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Kilosmorning all06:58
kodezmorning uncle Kilos06:58
Kilosall good kodez ?06:59
kodezi am better than yesterday, thanks for asking07:01
kodezis there anyone using lubuntu here?07:06
Kiloshi Squirm 07:06
Squirmkodez: not I, but if it's a general Ubuntu issue you can ask anyway07:07
Squirmcan't say I'm a big fan of LXDE07:07
Kiloshi Cantide 07:07
Cantidehey Kilos :)07:07
Cantidehow are you/07:07
Squirmhello Cantide 07:07
Kilosgood ty and you?07:07
CantideSquirm :)07:07
CantideKilos, i'm okay - mild hangover and got 4 hours sleep last night07:07
Squirmalthough, LXDE is light :P07:07
Cantidebut it seems i will still be able to study07:07
Kilosself inflicted punishment07:08
Squirmthus why I don't feel sympathy :P07:08
Cantideyeah, i've been behaving for too long07:08
Cantideit was just a matter of time07:08
Cantideit's okay, it was worth it :)07:09
Squirmit never feels worth it the next day :/07:09
Cantidenah, i'm not that hungover, really07:09
Cantidejust a slight headache which might be more from lack of sleep07:10
SquirmFriday I was out, last night I just had a few beers watching the Sharks win07:10
Cantidenice :)07:10
Squirmand the Blue Bulls epic lose07:10
SquirmI lol'd07:10
CantideSquirm, are you from Bloem or DBN?07:10
CantideI also lol'd at that :p07:11
SquirmCantide: more central kzn07:11
Cantidebut you're a Sharks supporter i take it07:11
Cantidecool :)07:11
Cantidethat game was close07:11
Squirmwhere abouts are you from?07:11
Cantidewe always seem to slack off in the first half07:12
Squirmtbh, I can't believe we won. was an awesome comeback07:12
kodezhow to install pae?07:12
Cantidesucks to be a cheetahs fan07:12
Kilossharks always struggle in the beginning of the cup because half the team is in the boks squad07:12
Squirmdown 21-607:12
Squirmand we won07:12
CantideKilos, that's also true, but it's true for bulls and WP, too07:13
Kiloswell see when they are all home again07:14
Squirmkodez: I don't know, sorry07:14
Kiloswasnt happy losing to the bulls last week07:14
Cantidei'm still pining after that loss to the chiefs07:14
Cantidein the super rugby07:14
Cantidethink i've seen enough rugby for the year07:14
Kilosya that was sad07:14
Kiloslike the sharks were payed to lose07:14
Cantidenot so sure about that07:15
Cantidethey ran us off our feet07:16
kodezif i configure that my laptop must switch off if not used in ten minutes, it does so even if i am playing a movie. how can i correct this?07:16
* Cantide doesn't know about auto-shutdown ._.07:16
Kiloskodez, is there a lubuntu irc channel07:18
Kilosyip #lubuntu07:18
Kilosthey might know the ins and outs of lubuntu better07:19
Kiloshi psydroid 07:19
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CanStudyi think i'd better get started... else i might procrastinate all day :p07:19
psydroidhi Kilos and CanStudy07:20
CanStudyhi ^^07:20
kodezuncle Kilos, I am consistently failing to get an answer from them07:21
Kilosthats one of those channels where you have to be very patient07:22
Kilosno other channel seems as quick to offer help as here07:22
kodezI will keep on trying to research how to fix my laptop07:23
CanStudythe last solution on that page sounds good07:24
CanStudybut i'm no script-guru, so i wouldn't know how suitable it is :-S07:24
CanStudytrying can't hurt, surely...07:24
Kilosgonna sort sheep07:25
kodezCanStudy, thanks. i now have ideas how to fix my problem07:31
Kiloskodez, dont you have an option where you can do screensavers and power07:42
Kilosand make your settings default07:43
kodezi do. if i use those ones to switch off the system if not used for 10 minutes, it do so even if i am watching a movie07:45
Kilosgo change them again07:52
Kilosset it for never switch off for starters07:53
kodezi did. i think i must try to use the script to check if i am still using it07:53
