snap-lHey wolfger16:31
snap-lUbuntu US MI meeting tonight at 9pm16:31
snap-lbe there, or wonder why you weren't there.16:31
lluawhere at?17:46
lluawhooooosh, nm17:46
greg-ghappy sunday that feels like saturday, everyone19:38
rick_h_droidugh just pulled in from the camp grounds and a return to cell service yay19:39
rick_h_droidnap time!19:49
greg-gnice, I took a 4 hour one yesterday, which is also why today feels like saturday to me19:51
greg-g(saturday didn't really exist)19:51
rick_h_droidyea a good nap will lose you a say for sure20:01
rick_h_woot my video is up21:20
rick_h_dammit, the cards against humanity set is sold out already?!21:31
rick_h_$150 for a $20 card set?!21:31
rick_h_ bwuhahaha http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VNSIDCwJxAg&feature=plcp21:35
snap-lMan, this is a busy weekend21:36
snap-land on top of it, we're taking in a cat to see if we're allergic to it.21:37
rick_h_ruh roh21:44
rick_h_a cat?21:44
rick_h_well I managed to get the two expansion packs at least ... grrrr21:44
wolfger3-day weekend. I think I'll hop in here at 9PM tomorrow and ask "where is everybody?" ;-)21:51
snap-lYeah, sister-in-law's sister inherited some cats from a litter23:16
snap-lthey took one, and we're testing out one of the others23:16
snap-lit's a black cat with a white patch in front23:16
snap-lwe're calling it pixel23:16
snap-lit's coming up on it's three month birthday.23:17
rick_h_snap-l: good luck23:40
snap-lrick_h_: THanks.23:58
rick_h_snap-l: how's the FIL?23:58
rick_h_scrollback says better?23:58
snap-lFInding I'm mildly allergic to her, but hoping my immune system will get in gear23:58
snap-lYeah, he's better23:58
snap-lThey're planning physical therapy for him23:58

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