leonardhello guys i am looking for a graphical firewall (iptables) tool ... is kfirewall the way to go or something else like firestarter maybe?00:17
skreech_firestarter maybe00:18
skreech_ !firewall00:18
ubottuUbuntu, like any other Linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW | An alternative to ufw is the 'iptables' command - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo | GUI frontends such as Gufw (GNOME) and Guarddog (KDE from Lucid onwards) also exist.00:18
leonardnever heard of guarddog ty00:19
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leonardmhh they all look very old00:28
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MrEmeraldAny support people around?02:06
nvi have seen some knowledgable folks02:15
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goodtimehow things here02:45
goodtimeim good02:45
goodtimeheh i guees things aint to busy here02:46
jokerdinoanyone knows which package krunner comes in?03:14
yofeljokerdino: kde-workspace-bin03:17
jokerdinowhat is binded to ctrl-f4? i can't use the shortcut in firefox03:31
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Daskreechjokerdino: Changing to the fouth virtual desktop04:21
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jokerdinoDaskreech: thanks. just figured.04:24
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vividanyone knows the solution to the default IM not working?04:45
vividthat is, it doesnt connect to any services (talk, aim, msn, facebook) and says my passwords are wrong04:46
Daskreechvivid: Hmm?04:48
Daskreechwhat are you connecting with?04:48
vividwhatever is default, telepathy?04:48
vividKDE Telepathy Contact List version 0.504:50
vividbleh, can i get an invite to #kubuntu+1?04:53
Daskreechthere is a #ubuntu+104:53
Daskreechno specific one for kubuntu04:53
vividoh, says #kubuntu+1 is invite only04:53
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DaskreechProbably cause they want people in #ubuntu+104:53
Daskreech if you are on a 12.10 you can ask in that chan04:54
vividill just browse launchpad, im sure its a "we know its borked" issue04:54
DaskreechI admire your assuredness04:54
vividwell, it obviously is borked, i cant imagine nobody has noticed04:55
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DaskreechIt could be something peculiar to your setup05:00
DaskreechI've had that happen before05:00
Daskreechbut hopefully it is well known and you can find a workaround quickly05:00
Daskreechif not you can always use kopete05:00
vividwell, if by peculiar you mean completely default kubuntu-desktop, then yes05:01
phunyguySo this is interesting.  I have my laptop plugged in, and the CPU is 1200MHz according to /proc/cpuinfo.  I unplug it, my video encode kicks up in speed, and the processor shows 2600 MHz in /proc/cpuinfo.  Is this a known bug?05:09
phunyguyseems as though the kernel power management is backwards05:10
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vividDaskreech: apparently it wont work until after you reboot/relog....05:25
Daskreechvivid: straneg05:25
Daskreechphunyguy: what's the CPU rating?05:26
Daskreechphunyguy: and that doesn't sound all that strange05:26
vivid/proc/cpuinfo is never correct on my machine.  only i7z shows the correct operating speeds05:27
Daskreechhi bigbrovar05:35
bigbrovarHi Daskreech05:36
DaskreechHow are you?05:36
bigbrovarBored which explains why am here lol05:37
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bigbrovarWhile am here, anyone using Android 4+ ever got mtp working on Linux / kde05:38
DaskreechNope trying to get an 4+ device05:39
Daskreech tried asking in #android ?05:39
bigbrovarI built the latest libmtp from git (which is suppose to support the galaxy s3)but the best I got was view content on my sd card05:39
bigbrovarU are right maybe I should.05:39
vividis there a configuration option to display only icons in the task manager?05:40
bigbrovarvivid: if u are on kde 4.8 there is an alternative task manager which does that05:42
vividim on 4.9, but i dont see any additional task manager05:42
bigbrovarJust remove the default and add icon task (something)05:42
bigbrovarCan't remember the name now05:42
bigbrovarU have to use the menu for adding plasmiod widgets05:43
vividwow, i must have missed it going through the list05:43
bigbrovarJust search for icon task (manager.?) I am not on my pc now05:43
DaskreechI've started using the pinning feature though of course that's not what you want05:44
vividi dont know what i want...im just sick of weak environments that only add bugs instead of function05:44
bigbrovarJust remove the default task list and replace it with the icon one. It's what I use because it also comes with some neat configuration like middle click to close a Window05:44
vivid*cough* unity05:45
bigbrovarDaskreech: which pinning feature ?05:46
Daskreechbigbrovar: You aren't on your computer but if you right click a task entry you can select show launcher when not running05:47
DaskreechIt makes an icon on the taskbar even if there is no instance running05:47
bigbrovarOh i use that alot05:47
bigbrovarYep I use it alot05:47
Daskreechsmoothtasks is what you are looking for I think vivid05:47
phunyguyDaskreech, not sure what you mean by CPU rating05:47
bigbrovarReally neat05:47
vividnah i found it, bigbrovar was right05:47
Daskreechphunyguy: How fast isthe CPU supposed to run?05:48
vividi just didnt see it on the big list05:48
