IdleOneyou can try appealing the ban with the ircc.00:00
IdleOne!appeals > smallfoot-00:00
ubottusmallfoot-, please see my private message00:00
smallfoot-whats that00:00
bazhangcheck the link00:00
smallfoot-lol i need write an appeal and it will be court and judge who decide? LOL wut is tihs?? a court??00:00
smallfoot-just unban me lol00:01
smallfoot-i dun even disagree with the ban00:01
smallfoot-i think its good that he ban me00:01
smallfoot-cuz i shudnt talk bout my little dick in #ubuntu00:01
smallfoot-cuz its not the place for it00:01
IdleOneGood, then it will stay.00:01
smallfoot-but that wus long ago, and now i want unban00:01
IdleOnemy default ban message probably needed to be tweaked in this case00:04
bazhanghe's now PM ing me to say it's all so unfair00:04
IdleOneit is unfair.00:04
bazhang<Cong> ActionParsnip, vlc is evil.00:55
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ubottuTesting... Testing... 1. 2.. 3... ( by the way, remember that you can use #test )05:56
caponehappy baz05:56
caponek im out05:56
caponelmao baz lies05:57
caponekk lol im out05:57
caponeno hard feelings brah05:57
capone1.freenode           ???Welcome to the home of the Ubuntu IRC Team operators | https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/IrcTeam | Th>>06:52
capone  weechat            ???22:43:05 capone | there                                                                        ???06:52
capone2.##333              ???22:43:07 capone | see                                                                          ???06:52
capone3.#archlinux         ???22:43:09 capone | happy baz                                                                    ???06:52
capone4.#archlinux-offtopic???22:43:13 capone | k im out                                                                     ???06:52
capone5.texta              ???22:43:18    <-- | capone (~tls@unaffiliated/tls) has left #ubuntu-ops                          ???06:52
capone6.#ubuntu-ops        ???22:43:42    --> | capone (~tls@unaffiliated/tls) has joined #ubuntu-ops                        ???06:52
capone7.#lowendbox         ???22:43:42     -- | Topic for #ubuntu-ops is "Welcome to the home of the Ubuntu IRC Team         ???06:52
capone                     ???06:52
capone16 Nine Inch Nails - The Big Come Down (Halo 22 - Beside You In Time)06:52
bazhang<lidar> ItsPriyank: http://lmgtfy.com/?q=setup+android+sdk+on+ubuntu06:53
bazhangthat is so not good06:53
suborbitaldont boot me08:56
suborbitalive said my peace08:56
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (hackeridis appears to be flooding, but emergency mode is on)10:30
vividsure ill discuss interrupting your argument with some guy instead of helping a user10:46
vividkick me....kick yourself, stay on task and dont abuse op?10:47
ikoniavivid: the discussion had ended, - I said enough, as someone else had stepped up to help10:47
ikoniaI'd already warned you about comments10:47
vividit had not ended..YOU were still going on10:47
ikoniayou continued.10:47
ikoniayou're welcome to rejoin if you can keep your comments to yourself10:47
vividpff, youre still going10:47
ikoniano, I'm not10:47
vividusing op as your ticket out10:47
ikoniaI've not spoken in the channel10:48
vividbullshit, read the log10:48
ikoniapleas drop the language there is no need for it10:48
vividyoure a turd, read the log and kick yourself10:48
ikoniaI'll ask you one last time, please stop with the language/name calling10:48
ikoniaI appreciate the discussion shouldn't have continued, which is why I stopped it10:48
ikoniaand stepped away from it.10:49
vividis that so?10:49
vividshall i post how you were going on and on and on10:49
vividand apparently now it ended because i said something about it?10:49
ikoniathe channel is publicly logged there is no need.10:49
vividso you kick me10:49
vividso whats your point, you obviously cant keep a kick on me for that10:49
vividi did nothing wrong10:49
ikoniano, someone else had stepped in to help him, after I told you the other person was not trolling10:49
ikoniayou commented again, I said "enough" and you kept going,10:50
vividoh, hes been trolling for the last hour10:50
ikoniaI removed you and you where10:50