kodezhow can i modify the script to check if mplayer or vlc is being used if not switch off?08:01
Kiloskodez, why did you go for lubuntu09:18
kodezunity and gnome 3 doesn't work in old laptops and i tried puppy linux and it worked well i then changed it to lubuntu after the launch of ubuntu 12.0409:20
Kilosdoesnt unity 2d work even?09:22
Kilosmy desktop pc is old but it works here09:22
kodezit does work well09:22
CanStudyunity 2d is going to be dropped, afaik09:22
Kilosarent they bringing something else out in its place for older pcs?09:23
Kilosi read somewhere about a new interface i think its called09:23
kodezunity doesn't work well in my mother's laptop09:24
Kilosinetpro, should know09:24
Kilosi only use 2d as well because when i activate the nvidia-server thing it sees my pc as a lappy and goes 640x480 screen09:25
Kilosso i gave up and use 2d09:25
CanStudytried updating drivers?09:27
kodezi am happy with lubuntu even it's not in the unity standard09:28
Kilosi will try lubuntu when my son gets here with the iso sometime09:31
kodezwhere are you residing uncle Kilos?09:32
kodezwhich side? east, west, south?09:33
kodezor north?09:33
Kiloswest 09:33
Kilostowards brits09:33
kodezyou are far from me. I have the desktop and alternate 32 bit.09:34
Kilosmy son will bring when he gets a chance or has work to do in pta09:34
Kiloshe has downloaded lots of iso's for me09:35
Kilosbut im still getting used to unity 2d so no rush09:35
Kilosbut still prefer gnome209:35
Kilosi have even tried tinycorelinux but cant get the usb modem to connect without getting more packages09:37
kodezi prefere gnome2 too09:37
Kilosit was quicker in my opinion09:38
Kiloswell still is09:39
kodezlet me get my work of the incoming tray and will log in again later09:43
Kiloshi smile4 09:48
smile4hi Kilos 09:49
smile4I'm tired09:49
SquirmI'm Squirm10:05
* Squirm ponders10:06
smile4Squirm: both! :p10:09
Squirmsmile4: I'm scared10:45
Kilosyou scared Squirm ?10:56
Kilosoh my10:57
Squirmwhat if I break something10:58
Squirmand then I've lost my data10:58
Kiloscant you do it in virtual box10:58
SquirmI want to install Ubuntu10:59
Kilosthen run alongside10:59
SquirmI have 3 partitions, / and /home and one where I store windows. so if I install it on /, I technically shouldn't lose my data11:00
Squirmbut I'm scared :P11:00
Kilosbackup first11:01
sakhitechinally you should not loose data as long as backup and create a volume/partition for the new installation.11:01
Squirmsakhi: I want to overwrite my current distro. there shouldn't be a problem11:02
SquirmI can format and install it on sda1, because all my non-OS data is on sda511:03
sakhiwhy don't you do-release-upgrade?11:03
sakhithat way you wont loose data but you will use bandwidth11:04
Squirmpossible to move from Debian Squeeze to Ubuntu Natty?11:04
SquirmI'll format11:09
Squirmmebbe tomorrow11:09
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KilosMaaz, coffee on14:35
* Maaz starts grinding coffee14:35
Kiloskbmonkey, you here?14:35
Kiloshi superfly 14:35
superflyhi Kilos14:37
MaazCoffee's ready for Kilos!14:39
KilosMaaz, ty14:39
MaazYou are welcome Kilos14:39
Cantideso Ubuntu just died on me -.-15:32
CantidePC froze, when i rebooted had a nice little kernel panic15:32
Cantidei think the kernel got corrupt when it froze15:32
Cantidehow do i fix this without reinstalling?15:33
SymmetriaIm gonna have to switch to using cli exclusively15:47
Symmetriamy damn dog just stole my second wireless mouse 15:47
Symmetriaand chewed it up15:47
KilosCantide, can you boot to grub menu and go recovery15:48
Cantidei tried15:48
Cantideit failed15:48
Cantidethis looks okay15:48
Kilosboot from cd then get boot-repair15:48
Cantidei'll give it a shot..15:48
Kilosok try that first15:49
KilosCantide, how did you get here if you cant boot15:50
Cantidesometimes it reaches grub15:50
Cantidesometimes it doesn't15:50
Cantidehad a kernel panic once15:51