phunyguyDaskreech: 2600.  As soon as I plug the laptop in, the speed drops to 1200.05:48
phunyguyand the encode drops from 60 FPS to 12.05:48
phunyguyDaskreech: you would think the CPU would slow down while on battery... not when plugged in.05:49
bigbrovarVivid : naming is one area that needs improvement05:49
Daskreechphunyguy: Ah right yeah that's odd05:49
phunyguyCore i5-3320M CPU @ 2.60GHz05:49
phunyguyIvy Bridge05:49
vividphunyguy: did you check the requency with i7z?05:51
vividlike i said, cat /proc/cpuinfo is always wrong on my system05:51
phunyguyvivid, the performance clearly drops05:51
vividwith i5 2500k05:51
phunyguywhich indicates a CPU speed drop.05:51
vividid run i7z and see what the cpu speed actually is05:52
phunyguyand the laptop becomes virtually unuseable during the video encode.05:52
phunyguyhow would I acquire that app05:52
vividmine says 3301 mhz, but i can assure you its running at 3999mhz05:53
phunyguyvivid, 60 FPS on battery, and 12 FPS on A/C power05:53
phunyguycan't explain it any better05:53
vividwhat laptop05:54
phunyguyThinkPad T430s05:54
phunyguyI'm sure it's Kernel related, and Ubuntu is always behind on the kernel releases05:56
DaskreechEveryone is behind on kernel releases05:58
vivideh, 3.5.0 is the current release?05:58
vividi know 3.6.0 is at rc4...05:59
phunyguyI am on 12.04 (3.2 kernel)05:59
vivid3.5.0 here, but i dont have to worry about power management06:00
vividmy i7 laptop behaves as expected on battery too06:00
phunyguyare you on 12.10? or did you install the newer kernel?06:01
vividyes, 12.1006:01
phunyguyrun ok?06:01
vividthey probably have a backported kernel though06:02
phunyguyif it is fairly stable I may upgrade.06:02
vividuh, it runs fine if youre fairly decent with linux06:02
phunyguyI am, but get tired of fixing things.06:02
vividhave to sidestep the broken nouveau and get nvidia-current06:02
vividthats about the only issue really, thus far06:02
phunyguyintel video here.06:02
vividtons of mesa updates in 12.10 too06:02
vividthanks to valve06:03
phunyguyI guess 2 months early isn't too much to ask.06:03
phunyguythis is a fairly new laptop.06:03
vividyou could always try a daily live cd06:03
phunyguySo I had wondered when an issue like this would crop up.06:03
phunyguyI could..06:03
bazhang12.10 is next month06:03
phunyguyend of the month, no?06:03
vividnext month, but still about two months away06:03
bazhangor thereabouts06:03
phunyguywhich is nearly 2 months06:03
vivid10/22 or 10/28 i think06:04
bazhangbut mostly frozen/finalized well before that06:04
vividim all excited to get away from unity06:04
vividi feel like my DE works now and i can get some work done after i get used to it06:04
bazhangthats doable now06:04
vividnot to mention plasma is clean, highly customizable, and functional06:05
phunyguyyeah I ditched KDE for a while in favor of Unity, but learned the error of my ways.06:05
bazhang!find netbook06:05
ubottuFound: kubuntu-netbook, kubuntu-netbook-default-settings, human-netbook-theme, netbook-launcher, plasma-netbook06:05
vividstill a few things i have to get used to, its been a long time since i used kde06:07
phunyguyI did try the daily recently, but I cant remember why I reverted.06:08
phunyguyActually, I think it was because I had stability issues06:09
phunyguykinda nervous to try again06:10
vividit was completely broken about four days ago06:10
vividthanks to xorg 1.1306:10
phunyguyholy oversized ISO06:24
SaCruMHi there. Couls someone help me? I had a issue so i had to reinstall kubuntu. All fine, but now for no reason, it asks me for the password everytime i login for keyring. How can i disable that? :S06:31
phunyguyset a null keyring password06:31
SaCruMhow is that?06:32
nvits asking for permission to connect to the network.06:32
SaCruMi'm using KDE and this happened after installing ubuntu one.06:33
phunyguyyes, and the wifi password is store there.06:33
SaCruMnv: usually that is kwallet, not keyring06:33
phunyguyahh gnome keyring06:33
phunyguyyes you are correct06:33
phunyguystill, null password06:33
SaCruMif i uninstall ubuntu one it will fix it?06:33
phunyguypossibly, if it will autoremove gnome-keyring06:33
SaCruMphunyguy: what's null password? :x06:34
phunyguynull = empty06:34
phunyguywhen it asks to set a password initially, just keep them blank06:34
phunyguyit will get upset and ask if you are sure06:35
phunyguyjust say yes.06:35
SaCruMand is that safe to use anyway? I mean, i'm the only user on this computer.06:35
SaCruMBut still, its safe to use ubuntu one without that pass?06:35
phunyguythats the password for keyring, not ubuntu one06:36
phunyguykeyring stores your passwords06:36
SaCruMits like  kwallet?06:36
SaCruMohhhh, its possible to remove it?06:36
SaCruMi don't need it..06:36
phunyguyprobably but that will remove ubuntu-one06:36
SaCruMin fact i don't even need kwallet lol06:36
SaCruMoh, i see..06:36
SaCruMi'll just null it then :)06:36
phunyguyits obviously a dependency06:36
SaCruMit will continue to store my passwords?06:37
SaCruMso.... if i lose my pc, people will have access to my passwords? >.<06:38
phunyguyits risky06:38
phunyguyyour call.06:38
SaCruMwell, people have access to my password on kwallet anyway, right?06:39
phunyguyprobably if its null06:39
SaCruMit isn't null.06:39
phunyguydoes your laptop autologin?06:39
phunyguylock with screensaver?06:39
phunyguythen you should be fairly safe.06:39
phunyguyi doubt someone that steals a laptop is linux-savvy06:40
