histomatts45acp: did you do the one I posted at 19:58  ?00:00
lidarGoron: its a shell command00:00
tarvidit finds no useable interfaces on my desktop00:00
Goronlidar: Yes, but what did it do..?00:01
histotarvid: what kind of network cards do you have?00:01
vmGoron: so there are 3 ways. but add a swapfile or add more swap partitions need to install grub or change MBR?00:02
matts45acphisto, yes and just put in password00:02
tarvidit worked a couple of days ago00:02
histomatts45acp: okay now chmod ugo+wrx /home/myname/share00:02
tarvidon  my laptop with lxde and have no problems without it00:02
dr_willisadding a swap file or new swap parittion, wont  affect grub00:02
Goronvm: Gparted sounds the easiest way but you may learn more about your system doing other things.00:03
Lunar_Landergood evening00:03
Lunar_LanderI got the OpenJDK thing and yesterday one of my friends came up with a security entry on the Oracle page about a Java exploit and today he told me that it is also applicable to OpenJDK00:04
Lunar_Landerwhat shall I do now?00:04
wmarone__is anyone else playing around with ubuntu on a tablet?00:04
matts45acphisto, ok now00:04
histomatts45acp: after that sudo exportfs -ra && sudo /etc/init.d/nfs-kernel-server restart00:04
matts45acphisto, ok now what00:04
histomatts45acp: now on your client install nfs-common00:05
ActionParsnipLunar_Lander: have you tried in #java too?00:08
graingertLunar_Lamp: wait for the update00:09
DrGrovHi everyone. Got a Lucid Medibuntu problem with the signature. Should I paste here the output or use pastebin?00:10
graingertLunar_Lamp: security updates are usually very quick with ubuntu00:10
minix2004Aah histo: You can learn how to edit a file where?00:10
histominix2004: http://mintaka.sdsu.edu/reu/nano.html  or you can man nano00:11
Lunar_LanderActionParsnip, not yet00:11
matts45acphisto, ok now what00:11
histominix2004: that's one of the many editors00:11
DrGrovIt says the following: W: GPG error: http://packages.medibuntu.org lucid Release: The following signatures were invalid: BADSIG 2EBC26B60C5A2783 Medibuntu Packaging Team <admin@lists.medibuntu.org>00:11
histomatts45acp: now on the client you need to mkdir some/folder/name  where you want the share mounted00:12
bazhang!gpgerr | DrGrov00:12
ubottuDrGrov: Getting GPG errors after adding custom repositories? Find the GPG keyword for the repository (it's 437D05B5 for the standard ones) and run « sudo apt-key adv --recv-keys --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com <key> »00:12
matts45acphisto, ok how00:12
histomatts45acp: just like you did before on the client mkdir /home/myname/share00:13
minix2004histo: I use gedit and vim. I talk about learning edit environment varialbles, drivers, hardware datas etc.00:13
histomatts45acp: then sudo mount /folder/you/just/made00:13
minix2004such stuff.00:14
Lunar_LanderActionParsnip, great news http://www.theregister.co.uk/2012/08/29/linux_mac_trojan/00:14
DrGrovbazhang: Checking now if it does work and not harrassing me from System Update...00:14
minix2004what, where and how.00:14
matts45acphisto, sayd connot create00:15
DrGrovbazhang: Unfortunately it did not solve it :/00:15
minix2004nano the pico clone I know00:15
bazhangDrGrov, what package do you need from there00:16
DrGrovbazhang: I want the irritating error message to just go away.00:16
ActionParsnipminix2004: pico wasn't releaqsed under a free software license00:16
histomatts45acp: try making a directory in your home folder    on the client:  mkdir ~/remote00:17
ActionParsnipminix2004: used to be called tip (this ins't pico)00:17
histomatts45acp: what is your username on the client machine?00:17
bazhangDrGrov, please answer my question: what package do you need from there00:17
DrGrovGets frustrating after a while to see an error message pop up every time I do either a reload on Synaptic or Update Manager00:17
DrGrovbazhang: As I said, I do not need any package from Medibuntu. I have the packages that I need but I like to get rid of that error message.00:17
ActionParsnipDrGrov: if you run:  sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get upgrade00:17
bazhangDrGrov, so remove the repo00:17
matts45acphisto, matts45acp00:18
ActionParsnipDrGrov: can you pastebin the output please00:18
histomatts45acp: okay did you mkdir ~/remote   ?00:18
DrGrovActionParsnip: Will do.00:18
matts45acphisto, yea00:18
Lunar_LanderActionParsnip, are people aware of that trojan?00:18
ActionParsnipLunar_Lander: not til now00:18
histomatts45acp: sudo mount /home/matts45acp/remote00:18
argylelabcoatseriously, malware that creates a dir in your home with a name in all caps? this can't be for real00:19
matts45acphisto, said access denied by server when mounting00:19
lidarLunar_Lander: looks like it needs to be installed manually .. not much of if even a threat at all00:21
minix2004histo: I want to learn such stuff like this: (what, why, where,  how) => matts45acp: after that sudo exportfs -ra && sudo /etc/init.d/nfs-kernel-server restart00:21
Lunar_Landerlidar, yeah and the IP it connects to is known according to this? http://askubuntu.com/questions/181930/what-to-do-regarding-backdoor-wirenet-100:22
lidarLunar_Lander: i think tricking someone into setting up vnc would be more effective00:22
matts45acphisto, said access denied by server when mounting00:23
minix2004Basics about Ubuntu OS Environment for interested people . . .00:23
ActionParsnip!manual | minix200400:24
ubottuminix2004: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/00:24
ubottuVNC is a protocol for remote desktop. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNCOverSSH describes how to use it securely.  It works best over fast connections, otherwise look at !FreeNX00:24
ubottuFreeNX is advanced remote desktop technology. For more information and install instructions, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeNX00:24
Lunar_Landerlidar, OK thanks00:24
Lunar_Landeralso is it right that like it creates that WIFIADAPT folder?00:25
histomatts45acp: did you chmod the folder on the server00:25
histomatts45acp: on the server you need to give permisions to anyone so chmod ugo+wrx /home/myname/share00:26
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Lunar_Landerlidar, what shall I do now?00:27
lidarLunar_Lander: do about ?00:27
Lunar_LanderI recently installed octave and SCILAB using software-center00:27
Lunar_LanderI install all my things over the softwarecenter00:28
Lunar_Landeryeah Wirenet-100:28
matts45acphisto, i typed in server again00:28
Lunar_Landercan you prevent it happening or so00:28
matts45acphisto, and still saying denied on this computer00:28
DrGrovActionParsnip: Have some issues with pastebin.ca. Taking an awful long time to post the output from sudo apt-get update :(00:29
minix2004Sorry about my questions. I want to know what you talk about in this channel. You are so much advanced . . .00:30
ActionParsnipDrGrov: try http://pastie.org00:31
ActionParsnipminix2004: support, thats the process of the channel00:31
Lunar_Landerlidar, my concern always was to try and keep the PC safe00:31
Lunar_Landerthat is why I left Windows in the end of 201100:31
conradindoes anyone know how to set up a video chat server in ubuntu? Im having a hard time00:32
lidarLunar_Lander: "alerts" like that are mostly bs the ones you need to worry about are vulnerabiltys that allow remote access for instance a sshd exploit00:32
Lunar_Landercan that happen behind a router btw?00:32
Lunar_LanderI thought a router blocks people from getting into a PC behind it00:32
lidarLunar_Lander: if you run services and forward ports for external access it can00:32
conradinlolz your router00:33
ActionParsnipLunar_Lander: it helps, its not infallable00:33
Lunar_Landerlike the router is like taken out of the box and set up00:33
Lunar_Landerwith passwords and stuff set of course00:33
Lunar_Landerbut we never did an IP block or so00:33
conradinadmin password00:33
Lunar_Landerthat is set00:33
Lunar_Landerand the WLAN key too00:33
DrGrovActionParsnip: Ok, got it. http://pastie.org/464838800:33
lidarLunar_Lander: most "home" routers run some form linux if there is a kernel exploit .. your router could be swiid cheese00:34
lidarerr swiss00:34
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ActionParsnipDrGrov: sudo apt-key adv --recv-key --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com 2EBC26B60C5A278300:35
WeThePeoplelunar_lander, i think skype does that00:35
ActionParsnipDrGrov: or, sudo apt-get --yes --quiet --allow-unauthenticated install medibuntu-keyring00:35
Lunar_Landerwhat does skype do?00:36
ActionParsnipLunar_Lander: seriously?00:36
DrGrovActionParsnip: The second command says that Medibuntu is already the newest version.00:36
ActionParsnipLunar_Lander: you've not heard of skype?00:36
Lunar_LanderI know skype00:37
ActionParsnipDrGrov: did the first command import the key?00:37
Lunar_Landerbut I don't get the reference?00:37
Lunar_Landerdo you mean the way the skype network is constructed?00:37
bazhang!ot | Lunar_Lander00:37
ubottuLunar_Lander: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!00:37
DrGrovActionParsnip: I have the key already from before. I tested that command a bit earlier but will do it again.00:37
WeThePeopleconradin, skype00:37
WeThePeoplelunar_lander, srry wrong nick00:37
DrGrovActionParsnip: Said that no change occured.00:38
DrGrovActionParsnip: Should I try to remove the Medibuntu repositories and do that again?00:38
ActionParsnipDrGrov: the first command imports it manually, i just imported the key myself and it was the medibuntu one00:38
ActionParsnipDrGrov: worth a try00:38
DrGrovActionParsnip: Okay, I will remove the Medibuntu repositories and add them again.00:39
Lunar_Landerwhat does rtkit mean?00:40
bazhangLunar_Lander, rootkit00:40
Lunar_Landernot seriously?00:40
bazhangLunar_Lander, did you have any actual ubuntu support questions?00:40
_kernelklink_what do you guys think about ducky shine or das ultimate keyboards?00:41
DrGrovActionParsnip: I will copy that long command from the Medibuntu webpage and hope for the best.00:41
lidar!help > Lunar_Lander00:41
ubottuLunar_Lander, please see my private message00:41
bazhang_kernelklink_, try in #ubuntu-offtopic00:42
Lunar_Landerok lidar00:42
lidar!ot | Lunar_Lander00:42
ubottuLunar_Lander: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!00:42
wmarone__ath9k driver in linux 3.0 and better hates my router00:42
Lunar_LanderOK my question is00:43
Lunar_LanderWhat exactly does ps aux # do?00:43
dr_willisshows all the processes based on the aux flag/options00:44
Lunar_LanderOK thanks00:44
ActionParsnipwmarone__: have you reported a bug?00:44
DrGrovActionParsnip: Yay! It works now when I remove the Medibuntu repositories first and got the long command from Medibuntu.org :) Thanks for the help :)00:44
wmarone__no, I really should00:44
wmarone__but it's probably unique to the combination of that plus my router running openwrt00:45
zachooooHey, I just did a clean install of Ubuntu version 12.04.1 from a disc and whenever I try and start from the hard drive I installed to I get this weird graphic glitch. I can't see anything properly, however when I move my mouse it changes. Does anyone know about this/know how to fix it?00:45
wmarone__same problem on my macbook and my W50000:45
ActionParsnipwmarone__: maybe its the openwrt00:46
wmarone__I don't doubt it00:46
wmarone__but it's specifically something in the linux 3.0+ ath9k driver that causes it to tank00:46
wmarone__cause other wifi devices don't cause problems, and they work fine in windows :/00:46
zachooooDoes anybody know?00:50
ActionParsnipwmarone__: did you upgrade drom one release to another?00:50
mikszachoooo what happens if you hit the ESC key when booting up? I'm just wondering if it will then show you the text so you can see what it is getting hung up on.00:50
wmarone__no, clean install00:50
zachooooIf I hit esc it brings me to my bios...00:50
zachooooWait nevermind thats delete00:51
zachooooLet me try00:51
ActionParsnipwmarone__: what is the output of:  lsb_release -sc00:51
wmarone__it's the latest00:51
ActionParsnipwmarone__: well, latest stable ;)00:51
Congwhat format subtitles play on totem?00:51
zachoooomiks, no it wont let me hit escape00:51
wmarone__I'll probably roll it forward when 12.10 drops00:52
zachooooI tried it and I got the same weird screen tear00:52
CongI got .ass files.00:52
ActionParsnipCong: i believe its the same in all players00:52
zachooooI cant see anything :/00:52
mikszachoooo k. you might need to pass a kernel boot parameter or something like nomodeset possibly to get into ubuntu and then try installing all the updates00:52
CongActionParsnip, I can't them to show.00:52
zachooooI used nomodeset when I installed ubuntu00:53
zachooooIf I didnt it would just bring me to a black screen00:53
zachoooowith a flashing underscore in the top corner00:53
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ActionParsnipCong: http://www.opensubtitles.org/en   download the srt file there00:53
mikszachoooo so when you select the kernel to boot from GRUB and press e to look at the line in the config, does it show nomodeset ?00:53
ActionParsnipCong: vlc may be able to use it00:53
zachooooI cant even view the grub00:53
nvyeah vlc supports .ass00:54
ActionParsnipzachoooo: hold shift at boot00:54
CongActionParsnip, what about the .ass files?00:54
zachooooI start it up and it flashes a purple screen and then the graphics get really screwed up00:54
ActionParsnipCong: no idea, not heard of it. Have you tried vlc?00:54
miksoh i misunderstood... that is odd00:54
nvyes VLC supports .ass files00:54
CongActionParsnip, vlc is evil.00:54
zachooooActionParsnip just tried holding shift at startup00:55
zachoooodidnt work00:55
zachooooSame graphics glitch00:55
nvyou can try windows media player. that supports .ass   :P00:55
Congwindows media player doesn't you need codec packs like cccp00:55
dr_willisgot some .asf files.. cant say ive ever seen .ass file00:55
nv.ass is a subtitle file00:56
Cong.ass files have style in them00:56
nvexternal subtitles00:56
Congthey look better too00:56
dr_willisI imagine mplayer supports them also.00:56
mikszachoooo sounds like a hardware issue to me....but i could be wrong... i just can't believe you can't even get to see GRUB...00:56
zachoooohow could it be a hardware issue?00:57
zachooooWindows runs fine on my computer00:57
nvwhat did you use to make the image used to install?00:57
zachooooI used my disc drive00:57
Lunar_LanderOK final question00:57
ebs512question, I have ubuntu 12.04 and pidgin messenger for google talk, all of the plugins I have tried for playing the current song dont work, any suggestions?00:57
Lunar_Landerin my auth.log, what does"[system] Rejected send message, 2 matched rules; type="method_call", sender=":1.55" (uid=1000 pid=1682 comm="/usr/lib/indicator-datetime/indicator-datetime-ser") interface="org.freedesktop.DBus.Properties" member="GetAll" error name="(unset)" requested_reply="0" destination=":1.14" (uid=0 pid=1145 comm="/usr/sbin/console-kit-daemon --no-daemon ")" mean?00:57
cordovalhow to enable autocomplete for my users terminal prompt?00:57
cordovalroot has autocomplete00:57
cordovalbut not my user00:57
nvdo you have the software sourcces installed?00:58
nvwrong window00:58
cordovalnv: ?00:58
dr_willischeck their .bashrc/.profile cordoval  those by default enable bash completion.00:58
Congso conclusion is totem only supports the simple .srt files?00:58
conradinWhy do you say vlc is evil?00:58
Mahmoudhi -- can i use wubi to install ubuntu on windows, the same partition where wubi itself is running?00:58
dr_willis.bashrc:# enable programmable completion features (you don't need to enable00:59
zachoooomahmoud wubi automatically installs it in the same partition00:59
Mahmoudzachoooo: neat00:59
Congconradin, read the wiki at cccp.00:59
zachooooI actually tried to use wubi00:59
mikszachoooo maybe download it again and when you burn it from windows check to verify it.... maybe it's a messed up download you used to install it or something... or try another distro just to see if that also has GRUB issues. like Fedora 17 for example00:59
zachoooosince I cant get it to install from disc00:59
zachooooOk miks thanks for the suggestion, time to reinstall windows...00:59
nvyeah i wrote that wiki  :P01:00
nvyou can ignore it01:00
leaperIs this channel literally 24/7 active?01:01
ebs512any alternative to run photoshop in ubuntu other than wine, wine is very slow01:01
mikszachoooo sure .. hope it works out for you... it's tough without being in front of it01:01
zachooooYeah, its a weird issue. Hopefully making a new disc fixes it.01:01
miksmaybe even try getting the alternate CD01:01
webguy024how do I run a script that I am typing into the command line? trying out ruby, want to print "hello world" from the command line.01:01
webguy024> ruby > print "hello world" > [ how do I run this now]01:02
DrGrovGotta ask, how do I find in Lucid if there has been any attempts to access my computer remotely? Like log files or such...01:02
Lunar_LanderOK thanks again ActionParsnip and lidar and bazhang , now I can be more tranquil :) Good Night!01:02
webguy024sorry just getting into ubuntu and ruby01:03
Congget the irb package it depends on ruby package01:03
dr_williswebguy024:  why not use a text editor and make a actual file for the script.01:03
webguy024dr_willis because I think I should know how to do it this way :)01:04
mikszachoooo http://ftp.ticklers.org/releases.ubuntu.org/releases/precise/ubuntu-12.04.1-alternate-amd64.iso01:04
dr_williswebguy024:  time to hit up some ruby tutorials then.01:04
Mahmoudwhat is "installation size" supposed to mean in wubi.exe?01:04
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webguy024general curiousity01:04
zachooooThanks miks01:04
pepperjackwebguy024: create a text file.rb file with something like #!/usr/bin/env ruby  on first line then print "hello world" on the next line.  then do a chmod +x file.rb and then you have an executable ruby script01:04
mikszachoooo not sure if you have and AMD 64 or not or use this link http://ftp.ticklers.org/releases.ubuntu.org/releases/precise/ubuntu-12.04.1-alternate-i386.iso  ... sure np ;)01:04
webguy024pepperjack: I understand that portion, trying to see how to execute a command in the command line.01:04
Congthen do ruby source.rb01:05
zachoooomiks, yeah I have an AMD 8150 fx so second link?01:05
webguy024Cong sorry I don't understand why do source.rb?01:05
zachoooooh ok01:05
webguy024leaper: I am looking at IRB thanks01:06
WeThePeoplewill the dependencies for the newest version of xchat work in 10.04 lts if they are meant for 12.04 lts01:06
leaperIRB-> Interactive Ruby Bot01:06
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Congwebguy024, what do you want to do?01:06
leaperLike an in-terminal IDLE for Ruby01:06
leaperAnd np01:06
webguy024leaper: I see that thanks. that is on point with what I am trying to do but Cong: I am trying to learn basic linux here..lol. I just want to run a script in the bash terminal01:08
leaperruby FILE.rb01:08
webguy024same scenerio with php01:08
webguy024sorry I am not explaining clearly... one second please.01:09
leaperDo you mean01:10
leaperLike run ruby code through a terminal01:11
leaperWith one line of code?01:11
pepperjackwebguy024: you might want more of an editor and interpreter in one... something like scite works as an editor and lets you execute your code from inside it01:11
webguy024that is what I mean :) same thing with php01:11
Congbash can run shell scripts. put this "echo hello!" in a file. call it scr.bash, cd to that file. run it this ./scr.bash01:11
leaperlike direct_ruby_code_exec puts "Hello world"01:11
Mahmoudneat. i'm using wubi.exe to install lubuntu01:11
leaperAnd would return "Hello world"01:12
Thisguy_I'm on a server which is going through a DDoS and I hate to say I have no idea how to audit TCP connections.01:12
webguy024thanks leaper.01:12
webguy024thanks dr_willis01:13
Thisguy_We're not noticeably slower, but I feel I should still act.01:13
Congoh yeah, scripts like that need chmod +x scr.bash01:13
dr_willisgoogled for 'ruby hello world'01:13
webguy024i haven't made it that far yet dr_willis I am still trying to install it :)01:13
Thisguy_Does Ubuntu come with TCP netword monitoring?01:13
leaperYou program much?01:13
dr_willisruby? its installed by default.01:13
dr_willisrarely need to code these days01:13
Atlantic777Thisguy_: try snort, it's great!01:14
leaperWell how about this01:14
leaperIve been working on a Google irc bot01:14
webguy024wait, its installed by default? wtf am I doing then..lol01:14
Thisguy_Thanks, I'll go Google it01:14
ompsi have a query, i have setup bind on my machine, and i have one interface which i have given one ip and a name. but when i ping to my domain name which is assigned to that ip, my system goes via internet to ping to that domainname01:14
dr_willisruby has a lot of extras but i think the core ruby interperter is installed.01:14
Atlantic777Thisguy_: http://www.snort.org/01:14
ompsany idea where i am wrong01:14
leaper.google [topic] returns the first 2 paragraphs from the first google search result of [topic]01:14
Thisguy_Already there, thanks though ;)01:14
nvsnort for the win01:15
Congwebguy024, what version of ubuntu?01:15
leaperwebguy: are you learning ruby?01:15
Congruby doesn't come included with 10.0401:15
ompscan someone help me01:15
Congwhich is what I have01:15
Thisguy_Is snort in Universe/mult/etc, or have a PPA? I manage via ssh01:16
Congso you might have to install it first01:16
Congwebguy024, go to a terminal and type ruby --version01:16
WeThePeoplethisguy, check out wireshark01:16
ompsi have ubuntu 12.0401:16
WeThePeopleomps, just ask01:17
webguy024ruby 1.9.301:17
pepperjackthats one problem with ruby as a general scripting language.  you can bet on sh being installed on someones machine, perl too.  probably python if its a linux box but ruby... usually not01:17
webguy024i have already installed it and rvm, didn't know it was already installed.01:17
Congwebguy024, you're all set to program then.01:17
webguy024thanks Cong :)01:18
hawkalUsing 12.04 with a BCM4312 adaptor b43-fwcutter and firmware-b43-lpphy-installer I am able to see wireless networks but cannot connect to any (inc unsecure networks). I tried the proprietary STA drivers which don't even show the networks. Anyone know a fix?01:18
WeThePeoplehawkal, i might have a script for ya, do you have a ethnet connection aval.01:19
ActionParsnipCong: the link I gave will allow you to download an srt for it01:19
ActionParsnipCong: vlc isn't evil, its just qt based :)01:19
dr_willisactually iset there a growing trend to start using QT more?  seems ive seen more and more apps using it lately01:20
CongActionParsnip, i'm reinstalling mplayer, I think you recommended it.01:20
dr_willis!info smplayer01:20
ubottusmplayer (source: smplayer): complete front-end for MPlayer. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.7.0-1ubuntu2 (precise), package size 1291 kB, installed size 3025 kB01:20
ompsWeThePeople, i asked01:21
ompsWeThePeople, no one replied :(01:21
jp_1having a problem with 10.04 and wireless not connecting where should i look?01:22
WeThePeoplehawkal, connect to the eth0, i found the script, just let me look it over its quite long..ok01:22
jp_1i can see my ssid01:22
Atlantic777jp_1: what's the actual problem? Do you "see" a wireless interface?01:22
WeThePeoplehawkal, i use broadcom to01:22
Atlantic777So you can't get IP address or what?01:22
hawkalWeThePeople,  Okay thank you01:23
Atlantic777jp_1: do you get connected to the network you want?01:23
jp_1no it wont seem to take an ip from the router01:23
jp_1when i try a static nothing works as well01:23
jp_1using a dlink dir-65501:23
ompsI have configured one interface eth0 with ip 192.168.x.x, but when I am trying to ping to this IP I am being routed via internet. I am using Ubuntu 12.04 and have also configured bind9, which is also taking time. Is it happening because of the forwarders I am using in the DNS.01:24
WeThePeoplehawkal, let me know when you have trhe eth0 connected01:24
Atlantic777jp_1: can you reset the router?01:24
hawkalWeThePeople, I am connected now01:24
WeThePeoplehawkal, ok..first uninstall b43-fwcutter firmware-b43-installer01:25
jp_1cant reset then everything else will go down have about 10 other devices on the router via wireless01:25
WeThePeoplehawkal, the script will install these01:25
WeThePeoplehawkal, use synaptic01:25
glassresistorok having this weird thing happening01:25
hawkalWeThePeople, okay done that01:26
Z3r0n0idbroke 12.04, installed gnome-pannel and deleted unity. now on start up it start and stops the and hangs on stoppping Mount network filesystem01:26
ActionParsnipjp_1: when you set the IP can you ping the router's internal IP?01:26
ompsWeThePeople, can you please help?01:26
Atlantic777jp_1: so you aren't connected to the network even if you set static IP and address of DNS?01:26
ActionParsnipZ3r0n0id: why didn't you just leave unity installed?01:26
Atlantic777jp_1: that's bad. :D01:26
glassresistori have a radeon card on 12.04 server(with desktop installed), went to open the admin catlyst control center and put in my password and it keeps saying incorrect01:26
glassresistorput it in six times01:27
jp_1thats what i thought01:27
Z3r0n0idbecuase i didnt use it i used classic gnome01:27
WeThePeoplehawkal, here is the script.. omps, give me a min01:27
glassresistorsudo with same copy pasted word works01:27
WeThePeoplehawkal, http://paste.ubuntu.com/1180699/  >>copy and paste01:27
Atlantic777glassresistor: use gksudo for GUI apps.01:27
jp_1its a PCI dlink adapter im trying to use as well01:27
ActionParsnipZ3r0n0id: then just use the gnome-panel session at login01:27
WeThePeoplehawkal, there is more let me know when its done01:27
glassresistornot a complete newb, assuming something besides wrong pass is wrong01:27
ActionParsnipjp_1: what chip does it use?01:27
WeThePeoplehawkal, broadcom is a pain01:28
Z3r0n0idActionParsnip: cant get that far, it hangs on boot. can not even get to cli01:28
hawkalWeThePeople, Thank you it sure is a pain01:28
jp_1not too sure it did work on a d510mo with 10.04 on it01:28
ActionParsnipZ3r0n0id: hold shift at boot, select recovery mode and select root. You can now do stuff in CLI01:28
glassresistorAtlantic777: whats the catalyst command? gksudo is working with same password tough01:28
ActionParsnipZ3r0n0id: if you go for a reinstall, install Xubuntu and Unity won't be installed. Its also very similar to Gnome201:29
Z3r0n0idActionParsnip: thanks, i like gnome 2 over xubuntu01:29
Atlantic777glassresistor: gksudo is for running GUI apps as root. When you run GUI apps with sudo you can brake same permissions and stuff.01:29
ActionParsnipjp_1: run:  sudo lshw -C network     it will tell you the chip which is all you need to know, the fact it is a 'dlink' is irrelevant01:29
WeThePeopleomps, i read your inquery and idk..01:29
