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methodsanyone know how to get snmpwalk to show names instead of numbers ?06:46
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jetoleHey guys. Does anyone know a command that will show me which license a debian package has?08:32
jetolefor example if I have apache install and then I could run `apt-some-cmd --option1 apache2` and it would say apache2 has the apache license or something?08:34
anti-freezejetole, try using aptitude to find the package and get some info08:40
jetoleyeah I'm looking into this now and it looks like licensing info isn't a standard part of a .deb file (surprised) but for the most part, for most applications, it looks like /usr/share/doc/<pkg>/copyright is the file to look at08:41
jetoleThis is going to make a compiling a collection of licenses we use much more difficult08:42
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ZaehlasI critically need assistance troubleshooting dhcp.   clean server install, being forced to use the new isc dhcp.  I have checked config and log files best I can.  The server gets requests, and answers them, but my systems wont connect.  I have a paste with a few of the config files, log of the requests, and the running process..  http://pastebin.com/ZC3pHGhA11:24
ZaehlasPlease help...  I've been fighting this issue for a few days now.  Canonical support won't be available for days, and I have to pay for an entire year it seems, not one issue.  Prior to this clean install, the server and dhcp WORKED11:25
randomDudeso i've logged into my ubuntu 12.04 server via ssh, and the greeting message reveals it needs a restart. is there a way to reveal why it needs a restart?11:28
andolrandomDude: Apart from parsing logs I am not sure if there is a trivial/obvious way to find out why, but it is most likely due to a new kernel-upgrade having been installed.11:34
andolrandomDude: That login message is display when the file /var/run/reboot-required is detected, and I assume that file is created by package upgrade which requires a reboot.11:36
RoyKZaehlas: check the logs first11:37
andolrandomDude: Hmm, did a bit of reading, and the package(s) in question might be listed in /var/run/reboot-required.pkgs11:37
randomDudeandol: contains :  linux-image-3.2.0-29-generic linux-base11:38
randomDudeandol: cheers11:38
ZaehlasRoyK, hmm..  problems reading?  check the paste above, it has my logs in it.11:40
ZaehlasThe switch is working, I've swapped cables, definitely having some sort of an issue with pinging on my internal network, but I have less than 3 houirs to get to the airport, and this all worked 2 days ago, I'm sure its not a hardware issue11:41
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mwcampbelllibvirt newbie question: If I want to delete the entire configuration for a VM, do I just delete the config file in /etc/libvirt/qemu, or is there a virsh command I can use to do that?15:22
mwcampbellah, found the undefine command15:25
NepheloHello, I've got a problem with my Ubuntu 10.04 Serversystem. I'm using mdadm (raid 5) and smbd for network shares. After a time the server freezes, only a reset helps. RAM is ok, and FS seems to. I tried to create an archive and this works. Nothing in syslog. Can someone help me?15:27
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NepheloNo one :(16:22
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Troy^Nephelo: hmm that is weird im using raid 1 and samba but not sharing the Raid 1 drives. I do sometimes get very laggy input/output for some reason.. I don't know where to start16:26
Patrickdkfor nephelo, dunno16:30
Patrickdktroy, using mdadm or dmraid?16:30
NepheloI think the problem is not the Filesystem itself, because creating a big archive works.17:06
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maxb /goe17:47
JeffsiHello, I have a ubuntu server and recently whenever I login it gives me this[ http://pastebin.com/PzUftHQQ ] I have no idea how to fix the fifth line so it displays correctly. In addition to this I am having difficulty using commands like ifconfig which give a similar error. Anyone know what may be causing this?17:52
TheLordOfTimeJeffsi:  unknown paste ID18:00
