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lee_hello.Can i install software using command 'sudo sh xxx.run' and specify it's owner?04:14
MartijnVdSlee_: depends on the software04:23
MartijnVdSlee_: sudo means you do it as root04:23
MartijnVdSlee_: you could use "sudo -u username sh xxx.run" to run the installer as that specific user04:23
AlanBellmorning all05:27
MartijnVdSAlanBell: morning05:28
AlanBellBoccia today05:58
MartijnVdSF1 today!05:58
AlanBellwhat time does F1 start?05:59
MartijnVdS12:10 on your side of the water :)05:59
MartijnVdS13:10 on my side06:00
AlanBellI might catch the finish06:00
kvarleyCan anybody point me in the direction of a good IP Tables tutorial/resource? I'm looking to block all traffic except for certain IP addresses on certain ports.07:58
kvarleyNvm, help.ubuntu.com knows all :)07:59
christelgood morning07:59
kvarleyCan anybody recommend a reasonably priced VPS host in the UK that will run Ubuntu Server as an encrypted install?08:06
MartijnVdSencrypted install?08:11
kvarleyMartijnVdS: Yeah the way when you install Ubuntu on a PC you can encrypt the home directory08:12
kvarleyI've found one but they would charge for it08:13
MartijnVdSalso.. you give them the key, so encrypting would be a bit useless08:13
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brobostigongood morning everyone.09:57
MartijnVdS\o brobostigon09:57
brobostigono/ MartijnVdS09:58
MartijnVdSLots of excitement in Spa :)12:12
kvarleyI'm using gufw as my firewall and it seems to be blocking connections even though I have set specific rules13:19
kvarleyI have set incoming traffic to deny but then specified certain IP addresses and ports to be allowed13:19
kvarleyWhen I allow incoming traffic I can connect so my rules don't seem to be working13:20
zleapwhat about your router, is that blocking stuff that gufw is allowing13:28
kvarleyzleap: I'm connecting from a machine on the same subnet on the lan so it shouldn't be an issue13:34
kvarleyzleap: My bad, mistyped one number which knocked the rule out lol13:38
zleapah np13:38
zleapeasy done that13:38
DJonesDoes anybody here use google sites for a small business website, just wondering how easy they are to set up and manage13:46
penguin42DJones: I've been kind of employed by a company that did, from an endusers point of view it worked well14:27
penguin42DJones: Oh actually, that was mail/etc probably not the website14:27
DJonesSeems fairly easy to use for basic websites from what I can see anyway14:29
AzelphurI keep on having issues with nautilus and gedit where they exhibit weird keyboard related behaviour. Gedit won't show a text cursor so I have no idea where I'm typing, and nautilus won't let me type to select a folder15:05
AzelphurIt almost seems like they are refusing to focus properly, I have to restart them to get the problem to go away15:05
kvarleyDoes anybody here know how I can view ejabberd error logs? I can't seem to connect to my ejabberd server with encryption required on my client but I can't see any error messsages15:25
* BigRedS assumes you've already looked for /var/log/ejabberd15:51
brobostigoncan you change to what detail it logs ?15:52
MartijnVdSis focus-follows-mouse forbidden now?15:57
MartijnVdSin unity?15:57
MartijnVdSI can unset "click to focus" but it won't stick :(15:58
BigRedSMartijnVdS: How would the menus work in focus follows mouse?15:58
MartijnVdSBigRedS: Menus? What are those?15:58
penguin42BigRedS: Not well is the answer15:58
penguin42BigRedS: It kind of works but is touchy, you can get around it with using F10 to bring up current menu15:59
BigRedShaha, that's why I stopped looking for focus-follows-mouse almost as soon as I started15:59
MartijnVdSjust remove the appmenu-gtk{,3} packages15:59
penguin42MartijnVdS: See bug 674138 and there seem to be some people also interested https://launchpad.net/~focus-follows-mouse16:00
lubotu3Launchpad bug 674138 in Unity ""Global" appmenu breaks sloppy focus" [Low,Won't fix] https://launchpad.net/bugs/67413816:00
MartijnVdSpenguin42: It worked until yesterday, then I upgraded my quantal machine16:01
MartijnVdSpenguin42: now it's b0rken16:01
MartijnVdSlast mail on that team mailing list is almost a year old16:01
penguin42MartijnVdS: Ah oh, I didn't realise you meant it had completely broken16:02
MartijnVdSand setting it in ccsm doesn't stick :(16:02
MartijnVdSlots of bugs about "HUD" focus..16:03
MartijnVdSI don't understand the HUD though... but that might be because I never use menus anywya16:04
