noneed4anickanyone here?11:54
coolbhaviwendar, good morning!15:13
wendargood morning! :)15:13
wendaror evening?15:13
coolbhavinight :)15:14
coolbhaviwendar, thanks for your reply on the list15:15
wendarcoolbhavi: thanks for your hard work voting and publishing15:15
wendarsorry I haven't had more time, work has been really crazy lately15:16
coolbhavi:) thanks a lot! I'm looking at publishing of +3 votes before the CC meeting so it would sound good :)15:17
wendarcoolbhavi: and yes, it's a good idea to verify with the developer that he really meant to only search precise packages15:17
coolbhaviwendar, yes it would help before publishing15:18
noneed4anickhey guys, anyone here not idling?17:57

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