TheLordOfTimeyour pastebin is invalid,.18:00
Troy^he deleted it, because it did work18:00
JeffsiTheLordOfTime: i still have the issue but i set the timer too short18:01
TheLordOfTimeJeffsi:  can you show me a pastebin of the output of `ls -alshF /bin/` | grep ls  ?18:02
TheLordOfTimeif 'ls' is missing on your system, something is wrong :P18:03
Jeffsino such file or directory18:04
Patrickdkor path is messed up18:04
Patrickdkor your running a funky shell :)18:04
TheLordOfTimeoh right, forgot ls is gone18:04
TheLordOfTimedamn it xD18:04
TheLordOfTimeWOAH HOLY CRAP18:04
Jeffsii have no idea how this could have happened18:04
* TheLordOfTime just segfaulted PHP on a production server18:04
PatrickdkTheLordOfTime, that can't be *too hard* to do :)18:05
TheLordOfTimewell... memory level segfaults are kind of hard to do18:07
TheLordOfTimeand this one's a damn oddball one18:07
* TheLordOfTime thinks he knows what happened and goes to fix18:08
TheLordOfTimeJeffsi:  what's `echo $PATH` show?18:08
JeffsiTheLordOfTime: http://pastebin.com/Lhmdvn1318:09
Troy^can you guys help me i have tried several different things to get hddtemp to run now root so i can add it to my login motd18:15
Troy^fizz@server:~$ hddtemp /dev/sda18:15
Troy^ /dev/sda: Permission denied18:15
Troy^ 18:15
TheLordOfTimeTroy^:  try with sudo18:16
TheLordOfTime/dev/ is a protected folder, last i checked18:16
Troy^well i know it works with sudo18:16
Troy^i want to use hddtemp without it for a login motd18:16
Patrickdkwell, it's not going work without sudo18:16
Patrickdkso you need to give permission to run that using sudo in sudoers18:16
Patrickdkor, have the motd update script run it instead18:16
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JeffsiTheLordOfTime: did that help at all? I'm really stuck and tempted to clean install18:21
TheLordOfTimeJeffsi:  that's what i'd advise, back up any critical data18:21
Jeffsilooks like i will have something to do this evening then, but that is probably best. Any idea how this could have happened? Im guessing maybe an update broke it.18:24
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Troy^Patrickdk: if i use the motd update scripts won't it still need sudo?18:45
Patrickdknot sure, if those scripts are run as root, no18:47
Troy^no meaning?18:49
TheLordOfTimeTroy^:  he's not sure dude18:49
TheLordOfTimei'd ignore the "no" part, just assume "not sure"18:49
TheLordOfTimebut until you test it, well...18:50
Troy^lol ok18:50
Troy^-rwxr-xr-x   1 root root   29 Sep  2 15:51 51-hddtemp-info so this in /etc/update-motd.d should run right?18:54
Troy^doesn't seem to be working18:57
Troy^there we go got it to work without sudo19:06
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TheLordOfTimeanyone able to help me diagnose an issue with 'gssd' where it can't start?  A user needs it to mount their nfs share(s)19:44
TheLordOfTimehttp://pastebin.com/E8YQ7UTJ  <-- relevant output and log files19:45
PatrickdkTheLordOfTime, try doing what the logs tell you :)19:52
TheLordOfTimePatrickdk:  right, not helpful, considering nothing's using it...19:52
TheLordOfTimejust looked too19:52
TheLordOfTimelemme try a reboot19:52
TheLordOfTimesee if that fixes the thing19:52
TheLordOfTimePatrickdk:  nothing shows in *any* output anywhere19:53
TheLordOfTimethe last time i ran into this i had to reboot to get it to force unmount19:53
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TheLordOfTimeand stop being busy19:53
Patrickdkya, I've had that issue with lsof19:53
Patrickdklooks like nothing is, but something is, just using it under a different name19:53
TheLordOfTimePatrickdk:  https://pastebin.com/jJbaYNp819:59
TheLordOfTimethat's the lsof output, when grep'd19:59
Patrickdkthat is an issue20:00
TheLordOfTimenow, how do we resolve it?20:00
TheLordOfTimewhat is rpc.idmapd anyways?20:01
Patrickdkthe other part that is *required*20:01
Patrickdkhmm, it shouldn't be erroring20:02
Patrickdkwhat version ubuntu?20:02
Patrickdkwonder why it's attempting to unmount20:02
TheLordOfTimegood question20:02
TheLordOfTimebut i cant start gssd20:02
TheLordOfTimewhich means the system can't mount the NFS share20:03
TheLordOfTimebecause gssd is *required* in order to use this NFS system20:03