ActionParsnipZ3r0n0id: you could install cinammon but its not supoprted here. The xfce desktop is very similar to gnome2 and is also coded in GTK so your gnome apps will run without a hitch01:30
ompsWeThePeople, any suggestion?01:30
glassresistorAtlantic777: got it, idk why its not working from the start menu01:30
Atlantic777glassresistor: idk, I use open source drivers.01:31
pepperjackZ3r0n0id: xfce by default looks a little... vanilla but you can pretty much make it look like gnome2 if you want and the file manager and other features are more robust than they used to be01:31
share"nvidia, fuck you"01:31
ActionParsnipZ3r0n0id: you could even install xubuntu then install gnome-panel01:31
ActionParsnipshare: plase don't01:32
WeThePeopleomps, why wouldnt it use the net to ping??01:32
sharejust quoting linus torvalds01:32
Z3r0n0idActionParsnip: can i not just reinstall gnome-panel form root cli?01:32
ActionParsnipshare: this isn't the channel to do that in01:32
WeThePeoplehawkal, is the script done yet?01:32
ActionParsnipZ3r0n0id: worth a try01:32
Z3r0n0idActionParsnip: il let you know how it gose01:33
jp_1ActionParsnip: Atheros01:34
mikslol @ share's comment01:34
ompsWeThePeople, i didn't get you, it shouldn't be using my ISP GW, or should it be, I see 192.168.x.x is Class C. and i am pinging it from the same machine01:35
WeThePeopleomps, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BIND9ServerHowto01:35
hawkalWeThePeople, yes although I'm not seeing any networks do I need to reboot?01:36
WeThePeopleomps, #networking could help a bunch01:36
Z3r0n0idI have no network, service networking start does nothing.01:36
WeThePeoplehawkal, ok now 'sudo apt-get update'01:36
ActionParsnipjp_1: try:  lspci | grep -i athe      what is output?01:36
hawkalWeThePeople, okay done that01:37
WeThePeoplehawkal, now 'sudo apt-get install b43-fwcutter firmware-b43-installer'01:38
WeThePeoplehawkal, and reboot01:38
jp_1ActionParsnip: AR922X Wireless Network Adapter rev 0101:38
Atlantic777Any easy to use inboud network shapper?01:38
WeThePeoplehawkal, let me know how it goes01:38
hawkalWeThePeople, Okay I will. Thank you01:39
WeThePeopleatlantic, i dont know about ease of use but pyshaper is a network shaper01:39
Atlantic777WeThePeople: I'll try it.01:40
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ompsWeThePeople, thanks01:45
WeThePeopleomps, np01:45
Braber01question? how can I tell the website that I want to install on a USB after I told it I wanted to install that on a CD?~!01:48
leaperThe back button01:49
WeThePeoplebraber01, this channel is for ubuntu related issues01:50
hawkalWeThePeople, Hi Thank you it's working now but so you know for some reason it didn't work after reboot. I shutdown then powered on and it worked.01:53
WeThePeoplehawkal, so you are on wireless now?01:54
hawkalWeThePeople, Yes I am01:54
zachooooYou fixed everything I love you.01:55
ActionParsnipjp_1: ok then search for guides using that chip to find guides01:55
WeThePeoplehawkal, i was wondering if it woild work.. i havent used it ina long time01:55
ActionParsnipbrad[]: tell what website?01:55
WeThePeoplehawkal, if i understand correctly you reboot twice?01:56
WeThePeopleto get it to work01:56
hawkalWeThePeople, I rebooted once (didn't work) so I powered off and powered on01:57
hawkaland it worked01:57
hawkalWeThePeople reboot twice may have worked as well.01:58
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WeThePeoplehawkal, ahh ok01:58
ryaoWhat package contains /usr/share/qemu/pxe-i82559er.bin?01:59
ActionParsnip!find pxe-i82559er.bin02:00
ubottuPackage/file pxe-i82559er.bin does not exist in precise02:00
ActionParsnipryao: looks liek you are searching the web, its not part of a package02:00
ryaoActionParsnip: The web says qemu-kvm-extras.02:01
WeThePeopleits a boot server02:01
WeThePeoplefor vm, maybe02:01
ActionParsnip!info qemu-kvm-extras02:02
ubottuqemu-kvm-extras (source: qemu-linaro): QEMU system and user mode emulation (transitional package). In component universe, is optional. Version 1.0.50-2012.03-0ubuntu2 (precise), package size 4 kB, installed size 40 kB02:02
ActionParsnipryao: worth a shot, http://packages.ubuntu.com    can tell you the files in any package02:02
ryaoHmm... the changelog says that this was removed...02:02
Troy^could there be an issue where my onboard ethernet wasn't installed correctly when i installed ubuntu-server doesn't seem to be getting my max speed02:08
MrEmeraldany support type people around?02:09
Troy^is there any way to perform a speedtest from the command line02:09
WeThePeoplemremerald, just ask02:10
usr13Troy^: Just download a file from anoter PC on your network.  Use wget or....02:10
MrEmeraldI have tried using usb to run ubuntu(my first time even using it) and it booted up to where I can select to run from usb, then loads the system files and then just goes to a black screen02:11
MrEmeraldmy question is, is there a way around this without outright installing it onto my system?02:12
MrEmeraldI don't want to partition my HD and I have no other HD's02:12
WeThePeoplemremerald, a live cd02:12
zachooooI tried installing linux from a disc... and now its just a black screen02:12
wilee-nileeMrEmerald, At the choice of try or install check the memory gui hit f6 and choose nomodeset02:12
Braber01I think there is, I think Nixie-Pixel posted a Youtube video about that.02:12
wilee-nileeMrEmerald, then boot in, if you install be sure to be plugged in getting the net and choose to download on install as well.02:13
zachooooEveryone I just installed ubuntu using this iso: http://ftp.ticklers.org/releases.ubuntu.org/releases/precise/ubuntu-12.04.1-alternate-amd64.iso and when I start the computer from my ssd, it goes straight to a black screen with a flashing underscore02:13
MrEmeraldWeThePeople: I don't have any RW discs, and it keeps asking for those, I have non RW ones but they won't read02:13
wilee-nilee!nomodeset | zachoooo follow this link02:14
ubottuzachoooo follow this link: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter02:14
WeThePeoplemremerald, do you know about the boot device selection?02:14
WeThePeoplein bios02:14
MrEmeraldwilee-nilee: is there a way I can just constantly run it off of my flash drive after doing that?02:15
wilee-nileeMrEmerald, I'm not up on having nomodeset run on a live cd past the f6 choice probably, if you have a persistent file as well I suspect.02:16
jimi_is pam-auth-update enough to stop ldap logins? I have pam configured to check for local user and ldap user ... but the problem is i am alsawys prompted for local pass and ldap pass for all users... i know longer want to check against ldap02:18
MrEmeraldwilee-nilee: is there a way I can just constantly run it off of my flash drive after doing that?02:19
MrEmeraldjust a repost, I don't know if it got to the channel before I DC'd02:19
dez82has anybody here installed SavageXR on ubuntu 12.04?02:20
WeThePeoplemremerald, have you tried ##linux ?02:20
wilee-nileeMrEmerald, Have you made the usb with a persistent setting?02:20
dez82has anybody here installed heroes of newerth on ubuntu 12.04?02:21
MrEmeraldI don't think so, by persistent setting what do you mean?02:21
MrEmeraldI can redo it again easily :/02:21
inf3kt3danyone else having connection issues on irc tonight?02:21
inf3kt3dwierd. yah, just tonight tho.02:22
wilee-nileeMrEmerald, With some usb loaders you can add a file that is called persistent to save what you did on the usb like downloads...etc.02:22
nvwhat did you use to create the USB?02:22
pH1rmw4r3probably your isp?02:22
pH1rmw4r3whats the latest buntu02:23
MrEmeraldthat universal USB tool02:23
pH1rmw4r3how is it?02:23
WeThePeopleim on lucid02:23
xanguapH1rmw4r3: WeThePeople latest stable is 12.04, you can find it on ubuntu.com02:23
xanguaa.k.a. precise pangolin02:24
inf3kt3dprobably isp, yes. entire network was going wonky.02:24
nvUniversal USB Installer? the most current one? should have worked.   I prefer Linux Live USB Creator. here i have a lot of computers who run from USB let me PM you02:24
pH1rmw4r3known issues?02:24
WeThePeopleit not lucid :)02:24
MrEmeraldnv: send me the link to the usb creator?02:24
pH1rmw4r3xangua, is there a newer version? perhaps a Beta02:26
xangua!12.10 | pH1rmw4r302:26
ubottupH1rmw4r3: Ubuntu 12.10 (Quantal Quetzal) will be the 17th release of Ubuntu, Discussion and support until final release in #ubuntu+102:26
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pH1rmw4r312.10 dose it still have that unity junk, and the "launcher" bar02:29
albertoMy flashplugin doesn't work in firefox 15.0 in ubuntu 11.10 (oneiric). Anyone knows how to solve this issue?02:30
histoalberto: how'd you install the plugin and have you tried going to about:plugins   in your browser url to see what version it sees?02:30
c_smithHi, I'm trying to use the text-based installer (as that's currently the only way to get an LVM+LUKS setup) and all I see on any part of it are white lines (I don't have this issue with a graphical installer) I have pinned the issue to the intel/ATI muxless setup this laptop has, is there any way I can fix this?02:30
histoc_smith: I think there's a kernel command you might try passing i've heard mentioned on here something nomodeset02:31
pH1rmw4r3get a new laptop?02:31
c_smithhisto, nomodeset, what would I do to get to the part where I enter it? (if memory serves, isn't it a f# key?)02:32
yeats!nomodeset | c_smith02:32
ubottuc_smith: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter02:32
Thisguy_What are the main benefits of Ubuntu over Arch?02:33
Thisguy_Besides install02:33
pH1rmw4r3Thisguy_ the package management is superb02:33
Thisguy_Better than pacman?02:34
c_smithThisguy_, apt, Ubuntu is more stable when compared to arch, more signed packages02:34
Thisguy_How so, pH1r?02:34
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zachooooCan someone help me? I am trying to set nomodeset boot option on my new ubuntu installation, but holding shift on this black screen is doing nothing02:35
pH1rmw4r3in my opinion yes, apt-get is pretty awesome, its what keeps me thetherd to ubuntu02:35
c_smithThisguy_, arch has almost few signed packages when compared to Ubuntu, Ubuntu requires all packages to be signed.02:35
pH1rmw4r3the nomoset is above caps lock02:35
Thisguy_Anything else?02:36
=== megabitdragon is now known as zz_megabitdragon
zachoooopH1rmww4r3 you mean tab?02:36
albertohisto, from about:plugins appears Shockwave Flash ( libflashplayer.so, Shockwave Flash 11.2 r202); this version is correct?02:36
pH1rmw4r3ubuntu can still install unsigned .deb02:36
Thisguy_Talking to me?02:37
xangua!ot | Thisguy_ pH1rmw4r302:37
ubottuThisguy_ pH1rmw4r3: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!02:37
pH1rmw4r3alberto, are you using chrome / chromium?02:37
ubunError :input/output error ext2 free look up ntfs can't found error code 21 ; Distro : UBuntu 12.04 persistence ive usb 3 bit02:37
albertopH1rmw4r3, no. firefox02:38
c_smithpH1rmw4r3, thanks. :)02:38
zachoooohow do you view the grub boot menu! Shift isnt working02:38
Thisguy_Whatever. I help run a Minecraft server, which runs of Ubuntu 12.04 Precise. Would you recommend trying 12.11, or is it to early?02:38
WeThePeoplezachoooo, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=161313202:38
pH1rmw4r3google chrome , not chromium has this thing where the flash is always updated/ configured corectly02:38
histoalberto: yes02:39
histozachoooo: hold down shift key after your bios posts02:39
devslashis df -ch /var/www/myfolder | grep total the correct way to get the total size of a directory ?02:39
pH1rmw4r3alberto, id look into this https://www.google.com/intl/en/chrome/browser/?hl=en&brand=CHMI02:39
Thisguy_Meh, nvm02:39
Thisguy_Thanks for the help02:39
Thisguy_Bye now02:39
zachooooI already looked at that thread and no longer how long I hold down shift for its just a black screen with a flashing underscore02:39
pH1rmw4r3c_smith, no prob02:40
pH1rmw4r3later guy02:40
histozachoooo: has the system ever booted?02:41
zachooooIt booted on windows perfectly, never gotten it to boot with ubuntu02:41
histozachoooo: can you boot from the livecd?02:41
zachooooI could try again...02:42
WeThePeoplezachoooo, can you type at all?02:42
histozachoooo: on the livecd's main menu you can press F6 for other options and select nomodeset02:42
histozachoooo: I suspect somehting went wrong with grub during your install02:42
WeThePeoplezachoooo, what Windows Ver. ?02:42
zachooooWindows 7 Ultimate 64bit02:42
albertopH1rmw4r3, so should i install google chrome to solve the problem?02:43
WeThePeoplezachoooo, are you installing a 64bit ubuntu?02:43
h22turboi install ubuntu 12.04 minimal iso, then installed gdm and gnome core. when i boot my pc up, all i see is BIOS screen, then screen goes black, monitor "goes to sleep", then monitor comes on with GDM and I can login. Anybody know whats up? How can I fix this?02:43
albertopH1rmw4r3, instead of using firefox ...02:43
zachooooYeah I got it form here: http://ftp.ticklers.org/releases.ubuntu.org/releases/precise/ubuntu-12.04.1-alternate-amd64.iso02:43
devslashI've got a weird problem. I copied 134GB of files from my server which is formatted as ext4 to an external hard drive (also formatted as ext4). After the copy finished, i did du -ch /path/to/server/folder and du -ch /mnt/usb/newfolder and both report 134GB. when i do df -H /dev/sdb1 which is my external drive it shows 151GB in use. I have no other files on the drive. why is there a 17GB difference02:43
zachooooOk I booted from my disc and enabled the option nomodeset02:44
zachoooonbut now what do I do to keep that option enabled?02:44
devslashI just realized one thing i did wrong. i did df -H instead of df -h. now it shows 141GB used. thats still a full 7GB difference02:45
jagginesszachoooo, does that fix anything, first of all?02:45
pH1rmw4r3alberto, yeah that's exactly what im saying02:45
zachooooWell it brought me to the install screen02:45
zachooooIt said Install ubuntu, memory check, etc02:45
jagginesszachoooo, well its the installer, so it doesnt matter.. see if the installed boots02:45
jagginesszachoooo, you can edit the bootline hitting 'e' if you have to with grub02:46
zachooooI cant even get to grub02:46
jagginesszachoooo, (after you do the install and do a reboot, the first time the grub menu shows, you're able to dynamically add an option)02:46
zachooooIt doesnt show the grub though, all it is is a black screen with a flashing underscore02:47
jagginesszachoooo, did you do an install, y/n ?02:47
zachooooYes I already installed ubuntu02:47
wilee-nileezachoooo, If ubuntu is the only install tap the shift at powering on to show the grub menu02:48
wilee-nileeor hold it down,02:48
zachoooowilee-nilee that doesn't work. As soon as the motherboard finishes starting up all I can see is a black screen with a flashing underscore02:48
histozachoooo: how did you burn it?02:48
zachooooeven after the install02:49
zachooooI burn it from my disc drive02:49
zachooooand I verified it02:49
FloodBot1zachoooo: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.02:49
histozachoooo: DO you have a full desktop cd ?02:49
zachooooIm pretty sure its a full desktop cd.02:49
jagginesszachoooo, you said you can boot with nomodeset, so boot with the cd, and edit that file i told you.. so you can do update-grub2 (do the proper mounts)02:50
jagginesszachoooo, and do grub-install /dev/sda (if sda is the right one for you)02:50
zachooooI cant get to the actual os though, I can only get to the main install screen02:50
ubottuTo rescue a broken system, boot the alternate install CD and select "Rescue a broken system"02:51
histozachoooo: the alternatecd is not a desktop livecd. You need to boot a live cd and do what jagginess says to give that a try. Although you should still be getting a grub menu. That's why I htink something went horribly wrong installing grub.02:51
zachooooOk, time to try again!02:51
pH1rmw4r3zachoooo, i too had that problem, i ended up installing ubuntu 8.04 then just upgraded to teh one i wanted02:51
jagginesszachoooo, gpt?02:51
* jagginess wants to ask zachoooo if he's using gpt02:51
zachooooI dont know what gpt is, so Im assuming no02:51
jagginesszachoooo, -> parted p<enter> , says "gpt" or "msdos" for the partition style ?02:52
zachooooI dont remember how I partitioned it sorry. I think I did use full disc02:52
jagginesszachoooo, determine if its gpt, and i can tell you what to check..02:53
pH1rmw4r3zachoooo, are you useing older hardware?02:53
zachooooDefinitely not02:54
Jordan_U!bootinfo | zachoooo02:59
ubottuzachoooo: Boot info script is a usefull script for diagnosing boot problems. Run the script following the directions here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1291280 and then look at RESULTS.txt (or !pastebin it for others to look at).02:59
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ev_are unix shells private? is there a way to 'vnc'(for lack of a better term) what is happening, in real time, in a shell, via ssh for example?03:00
ActionParsniphisto: you can install grub from the alternate ISO03:00
ActionParsniphisto: the installer runs on tty1, you have the other TTYs to use, so CTRL+ALT+F2 will give you a prompt you can work with :)03:01
ActionParsnipev_: ssh will connect you to an available TTY03:01
ev_ActionParsnip: i think i miss phrased my question. example: you ssh to my machine. there is no way to view your actions. correct?03:02
Jordan_Uev_: You can use screen to allow multiple people to connect to a single screen session.03:04
pH1rmw4r3!info OpenSSH ev_03:04
ubottu'ev_' is not a valid distribution: hardy, hardy-backports, hardy-proposed, kubuntu-backports, kubuntu-experimental, kubuntu-updates, lucid, lucid-backports, lucid-proposed, maverick, maverick-backports, maverick-proposed, medibuntu, natty, natty-backports, natty-proposed, oneiric, oneiric-backports, oneiric-proposed, partner, precise, precise-backports, precise-proposed, quantal, quantal-backports, quantal-proposed, stable, testing, unstable03:04
pH1rmw4r3!info OpenSSH03:04
ubottuPackage OpenSSH does not exist in precise03:04
ActionParsnipev_: you can read the users ~/.bash_history file to see what they are running. This is usually read/writable only by the owner but sudo will circumvent that03:04
ActionParsnip!info openssh-server | pH1rmw4r303:05
ubottupH1rmw4r3: openssh-server (source: openssh): secure shell (SSH) server, for secure access from remote machines. In component main, is optional. Version 1:5.9p1-5ubuntu1 (precise), package size 333 kB, installed size 817 kB03:05
ev_Jordan_U: i use screen, wasnt aware of that capability. interesting.03:05
Jordan_Uev_: If you're trying to share a shell between multiple people for colaboration, screen should solve your problem completely. If you want to monitor other users without their consent, that's difficult to do.03:05
ev_Jordan_U: more curious of others viewing mine03:05
ev_ActionParsnip: thanks for that info. i will look into that, thanks.03:06
pH1rmw4r3!info openssh-client03:06
ubottuopenssh-client (source: openssh): secure shell (SSH) client, for secure access to remote machines. In component main, is standard. Version 1:5.9p1-5ubuntu1 (precise), package size 937 kB, installed size 2297 kB03:06
ev_Jordan_U: im getting the idea that screen should be the first thing executed most times03:06
pH1rmw4r3ev_, !info openssh-client03:06
Jordan_Uev_: As a philosophy, I'd recommend assuming that all actions that you perform on a server you don't own are being monitored. At the same time as an administrator of a server, I would assume that you have at least one user smart enough to get around any monitoring you have in place if you give them shell access.03:07
jagginessev_, maybe you want to make a jailroot for your users if they dont really need it for anything special other than sharing files03:08
ev_Jordan_U: this is my own, erm, server ( im very noob, duh)03:08
ev_i just want to make sure my friends arnt trying anything funny, i will look into jail root which i hadent heard of, check the log file, and probably use screen full time.03:10
ev_and i realize that ssh is *secure* in the name ;)03:12
lotuspsychjehowto fix a corrupt square mouse pointer every cold boot on precise clean install?03:12
ev_also i keep having to reset my router...03:13
pH1rmw4r3ssh isnt that secure, if you pcap the packets you *can* dencrypt03:13
jagginessev_, i recently took a leap into webdav, it's actually has fair performance (only catch is for windows users, they have to use "netdrive" if they want to have less problems than m$ default)03:13
ev_pH1rmw4r3: pcap and packets ring bells, but i would bet that stuff is a few floors above my current level03:14
ev_jagginess: thanks, i have a few good things to look into now, just what i was looking for.03:15
jagginessev_, the purpose of ssh is to run remote applications..03:15
lotuspsychjepH1rmw4r3: i agree with you alot of ssh boxes get exploited03:15
pH1rmw4r3well theres pepole that can hack ssh03:15
mob_i just joined, but let me add, why not just change the default port #?03:16
mob_when you setup your ssh server...03:16
jagginessev_, sshd_config supports jailrooting sftp, but not a terminal.. however you can "lock" ssh users to not being able to use a terminal by using /usr/lib/sftp (i forget the sftp path-- but you can use this sftp path as the user's login and they never get a bash-like shell)03:16
lotuspsychjemob_:same thing if nmap finds your open port..03:16
ev_i have a ddns that i connect through sometimes, is that any less or more secure03:16
nvchecked for rogue servers? done a network vulnerability scan?03:17
ev_mob_: did that first thing03:17
lotuspsychjelets stick to ubuntu topic guys03:17
mob_lotuspsychje: that's true. i guess i just hope no one is scanning me, or the ids blocks the upper port # scan when it detects it on the lower ports? i donno, i just signed on here for the first time 1 minute ago :)03:17
lotuspsychjewhat else can one use for ssh security?03:18
lotuspsychjeon ubuntu03:18
mob_sudo ?03:18
ev_lotuspsychje: thats fair, my bad for derailing. suggestion for propper channel?03:19
lotuspsychje!ot | ev_03:20
ubottuev_: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!03:20
ev_thanks. I got enough info for tonight. if i need more i will goto ot.03:20
williamherryI want' report a bug of fcitx on ubuntu 12.04, where should I start?03:28
lotuspsychje!bug | williamherry03:29
ubottuwilliamherry: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.03:30
williamherrylotuspsychje, thanks03:30
=== brian_ is now known as creftos
zachooooUgh just tried a fresh install and same graphics glitch :/03:33
zachooooI cant even try ubuntu without installing03:34
lidarwilliamherry: lotuspsychje has worn that website out it may not work03:34
pH1rmw4r3lotuspsychje, yeah ive had ssh boxes get hacked, luckly they were not inportant03:35
zachooooI need to take a video of this or something03:35
=== jsjgruber-x-p is now known as jsjgruber-x-p-1
zachooooAt least I can see the grub now03:36
lidar!patience > omps03:37
ubottuomps, please see my private message03:37
wbwbwbwbwbI'm trying to use aircrack-ng any idea what process would be forcing it into channel -1... despite me specifying the channel I want...03:37
wbwbwbwbwb*system process03:38
lotuspsychjelidar: hi mate, someone suggested me a sudo service lightdm restart to get rid of the square mouse but no luck03:39
lotuspsychjelidar:what else can we try03:40
lidarlotuspsychje: is it red x now ?03:41
lotuspsychjelidar: red?03:42
AnDsOhow can i add check_snmp_disk to command.cfg in nagios its confusing and not working for me help me out with some links03:42
lidarthe square mouse is it doing it now ?03:43
lidarAnDsO: welcome back :)03:43
lotuspsychjelidar: on my desktop box it will when i boot yes03:44
h22turbowbwbwbwbwb: may want to check another channel... backtrack or metasploit or similar03:44
lidarlotuspsychje: boot it up lets do team viewer thing03:44
lotuspsychjelidar:ok give me 5 mate i go upstairs03:44
=== blacksheep is now known as silentPoet
barfI'm trying to cut apart a video file but it ends up out of sync http://sprunge.us/jQdT03:53
zachooooHey I installed ubuntu from my flash drive and I managed to turn on nomodeset when I boot from my usb flash drive03:53
zachoooobut Im only running the os from the flash drive I think, so how do I change nomodeset on my ssd when I cant view the grub when I boot from it?03:54
barfwhat tools should I use to accomplish this ?  http://sprunge.us/jQdT03:55
xyverzwhy can't you view your grub config? you can't access /boot?03:55
zachooooWait I can nevermind03:55
h22turbobarf: have u tried OpenShot Video Editor?03:55
h22turbobarf: make sure u get the latest version from the PPA. the version on ubuntu repos crash a lot and not stable03:56
HalfalifeAny idea why Ubuntu installation might hang at the wireless stage on my desktop every time I install?03:56
xyverzzachoooo: =)03:56
HalfalifeI've tried the default, Xubuntu, and Lubuntu installers.03:57
lotuspsychjeHalfalife: on precise?03:57
HalfalifeThey all work perfectly, but just hang at the Wireless step, after I put in my password.03:57
zachooooIt says its read only :(03:57
HalfalifeI've waited ~4 hours, and nothing happens.03:57
zachooooAnd Im not root :(03:57
criziscrappy wireless chipset?03:57
HalfalifeNone of my laptops have this issue.03:57
crizisdisable it for installation03:57
HalfalifeBut I had this issue on my last two adapters.03:57
h22turboHalfalife: sounds like u need different drivers/kernel modules for it03:58
lotuspsychjeHalfalife: i had it twice too, and only be able to fix by retrying03:58
barfh22turbo can I use this from the command line ?03:58
h22turbobarf: negative03:58
HalfalifeThing is, it happens even if I choose not to connect to a network.03:58
HalfalifeWell, time to pull out my card.03:58
h22turboHalfalife: what kind is it?03:58
xyverzzachoooo: you sudo to root (sudo su -) then remount /boot rw.04:00
lotuspsychjeHalfalife: you could connect eth0 cable for once to install04:00
zachooooI cant open my terminal though in "Try ubuntu without installing"04:00
zachooooI already installed it, but im trying to find a way to set nomodeset04:00
zachooooSince I cant find a way to access my grub04:00
lotuspsychje!grub2 | zachoooo04:01
ubottuzachoooo: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)04:01
HalfalifeAlright, took out wifi adapter.04:01
HalfalifeTrying again.04:01
HalfalifeMy router is on the other side of the house.04:01
barfh22turbo can you recommend anything else ?04:02
daolinzachoooo:do you mean os boot from usb?04:02
wbwbwbwbwbHi. I start aircrack-ng on channel 6 and I kill network manager and all processes it warns about before starting it... yet I still get stuck on channel -1... when running 'aireplay-ng -0 1 -a 00:19:5B:52:AD:F7 -c 00:1C:BF:90:5B:A3 mon0'04:02
HalfalifeAre you using Backtrack?04:02
h22turbobarf: nope, ive never messed with that kind of stuff from cmd line04:02
HalfalifeI've had issues with running it from Ubuntu.04:02
