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thafreakpretty slick11:48
thafreakhas esata and gigabit ethernet w/ToE11:49
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Cheri703thafreak: would that have enough ram for some of the applications it's talking about?15:29
canthus131 GB would be plenty for a media server or some NAS software.15:36
Cheri703I guess I'm at a point of "why the heck is my computer hanging sometimes?" and wondering if it has to do with ram, so...I'm skeptical of low RAM atm15:41
canthus13Most automation software requires very little in the way of memory or CPU... it'd also make a decent print server.15:41
canthus13Hmm.. I'd keep htop running in a terminal and see what's going on.15:41
Cheri703I don't think I have stuff that is *too* intensive running15:41
Cheri703sometimes it hangs when I have a vm going, which, somewhat understandable, but I have 6gb RAM, quad core 2.4ghz, and the vm is running on like 2-3 depending on the day (I change it), and I'm running like chromium and quassel...and it'll hiccup opening a pdf or something15:42
canthus13Chromium eats ram like mad.15:43
Cheri703would switching to 64 bit help at all?15:43
Cheri703better than FF in my experience15:43
Cheri703Every so often I close chromium completely15:43
canthus13Meh. I don't know about that. lately, chromium has been using 3GB after a couple of days.15:43
Cheri703I shut down my computer every night now that it's in my bedroom...too many LEDs!15:44
canthus13It may not be RAM, either.  htop gives you your system load totals.. I'd check the load when it hangs.15:44
Cheri703I may check it out15:45
Cheri703(it's like a few cups and a mixing bowl, but STILL!)15:46

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