bobo37773acemeister: Hello.06:52
TechnodicT_Ways the discusion?06:55
TechnodicT_Hello room06:56
bobo37773TechnodicT_: hey06:56
TechnodicT_Hello ubuntu user!06:57
bobo37773Nope. Used to. What Ubuntu version?06:57
TechnodicT_12.04 ltd ura?06:58
bobo37773ah okay06:58
bobo37773Why doesn't Ubuntu use a text boot instead of a grapical one? Seems pointless and endlessly problematic06:58
TechnodicT_U quit ubuntu?06:58
bobo37773yeah. using arch now probably switch to funtoo / gentoo soon06:59
TechnodicT_Arch is always the best one..06:59
bobo37773I used to think so but the more I learn about gentoo the more I am liking about it07:00
TechnodicT_Have used it for a while...but  needed a stable system so switched07:00
bobo37773used what? arch or gentoo?07:00
TechnodicT_Arch..+ kde07:01
TechnodicT_Gentoo couldn't even install..! Lol07:01
bobo37773oh okay07:05
bobo37773I have had the opposite experience as you07:05
TechnodicT_As in?07:06
bobo37773my arch install has been much more stable then I remember ubuntu07:06
bobo37773sometimes there is special stuff you have to do but it is usually in the news feed07:07
TechnodicT_Arch is still better than ubuntu...I guess07:07
bobo37773well I don't know. better is a pretty subjective word. but I like it more for sure07:08
bobo37773all the old computers I refubish I am using crunchbang though. really easy and pleasant experience07:09
acemeisterHow is Ubuntu better than windows aside from the security?07:11
acemeisterhi there07:12
bobo37773I did not switch to gnu/linux for better security. It was just an added benefit07:12
bobo37773I switched because of code transparency07:12
acemeisterwhat added benefit?07:12
acemeisterexplain the code transperency please07:13
acemeisterhow's it better?07:13
bobo37773do you understand what closed and open source code means?07:13
bobo37773meaning you do not have to blindly trust that the application developers have your best interests in mind.07:14
bobo37773you can see the code yourself07:14
bobo37773I do not trust microsoft or apple07:15
bobo37773they are both in bed with those who would spy on and take advantage of me07:15
bobo37773for no real reason other than to further control and their own selfish ends07:16
bobo37773there is more to that story though.07:16
bobo37773I guess it's important to understand the beginning if you are to understand the end / present07:16
bobo37773Learn the origins of gnu/linux. Listen to people like richard stallman speak, etc.. You can find his videos on youtube and all over07:17
bobo37773but yes I would definitely say that the operating system is inherantly more secure on many levels.07:19
bobo37773To answer your question though more directly originally for me aircrack was all it took to get me to switch. when I realized this type of thing could never be done in windows because of how closed everything was I didn't look back07:20
bobo37773they have probably made some more progress in that area but that is only one small example07:20
bobo37773Why are you thinking about switching anyways? For security reasons?07:21
bobo37773No one can make up your mind for you. Not only that but setting up a dual boot is a pretty simple thing these days07:22
bobo37773alright I'm outta here07:31
bobo37773take care guys'07:31
acemeisteri dont understand bobo08:00
acemeisterthe downside is you cant run most games and apps that are compatible with windows08:00
acemeisterI don't dig apple either08:01
acemeisterAnd I don't like how they sell overpriced hardware for a sleek shine08:01
acemeisterthey are the epitome of superficial pcs08:02
acemeisterA pc should be built for function not artwork08:02
acemeisterI can design my own artwork and paint my chasis08:02
acemeisterwhy pay for the name08:02
acemeisterubuntu is just as secure as mac os08:03
acemeisterwhy didnt ubuntu creator sell his os?08:04
acemeisterbill gates is overrated he stole an idea from another developer to create a brainless OS and wipes his ass with 100 bills08:05
acemeisterbut how come linux didnt make anything08:05
TechnodicT_Hello world08:34
acemeisterthe earth we call the world08:39
acemeisterand whats bad is evil and good is holy08:39
acemeisterand the brain is the mind08:39
acemeisterim so proud of a blank tape as a baby recording08:40
acemeisterI can't fanthom why the hell08:40
acemeisterplease god if you're out there stop the pain08:41
acemeistershow yourself and dont let me suffer one mroe minute08:41
acemeisterDo you want to burn in hell?08:42
acemeisterWindows XP has tourettes and gives me nightmares about burning in hell08:42
acemeisterI'm a brave soul but that was one fucked up nightmare08:43
acemeisterI swear to god i thoght i was being chopped up wtih a cahinsaw08:43
acemeisterI woke up sweating08:43
acemeisterand after I woke up even after 6 hours I was still afraid that someone was going to come busting through my door with chainsaws08:44
acemeisterI went in my room and pissed in a cup because I thought the robots inside the TV were trying to measure the frenquency of the piss hitting the cup08:44
acemeisterdrank the potion woke up the next morning08:45
acemeisterthe piss was solid purple08:45
acemeisterYou can drink piss and its perfectly sanitary08:45
acemeisterthe indians drank it after their mushroom trips because all the psilocybin collects in the piss08:45
acemeisterthey would dig holes and let all the contaminates evaporate so when they ran out of shrooms instead of going back to camp08:46
acemeisterjust scrape all the pislocybin up and snort that shit08:46
acemeisterNo one is discussing nayhting about it08:47
acemeisterprolly cause only 26 peeps08:47
acemeisterbut I asked some legitimate questions08:47
acemeisterand no one cares08:47
acemeistercant get help in windows08:48
acemeisterits free help08:48
acemeisterbad advice08:48
acemeisterNo, I don't enjoy every response being countered with another useless question08:49
acemeisterthe frogs copmletely seared my eyeballs out of freaking out with the wine right08:49
acemeisterits like being crushed by a crocodile dude08:49
acemeisterI just dont want to suffer im underneath a crushing blow08:50

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