zachoooodaolin I used "Try ubuntu before installing" even though I already had it installed. I was trying to access my grub config since I cant find a way to access the grub when I boot fromy my ssd04:03
HalfalifeIt should work in Backtrack.04:03
wbwbwbwbwbalright thanks04:03
HalfalifeIn Ubuntu, it doesn't seem to allow switching channels.04:03
lotuspsychjewbwbwbwbwb:maybe they have a channel on freenode, try !alis04:03
ubottualis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*04:03
h22turbowbwbwbwbwb: try it in backtrack live, if it still doesnt work... then try something else lol04:03
HalfalifeI don't think it'll work outside of Backtrack.04:03
HalfalifeIf you need to use those tools, just use BT.04:04
wbwbwbwbwbI wonder if backtrack will detect my netgear usb card04:04
h22turboyea it will... i have it on my laptop running ubuntu 12.0404:04
wbwbwbwbwbokay thanks04:04
h22turbosounds like a chipset/driver issue....04:04
wbwbwbwbwbit's a compatible chipset with aircrack04:04
wbwbwbwbwbi checked04:04
h22turboit should change chans with no probs... its somehow locked on chan 104:04
ebs512anyone have a working script for pidgin and rhythmbox for displaying now playing in status? all the ones I've come across dont work04:05
pH1rmw4r3aircrack-ng :) the good ol days..04:05
HalfalifeI've tried it on Intel, Atheros, and Ralink adapters.04:05
Halfalifeand it hasn't worked in Ubuntu for any of them, for me at least.04:05
h22turboebs512: u using xchat?04:05
wbwbwbwbwbgotcha thanks04:05
lotuspsychjelets keep ontopic guys04:05
ebs512yes h22turbo, but I use pidgin messenger for google talk04:05
HalfalifeWell, technically Backtrack is Ubuntu.04:06
lotuspsychjeHalfalife: itns not supported here04:06
=== jsjgruber-x-p_ is now known as jsjgruber-x-p
daolinzachoooo :I think you your first boot devise is usb,not ssd,you should set you bois.04:06
pH1rmw4r3you can boot with ssh?04:06
KM0201i dont' see how that would be possible pH1rmw4r3 ssh is off if a machine is off.04:08
HalfalifeMaybe using Wake-on-LAN?04:09
pH1rmw4r3thats what i thought04:09
HalfalifeSince the motherboard should always have power.04:09
pH1rmw4r3never could get wol to work04:09
HalfalifeSame here.04:09
HalfalifeNot sure my computers actually supported it, though.04:09
pH1rmw4r3its a hardware feature in most cases04:09
=== Kasjopaja23111 is now known as Kasjopaja
=== Kasjopaja is now known as Guest37277
zachooooOh how wonderful now on my ssd error: no such device: UUID04:15
lotuspsychjehowto fix a corrupt square mouse pointer every cold boot in precise 12.04.1 clean installed (old ati card and fxglr)04:15
zachooooHow do you fix error no such device?04:16
AnDsOanyone know how to add snmp in nagios04:16
lotuspsychjezachoooo: did you change bios to ssd instead of ide04:17
zachooooYes I changed to my ssd04:17
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
lotuspsychjezachoooo: changed to ahci?04:18
HalfalifeInstallation still isn't working, after removing wifi adapter.04:18
Halfalifeany other guesses?04:18
lotuspsychjeHalfalife: also hangs?04:18
zachoooolotus what do you mean?04:18
HalfalifeYep, still hangs at Wifi step.04:18
lotuspsychjezachoooo: there's a bios setting ahci you need to enable for ssd install04:18
lotuspsychjeHalfalife: cdrom or usb?04:19
HalfalifeShould I try CD?04:19
lotuspsychjeHalfalife:created with ubuntu usb creator?04:19
HalfalifeThe same USB worked on my Thinkpad.04:19
HalfalifeSo I know it's not an issue with that.04:19
zachooooIts already set04:19
zachooooto AHCI04:20
lee_imageWriter from suse is a good choice04:20
HalfalifeWell, thing is.04:20
HalfalifeIt worked with my laptop.04:20
zachooooHow do I fix my grub Dx04:20
lotuspsychjeHalfalife: its worth a try if you can by cdrom, or alternate install lowgraphics04:20
HalfalifeWell, alternate install might not work.04:20
HalfalifeAs this is a dualboot.04:20
HalfalifeAnd I don't want to accidentally overwrite Win7.04:20
HalfalifeDoes it automatically set up GRUB?04:20
lee_use easyBCE04:20
HalfalifeOr will I have to fix it myself?04:20
bobweaveroverwrite windoze *o04:21
HalfalifeWell, I use Windows occasionally.04:21
HalfalifeI do still game sometimes.04:21
HalfalifeAnd WINE doesn't seem to like my games.04:21
lotuspsychjezachoooo: did you even read the grub link i paste you04:22
HalfalifeIf none of these work, I might move the HDD to another computer, install, and switch it back.04:22
HalfalifeThink that might work?04:22
zachooooI already read the forums.04:22
=== euphoria is now known as ceradon-away
shockingbehavuri hear pata ide is now dead is this true?04:23
HalfalifeWell, not produced anymore, I wouldn't think.04:23
=== Guest54198 is now known as romeoh
aaron_rCould use some help installing as a dual boot on my macbook pro if anyone could help....after install refit, and booting from live cd it keeps hanging at "Loading boot logo" any ideas?04:25
ActionParsnipaaron_r: what video chip does the ssytem use?04:27
aaron_rActionParsnip: Intel HD Graphics 3000 384 MB04:28
=== DjGeCk0 is now known as ^GeCk0^
aaron_rActionParsnip: and AMD Radeon HD 6750M04:29
AnDsOanyone snmp remote monitoring using snmp :)04:30
AnDsOsry nagios04:30
mr0wlIs the xulrunner dev in the default repo?04:30
ActionParsnipaaron_r: try the boot option: nomodeset   may help04:31
ActionParsnip!find xulrunner04:31
ubottuFile xulrunner found in browser-plugin-vlc, gxineplugin, libnspr4-dev, libnss3-dev, openvas-plugins-dfsg04:31
xwalkCurrently using awesome window manager and I'm having trouble finding resources on how to disable the touchpad while typing. Any ideas?04:31
xwalkI should probably specify that I'm using Ubuntu 12.0404:33
=== juicy is now known as Guest43454
ActionParsnipxwalk: http://www.webupd8.org/2009/11/ubuntu-automatically-disable-touchpad.html04:34
WeThePeoplexwalk, http://www.noobslab.com/2012/02/disable-touchpad-while-typing-or.html04:34
inf3kt3dhey guys, any advice on ungrading from 7.10 to current stable?04:35
gogetaActionParsnip: why would you do that04:35
ActionParsnipgogeta: do what?04:35
gogetainf3kt3d: that's pretty old you might want to just fresh install04:35
aaron_rActionParsnip: thanks, I'll try that04:36
nvshould grub4dos bootlace.com get picked up in a heuristics scan?04:36
=== |newbie| is now known as romeoh
gogetaActionParsnip: disable your touchpad04:36
ActionParsnipgogeta: clumsy typer04:36
gogetaActionParsnip: who says I'm typing04:36
ActionParsnipgogeta: xorg knows ;)04:37
inf3kt3ddarn, im outta DVD's atm, was attempting to avoid an iso burn04:37
inf3kt3dhad 7.10 layin around04:37
gogetainf3kt3d: you can always make a USB boot disk04:37
nvor the creator tool in the system menu04:38
HalfalifeJust dropped a screw onto my mobo while my computer was on.04:38
inf3kt3dgogeta: can i use that to perform a full install on a 160 gig hard disk in an enclosure?04:38
=== dark3n is now known as dark3n|off
IlikeMooseinf3kt3d: i installed 12.04 on a 40 gig drive in a docking station via usb so you shouldn't have a problem04:39
gogetainf3kt3d: you sure can is also have some sort of USB device04:39
nvI have a laptop that doesnt have a hard drive that runs 12.04 kde04:40
gogetainf3kt3d: as long as your computer support booting from Usb04:40
=== ceradon-away is now known as euphoria
nvi have a computer that runs Mandrake from a Zip disk04:41
ActionParsnipnv: wow mandrake, that's old skool04:41
nvlol and the zip isnt?04:41
gogetanv: now that old04:41
HalfalifeWell, time to try Wubi.04:42
HalfalifeI don't really like it.04:42
HalfalifeBut hey, it might work.04:42
lotuspsychjehow can one report a bug on package, if not sure what causes the bug?04:42
inf3kt3dso what i have is usb hard disk 160g, my primary hdd is a windows drive(disconnected atm) should i attempt to do this from my current setup or swap to windows drive, DL iso etc and continue from there? any links to guides, so i dont tie you guys up with redundancy?04:43
ActionParsnipnv: mandrake 7 was my first distro <304:43
ActionParsniplotuspsychje: guess as close as you can, the ops can move it later04:44
gogetalotuspsychje: report the bug behavior and how to replicate it04:44
gogetalotuspsychje: you don't need to know the cause that's for the guys figure out04:45
Ashtray777Anyone know how to change the font from within shell?04:46
lotuspsychjegogeta: ok its because i was reading howto bug, saying the need as much info as possible also packagename that crashed maybe04:46
ActionParsnipAshtray777: the font of what?04:46
=== scottas is now known as zz_scottas
Ashtray777the text within shell04:46
G33kDadgreetings on the channel!04:46
Ashtray777I'm on ubuntu server and I want to change the font to the ubuntu monospace font04:47
ActionParsnipAshtray777: isn't it profiles -> edit current profile04:47
ActionParsnipAshtray777: ahhh04:47
Ashtray777I'm not on the GUI04:47
G33kDadi want to set up an old laptop as a home server. is it possible to have an external lcd display running x and just have a terminal on the built in screen?04:47
=== dosbut is now known as dofgvb
lotuspsychjegogeta:nvm i found an existing bug on what i got https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xserver-xorg-video-ati/+bug/61936504:48
ubottuLaunchpad bug 619365 in xserver-xorg-video-ati (Ubuntu) "Screen corruption when X starts" [Undecided,Confirmed]04:48
gogetalotuspsychje: a guide how to reproduce the bug is always best then they can figure out why it's crashing or acting strangely04:48
ActionParsnipAshtray777: http://askubuntu.com/questions/107563/changing-console-font-on-ubuntu-10-04-server04:48
rohni am in 11.10 and want to install a package from 12.04 repo. is it possible??04:48
Ashtray777sweet man thanks!04:48
ActionParsnipG33kDad: what is the server going to do?04:48
ActionParsniprohn: its possible but not advised or supported04:48
G33kDadActionParsnip, smb, ssh, ftp04:49
ActionParsniprohn: I suggest you find a ppa with the app04:49
mr0wlanyone know a good PPA for Xulrunner?04:49
G33kDadActionParsnip, i'd like to have the external lcd display a desktop with screenlets... like a kiosk04:49
ActionParsnipG33kDad: no need for gui for that, it can do all that headless. if you use ssh you will get an sftp by default, you can use samba to easily share to windows systems04:49
lotuspsychjeActionParsnip: i tryed the nomodeset to fix my square mouse pointer, but that disables compiz for me..04:50
G33kDadActionParsnip, I know... but i would really like to have a desktop/kiosk on an external monitor... twitter/weather/news ticker04:50
gogetaActionParsnip: I think there is even ncurses guise for that04:50
rohnthen anyone know the ppa for this https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/102572004:50
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1025720 in Ubuntu "Package cedarview-drm" [Undecided,Fix released]04:51
G33kDadActionParsnip, just not sure how to launch x on the external monitor (would be screen1 in xorg.conf, i guess)04:52
ActionParsniplotuspsychje: can you then install a proprietary video driver?04:52
gogetaG33kDad: he would be shocked what cli can do04:52
lotuspsychjeActionParsnip: after etting nomodeset?04:52
ActionParsnip!ppa | rohn04:52
ubotturohn: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge04:52
G33kDadgogeta, not sure what you mean...04:52
ActionParsniplotuspsychje: after you get the desktop, is there a 3rd party driver you can install to then not need nomodeset04:53
ActionParsniplotuspsychje: what video chip do you use?04:53
lotuspsychjeActionParsnip: ati x800 (older card)04:53
gogetaG33kDad: cli can do anything04:53
=== euphoria is now known as ceradon-away
ActionParsnipG33kDad: You may be able to just boot with it attached and be ok, the output device may be remembered04:53
lotuspsychjeActionParsnip: i use fxgrl, so no new driver show up04:54
fishbaiti've a third monitor hooked up to onboard graphics how do i get ubuntu to recognize it?04:54
ActionParsniplotuspsychje: supported by the proprietary video driver?04:54
kukulambarhi anyone use ubuntu  TV?04:54
G33kDadgogeta, ActionParsnip, I'm not sure I'm asking the right question.04:54
lotuspsychjeActionParsnip:howto check04:54
ActionParsniplotuspsychje: look in additional drivers04:55
fishbaiti've a third monitor hooked up to onboard graphics how do i get ubuntu to use it?04:55
lotuspsychjeActionParsnip: no that list is empty04:55
ActionParsniplotuspsychje: is the OS fully updated?04:55
lotuspsychjeActionParsnip: clean installed precise 12.04.1 64bit04:56
G33kDadActionParsnip, i would like to  have cli only on laptop built in lcd and x on the external monitor04:56
lotuspsychjeand fully updated yes04:56
G33kDadActionParsnip, is this possible?04:56
ActionParsniplotuspsychje: get fully updated, see if it helps04:56
lotuspsychjeActionParsnip: it doesnt, this is what my bug look likes: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xserver-xorg-video-ati/+bug/61936504:57
=== chaplain is now known as christmas
ubottuLaunchpad bug 619365 in xserver-xorg-video-ati (Ubuntu) "Screen corruption when X starts" [Undecided,Confirmed]04:57
ActionParsnipG33kDad: why not have X on the display and blank on the monitor, then manage it via ssh etc04:57
=== christmas is now known as chaplain
G33kDadActionParsnip, monitor is bigger/prettier screen :)04:57
ActionParsnipG33kDad: there is probably a switching shortcut on the system to switch outputs. It may be remembered between boots04:57
=== chaplain is now known as christmas
G33kDadActionParsnip, ahhh... i see what you mean... like a Fn + n key combination04:58
ActionParsnipG33kDad: then have a play, see what you can do04:58
=== ceradon-away is now known as euphoria
G33kDadActionParsnip, cool... thanks so much!04:58
anish[1]In my dell Ubuntu 10.10 eventhough I have set the option to never put the display to sleep it goes to sleep.I wonder if there is this problem can be solved?04:58
KaberleAlright I'm new here so sorry if I'm in the wrong section or something04:58
=== christmas is now known as Guest4069
fishbaiti have a third monitor hooked up to onboard graphics how do i get ubuntu to use it?04:58
G33kDadpeace and love #ubuntu04:58
Kaberlebut I'd like some help with a new windows 7 laptop with a chopppy old game04:59
lickalottubuntu related?04:59
Kaberleuhm what's ubuntu?04:59
Kaberleidk I'm sorry04:59
blobfishbait: need to configure your xorg.conf04:59
KaberleI thought this was like a general help irc05:00
lotuspsychje!ubuntu | Kaberle05:00
ubottuKaberle: Ubuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. It is developed by a large community and we invite you to participate too! - Also see http://www.ubuntu.com05:00
ActionParsnipKaberle: this is ubuntu supoprt only. Windows is supported in ##windows05:00
Kaberleoh okay thanks a lot I'll check that out!05:00
* lickalott scratches head05:01
=== Guest4069 is now known as chaplain
lotuspsychje!nomodeset > lotuspsychje05:03
ubottulotuspsychje, please see my private message05:03
serbancan i change show desktop behavior somehow to only minimize the windows ONLY for the current workspace?05:09
HalfalifeWith Compiz, probably.05:10
SteevBhey, ive had this issue before. But I forgot the fix. Anyway, I installed kubuntu desktop and now the regular ubuntu splash screen is gone. How can I change that back to normal05:15
WeThePeoplesteevb, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=160786005:17
SteevBWeThePeople: thanks05:18
WeThePeoplesteevb, might work :)05:18
ActionParsnipSteevB: sudo update-alternatives --config default.plymouth05:19
mithranhai all i dont know how to add my applications like empathy, ibus so on to start up05:19
ActionParsnipno need for extra applications05:19
mithrancan you  help me05:20
=== euphoria is now known as ceradon-away
zjzhe shi  na li05:21
ActionParsnipmithran: in dash search for 'startup'05:21
WeThePeoplesteevb, http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/customize-boot-splash-screen-logo-linux/05:22
mithranlickalott: can you help me ... the problem regarding asdding application05:22
zji can't install my vim05:22
mithranActionParsnip:  i found the start up but cant add the application05:22
mithranActionParsnip:  because i dont know the path to browse it05:23
ActionParsnipmithran: if you want to add empathy, just type empathy for all the boxes05:23
ActionParsnipmithran: you don't need the path, the application is in $PATH so will run05:23
mithranActionParsnip:  ok it was added05:23
SteevBWeThePeople: I think the second thing worked05:24
mithranActionParsnip: then i want IBUS05:24
SteevBWeThePeople: Im going to restart now to check05:24
ActionParsnipmithran: if you jsut add the command you run, or you can symlink the .desktop files in /usr/share/applications to ~/.config/autostart    that you want to run at logon05:25
mithranAction how can i browse the applications to add to start up05:25
mithranActionParsnip:  Ok Thank you05:26
=== MagiC3PO is now known as Magiobiwan
ActionParsnipmithran: if you run:  file /usr/share/applications/ibus.desktop    does it say the file doesn't exist?05:26
alesanhey how comes ubuntu still has an ANCIENT version of mtd-utils?05:27
ActionParsnipmithran: if the system tells you the details of the file, then run:  ln -s /usr/share/applications/ibus.desktop ~/.config/autostart/ibus.desktop      and it will run at login05:27
alesanwho should I note that they should update the package?05:27
ActionParsnipalesan: report a bug and it may get updated, you may find a ppa with a newer version05:27
ubottuA Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge05:27
alesanI do not need a ppa I will get the git and compile it myself05:28
alesanbut it's annoying, mtd-utils 1.4.4 does not have the free space fixup for ubifs05:28
alesanActionParsnip, who should I write to for the "bugreport"?05:29
ActionParsnipalesan: just run:  ubuntu-bug  mtd-utils     and the process will start05:29
ActionParsnipalesan: Quantal has 1.5 :)05:29
alesanquantal? what is?05:30
ActionParsnipalesan: Ubuntu 12.1005:30
alesanoh OK05:31
alesanso it's kind of useless I submit the bugreport...05:31
phibxralesan: Yep, since 12.10 is due for launch next month. :)05:32
dos000alo ?05:33
dos000can you install synaptic from the livecd ?05:33
spioukihey anybody knows how i can share files between xp guest and ubuntu 12.04 lts host in vmware?05:34
mithranActionParsnip:  ok05:34
Auzyspiouki, I just use SMB/Windows file sharing05:34
dos000spiouki: install ssh on ubuntu and use winscp on xp05:34
dos000stupid 12.04 changed evrything05:34
dos000i hate whoever did 112.0405:35
bazhang!ot | dos00005:35
ubottudos000: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!05:35
dos000anyway ...05:35
spioukiyou guys upload it to internet????????????05:35
dos000bazhang: thx for the reminder05:36
spioukidos000: do  i need to upload it to internet and download it again?05:36
dos000spiouki: ?05:36
dos000spiouki: do apt-get install ssh on ubuntu ...05:37
dos000and install winscp on the xp machine05:37
dos000can someone tell me if the universe repository is accessible on the live cd ?05:38
msxspiouki: sorry pal can you say it again? i didn't catch it05:38
dos000i have a machine that is not connected to the internet05:38
msxspiouki: which system is host and which one is guest?05:38
spioukimsx: ubuntu is host and xp is guest05:39
msxdos000: what app r u looking 4? the package set of the live image is pretty small05:39
dos000msx  ... i am looking for chntpw05:39
msxspiouki: have you tried shared folders? this way you can share files from a host to a guest and viceversa05:39
dos000msx i downloaded the full 12.04 desktop cd05:40
spioukidont know how it works where is that folder in ubuntu?05:40
msxdos000: i'm pretty sure it isn't there... you should try SystemRescCD, the damn best rescue live image of all times, Gentoo-based, very easy to use and very powerfull too05:40
spioukiI have samba and i made a shared folder on my screen but i cant connect it to guest xp05:41
msxdos000: i'm sure sysresccd have that tool05:41
dos000msx: does it have chntpw on it ?05:41
msxdos000: pretty sure yes it does, go check it's website or head to it's irc05:41
dos000msx: I also need some adaptec drivers for a HW raid ... :-(05:41
dos000msx: i might have better luck with ubuntu05:41
msxdos000: i'm not sure about that but since it's made to work on anything may be you're lucky05:42
msxspiouki: the shared folder i'm talking is a special feature of vmware05:42
dos000msx: can you explain why i cant access all the packages in the live cd ???05:42
dos000msx: I mean i have the full 700megs cd with me ....05:43
spioukidon't know about it i googled it and found nothing tell me where to begin05:43
msxspiouki: you must activate that feature in the guest VM config menu then launch it and it should automatically mount the shared folder in windows xp05:43
bazhangdos000, use the alternate cd as a repo, not the live cd05:43
dos000bazhang: thx !05:44
bazhang!alternate | dos00005:44
ubottudos000: The Alternate CD is a classic text-mode install CD. It supports a wider range of hardware than the !LiveCD, and can also be used as an upgrade CD. http://www.ubuntu.com/download/ubuntu/alternative-download#alternate - See also !minimal05:44
lotuspsychjeis it normal for nomodeset option to disable compiz?05:44
msxdos000: dumb simple: chntpwd is an utility to change windows passwd, while it's a good tool to have in a rescue live system, the ubuntu live image is not meant for that, so expect to have only a _very_ small subset of packages available in those 700mb05:45
dos000msx: bazhang .. thanks all for your great support :-)05:46
yourshow to share files b/w ubuntu and win  using LAN ?05:46
ebs512how much time should it take to build source in ubuntu from a dual core amd to an i5 threaded to quad core processor with turbo boost?05:47
yourshow to share files b/w ubuntu and win over LAN ?05:50
bazhang!nfs | yours05:51
ubottuyours: nfs is the network file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SettingUpNFSHowTo for information on installing and configuring NFS.05:51
liamsomething really strange just happened to my ubuntu ahah05:52
yoursbazhang: is their any GUI wased sharing Tool ?05:53
yourswased * based05:53
liami did sudo apt-get remove "program name here" in the terminal.. and terminal uninstalled 50 or so of my programs05:53
liamremoved mozilla, but i still have it open so i can still use it? :|05:54
msxebs512: WHAT!?05:54
ebs512how much time should it take to build source in ubuntu from a dual core amd to an i5 threaded to quad core processor with turbo boost?05:54
ebs512i5 dual core threaded to a quad core**05:55
msxliam: haha, that's what it's called ubuntu-way! xD (just trolling... but it's real anyway!)05:56
ebs512building android source in ubuntu, it took 8 hours on the amd dual core and after repo syncing the source it ended up being 10gb05:56
lotuspsychjeebs512: keep ontopic mate, ubuntu support problems05:57
lotuspsychje!nl | PowerblinQ06:00
ubottuPowerblinQ: Nederlandstalige ondersteuning voor Ubuntu (en vers gezette koffie) is te vinden in #ubuntu-nl06:00
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lidarlotuspsychje: now i will never know if amd is faster then intel i5 since you hushed ebs51206:09
lotuspsychjelidar: thats little offtopic mate right06:10
lotuspsychje!info xserver-xorg-video-ati06:18
ubottuxserver-xorg-video-ati (source: xserver-xorg-video-ati): X.Org X server -- AMD/ATI display driver wrapper. In component main, is optional. Version 1:6.14.99~git20111219.aacbd629-0ubuntu2 (precise), package size 7 kB, installed size 85 kB06:18
hron84Hi! Is there a way to specify more than one host in sudoers line? So, how can I change "user1 box1=NOPASSWD: /usr/bin/foo" to grant sudo on box1 and box2? I tried "user1 box1,box2=NOPASSWD /usr/bin/foo" but without luck.06:21
ActionParsniphron84: when you say 'host' do you mean physical system?06:22
hron84ActionParsnip: yeah06:22
hron84host named box1 and box206:22
ActionParsniphron84: you will need to modify the sudoers file for both systems06:23
hron84ActionParsnip: sudoers is managed centrally06:23
ActionParsniphron84: how so?06:23
hron84with puppet06:23
=== hp is now known as Guest50446
hron84so there is a single central sudoers file what delivered to every machine06:24
hron84ActionParsnip: and I know there is a way to specify per-host definitions in sudoers06:24
Guest50446my ubuntu 12.04 veryslow how to speed up connection help please...xoxox06:24
hron84ActionParsnip: as the original line says, I can allow foo on box1. But I want to allow foo on box1 and box2 too.06:25
ActionParsnipGuest50446: how much RAM do you have? What speed CPU and what video chip do you use?06:25
WeThePeopleguest50446, do you mean internet connection?06:25
Gotennn_Hi TechnodicT_06:26
* Gotennn_ nods to WeThePeople 06:26
TechnodicT_We the liberal people using Linux06:27
Gotennn_I have a ton of files, is there a way to copy the entire folder and let it only replace the biggest files that are duplicates?06:27
ActionParsnipGotennn_: could use rsync, it will only copy files that change06:27
kriadahi, are people allowed to asked questions about Ubuntu here?06:27
ActionParsnipkriada: yes, its a support channel06:28
lidar!ask | kriada06:28
ubottukriada: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience06:28
Gotennn_Timestamps won't help, it may show up as most recently modified but it may be empty06:28
TechnodicT_Wat are your machine configs people?06:28
lidarGotennn_: check out the man page for cp it has backup options ect.06:29
Gotennn_Okay, will do06:29
lidarGotennn_: there is a noclobber option only moves the file if it doesnt already exist06:29
lidarTechnodicT_:as in hardware ?06:31
Gotennn_Good to know! I may need to know that next time. Currently the file may exist on both sides, so I need it to always keep the bigger one on target06:31
kriadaim wanting to learn apache and come across XAMPP. I see it combines mysql php and perl in which sounds cool, but its recommended way to install *isnt* to use sudo 'apt-get'; a) do people recco XAMPP on Ubuntu or should i just install the various required modules via the correct Ubuntu package manager06:31
WeThePeoplekriada,more precise channel might be #httpd06:33
kriadaow thanks!06:33
TechnodicT_(TechnodicT_) I hv a i5 processor 4gigs of ram06:33
Gotennn_my googling phrases have failed to show how I can do anything like what I'm attempting. Was worth a try. Perhaps I'll just compare directory sizes then do it that way en masse06:33
lidarTechnodicT_: do it with a shell command!06:34
ItsPriyankHi I want to setup Android development environment on my 12.04 and want to install jdk. How should I do it?06:34
TechnodicT_What kind of hardware are you people running ubuntu on?06:35
Gotennn_Thanks lidar06:36
lotuspsychjelidar: seems like this bug has never been solved for years https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/55678206:37
ubottuLaunchpad bug 556782 in linux (Ubuntu) "[rs690m] Graphics corruption with ati x1200" [High,Triaged]06:37
lidarItsPriyank: http://lmgtfy.com/?q=setup+android+sdk+on+ubuntu06:38
TechnodicT_Hello Lotusphychje..!06:38
ItsPriyanklidar:  :p I was looking for some exact tut. Can I follow http://askubuntu.com/questions/55848/how-do-i-install-oracle-java-jdk-706:39
