SamB_MacG5whoops, I reported a bug against bzr when I meant to report it against qbzr ...00:00
* SamB_MacG5 fixes00:00
gumnosIs there an easy way to just get bzr to spit out the hash of the current checkout?00:12
gumnos(something like "git rev-parse HEAD")00:13
SamB_MacG5gumnos: have you checked "bzr help hidden-commands"?00:21
gumnosI just stumbled across it and am fighting with "version-info" which seems to be my best bet.  However it's spewing lots of unneeded detail00:22
SamB_MacG5gumnos: look at the help for that command, I think you'll find what you want ;-)00:22
gumnosI keep poking at it, but can't get it to just give the ID.  Lots of other stuff keeps coming along for the ride.  Trying bzr version-info --template='{revision_id}'00:23
gumnosah...I'm missing "--custom"00:23
SamB_MacG5yeah, I have no clue why --template doesn't imply --custom ...00:24
gumnosokay, it's working now with version-info --custom --template '{revision_id}'00:25
gumnosthanks for prodding me along until I got it00:25
SamB_MacG5you're welcome00:26
* SamB_MacG5 wonders if the FSF Europe admits requires Fellowship applicants to be european00:27
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* SamB_MacG5 notices that all these ".html" hyperlinks in the documentation work *really* well in the PDF output ...23:54

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