_2cool4me4_How well does Lubuntu run on a box with 512 MB of RAM and a 3 GHZ single core?00:14
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TheMasterI'd say pretty good, I have it on 512 with 500MHz.00:16
_2cool4me4_What do you run on it?00:18
ActionParsnip_2cool4me4_: ram is cheap :)00:19
TheMasterMixed user, one uses GUI stuff, I pretty much use it for terminal (alpine, irssi, newsbeuter, etc)00:19
ActionParsnipTheMaster: then you have plenty of ram for what you use :)00:20
_2cool4me4_ActionParsnip: I know, but for now, I only have 512 MB, which I COULD upgrade to around 700 mb00:20
TheMasterActionParsnip: Could very well do with more.00:20
ActionParsnipTheMaster: what CPU is it?00:21
TheMasterAs I said, 500MHz one, celeron to be exact.00:21
ActionParsnipah, so SD RAM? or is it DDR?00:22
_2cool4me4_The only thing I would like to run is XBMC or one of its counterparts00:22
ActionParsnipxbmc is quite heavy00:41
ActionParsnipdo you own a smartphone at all?00:41
ActionParsnipvlc has a web UI and you can enable it then control it from the phone00:42
_2cool4me4_It doesn't have an internet connection, I want a setup running before adding new components00:50
_2cool4me4_Except RAM, I'm gonna get that soon00:52
_2cool4me4_But I do own an Android00:56
ActionParsnipit can be done over wifi, no need for www link01:20
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macgugesHello, I've installed lubuntu on my dad's dell latitude. He wants to use a acx1xx nic with it, but its driver was not on the cd. Where can I get the driver? http://www.wikidevi.com/wiki/Netopia_TER/WPC11N102:49
ActionParsnipmacguges: what chip does the NIC use?02:57
ActionParsnipsudo lshw -C network      will tell you the chip02:58
etfbI'm trying to delete the guest account on my kids' computer, but I can't. Can someone tell me how?08:12
etfbI edited /etc/shadow and /etc/passwd, rebooted, and the bloody computer recreated the entries!08:13
etfbAnd there's nothing in any GUI programs that even mentions it.08:13
etfbAnd of course Google "helpfully" insists that "lubuntu" is a typo for "ubuntu" and so leads me to a thousand explanations of how to edit lightdm.conf...08:14
bioterrortwo minutes visit and doing it all wrong08:31
bioterrorbut he was on a correct track :D08:31
CujoIs this where I can ask a question about getting Lubuntu to work propperly on my pc?16:34
BillySnowmanCan i ask a question?18:13
joe__825Hi guys, i need some help as weel please18:13
zleapwhyt does using search to find a folder, right clicking on a foundfile,  and thenselecting open containing folder open a terminal ?18:14
BillySnowmanI'm installing the alternate Lubuntu 12.04 installer, but it seems to just stop when it finishes detecting all the hardware, any ideas what's wrong?18:15
BillySnowmanI'm using a Dell Inspiron 4150 if that helps18:17
zleapcan you switch to a terminal thing that shows messages from the kernel (maybe someone can help here )18:18
joe__825is anyone willing to help me with fonts issues?18:21
zleaper not sure,  we need people with more expertise really18:23
joe__825zleap, how's your fonts going ? ;)18:23
zleapmy fonts seem fine18:24
joe__825on browsers too?18:24
zleapi used to have an issue with fonts and open / lbreoffce menus but that was ages ago18:24
zleapbrowsers seem fine18:24
joe__825do u remember how you fixed that?18:24
zleapwhat version of lubuntu you running18:25
bioterrorwhat's wrong with the fonts?18:25
bioterrorand if the alternate hangs, sounds like a hardware related problems18:25
bioterrorit's quite idiot proof18:26
joe__825fonts are blurry, fuzzy18:26
bioterrorgive us png18:27
BillySnowmanwell, when it finishes the hardware check all I see is a blue screen with a whit/light grey line at the bottom, where I can write things in18:28
bioterrorif you compare GNU/Linux fonts to Windows, it's always blurry18:28
bioterrorit's not a secret that all the linux distros sucks with the fonts18:28
joe__825oh really? yes i do compare actually, somehow i managed to get it right on debian18:28