lotuspsychjeTechnodicT_:hi mate, your prob got solved?06:40
TechnodicT_Online from my HTC One06:42
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sstaItsPriyank: openjdk 7 will work fine for android dev06:44
sstaItsPriyank: sudo apt-get install openjdk-7-jdk06:45
acemeisterwhat are the advantages besides security ubuntu has over windows?06:45
sstaacemeister: "I like it better than windows"?06:46
bazhangacemeister, a good topic for #ubuntu-discuss06:46
acemeisteri never knew06:46
acemeistertheres a chan for everything :D06:46
sstalidar: telling people to google (whilst understandable sometimes) isn't really in the spirit of this channel06:47
jen_is anyone good with MyPaint? The Mypaint room is not responding to my question -.-"06:47
lidarjen_: what is mypaint ?06:49
jen_lidar, art software06:50
lidarjen_: like the gimp ?06:50
jen_lidar,  kinda06:50
bazhangjen_, whats the actual question06:50
lidar!ot | bazhang06:50
ubottubazhang: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!06:50
bazhanglidar, what?06:51
bazhanglidar, what was that for06:51
jen_well it saved as some weird file, its still under an 'ora' file but under last date modified, it says, '2.34' or something instead of a date06:51
lidarbazhang: because you always post when people go off topic i wanted to make sure you stayed on ;)06:52
bazhangjen_, so the file is saved in the .ora format? and the time stamp is 2:34 instead of a date. is that the gist of it?06:54
lotuspsychjehowto fix this anoying bug? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/55678206:54
ubottuLaunchpad bug 556782 in linux (Ubuntu) "[rs690m] Graphics corruption with ati x1200" [High,Triaged]06:54
jen_bazhang, yeah and I would ***REALLY*** love to be able the open it again06:54
* xterminus http://archive.org/details/gd85-06-14.sbd.carman.13747.sbeok.shnf06:54
bazhangxterminus, what is that. use a normal question and not /me06:55
jen_bazhang, http://pastebin.com/E2VXMPRf06:55
xterminusno wrong channel06:56
Anom01yI am looking to try and find a way to play .swf files in LInux (using mplayer or VLC) does anyone have an idea of how this can be accomplished ?06:56
xterminusi dunno but Steve Jobs HATED FLASH06:56
bazhangAnom01y, mplayer plays them fine06:56
xterminushe said it sucked ass06:56
bazhangxterminus, stop with the offtopic06:57
xterminusbed for me guys06:57
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lidarAnom01y: if you open a shell and type apt-cache search swf you see a few packages06:58
lidarAnom01y: there should be a few diffrent players listed06:59
Anom01ybazhang, I have a .swf file but mplayer doesn't play it06:59
Ginto8I'm having a really weird lightdm problem07:00
lotuspsychjeAnom01y: can you play it with firefox?07:00
Anom01yhmm let me try07:00
Ginto8When I log in through lightdm under my username, it instantly exits (/var/log/lightdm/lightdm.log reveals that it exited with value 1). When I log in through the guest account, it works fine. This happens with all sessions, including gnome-shell, xfce, and the recovery console. I can use ctrl+alt+f# to open tty's and log in that way, though.07:02
Ginto8the session exits and lightdm comes up again, as though I had logged out*07:03
lidarGinto8: alt control f2 login then startx -- :207:03
Halexander_ValenHey there! Can someone please help me? Pretty please with a cherry on top. See, I want to install VisualBoyAdvance and the VisualBoyAdvance-gtk so I can emulate some pokemon games, but the problem is, with only these two, that every time I try and use either Synaptic Package manager or Ubuntu Software center to install these two, they ask me to do this "Please insert the disk labeled:Ubuntu 12.04.1 LTS _Precise Pangolin_ -07:04
bazhangHalexander_Valen, take the cd out of the software sources07:05
Halexander_ValenHow do I do that?07:05
bazhangHalexander_Valen, either by opening synaptic package manager, or commenting out the line in sources.list07:05
Josh1Halexander_Valen: Or, you can go through Software Center>>Software Sources and uncheck the CD.07:06
Halexander_ValenI'll try.07:06
Ginto8lidar: that just gives me a blank screen, then when I go back to the tty it shows "Waiting for X server to begin connections" and "No protocol specified"07:07
lotuspsychjeis there a channel for bugs?07:08
gartrallotuspsychje: you're in it07:08
bazhanggartral, thats not correct07:08
bazhanglotuspsychje, use alis to search07:09
bazhang!alis | lotuspsychje07:09
ubottulotuspsychje: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*07:09
lidarGinto8: make sure the files in your ~/ are owned by your user account sudo chown -R username:users /home/username07:09
shannondiaspp lal07:13
shannondiasPP LAL07:14
shannondiasWHERE ARE YOU07:14
shannondiasPP LAL07:14
shannondiasWHERE ARE YOU07:14
FloodBot1shannondias: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.07:14
Ginto8lidar: that doesn't seem to be helping. According to the logs, /usr/sbin/lightdm-session is exiting with value 1. Is there any place I can look for a more specific error code?07:14
shannondiashey please07:14
bazhangshannondias, this is ubuntu support only07:15
lidarGinto8: dmsg give you any errors07:16
lidarGinto8: should be a /var/log/xorg.log as well07:16
lidarcat /path/tolog | less07:17
lidarsorry Ginto8 i gotta slee if you can get some errors post them someone else will know it im sure07:18
Ginto8lidar: alright, thanks for the help07:18
atom_Nobody answers me in the xubuntu channel, can I expose my issue here ?07:19
=== Cantide is now known as CanStudy
auronandaceatom_: sure07:19
atom_I'm running Xubuntu 12.04.1 and I would like to set my screen's brightness. I can't from xcfe4 power manager07:20
atom_I also tried to install gnome-power-manager but it don't work either.07:20
=== railsraider_ is now known as railsraider
atom_The only command which helped me is "  sudo echo 0 > /sys/class/backlight/acpi_video0/brightness " but I would prefer if I could set the brightness in a graphic interface.07:21
jen_I still don't know what went wrong D:07:22
=== arijit is now known as codemaniac
Wikyhow can I get the source file of command such as "ls"07:28
XirreCan I install ubuntu on an Android with good specs? (Google Nexus 7)07:28
JobbeHmm i'm on a live dist right now - but it seems the trackpad aint working - acer 5750 p5we0 .. before i install then i would like to know, if any of you could help getting it work? or might have a link to a solution, i've tried google - with no luck07:29
Ginto8Jobbe: is there a key toggling the trackpad? I know my acer laptop has one. It might just be disabled.07:31
JobbeGinto8: yes there is a key, it tried it and no luck07:32
Ginto8hmm not sure what it could be then. I can't claim much expertise ;P07:33
Rusherhi, do you know some good websites for IT news - linux, programming... etc?07:34
JobbeGinto8: it's ok - i tried debian too and the trackpad worked on that one, so i assumed it would work on ubuntu .. but guess not07:35
XirreHow do I go about file transfers using SSH? (Would SSH be the securest way to go?). I am looking to make a server like a dropbox for individual people. They each get their own folder.07:36
auronandace!scp | Xirre07:37
ubottuXirre: scp is a secure way of copying files across networks using !SSH. Usage: scp filename user@host:filename - WinSCP is a client for Windows, available at http://winscp.net/07:37
Xirre@ubottu Will it let me set individual folders for people? Can they upload and download and run programs?07:38
Diamondi_What are some of basic techniques for scaling a file storage server?07:39
auronandace!pm | Xirre07:44
ubottuXirre: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.07:44
Ginto8alright, I think I've gotten closer to the problem: When I log in through light-dm, it flashes a console then brings the greeter back up, as though it logged in then logged back out immediately. The lightdm logs show that this in fact happened, and the lightdm-session process returned 1. This occurs with all sessions, including the recovery console. I can log in through other tty's without a problem. Other user accounts can log in 07:45
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.07:49
Ginto8my lightdm won't log in. Any suggestions?07:57
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inf3kt3dhello folks, laptop internal HD removed, 160g sata drive in enclosure through usb, ubuntu installs 7.10 LTS, updates and successful reboot into 8.04, 10.xx update initiated, but hangs...after reboot to re-initiate update, i get: kernel panic-not syncing: VFS: unable to mount root fs on unknown block (0,0)....any suggestions on whats gone wrong? ways to correct?08:05
codemaniachaving some characterset problems08:06
codemaniaclocale -a throws up some errors08:06
codemaniaclocale: Cannot set LC_CTYPE to default locale: No such file or directory08:07
codemaniaclocale: Cannot set LC_MESSAGES to default locale: No such file or directory08:07
codemaniaclocale: Cannot set LC_COLLATE to default locale: No such file or directory08:07
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mhahehey guys I got a sony vaio z svz13114gxx 2 days ago and its been hell trying to get ubuntu installed. now i got that done im looking to get my external graphics card working (ati radeon HD 7600m) i installed the propriety drivers no luck. I've been reading around and i see that there is an issue with laptops having more than one graphics card ( i also have intel graphics) and the only solid option is to have one run at all times and forget about the other. is08:12
mhahe this true?08:12
bolosaurHi girls and guys. Is Ubuntu a good OS for sharing an internet connection over LAN?08:15
Guest45403dunno :P08:15
nofame-nogamebolosaur: that is a questionable question08:16
bolosaurnofame-nogame: why08:16
Ginto8bolosaur: I'm not specifically sure how you'd do it, but I'm sure it's possible with ubuntu08:16
mhahejust bought a new laptop and had to remove windows to install ubuntu on 1 HD, and im planning on installing windows on the other HD. The laptop came with windows professional. I read that i wont need a key because windows installer will check something internally that comes with the laptop and i can skip the software key. So i downloaded Windows 7 iso from mydigitallife website. before i begin i was just curious if anyone had an opinion or thoughts on what im08:16
mhahe doing to save me the time of hitting a brick wall in installation08:16
levanderbolosaur: Just get a router, lots easier to set up.08:17
bolosaurlevander: Well, if Ubuntu isn't an option I'll just download Windows.08:17
bolosaurI just try to keep it legal as far as possible.08:17
levanderbolosaur: You can do it with Windows or Linux, but a router is just easier.08:18
randomDudebolosaur: of course it's possible08:18
nofame-nogamebolosaur: whats good and its generally too basic08:18
randomDudebolosaur: but the how of doing it is dependant on a few factors... which you've not elaborated on.08:19
bolosaur10:18:01 <levander> bolosaur: You can do it with Windows or Linux, but a router is just easier. <--- I'd say Windows is easier, because it's just a matter of using the connction sharing wizard, i.e. I'd save myself the trouble of having to go out and buy a USB-based mobile internet router.08:19
bolosaur10:18:02 <randomDude> bolosaur: of course it's possible <-- Well, I'm not just wondering if it's possible, but also if it's not goign to force me to spend hours troubleshooting it to get it to work.08:19
randomDudebolosaur: are you here to troll? or get answers?08:19
Guest45403mhahe: why don't you try virtual box or something like that?08:20
bolosaurGet answers.08:20
Guest45403it's lot easier08:20
bolosaurBut I think I got it - i.e. it's too much of a hassle.08:20
randomDudebolosaur: then give us more information than emotiions08:20
bolosaurI'm not giving you emotions. You're telling me to buy a router. I'm telling you why that's not a good idea from my perspective.08:20
bolosaurSo as to eliminate that recurring suggestion.08:20
randomDudebolosaur: i didn't tell you to buy anything.08:20
bolosaurNow, what info do you want?08:20
Ginto8bolosaur: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Internet/ConnectionSharing08:20
randomDudebolosaur: what medium are you wanting to share over? wifi or ethernet?08:21
bolosaurrandomDude: ethernet.08:21
levanderbolosaur: It's not hard, it's just unless you have a reason you don't want to use a router, a router is just easier.  Routers are specifically designed to do what you want to do.  Whereas Linux boxes are more general (and more expensive).08:21
nofame-nogamelevander: what is a router for u08:21
bolosaurI'll be connecting a mobile internet modem to it via USB, and share the connection via LAN.08:21
randomDudebolosaur: and the computer sharing the connection connects to the internet through ethernet or wifi ?08:21
arulmozhi how to enable openCL for openCL based filter in gegl???08:21
levandernofame-nogame: You don't know what a router is?08:22
bolosaurrandomDude: The laptop's internet connction comes from an USB modem, and will be sharing via ethernet.08:22
nofame-nogamelevander: i have absolutely no idea08:22
Jordan_Ubolosaur: http://magazine.redhat.com/2008/10/16/video-fedora-10-connection-sharing/ (the process is the same in Ubuntu).08:22
bolosaurcool, thanks.08:23
Jordan_Ubolosaur: You're welcome.08:23
randomDudebolosaur: ok if you want to computers to access shared connection through ethernet you'll need to modify UFW08:23
bolosaurwhat's that?08:23
Jordan_UrandomDude: bolosaur: No, you will not need to modify UFW.08:23
randomDudebolosaur: it's the Uncomplicated Fire Wall08:23
nofame-nogamerandomDude: how is it uncomplicated08:24
randomDudenofame-nogame: that's its name.08:24
levanderbolosaur: oh yeah, that mobile hotspot stuff, you may have a reason to want to use a Linux box to share your internet connection...  I just use my phone as a mobile hotspot to connect my laptop to wirelessly.  But because all the mobile carriers have different pricing for the service, it's possible you're better off with a computer than a router to share internet service.08:24
nofame-nogamerandomDude: stumbled upon that wondering08:24
bolosaurlevander: I can't use hotspot sharing because a) it sucks and b) im trying to share an internet connection to my xbox, which doesnt have wifi08:25
randomDudeJordan_U: care to elaborate? network manager does not provide a gui to shar the ethernet, only wifi.08:25
Jordan_UrandomDude: Network Manager provides a GUI which allows sharing an internet connection to any available interface. I've shared to ethernet (from a 3G modem) multiple times.08:26
randomDudebolosaur: try that then. should be really easy.08:26
levanderbolosaur: have you looked into something like this: http://www.cradlepoint.com/products/machine-to-machine-routers/ctr500-mobile-broadband-travel-router08:26
randomDudebolosaur: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Internet/ConnectionSharing#GUI_Method_via_Network_Manager_.28Ubuntu_9.10_and_up.2908:27
levanderbolosaur: I think the company Zoom has a product some people like better than the Cradlepoint.  But Cradlepoint is the established name in that market.08:27
bolosaurlevander: I have looked at a couple of solutions like that, but there are a couple of typical issues with mobile internet routers08:28
bolosaurand plus, id save myself money doing it this way08:28
levanderbolosaur: Okay, I was just trying to make sure you're aware of options... But it sounds like you've already done a lot of research.08:29
bolosaurI have, but thanks a lot. :)08:29
rahul_hii can please anyone suggest me good video converter for ubuntu.08:30
inf3kt3dso wait, not to troll the convo, but...your going to use a mobile usb modem to connect to your xbox, correct?08:30
bolosaurinf3kt3d: Yeah.08:33
bolosaurI am.08:33
levanderbolosaur: Have you made sure Linux has a driver for your USB modem?  That could be a stumbling block...08:33
bolosaurlevander: It's an iPhone, so I assume it does. :)08:34
inf3kt3dto what end? i mean are you looking to download patches/hacks, play COD, or to just log into LIVE?08:34
levanderbolosaur: It's been a long time since I looked into that stuff, so I don't know, but if I were you I'd check to make sure Linux can use an internet connection over an iPhone...08:35
bolosaurUpdate the system and make purchases08:35
bolosauri just googled it and it appears to work08:35
levanderbolosaur: Well, with the guides that have been linked here for you, have these guys pretty much got you pointed in the right direction, or you need more info?08:37
=== usr is now known as Guest36553
inf3kt3dim sure it would, for that. although im sure it will take what seems like forever. watch your bandwidth over the network tho, unless your unlimited of course XD08:39
bolosaurlevander: nah i seem to be set. thanks mate.08:39
inf3kt3dgood luck!08:40
Jordan_Ubolosaur: Since the guides linked don't have good screenshots for specifically sharing to an ethernet connection. First you'll need to start nm-connection-editor (click the network-manager icon and go to "Edit Connections...") then go to the Ethernet tab and select "Edit connection" like this: http://jordanu.dyndns.org/tmp/nm-connection-editor.png which will bring up a new window, in that window go to the "IPv4 Settings" tab and ...08:40
Jordan_U... in the "Method" drop down box select "Shared to other computers" http://jordanu.dyndns.org/tmp/nm-connection-editor-shared.png and then click "Save" and you're done.08:40
Damienwindigowhy isnt my intel module isnt being inserted08:40
=== Guest36553 is now known as karus
ebs512is there a good algebra software for ubuntu?08:41
Jordan_Uebs512: What would this algebra software do? Do you mean software for teaching algebra or solving algebraic equasions or somthing else?08:42
diligentdinosmb not taking passwords, but i can see the shares in all forms.08:42
Damienwindigowhy isnt my intel module isnt being inserted08:42
ebs512well to help me with my homework, something that I could type in an equation and it would walk me through the steps in solving the problem08:42
bolosaurJordan_U: Wait, are you saying that I'm going to have to fiddle with a bunch of settings?08:43
bolosaurand that there's no way to automate the process?08:43
bolosaurbecause if so, i've tried doing this before08:43
bolosaurand it completely messed up my system08:43
levanderebs512: math isn't something easily summarized, i'd be surprised if anybody's written anything like that that covers anything more than some basics08:43
bolosaurthis is exactly the kind of stuff i dont want to be caught doing a whole day08:43
bolosaurubuntu sucks too much time08:44
bolosaurover the simplest things08:44
Damienwindigoebs512 do you have your book08:44
bolosaurso if its not automated, ill pass. :)08:44
Damienwindigo....are you doing your homework online?08:44
ebs512I have my book, yes, it only has answers for the odd problems08:44
ebs512no, not doing my homework online08:45
Jordan_Ubolosaur: It's not a lot of settings, it's changing exactly one setting in the ethernet settings pane saying "this interface should be used for sharing internet". And if you get something wrong you can simply create a new connection and everything will be automagic.08:45
DamienwindigoI know math is actually relatively easy08:46
diligentdinoJordan_U, He left08:46
DamienwindigoOne You need your formula08:46
trijntjeHi all, is it possible for uname -a to be mistaken about whether or not the current system is 32 or 64 bits?08:46
Damienwindigonext all you need is to plug in your numbers08:46
sstatrijntje: no08:46
joobieguys after my install of ubuntu, it comes up with an error saying "Gave up waiting for root device" .. and it drops me to a busybox prompt. It also says "ALERT! /dev/disk/by-uuid/<uuid> does nto exist". In Busybox I don't see /dev/disk/by-uuid at all? is there a reason im not seeing it? should i be? should i just change it from the uuid to id (i do see /dev/disk/by-id)08:46
trijntjessta: thanks. I'm building custom images and I wasn't sure if I was getting both architectures08:47
diligentdinojoobie, what does sudo blkid say about the drive.08:47
DamienwindigoWhy isn't my intel module being inserted08:48
diligentdinoDamienwindigo, you need to be more specific as to what your trying to do vs what is happening.08:48
ebs512I was hoping there would be a software for this os to help me memorize the formulas, there's about 7 of them I need memorized for wednesday's test08:49
diligentdino!details| Damienwindigo08:49
ubottuDamienwindigo: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."08:49
joobiediligentdino, it says "/dev/sdb: TYPE="isw_raid_member"08:49
joobiediligentdino, what does that cmd do btw?08:49
DamienwindigoLinux bt 3.2.6 compiz    compiz --indirect-rendering --replace08:50
Damienwindigocompiz (core) - Fatal: Software rendering detected.08:50
Damienwindigocompiz (core) - Error: Failed to manage screen: 008:50
Damienwindigocompiz (core) - Fatal: No manageable screens found on display :0.008:50
FloodBot1Damienwindigo: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.08:50
diligentdinojoobie, blkid shows you the devices on your machine by UUID. You can then take the UUID and mount by this ID08:50
diligentdinobrb 2 sec08:51
theadminDamienwindigo: Backtrack is not supported here.08:51
rahul_please suggest:good video converter/compresser for ubuntu.08:52
theadminrahul_: ffmpeg (command-line), winff (ffmpeg frontend)08:52
joobiediligentdino, grub is using root=UUID=<uuid>, how can i change it to just work from the ID? I can see the disk by ID properly in /dev/disk/by-id or via /dev/mapper08:52
diligentdinojoobie, /dev/mapper means your running in a RAID format. That's your devices08:53
theadminjoobie: You can use any valid notation that "mount" accepts. You can use root=/dev/sda1 or root=/dev/disk/by-id/whatever.08:53
diligentdinoDamienwindigo, bt isn't supported in this channel.. and just FYI. BT isn't really suppose to be installed on on a physical drive.08:53
joobiediligentdino, nod.. it is a RAID5 setup from my motherboard08:54
joobietheadmin, i see08:54
joobiewhere can i edit this btw? I am in the initramfs busybox and i can't see /boot or /etc/grub08:55
theadminjoobie: You're gonna need a livecd08:55
joobiei had a dig around for menu.1st and i can't find it08:55
theadminjoobie: also "menu.lst" is grub1, grub2 stores configs in /etc/grub.d/ and /etc/default/grub (and /boot/grub/grub.cfg, which is generated from those in /etc/grub.d and /etc/default/grub)08:55
joobietheadmin, is it the /boot partition on the RAID itself the initramfs is trying to read which points to the UUID incorrectly?08:56
joobietheadmin, i see.. which file should i be updating the UUID to ID in then?08:56
theadminjoobie: Hm... Well, I'm not really familiar with GRUB2, having spent most of my time with grub1. But look under /etc/grub.d/08:57
theadminjoobie: Again, you'll need a livecd. The initramfs busybox is not the filesystem on your HD, so you won't find that there08:57
=== mattias_ is now known as Guest60128
joobieyea im booting off unbuntu live cd now08:59
joobieit's very weird though.. that 11.14 installer decided to point to the root fs via uuid, and the initramfs doesnt create the mapping under /dev to it08:59
theadminjoobie: Yeah, it *is* odd09:00
pungi_manhow to use a file as a template and make duplicates of that file ?09:01
ptrakkcp /path/to/file /new/file09:02
pungi_mani want to make at least 100 copies of that file, ptrakk09:03
gordonjcppungi_man: use some sort of loop?09:03
gordonjcppungi_man: What exactly are you trying to do?09:03
pungi_mani making periodic table and i want to make files that contain different values09:04
pungi_manlike this09:04
joobieanyone know where you update the root= option for grub in grub2?09:05
theadminpungi_man: I'd write a script which asks the relevant info for each file and creates the file.09:05
pungi_mangordonjcp, this will be my template ... the link09:05
gordonjcppungi_man: okay, why files?  Sounds like the sort of thing a database would be ideal for09:05
pungi_mangordonjcp, it will be much confusing ..... i am school student09:06
theadminpungi_man: Actually, gordonjcp is right, use sqlite09:06
pungi_manand making a school propject09:06
theadminOh, schools.09:06
pungi_mantheadmin, yes ... 15 years09:07
theadminpungi_man: Give me a bit, I'll write you a script which solves it... Is Python fine?09:07
pungi_mani can run that09:07
gordonjcppungi_man: so what is the final goal of this?  What do you want it to do when you're done?09:07
pungi_mani will make periodic table with swings (java) and when user clicks on any button (element), it will display the data in that file09:08
gordonjcpyeah, you want a database for that09:08
pungi_mantheadmin, i have some knowledge in python09:09
nofame-nogamegordonjcp: database?09:09
theadminpungi_man: Ok, mind PM'ing me so I don't lose conversation while writing the script?09:09
gordonjcpnofame-nogame: storing all those bits of periodic table09:09
joobiehmm.. grub2 is stupid. may as well wrap  GUI around the configuration of grub, since they force you to use CLI tools and not edit CFG's directly09:09
Ben64I added a PPA in 12.04, and I can't find the software that is from the PPA. Is there anything I need to do to make it show up>09:10
pungi_mangordonjcp, no .... just how to make duplicates of the contents of the file with different file name09:10
nofame-nogamegordonjcp: a real database for that?09:10
gordonjcpnofame-nogame: yes, of course09:10
nofame-nogamegordonjcp: sql or such?09:10
gordonjcpnofame-nogame: yes09:10
nofame-nogamegordonjcp: for a periodic table09:11
pungi_mannofame-nogame, gordonjcp i can make it ... but it will be very confusing to load it up with java in the school's computer .....09:11
gordonjcpnofame-nogame: well, he wants to look up a bunch of values based on different criteria09:12
gordonjcpnofame-nogame: how would you do it?09:12
nofame-nogamepungi_man: 'm sure you can09:12
gordonjcppungi_man: what are the files going to be called? Are they going to have "proper" names, or just something like "file001.txt"09:13
pungi_mangordonjcp, correct09:13
pungi_mangordonjcp, proper names like "Hydrogen.element", "Helium.element"09:13
nofame-nogamegordonjcp: well if the information is that limited and static i wouldnt set up a dbms thats for sure09:13
pungi_mannofame-nogame, it will be more confusing to program and I have to study other subjects also09:14
pungi_manlike History and geography and english09:14
pungi_manthe subjects that i hate the most09:15
nofame-nogamepungi_man: right and such simple task doesnt demand such an approach09:16
nofame-nogamepungi_man: english or history?09:16
pungi_manall , nofame-nogame .... the subject I stated above09:16
gordonjcpnofame-nogame: why not?09:17
gordonjcpnofame-nogame: using a database makes it easy09:17
nofame-nogamegordonjcp: overkill09:17
gordonjcpnofame-nogame: in what way?09:17
gordonjcpyou've got a database right there09:17
rgenitoany reason why my cron jobs wouldn't execute? =\09:18
