infinityslangasek: Can you accept that telepathy-qt build fix of mine in the queue?05:16
slangaseklet's see05:17
slangasekinfinity: accepted05:21
infinityslangasek: Shiny.  Worked in a PPA, so here's hoping the no-determinstic world of C++ symbols doesn't break it again. :P05:25
infinity(I swear the list kept changing on every test build... Ridiculous)05:25
ogra_argl !09:36
ogra_please someone let the nux upload in, it has the same issue unity had09:37
ogra_(trivial one line fix to make arm work)09:37
infinityogra_: Oops.09:42
infinityogra_: Are we holding unity up on the bizarre .pot diff?09:44
infinityI guess queuebot answered that. :P09:46
ogra_infinity, nah, slangasek said thats no stopper09:51
ogra_seems thats not enough for a buildd ... needs fixes for the deps too09:57
infinityI take it you didn't test in sbuild?  Naughty Oli.09:58
ogra_(it built in my chroot but that had unity b-deps already, grumble)09:58
ogra_hmm, still doesnt work, i suspect we need a no-change upload for unity too after nux has built10:00
ogra_sigh, thats such a mess10:00
infinityogra_: Look on the bright side.  You haven't wasted a long weekend with intense pain, foreign hospitals, and sitting in airports.10:02
infinityAnd uploading libreoffice...10:02
ogra_oh, yeah, tha latter is worst ...10:02
infinityAt least it gave me time to sort out the geis and friends library rename in oneiric.10:03
ogra_no, i havent, but i promised my mom on friday to come back today ... so i dont have eternal time to hunt that mess down :/10:03
infinityThat was the last round of NEW for it.10:03
ogra_i dont get why the packaging from precise was just carried over modulo the gles patch10:05
ogra_infinity, now with fixed deps :)10:22
infinityI need someone to review that LibO for me.10:30
ogra_i can take a look for obvious stuff, but dont tryst my skills if it comes to C++10:31
infinityIt's make/shell.10:31
infinityJust debian/rules.10:31
ogra_*trust even10:31
ogra_link ?10:32
ogra_well, looks sane ... what *is* ca-XV actually ?10:33
ogra_chinese canadian ?10:33
infinityHahaha.  I have no clue. :P10:34
infinityca is Catalan though, isn't it?10:34
ogra_oh, indeed10:34
ogra_its funny that the typo isnt in the rm line10:35
infinityThe rm line was in the previous revision.10:35
ogra_heh, k10:35
infinityThe 4 lines I changed were all new.10:35
infinity(Well, the previous previous... You know what I mean)10:36
ogra_we'll i'd say upload ... cant get worse anyway10:36
infinityIt's uploaded. :P10:36
infinityBut not accepted.10:36
infinityI suppose it's a given that we want libreoffice built on i386, so I can fudge release management to use your review to leverage my other hat...10:36
* ogra_ wonders if slangasek's cats play with the cable 10:37
infinityogra_: I'll accept it and blame you.  Welcome to the release team for the next 10 seconds.10:38
ogra_haha, go ahead10:38
ogra_hmm, with the right b-deps nux takes significantly longer to build on arm10:42
infinityogra_: Hahaha.10:45
infinityogra_: I'd say that's likely a good sign. :P10:45
Laneyoh, nice, I was just going to upload LO10:56
infinityLaney: Does your diff match mine?  That would be a nice sanity check.11:09
infinityogra_: nux copied to -release11:38
Laneyyeah, think so11:45
infinityLaney: So you caught the missing "cat" too? ;)11:46
ogra_infinity, yeah, i saw, thanks11:46
LaneyI lined up the &&s for sanity, then it stood out11:47
infinityLaney: Fair enough. ;)11:48
Laneythat's about as far as the sanity goes11:49
Laneyprobably enough libreoffice for the next year ;-)11:50
ogra_infinity, one more unity upload and we're done ...11:56
ogra_(no change ... should be in the queue in a second)11:56
ogra_there it is12:01
ogra_while there is a flickering issue when moving windows around (which i'm happy to release B1 with) it seems to all work fine ... yay12:02
* ogra_ will leave that bit to rsalveti :)12:04
Laneyogra_: why the diff?12:17
ogra_Laney, which diff ?12:25
ogra_Laney, http://paste.ubuntu.com/1181348/12:26
ogra_thats what i uploaded12:26
* ogra_ has to go now else my mom will get angry 12:29
Laneyogra_: check the diff on Launchpad12:29
ogra_url ?12:29
ogra_i can only see approved stuff usually12:30
ogra_oh, ignore the diff.gz, better check with debdiff12:31
ogra_6.4.0 is a complete mess (accidentially uploaded as native etc)12:31
ogra_the debdiff should be fine (there is no orig.tar.gz anywhere, not even in the unity PPA so we have to live with that mess until someone re-packages)12:32
ogra_anyway, i'm hours late due to that sh*t and i'm out now12:33
LaneyI see the same thing when I debdiff12:34
Laneyyeah, gotta go fix my bike actually :P12:34
* ogra_ really didnt plan to woth through for two days including a half nightshift12:34
Laneycan look later12:34
ogra_F*CK !!!!12:34
Laneygo away!12:34
ogra_why does LP show something different from what i see here12:34