SaCruMtrue ahah06:40
phunyguyprobably crack-savvy though06:40
SaCruMhow can i open keyring anyway? if i search that name i have no results.06:41
SaCruMi can't find an app called keyring :x06:41
phunyguybbiab, restarting into 12.10 livecd06:43
SaCruMok. ty06:43
SaCruMis 12.10 out already??06:43
nvnot yet06:43
nvnext month06:43
SaCruMwill be much difference?06:43
SaCruMnew feautres?06:43
nvhavent tried the release candidate, but you can if you want06:44
SaCruMwhere can i read the new features of 12.10?06:44
bazhang#ubuntu+1 for discussion of 12.10 SaCruM06:45
nvcant talk about the new upcomming jubuntu in the kubuntu chat?06:54
nvlol jewbuntu06:55
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phunyguyI just realized why I reverted back to 12.04.  CIFS not working right07:52
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lordievaderGood morning09:38
lordievaderI have a 7 button mouse, in firefox the buttons for forward and backward simply work, is there a way to make dolphin listen to these buttons too?09:41
gino_sudo apt-get install life11:36
BluesKajHiyas all12:14
genupulasi dont have network applet in kde panel . how can i add it ?12:15
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BluesKajgenupulas, do you mean the network manager icon , if so right click in the syatem tray and choose settings, the in entries choose always visiable for network manager12:22
BluesKajerr always visible12:22
genupulasBluesKaj:  yeah got it . thank you . I am pretty new12:24
BluesKajgenupulas, np12:24
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skreech_lordievader: xev should be your friend I think13:11
=== skreech_ is now known as Daskreech
lordievaderDaskreech: xev?13:31
Daskreechleo_: lo13:32
Daskreechlordievader: Yes it's a X binary that notifies about events like button presses13:32
BluesKajhi Daskreech , do you xevil and games of that sort ?13:32
Daskreechyou can press the button and use xev to see which button is pressed then assign that button to an action13:32
lordievaderDaskreech: How do you come to this?13:32
lordievaderDaskreech: As a response to the dolphin thing?13:33
Daskreechlordievader: yes13:33
lordievaderStrange thing is, I noticed at times it does work and at others it doesn't...13:33
leo_hey guys im using kdm and how can i make kdm prompt only passwd13:34
leo_not username13:34
leo_i mean how to set a default user without selecting a13:35
leo_user name from list or entering a user name13:36
leo_is there any way to do that13:36
lordievaderleo_: Not entirely sure if you mean this but anyhow: Go to system settings -> Login Screen -> Convenience and then look under Preselected User.13:40
BluesKajleo_, are you on 12.10?13:40
BluesKaj12.10 here , and I had to switch from lightdm , which is now the default for KDE as well , because it crashes and requires a tty login13:42
leo_lordievader: but in that case the user name will be shown at login screen ..i don't want to show the user name filed,,i need only passwd field13:42
leo_BluesKaj:am using 12.0413:42
BluesKajleo_, sorry I misunderstood , you don't want your username to show ,ok13:43
lordievaderleo_: I see, what might work is set-up the preselected user, and then create a theme in which you remove the user-name field.13:43
Daskreechleo_: what are you trying to avoid?13:44
leo_lordievader:but when i do that i got the error can't parse xml13:45
lordievaderleo_: Perhaps there is an error in the theme xml file.13:45
leo_Daskreech:iam trying to avoid showing username field at login screen13:46
leo_Daskreech:i need only passwd field13:46
leo_lordievader:http://paste.kde.org/542954/ this is my xml13:47
Daskreechleo_: I understand that. I'm asking why is it detrimental that you can change the user?13:47
leo_lordievader:and when i remove pw-entry item i got error13:48
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lordievaderleo_: You want to remove the user field right? Then you should remove the user-entry item.13:50
leo_lordievader:sry ...i removed the user-entry item not pw-entry but it shows error" the theme is not usable with Username+password (classic)"13:52
leo_lordievader:and a new login screen appears and prompt for username and passwd13:53
lordievaderleo_: Ok, so that field needs to be present, perhaps there is another way to make it invisible.13:53
lordievaderleo_: You could throw it off the screen, or make the width/height 0.13:54
leo_lordievader:thanks its worked13:56
leo_lordievader:thank u boss13:56
lordievaderleo_: Great!13:56
Roeyhow can I get Kubuntu to support my Wacom Intuos 5?  In trying to build the driver from the LinuxWacom source, I get that my kernel version is not supported (3.2.0-29)13:59
Roeyheya Daskreech14:02
* BluesKaj wonders what's happened to important factoids14:06
Roeyaha! see, nothing written yet14:07
BluesKaj!info wacom14:11
ubottuPackage wacom does not exist in precise14:11
BluesKaj!info tablet14:11
ubottuPackage tablet does not exist in precise14:11
BluesKajRoey, could be under a different name14:12
ikoniathe package won't be called talbet14:12
Roey!info linuxwacom14:12
ubottuPackage linuxwacom does not exist in precise14:12
ikoniait's an xorg module14:12
Roeyand a kernel module.14:12
Roeythe thing is, I do not know if hte kernel module is up to date with the linuxwacom project's kernel module version14:12
ikoniathere isn't a big delay with syncs14:13
Roeybut this is dumb... I got this wacom intuos5 tablet back in March, and it's September now and still doesn't work14:13