gordonjcploads of other stuff uses the same database engine09:18
pungi_mangordonjcp, it requires more programing than just opening files09:18
aidanjtgordonjcp: the filesystem is already a database09:18
pungi_manlot more09:18
gordonjcprgenito: because they haven't got the bash environment you think they have09:18
aidanjtand text processing is silly easy, even in C09:18
gordonjcppungi_man: you'll need a couple of hundred lines of code to do it with files09:18
nofame-nogamegordonjcp: a dbms for a periodic table info??09:18
gordonjcpand about a tenth of that to do it with a database09:18
pungi_mani am using java for my project because that in in my syllabus09:18
rgenito^-- my cron tab, and the system time09:19
pungi_mangordonjcp, no ..... it requires only 2 lines09:19
rgenitothe cron didn't run at 5:17, so i'm guessing that i have my tab row incorrect. any ideas?09:19
gordonjcprgenito: you know how cron jobs don't run in the same environment as normal users, so stuff like PATH doesn't exist?09:19
rgenitogordonjcp: my cron job isn't depending on a bash environment, is it?09:19
rgenitogordonjcp: did you look at my link?09:20
rgenitoand yes, i do know that.09:20
rgenitoi think i'm probably just missing something very obvious... probably due to my lack of sleep =\09:20
leaperThe man who made this server09:20
gordonjcprgenito: how will it know where to find "wall"?09:20
sstargenito: what were you expecting "2/3" to mean?09:21
vividrgenito: is 2/3 somehow 5?09:21
rgenitossta start the job at 2:17, and then repeat every 3 hours afterwards.09:21
vividssta: hah, exactly what i was thinking09:21
nofame-nogamegordonjcp: your periodic table software would require 8gb ram i guess09:21
sstargenito: no.  Do: 2-23/309:21
gordonjcpnofame-nogame: why?09:21
gordonjcpnofame-nogame: a database engine is tiny, maybe about 100kB memory footpriint09:22
rgenitossta ahh thanks, i didn't know if a range was necessary with /309:22
nofame-nogamegordonjcp: because of other features i cant think of09:22
sstargenito: or: 2,5,8,11,14,17,20,2309:22
gordonjcpnofame-nogame: I use a SQL database for tracking radio registrations in a piece of embedded hardware with 256MB of flash and 32MB of RAM09:23
rgenitossta earlier gordonjcp mentioned "how will it know where to find 'wall'?", does this suggest that i should always have the full path of an executable in a cron?09:23
gordonjcpnofame-nogame: and the database is just about the smallest component09:23
gordonjcprgenito: you could try that09:23
sstargenito: probably not.  Try it and see09:23
gordonjcprgenito: echo might be a built-in command09:23
gordonjcpyou might need a path, you might not09:23
nofame-nogamegordonjcp: you wont get my point09:23
rgenitossta: thanks for the "-23" advice; it works just fine now :)09:23
gordonjcpcertainly PATH is not defined09:24
gordonjcpnofame-nogame: you're right, I don't09:24
gordonjcpnofame-nogame: why would you go down the complicated and error-prone route of creating hundreds of individual files, then working out some way of safely opening them?09:24
CelebHi. Can anyone please help me? I have recently installed Ununtu 12 onto a samsung laptop.  I enabled the psmouse driver protcol, how can i siable it?09:24
gordonjcpnofame-nogame: I guarantee with whatever scheme pungi_man comes up with, I'd be able to crack root on any machine it's installed on in about ten seconds09:25
nofame-nogamegordonjcp: periodic table info - static info no changes09:25
aidanjtpungi_man: anyway, your template looks fine, a file per element isn't much text processing or coding really..  I assume you'll create a corresponding object per element?  so it's really just looping over the directory with the elements09:25
CelebP.s. i used info from here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SamsungSeries909:25
nofame-nogamegordonjcp: what does each one have to do with the other??09:25
lotuspsychjehowto fix this bug? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/55678209:26
ubottuLaunchpad bug 556782 in linux (Ubuntu) "[rs690m] Graphics corruption with ati x1200" [High,Triaged]09:26
aidanjtgordonjcp: it's neither complicated nor error prone09:26
gordonjcppungi_man: create a list of the element names in a text file, and do something like "for i in `cat listofelements`; do cp mytemplate $i.element; done09:26
pungi_manaidanjt, yes09:26
gordonjcppungi_man: that'll create your list of files but it won't populate them09:26
gordonjcpyou've got hours of fun with an editor ahead ;-)09:26
gordonjcpaidanjt: how would you work out which file to open? What happens if you want to add one in the middle?09:27
Ben64all the information already exists, i'd make something to pull the data and inset it automatically09:27
pungi_mantheadmin made it for me .... thanks a lot ..... i will give you a piece of cake if i get 100/100 in this project09:27
nofame-nogamegordonjcp: ?09:27
rgenitoyay cron job works... thanks gordonjcp and ssta :D09:27
=== Octane is now known as Guest7271
aidanjtgordonjcp: you load them all into memory, there aren't that many elements09:28
aidanjtor name the file by the element09:28
theadminpungi_man: I don't like cake, but thanks09:28
nofame-nogamegordonjcp: ??09:29
gordonjcpnofame-nogame: what?09:29
nofame-nogamegordonjcp: that rooting part09:30
CelebHow should I ask a question here :)?09:30
theadminCeleb: You just ask it09:31
theadminCeleb: With as many details as you know09:31
zolkashjust ask09:31
gordonjcpnofame-nogame: input sanitisation09:32
CelebTheadmin, thanks! i think I did above, should I wait now?09:32
Ben64gordonjcp: you're not going to magically get root from bad input on a user's process09:33
aidanjtgordonjcp: that doesn't make any sense, you have to sanitise inputs for binary databases just as much, more if it's a shared database system09:33
nofame-nogamegordonjcp: you're really into it09:33
gordonjcpnofame-nogame: unless you're *extremely* careful, it's very easy to pass carefully constructed inputs to programs to wander about the filesystem pulling out things like passwords09:33
theadminCeleb: I didn't really see it. You might want to repeat yourself every 15 minutes or so (as you can see, this place is very active09:33
gordonjcpBen64: please tell me you don't run any webservers09:33
Ben64i run many webservers09:33
gordonjcpaidanjt: to an extent09:33
gordonjcpnofame-nogame: I get paid a lot of money to be really into it09:33
CelebThanks! Hi. Can anyone please help me? I have recently installed Ununtu 12 onto a samsung laptop.  I enabled the psmouse driver protcol, how can i disable it? I got the info from: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SamsungSeries9#Clickpad09:34
gordonjcpnofame-nogame: I'm not even that good at it; some people I work with will look at the login page of a web app and tell you *exactly* how to 0wn it09:34
leaperCeleb: Random highlight someone talking09:34
gordonjcpaidanjt: it's a bit easier when you're dealing with databases, for a couple of reasons that I'm quite happy to go into in #ubuntu-offtopic09:34
joobieman i have to say, i normally use RHEL / Centos and it's a whole heap more polished than Ubuntu09:35
Celebleaper, mmm :) ?09:35
joobieive head endless issues just doing a basic install09:35
leaperCeleb: This channels like a fog. You gotta always highlight.09:35
gordonjcpCeleb: hi09:35
Ben64joobie: if you don't have a support question related to ubuntu, then this is not the correct channel09:35
leaperCeleb: Sry I cant, I'm a n00b to ubuntu09:35
gordonjcpCeleb: did you do the bit that says "set the psmouse driver protocol"?09:35
CelebHi, Gordonjcp! I'm new to this, just learning.09:36
theadminBen64: (s)he did ask his question09:36
leaperAll I have is their full body biking suit09:36
joobiefirst ubiquity had issues with 3TB? which i overcome.. now grub goes and references my raid5 disk via /dev/disk/by-uuid, when the initramfs doesnt even have /dev/disk/by-uuid09:36
theadminCeleb: You can type a few first letters in the nickname and hit Tab to complete it, too. Try: thea<TAB>09:36
CelebYep, I set the protocol, right-click works well, but now the multi-touch is dead, and I'd like to try to get multi-touch back, and then get right-click as well using other ways09:36
Ben64theadmin: sorry, didn't see any questions in the scrollback09:36
theadminBen64: Was a while ago09:36
gordonjcpCeleb: okay, so do you understand the implications of the things you typed in that section?09:36
joobieOK I have another grub2 issue - hoping someone can help09:37
vividjoobie: whats your point? ubuntu isnt created for people with raid5 arrays09:37
gordonjcpvivid: yes it is ;-)09:37
aidanjtgordonjcp: no, you just do.. a compromised mysql server is just as dangerous as a read-in function loading the wrong file.. security is a problem for every application regardless of data storage methodology09:37
gordonjcpCeleb: you've created a file called "psmouse.modprobe" that contains an option that will be passed to the mouse driver when it loads09:37
vividthats why it goes all dumb down and to the easy09:38
Celebimplications - a little, I enabled a protocol, which overrode the other drivers?09:38
Celebgordon, thank you!09:38
joobieI just booted a liveCD and edited /etc/default/grub and set the option in there to not use UUID in the disk reference.. i then went through the process and did "update-grub" which has recreated the grub config referencing /dev/mapper to point to the root that way09:38
gordonjcpaidanjt: please, #ubuntu-offtopic if you want to continue this09:38
lordievaderGood morning09:38
vividjoobie: so what was wrong with using UUID? youre not used to it? we do that now because in some situations disk identifiers can change, where UUID does not09:39
joobieonly issue is, it recreated it pointing the root to /dev/mapper/isw_bhediibabe_MAIN2, but when i look at /dev/mapper from the initramfs in busybox, i only see /dev/mapper/isw_hediibabe_MAIN09:39
gordonjcpCeleb: so if you delete that file /etc/modprobe.d/psmouse.modprobe and then reload the driver with something like "rmmod psmouse && modprobe psmouse" it should go back to normal09:39
joobiesup with that?09:39
gordonjcpCeleb: if it won't let you rmmod, just reboot09:39
hackeridishi all i need help09:39
gordonjcpCeleb: do you know what "sudo su" does?09:39
vividpseudo super user?09:39
Celeb*sorry* how do i reload the driver after reboot?09:39
theadminhackeridis: Don't ask to ask, just ask.09:39
joobievivid, i'd be happy to use UUID, but the initramfs doesnt have /dev/disk/by-uuid for it to even work09:39
theadminCeleb: "modprobe something09:39
gordonjcpCeleb: like I said, "rmmod psmouse && modprobe psmouse"09:40
Celebsudo su - allows to act as root?09:40
gordonjcpso *be very careful*09:40
vividjoobie: i must be noob because i have no idea what youre talking about....that being said, all of my disks are using UUID and no issues09:40
theadminExcept uh... You normally use "sudo -i" instead of "sudo su -" and "sudo -s" instead of "sudo su"09:40
Jordan_Ujoobie: Linux's FakeRAID support doesn't support GPT. The reason you weren't seeing a /dev/disk/by-uuid/ is that the kernel isn't able to access the partition table, and thus the filesystem (when there are no entries to go in a /dev/disk/by-* the directory isn't created at all).09:40
=== zulu is now known as Guest26946
hackeridisi have just upgraded from 11.10 to 12.04 and all of a sudden my network connection stopped working09:40
hello2006@ebs512 dr. geo09:41
Ben64hackeridis: what happens if you type "ifconfig" in a terminal?09:41
theadminJordan_U: Pardon my misunderstanding, but isn't *fake*RAID = softraid? (s)he has a hardware raid5...09:41
joobieJordan_U, ahh.. makes sense09:41
Celebcan I ask what is the difference b/w the three sudo options? and then I'll be off to fix my touchpad : ]09:41
hello2006@ebs512 Lybniz Graph Plotter09:41
gordonjcpCeleb: semantics, mainly09:41
vividwait, hardware raid actually exists?09:41
gordonjcpvivid: yes09:41
hackeridisi did try to remove the network manager and reinstall it but no luck09:41
joobieJordan_U, I have to use GPT though because it's a 3TB virtual disk09:42
joobieJordan_U, any work arounds?09:42
vividwow, i need to go back to school....again because ive never seen one !09:42
hackeridisplease how can i get the network to work again09:42
Ben64hackeridis: what happens if you type "ifconfig" in a terminal?09:42
Jordan_Utheadmin: joobie doesn't have hardware raid, if they did it would show up as a normal disk. They have FakeRAID, which is a disk controller that comes with BIOS option ROMS but doesn't actually have any dedicated RAID hardware (it's all done on the CPU).09:42
joobietheadmin, fakeraid is what a lot of vendors use on their motherboards as "raid" functionality.. it's not real hardware raid, kinda like a sudo software raid09:42
joobietheadmin, it's different from linux md software raid09:42
vividgordonjcp: see, hardware raid is a myth09:42
hackeridisi see the network cards and everything it just does not connect to anything09:42
Celebis there a keyboard shortcut to terminal in u 12?09:43
gordonjcpfakeraid is the better choice, unless you've got CERN's budget to throw at it09:43
theadminJordan_U, joobie: Oh... My bad, sorry09:43
leaperI knew a kid who stole my best friend's computer HD09:43
leaperI'm like09:43
Jordan_Uvivid: Hardware RAID does exist, it's just very expensive and not generally found on Desktop systems.09:43
theadmingordonjcp: CERN spends all it's budget on time machines, not raids [/offtopic]09:43
aidanjtif it's a Linux only system, Linux's software raid is far superior09:43
Ben64hackeridis: try setting a static ip with the network manager09:43
hackeridisi see the loopback eth0 and wifi09:43
Celebaidanjt, offtopic: i know a guy who's been at CERN this summer09:44
Jordan_Ujoobie: Use mdraid (which will require using the alternate or server install CD).09:44
vividJordan_U: yeah theres so many angles to go at that, but then id really be trolling09:44
joobieJordan_U, what are my options using fakeraid?09:44
hakongramhey guys, having problems getting sabnzbd+ to autostart on ubuntu 12.04. I did edit /etc/default/sabnzbdplus and added my username, but still nothing...any ideas?09:44
hackeridisthis is the problem i can not set anything because network manager has a problem i can open network manager but options does not work09:44
=== dogus is now known as spooky
theadminjoobie: Jordan_U is right, use the alternate CD09:45
joobieJordan_U, my issue is that i need to use the live cd to install with (using a specific ubuntu build) so i can't use mdraid..09:45
gordonjcptheadmin: http://www.gjcp.net/~gordonjcp/cern/p1040871.jpg <- one corner of the CERN disk farm09:45
hackeridisi know you are now stumped09:45
Jordan_Ujoobie: What is specific about this Ubuntu build?09:45
joobieseriously, i normally use centos / rhel and it's not so much full of dramas just for a basic install09:45
joobieJordan_U, it's a fork from 11.10 - called XMBCbuntu09:46
Jordan_Ujoobie: CENTOS and RHEL suffer from the exact same lack of support for GPT on FakeRAID. It's not a distribution specific problem.09:46
hackeridiswell i did also install an older version of network manager ben6409:46
theadminjoobie: Eh. Use the minimal CD, apt-get install xbmc gdm, you're good to go09:46
joobieXMBCbuntu only released their build based on the liveCD, no alternate cd09:46
hackeridisbut still no luck09:46
Ben64hackeridis: do you know network details for your network?09:46
hackeridisi can not even connect to my router modem09:47
joobieJordan_U, maybe, but CENTOS / RHEL allow you to use mdraid on all installation build variants09:47
joobieJordan_U, I can't comprehend why Ubuntu would exclude mdraid from their livecd installer09:47
hackeridisof course it is the standard setup for the router09:47
hackeridisi can not even connect to that through the insternet09:47
joobietheadmin, i'm using this box just for XBMC and I hear that XBMCbuntu has some very specific versioning in play on the Ubuntu fork they have.. hence why i thought i'd go down that route09:48
Ben64hackeridis: try setting the ip manually in /etc/network/interfaces09:48
hackeridisgot holdon09:48
hackeridisgot will set now09:48
CelebHm, i've found etc/.... folder - how can i gain access to change those files?09:48
aidanjtjoobie: if it's going to be running all the time, then why fakeraid?09:48
Ben64hackeridis: something like this - http://pastie.org/465004309:49
joobieJordan_U, so FakeRaid still requires some sort of special driver installed in order for the OS to access the virtual disk? I thought fakeraid just presented a virtual disk to the OS, but it was using CPU overhead to perform the RAID09:49
joobieaidanjt, just for data protection.. i have 4 x 3TB in there and want some sort of redundancy09:49
hackeridiseverything is set to dhcp09:49
hackeridisauto lo09:50
hackeridisand auto wlan209:50
hackeridisbut ethernet is not in the list09:50
aidanjtjoobie: ok, but you don't need fakeraid to get reliable and well supported RAID on Linux, Linux has its own software RAID solution09:50
Jordan_Ujoobie: The OS just sees a bunch of disks with certain meta data (contents on the disk). The bootloader sees the array as a normal disk due to the option ROM, but that's not hardware.09:50
hackeridisno site connection will try now09:51
Jordan_Ujoobie: It's almost certainly going to be easier to just install Ubuntu 12.04 (which is a long term support release, in addition to just being newer than 11.10 and thus a better choice) and get XBMC working than to try to get ubiquity (the desktop installer) to install to GPT over FakeRAID or mdraid. In addition, this channel doesn't actually support unofficial derivitives of Ubuntu.09:51
joobieJordan_U, ahh I see09:51
CelebPlease, quick question: how can i change files in the system folders?09:51
hackeridisunder iface wlan2 inet dhcp09:51
aidanjtCeleb: sudo $editor $file09:52
dilipHi I just installed the ubutnu 11.10 on my pc with dual mode with windows 7 the wifi i am using is good on windows but it is very slow on ubuntu please any help09:52
CelebThank you!09:52
joobieJordan_U, yea.. when i saw that Ubuntu has v12 released I was questioning if XBMCbuntu was the right route.. made me think that they might trail behind in terms of security09:52
Makdaamhow can I find out more about my X server touchpad driver?09:53
joobieaidanjt, long story - but in a nutshell i'm using a fork of Ubuntu known as XBMCbuntu, which is only released based on the Ubuntu Live CD.. Ubuntun Live CD doesn't support mdraid.09:53
dilipI just installed the ubutnu 11.10 on my pc with dual mode with windows 7 the wifi i am using is good on windows but it is very slow on ubuntu please any help09:54
joobieJordan_U, when you say long term support release, how long?09:54
Jordan_Ujoobie: 5 years.09:54
aidanjtjoobie: yeah, you can use mdadm to create the RAID instead, it's far more reliable and better supported by the kernel09:54
Jordan_Ujoobie: You're welcome.09:54
joobieI think i will go down the route you suggested of Ubuntu 1209:55
hackeridissorry for the wait no does not work09:55
aidanjtjoobie: you wont miss much anyway, you can still install xbmc on ubuntu and set it as a default session09:55
joobieI feel like i'm pushing shit up a hill with XBMCbuntu09:55
joobieaidanjt, yer.. just wanted to really stick with versioning that i know is well supported09:56
joobieI used to run MythTV years ago under fedora and the amount of packages that are involved to make that work is crazy, versioning was a big issue back then09:56
joobiei'm trying to avoid that as I go down this XBMC route09:57
hackeridisi can select my network but still does not connect plus have a problem the is no icon for network settings in the top right corner09:57
hackeridistell you the truth it looks to me that 11.10 was a lot better than 12.0409:58
joobieJordan_U, aidanjt, so given this is pretty much for XBMC, should i go with the Ubuntu alternate or the server?09:59
joobie.. what's really the diff between the two?09:59
aidanjtjoobie: server wont give you a graphical environment, you'll have to install that yourself.. the ubuntu-alternative disc will give you a desktop to work with10:00
hackeridisin networkmanager.conf  i have dns=dnsmasq10:00
Jordan_Ujoobie: Alternate. The difference is the packages which will be installed if you select all default options, and the packages contained in the iso itself (you can select other packages during installation, which will be downloaded from the internet).10:00
joobieahh cheers10:01
joobienot to toot another distro's horn, but rather to throw another spin on these different versions of Ubuntu10:01
joobiethe way Centos do this is they provide the one installer and have different install builds, so you select "Server" or "Minimal" or "Desktop" and it installs the packages accordingly.. Rather than have 3 seperate images10:02
joobiesounds like a cleaner way to do things if it's just a package pre-selection which is the difference between the builds10:02
ikoniait's not how it's done, so commenting on it is pointless10:03
hackeridisi have no network in ubuntu 12.04 wired and wifi has the problem10:03
aidanjtjoobie: I know, I find it's a bit of a nuisance as well, but it's not done like that so we make do10:03
hackeridiscan anyone help10:03
PowergiantHey Guys. I'm having a weird problem with my new laptop. It comes with W7, and I'm trying to dual boot ubuntu. I've shrunk a partition to make room for ubuntu, but when I boot the Live CD the installer (and Gparted) doesn't recognize the partitions. The harddisk is in ahci mode. Any ideas ?   http://i.imgur.com/oGnkx.png &  http://i.imgur.com/LiLs0.png10:04
hackeridisis there any way i can revert back to ubuntu 11.10 from 12.0410:05
joobiehttp://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop/alternative-downloads is that the alternate download? The DVD option?10:05
ikoniahackeridis: no10:05
ikoniajoobie: that is not the DVD10:05
aidanjthackeridis: not really, reinstalling 11.10 is the only sane way10:05
hackeridisnow that sucks10:05
ikoniajoobie: that is the ncurses based installer10:05
joobieikonia, oh.. where is the alternate image?10:05
ikoniajoobie: that is the altnerative image10:06
ikoniathe ncurses based installer is the alternative image10:06
hackeridisso please can any 1 help me fix my network problem10:06
hackeridisubuntu is useless without network10:06
joobieikonia, ahh.. so the text based installation is the one i want, which will support mdriad?10:06
diligentdino!details | hackeridis10:07
ubottuhackeridis: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."10:07
joobienm got it :)10:07
ikoniajoobie: the ncurses based installed is the "alternative" CD image. It will support Linux software raid - it will not support DM raid unless the device's have full linux support10:07
mhahefor some odd reason chromium isnt downloading files while FF is10:08
mhaheit starts the DL and then stay at 0.0 MB out of X MB10:09
hackeridisproblem is i can open network manager but can not open options to setup the network i have ubuntu 12.04 and when i open a browser any browser i get the message error 106 err-internet-disconnected10:09
joobiehmmm .. what would you guys do in this situation.. I have a box with 8GB that i want to primarily use XBMC on. In the future I will use MythTV and maybe Apache on it down the track. Would you go with the 32bit or 64bit, given that XBMC is the primary use and XBMC is supposedly only 32bit compiled (but does work in 64bit)10:09
hackeridisi can not use wifi or wired net work10:10
joobieI just read the speel on the download page where it say "10:10
joobie    Choose this to take full advantage of computers based on the AMD64 or EM64T architecture (e.g., Athlon64, Opteron, EM64T Xeon, Core 2). If you have a non-64-bit processor made by AMD, or if you need full support for 32-bit code, use the Intel x86 images instead." and now i'm thinking twice when i read that "if you need full support for 32-bit code" bit, thinking that 32bit might be better10:10
diligentdinohackeridis, ifconfig shows what?10:10
ikoniajoobie: ask the xmbc guys for opinions on performance/use/stability10:10
aidanjtjoobie: Ubuntu has 64bit xbmc packages10:10
joobiebut then I guess part of my RAM is not addressable if I go this route yea? or does PAE overcome this10:10
joobieaidanjt, is it supported as well as the 32bit packages?10:10
hackeridisit shows all cards wifi and ethernet and loopback10:11
ikoniajoobie: your xmbc application won't be using more than 4GB of ram, so do you really care ?10:11
joobieikonia, not for XBMC, but rather for Apache and MythTV and other future use10:11
ikoniajoobie: then re-install for apache/mythtv10:11
mhaheany idea why chrome wont download files while FF will?10:11
aidanjtjoobie: yeah official ubuntu packages, also 32bit machines are limited to 4GB of RAM, so your other 8GB would be useless without 64bit ubuntu10:11
diligentdinohackeridis, ok it shows it .. but does it show ip addresses? Can any other internet capable devices get to the internet?10:11
joobieikonia, ideally would like to avoid that :)10:11
ikoniajoobie: why ? you're compromising yourself for the sake of an 8 minute install routine10:12
joobieaidanjt, doesn't PAE overcome that?10:12
ikoniajoobie: use the right tool for the right job,10:12
aidanjtjoobie: only if the CPU supports PAE10:12
aidanjtand motherboard10:12
hackeridisno ip addresses10:12
aidanjtand PAE is slower than native 64bit addressing10:12
diligentdinohackeridis, can you ping the gateway or other machines on your network?10:12
aidanjtand ubuntu has 32bit emulation10:13
joobieI read into PAE ages ago.. and now i've somewhat forgotten it. It's essentially creating a virtual map table to address the RAM outside of the 32bit range ya?10:13
aidanjtjoobie: yeah pretty much10:13
hackeridisnetwork unreachable it says10:13
joobieso the extra lookups to the virual table are the downside as opposed to straight 64bit?10:13
ikoniajoobie: if you really don't want to instal , just install the 64bit version10:13
ikoniajoobie: you're making a problem where none exists10:13
joobieikonia, just trying to run wiht the ideal10:13
joobiebut I guess if aidanjt says that there's good XBMC 64bit support, then ill go this route10:14
ikoniajoobie: right, so 64bit CPU and 8GB of ram = 64bit ideal10:14
hackeridistry to ping the modem router but no luck10:14
diligentdinohackeridis, do you have any other machines having issues?10:14
hackeridisnetwork card and wifi card is ok but the is a problem with output connection10:14
hackeridisit is ubuntu10:15
hackeridis12.04 that has the problem10:15
diligentdinohackeridis, if it was ubuntu there would be a bug. You install has a problem10:15
joobiehackeridis, I usually disable Network Manager and configure the network manually via the config files10:15
joobiehackeridis, what's the issue you have?10:15
joobieI got 8 mins to burn whilst this ISO d/ls :P10:16
diligentdinohackeridis, have you configured the correct DNS to reach the router? . You can use the router IP address for the gateway/dns10:16