* ogra_ doesnt get that 12:35
ogra_anyway, out now, if it isnt fixed tonight when i return i'll take another look ... its just a rebuild after all12:35
* ogra_ waves12:36
jbichais it intentional that the i386 quantal daily has the German language pack but amd64 doesn't?15:32
Mirvogra_: the unity tarball was uploaded to https://launchpad.net/unity on Friday16:20
stgraberjbicha: yes17:26
stgraberjbicha: there's more room on 32bit images than on 64bit17:26
jbichastgraber: what limit are we shooting for, for quantal? because if it's 800MB, we have room, right?17:27
stgraberjbicha: it's usually something we tweak around release but yeah, we'll likely fill some of the remaining space on all images with langpacks17:28
stgraberthough i386 will still likely have more langpacks than amd64, just because the files tend to be smaller, leaving more room for langpacks17:29
jbichaok, cool17:29
Laneyogra_: rejecting yours, mine has the expected diff17:39
Laneystgraber: could you maybe look at unity please? (no-change rebuild)17:39
stgraberLaney: sure17:47
slangasekogra_: nah; I seem to have been having some IPv6 routing problems last night17:48
Laneyoh. argh.18:46
ogra_Laney, thx, checking the log21:02
* ogra_ scratches head 21:04
ogra_that cant be ..21:04
ogra_it doesnt do that in a local build21:06
ogra_hmm, i wonder why21:13
ogra_given that dash/previews/CMakeLists.txt actually hadcodes the linker stuff21:14
ogra_Mirv, any idea about https://launchpadlibrarian.net/114534081/buildlog_ubuntu-quantal-armel.unity_6.4.0-0ubuntu3_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz woudl be appreciated21:16
* ogra_ really isnt good at cmake21:17
ogra_i understand that -lGL -lGLU is hardcoded in dash/previews/CMakeLists.txt21:18
ogra_(i still dont understand why it builds locally ... i actually built that version twice successfully here )21:20
iulianWhy are new versions of packages being uploaded without a bug reference number? The diff is huge and impossible to review. :-(21:24
ogra_what package are you referring to ?21:25
iulianogra_: nemiver, caribou, genius.21:26
iulianThey were uploaded just a few minutes ago.21:27
ogra_well, its universe, does FF apply there ?21:27
LaneyFF certainly does, beta freeze not21:27
ogra_hrm, the cmale syntax doesnt seem to know "else"21:28
iulianThey should've been approved first before uploaded.21:28
rsalvetiogra_: I'm working on trying to get the kernel in place for a fully working unity on panda now21:29
ogra_rsalveti, well, i would first like a working unity at all21:30
jbichacaribou is a GNOME micro-release on the way to the next stable release so that should be fine21:30
rsalvetiogra_: what is the issue still?21:30
* rsalveti just got back from plumbers21:30
* ogra_ already spent his whole weekend to sort that mess21:30
ogra_/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lGL21:31
ogra_/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lGLU21:31
ogra_some new code that hardcodes GL21:31
rsalvetiI just the bug you sent me, but I believe it was all lack of the right build dependencies?21:31
ogra_funnily i can build it locally in a clean chroot on armhf without *any* issue21:31
iulianjbicha: I can't see any bugs mentioned in the changelog. How are we supposed to know that? :(21:32
ogra_rsalveti, looking at dash/previews/CMakeLists.txt ... there is  ....  set (LIBS ${CACHED_UNITY_DEPS_LIBRARIES} "-lunity-core-${UNITY_API_VERSION} -lm -lGL -lGLU") ...21:32
rsalvetioh, hardcoded21:32
ogra_i could just override that with an if (${CMAKE_SYSTEM_PROCESSOR} STREQUAL "armv7l") it seems ...21:32
ogra_but there is no "else" command and i'm not sure if one set just overrides a formerly set one21:33
rsalvetiI believe there's a way to depend on when you're building for gl or gles21:33
ogra_read: i have not much clue about cmake21:33
ogra_that seems to be our last showstopper21:33
jbichaiulian: the NEWS entry in the caribou diff is rather small...21:33
rsalvetialright, will set my builders and machines so I can give it a try21:34
ogra_my locally build unity works just fine (apart from an off flickering bug but i'm willing to live with that for B1)21:34
rsalvetiogra_: at least we have all the right packages in place already, right?21:34
rsalvetiI mean, the version which all supposes support gles21:34
ogra_rsalveti, yup, compiz and nux are fine now21:34
rsalvetiyeah, cool21:34
ogra_and the current desktop image has PVR OOTB21:34
rsalvetithat's great :-)21:34
ogra_right on first boot21:34
rsalvetiogra_: will take a look in a few21:36
rsalvetithe kernel changes are also possible for b1, but not that critical I'd also say21:37
rsalvetiand the changes are quite intrusive, so we'd probably need a few days for testing and such21:37
ogra_rsalveti, thx, i'm really getting exhausted after the second day with the same crappy stuff21:37