Cantideanother time i didn't15:51
Kilosok try till you see recovery then use that15:51
Kilosotherwise option 2 here15:54
Cantidei think i need to reboot to see if i fixed it16:01
Kiloscheers smile4 16:02
smile4byebye :)16:02
Kilosoh my cantide didnt win, looks like16:37
SymmetriaI want something that can read mp3 id3 tags and make me a nice html index16:39
Symmetriahrm it seems that mp3tag can do that16:41
KilosSymmetria, are you using ubuntu?16:42
Symmetriakilos using about every operating system you can name :)16:42
SymmetriaI have loads of machines here at home16:42
Symmetriaheh, I got a tag editor, been editing tags alllll day16:43
Symmetrianow I just wanna make pretty index's 16:43
Symmetriagot about 17 thousand tracks not properly tagged yet 16:43
Symmetriain the mp3 section16:43
Symmetriamaybe another 15 thousand flacs 16:43
Kilosyour music is gonna be the death of you16:43
Symmetriawhich means Im 2/3rds of the way through :p16:43
Symmetriaactually real easy to tag with the software Im using16:44
Symmetriaselect the album, tell the software to search amazon for the album, hit review, make sure that the tagging matches up with the actual tracks and hit go16:44
Symmetriaand it tags the album with the album art from amazon and the proper track names, numbers, etc16:44
Kilosone by one16:45
Kilosyou gonna be old and gray before you finished16:45
Symmetriaheh no, it does it basically an album at a time16:45
Symmetriathen hit another button and it renames all the files nicely and puts em in nice directories16:45
Symmetriawith some pretty cool regex's16:46
Symmetrialol, hold on, will show you something16:46
Symmetriakilos whats your email addy :)16:46
Symmetria:p go look at that16:50
Symmetriaheh everything thats not in the unsorted section is correctly tagged, with correct album art etc16:51
Kilosholy moly16:52
Kiloswill take years to listen to all of that16:52
Symmetrialol, scary thing is, if its not a bootleg or impossible to buy, I own originals for I would recon 99% of that16:52
Kilosno master of reality by sabbath16:53
Kilosor have i got the wrong group16:53
Symmetriahrm, if I dont have it lol, I'll probably find it when I do my next check against what Im missing in discographies and get it then16:53
Symmetriaevery so often I take each artist and do a search and fill in missing albums16:54
Kerberoi would in such a case just index all my music in a mysql database16:54
Kerberoand write a php script to display w/e on a website16:54
Symmetriaheh yeah i should do that 16:55
Kerberoit is basically what i did with my series16:55
Kilosdunno why i remember that16:55
Kilosmusta enjoyed it 100 years ago16:56
Symmetriaheh some of the stuff I have to actually scan the damn artwork myself because not even amazon can find it :p16:56
Symmetriayou know something is pretty rare when amazon, discogz and freedb cant match it16:58
Kerberoi had it a lot with some classical cd's of my parents17:00
Kerberoand some afrikaans artists' cd's17:00
Kilosits no wonder youre always complaining about prices17:00
Kilosmusic costs17:00
Symmetriaheh kilos I dont even wanna know how much Ive spent on my music collection17:02
Symmetriaits an insanely sick amount 17:02
Symmetriasimilar to my book collection17:02
Symmetrialol, I have 1300 fantasy titles in my book library excluding my ebooks17:02
Symmetria1300 books x average of 120 bux a book probably = way 2 much money :p17:03
magespawnevening all17:30
Kiloshi magespawn 17:32
magespawnhey Kilos17:32
Kilosmy external was mounted as /media/usb0 and 117:32
magespawnahh there we go, nice to find the answer17:35
Kilosbut had to go into home filesystem to find it17:35
Kilosbooted from maverick again and they show on desktop as backup and storage17:36
Kiloshows things by you?17:37
Cantidegood news17:42
Cantidei got it working '-'17:42
Kilosyay wb17:42
Cantidebad news17:42
Kilosuh oh17:42
