qwebirc7074I'm attempting to install Mythbuntu, and I think it did install successfully.  I'm attempting to boot it up for the first time after that and I'm getting stuck on a "Loading Operating System..." screen.03:14
FabriceMGsuper1, it's possible to add number of DVB device up in mythtv-backend.conf before start the backend?14:12
qwebirc63365hello, i moved my backend server to new hardware. i used the backup.pl and restore.pl, i then moved the storage harddrives to new machine, mounted in same location then added storage directories in backend-setup. Im have a few problems mythweb status page does not show correct storage available. the mythtv storage folders are set to full control to mythtv:mythtv.17:12
Zinn[askubuntu.com] lirc - lirc_zilog IR transmission no longer working with HD-PVR on 12.04 - Ask Ubuntu20:00
johnf1911I've moved my question to askubuntu20:00
qwebirc61863I'm trying to install the latest release of Mythbuntu and I think it installed, but when I'm trying to boot for the first time after doing that I get stuck on a "Loading Operating System..." screen and I'm not sure what to try next.20:35

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