hackeridisdid that and setup the ip manually but no luck10:16
ikoniayou don't configure DNS in 12.04 as it uses dns masq10:16
ikoniaguys, look at it logically, why are you suggesting "ping" tests when his card doesn't have an IP address10:16
ikoniauntil his card has a valid IP address, there is no point looking at anything else10:17
joobiewhat does ifconfig show you?10:17
aidanjtjoobie: yeah, I can't think of any downside to 64bit really, just a whole load of upsides.. even if you run upstream 32bit xbmc 64bit ubuntu should be able to handle it10:17
joobiedoes the interface appear when you type just ifconfig?10:17
hackeridiswhen i click on wifi with in network manager i can see the network and when select it it just says connecting but never connects plus if i click on options nothing happens10:17
joobieaidanjt, cool :) Thanks10:17
joobieaidanjt, im downloading 64bit alternate now10:17
hackeridisplus the icon from the task bar for network is missing10:18
diligentdinoikonia, You troubleshoot everything touching the problem area..And nobody said ping anything. ..10:18
PowergiantHey Guys. I'm having a weird problem with my new laptop. It comes with W7, and I'm trying to dual boot ubuntu. I've shrunk a partition to make room for ubuntu, but when I boot the Live CD the installer (and Gparted) doesn't recognize the partitions. The harddisk is in ahci mode. Any ideas ?   http://i.imgur.com/oGnkx.png &  http://i.imgur.com/LiLs0.png10:18
joobiehackeridis, screw the GUI, get into the shell :) does ifconfig show you the network interface?10:18
joobiehackeridis, can you pastebin the ifconfig?10:19
hackeridisit shows all cards and the lo (loopback)10:19
diligentdinoI love my sunday morning gyro george breakfasts .. yum10:19
hackeridiswill have to copy and paste from the linux laptop hold on a sec10:19
joobiePowergiant, you are using fdisk in that snapshot on a GPT disk - it doesnt support it10:21
joobie.. that's why it cant read the partiiton table10:21
joobiePowergiant, try parted, it should see it10:21
Powergiantjoobie: but gparted, and the installer should be able to see them no?10:21
joobieoh yea sorry, didnt see that gparted window in the background10:22
diligentdinoI just learned gParted finally... so awesome10:22
joobiePowergiant, I had some funky issues with GPT and Ubuntu a week or so ago10:22
Powergiantjoobie: any solutions or ideas  ? ;)10:23
joobieyea sec, trying to find a post10:23
joobiePowergiant, basically I tried to install Ubuntu on a GPT disk and it failed10:24
joobiePowergiant, it kept installing and then getting to grub-install and that part failed10:25
joobiehttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1849445 - go down to the last post in here10:25
ix_joobie: do you have some special HDD setup?10:25
joobieonce I structured my disk that way, grub-install worked10:25
diligentdinoAt random times I lose the ability to control my mouse. The control doesn't come back until I reboot/shutdown. I thought it was because of the monitor going to sleep.. but its happened after i turned that setting off.. Suggestions?10:26
joobiePowergiant, also have a read of http://forums.debian.net/viewtopic.php?f=17&t=79811 the post from flabdablet - he really drills into GPT and why it can cause these issues.. it's not Ubuntu specific his write-up there but it will help you understand it all a whole lot more10:26
joobieix_, no.. just 4  x 3TB HDD10:27
ZaehlasIs there anyone available that is willing to help troubleshoot dhcp using the new darn isc thing?10:27
aidanjtPowergiant: try checking the gpt table with gdisk (you might need to sudo apt-get install gdisk first)10:27
MonkeyDust!ask| Zaehlas10:27
ubottuZaehlas: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience10:27
aidanjtPowergiant: the kernel message log (dmesg) might give some hints as well10:28
joobiePowergiant, my best it once you mark that partition as bios_grub, it will all work10:28
hackeridisthis is the results from the ifconfig10:28
ReketsuCan someone help me with a small problem?10:29
islandmonkey!ask | Reketsu10:29
ubottuReketsu: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience10:29
hackeridisplease accept joobie10:29
Powergiantjoobie: So a format of the harddrive and start over ?10:29
joobieaccept what?10:29
ikonia!pastebin | hackeridis10:29
ubottuhackeridis: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.10:29
ReketsuAlright my bad im new to IRC10:29
ZaehlasWell, last 5 times or so I just blasted it out, I never get a response...  using new server install with new isc dhcp server.  Patience is not possible because I have 4 hours left to get this up and running and after that I'm screwed or have to spend alot of money on another flight.  I've checked every guide...  all my config files are good, the command runs as it should, no errors in the log files.  I show the syslog showing that it is t10:30
Zaehlasrying to issue ipaddresses, but the systems don't get anything in response.  iptables is clear at the moment, no other firewalls running10:30
=== neon is now known as Guest75057
ikoniahackeridis: that's an empty paste10:30
joobiePowergiant, I am new to Ubuntu - there might be a better way.. But given that post worked for me and Ubuntu installer started to play nicely when i setup that partition structure - i'd just shuffle around your partitions.. you dont need to reinstall10:30
hackeridiseth0      Link encap:Ethernet  HWaddr b8:ac:6f:54:15:8a10:30
hackeridis          UP BROADCAST MULTICAST  MTU:1500  Metric:110:30
hackeridis          RX packets:0 errors:0 dropped:0 overruns:0 frame:010:30
hackeridis          TX packets:0 errors:0 dropped:0 overruns:0 carrier:010:30
hackeridis          collisions:0 txqueuelen:100010:30
hackeridis          RX bytes:0 (0.0 B)  TX bytes:0 (0.0 B)10:30
ReketsuThe problem im having is, I program MUD's and recently I upgraded to Ubuntu 12.04, Now when i compile my mud (smaug) with my GCC compiler it compiles fine but ta the VERY end of the compile it's like, usr/lib/ld: cannot find -lz10:30
hackeridis          Interrupt:42 Base address:0x600010:30
ikoniahackeridis: NO10:30
hackeridislo        Link encap:Local Loopback10:30
hackeridis          inet addr:  Mask:
viddyyou see me pastin' you hatin'10:31
Reketsui installed every liblz-dev library i could find10:31
Reketsustill nothing.10:31
ikoniaviddy: please don't make such pointless comments10:31
viddysorry :(10:31
Powergiantjoobie: I only have access to the partitions via Windows at the moment, so I don't think I can't change the boot flag to bios_grub..10:31
islandmonkeyDear dear dear10:31
aidanjtPowergiant: even gdisk?10:32
joobiePowergiant, you already have that 200MB EFI partition.. just boot a liveCD and make sure it is fat32 and set the boot flag on it10:32
joobiePowergiant,  then just move all ur other partitoins back 1MB to create the bios_boot partition10:32
ReketsuSo can anyoen help me with my problem?10:32
joobiePowergiant, try gparted live cd10:33
Reketsuanyone rather*10:33
aidanjtReketsu: we can't tell if we can help without knowing the problem10:33
joobiePowergiant, if windows can see it - im sure some linux variant will be able to10:33
Reketsui totally told u the problem..10:33
Reketsuscroll up.10:33
islandmonkeyaidanjt: It helps if you scroll up10:33
Powergiantjoobie: You think there is a difference between Ubuntu live CD, and the Gparted live cd ?10:33
aidanjtReketsu: ah right, between the flooded paste noise :P10:34
islandmonkeyReketsu: Hold on tight, there may be someone here to help10:34
Reketsui hope so.10:34
joobiehackeridis, you don't have an ip address assigned to your eth0 interface..10:34
Reketsuive never had this issue with Ubuntu 10.10:34
Reketsuuntil i decided to reinstall ubuntu 12.0410:34
Reketsuso anyone who missed my problem10:35
Reketsuhere is what i said again10:35
KyraYuihow do i register a nick with freenode so i can join other channels (sorry im new to irc and fairly new to linux still)10:35
Reketsu" The problem im having is, I program MUD's and recently I upgraded to Ubuntu 12.04, Now when i compile my mud (smaug) with my GCC compiler it compiles fine but ta the VERY end of the compile it's like, usr/lib/ld: cannot find -lz"10:35
Reketsuand i've installed EVERY liblz-dev i could find.10:35
hackeridisnot even to wifi10:35
ikoniaReketsu: you don't just blindly install things.10:35
aidanjtReketsu: zlib1g-dev10:35
hackeridisifconfig setup hackeridis in pastbin10:36
ikonialook at what it wants from -lz10:36
joobiePowergiant, I don't know.. but if you can't see the partition structure from Ubuntu Live CD, that would be my next step10:36
ReketsuAid i installed that10:36
ikoniahackeridis: where ?10:36
Reketsustill not working.10:36
joobiePowergiant, or knoppix / sysrescue cd10:36
hackeridisposter "ifconfig setup hackeridis"10:36
Reketsui have zlib1g installed.10:36
Powergiantjoobie: Good point.10:36
ikoniahackeridis: you need to post the URL10:37
hackeridisand the thing is i network manager does not let me setup the network10:37
ikoniahackeridis: you need to post the URL10:37
hackeridisit will only let me see the network10:37
joobiehackeridis, just disable the network manager and use the config files for the interface direct10:38
ikoniadon't disable network manager10:38
ikoniathere is no need to disable network manager at this time10:38
Reketsusucks im not on my ubuntu partition atm so i cant even attempt to zero in on the problem.10:38
joobiethe need is to learn to use config files10:38
ikoniayou have no idea of the problem and you're telling him to disable10:38
ikoniajoobie: no, he doesn't need to learn that10:38
joobieand avoid guis / ncurses wizards10:38
ikoniajoobie: please stop talking nonsense10:39
joobieit's not nonsense.. he will remain a noob if he sticks to the GUI tools10:39
ikoniajoobie: people can use guis and wizards without issue, it's not a contest on how to be l33t10:39
ikoniait's someone trying to use a PC on a day to day basis10:39
ZaehlasUsing new server install with new isc dhcp server.    I've checked every guide, almost all are out of date because the new isc dhcp uses different locations for config files.  All my config files are good, the command runs as it should (verified it's listening on the correct interface), no errors in the log files.  I show the syslog showing that it is trying to issue ip addresses, but the systems don't get anything in response.  iptables10:40
ikoniausing a gui doesn't make you a "noob" and please don't call people that, it's not a problem or a bad thing to be a regular average user, or new to ubuntu10:40
Zaehlasis clear at the moment, no other firewalls running.10:40
joobieikonia, it's got nothing to do with being l33t.. when he types ifconfig he'll actually know how to read the output if he stops using Network Manager10:40
hackeridiswhat is the command line to dissable networkmanager10:40
vividikonia: dont get trolled10:40
ikoniajoobie: why does he need to not use network manager ?10:40
joobieikonia, he doesn't.. he can achieve the same in network manager10:40
ikoniajoobie: right, so why do this10:40
ikoniajoobie: help him fix the problem, rather than disable key services ot his machine.10:41
joobieikonia, just personal preference that the GUI limits his ability to learn10:41
ikoniajoobie: he's not looking to learn - he's looking to use his PC10:41
ikoniait was working - it's now not, fix the problem10:41
islandmonkeyhackerdis: sudo killall NetworkManager (for info at this moment, you just need to look at this argument)10:41
ikoniathis is a joke10:41
ikoniayou're telling someone to kill software with no reason10:41
ikoniawhy kill network manager ?10:42
diligentdinoId like to know why kill the nm as well?10:42
joobieikonia, back when I got my first 28.8k modem, it was a modem for china that didn't know our australian dialtones.. i was forced to learn AT commands as a result, and it gave me such a more broad depth of understanding of how the modem worked.. the network manager is much the same, it just limits the ability to learn what is happening under the hood10:42
gryapparently they're thinking it'll restart itself with probably saner behaviour10:42
ikoniajoobie: I'm not interested in your history lesson - fix the problem for the user,10:42
ikoniait won't respawn10:42
joobieikonia, it's just personal preference - i like to encourage learning under the hood.. especially for linux users10:42
vividthats not how you would kill it anyway10:42
ikoniajoobie: right - he's not asking for that10:42
ikoniajoobie: he's asking to get his network card using10:42
vividsudo stop NetworkManager is probably the preferred method10:42
islandmonkeyOr ^, since it's a service10:43
hackeridisooops to late just kill the network manager10:43
Reketsuill come back later.10:43
joobieikonia, if i was to fix his issue anyway, i have only been in the network manager once or twice in my life.. and it wasnt the Ubuntu one.. Disabling it and fixing it in the config files is much quicker for me to assist.. so, i'll keep quiet if you want the GUI fix for him10:44
vividhackeridis: you really solve nothing by removing part of the system.....would you remove core components in another operating system?10:44
ZaehlasI'll be afk a while.  if someone ever bothers to scroll up and be willing to look into my issue, that'd be great.  10-20 minutes...10:44
ikoniajoobie: right, so the answer is "I don't know how to fix or debug this, I'm sorry I can't help"10:44
joobievivid, network manager is not a core component, it's a wrapper for a core component known as networking10:44
ikonianot "let me cripple your machine"10:44
vividjoobie: and youre a troll....whats your point?10:44
joobieerr, how is disabling network manager crippling the machine?10:44
hackeridisguys the problem is ubuntu see's the cards but can not reach them to set the cards up and get them to work10:44
joobievivid, i'm not a troll.10:45
ikoniajoobie: actually, it's pretty import to ubuntu these days, with the use of things like dnsmasq for DNS resolution, the VPN solution etc.10:45
vividjoobie: how is not disabling network manager crippling the machine?10:45
islandmonkeyvivid: What evidence do you have for this guy being a troll?10:45
diligentdinook ok .. can we stop with the back and forth for this issue. Different strokes for different folks.10:45
vividuh the fact that hes clearly trolling10:45
diligentdinohackeridis,  has a problem with his network and that's what needs to be resolved.10:45
ikoniavivid: he's not trolling.10:45
ikoniadiligentdino: exactly10:45
hackeridisok stop arguing just need to solve this10:45
vividhackeridis: youll have to wait while the big guns troll it out10:45
islandmonkeyvivid: That's not evidence10:45
ikoniavivid: enough10:45
vividenough yourselves, help the guy or go to sleep10:46
diligentdinohackeridis, you have no network connectivity, you can't get an ip address and none of your other machines are having problems is this correct?10:46
hackeridisits that i am new to ubuntu and trying to get up to date then i can start to help with systems10:46
hackeridisyes correct10:47
hackeridisi am in chat with another machine and the ubuntu 12.04 network is screwed10:47
hackeridisi have also setup the wifi manually10:48
hackeridisbut still no good10:48
diligentdinohackeridis, has it ever worked? is this your first install or fresh install I should say?10:48
hackeridisthe problem was after the upgrade10:48
hackeridisand as soon as i changed the wifi card in the laptop10:49
blucalculatorG'day everyone. i've got a tp-link usb wireless adapter...thing. and the install disk is windows only. what should i do?10:49
diligentdinohackeridis, you changed hardware?10:49
aidanjt!wireless | blucalculator10:49
ubottublucalculator: Wireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs10:49
hackeridisi was using the dell wifi card and then i removed it and install a new intel 5100 card10:49
diligentdinohackeridis, have you updated your pkgs? I remember a problem with some types of drivers having to be blacklisted to work correctly with the new drivers10:50
dos000how do i get a shell with apt-get install working when i boot on the alternate cd ?10:50
hackeridisbut dont forget that the wired connection also has the problem10:50
dos000is it even possible/supported ?10:50
diligentdinohackeridis, this sounds like a dns problem if both ifs are having the problem. ikonia said 12.04 uses dns masq which I'm unfamilure with as most of my time has been spent on bsd machines10:51
aidanjtdos000: hit alt+f2, mount the disk to /mnt, chroot /mnt /bin/bash10:51
hackeridisi was thinking the same thing10:52
diligentdinohackeridis, this isn't a fix all .. but can you run a live cd and see if the network capabilities are functioning off the live cd?10:52
hackeridisyes it does use dnsmasq i saw that in the NetworkManager.conf file10:53
hackeridisjust rebooted and it say waiting for network configuration10:53
Zaehlasok, no one seems to be able to help here.  that's ok, I guess...  but I have no time, and I have to get this fixed...  is there another method to get ahold of ubuntu specialists to get my problem fixed personally?  if I have to pay money, so be it...10:54
joobielol, love the ncurses wizard on the alternate CD to try detect the keyboard layout :)10:54
bazhangZaehlas, canonical has paid support10:54
hackeridiswill have to download the cd now because i upgraded from 11.10 to 12.0410:55
bazhangdos000, are you trying to use the alternate cd as a software source?10:55
Zaehlasbazhang, best suggest for a fast fix that doesn't require me paying for a long time?10:55
diligentdinohackeridis, Your best bet at this time is either check back in the channel a little later or start google-ing and see what you can find. I would make backups of your currently configs and start tinkering around with different solutions you find.10:55
bazhangZaehlas, fix for what, I've not been following10:55
Zaehlasisc dhcp10:55
Zaehlasgot it installed, config files good, logs good, it tries to issue addresses but my local network cant see them10:56
bazhangZaehlas, need some details10:56
hackeridisit seems the best bet is to fix dns problem10:56
Zaehlaseven with firewalls all disabled10:56
bazhangZaehlas, this is ethernet?10:56
Zaehlasbazhang what can I blast to a pstebin?   yes..  ethernet..  server has two interfaces10:56
diligentdinohackeridis, right, but it's machine specific which leads me to believe dnsmasq problems. If that's the case your better off doing what was mentioned above.10:56
hackeridisthankyou to all of you if i find the problem and solve it i will post10:57
bazhangZaehlas, does ifconfig show eth0?10:57
diligentdinohackeridis, if you resolve the problem and I'm not around can you put it into a pm for me. I'd like to see the outcome10:57
dos000bazhang: yes and no10:57
Zaehlaslocal network hardware working fine, otherwise the local systems would not be able to send the request...  gigabit switch.  prior to upgrade 2 days ago it worked fine10:57
bazhangZaehlas, if so try sudo dhclient eth010:57
dos000bazhang: if i use the livecd ... i have a full ubuntu shell with apt-get10:57
dos000bazhang: except that the actual package that i need is not part of the live cd ...10:58
bazhangdos000, previously you were try ing to use the alternate as a software source?10:58
bekksZaehlas: wrong. unless a request is logged to actually reach your server, you cant tell wether the network is working or not. :)10:58
hackeridisok diligentdino10:58
Zaehlasbazhang, hold on a moment, let me paste a couple things to ya10:58
dos000bazhang: this is what i am thinking of doing now ...10:59
bekksZaehlas: Do you use static leases?10:59
dos000bazhang: boot into livecd ...10:59
dos000bazhang: and use alternate cd as a package repository (if at all possible )10:59
aidanjt<aidanjt> dos000: hit alt+f2, mount the disk to /mnt, chroot /mnt /bin/bash11:00
dos000bazhang: i am imagining i can tell apt to point to the location of my alternate cd11:00
bekksaidanjt: Thats not sufficient.11:00
dos000aidanjt: i tried chroot ... without the bin/bash11:01
bekksaidanjt: You will have no /dev, /sys, /proc in your chroot environment. It will not work correctly.11:01
bazhangdos000, simply add the alternate cd to your software sources11:01
aidanjtbekks: why would a live cd not have /dev /sys /proc?11:01
aidanjtbekks: oh sorry, misread11:01
dos000aidanjt: bazhang: mmmm11:01
bekksaidanjt: Because INSIDE that chroot, that will not be available.11:01
bazhangaidanjt, a chroot is completely unnecessary here11:02
hackeridisjust saw the resolv.conf file and it is empty11:02
aidanjtbekks: yes I get you now11:02
hackeridisdigi you are on to something with the dns11:02
dos000so the only option is to tell apt where the alternate cd is located11:02
ikoniahackeridis: does your network card have an IP address yet ?11:02
ikoniahackeridis: right - so why are you looking at DNS11:03
bazhangdos000, add it to software sources11:03
bekkshackeridis: How did you check that?11:03
ikoniahackeridis: there is no point doing anything else, until your card has a valid IP address11:03
ikoniahackeridis: as I told you earlier - anything else is worthless until your card has a valid IP address11:03
hackeridiswent to system etc/resolv.conf11:03
ikoniaifconfig shows you your card has no ip address11:04
hackeridisopened it and it was empty11:04
ikoniayou showed me that earlier11:04
ikoniareoslv.conf is not for your IP addres11:04
FloodBot1ikonia: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.11:04
bekkshackeridis: In /etc/resolv.conf you will not see wether your card has an IP or not.11:04
Zaehlasbazhang, sorry for delay...  here's a BUNCH of stuff: http://pastebin.com/ZC3pHGhA11:04
bekkshackeridis: As ikonia told you, just use ifconfig11:04
dos000bazhang: i just need to point /etc/apt/sources.list to the /alternate-root-dir correct ?11:04
bazhangdos000, add it to the sources.list11:05
hackeridisand here is the result http://paste.ubuntu.com/1181184/11:05
ikoniahackeridis: so no IP address as I said earlier11:05
strangleynormalHey there, I'm trying to setup a domain using OpenLDAP. However all the tutorials are for the old slapd.conf. Does anybody know a tutorial using cn=config?11:07
fox__c'est bien le channel francais de ubuntu ?11:08
bazhangfox__, #ubuntu-fr11:09
bazhangtry /join11:09
fox__try /join #ubuntu-fr11:09
Multbrelchwithout try11:10
Multbrelchsans (!) try11:10
Multbrelchjoin #ubuntu-fr11:11
MonkeyDustfox__  type /join #ubuntu-fr11:11
strangleynormalhe made it.. ;-)11:11
Zaehlasbazhang, was afk a minute on the phone.   I pasted the results of several config files, my dhcp process and log of the reciept of dhcp request above.  any idea why my other systems are not getting anything?11:12
dos000bazhang: i need only one pkg chntpw ... can i just install it using dpkg if i drop the deb file on the usb of the live cd ??11:13
bazhangdos000, what about just getting it from packages.ubuntu.com11:13
dos000bazhang: the machine does not have internet access !11:14
bekkschntpw on a box booting from a livecd only? :)11:14
bazhangdos000, on a machine that does11:14
dos000bazhang: thats what i am doing now ... but i am not sure if i need other dependencies11:14
bazhangdos000, the packages site will list them11:15
dos000bazhang: libc6 and libgcrypt11(only)11:16
blucalculator@aidanjt i tried to follow the wireless documentation on that page, but the information for USB wireless is severely lacking11:16
dos000bazhang: can i expect these to be in the livecd ?11:17
L1I'm about to install ubuntu/win7 on my SSD. Which things from Ubuntu should be on my SSD, and which should be on my regular HDD? / and /home will be on my SSD (data storage on regular HDD symlink to /home). What about my swap partition? And /var? I have heard the tmp directory should be in a ramdisk. Any advice?11:18
bekksL1: Just do a regular install. And /home on a SSD is wasting space of the SSD.11:18
dos000bazhang: darn ... i might as well just copy the darn alternate cd !11:19
aidanjtblucalculator: USB is just a device connector, as long as the kernel has drivers for the device wireless works all the same11:19
MonkeyDust!partition > L111:19
ubottuL1, please see my private message11:19
Zaehlasbazhang, I've checked into paid support...  2 days before I get a response and they want an entire year of support, not one phone call...    I really need help from anyone else if they can give me an idea on how to troubleshoot this dhcp issue.  I have to be at the airport in 3 hours.  and my entire network is down, and I've been banging my head against this for two days now11:19
dos000bazhang: bekks: aidanjt: thanks a lot for your great support guys !11:19
KyraYuiim still fairly new to linux but i was wondering what is the best distribution for desktop customization?11:19
lukjad007Hi guys, I upgraded Ubuntu by clicking "upgrade ubuntu" and now at boot grub gives the error "error: no such partition"11:19
L1bekks, MonkeyDust, thanks. the partitioning wiki page doesn't mention much to do with SSDs specifically though11:20
bekksKyraYui: Which answer besides "Ubuntu" do you expect? :)11:20
t432a folder in my home dir just disappeared11:20
lukjad007I had booted to a live CD, updated Grub and then it worked...until the next reboot where it happened again.11:20
t432whats going on?11:20
cfhowlettKyraYui: are you maybe confusing desktop environments?11:20
bekkst432: We dont know with a vague description like that. :)11:20
t432well... i had a folder containing importnts docs in my home dir, after rebooting i no longer see this folder!11:21
Zaehlasis there an alternate channel that may have someone willing to look into server issues?  I can't bring up a room list.11:21
dos000i remember there was a way to tell apt-get to install from a specific root ... cant remember now11:21
ariannasorry to the person that pmd me my client crashed and i didnt get a chance to read your message can you resend it11:22
cfhowlettdos000: #ubuntu-server11:22
cfhowlettLunar_Lamp: greetings11:22
ZaehlasI'll try there, last I remember no one there though11:22
cfhowlettt432: do you only have a single user account on your computer?11:22
dr_willislook in /lost+found yet  t432 ?11:22
t432cfhowlett: i have a couple11:22
Lunar_Landertoday I got a support question11:22
Lunar_Landerhow do I uninstall OpenJDK?11:23
cfhowlettt432: sure you're looking the right /home11:23
t432ah i have, its in rubbish bin11:23
t432probably deleted by accident11:23
t432i have it*11:23
t432that will be all for now folks!11:24
lukjad007So, can anyone help me with my Grub issue?11:24
dos000how can i tell which packages are inthe alternate cd ???11:25
aidanjtL1: the default partitioning will already be aligned, ext4 supports trim already so all you really need to do is add 'discard' to the root partition options in /etc/fstab11:25
L1aidanjt: Thanks11:25
=== arianna is now known as KyraYui
KyraYuiso to the person that pmd me about custimizable distributions could you please resend the message my client crashed ... sorry11:26
dr_willisKyraYui: they are all customizable to some degree.11:27
azizLIGHTShow much space needed for ubuntu 12.04.1 server in a vm image?11:28
