:06
user82can anyone confirm the size...the new wallpapers fpr 12.10 need to be crazy compressed and if another 3mb were available it would really be good :P18:12
BluesKajuser82, , whynot use your own from18:20
BluesKajpictures etc18:20
user82yeah..true. but i am talking about the set of pics delivered with ubuntu 12.1018:23
user82they were chosen yesterday and today18:24
genii-aroundFor anyone else on 12.10/KDE 4.9.0 ... does your bluetooth in system tray stay permanently on ?18:31
* genii-around sips his coffee and ponders18:31
wilee-nileegenii-around, there is a bug in ubuntu with bluetooth, I purged bluez and reinstalled it to fix this, but in doing this it removed my gnome-shell and this just had to be reloaded, not sure whats up in kde though.18:34
wilee-nileemy bluetooth just was not pairing automatically though.18:36
genii-aroundI just ended up killing bluetoothd manually for now.18:48
mphillanyone having trouble with nvidia?19:28
mphilli just installed nvidia-current and it won't even show up in lsmod.19:28
genii-aroundmphill: bug 1019079 and bug 103789619:29
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1019079 in nvidia-graphics-drivers-updates (Ubuntu) "[quantal] nvidia-current-updates needs rebuilt for Xserver 1.12" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/101907919:29
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1037896 in nvidia-graphics-drivers (Ubuntu Quantal) "Starting Firefox kills xserver immediately when using 2D desktop" [Critical,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/103789619:29
WaltherWait, nvidia-current can be installed now19:29
Walther...oh, apparenly not really feasible to do so :D19:30
trismgenii-around: should be fixed by now, with 304.4319:30
trismgenii-around: though nobody marked the bug it seems19:30
trismmphill: dkms status; maybe the module failed to build19:31
mphilldkms status: nvidia-current, 304.43, 3.5.0-13-generic, x86_64: installed19:31
genii-aroundmphill: Does: modprobe -l | grep nvidia      show anything?19:32
mphilllsmod | grep -c nvidia: 019:32
trismmphill: looks good: sudo modprobe nvidia-current;19:32
mphilltrism: good call: FATAL: Error inserting nvidia_current (/lib/modules/3.5.0-13-generic/updates/dkms/nvidia_current.ko): No such device19:32
trismmphill: hmm, odd, what card do you have?19:33
mphillabi mismatch likely19:33
mphill01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: NVIDIA Corporation GF119 [GeForce GT 520] (rev a1)19:33
trismmphill: you could check dmesg, it will usually complain on abi mismatch19:33
mphilltrism: shouldn't have dkms handled that?19:34
trismmphill: yes, it should be fine19:34
BluesKajgenii-around, the nvidia additional drivers are broken , better off with nouveau atm , from most reports so far19:34
mphillcan nouveau do gnome-shell / mutter and dual monitor?19:35
trismBluesKaj: have you tried the latest one? it is working fine here19:35
mphillif it can I am so done with this.19:35
BluesKajjockey drivers , trism ?19:35
trismBluesKaj: yes nvidia-current, though I never use jockey19:35
trismBluesKaj: 304.43 fixes the bug that was causing all the crashing, as far as I can tell19:36
genii-aroundBluesKaj: I can't squeeze the old resolution out of nouveau, unfortunately19:36
BluesKajtrism, checking jockey19:36
BluesKajgenii-around, really ? I'm getting 1920x1080 here ...using the 8400gs ...the 7600gt bit the dust last week19:39
BluesKajtrism did you use the tty , stop the dm and install nvidia-current ?19:40
* BluesKaj wonders if he should chance it19:41
trismBluesKaj: no, just installed nvidia-current and rebooted, though I never uninstalled the broken one so I already have /etc/X11/xorg.conf, might need to run nvidia-xconfig too19:42
genii-aroundBluesKaj: For some reason nouveau doesn't like my 1680x94519:43
BluesKajtrism, ok thanks19:43
trismmphill: did you reboot after installing the nvidia drivers?19:46
mphillvery windows-esque, but yet.19:46
mphillI did upgrade from 12.04, I wonder if that is where the problem is coming from19:47
