cjwatsonpenguin42: tags: don't care - but I've commented and reassigned that to the right place00:00
penguin42cjwatson: Thanks, it's a bit nasty that one00:06
penguin42cjwatson: There's an article somewhere by Matthew Garrett about efi bricking due to one bug he ran across00:06
cjwatsonFundamentally I wish somebody else would deal with this in Ubuntu so that I don't have to fumble around guessing00:09
cjwatsonAnyway, after celebrating a wedding I should really be in bed not looking at ghastly bug reports :-)00:09
penguin42hmm bed, that is a good idea00:11
nobAnybody here know much about u1db03:06
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cc11rocksI want to fix bugs for Ubuntu 12.1008:31
cc11rocksI'm assuming if I'm running that in a virtual machine, I have to install the dev packages and such (and make changes in/to) the guest image?08:32
MCR1cc11rocks: http://developer.ubuntu.com/packaging/html/getting-set-up.html#upload-your-gpg-key-to-launchpad08:56
cc11rocksI want to fix bugs (development). Should I be on this channel or #ubuntu-moto? If I should be on -devel or -motu, what is the different between the channels?08:56
MCR1cc11rocks: Best for you would be to read the above link and execute necessary steps to get into development08:57
cc11rocksYes, I'm asking WHERE I set this up at?08:57
cc11rocksNot how...08:57
cc11rocksI already took notes on the Ubuntu Dev Week logs08:58
cc11rocksI just need to know where to set up. In Ubuntu 12.10 or in current OS?08:58
MCR1cc11rocks: If you want to fix a bug, bzr branch the source, fix the bug locally, commit it, create a branch on your launchpad account containing the fix and then propose this branch for merging :)08:59
cc11rocksOkay thanks08:59
cc11rocksSo even if I'm fixing a bug for Ubuntu 12.10, I can fix it locally in Ubuntu 12.04?09:00
MCR1you might not be able to test your fix in all cases then, but you can still fix it ;)09:00
cc11rocksOkay, thank you for your help09:01
cc11rocksDo you know about the motu vs dev channel difference?09:01
MCR1nope, sorry09:01
MCR1cc11rocks: but development does not happen on the IRC channels - those are usually VERY quiet09:02
cc11rocksOkay, thanks09:02
cc11rocksI mean for help...09:02
cc11rocksConsidering I will be just starting fixing bugs, I'll probably need it09:03
MCR1cc11rocks: Here you can see how development of Unity happens for example: https://code.launchpad.net/~unity-team/unity/trunk/+activereviews09:03
MCR1cc11rocks: Follow the guide I posted to get set up...09:04
cc11rocksiulian in moto said : "cc11rocks: Both and you might want to join -packaging as well. The difference is that -motu deals with unseeded packages and -devel with core packages."09:04
MCR1aha, thx ;)09:05
cc11rocksNo problem.09:05
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Bluefoxicylol @ udd13:22
Bluefoxicyapparently encryptfs doesn't actually include security.13:22
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cc11rockshave run "bzr branch ubuntu:" + "happycoders-libdbg-dev" & "opj2dat" & "liborigin0" & "liborigin0-dev", etc. They ALL return bzr: ERROR: Not a branch: "bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/+branch/ubuntu/" + $packageName + "/"."18:49
cc11rocksI ran them individually of course. I was just doing it in a quick format...18:50
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cc11rocksIf any of you gave an answer, if you could repost as I had to restart lightdm...19:37
trismcc11rocks: no answers, what are you trying to do? usually you would branch the source package, such as: bzr branch lp:ubuntu/libdbg19:41
cc11rocksOkay, thanks19:53
cc11rocksI'm just trying to get started by fixing one of the basic bugs at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/BugFixingInitiative19:53
cc11rocksIt worked,thanks19:55
cc11rocksCompleted first bug fix : https://code.launchpad.net/~cc11rocks/ubuntu/quantal/libxml-csv-perl/typo-fix20:11
cc11rocksNow what?20:11
cc11rocksEtc : How do I know if my change is accepted, etc?20:13
trismcc11rocks: click the "Propose for merging" button on your code.launchpad.net branch page, enter the information and then you will get email updates when somebody reviews the change20:16
cc11rocksThis correct? https://code.launchpad.net/~cc11rocks/ubuntu/quantal/libxml-csv-perl/typo-fix/+merge/12241820:17
trismcc11rocks: looks fine to me20:19
cc11rocksThanks for your help trism :)20:19
cc11rocksHave to go eat, then to work, but I'll try to fix some more basics when I get home :)20:19
iulianrobert_ancell: I can see that you've recently uploaded nemiver and gthumb. Do you have FFes for them?22:02
robert_ancelliulian, no they contain only bug fixes, do they need ffes?22:03
jtaylorLogan_: do you know if ruby-vmc can use ruby-json instead of ruby-json-pure?22:06
jtaylorLogan_: ruby-json-pure is in a bad state and if ruby-vmc does not need it we should probably remove it (unless someone fixes it)22:06
Logan_jtaylor: okay so22:08
Logan_according to http://rubygems.org/gems/vmc , one of the runtime dependencies is json_pure < 1.7.0, >= 1.5.122:09
Logan_so it appears to be a "yes," it needs it22:09
Logan_I haven't tested it without ruby-json-pure, though22:09
iulianrobert_ancell: No, they don't, sorry. I just got lost in those big diff files and it appeared to me that some new functions were added. I've just read the ChangeLog and it's all good.22:09
jtaylorLogan_: from what I ahve been told -pure is the same as nonpure just nonpure is using a C extension and is thus faster22:11
jtaylorbut won't work with other interpreters22:11
Logan_okay, interesting22:11
iulianrobert_ancell: It'd be nice if you could mention "bug fix release" in the changelog in the future.22:11
robert_ancelliulian, ok, will do22:11

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