ibeardsleekiwipycon go well?20:45
ajmitchyeah I think it went pretty well20:45
hadsAnyone need a Viewsonic 22" 1080p monitor?21:47
* kcj raises hand21:49
kcjAre you giving it away?21:49
ibeardsleeneed, no. Hmm that could be handy, yes. ;)21:50
ajmitchhads: somehow I don't have room for another monitor anymore :)21:55
hadsheh not suprised :)21:56
hadsThis is a follow on from mine, monitors got shuffled around the house and this one ended up unused.21:56
Atamirawhat a wet day23:06
* ibeardslee wonders of the sanity of having a cron job that swapoffs and then swapons23:09
chiltsibeardslee: I've never used swapon/swapoff - sounds like a Karate Kid thing23:17
chiltsmaybe I should read up and see if it ever makes sense23:17
chiltsand good morning23:17
ibeardsleeoccasionally I notice that I'm using swap .. but can't really see why I should be .. especially logging in first thing on a Monday (even of the PC was on, but logged out, over the weekend).23:19
kcjibeardslee: Can't you just adjust your swappiness?23:20
ibeardsleekcj: yeah, probably could do that as well/instead.23:24
ibeardsleeswapoff/swapon just gets rid of swap and starts fresh.  Don't normally get swap being used in any great depth for extended periods of time23:27
ibeardsleethe swapoff/swapon just forces everything out of swap that thinks it wanted to hang around23:27

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