trismwell, I thought it might be a conflict with nouveau (which is why I always reboot immediately after installing the module)19:47
mphillI'll try a few more things, but is also seems like nvidia-xsettings is missing as well19:47
mphilltrism: that nv right? I think I should blacklist it19:47
trismmphill: no, nv is a different (older) driver, nouveau is the newer free one19:48
mphilli just blacklisted it19:48
mphilltime for a root.19:48
mphillthat seems to have made is worse, only one monitor is on now, and there is a 1 inch black border around it19:52
mphillshows up in lsmod and dkms status19:53
mphillnvidia-xsettings is gone, and my xorg.conf is blank. And idea on how to re-create it?19:54
Walthertry nvidia-settings19:54
trismmphill: nvidia-xconfig19:54
trismmphill: for the initial xorg.conf, then nvidia-settings of course19:54
mphillsorry, i meant nvidia-xconfig19:55
mphillnvidia-xconfig: command not found19:55
mphillbut nvidia-current is installed19:55
trismmphill: odd, it is part of nvidia-current19:55
Walthermphill: nvidia-settings then19:55
trismmphill: /usr/lib/nvidia-current/bin/nvidia-xconfig19:55
trismmphill: but should be linked to /usr/bin/, maybe your links are messed up19:55
mphilltrism: I ran it, the file is created, let me reboot.19:56
BluesKajok , nividia-current installed fine , version string: 3.3.0 NVIDIA 304.4320:15
gotwig"Ubuntu Remote Login account" whats that?20:20
mphilltrism: Walther: nothing seems to have worked, the driver is there and installed.Running nvidia-settings claims the drivers are not there. Perhaps my symlinks are really botched because nvidia-xconfig isn't even in the path20:21
mphillbut its in lsmod and dkms status20:23
trismmphill: might try to: sudo apt-get purge nvidia-current; and reinstall it again (do you have nvidia-current-updates installed too? I've seen this problem before with both)20:24
gotwigDo you know about that, guys?20:25
gotwigcomes with 12.10: https://uccs.landscape.canonical.com/20:25
trismgotwig: saw the bug (bug 1040221) but not really sure what it is all about20:26
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1040221 in unity-greeter (Ubuntu) "FFe request: Provide remote login options" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/104022120:26
gotwigtrism: seems like a remote desktop thing over the cloud, streamlined with landscape?20:27
gotwigtrism: for free, it seems20:27
BluesKajtrism, got nvidia 304.43 installed ok ...dunno if you noticed my post above20:33
trismBluesKaj: excellent, working fine?20:33
BluesKajtrism, seems to be , yes20:34
mphilltrism: trying pruge, rebooting20:34
BluesKajmp yeah i had some troubles with the nvidia-current-updates as well  ... best to avoid that atm , til the dust settles if possible.20:36
ubottuA schedule of Quantal Quetzal (12.10) release milestones can be found here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QuantalQuetzal/ReleaseSchedule20:42
jtayloris vim-gnome uninstallable for others too?21:00
trismjtaylor: not installable here either21:02
jtaylorI don't get why, everything it complains about is installed21:02
trismjtaylor: aha, python2.7 Breaks vim-gnome << 2:7.3.547-421:08
jtaylorhm so someone has to update vim ._.21:10
gotwigGN8! WORLD :D21:37
keffie_jayxhello, in a recent update, I seem to have lost the filemanager21:40
keffie_jayxis the change to a new one happening now?21:40
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seiji222Hello, I just installed Lubuntu 12.10 Alpha 3, and after running the updater, it did a partial upgrade, which after rebooting the system resulted in no X...23:25
seiji222Now I'm running from the Lubuntu Live USB i made23:25
seiji222Is there a way to fix this or I should use the stable version?23:26
seiji222is it safe to post the xorg log online?23:29
seiji222Can someone take a look at it perhaps?23:29
seiji222Fatal server error:[   316.459] Caught signal 11 (Segmentation fault). Server aborting23:30

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