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cc11rocksI want to fix bugs (development). Should I be on this channel or #ubuntu-devel? If I should be on -devel or -motu, what is the different between the channels?08:34
iuliancc11rocks: Both and you might want to join -packaging as well. The difference is that -motu deals with unseeded packages and -devel with core packages.09:04
cc11rocksThanks iulian!09:04
iulianAnd please don't cross post.09:04
cc11rocksI was telling MCR1 so he knew09:05
cc11rocksAnd to tell people my question was resolved09:05
cc11rocksSee? He said thanks09:05
iuliancc11rocks: You've asked the same question in both channel.09:05
cc11rocksOkay, will take that into account next time09:06
cc11rocksDo you agree with MCR1 that I can fix the bugs in running OS?09:07
cc11rocksIf you would like me to cross-post the question, I can do that, but then I would be cross posting the question...09:08
iuliancc11rocks: I do. And no, please don't.09:11
cc11rocksIf I break a package I need to use, I can just reinstall it temporarily from the default repos., then continue with backed-up code later, correct?09:13
cc11rocksOr should I be using that one command that lets you temporarily change root to whatever (chroot or something)?09:13
cc11rocksI think chroot would be essentially the same as a VM...09:14
cc11rocksbzr ubuntu:test failed - http://pastebin.com/3AqiTwyn10:54
cc11rocksIt's way past my bedtime, so if I could get a quick response, that would be awesome. If not, you can email the problem/solution at cc11rocks@yahoo.com . Looks to me as if it's outdated. I just did it, so I don't know how that is possible...10:57
cc11rocksEither that, or I don't have change perms (which I shouldn't have)10:57
cc11rocksI'll stick around for another 5 minutes10:59
cc11rocks*bzr ubuntu:hello failed - http://pastebin.com/3AqiTwyn11:02
cc11rocksAlready, thanks for you help guys. If you guys figure out the issue, you can email me at cc11rocks@yahoo.com11:13
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jtaylorI wonder what the difference between ruby-json-pure and ruby-json is21:35
jtaylorbesides that the former is an apparently unmaintaned ubuntu only package which conflicts with the debian one ..21:36
broderjtaylor: the json-pure gem is a json parser/encoder in pure ruby; the json gem has a c extension21:45
broderthey're api compatible, but the c extension is obviously much faster21:46
broderi do'nt know what the packages are though21:46
jtaylorwhy do we need both?21:46
micahgupstream codebase is almost the same too21:46
jtaylorto the least the conflict between the packages should be resolved21:47
jtayloris that a case for alternatives?21:47
broderyeah, they should not conflict - they can be co-installed21:47
broderat least in ruby-land. i don't know anything about the gem packaging situation21:47
micahgthere's a reverse dependency in Ubuntu for it21:47
broderyou do need json-pure for things like jruby, where you don't get c extensions21:48
micahgwhich is not in Debian21:48
broderbut i don't even know whether the ruby packaging situation is evolved enough to support that sort of thing21:48
micahgI don't see an explicit conflicts either21:49
micahgoh, maybe in the newer package21:49
jtaylorquantal still fails21:49
micahgfails on what21:49
broderaren't they different gems built from the same source?21:49
jtayloron installation21:49
jtaylorbug 1026049 style failure21:50
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1026049 in ruby-json-pure (Ubuntu) "package ruby-json-pure (not installed) failed to install/upgrade: trying to overwrite '/usr/lib/ruby/vendor_ruby/json.rb', which is also in package ruby-json 1.6.3-1" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/102604921:50
micahgah, yeah, that's a problem :)21:50
jtaylornice the -pure package also fails to build21:50
micahgruby-json-pure should put it in json_pure.rb IMHO21:50
brodererr, i'm not sure that makes sense21:51
jtaylorbug 102604921:51
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1026049 in ruby-json-pure (Ubuntu) "package ruby-json-pure (not installed) failed to install/upgrade: trying to overwrite '/usr/lib/ruby/vendor_ruby/json.rb', which is also in package ruby-json 1.6.3-1" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/102604921:51
jtaylorups bug 93541221:51
ubottuLaunchpad bug 935412 in ruby-json-pure (Ubuntu Precise) "ruby-json-pure version 1.5.1-0ubuntu3 FTBFS on i386 in precise" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93541221:51
jtaylorstill affects quantal21:51
broderthe content of that json.rb is basically just21:51
broder  begin21:51
broder    require 'json/ext'21:51
broder  rescue LoadError21:51
broder    require 'json/pure'21:51
broder  end21:51
micahgI'd start by looking to see if ruby-vmc needs the pure ruby version or can use the c extension, if it can use the c extension, let's drop the forked version, we'd still have to fix up precise a bit better though with replaces/conflicts21:53
jtaylorit seems the only rdepend does not use jruby21:53
jtaylorso it could use the extension version21:53
jtaylorand we can kill the -pure21:53
jtaylorI mailed the uploader for an oppinion21:54
micahgjtaylor: at the canonical address?21:54