azizLIGHTShow much space to install ubuntu11:28
=== md_5 is now known as md_5|away
bekksazizLIGHTS: The default installation is less than 1GB.11:28
Lunar_Landerhow do I uninstall OpenJDK?11:28
ivo_no it is not11:28
bekksivo_: It is. :)11:28
ivo_it is ~5gb11:28
bekksNope. :)11:28
cfhowlettivo_: default SERVER is lighter than default desktop11:29
ivo_01.09.2012  23:07     4.740.648.960 Ubuntu.vdi11:29
bekksThe server iso isnt ~5GB, it fits on a regular cdrom ISO. And it does not expand to more than 1000%.11:29
dr_willisserver is less then the deaktop.. and ive gotten desktop to install to a 4gb flash..11:29
bekksivo_: Thats the size of your VDI file, NOT the space thats used inside.11:29
dr_willisbarely.. ;)11:29
azizLIGHTSim just going to install postgresql and fool around on it. so how much space? 2gb?11:29
azizLIGHTSi am limited by hdd space on the host11:29
bekksazizLIGHTS: So how much space do you have on your host?11:30
dos000where is the list of all the packages  that come in the alternate cd ?11:30
azizLIGHTSbekks: 3 gb left out of 140gb11:30
bekksazizLIGHTS: Then clean up first :)11:30
cfhowlettdos000: it's the same packages as the desktop, just a different installation presentation.11:30
dos000cfhowlett: darn ... someone told me they had more packages than the desktop11:31
lukjad007Is anyone here able to help me with my Grub issue?11:31
dr_willisdos000: nope11:31
diligentdino!ask| lukjad00711:32
ubottulukjad007: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience11:32
dos000cfhowlett: i need to find if chntpw is part of desktop/alternate11:32
cfhowlettdos000: for the most complete packages in one iso, get the DVD11:32
dr_willisdos000:  and that command does what?11:32
dos000cfhowlett: darn .... :-( i wasted tons of hours downloading the 700 meg cd11:32
Lunar_Landerhow do I uninstall OpenJDK or will they roll out the security update for that soon?11:32
dos000dr_willis: ?11:33
dr_willis!find chntpw11:33
ubottuFound: chntpw11:33
dr_willis!info chntpw11:33
ubottuchntpw (source: chntpw): NT SAM password recovery utility. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.99.6-2 (precise), package size 49 kB, installed size 144 kB11:33
cfhowlettdos000: chntpw is in the universe repository.  easily obtained.11:33
dr_willisdoubt if will be insta;led by default on any of the ubuntus11:33
dos000cfhowlett: the prob is if it has dependencies not present in the livecd11:34
WarOfTheNerdLunar_Lamp, why uninstall it?  Why not just disable the plugin?11:34
dr_willisbot live cd.. install that tool.. done11:34
WarOfTheNerdLunar_Lamp, also it was patched ages ago for OpenJDK11:34
dos000dr_willis: yes .. the prob is the machine does not have net access :-(11:34
hackeridiswired i can now ping the modem router but can not connect to the internet11:35
dr_willisits 149k.. download it to flash perhaps11:35
lukjad007I upgraded Ubuntu by clicking "upgrade ubuntu" and now at boot grub gives the error "error: no such partition" I had booted to a live CD, updated Grub and then it worked...until the next reboot where it happened again.11:35
dr_willisoops 49k11:35
usr13hackeridis: route -n  #What does that say?11:35
cfhowlettdos000: for offline package install:   http://techspalace.blogspot.com/2009/04/offline-update-ubuntu.html11:35
hackeridishold on11:35
usr13!grub lukjad00711:36
dos000cfhowlett: synaptic is not part of 12.04 livecd :-(11:37
gry!grub | lukjad00711:37
ubottulukjad007: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)11:37
dr_willisapt-get is dos00011:37
gyre008what happens if there are 2 PCs on the network with the same MAC address ? Im asking because Im creating a bunch of virtual servers and have to generate random Mac addresses for them but if the newly generated Mac is the same as the one on the network what happens ?11:38
gyre008anyone idea ?11:38
=== diligentdino is now known as hfic
dos000dr_willis: how do i tell apt-get to just generate a script ?11:38
ikoniagyre008: you won't hit that problem11:38
Walthergyre008: don't make them random, sequence them or something11:38
dr_willisno idea dos000 al my pcs got network accesa11:38
gyre008ikonia, how do you know ? :)11:38
=== forester_ is now known as forestah
nalTgyre008: that won't happen11:38
grygyre008: don't random generate mac addresses; they must be unique and a things won't work otherwise11:38
dos000dr_willis: thanks dude11:39
gyre008I'm asking to understand what might happen11:39
ikoniagyre008: 52:54:00:c9:ec:94 - an example mac, what are the odds of you hitting that combination of 12 chars of alpha numerica chars11:39
ikoniagyre008: depends on your network setup and design,11:39
ikoniacould be nothing, could be the same as a duplicate IP address11:39
gyre008ikonia, small odds but not impossible11:39
ikonia(bottom line)11:39
gyre008just want to know the symptoms...11:39
ikoniagyre008: a.) impossible if you set it seqentially b.) not going to happen11:40
gyre008thats it11:40
WarOfTheNerdgyre007, things like DHCP reservation break11:40
nalTstatistical probability of two random mac addresses being identical?11:40
dr_willispcs may explode..  small oods..11:40
usr13dos000: Why can't you just hook it up to the net?11:40
rypervenchegyre008: One in 16 to the 10th power chance of it happening.11:40
WarOfTheNerdnalT, happened to me11:40
gyre008WarOfTheNerd, so the VM won't be assigned the IP11:40
WarOfTheNerdgyre008, you need to use static addressing if you have any identical MAC addresses11:40
ikoniagyre008: it depends on your network setup as I said11:40
gyre008i know the probability is extremely small but it CAN happen11:40
ikoniagyre008: however as it won't happen.....don't worry about it11:41
nalTWarOfTheNerd you broke the universe.11:41
ikoniagyre008: if you do have a problem - just ask11:41
nalTsequence them then11:41
WarOfTheNerdgyre008, it has happened to me once, identical cards by identical manufacturer11:41
hackeridisin the above i have included the ifconfig11:41
gyre008ikonia, I have a KVM hypervisor and I'm bridging VMs to it…VMs have DHCP set11:41
usr13hackeridis: sudo dhclient eth011:41
ikoniagyre008: again, don't worry about it, if you have a problem, just ask11:41
dos000whats the command line to start synaptic package manager ?11:41
gyre008ikonia, ;) i want to be prepared and not run here when i have a problem haha11:42
usr13hackeridis: Does the router have DHCP server turned on?11:42
WarOfTheNerddos000, gksudo synaptic11:42
dos000WarOfTheNerd: thanks man11:42
ikoniagyre008: you're not going to be prepared....it won't happen, don't waste time, deal with real problems when they happen11:42
hackeridisi get unable to resolve host11:42
ikoniagyre008: the guys in ##networking will be able to discuss this in more detail if you wish to learn about it11:42
gyre008yeah i will ask them11:43
usr13hackeridis: Check the cable? #If the router's DHCP server is turned on, it should have just downloaded IP info.11:43
usr13hackeridis: But you said you could ping the router?  #ping  ?11:44
gyre008also, if I start assigning VMs static IPs…what happens if I assign a VM an IP which is already on the network ? #imsuchanetworkn00b11:44
ikoniathen it will be an ip conflict11:44
ikoniaagain ##networking can help explain the rules of networking11:44
hackeridisyes i can ping the router11:45
hackeridisi also get into the router setup11:45
usr13hackeridis: sudo ifconfig eth0;route add default gw
usr13hackeridis: host av.com11:45
gyre008so basically if I'm assigning IPs I should have some sort ofIP discovery tool which will be checking IPs on that segment and if they're not available then I can use them11:45
gyre008i guess11:45
usr13hackeridis: The router is ?  Right?11:46
ikoniayou should be either a.) using dhcp  b.) managing your IP block11:46
ikonia##networking can give you lessons/tools/ideas of how to manage IP blocks if you're not confortable with it11:46
usr13hackeridis: Try the above commands, let us know.11:46
usr13ikonia: I should tell him to join ##networking  ?11:47
ikoniausr13: who ?11:47
usr13ikonia: never mind11:48
ikoniausr13: I was talking to gyre00811:48
MartijnHI think I may have a firewall issue with my ipv6 tunnel, but I'm not quite sure how to troubleshoot it.11:48
gyre008ikonia, if I use DHCP then I have to log on to the server from the Hypervisor, find out what IP it has assigned by DHCP server and THEN I can ssh from any client host…i don't want that…thats why I asked about the static ip stuff11:48
MartijnHI don't have ipv6 connectivity, ifconfig does display the tunnel11:48
ikoniagyre008: no you don't11:48
gyre008anyways will ask there...11:48
g00seAny expert modes available in installer to let me choose the desktop? Want to use xfce (essentially ending up with xubuntu)11:48
MartijnHipv6 addresses do get resolved to an ipv6 address11:48
ikoniagyre008: you set dhcp to update your internal dns, or just look at the lease file, there are many easier options11:48
hackeridisoperation not permited11:48
ikoniagyre008: you'll also see a nat or routing rule being added to the firewall11:49
usr13g00se: sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop11:49
usr13hackeridis: sudo11:50
g00seusr13: Then remove gnome? What's the meta-package for that?11:50
usr13hackeridis: sudo ifconfig eth0;sudo route add default gw
EweRif I have to chown for every directory that I want to upload to, then whos the owner by default for dirs? root?11:50
AnDsOwhich package do i have to install to get check_snmp plugin :)  anyone replay please11:50
usr13hackeridis: sudo route add default gw
usr13hackeridis: Then:  host av.com  #To see if it works.11:51
hackeridisyes i did use sudo11:51
g00seusr13: Removing gnome i'd guess could be quite a hassle11:51
randomtaskHi guys11:51
usr13hackeridis: route -n  #What does it say?11:51
_starswhat is file locking and how does it affect scalability?11:51
soman>>> Where I can find free disc space amount in Ubuntu 12.04?11:52
cfhowlettrandomtask: greetings11:52
randomtaskDoes anyone here have much knowledge of using Bus Pirates to de-brick WRT54G routers?11:52
=== CanStudy is now known as CanCycle
usr13hackeridis: sudo route add default gw
randomtaskBeyond that I'm afraid :(11:52
randomtaskCan't even ping the router11:52
cfhowlettrandomtask: not really an ubuntu thing.11:52
cfhowlettrandomtask: and IDK11:52
randomtaskI ballsed it up when I flashed over the wrong Openwrt firmware11:53
usr13randomtask: I dono.  Never bricked one11:53
randomtaskcould anyone recommend an IRC channel where I can get help@11:53
hackeridisi get message file exists11:53
cfhowlettrandomtask: openwrt forums?11:53
usr13randomtask: /join ##dd-wrt11:53
usr13hackeridis: host av.com11:55
AnDsOwhich package do i have to install to get check_snmp plugin :)  anyone replay please11:55
usr13hackeridis: Does it work?  route -n  #Will tell you if you have as default gateway.  If so, and it still does not work look at /etc/resolv.conf and see what you have there, let us know.    cat /etc/resolv.conf11:57
AuzyAnDsO, Easiest way to find out.. apt-cache search I guess..11:57
AnDsOAuzy:apt-cache check_snmp right?11:58
=== Johnny is now known as Guest80474
diamondissdoes file locking happens at thread level or process level?12:00
dr_willis!find check_snmp12:01
ubottuFile check_snmp found in nagios-plugins-standard, nagios-snmp-plugins, nagiosgrapher, pnp4nagios-web12:01
AnDsOthanx i will check it out12:02
alex285hello, I want to install a library from another ppa which is older than the current one12:02
alex285basically is GTK312:03
foobArrrwhy can't I use a folder outside my home dir with ubuntu one?12:03
alex285join #ubuntu-dev12:03
dr_willisfoobArrr: theres #ubuntu-one thatmay know more.. permissionsofthefolder would bemy guess12:04
myrmidettewhat is the simplest way to stream video from ubuntu to ubuntu?12:05
alex285whats the room for the next Ubuntu release please?12:05
dr_willismyrmidette: vlc perhaps12:05
gordonjcpalex285: room where?12:05
alex285gordonjcp, there is an ubuntu room, for the unstable release (quantal)12:06
alex285irc room I mean12:06
dr_willismyrmidette: just a one time thing? or youcan set up some kind of shared videos directory12:06
aidanjtmyrmidette: right click on the folder with the file, share it, and use the network browser to find the target machine12:06
GargoyleCan anyone offer any advice on how I go about getting a 32bit version of libstdc++.so.5 on 12.04 64 bit?12:07
dr_willis#ubuntu+1 alex28512:07
alex285dr_willis, thank you12:07
foobArrrdr_willis: permissions are ok. ubuntu one specifically asks for a dir in my home dir. tried joining that channel, "You have been kicked from #ubuntu-one by ChanServ (Invite only channel)". but thanks anyway.12:08
aidanjtGargoyle: apt-get install libstdc++5:i38612:08
diamondissdoes file locking happen at thread or process level?12:10
bekksdiamondiss: Depends on the application.12:11
cjjjjtest 112:11
diamondissin my application, each thread will have separate fsuids and perform file read/writes12:11
diamondisswhat happens now?12:12
dr_willisperhaps its #ubuntuone12:13
BluesKajHiyas all12:14
KM0201dr_willis: ubuntu-one , forwards to ubuntuone   if i had to guess, he's not identified... cuz i didn't get an invite and i got to both no problem12:15
edytaHello everyone, I've got a problem with Ubuntu Tweak. Everytime I reboot my pc the workspace settings backs to default. I'm using show desktop and show windows plugins. Is the someone to help ?12:17
dr_williswhat workspace settings do you mean?12:20
diamondisshow to do thread level file locking?12:21
edytaWhen you move your mouse into a corner it should trigger an compiz plugin to work for example "Show Desktop". But everytime I reboot my pc triggers doesn't work.12:22
dr_willisedyta: try ccsm to enable it12:23
hackeridishi i am back12:24
hackeridiswhat was the command host you wanted me to type12:24
hackeridisjust got the results for av12:25
BluesKaj!who | hackeridis12:25
ubottuhackeridis: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)12:25
edytadr_willis: Thanks, I'm going to try it :) Hope to keep my desktop alive after that.12:25
aidanjtdiamondiss: just call flock() from inside the thread?  but if you can have multiple threads accessing the same file you're going to have to use some kind of file sharing technique as if you were sharing memory12:26
hackeridisi see av.com address usr1312:26
g00seusr13: Then remove gnome? What's the meta-package for that?/12:39
* g00se says sorry for that. And thanks12:39
internetN00bis there any interesting feature in the next release of Ubuntu?12:41
ThinkT510!12.10 | internetN00b12:42
ubottuinternetN00b: Ubuntu 12.10 (Quantal Quetzal) will be the 17th release of Ubuntu, Discussion and support until final release in #ubuntu+112:42
hackeridishi all i am using 12.04 and i am having problems with the network wired and wifi12:43
bekkshackeridis: Just be more precise :)12:43
bekkshackeridis: You broken it down to the point to manually set an IP address today already.12:44
hackeridisi can connect to the modem and see its setting but i can not connect to any website12:44
bekkshackeridis: Can you set an IP manually?12:45
bekkshackeridis: Did you set a valid nameserver too?12:45
Ben64hackeridis: but you said you could see av.com address12:45
bekkshackeridis: Why not? Why cant you use ifconfig to set an IP address?12:45
hackeridisthe thing is its a laptop and at the moment i can only see the modem using a wired connection12:46
hackeridisi need wifi12:46
bekkshackeridis: And why cant you use ifconfig to set an IP address?12:47
bekksWhich wifi chipset do you have?12:47
hackeridisi see the web address i can set the ip but still can not connect to the internet12:47
hackeridisplus i can not see the icon in the top left corner for network settings12:48
hapsterany updates on nvidia driver with wayland? Phoronix just released an article on Nvidia working on optimus support. Not sure if it also means wayland support in the near future12:48
bekkshackeridis: When you see the web address, you are connected to the internet already.12:48
bekkshackeridis: Which wifi chipset do you have?12:48
hackeridisintel 510012:48
hackeridisi removed the dell wifi card because its usless with aircrack12:49
dr_willishapster: so they are now working on optimus support after months of ignoreing the linux devs fighting with it and getting it sort of working. ;)12:50
bekkshackeridis: You dont need aircrack to connect to your wifi.12:50
hackeridisi know i use it to see it and more12:50
hapsterdr_willis: yeah it sucks. But it's still Xorg oriented. Not sure what it will mean for Ubuntu when it jumps ship for Wayland.12:51
bekkshackeridis: So you deliberately broke a working wifi?12:51
hackeridisubuntu 12.04 is not letting me set the network through gui12:52
hackeridisno it just stop working12:52
bekkshackeridis: It does. :)12:52
bekkshackeridis: A lot of people do use that ;)12:52
hackeridisand as i have read a lot of people have had the same problem with 12.0412:53
HocusPocusis this the "right" place to ask a Q about Ubuntu install ?12:53
BluesKajHocusPocus, ask away12:54
bekkshackeridis: So which module are you using for your wifi?12:54
HocusPocusOk, thank you12:55
Auzyhackeridis, submit a bug report if you think its a bug..12:55
HocusPocusSo the OS I'm using right now is Win7 (x64)12:55
hackeridisits a bug but how can i submit it when i have no internet capabilities12:55
=== CanCycle is now known as Cantide
bekkshackeridis: You are talking to us. You have internet capabilities.12:56
hackeridison another laptop the laptop with ubuntu problem is next to me12:56
Auzyhackeridis, It's a bit strange though, if its standard 802.11n wifi..12:56
HocusPocusI made some space on this 300GB hdd (about 30GB , unformated yet..) and I tryed to install Ubuntu but I didn't hve the courage to go on..12:56
bekkshackeridis: Still, you have internet capabilities.12:56
bekksHocusPocus: Please ask your question finally.12:56
xconhi, compiling amarok 2.6 on ubuntu 12.04 and getting the following in make: /usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lwrap      (what does this mean?)12:57
hackeridisno not on ubuntu 12.04 and i am using wired and forget about wifi thats worse its easier to fix wired first12:57
Auzyhackeridis, you could put that computer into bridge mode to ethernet..12:57
hackeridisnetwork manager does not work12:58
bekkshackeridis: You HAVE internet, so submit a bug report if you think it is a bug.12:58
BluesKajHocusPocus, what's holding you back ?12:58
HocusPocusThere is a free 30GB partition. I boot the live CD and When I click on install I get three options (radio buttons) 1- install alongside win7  2 - ? and 3 - manual combination12:59
Auzyhackeridis, Type sudo dhclient eth0 into terminal then..12:59
hackeridishow i do not have internet on the ubuntu machine how many times do i have to say it12:59
bekkshackeridis: You ARE typing with us. So you HAVE internet.12:59
HocusPocusWhy Ubuntu does not "smell" that empty 30GB partition and tries to install itself on it ?12:59
ero-jijijust a quick question, is there a hard limit on the number of remote desktop sessions ubuntu 12.04LTS can handle, or is it only limited by the hardware and network connection?12:59
bekksHocusPocus: So you ARE able to submit a bug report.13:00
hackeridisi have 2 laptops 1 with windows which is working and the other with ubuntu which is not working13:00
Auzyhackeridis, 1) Either from your laptop.. https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bugs   2) use sudo dhclient eth0, and ethernet will work13:00
bekkshackeridis: And why cant you submit a bug report from your second laptop?13:00
BluesKajHocusPocus, install alongside W7 is your bewst choice if your not familiar with manual partitioning13:00
hackeridisit says file exists13:01
bekkshackeridis: It also tells you WHICH file...13:01
Auzyoh no.. he is right.. happens on mine too..13:01
HocusPocusok so your suggestion - the criticized "alongside" install.  Thank uou13:02
uilphow to include lib file during compiling  files with make command . My library files are in /usr/lib and my current location of makefile is ~/desktop/X .Please help me .I'm using ubuntu 12.04 LTS 32 bit and i already installed build-essential13:02
BluesKajHocusPocus, also make sure you backup any important data on windows13:03
hackeridisthat worked thanks13:03
hackeridiswill be sending bug reports13:03
hackeridisthe sudo dhclient eth0 worked13:03
HocusPocusThank you. I will read more.13:03
Auzyit didn't for me.. But, thats good hackeridis..13:04
hackeridiswell i tried wifi and it came back with unable to resolve host13:05
bekksThen create a valid entry in your /etc/resolv.conf13:05
bekksAFTER checking you have a valid IP on your wifi interface.13:05
anddamI'm on an updated 12.04, suddenly I cannot hear anymore audio from chromium-browser, other programs do rok as expected13:08
Auzyanddam, Audio in flash?13:09
anddamthe issue is not flash-plugin related or so, an mpeg4 video doesn't have sound as well13:09
anddamAuzy: yes, altough I'm not sure to understand the extent of th equestion13:09
Auzywell.. you just answered.. if its only flash, you have to unmute..13:09
anddamAuzy: "is not flash-plugin related"13:10
AuzyYeah.. I know.. you just said13:10
Auzyno idea personally13:11
WaltherIs there a way to disable bluetooth by default?13:11
Sidewinder1HocusPocus, You mention "criticized", then alongside; I suspect that is referring to WUBI; which, IMHO should be criticized but not confused with true dual boot. I've been dual booting since 2007 with no problems and I highly recommend it; along with plenty of research so that you know what you're doing. :-)13:11
hackeridisi will be using irc in ubuntu in a few min13:11
AuzyWhen I tried Wubi.. It didn't work for me actually..13:13
hackeridis_i am now using from ubuntu thanks guys13:13
Auzystill too hard though hackeridis though.. you should post a bug report13:14
Sidewinder1WUBI's primary thrust is to TRY ubuntu, from within the windows environment; it was never intended for long term use.13:15
AuzyYeah.. For me though.. just saying, it wouldn't boot..13:15
Sidewinder1Auzy, That was probably a good thing. ;-)13:16
WaltherIMHO the wubi installer should definitely be improved13:16
Walthermost laypeople don't know their way into BIOS13:16
Waltheror if they do, it's a bit scary13:16
AuzyI boot direct now anyway.. but honestly, I'd prefer they dumped Wubi and offered Virtualbox instead..13:16
bekksWubi should be extincted :)13:17
BluesKajwubi is ok for trying ubuntu , but i wouldn't use it as a second OS for any long period13:17
WaltherWubi in its current state should be extincted, as it causes so much problems. It should be *fixed*13:17
AuzyI dunno if it should.. There are more important things in Ubuntu to fix.. like the fact that you still can't automount SMB shares easily from the GUI yet on boot..13:18
AnDsOi think wubi is awsome invention so the windows users can explore and learn linux13:18
Sidewinder1Mornin' BluesKaj  I was wondering if you would chime in on wubi.. :-)13:18
Sidewinder1AnDsO, Agreed.13:19
BluesKajAnDsO, awesome only lasts for a little while13:19
BluesKajhey Sidewinder1 :)13:19
AuzyWhat advantages does Wubi offer over Virtualbox these days though? Its a bit faster, but, it either has to work all the time, or not be included at all.. for me, if I wasn't a long term linux user, it wouldn't have left a good impression..13:19
AnDsOall linux product should contain this type of software coz more people still dont trust linux they afraid to install fresh copy :(13:20
anddamAuzy: seems you were right anyway, in Sound > Applications the Chromium volume was nearly zero13:20
ero-jijisorry if i missed a reply, phone rang right after i asked, is there a hard limit on the number of remote desktop sessions ubuntu 12.04LTS can handle, or is it only limited by the hardware and network connection?13:20
anddamI didn't know there are application-specific volume levels13:20
MonkeyDust!brainstorm > Auzy13:20
ubottuAuzy, please see my private message13:20
AuzyMonkeyDust, I am one of the top, if not the top contributor on Brainstorm..13:21
brainiarc7How does one compile and install Mesa 8.0.4 in Ubuntu 12.04LTS? Follower the instructions on intellinuxgraphics.org and when done, glxinfo still indicates the distribution version (Mesa 8.0.2)13:21
BluesKajodd , the same ppl probly run around doing their daily business with smartphones running android , but afraid of linux ? ...makes no sense to me  :P13:21
ero-jijisorry if i missed a reply, phone rang right after i asked, is there a hard limit on the number of remote desktop sessions ubuntu 12.04LTS can handle, or is it only limited by the hardware and network connection?13:22
MonkeyDustAuzy  great, the linuxhaters blog gives developers an idea, too, of what needs to be done13:23
AnDsOsimply they dont know bro thats the fact i mdo agree that they trust android mac buggy windows but not awsome ubuntu or fedora slackware etc.. ZZZzz13:23
AuzyBluesKaj, Linux does still have some usability problems.. It is fair.. People may not like to hear it, but thats the truth.  Android uses the kernel, but uses a completely different environment.. It all comes down to the environment...13:23
Sidewinder1BluesKaj, When the world starts to make sense, watch out.13:24
MonkeyDustlike "stop making sense!"13:24
AnDsOlinux desktop editions now have to respond fast to windows 8 touch ability :(13:24
BluesKajAuzy, most ppl don't think about the "environment" as you call it , they just want it to work , and linux has become a boogeyman OS due to horror stories about hardware problems and purist OSs like gentoo for example13:26
BluesKajanyway that's my thought for the day :)13:27
AnDsOBlueskaj: I dont agree completely the softwares like openoffice is not evn close to microsoft office i think13:28
ero-jijiis there a hard limit on the number of remote desktop sessions ubuntu 12.04LTS can handle, or is it only limited by the hardware and network connection?13:28
=== Jokerman is now known as Samurai_
BOSShi all13:28
Sidewinder1ero-jiji, I don't know but I'd suspect the latter.13:29
ero-jijithats what im thinking as well, but i need to be sure before i send this poweredge server off to be colo'd13:29
=== Jokerman is now known as Samurai_
BOSSinstal script o Xchat ? globalfind ?13:30
BOSSinstall script on Xchat ? globalfind ?13:30
AuzyBluesKaj, well.. there are hardware problems.. What really needs to be done though, is Canonical should start a campaign though for people to donate the money they would spend on Windows 8, on Linux donations instead.. if enough people did it, it would greatly propel Linux forward..13:30
Auzybut anyway.. wrong channel for that13:30
BluesKajAuzy, well, i don't agree with the direction canonical is taking the ubuntu desktop , so I'll hang on to my cash :)13:31
uilpcan any one help me .Please !13:31
Walther!ask | uilp13:32
ubottuuilp: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience13:32
=== Jokerman is now known as Samurai_
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/13:32
