aguitelis Gnomebuntu a real project ?00:19
bazhangnot official, as of now, but very real00:19
ActionParsnipyeah I heard that on omgubuntu00:19
aguitelbazhang, and what is the difference from ubuntu ?00:19
bazhangaguitel, no idea, the details have not been released00:20
aguitelmaybe gnome 2.x ?00:20
bazhangno, since gnome2 is dead00:21
LLStarksi love gnome-shell00:21
LLStarkssince i alt+back in firefox00:21
LLStarksand pressing alt in unity brings up the hud00:22
LLStarksand the hud sucks00:22
ActionParsnipLLStarks: works in most browsers, dead handy00:22
ActionParsnipLLStarks: you can disable hud00:22
LLStarksunity is still a mess though00:22
LLStarksand i hate the global menus. at least gnome is trying to make a decent global menu system even if only epiphany can use it right now00:23
ActionParsnipLLStarks: don't have to use it. LXDE, KDE and XFCE are 3 other options, as well as many others00:23
rippsubuntu gnome edition is just ubuntu with gnome-shell only. No lightdm or unity. I think it also installs tracker01:38
ActionParsnipripps: what DM does it use then?01:56
rippsActionParsnip: DM?02:16
rippsyou mean GDM?02:16
rippsit uses gdm instead of lightdm02:17
rippswhich isn't too bad these days02:17
ActionParsnipi guess02:35
ActionParsnipi like slim :)02:35
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vividanyone using kubuntu+1 and kde-telepathy?04:57
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krofnai got error saying that compiz crashed, ubuntu wont load completly, and I and stuck with empty screen with only chrome open because i reported bug to launchpad... What should i do?07:52
vividkrofna: ctrl+alt+f1, log in, run 'sudo restart lightdm' will get you out of a crashed DE07:54
krofnaI'm still stuck with broken desktop enviroment... sudo restart lightdm doesnt help, same problem...08:15
vividkrofna: whats broken about it? did you check the logs? try installing gnome-panel and running a legacy gnome without compiz09:02
vividkrofna: remember youre running an alpha system....you should be prepared to navigate these issues yourself....for the most part09:03
vividalternatively, 'DISPLAY=:0 metacity --replace &' from a tty may help /shrug hard to provide help when i cant just type in the commands myself :D09:05
krofnavivid: after login only walpaper shows09:07
vividfor the regular ubuntu unity interface?09:07
vividdid you do any customization of compiz?09:07
vividwell, installing a legacy environment will probably give you a working desktop in the meantime09:08
vividyou can ctrl+alt+f1 and 'sudo apt-get install gnome-panel'09:08
vividthen restart lightdm again and select GNOME from the list of environments09:08
vividGNOME (No Effects) probably will work09:08
krofnaI'll try, thanks09:09
alex285hello, I want to switch GTK from ricotz package to Darxus one, to test GTK under wayland12:08
alex285but I don't know how, as ricotz are newer :)12:08
BluesKajHiyas all12:14
DrHalanhey, i would like to take over the maintenance of the ogre packages. is that somehow possible?14:20
ikoniaDrHalan: you need to talk to the team who maintain it14:20
jtaylorDrHalan: ogre is maintained in debian14:20
jtaylorand actively14:20
jtaylorwhy do you want to take over?14:20
ikoniayou'll need to work with the team who maintain it to join the team, show you can maintain it and then participate14:20
ikoniathey are not going to just turn it over to you14:21
DrHalanyeah that would be fine14:37
DrHalani would like to fix some issues. for example this one: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ogre-1.8/+bug/104193414:37
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1041934 in ogre-1.8 (Ubuntu) "Animated meshes don't work" [Undecided,New]14:37
DrHalani don't really understand how to process in ubuntu is to become a maintainer...14:38
ikoniaDrHalan: you don't need to be the maintainer to fix it14:39
ikoniaDrHalan: just apply a patch to the bug report14:39
DrHalanthere is a patch in the link i posted... also i have a ppa with updated packages..14:41
DrHalani would also love if we could enable cg support by default..  i know the debina maintainer won't do it because of licensing issues but i think on ubuntu it coudl be done14:41
DrHalangenerally i would make a step to be more involved in ubuntu. have been an ubuntu user for 5 years now and i think its time to stop doing nothing more than reporting bugs :)14:43
penguin42that type of thing gets very hairy - you'd have to have a lot of discussion before changing something from debian because you believe the licensing is ok14:43
ikoniaDrHalan: ubuntu takes the package from debian, so it won't change14:44
arandUbuntu usually follows Debian's licensing decisions quite closely in my experience, at least for things that are shared...14:44
DrHalanthats why i would like to patch it in ubuntu. that would move ogre from universe to multiverse however14:44
* penguin42 looks at the thread with that crash that comes down to a piece of code ifdef'd with the comment 'Horrible hack to align the stack to a 16-bytes boundary for gcc.' and shock it breaks on a newer gcc14:44
* ikonia requests penguin42 doesn't do pointless me commands14:45
penguin42ikonia: Oh sorry, I've never seen anyone dislike /me before14:45
DrHalanbut i don't even understand how such a big project releases such code and doesn't even test in under gcc as it seems..14:48
ikoniawhich project ?14:49
penguin42DrHalan: The upstream guys wil lbuild it on some version of gcc, the debian guys will  take that source at some point, package it and release it, built with whatever their gcc they're using, and Ubuntu mirrors from debian at some points; then debian/and or ubuntu chagne their gcc and rebuild everything - and somethings break14:49
ikoniaDrHalan: so talk to them14:49
