scott-workyou may notice that there will be a bunch of cd-image build fail emails posting...sorry 'bout that taking so long19:05
scott-workbut i also think (or hope) i fixed this for the future19:05
micahgyeah, I'll drop the indicator stuff when I get the meta uploaded (need to chat with cjwatson about that)20:45
scott-workmicahg: did you mean to post that in this channel?22:23
micahgthat's why the livefs is failing :)22:25
* micahg disappears again22:25
knomehey scott-work :)22:28
scott-workhi knome, how are you today22:29
knomevery well!22:29
knomelook at last week...22:29
knomestill a few things bugging and giving me some FOSS-anxiety though22:29
scott-worklooking good knome, we are nearly that good and i'll be forward, it's most likely due to len's efforts22:38
scott-workalthough i do expect to get things in gear for me and do some work as well22:38
scott-workbut right now, i have to go home22:38

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