bazhang@mark #ubuntu jagginess continual unhelpful commentary, offtopic nonsense jagginess (~jagginess@modemcable032.45-160-184.mc.videotron.ca)02:12
ubottuThe operation succeeded.02:12
bazhang<tacorama> I got irc working in root02:34
cprofittsounds like a bad idea02:46
bazhangwe even have a factoid for it02:46
chuAhh, is that name appropriate? IdleOne, I look to you for guidance!06:14
IdleOnechu: which?06:15
chuAhh, he quit anyway. The user `fsckoff' I realise it's a play on the utility, but there's obvious connotation!06:15
chu(I thought he joined, misread the message)06:15
IdleOneI think that we need to try and not read too much into nicks, if they ( the nick ) are not being used to create an obvious problem and also if the user is not being an issue. let it go.06:17
jussiIdleOne: +++++06:31
IdleOneI guess I should also say that some nicks will never be tolerated.06:33
* IdleOne hugs jussi 06:34
IdleOneoops. I hugged too hard :(06:37
ubottuk1l called the ops in #ubuntu (xyz_)10:03
ubottusecretsihaveseen called the ops in #ubuntu-offtopic ()14:08
ubottusecretsihaveseen called the ops in #ubuntu ()14:15
IdleOneHello davi, anything I can help you with?17:19
IdleOnedavi: You don't appear to be active/online at the moment. This channel has a no idling policy. I am going to remove you. You're welcome to return if there is anything we can help you with.17:22
instantp10neerCan I have a -b from21:02
instantp10neer#kubuntu please?  My connection is stable.21:02
ikoniaone moment please instantp10neer21:03
instantp10neerThank you21:03
instantp10neerMy connection is not rock solid.  I have been banned a couple of times in the last few months.  Can anyone recommend anything?21:04
ikonianot much we can do to fix your connections stability sadly21:06
instantp10neerIs there a server for proxying to IRC?21:07
ikoniawe don't provide a proxy server21:08
instantp10neerA better client (I'm using IceChat)?21:08
ikoniaI don't the client is your problem for a stable connection21:08
instantp10neerit might be.  try it some time :P21:08
instantp10neeralright thanks anyhow21:08
Unit193Could try a shell account or bouncer (ZNC.21:22
=== Pricey_ is now known as Pricey

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