ikoniaI believe it's reasonable in sync with the kernel14:13
ikoniawhy is it shocking that it doesn't work ?14:13
Roeywell after six months??14:13
ikoniaso ?14:14
ikoniaI don't understand why time is a factor14:14
ikonia(apologies if I'm missing part of the question that time is a factor)14:16
Roeywhatever the reason, I want my tablet to work.  Now, I try the "wacom" module and see that the kernel isn't detecting it when I plug it in.  USB device detected, but..nothing more specific than that.14:16
ikonia1.) have you checked the kernel module is loaded 2.) have you checked the xorg module is installed and detected 3.) have you confifmed the xorg module is loaded if 2.) is valid. ? 4.) have you actually checked the support for your device in linux or are you just hoping it will work14:17
phoenix_firebrdhello everyone14:21
Roeyikonia:  yes I have, and I checked with dmesg and looked at /var/log/syslog.14:22
ikoniaRoey: so what are the answers to the 4 questions14:22
Roey1) yes14:22
Roey2, 3)  how  can I verify this14:23
Roey4) yes, with dmesg14:23
ikoniaRoey: I'll re-rephrase the questions14:23
ikonia1.) if you have checked for the kernel module being loaded....is it being loaded14:23
ikonia2./3. you'll see in the xorg log14:23
ikonia4.) dmesg does not tell you anything about if it's a supported device on linux14:24
Roeyikonia:  lsmod says "wacom" is loaded.14:24
ikoniaI'm talking about have you researched the device to see if it has any linux support, and if it does what are the restrictions (if any) on it. Or are you just hopinh it will work14:24
Roeyikonia:  yes it does have support.14:25
ikoniaok, what are the restrictions/requirements for it to work ?14:25
Roeyikonia:  I've had this working before by compiling the project's source14:26
Roeyikonia:  well ./configure says kernel 3.2.0-29 is not supported.14:26
ikoniaso have you actually researched it to find out what it needed/requires ?14:26
ikoniaok, I've lost interest as you're just doing things blind14:26
Roeyikonia:  well yeah I've been on #linuxwacom14:26
Roeyikonia:  I'm telling you what I'm encountering when I'm trying to make it work14:27
ikoniayeah, and I've asked you for things to check and have you checked things such as it's support, it's requirements, and you've saying "yeah, I've typed configure"14:27
ikoniathat's not really a.) doing research b.) answering the questions14:27
ikoniaso I'm not interested at this time in pushing it forward.14:28
Roeyalright.  I'll talk to you when we're a little more level-headed.14:28
ikoniaI'm level headed now.14:28
Roeythen help me out in a methodical way, not just shunning me.  I've asked about 3.2.0-29 not supported on #linuxwacom, but got no response.14:29
ikoniaI'm sorry, I dont want to progress it, I've given you information to check, and asked questions about what you've done14:30
Roeyhow can I find out its requirements particular for 3.2.0, aside from googling for 3.2.0 linuxwacom14:30
Roeylsmod  | grep wacom14:30
rajuhow can i add extract here option in right click menu ?14:30
ikoniaI've asked if you've found requirements and you've said "yes it's supported, I've typed configure" - that's not doing any of what I said14:30
Roeylshw <-- looked for anything resembling Wacom14:30
ikoniathat doesn't meant it's supported14:30
ikoniathat's just device ID's14:30
Roeyikonia:  alright.  I will re-phrase my answer to that, then:14:30
ikoniaso research the device if you've been battling with it to 6 months14:31
RoeyI had it compiling under the previous Kubuntu release.14:31
ikoniafind out if it's supported, if it is, find out what it's support requirements are, then work out if ubuntu meets them14:31
ikoniaok, again, I'm out now, as blindly compiling things is just pointless as the previous release has changed to the current, so knowing the support requirements will tell you why it's not working rather than just blindly typing configure and being stumped14:31
Roeyhey BluesKaj14:34
BluesKajhi Roey14:35
Roeyikonia:  "knowing the support requirements".  That's pretty broad.. I /can/ tell you what the output of dmesg says when I plug the tablet in.14:35
ikoniaRoey: I've told you dmesg !=support14:35
ikoniaRoey: researching the device what hardware it requires, what software and versions it requires to work etc, if it works but can't do X Y Z for example14:35
RoeyI will ask the #linuxwacom folks14:36
ikoniacommon sense stuff, understanding what it needs to work, so you can see if your OS meets them, and understanding any problems so you are not suprised if function $A doesn't wor14:36
ikoniaRoey: no14:36
ikoniaRoey: research14:36
ikoniaapproach it how you want14:36
ikoniaI'm done14:36
Belial`i installed calligra and removed libreoffice however there's still an entry that opens libreoffice from the kickoff menu. how do i completely remove libreoffice?14:48
Belial`i checked in muon and everything points to it being uninstalled.14:48
yasaswi_Hi to develop kde games which libs are required14:55
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datruthIs there a command that I could use with amixer to set the master channel?15:41
BluesKajdatruth, open a terminal and type alsamixer ,15:51
BluesKajmake sure the Master, PCM,15:51
BluesKaj Line & CD are all unmuted ,by using the "M" key'15:51
datruthBluesKaj: I want to do this with a script?15:52
datruthand hot key15:52
BluesKajwell , have fun exploring that one ..I prefer the terminal15:53