ikoniahe's not trolling, he's just got a different view point10:50
vividno, hes trolling all the way, and you were helping him along the way10:50
ikoniaeven though I don't agree with his approach or agrument, he's not trolling10:50
vividhes been whining with arguments about how ubuntu sucks for an hour, how is that not trolling10:50
vividdangling a line waiting for someone to bite, and you did10:51
vividyou bantered back and forth with him, i said something, you kick me?10:51
ikoniayes, he's been a little negative based on his experience, but he's also tried to proved reasonable help and set his own machine up correclty how he liked it10:51
ikoniayou didn't "say something" you kept on with commments, and as I've said you're welcome to rejoin if you can please keep the comments out.10:52
vividso you pursue an argument with him instead of helping someone, which i assume is why youre given op10:52
vividto HELP not argue10:52
vividyou kept on with comments10:52
vividso did he, and four other people10:52
ikoniaactually, I'm trying to step back from helping people at the moment to allow others to contribute to the channel.10:52
bazhanglets move on vivid10:52
ikoniaI stepping on that occasions because he was not offering sane advice in my view.10:52
vividright, like kicking people that are telling you to stop arguing?10:52
vividbazhang: you read the log..then ban me because im wicked10:53
ikoniayou're not banned10:53
vividdoes it matter? youre abusing power to make a point10:53
ikoniaI'm sorry you feel that way10:54
ikoniaas I've said 2 times, you're welcome to rejoin if you can keep the comments out10:54
vividoh ive got nothing to offer the likes of you10:54
ikoniathen please leave this channel then10:54
ikonianothing more to discuss.10:54
vividif i joined now, i would literally be as asenine as possible10:54
ikoniaok, then we are done. Bye.10:55
vividyou guys dont have op guidelines?10:55
vividbecause im certain that you are in the wrong10:55
ikoniawould you like me to give you the process of how to appeal a kick ?10:55
vividlink please, id like to file a complaint with the IRC gods10:55
ubottuIf you disagree with a decision by an operator, please first pay #ubuntu-ops a visit. If you are still unhappy, please see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/AppealProcess for the steps you should take. If you feel the need to discuss the channel rules, please contact the ops on IRC or via the email address on the aforementioned page.10:56
ikoniaif you follow that process from steps 1 to end you'll get a resolution.10:56
vividim not looking for op decision resolution10:56
vividi want abuse of power10:56
ikoniaif you follow that link and go through the process, you will be able to file a complaint10:57
ikoniafollow the process from steps 1 to end10:57
vividwhich is...utterly pointless10:57
ikoniathen don't do it10:57
ikoniawe are done10:57
ikoniavivid: if you don't need anything else, please leave the channel.10:58
vividim not finished with my appeal process.  feel free to kick me10:58
ikoniayou have the url yes ?10:58
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PriceyHmm @
PriceyHmm, don't suppose someone could fix that for me? Wouldn't mind getting back in to the bantracker but I figure my hostname change 6 months ago borked it...18:58
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (mass join (1618 users, 12 overflows, 1629 limit))18:59
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DJonesSomething seems to be going on18:59
DJonesAre the klines on the multiple nicks or the ip?19:00
Unit193Pricey: Did you happen to try @login first?19:33
PriceyUnit193: I remember how this thing works, honest. Thanks :)19:34
Unit193Didn{t mean to inply you didn{t, you have been using it longer after all. :)19:35
FlannelPricey: If you remember your password (or have another method of authenticating with the bot), you can update your hostname yourself19:45
PriceyUnit193: Sorry I was being sarcastic, your suggestion worked perfectly thankyou :)19:45
PriceyFlannel: I guess its not needed, but thanks.19:50
Unit193Pricey: Heh, awesome!20:37

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