BigRedSI was just wondering if anyone has got into the habit of using the hud16:09
BigRedSIt keeps breaking terminator's alt+arrow-key for me so I've disabled it16:09
BigRedSand I've never thought "Hm, wonder if it's worth re-enabling"16:10
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matttevening all16:49
matttwow, where has the day gone16:49
christelhiya mattt :)16:52
matttchristel: hey you16:54
christelhows tricks?17:03
kvarleyDoes anybody know how DNS SRV records work?17:29
RaycisCharlesMartijnVdS: did you see Van Persie's hat-trick against the Saints?17:29
RaycisCharleskvarley: yes...an application will register a SRV record in your DNS zone. Clients which query DNS for that service will know which node hosts the service.17:30
RaycisCharlesIn a nutshell.17:30
RaycisCharlesFor anything further, consult Google.17:30
MartijnVdSRaycisCharles: I have no idea.. I don't watch football.17:38
MartijnVdSRaycisCharles: sports are much more fun to DO than to watch17:38
kvarleyI have a subdomain that has an A record pointing to the IP of my server. Then I have a _xmpp-client as a SRV record to the subdomain but it still won't let me connect.17:40
BigRedSWhat's 'it'? My Jabber client connects to the IP at the end of the A record of the domain part of my username17:48
kvarleyBigRedS: Pidgin won't let me connect to the WAN IP of the server (obviously from another WAN IP)17:52
BigRedSwhy not? Can you telnet to it on the relevant port?17:52
kvarleyBigRedS: So I don't need SRV records specifically for this service so long as the ports are open?17:54
BigRedShowever your client finds the XMPP server you need to have the ports open so that traffic from the client can get to the server17:55
BigRedSyou need SRV records if your client requires them, pidgin doesn't appear to17:55
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davmor2hello all19:37
BigRedSGood morning!20:03
AlanBellmorning BigRedS20:04
BigRedSaha, good morning!20:04
BigRedSI come with a DNS problem :)20:04
BigRedSthat output makes no sense to me, does it to anyone else?20:05
BigRedSns0 and ns1.avi.co are my own nameservers, two VPSs running Bind20:05
AlanBellstandard question before I read it carefully, is there anything in a /etc/hosts file that shouldn't be there?20:06
BigRedSresolv.conf is looked after by n-m20:06
BigRedSCan you try the same for 'nickvaughan.org' please? That's what triggered this20:10
BigRedSah, I'm wondering if it's about DNS falling back on TCP where UDP's not allowed, I've a feeling neither of those hosts have much in the way of UDP permitted20:11
BigRedSthere's been a few people have problems with resolving names that I'm authoritative for, and thinking now it's only come up since ns0 ended up behind a different router20:12
BigRedSTa! I think I'll take this up with the Keeper Of The Routers tomorrow :)20:13
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bigcalmHi peeps :)21:23
christelheya bigcalm :)21:25
bigcalmEvening mgdm21:26
bigcalmHowdy christel :D21:26
bigcalmWhat are you kids up to?21:26
christelhullu m'dear21:26
christeli am crushing someones hope of employment -- you?21:26
bigcalm\o/ life sucks like that :|21:27
mgdmchristel: oh dear21:27
bigcalmI'm trying to put off going to bed because then it will be work that much sooner21:27
christelwhat sucks? i love it :D21:28
bigcalmSadist :P21:28
bigcalmWhich reminds me to check a certain site21:29
BigRedSA sadism one?21:29
bigcalmBigRedS: feels like it at time21:29
christelbigcalm: haha nah, it's not my fault that they're rubbish :P21:44
bigcalmThat would hamper their ability to work21:44
bigcalmTouch bored. What shall I do?22:00
BigRedSI can send you my todo list if you like? :)22:02
bigcalmI was hoping for something fun :P22:02
BigRedSah, nothing matching that description on it I'm afraid22:04
bigcalmI have 116 SVN repos to move to GIT. FML22:06
BigRedSjust stick the appropriate bash aliases in everyone's .bashrc22:06
mgdmbigcalm: it's not actually tat bad22:06
bigcalmmgdm: I've moved 3 so far22:07
bigcalmOr 5, small number any way22:08
bigcalmIt's just slow22:08
bigcalmBut some sites have been deployed using SVN (not my idea), which is going to be interesting getting git onto said servers and use deploy keys22:09
bigcalmOh, and there's Trac that needs setting up again as well22:09
* bigcalm spends a bit of time doing that :)22:09
bigcalmSleep now22:35
ali1234can mobile me/icloud send email from different addresses?23:11
ali1234no, it can't. lame23:12

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