Cantidei fought with a girl for a few hours else i would have been back online sooner17:42
magespawngood thanks Kilos17:43
Kiloswoulda been bad news if you pc was dead17:43
Cantideyeah, because i can't buy another PC17:43
KilosCantide, save that last link i gave you17:43
Cantidebut i can buy another girl :p17:43
Cantideboot repair thingy?17:43
Cantidei'll find it again if i need it :p17:43
magespawnnot a good thing to fight with a girl, you always lose even if you thinknyou have won17:43
Cantideoh, i won17:43
Cantideand she got upset so she left17:44
Cantideshe knew that i knew i won17:44
Kilosthat works when nothing else does Cantide 17:44
Cantidethanks Kilos :)17:44
nuvolarieek :-/ had no electricity for just over 13 hours today :(17:44
Kiloshaha magespawn  you so right17:44
nuvolarihowdy oom Kilos, magespawn, Cantide 17:44
Kiloseish nuvolari 17:44
magespawnhey nuvolari17:45
Cantidehello :)17:45
Cantidewelcome back to civilisation :p17:45
magespawnbuy a solar panel, generator and a big ups17:45
nuvolarithank you! We are so dependent on electricity it's not even funny17:45
Cantideand a bicycle (hamster wheel style)17:46
nuvolariwhat do you do an entire day without a computer? :O17:46
* nuvolari napped17:46
nuvolariok, and played guitar a little bit17:46
magespawntake photos17:46
Cantidesometimes it's a good thing :p17:46
nuvolarimagespawn: that solar panel can come in handy!17:47
magespawnright with a pen and paper17:47
nuvolariCantide: +1 on that17:47
magespawnsuperfly you around?17:47
nuvolarione needs a break from tech, even the basic household electronics, once in a while17:47
magespawnyup indeed17:48
nuvolarimagespawn: right, one can even write :P17:48
* nuvolari ducks17:48
magespawnthat too17:48
* magespawn slaps nuvolari with a wet trout17:49
* nuvolari hangs his fishy smelling shirt up by magespawn's PC17:50
magespawni wonder why the fish always gets it17:50
nuvolarioh no, this isn't happening... this isn't happening!!! :(17:51
magespawnbye nuvolari17:51
nuvolarigreat, the one area at the office is becoming a temporary nursery...17:51
nuvolarino, electricity is fine now :P17:51
Kilosnow you can have kids17:51
magespawnooh thought the power was going again17:51
nuvolarihaving babbies crying and pooping around the office is not the best of ideas IMHO17:52
magespawnyou at the office now?17:52
Cantidesomehow i pictured plants before babies..17:52
nuvolarijust got an email from the CEO17:52
nuvolariCantide: yeh, that would be better, 'green' and silent17:52
nuvolariKilos: I still need a woman to have them with :P17:53
nuvolariotherwise I'm quite stuck17:53
Kilosoh ya17:53
* nuvolari takes a peek anyhow17:54
Kilosthere some cute ruskies17:54
Cantidenuvolari, well, there is a girl in Busan right now17:55
Cantidewho may be vulnerable17:55
Cantidejust saying17:55
nuvolariBusan? where's that?17:55
CantideSouth Korea17:55
Cantidejust swim there quickly17:55
magespawnbit far17:56
nuvolariI think I prefer ze russians17:56
magespawnfish 1 is now making his own starcraft maps17:58
nuvolariwait, what did I miss? fish 1?17:58
nuvolariooh :P17:59
superflymagespawn: sorta, what's up?18:00
magespawnwhen you use the Go Launcher Ex did remove the HTC Sense?18:02
superflymagespawn: I don't have an HTC. but as far as I know, it replaces it, but it shouldn't remove it completely18:04
magespawnohh you using it on a sumsung then?18:05
superflyno, on a Kindle18:05
magespawnno it does not, when using the home button from a program i get a choice of which one to use18:06
superflymagespawn: yes, and I was given the option of making one of the the default action18:07
magespawnahh I did not do that, will rectify that shortly18:08
magespawnahh ty if i used the choice without defaulting it was taking a long while to load18:10
magespawnnight all19:17
Kilosnight magespawn and others19:35
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