monkeyjuiceBluesKaj:  you told me once how to boost volume on my laptop , do you remeber what that was , just install 12.04 and reloading everything15:53
datruthBluesKaj: I can do it in the terminal or gui but when I use my hot key to switch devices the volume control doesn't switch with it15:54
BluesKajsetup alsamixer with both , and use pavucontrol if alsamixer settings don't stick  , datruth , you may have to install pavucontrol15:56
BluesKajmonkeyjuice, I think it was with alsamixer, master ctrl and up arrow key15:58
monkeyjuicehmmm its at 100% i need more was able to get to 150 with what ever it was15:59
BluesKajmonkeyjuice, probly pavucontrol16:00
monkeyjuiceok ill try that16:01
monkeyjuiceyep thats it got 153% now thanks16:04
datruthBluesKaj: that lets me set the sound higher than 100% put thats what I need I need to be able to toggle the volume controls16:06
BluesKajyeah , pavucontrol gives switching IO options ...been looking at jack as well , I think it can switch IOs  as well , but it seems kinda clunky and complicated16:09
datruthBluesKaj: no optios can be passed for that in the terminal16:10
BluesKajdatruth, you can choose different soundards if that's what you mean , but it's best done in pavucontrol16:12
BluesKajand phonon16:13
datruthBluesKaj: damn I guess I'll have to manually change the master channel to control the volume every time I switch devices16:25
BluesKajwhich devices , datruth ?16:25
datruthBluesKaj: I have HDMI audio and my laptop built in speakers16:26
datruthwhen I switch my to my hdmi I have to select it has the master channel to so I can control the volume16:27
BluesKajdatruth, you can setup the hdmi and analog stereo in phonon and pavucontrol . it doesn' matter if the hdmi is feeding a signal simultaneously with the analog output16:29
BluesKajuse the analog as Card0 , and hdmi as Card1 in /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf16:31
datruthBluesKaj: the volume controls do not switch over16:35
datruthHere let me show you16:35
datruthThis is the script I tie it to a hot key ctrl + g lets say it switches the devices16:36
datruthbut not the volume control16:36
BluesKajdatruth, do you have both devices setup in pavucontrol ?16:38
datruthI'm not sure how you mean16:38
datruthI changed the volumes with that program but not sure what you mean by setup16:39
BluesKajdatruth, did you install pavucontrol or are you relying on the script , seems both devices are using the same vol ctrl16:40
BluesKajat least they should16:41
datruthBluesKaj: I'd like to use the script16:42
datruthpavucontrol I've laoded but it only allow me to make the volume higher than 100%16:42
datruthI just want to be able to switch the volume controls16:42
BluesKajthen I don't know how to help , perhaps someone who has knowledge of scripting can help you16:43
datruthSo the question is how can I set a master channel in the terminal16:43
datruthBluesKaj: is there away to do that in the terminal setting the master channel?16:43
BluesKajdatruth, I've mentioned this several times , install pavucontrol if wish to to switch devices , if your script won't give access to the vol ctrl16:45
datruthalright in that case I dont need pavucontrol since the kde controls work I just have to manually set them16:46
datruththx for the info16:46
BluesKajdatruth, looks to me like you need to set the" line " in alsamixer to 90% or more16:54
BluesKajsince your script is switching to" line" for analog output16:55
datruthBluesKaj: hrmm17:02
datruthBluesKaj: switching to line is this correct/17:02
BluesKajthen run sudo alsactl store17:02
BluesKajtha's what it looks like to me17:02
BluesKajdo you have a vol ctrl on your speaker system ?17:03
datruthand I have to click on that to select the master channel then I can control the volume on the sound device im on17:05
datruthitd be nice if there was a command that did that17:06
douglcan anyone suggest a source for a mame frontend that works in kubuntu 12.04?17:07
BluesKajI have only one audio system , the coax spdif and hdmi feed separate devices , but both feeds are connected to ab audio amplifier which simplifies things17:09
BluesKajdougl, http://gmameui.sourceforge.net/17:11
skreech_!find mame17:12
ubottuFound: mame, mame-tools, sdlmame, sdlmame-tools17:12
skreech_Really? Only sdl-mame?17:13
skreech_!info sdlmame17:13
ubottusdlmame (source: mame): Dummy package to ease transition to mame. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 0.145-0ubuntu1 (precise), package size 5 kB, installed size 58 kB17:13
skreech_!info mame17:13
ubottumame (source: mame): The Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator - MAME. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 0.145-0ubuntu1 (precise), package size 18219 kB, installed size 65239 kB17:13
douglBluesKaj, thanks for the tip...17:15
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BluesKajdougl, is it what you're looking for ?17:25
douglBluesKaj, you have experience with gmameui? mine fails to 'make' = undefined reference to `archive_read_data_into_buffer'... yes exactly what I been looking for but does not work17:25
douglI have googled full circle for solutions for my working cli mame...17:26
BluesKajok sorry to hear that , and I have no experience with mame17:27
BluesKajdougl, build-essential for compiling17:27
douglbuild-essential for compiling = ?17:28
BluesKajdoes the app need to be compiled from source , with make or camake or some such builder?17:30