ogra_yeah, lets keep them for post beta21:37
ogra_the current kernel is ok ... it boots and all devices seem to work :)21:38
rsalvetiyeah :-)21:38
ogra_oh, if you touch unity, beware, it somehow turned into a native package with the last upstream dump21:40
rsalvetioh, ok21:40
ogra_and the clean target doesnt seem to properly clean up, check your debdiffs ;)21:41
rsalvetihaha, ok :-)21:41
iulianjbicha: I've just noticed it's a bug fix upload. It would've made my life a lot easier if I had seen "bug fix release" somewhere in the changelog. I personally first read debian/changelog when I review things so I know what to expect.21:50
micahgLaney: with the new ubuntu-gnome, beta freeze might indeed apply to those packages21:57
ogra_micahg, why, does it apply to xubuntu or lubuntu (beyond what they define as freeze themselves)21:59
jbichacaribou is the only one out of that set that is part of ubuntu-gnome22:00
micahgogra_: beta freeze applies to packages that affect all images (I was supposed to fix the wiki)22:00
* micahg does that now22:00
ogra_ah, k22:01
ogra_i thought its up to the flavours to decide that for their packagesets22:01
micahgogra_: flavors can decide if something should get in or not if it only affects them22:02
ogra_yeah, thats what i remembered22:02
micahgbut they still need to coordinate with the release team and not just blindly upload22:03
micahgif anyone wants to review https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BetaFreeze?action=diff&rev2=8&rev1=7 to make sure I didn't miscommunicate anything22:08
* ogra_ finds it confusion that the wiki marks deletions in green22:09
ogra_micahg, i would add a line about flavurs22:10
ogra_i.e. "this also applies to derivative flavour images built in the ubuntu infrastructure" or some such22:10
micahgogra_: saying what?  flavors ship images the same as anyone else22:10
ogra_perfect :)22:14
xnoxmicahg: ogra_: my understanding was that we were meant to use proposed somehow....22:17
ogra_well, yes and no :)22:18
micahgxnox: yeah, I didn't include anything about that as the previous version didn't :)22:18
ogra_proposed in any case for sets of packages that have a dependency chain22:18
micahgproposed can be used during freeze to continue uploads as well22:18
micahgoh, hrm, maybe not this time around :)22:19
micahgwasn't included in the release announcement22:19
ogra_well, it will still work as last time :)22:19
slangasekogra_: so in nux supposed to be fixed now in quantal?  compiz still segfaults for me here22:46
ogra_do you run compiz standalone without unity ?22:46
slangasekogra_: I'm trying to use the default desktop22:47
ogra_(else its likely unity that segfaults ... unity being a set of compiz plugins somewhat hides where the crash actually comes from)22:47
ogra_(thats actually why i spent so much time in looking into compiz instaed of unity in the beginning yesterday22:47
ogra_slangasek, i just updated bug 104470922:48
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1044709 in unity "unity-6.4.0 from quantal-proposed crashed with SIGSEGV on omap4" [Critical,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/104470922:48
ogra_slangasek, and rsalveti is looking into fixing it22:48
ogra_what i still dont get is why it builds properly in a local chroot on armhf here22:49
ogra_i could give you properly working binaries :) my panda desktop runs just fine over here22:49
slangasekogra_: so that unity task should be reopened then?22:55
ogra_something like this should fix it i guess http://paste.ubuntu.com/1182513/22:56
ogra_(untested and not 100% sure since i dont speak cmake ...)22:57
ogra_but i guess rsalveti has a better and cleaner way22:57
ogra_(or will find one at least)22:58
slangasekwell, the first part shouldn't be done that way... -fPIC should be the default, not the exception22:58
slangasek(and I wonder if they have a good reason for not using -fPIC on i386)22:58
ogra_it is like that in all other CMakeLists.txt files in the source22:59
ogra_that part i just took over from the others22:59
slangasekoh; then I guess unity is completely broken on powerpc22:59
slangasekbecause that sure isn't going to work on any !x86 arch :P22:59
ogra_well, as i said, it works fine on armhf (even without that fix) over here ... i must have a magic chroot or something ...23:00
ogra_i even re-rolled the chroot today to make sure its clean23:01
ogra_(several times)23:03
* ogra_ sets the bug back to triaged23:06
xnoxogra_: cmake syntax looks valid, but it is not very CMake'ish way to set -fPIC23:25
xnoxslangasek: while I agree that -fPIC should be the default, but little does CMake care....23:26
ogra_xnox, yeah, starting a testbuild now, i have set up my build env completely from scratch now, we'll see how it goes23:47

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