micahgdoesn't exist anymore :)21:54
micahgdebian 65788121:56
ubottuDebian bug 657881 in wnpp "ITP: ruby-json-pure -- This is a JSON implementation in pure Ruby." [Wishlist,Open] http://bugs.debian.org/65788121:56
jtaylorno answer upstream since jan21:57
jtaylordoes really not look like something we should have in the archive21:57
jtaylorhm but it is still active21:59
micahgjtaylor: I certainly don't think we should keep it Ubuntu only if the rdep can be switched, but if it gets packaged in Debian, I see no issue having both21:59
jtaylorI also have no issue if its maintained22:00
jtaylorbut it does not look like it in ubuntu22:00
jtaylorftbs since precise, pretty obvious conflicts22:00
jtaylorI'll mail the rdep maintainer if it can use the extension version22:01
jtaylorhm but who is that22:02
jtaylornoone is subscribed to bugs of the package ._.22:02
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micahgjtaylor: it's in MOTU land, use your best judgment :), or maybe ask xnox as he seems to be involved in some this stuff22:10
xnoxjtaylor:  hello =) which stuff?22:10
jtaylorI reached logan in -devel22:10
Logan_oh hey22:10
Logan_I'm here as well :P22:11
xnoxmeh ruby, I use rbenv for that.....22:11
* xnox goes back to idling =)22:12
Logan_jtaylor: do you think it would be less buggy if the packaging were updated to 1.7.5 for ruby-json-pure?22:12
jtaylorLogan_: possibly, but someone has to do that22:12
Logan_because it's at 1.5.1 right now in the Ubuntu repo22:12
jtaylorright now the issue is that the two packages are not coinstallable22:12
Logan_and updating to 1.7.5 could introduce its own bugs22:12
jtaylorthey even fail with a dpkg error22:12
Logan_which would require an FFe22:12
Logan_so, basically, fun times22:12
Logan_oh I see22:13
Logan_so conflict them?22:13
jtaylorthe problem is -pure fails to build22:13
micahgxnox: I pinged you as you seem to be involved with some of the partner/main archive crossover22:13
jtaylorso just conflicting them is not as trivial as it looks22:13
xnoxmicahg: was I ? had no clue....22:14
jtaylorLogan_: unless someone volunteers to fix/update the package I would prefer to remove it22:14
jtaylorI don't know much about ruby so I can't fix it22:14
micahgxnox: maybe not :), ISTR you filing some bugs related to that type of stuff22:14
micahgI would prefer to remove it regardless if we have a viable alternative from Debian22:15
micahger...regardless, if22:15
xnoxremoving is good =)22:16
jtaylorbut that requires changing ruby-vmc22:16
jtaylorfor which it might be too late now22:16
jtaylorso we could for quantal just disable the testsuite, conflict the package and deal with it q+1?22:16
jtaylorsimilar for a precise sru?22:16
micahgjtaylor: nah, it's unseeded, should be easy enough to get an FFe if we can remove cruft22:17
* ogra_ makes a note to tell slangasek that xnox plans to do the partner stuff ...22:17
* micahg makes a note to hid from xnox at UDS22:17
micahgjtaylor: for a precise SRU that sounds good22:17
jtaylorLogan_: can you check if ruby-vmc would work with ruby-json?22:18
jtayloror give guidance on how to check it?22:18
xnoxmicahg: I actually think you did pretty well at hiding from me at the last UDS. It seemed like most of the last UDS I spent with ogra_ infinity tumbleweed Laney and highvoltage22:18
jtaylorI wanted to go to the next uds for once, but no work interferes again ._.22:19
micahgxnox: that's funny because I was with Laney and tumbleweed a lot of UDS as well22:19
* xnox wonders if Laney & tumbleweed have identical twins22:20
iulianMaybe you guys spent most of the time together but you just cannot remember.22:20
iulianThat's a possibility...22:20
ogra_xnox, we just need to convince micahg to start smoking ;) (or you need to start spending more time inside next UDS ;) )22:20
xnoxogra_: i am actually not smoking any more.22:21
ogra_wow !22:21
xnoxogra_: but that may change at the uds though22:21
xnoxalso electronic cigarettes are fun, cause they make a lot of smoke22:22
Logan_jtaylor: I have no idea22:23
Logan_I'd just remove ruby-vmc, tbh22:23
* ogra_ doesnt trust them :)22:23
Logan_people can just install it via gem if they want, no?22:23
Logan_I mean, same with any gem22:24
Logan_this is an exceptional case ;)22:24
jtaylorpopcon 6322:25
jtaylorif no one cares for it and we don't know how to test it, removing might be an option22:26
jtayloron the otherhand we could just change the depend and "require" and see what happens22:26
jtayloreither people complain and we have someone to ask, it breaks and no one notices or everyting works fine22:26
jtaylorwin win win22:26
jtaylorwait removing ruby-vmc also requires cloudfoundry removal22:29
jtaylorwhatever that is22:29
jtaylorups no same source22:29
micahgjtaylor: well, I'd suggest asking someone who's familiar enough with ruby to make sure the dep can be switched sanely22:29
xnoxogra_: i don't mind doing partner stuff by the way.22:29
jtaylormicahg: yes, I think I'll pop by debian-ruby tomorrow22:30
jtaylorsomeone there should know22:30
ogra_xnox, heh, dont overload yourself22:30
jtaylorjson parsing should really be inside ruby itself nowadys22:30
ogra_i was really not serious about partenr22:30

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