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TheLordOfTimeanyone on the bugsquad here actually read the mailing list stuff?20:15
mapreriTheLordOfTime: when? The last email is in 2012/08/29 in "core vs non-core definition".. what do you mean?20:26
TheLordOfTimemapreri:  that's the one :p  i need an opinion of the wording for that one, and nobody seems to respond except bdmurray (and even then i have to ping him)20:33
TheLordOfTimemain issue is it modifies the bugsquad documentation on bug importance, so anyone's opinion(s) on bugsquad are valid20:33
TheLordOfTimesince there seems to be semi-consensus on using a package's "task" field to determine whether its core or not *shrugs*20:34
maprerithe issue still in the permission of the bugsquad: we can't  change bug importance, so we don't consider it relevant (at least I think so..) :)20:37
TheLordOfTimemapreri:  the issue is the docs are in bugsquad20:37
mapreriTheLordOfTime: anyway, in my opinion this is a good way to valutate the importance of a bug...20:38
TheLordOfTimemapreri:  bugcontrol (or me, micah, a few others here, and bdmurray) could make a unanimous decision, but i sent it to the bugsquad so triagers could comment20:38
TheLordOfTimesay "THis is an okay idea" or "This idea sucks"20:38
TheLordOfTimehence the whole point for the discussion20:38
mapreriso, I think I'll follow your suggestion and I'll write two words in ML, is it ok?20:40
TheLordOfTimethe mailing list is open to all its subscribers20:40
mapreriright, but, as I wrote, I did't consider the importance of those emails20:41
TheLordOfTimeah :P20:42
TheLordOfTimewell, since this technically makes a solid(ish) definition of the whole "core vs. non-core" concept, which sometimes decides the difference between low and medium, or medium and high, its important :P20:42
TheLordOfTimei think micahg and i discussed the need to actually define it back during UDS on IRC20:42
TheLordOfTimewhat was the last UDS, UDS-q?20:43
TheLordOfTimei think it was at uds-q20:44
TheLordOfTimei wasnt on bugsquad during uds-p, so...20:44
TheLordOfTimeyeah, would've had to be uds-q20:44
TheLordOfTimei wasnt *at* uds, but he had a break and was on IRC, and we briefly touched on the fact we need to define it20:44
mapreriah, I misunderstood you sentence... sorry ;)20:44
TheLordOfTimeso i took it to the mailing list xD20:44
TheLordOfTimeah, no problem :P20:44
mapreriUDS-r will be during this november, so.... :)20:45
* TheLordOfTime is "too valuable" to take off the time to go to UDS20:45
TheLordOfTime(according to my employers)20:45
mapreri:( The UDS is a dream for a far future... also because I can't understand English very well, above all the when it is apoken... so.. :(20:48
* TheLordOfTime is a native speaker of American English, and a partial speaker of British English20:48
* mapreri is Ialian..20:50
mapreriI think I haven't a good English. Have you not noticed this??20:52
TheLordOfTimemapreri:  pretty good thus far20:52
TheLordOfTimehaving said this, you don't have to deal with people who can't speak english to save their life in various IRC channels every day :p20:53
* TheLordOfTime has adapted to mostly-understand the not-the-best-english-speakers20:53
mapreri:D well, but I will be happy if somebody sometimes tell me I miswrote something...20:56
mapreriTheLordOfTime: can I ask you waht is trekweb? :)21:36
TheLordOfTimetrekweb's an internet services provider, but right now we provide IRC bouncers21:37
TheLordOfTimehttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BNC_%28software%29 is a good explanation of that21:37
TheLordOfTimeif you're curious to see what TrekWeb provides21:37
TheLordOfTimeor ask in #trekweb :021:37
mapreriI know what is a BNC :) i'm looking at trekweb.org..21:38
TheLordOfTimemapreri:  just one of many ZNC providers21:39
TheLordOfTime(we have a LOT of freenode bouncers)21:39
TheLordOfTimemicahg:  when you're not busy, can I ask your opinion on something?22:19
micahgTheLordOfTime: see you in 2020? :D22:20
micahgTheLordOfTime: better to ping and ask then ask when you can ask22:20
TheLordOfTimemicahg:  https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-bugsquad/2012-August/003870.html  <-- opinions on the wording posed for this?22:20
TheLordOfTimemicahg:  better to see if you're busy, saw you chatting away in -motu :P22:20
micahgTheLordOfTime: there's one problem, those task headers change per release as can the component22:23
TheLordOfTimemicahg:  voice that in the mailing list?22:23
micahgTheLordOfTime: so, more work for me, eh? :), j/k, will send a followup22:23
TheLordOfTimei'd like to see more activity there of course, but since we kind of had a small consensus, perhaps my idea of just plain nixing the "core" or "non-core" definitions should be implemented.22:23
TheLordOfTime(i brought that up with bdmurray on IRC a few days ago, so...)22:23
* micahg also encourages TheLordOfTime to not top post22:24
TheLordOfTimemicahg:  *Shrugs*22:24
TheLordOfTimemicahg:  blame gmail22:24
ogra_lame excuse22:24
TheLordOfTimeblame Evolution22:24
ogra_blaming your mail app for being to lazy to click once in the window to have your cursor at the bootom of the mail ?22:25
TheLordOfTimeogra_:  actually, blaming the system because it is weird22:26
* TheLordOfTime is yelling at PHP right now for segfaulting three times in one hour in a test environment22:26
* ogra_ never managed to top post with either evo, TB or gmail if i didnt want to22:26
TheLordOfTimewell, then there's the iPhone, where I don't have a choice :/22:27
TheLordOfTimemicahg:  should bugcontrol's mailing list be CC'd?22:27
TheLordOfTimei'm sure the rest of bugcontrol would have something to say22:27
TheLordOfTime(if they bother to read it)22:27
micahgTheLordOfTime: done22:28
micahgTheLordOfTime: you can if you want22:29
TheLordOfTimei might, to see what they say on it22:29
TheLordOfTimemicahg:  i'm going to forward it to them later, the network here's going down for some maintenance.22:30
TheLordOfTimebut i personally think that the core vs. noncore definition for bugs is slightly obscene22:31
TheLordOfTime(one of the options initially was to nix that from the bug importance docs, but we decided not to in the mailing list)22:31
micahgTheLordOfTime: well, stuff affecting images are definitely a higher priority for the project as a whole as the images are generally only spun once22:34
TheLordOfTimethen perhaps core should be defined to be part of the seeds for the images22:34
micahgbut if something is worth making RC, then do so22:34
TheLordOfTime... ooops network's going down now22:34

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