bioterrorlook at the pictures from the late 90's when people was using netscape navigator :D18:29
joe__825was it blurry back then too? that's interesting18:29
joe__825i miss netscape days18:29
bioterrorI think antialiasing has something to do with the blurryness18:30
joe__825yeah, i've ticked the antialiasing off... once again, it did the trick in mint and debian.. but lubuntu seems to be a little behind when it comes to fonts managment18:31
BillySnowmanI tried to install it before using the desktop one, but that one crashed when it was installing the bundled software18:31
zleaphmm,   i do sometines get some weird blurry ness on a browser18:31
zleapbut nothing that is annoying enough to worry about18:31
joe__825right now, it's mainly the arial bold i think ;)18:32
joe__825i've installed microsoft fonts to be on the safe side..18:32
bioterrordejavu-ttf is the one that works quite well18:32
BillySnowmanis there any way to fix my problem?18:33
joe__825oh... gimme a few i'll give it a shot... thanks bioterror18:33
bioterrorBillySnowman, do you have problems with the desktop installer too?18:34
BillySnowmanthat one crashed when it was installing the bundled software18:34
bioterrorBillySnowman, actually when you press alt+f5 or something like that, you should get into another tty which shows you what really happens during the installation18:34
bioterrorit would enlighten us a lot18:35
BillySnowmancheck-missing-firmware: missing firmware files (agere_sta_fw.bin) for orinco_cs18:39
BillySnowmanbioterror here's what I see "check-missing-firmware: missing firmware files (agere_sta_fw.bin) for orinco_cs"18:40
BillySnowmanis that of any help?18:43
joe__825so sorry about the ignorence bio, but how do i install fonts of tar.bz2 package file?18:46
kanliot joe__825 there's a guide @ help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu/Setup18:49
joe__825cheers kanliot, gonna check that up18:50
joe__964no luck with fonts issues here.. i have minimized the problem... it's mostly blurry when text is bold19:20
joe__964mainly in browsers19:20
joe__964any ideas friends?19:21
bioterrorpress "Auto adjustment" from your display if you're using HD-15 (VGA) cable between your computer and display19:22
zleapjoe__964, yeah same here19:24
joe__964done. no luck19:24
zleapactually i noticed an improvement between versions of firefox19:24
zleaponly now it seems to display other websites on top of others as if its not refreshing properly19:24
joe__964yeah, it's getting there but still no the 'real thing' ;)19:25
joe__964anyhow i've noticed another problem with the monitor settings19:25
zleapjoe__964, are you using the latest version of your browser19:26
joe__964when i change the refresh rate to 75 instead of 60, and hit the 'apply' and goes back to 60 again19:26
joe__964i mean.. it goes back to 60 refresh rate19:27
joe__964it also wont detect my monitor19:27
zleapi taske it your using a clean install of lubuntu,  as I just installed lubuntu-desktop over ubuntu (as in the packages) so our experiences in some areas are similar but that could be a factor19:28
joe__964oh i see what you mean zleap19:28
zleapin some ways its "good" we are having similar issues,  it rules out hardware faults on monitors19:30
zleapok now running firefox 1519:30
joe__964congrats ;)19:30
zleapupdating before seemed to cure the blurry bold font issue19:30
zleaphowever 15 will hopefully cure the other issue with being able to see through part of a browser window to another site  (hard to describe) but its not what should happen19:31
joe__964wish u best of luck19:32
zleapas i said blurry font = update seems to fix19:33
zleapother issue occurs randomly so hard to reproduce but if it stops happening then ff 15 fixed it19:33
zleapjoe__964, same to you19:33
joe__964yeah well its less blurry in comparcy with chromium but not like ms os still19:36
joe__964i bet you anything opera will be sharp as, but opera luck support with latest web technologies19:38
joe__964see you later zleap. nice talking to you. cheers19:45

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