Patrickdksure it can, it just can't do it using nfs4 :)20:03
TheLordOfTime<TheLordOfTime> because gssd is *required* in order to use this NFS system  <--020:03
TheLordOfTimewell nfs4 is the only way to access it, so...20:04
TheLordOfTimei guess that there's no solution?20:04
Patrickdkyou updated?20:04
TheLordOfTimeupdated about 6 hours ago20:04
Patrickdk                # ignore any failures caused by the filesystem still20:04
Patrickdk                # being in use20:04
Patrickdk                umount "$PIPEFS_MOUNTPOINT" || true20:04
TheLordOfTimerunning 12.04.1, so...20:04
TheLordOfTimeunless something went fubar...20:04
Patrickdkso those *errors* don't mean anything20:04
Patrickdkit's something else20:04
TheLordOfTimewell then why isnt gssd starting...20:05
TheLordOfTimethat's all that shows in the upstart logs for it20:05
TheLordOfTimeand gssd doesn't have its own logs20:05
TheLordOfTimewould there be anything in dmesg?20:05
Patrickdkdoubt it20:05
Patrickdknormally it would be in daemons or messages20:05
TheLordOfTimeshould i file a bug on gssd then?20:05
TheLordOfTimebecause this seriously fubar's systems20:05
Patrickdkwell, I have no issues running gss and idmap20:06
Patrickdkbut still, it should say somewhere why not20:06
TheLordOfTimewait i think i fixed it20:09
TheLordOfTimeapparently a config option was skipped, lemme test this now...20:09
TheLordOfTimethere we go20:11
TheLordOfTimei missed one configuration instruction to edit the nfs_common defaults20:11
TheLordOfTimeadding that made it start and stay started20:11
* TheLordOfTime facepalms20:11
PatrickdkI guess you already setup kerberos?20:11
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* TheLordOfTime has the urge to repeatedly facedesk, but resists that urge20:11
Patrickdkreally pointless to run gss without kerberos, cause gss depends on kerberos20:11
TheLordOfTimealready set that up20:12
TheLordOfTimekeytab, krb5.conf, etc. everything's configured for that20:12
TheLordOfTimejust forgot to change the nfs_common defaults in /etc/default/20:12
TheLordOfTimewhats the difference between krb5p and krb5i?20:13
TheLordOfTimeone's privacy, one's integrity, but what's that defined to be20:13
* TheLordOfTime kind of inherited this nfs share system, and didn't really want to inherit it20:14
TheLordOfTime(work sucks)20:14
RoyKunemployment sucks a bit more ;)20:14
TheLordOfTimegood point20:15
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MTecknologyHow can I put something in /etc/fstab so that it doesn't try to mount until there's a network connection?20:32
MTecknologyIf I add _netdev I get "unknown option _netdev (ignored)"20:37
Patrickdkwhen doing what?20:37
Troy^may need to stick some more ram in my server20:38
MTecknologyIn /etc/fstab I have this -  luxor.ngx.cc:ngx        /mnt/ngx        glusterfs       defaults                0 020:38
Patrickdkoh, netdev I think might be limited to nfs usage20:38
MTecknologyoh :(20:39
Patrickdkbut I dunno :)20:39
Patrickdknever used glusterfs20:39
TheLordOfTimePatrickdk:  ooh, where'd the syntax be for that, since that may make these nfs share thingy's easier :P20:39
Patrickdkman mount?20:39
TheLordOfTimei meant in the fstab entry20:40
TheLordOfTime(as in where would it go in the fstab entry)20:40
Patrickdkman fstab?20:40
Patrickdksuprisingly mount options go in the fstab options column :)20:40
* TheLordOfTime tries not to mess with fstab, probably why he hasnt memorized the syntax20:41
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jgcampbell300can anyone tell me the cobbler command to make cobbler use for eth1 in dns ... i have cloud on eth0 and connection to internet on eth1 ... but it is resetting my dns to local so i cant resolve updates or anything else on the net21:03
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jgcampbell300is there a way to make cobbler use local dns and then search external dns if i cant find what it is looking for21:26
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jgcampbell300i need help please with external dns working with ubuntu 12.04, cobbler, dnsmasq, maas-dhcp, juju22:11
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