DrHalanyeah. i will tell the debian maintainer14:50
penguin42DrHalan: Just file a debian bug14:50
penguin42DrHalan: But you could also apply a patch to the Ubuntu bug and work it through the system to release a patched ubuntu package before the debian one works through14:51
DrHalanpenguin42: but what is the process here? i have no idea how to get packages or package updates into ubuntu..14:51
ikoniaDrHalan: they do'nt get updated14:52
ikoniaDrHalan: they normally stick at the base version from the time of release.14:52
penguin42DrHalan: For most (but not all) stuff the original code releases it, then some point later the debian package maintainer updates the debian package, then automatically ubuntu sync's from debians source every release14:53
penguin42DrHalan: There can be patches applied by either/and debian and ubuntu in their packages14:53
penguin42DrHalan: and Ubuntu doesn't necessarily use the same compiler version (and definitely different options) than debian uses14:54
DrHalanyeah but i am wondering who decides on ubuntu which patches are applied14:59
penguin42DrHalan: Anyone can attach a patch to a bug report, and you then need to ask for it to get applied14:59
DrHalanokay so now i just have to wait for somebody with uploading privileges to look at my bug?15:00
penguin42DrHalan: Well, you should actually attach a patch to the bug, and that when you rebuild an ubuntu package with it fixes it15:02
penguin42DrHalan: I've marked it as 'triaged' and medium importance15:04
DrHalanpenguin42: so i have no possibility to get CG support into the ubuntu ogre packages?15:05
DrHalanadd ing nvidia-cg-dev as build dependency is all that is needed to enable it15:05
ikoniathat doens't seem a good idea15:05
penguin42DrHalan: I'd say that's almost no chance15:06
ikoniaI'd hope that's not chance15:06
penguin42DrHalan: For the nvidia-cg stuff you might look at whether you can do that in a ppa15:07
DrHalanmh i can also use custom build packages then...15:08
penguin42DrHalan: the ppa system lets you build tweaked versions of packages and make them available - although if there is a licensing issue then you should be careful15:08
penguin42hmm chromium is very broken in quantal15:10
penguin42problem is I can't get a seg or any type of debug out of it15:11
penguin42DrHalan: If you want, you can try following the magic here http://developer.ubuntu.com/packaging/html/fixing-a-bug.html     if you do that it's normally not too hard to get it into the ubuntu builds, especially if you don't leave it too close to the release15:22
penguin42(for the crash fix that is)15:23
DrHalanokay :)15:24
DrHalanwell maybe i should just stop using cg in my project...15:24
DrHalanpenguin42: what issue do you have with chromium? works fine here...15:30
penguin42DrHalan: It's getting very crashy for me in Quantal15:33
DrHalanokay.. well i just tested it for some minutes..15:35
jtaylorthe ogre crash is some sort of misalignment15:41
BluesKajKwin is crashing here , after trying to set up kdm ..can't use lightdm because it's totally broken here15:42
jtaylorDrHalan: fftw3 also had horrobile hacks to align the stack which broke with gcc 4.715:42
jtaylorDrHalan: you should check if they are similar15:42
DrHalanjtaylor: well i didn't write the patch. the fedora maintainer of OGRE just told me that they ran into the same issue and fixed it that way15:44
jtayloryes just disabling it is what fftw3 did too15:44
jtaylorit also was the same hack15:50
jtaylorDrHalan: does the debian maintainer know about the bug?15:51
DrHalannot yet..15:51
penguin42Have debian rebuilt it with 4.7 yet?15:52
DrHalani first wanted to apply the patch locally and test the packages..15:52
jtaylorgcc 4.7 was added before the freeze15:52
DrHalanyaay the fix works :)16:16
jtaylorthats an RC bug in debian16:17
jtaylorthe maintainer should react to that quickly16:17
jtaylorDrHalan: when its fixed request a sync with the requestsync tool16:19
jtayloror ping someone in #ubuntu-motu16:19
penguin42hmm, kvm has stopped netbooting compared with lastnight16:22
penguin42is it possible to install 3.5.0-13.13 kernel packages at the same time as 3.5.0-13.13 ?16:26
penguin42is it possible to install 3.5.0-13.13 kernel packages at the same time as 3.5.0-13.14 I mean ?16:26
trismprobably not, they replace the same files16:28
penguin42hmm, I want to try rolling back to 13.13 to see if my KVM bug disappears16:28
penguin42bug 104502716:28
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1045027 in qemu-kvm (Ubuntu) "iPXE kills kvm with KVM: entry failed, hardware error 0x80000021" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/104502716:28
* penguin42 flips it to linux - it works with 3.5.0-1216:36
penguin42gah, and the 3.5.0-13.13 files have disappeared off archive.ubuntu.com already and my /var/cache16:37
jtaylorcheck some of the outdated mirrors16:38
trismonly see two patches in .13 to .14, one for webcams and one disabling the mgag200 module, doesn't really seem like it would affect kvm16:40
penguin42ah actually yes, I agree - yesterday I was running 3.5.0-12 - so it is a -12 v -1316:41
penguin42anyway to get apport-cli -u to work - it's still moaning about lp Python module not being installed16:45
penguin42works on the current daily mainline 3.6.x kernel16:53
BluesKajkate is segfaulting again ..  :)17:32
penguin42BluesKaj: What does the backtrace look like?17:35
BluesKajpenguin42, http://pastebin.com/62J7twwM17:40
penguin42BluesKaj: Worht installing the debug syms for libQtscript.so. 4?17:41
BluesKajlooks like that Qt script again ...someone was mentioning that yesterday17:42
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jakubois anyone else experiencing unacceptable mouse behaviour when using touchpad?21:10

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