BluesKajerr cmake17:30
douglyes ./configure make and make install...17:31
BluesKajok then you need build essential for that , don't think it's installed by default17:31
dougloh - do tell... err, is it something I should google?17:32
BluesKajnope , it's in the repos , sudo apt-get install build-essential17:33
gryzliHello guys18:05
gryzliI have weired problem on Kubuntu 12.0418:06
gryzliAfter running the os for a while , suddenly my usb mouse stop working on the usb port it's connected18:06
gryzliAfter I connect the mouse to second usb ports it works for some time, then stoped again18:07
gryzliAlso there are some errors in dmesg , "usb 1-1.1: device descriptor read/8, error -110" ......."hub 1-1:1.0: unable to enumerate USB device on port 1"18:08
gryzliany ideas /18:08
Smurphygryzli: mouse goes to power save ? or USB Bus goes to power save ?18:08
Smurphycheck poewrsaving options. Eventually a "dmesg" output will tell you what happens18:08
gryzliI pasted some of the dmesg errors18:08
gryzliafter going through all of the usb ports, now it doesn't work on any of them18:09
gryzliSome hints how can I restart the usb controller ?18:10
SmurphyI had that once... But don't remember what then issue was.18:10
Smurphyyou can't. It's a driver issue.18:10
gryzliIt seems in 12.04 the usb driver is static linked in the kernel ?18:10
SmurphyTry out: rmmod usbhid18:10
gryzlithere's no ehci_usb18:10
Smurphymodprobe usbhid18:10
gryzlik sec18:10
Smurphythat should reload the usbhid drivers. Eventually it will reinitialize the usb bus.18:11
gryzlinothings comes up18:11
gryzliusb 1-1.1: device descriptor read/64, error -11018:12
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Smurphythat is bad ... You have a USB Drive connected to it ?18:14
gryzlijust the mouse18:15
gryzliif I restart the machine18:15
gryzlieverything works fine18:15
Smurphyshouldn't happen. That is a disk error message. device descriptors are hard disk issues.18:15
Smurphyseems the power to the USB Bus is low. Can also be a hardware bug though.18:18
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leonard/join #qt18:48
leonard\join #qt18:49
FloodBotK1leonard: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.18:49
leonardhehe yes bot i wont18:49
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EinGolemI'm trying to install windows xp in VirtualBox, but it just stops at one of the last phases 'Regisering components'. Anyone know what I can do?18:57
EinGolemI've retried t 3 times, now.18:57
BluesKajein did you give it enough space in the virtual drive ?18:57
BluesKajEinGolem, ^18:58
EinGolemWell, I gave it 3.3gb it recommended less than that.18:59
EinGolemI'm running of a 16gb usb drive. I have no hard disk.18:59
BluesKajnever tried VB on a usb drive ...no experience with it'19:01
EinGolemIt's a disgrace, I know. But it's all I got right now.19:02
EinGolemCan't get any IDE hdd in the shops, only sata and sata II.19:02
BluesKajEinGolem, you can buy adapters , but most mobos made in the last 7 yrs have at least one sata connecter19:16
BluesKajcheck your board  more closely19:16
BluesKajor do an lspci in the terminal, EinGolem19:20
olpeGood evening. I noticed that if you do a FRESH Kubuntu install right now, and do (out of the box) apt-get update && upgrade, you end up in a blackhole loop with kate-data19:20
shumskiolpe:  Input/output error19:22
shumskitry doing sudo apt-get clean19:22
olpeshumski: same thing --> http://pastebin.com/wSQ51uG819:23
EinGolemBluesKaj: http://pastebin.com/fCVJpvAp19:24
EinGolemfrom lspci command.19:24
EinGolemBluesKaj: If my comp has a sata connection, I'd be very happy. I bought this eMachines420, in 2004.19:24
EinGolemI'll have ti take a look then, later. I hope it does have one.19:25
olpeis there a dedicated channel for package bug things, or am I in a right place with my problem?19:25
shumskiolpe: try doing first sudo dpkg --force-all -P kate-data19:26
shumskiand then sudo apt-get -f install19:26
EinGolemBluesKaj: I don't see anything about SATA in that report. What do you think?19:27
olpeshumski: it just gives me  cannot remove `/usr/share/doc/kde/HTML/en/kate/common': Input/output error19:28
shumskisudo dpkg --clear-avail19:30
olpeshumski: and if you ls -lt the directory: l????????? ? ?    ?        ?            ? common19:30
olpeshumski: seems strange19:30
shumskiolpe: indeed19:30
shumskitry that command before19:30
olpeshumski: same result19:31
olpeshumski: do I mess things up if I try to remove that directory manually?19:31
shumskiyeah, don't do it, i would first fsck your partitions19:32
BluesKajEinGolem, yes , just an IDE controller I'm afraid19:32
shumskiolpe: after doing sudo dpkg --clear-avail and sudo dpkg --force-all -P kate-data it should not give the same error19:34
olpeshumski: Input/Output error... I'll try to fsck my drive19:35
BluesKajI see there are SATA to IDE adapters , but the cheap ones are known to burn up due to poor power regulation , so they are dangerous ... about 30 bucks should buy a decent adapter19:35
olpeshumski: whats the best way to do it when its my root drive?19:35
shumskiolpe: you can't do it while it's mounted19:36
shumskiyou need to force it on the reboot, or use livecd19:37
olpeshumski: ok, I'll do the usual touch /forcefsck19:37
olpeshumski: I'll be back :)19:37
EinGolemOkay, so that and a new sata hdd, if I were to install one, would just work? Say if I bought a new Sata HDD, would it always awork with any mobo? Or would I need a certain mobo?19:37
shumskiolpe: ok19:37
EinGolemnew HDD are 50 euro over here, and I don't know how much an adaptor is.19:37
EinGolemBut it's always gping to be cheaper than buying a new comp for now. (cheapest about 400 euro)19:38
EinGolemRunning this os off a USB is slow, lol.19:39
olpeshumski: My god, the problem really was my ssd... This is my first time in 15 years of using linux that my hdd had this kind of problem...19:42
olpeshumski: Now everything works19:42
shumskiolpe: working now?19:43
shumskiolpe: cool ;-)19:43
olpeshumski: but I cant understand why I had the same problem with 2 different machines19:43
olpeshumski: I'll try to go to other machine and see if this approach will fix that also19:43
shumskiolpe: dunno, i found a similar bug: http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=55251719:43
ubottuDebian bug 552517 in dpkg "dpkg ugly/confusing error message on corrupt .list file" [Normal,Fixed]19:43
olpeshumski: I'll buy you a beer or what ever is your favourite drug next time I'll see you :)19:44
BluesKajEinGolem, http://ca.startech.com/HDD/Adapters/Bi-Directional-SATA-IDE-Adapter-Converter~PATA2SATA319:44
shumskiolpe: no problem :-)19:45
EinGolemBluesKaj: great, I'll bookmark that. cheap enough too.19:46
BluesKajEinGolem, that's a Canadian site but I'm sure the same product is availble inEurope19:46
EinGolemyeah, 22 euro.19:47
BluesKajthat's good19:48
BluesKajthis pc is 4 yrs old and it has one IDE connection that is used for a windows install ..my other linux box died back in march so I put the HDD to use on this pc19:51
alexandroHi guys! Any russo? )19:53
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BluesKaj!ru | alexandro19:55
ubottualexandro: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.19:55
alexandroру ру )19:55
TheMinerQuestion: How would someone place widgets on one desktop but not have them appear on the others?20:07
PhiscribeTheMiner maybe use activities instead of desktops? dunno how to limit to desktops20:09
phunyguySo I have some NFS shares mounted, and in Dolphin, they come up in the left side as a mounted share, but the name is like /full/nfs/share/path.  How can I convert this to a simple name?20:13
shumskiTheMiner: SystemSettings --> Workspace Behaviour --> Virtual Desktops --> tick "Different widgets..."20:15
BluesKajphunyguy, you try it in properties , highlight the path first ...it might stick20:15
phunyguyBluesKaj: Properties of what?20:19
BluesKajfile then properties in dolphin that is20:19
BluesKajchoose the mounted share first20:20
phunyguyI dont see a File menu20:20
phunyguyit shows as simple name there20:21
phunyguyjust the share name20:21
BluesKajyou have to configure dolphin to show the menubar20:22
phunyguyi did20:22
phunyguymaybe an fstab option?20:23
phunyguythats how I have it mounted20:23
phunyguyjust not sure what that option potentially is20:24
BluesKajmy external drive shows as /media/External  , but iI copied the UUIDs to fstab foer the rest of the partitions20:25
BluesKajI haven't bother changing the other names thp20:26
BluesKajto find the uuids , sudo blkid20:28
BluesKajtake out the quotes after pasting20:29
BluesKajphunyguy, you might need to use the /sdx designation in fstab ...havent' used NFS in a while , you may need to change it in the export file20:35
BluesKajanyway , I have to reboot again , apps are crashing here ,,,in limbo on 12.1020:36
shumskiBluesKaj: still crashing?20:52
ChakotayCan someone tell me how to get the volume widget down by the clock? for some reason it's not there (12.04 32 bit)20:53
BluesKajshumski, yes ...just rebooted, should be good for an hr or so then kate will creash.System settings>workspace appearance crashes immediately20:58
shumskiBluesKaj: so, not nvidia issue?20:58
BluesKajno i don't thinks o , the kate crash appears to be a QtXX4.so issue20:59
BluesKajxx= some lib21:00
shumskiBluesKaj: what about kdebugdialog? managed to turn it on?21:01
BluesKajyup, I even tried to file a bug , but I can't recall my pw :(21:02
shumskiwhat's the output if you try to tun kate from konsole?21:03
shumskipw for bugs.kde ?21:03
BluesKajthat crashed kate , hang on I'll paste the backtrace info21:04
BluesKajshumski, http://pastebin.com/26ek1dBb21:07
shumskiBluesKaj: will take a look in a minute21:09
shumskiBluesKaj: https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=30591321:14
ubottuKDE bug 305913 in general "Kate crashes upon startup" [Crash,New]21:14
BluesKajactually kate crashes from the terminal , not if I open a text file in dolphin ...then after about an hr it will crash globally , shumski21:19
shumskiAlso, this one https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=30571821:20
ubottuKDE bug 305718 in kdecorations "System Settings crash when clicking on Workspace Appearance" [Crash,Unconfirmed]21:20
BluesKajshum yes and as mentioned in the last bug , kwin crashed this morning leaving me with no X or desktop ,21:22
ubottuDebian bug 685524 in qt4-x11 "After upgrading to 4:4.8.2+dfsg-1 kwin segfaults on startup" [Grave,Fixed]21:22
shumskiIt seems a patch causes this issue, kubuntu_36_qtscript_64bit.diff21:23
BluesKajuhm ,we're talking about 12.10 here21:23
shumskiIt's a 'upstream' issue, so it doesn't matter which *buntu version21:24
BluesKajbut I did have simiilar symptoms with early versions of 12.0421:24
BluesKajok , kate just segfaulted in dolphin now21:26
shumskiBluesKaj: i would poke #kubuntu-devel about this21:27
BluesKajI already have , both yesterday and today , shumski21:28
shumskiBut now you have a backtrace :)21:28
BluesKajI also reported it to penguin 42 in ubuntu+1 , he was vary interested in the backtrace as well , so I pastedd it there as well earlier today21:30
shumskiBluesKaj: you can open a launchpad bug report, referencing that debian bug and those from kde bugs21:32
BluesKajshumski, actually i filed launchpad bug report on the application appearance crash for 12.04 ..all I ever got was reports wre filed a dupes , same goes the the kmail bugs I files21:35
BluesKajas dupes21:36
BluesKajgave up on kmail ... havent even attempted to set it up21:36
shumskithat systemsettings crash is rather common one, altough there can be different cuases, dunno about kmail bugs21:36
shumskiwhere is your app. appearance bug?21:37
BluesKajsome have kmail working very smoothly ,, here it works for a week or so then starts crashing21:37
BluesKajit was filed a s a dupe21:38
BluesKajor given duplication status , so dunno id anyone bothered looking at it for unique properties21:39
BluesKajhmm don't see them ..strange , especailly the kmail bug , I must ahve received 5 notices per day about duplicate filings til I finally unsubscribed to that bug, now I don't see the kate crash either , shumski21:47
BluesKajthese are the only 2 that have survived on my bugfile list , https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kde-workspace/+bug/910907 ,  https://bugs.launchpad.net/kubuntu-default-settings/+bug/33576121:48
ubottuLaunchpad bug 910907 in kde-workspace (Ubuntu) ""kdeinit fails to launch desktop folder/icon shortcuts with plasma desktop shell"" [Low,Triaged]21:48
ubottuLaunchpad bug 335761 in Kubuntu Default Settings "Placement policy 'Remember' by default for all windows" [Wishlist,Confirmed]21:48
shumskiok, then open it against qt --> https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/qt4-x11/+filebug21:49
c_smithHi, I'm trying to run the Kubuntu Alternate Installer, and all I get are screens like this (http://imgbin.org/index.php?page=image&id=9375) I tried pressing f6 to get the nomodeset option, but even pressing f6 didn't seem to do anything, ia there anything I can try to get nomodeset enabled before rebooting from my working OS?21:51
shumskiNote that crashing itself needs to be fixed upstream, you can only ask to remove problematic patch21:52
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skreech_What's a good program to put two pictures side by side?22:13
=== skreech_ is now known as Daskreech
Daskreechc_smith: when does it turn into that?22:15
BluesKajshumski, why is there no bug reporting option on my launchpad page ..weird , they make you jump thru hoops ..what's changed ?22:15
c_smithDaskreech, upon booting it.22:15
Daskreechc_smith: So before the BIOS screen?22:15
shumskiBluesKaj: dunno22:16
c_smithDaskreech, no, I'll rephrase, upon booting into the Live USB disk22:16
Daskreechc_smith: so before the kernel info runs by?22:16
shumskiyou can do ubuntu-bug $PACKAGENAME22:16
c_smithDaskreech, as in, after a very short flash of something regarding something not being defined.22:17
Daskreechc_smith: Did you do a checksum?22:17
c_smithDaskreech, that I remembered I hadn't, and am doing now.22:17
BluesKajnot gonna bother with kubuntu report bug option , i created an acct but it won't open so I'll just drop it for now22:17
Daskreechc_smith: alright22:17
DaskreechBluesKaj: What are you reporting?22:18
BluesKajshumski, ...been a long day . I need a break22:18
c_smithDaskreech, md5sum of the iso matches22:18
Daskreechc_smith: what speed did you burn it at?22:18
BluesKajDaskreech, like I said , i'm no longer in the mood22:18
c_smithDaskreech, being as my optical drive is out until I can get it repaired, I used a flash drive to do this.22:19
Daskreechc_smith: Ah. Umm not sure how to pass a check to the UCB drive22:19
BluesKajthat's it for today ...it's more difficult filing a bug than it should be22:19
c_smithDaskreech, might trying another USB drive help?22:20
Daskreechc_smith: I'd try the USB drive in another computer first22:20
c_smithk, good thing I have such a thing.22:20
c_smithyep, disk looks to boot up find on the other PC.22:21
c_smithDaskreech, gonna chack it with this PC.22:21
Daskreechc_smith: alright22:22
c_smithDaskreech, it all checks out as good.22:22
Daskreechc_smith: What's the motherboard in the problem PC?22:22
c_smithDaskreech, hmmmm..... gonna have to google that.  give me a few.22:23
DaskreechSounds to me like it's a chipset issue22:23
Daskreech Some of them are seriously funky about booting from USB22:23
c_smithDaskreech, would the main board possibly be listed in dmidecode as the base board?22:26
c_smithDaskreech, found my motherboard, it's a Lenovo Emerald Lake mainboard22:34
c_smithDaskreech, and it DOES have UEFI22:36
c_smithbrb, testing a theory I just had22:37
datruthhow an I stop kmix from starting?22:49
datruthCause I am going to use something else instead22:50
datruthcan I tie my fn + sound key to another mixer?22:51
monkeyjuicedatruth: http://www.kubuntuforums.net/showthread.php?58778-VeroMix-as-KMix-alternative-(avoids-occasional-segfaults) maybe this will help23:09
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datruthmonkeyjuice: kmixrc did the trick setting autostate=fa;se23:57

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