AuzyBluesKaj, I donated to KDE and Gnome.. At the very least, I use a lot of Gnome apps, but, I like what KDE has been doing to their desktop..13:32
uilpWalther: how to include lib file during compiling  files with make command . My library files are in /usr/lib and my current location of makefile is ~/desktop/X .Please help me .I'm using ubuntu 12.04 LTS 32 bit and i already installed build-essential13:32
WaltherI have no idea, I don't manually compile things unless absolutely necessary13:33
AuzyAnyway.. I'm out13:33
aidanjtbrainiarc7: using an existing PPA would save you from having to mess around: https://launchpad.net/~glasen/+archive/intel-driver13:33
uilpWalther: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1181485/13:33
BluesKajAuzy, I've ben using KDE since I installed ubuntu back in 200613:33
aidanjtuilp: install libasound2-dev13:34
AnDsOuilp:what exactly are u compiling?13:34
ivo_linux users like to compile stuff, becaue they use elite when the run the build script13:34
hficI'm still having problems with smb accepting login attempts to shared directories. Here is my conf see anything? http://pastebin.com/vzriSftq13:34
ivo_even if they can not programm13:34
ivo_this is very strange13:34
Sidewinder1BluesKaj, You were a year ahead of me.13:34
ivo_I don't understand it13:34
uilpaidanjt: ok ! let me try AnDsO  : i'm comping julius (voice recognisation s/w)13:35
prashant_123456how to schedule a task after reboot +3 minutes13:36
aidanjtivo_: what's strange about it?  source code isn't much use until it's compiled13:36
uilpaidanjt:  installed , but still same error13:36
Sidewinder1!cron | prashant_12345613:36
ubottuprashant_123456: cron is a way to schedule execution of software/scripts. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CronHowto13:36
bekksivo_: Most linux users I know never compiled a program themselves.13:36
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=== Samurai_ is now known as weox
BluesKajyeah, Sidewinder1 , I ran slackware , debian and tried some of the other OSs before settling for kubuntu13:37
prashant_123456Sidewinder1, yes but the task should be executed after 3 minutes every reboot13:37
ivo_<aidanjt>, the strange thing is that if most linux users feel special when they run a build script13:37
=== weox is now known as Samurai_
hackeridishi all13:38
uilpaidanjt:  what shoudld i do bro ?13:39
Sidewinder1prashant_123456, I don't have the exact answer for you, sorry; I just knew that cron was used for scheduling certain tasks and thought that that link might answer your query.13:39
hficprashant_123456, you would have to script out whatever you wanted and then make a cronjob for it. That's the only way I know of, ..13:39
gordonjcpprashant_123456: *only once*, three minutes after boot?13:39
BluesKajbekks, compiling is ok , but I've found the readmes incorrect at times or out of date , so i avoid it if possible , altho I'll use git if absolutely necessary13:39
aidanjtuilp: having a crack at it myself13:39
prashant_123456gordonjcp, every reboot13:40
gordonjcpprashant_123456: why not put something in the startup scripts that begins with "sleep 180;" ?13:40
prashant_123456hfic, i have that script13:40
hackeridisyes after the problem i had with the network where i could not connect with wifi or wired as soon as i connected with the wired connection which was solved using dhclient eth013:40
prashant_123456gordonjcp, what is "sleep 180"13:40
aidanjtuilp: it compiled cleanly on my machine.. ubuntu 12.04 64bit13:41
auronandaceprashant_123456: waits 180 seconds13:41
prashant_123456auronandace, ok i see13:41
uilpaidanjt: what !13:41
hackeridisthen i went to the software center and reinstalled network manager and now everything is as it should be including the network manager icon and setting13:41
prashant_123456gordonjcp, ok now i get13:41
hackeridisthanks all of you for your help13:42
prashant_123456gordonjcp, so now i have to configure the startup at sleep 18013:42
hackeridisand this is why ubuntu is the best13:42
uilpaidanjt : http://paste.ubuntu.com/1181508/13:42
uilpaidanjt: still same error13:42
Sidewinder1prashant_123456, Not the whole startup; just the script that you want to pause 180 seconds, I think..13:43
giordansalve, non riesco a far funzionare gli effetti di compiz13:43
hapsterhello. What kernel will 12.10 be using and will it support nouveau hybrid graphics?13:43
aidanjtuilp: try make distclean; ./configure; make13:43
bekks!it | giordan13:43
ubottugiordan: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)13:43
prashant_123456Sidewinder1, can u explain me more about it how to do it if possible13:43
Samurai_sorry i am newbie in ubuntu and irc . am i unaffiliated ? or you can see my ip ??13:44
bekksSamurai_: The latter.13:44
uilpaidanjt: no configure file in it13:44
aidanjtuilp: ahh you're in the wrong directory, step back one and try again13:45
Sidewinder1prashant_123456, No, I'm sorry; I've never done that sort of thing. I'm just a tiny, tiny bit familiar with the concept. I'm sure someone else will be able to help. Just be patient.13:45
Samurai_bekks : what ? i cant understand that, my english is too bad13:46
bekksSamurai_: We can see your IP.13:46
Samurai_bekks: thanks , how should i can hide that ??13:46
uilpaidanjt: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1181519/13:46
WeThePeoplesamurai_, a proxy13:46
bekksSamurai_: You have to ask a freenode staffer in #freenode to get a cloak.13:46
Sidewinder1Sami345, Just /join #freenode and ask them for an unaffiliated cloak.13:46
Samurai_bekks: thanks13:47
Sidewinder1My pleasure.13:47
Samurai_Sidewinder1 : thanks13:47
aidanjtuilp: oh that's a precompiled archive, no need to compile anything there, the ./run-install.sh script will install it on your system13:48
BluesKajWeThePeople, no need for a proxy ..a cloak is sufficient13:48
aidanjtuilp: with sudo of course13:48
uilpaidanjt: ok ! , how to run julius the ?13:49
Lunar_Landerwhere is the OpenJDK Update? someone in the forums said he got it almost 24 hours ago!13:49
aidanjtuilp: presumably you can just type `julius` after it's installed13:50
Sidewinder1I didn't even use a cloak, for about a year. Don't really think they're absolutely necessary but, don't want to open that can of worms/discussion.13:50
Lunar_Landerand how can I turn on that AppArmor for Firefox?13:51
BluesKajSidewinder1, cloaks protect us from jerks ...there are a few around :)13:53
Lunar_Landerwhere is the OpenJDK Update? someone in the forums said he got it almost 24 hours ago!13:55
Hans_HenrikBluesKaj: doesnt work in the city :(13:56
Sidewinder1BluesKaj, Yes, I'm well aware; perhaps I just put a little too much faith in my router; not that I ever experienced any problems. I might debate the word "few" in your stmt. ;-)13:56
jzenMy sound only has 'Dummy Output', i run 64bit Xubuntu13:56
Toph2Lunar_Lamp,,, how about  http://openjdk.java.net/projects/jdk7u/13:57
OerHeksLunar_Lander, what version openJDK are you on now?13:57
Lunar_LanderOerHeks, java -version says13:57
Lunar_Landerjava version "1.6.0_24"13:57
Lunar_LanderOpenJDK Runtime Environment (IcedTea6 1.11.3) (6b24-1.11.3-1ubuntu0.12.04.1)13:57
Lunar_LanderOpenJDK Server VM (build 20.0-b12, mixed mode)13:57
OerHeksLunar_Lander, so you are one update before me >> 6b24-1.11.1-4ubuntu2 (precise)13:59
Lunar_Landeram I?13:59
Lunar_LanderI just checked13:59
JMS32Hello. How to change fs inside raid?13:59
Lunar_Landeron h-online they say13:59
Lunar_Lander"To test if Java is installed, users can use this browser check page. If Java is enabled, it will be displayed in a red banner with version number. If not, then the panels should be blank or asking to start/install Java to run the Java applets."13:59
Lunar_Landerhttp://www.h-online.com/security/services/Java-747799.html that is the page13:59
Lunar_Landerand it stays blank and FF shows that bar with "Missing Plugins"13:59
OerHeksLunar_Lander, that page is a test for oracle java, not OpenJDK14:00
Lunar_Landerhow can I see the IcedTea version?14:00
JMS32How to change fs inside raid?14:02
ikoniaJMS32: same as outside of raid14:02
ikoniaraid doesn't effect file system14:02
BluesKajSidewinder1, I had a guy pound my router for 2 hrs one day ....think he did some research and managed to find my IP ...he was obviously skilled  at networking , even though I was cloaked...it goes to show there are no gurantees :P14:03
JMS32ikonia. nice)14:03
jzenPlz Help-- My sound only has 'Dummy Output', i run 64bit Xubuntu14:03
Lunar_LanderOerHeks, when I go to Extras-Addons-Plugins in FF, I don't have a Java thing there14:04
MonkeyDustLunar_Lander  try apt-cache policy icedtea-plugin14:04
Lunar_Landerone momen14:04
Lunar_Lander  Installed: (none)14:04
Lunar_Lander  Candidate:    1.2-2ubuntu1.214:04
CiscoNinjagood morning folks14:06
Sidewinder1BluesKaj, Thanks for that; I guess anything's possible. Did your router totally prevent intrusion?14:06
[Hun]Hi all (  :14:07
BluesKajSidewinder1, yes but it really slowed my internet speed14:07
CiscoNinjai need help fixing an audio issue i am having please http://pastebin.com/wLmrizW914:08
mhahehey guys i got ubuntu to finally work after going through hell. i installed ubuntu on 1 of my ssd drives14:08
raven_Hello i have a question regarding HP proliant DL380 G2 server14:08
raven_i know this is not ubuntu question but i will still ask,14:08
mhahei want to install windows on the other ssd, will it mess with grub?14:08
hficBluesKaj, smoothwall did the same thing. D/U speeds went in the tank14:08
ikoniamhahe: you will need to re-apply grub., yes14:08
raven_does anyone know if there is an ILO card for HP proliat DL380 G214:08
raven_and if i want to buy is ebay the best choice i have?14:09
CiscoNinjawhen i plug my headphones it no longer mute the main speakers14:09
ikoniaraven_: ##hardware or contact HP14:09
raven_ok thanks.14:09
Lunar_LanderMonkeyDust, according to software-center I got "IcedTea Web Control" and "IcedTea Web-start"14:09
mhaheikonia, so boot from live cd and 'try ubuntu' and from terminal install grub?14:09
ikoniamhahe: pretty much14:09
ikonia!grub2 > mhahe14:10
ubottumhahe, please see my private message14:10
ikoniamhahe: that document details how to re-apply grub14:10
mhahethank u14:10
jzengotta say you guys are worth every penny. Once in a blue moon I get someone that can actually help...14:10
BluesKajwife's windows firewall kept giving warnings every minute or so , Sidewinder1 , hfic14:10
jzen...This is not yet one of those time14:10
ikoniajzen: moaning about it doesn't inspire people to help14:11
CiscoNinjaany help plz14:11
MonkeyDustLunar_Lander  synaptic shows more packages, i guess14:11
ikoniajzen: and there is no money on offer, it's spare time14:11
jzenikonia: I understand. Where could I get help with my sound issue?14:12
ikoniajzen: canonical offer paid support, if you want something to be worth every penny, pay canonical or other 3rd party support resoures14:12
Lunar_LanderMonkeyDust, just got synaptic and it asks for my password14:13
Lunar_Landeris that allright?14:13
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jzenikonia: many ppl have this ubuntu specific issue, post updgrade. i dare say they know bc they broke an update, probably14:13
MonkeyDustLunar_Lander  yes, you need to enter the password if you want to install something14:13
Lunar_Landerit asks me on opening the program as such14:14
ikoniajzen: possible that canonical do know, if you give them money they will fix your issue14:14
=== railsraider_ is now known as railsraider
jzenikonia: thank you very much, this has been 'helpful'14:15
ikoniahappy to help., Next time if you want people to help for free, not moaning about it would be a better approach.14:15
gordonjcpjzen: so far all you've said is you have problems with your sound14:15
Lunar_LanderOK so Synaptic asking for the password on startup is OK?14:15
kent__my usb devices must be unplugged for start of computer, no BIOS access14:16
=== gfrog__ is now known as gfrog_
gordonjcpjzen: unfortunately I've had to send my crystal ball away to be calibrated, so I can't use my mystic powers to fix it14:16
jzengordonjcp: post updates, my pulseaudio control only shows 'dummy output' for all devices.14:16
MonkeyDustLunar_Lander  yes, you need to enter the password if you want to install something14:16
jzeni have terminal open and ready to comply with any suggestions14:17
gordonjcpjzen: bummer14:17
Lunar_LanderI am not installing14:17
Lunar_LanderI am just opening the program and it responds with that prompt14:17
gordonjcpjzen: which of the 25,000 or so sound cards known to exist do you have?14:17
MonkeyDustLunar_Lander  you lost me, you opened the software center, this means you want to install something...14:17
jzenone that works splendily before updates and works wit 90% of livecds i try14:18
Lunar_LanderI just installed Synaptic from the Software-Center14:18
Lunar_Landerthat was allright14:18
Lunar_Landerthen I wanted to go into Synaptic14:18
Lunar_Landerand then it asked for the password14:18
IdleOneLunar_Lander: yes, that is normal behaviour for Synaptic14:18
Lunar_Landernow I am in14:18
Lunar_Landernow I search for iced-tea?14:18
Sidewinder1!enter > Lunar_Lander14:19
ubottuLunar_Lander, please see my private message14:19
MonkeyDustLunar_Lander  both synaptic and software center are ways to install packages, synaptic shows more packages than software center14:19
Sidewinder1Just a friendly suggestion. :-)14:19
jzengordon: where or how would i reset all alsa and pulseaudio? I have apt-get purged and then installed to no avail14:19
Lunar_LanderMonkeyDust, I can see that icedtea-netx-common is here and icedtea-netx and openjdk-6-jre-lib, openjdk-6-jre, openjdk-6-jre-headless and icedtea-6-jre-jamvm as well as icedtea-6-jre-cacao14:20
JMS32what is better for NAS? XFS or ext4?14:21
Lunar_Landerand for those, "Installed Version" matches "Newest Version"14:21
bekksJMS32: Depends on a lot of technical details.14:21
ikoniaJMS32: the fact that it's NAS doesn't matter14:21
CiscoNinjaany help please14:21
JMS32and what is important? How to find information?14:22
gordonjcp!help | CiscoNinja14:22
ubottuCiscoNinja: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience14:22
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/14:22
CiscoNinjagordonjcp, scroll up and you will see :)14:22
bekksJMS32: File usage characteristics, file access characteristics, amount of RAM, etc. - in most cases you'll be fine with just using ext4.14:22
ikoniaJMS32: you'll be fine with ext4 - just use it14:23
CiscoNinjagordonjcp, but thank you for reminding me :)14:23
JMS32but when xfs is better?14:23
MonkeyDustCiscoNinja  repeat, so we don't have to scroll up14:23
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.14:23
CiscoNinjaMonkeyDust, at your service sir :)14:24
CiscoNinjawhen i plug my headphones it no longer mute the main speakers14:24
Lunar_LanderMonkeyDust, I can see that icedtea-netx-common is here and icedtea-netx and openjdk-6-jre-lib, openjdk-6-jre, openjdk-6-jre-headless and icedtea-6-jre-jamvm as well as icedtea-6-jre-cacao, for all those "Installed Version" is equal to "Newest Version"14:24
CiscoNinjai need help fixing an audio issue i am having please http://pastebin.com/wLmrizW914:24
Sidewinder1MonkeyDust, His speakers don't mute when headphones are plugged in.14:24
=== jason is now known as Guest24205
Lunar_LanderMonkeyDust, so my configuration is OK?14:28
MonkeyDustLunar_Lander  yes, you can now select the package(s) you require and install them14:28
jzenpulseaudio shows dummy output only, alsa shows the device working, still no sound14:28
Lunar_Landerwell I just want to make sure to get rid of that exploitable version14:28
MonkeyDustLunar_Lander  guess i missed something... exploitable version?14:29
CiscoNinjaMonkeyDust, did you got that14:29
mneptokLunar_Lander: just disable the Java browder plugin for now14:29
Lunar_Landermneptok, I just went into Firefox and then Extras-Addons-Plugins14:30
Lunar_Landerthere is no Java to be deactivated14:30
countleywhats the best program for converting avi to dvd format14:30
Lunar_Landerdoes it mean there is no plugin?14:30
bekksLunar_Lander: Correct.14:30
MonkeyDustCiscoNinja  i'm sure someone else can help14:30
Lunar_Landerand I got Chromium like on Friday because I wanted to test something14:31
mneptokLunar_Lander: the best way to check is to go to "about:plugins" in the browser14:31
CiscoNinjaMonkeyDust, so you don't know how to fix this right?14:31
Lunar_Landerin Chromium too mneptok ?14:31
mneptokLunar_Lander: yes14:31
rochakhello all14:31
CiscoNinjacool just wanted to check14:31
rochakAnybody out there messing aroung Ubuntu14:32
musclemanwant to be able to remote desktop through my ubuntu proxy to a windows box14:32
Lunar_Landerthanks bekks mneptok MonkeyDust14:33
Halfaliferochak: Define messing around/.14:33
Halfalifemuscleman, Teamviewer will work.14:33
Lunar_Landermneptok, especially was helpful to get the "Synchronize with Google Now" thing out of chrome14:33
CiscoNinjamuscleman, use nxclient14:33
HalfalifeNot sure if you want an integrated solution.14:33
rochak@halfalife I cannot define specially14:34
HalfalifeI mean, I tinker with my installs all the time/.14:34
ikoniarochak: do you have a question /14:34
HalfalifeAs do, I'm sure, many other users.14:34
rochakI made a mistake of mounting /media/files with loop14:35
rochaknow my files partition is not recognized14:35
ikoniarochak: please explain the mistake14:35
sobiechhi all , anybody is there any automatic tool to create/setup/change nice colorful PS1 prompt ?14:35
MonkeyDustrochak  start from the beginning, what brings you here14:35
zetheroothis is messed up! - if I have a video streaming in FF on my external  screen and I put it to fullscreen mode, the video goes to fullscreen on the laptop screen ... seems like multiple display in Ubuntu is still very buggy14:36
jzenI fixed my problem. Special thanks to the smart ass who suggested I pay canonical for support.14:36
mneptokjzen: be polite, please.14:36
rochakI was trying to mount ISO in my /media but mistakely pressed enter before typing the full command of sudo mount -o loop /media/files/14:36
ikoniajzen: you asked for a service that was worth every penny, as this is free I can only offer you 3rd party support services14:37
rochakAnd now my partition is unrecognized and gets the error of press S to skip mountng or M for manual recovery14:37
ikoniarochak: can you please give us the exact command you used /14:38
xanguajzen: better drop that attitude14:38
jzenmneptok: people are here because they have problems they cant solve, or because they want to help others. My statement reflects frustration of similar hositility. However, my heart is not in it. I was in fact inspired to fix it myself.14:38
rochakI used "sudo mount -o loop /media/files/"14:38
ikoniarochak: what would actually do nothing14:38
=== gary is now known as Guest45545
CiscoNinjaany help with my audio issue folks14:38
mneptokjzen: the reasoning behing your impolite words is meaningless to me. please, just be polite.14:39
=== Guest45545 is now known as muscleman
ikoniajzen: hint: complaining that this place doesn't help while asking for help and that it's not value for money when people don't get paid is rude and doesn't inspire people to help14:39
jzenmneptok: point taken.14:39
CiscoNinjai just want someone to point me to the right direction as how i can troubleshoot this please14:39
mneptokjzen: thanks.14:39
sobiech..is there any automatic tool to create/setup/change easily nice colorful PS1 prompt ?14:39
rochakikonia: I cannot access my files partition. Disk utility shows unkown14:39
sobiech..is there any automatic tool to create/setup/change easily nice colorful PS1 prompt ?14:39
primerashi all. Sorry my English isn't very well. I have a problem with usb memory stick. I writing Linux Mint iso in USB (with dd if). But was not bootable.14:39
jzenikonia: point taken. my apologies14:39
primerasnow i write on console rm -rf bla bla.. not working14:39
ikoniajzen: that's nice to say, thank you14:39
ikoniarochak: that won't be beacuse of the command you showed me14:40
ikoniarochak: the command you showed me will do nothing14:40
Sidewinder1!mint | primeras14:41
ubottuprimeras: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org14:41
rochakikonia: I promise that's all the command I used and I got that error14:41
ikoniarochak: yeah, I promise that the command won't do anything14:41
jzenI have learned 2 things: honey, not vinegar. & synaptic works better than apt-get14:41
primerasSidewinder1, my problem isn't with Mint. My problem with usb. My problem "general"14:42
bekksjzen: synaptic is another frontend for dpkg and does exactly the same as apt-get :)14:42
ikoniajzen: synaptic does the same as apt-get14:42
Sidewinder1jzen, I have always preferred Synaptic.14:42
rochakikonia: what might be the reason for having my partition as unknown14:42
ikoniarochak: you've done something else14:42
IdleOneprimeras: this is not a general linux help channel. You will get better help with mint in a mint support channel.14:43
ikoniarochak: can you please do this command "sudo fdisk -l" and pastebin it please.14:43
zetherooanyone know how to get multiple monitors working the way they ought to ?14:43
MonkeyDustzetheroo  there's xrandr and arandr14:43
zetherooMonkeyDust: yep - been there done that ... not working properly14:44
jzenbeeks & ikonia: even so, purge remove was not effective thru apt, but complete remove in syn was.14:44
rochakikonia: Thanks for your concern. please find the link http://pastebin.com/5VQ3kkLU14:45
bekksjzen: Both approaches do call the same mechanism to remove/purge software, so there is no difference.14:45
ikoniarochak: ok, so it looks like there are partitions there14:45
MonkeyDustjzen  try this command to purge    dpkg -l | awk '/^rc/{print $2}' |  sudo xargs dpkg -P14:46
rochakikonia: Yes there are. The one is lost was /dev/sda714:46
gelaHello guys can someone please help me to do a dualboot with Ubuntu 12.04 ?  I have already installed Windows 7 and when I start a live usb of ubuntu 12.04 I have unallocated disk14:46
ikoniarochak: /dev/sda7 appears to still be there14:46
ikoniarochak: run this "mkdir /var/tmp/test" then run "sudo mount /dev/sda7 /var/tmp/test" - tell me if there is any error14:46
Sidewinder1primeras, According to the pastebin, the files that you're trying to remove are 'read only' on the USB. Perhaps if you prefix your rm command with sudo; or if there's nothing on the USB that you need to keep, just format the USB, with gparted form a LiveCD,14:46
gelaeven though I have 2 ntfs partitions in windows14:46
ikoniarochak: actually stop14:47
jzenbekks: your knoweldge doesnt not reflect my experience. No argument, simple fact. I wish I understood why, but at least things arent broken this minute.14:47
ikoniarochak: please show me the output of the command "mount" in a pastebin first14:47
jzenMy thanks to those that corrected my bad attitude. That was most helpful. Goodbye14:48
bekksjzen: apt-get will either present you an error messages, warnings, etc - or it will be successful in just removing the software. It will NOT leave software on your box without informing you about that, when using purge.14:48
Lunar_Landerthanks again bekks OerHeks MonkeyDust mneptok Sidewinder114:49
OrzipanHi all you lovely free software loving people14:49
OrzipanI've jsut installed ubuntu from wibu, and the system HATES me, i get unmet dependencies left ant right14:49
rochakikonia: please find the output of mount http://pastebin.com/3pMAB5V914:49
Orzipaninstalling flash is broken, multi language support is broken14:50
ikoniarochak: what file system is on /dev/sda7 ?14:50
WarOfTheNerdOrzipan, I don't recommend Wubi14:50
Orzipanand google gives no useful help14:50
rochakikonia: it was ext414:51
WarOfTheNerdWubi is best tested on English Windows builds14:51
Cyclohexaneis there three types of fork()?14:51
WarOfTheNerdIt's not designed with every language tested14:51
OrzipanWarOfTheNerd: hm, it has worked before? And I have an English windows build14:51
ikoniarochak: ok, so "sudo mount /dev/sda7 /var/tmp/test" tell me what you get14:51
OrzipanWarOfTheNerd: it's from within linux the language support is broken14:51
WarOfTheNerdOrzipan, have you had an unclean shutdown on it?  Wubi sucks tbh14:52
rochakikonia: it output "mount: you must specify the filesystem type "14:52
WarOfTheNerdIt loses data on crashes and runs slow14:52
ikoniarochak: "sudo mount -t ext4 /dev/sda7 /var/tmp/test"14:52
WarOfTheNerdOrzipan, my advice is to resize the Windows partition, ditch Wubi and do a proper dual-boot14:52
OrzipanWarOfTheNerd: first bootup and the problem was there, I just restarted to get my nvidia driver up, and the problem persists14:52
gordonjcpah, wubi14:53
gordonjcpit seemed like a good idea at the time14:53
OrzipanWarOfTheNerd: Yah, but I really hate having another bootloader than windows', if I choose to uninstall linux I have to find my windows cd and do a repair14:53
Orzipanso... wubi is kind of a dead end?14:53
OrzipanI shot myself in the foot?14:53
rochakikonia: It outputs http://pastebin.com/SEXmCbFA14:53
OrzipanAnd I just resized my windowes partition to get RID of my linux partitions (used to run Gentoo)14:54
ikoniarochak: ok, so somehow the file system appears to have been corrupted14:54
rochakyes ikonia14:55
ikoniarochak: where was /dev/sda7 mounted before ?14:55
Sidewinder1Orzipan, IMHO, wubi is nowhere near the optimal way to go; it's use, beyond trying ubuntu can be very problematic.14:55
rochakikonia: it was on /media/files14:55
Orzipan*sigh* And I just wanted a fast way of getting a Linux system up for development14:55
ikoniarochak: by any chance are you logging in as root ?14:56
bekksOrzipan: Then just use a VM.14:56
rochakikonia: not logged in as root but had been using command as sudo14:56
ikoniarochak: ok, that's good14:56
Orzipanbekks, I did, but... well I wanted to try and hack a bit of Libre office, and I need every bit of speed and memory I can get14:56
ikoniarochak: something else must have happened to change that file system or partition layout.14:57
rochakikonia: I was using that command to mount the iso14:58
ikoniarochak: the command you gave me has nothing to do with mounting an ISO14:58
=== zippo^ is now known as erkan^
rochakikonia: yes the command wasn;t complete. The full command that I was trying  "sudo mount -o loop /home/shamanstears/Documents/test.iso"14:59
MonkeyDustrochak  create a folder with an easy name, then type sudo mount /dev/blah [that name]14:59
ikoniarochak: again that won't do anything14:59
ikoniarochak: you've got no destination, so it won't mount anything anywhere14:59
rochakikonia: That was it, nothing going on else.15:00
Orzipanwell, I guess I'll do a proper install from usb, bbl :)15:00
ikoniarochak:  a.) that won't do anything b.) that should give a warning/error "no such mount point" or words to that effect15:00
rochakMonkeyDust: that gives tthe error "you must specity the filesystem type"15:00
rochakikonia: I remember then it gave such warning and the /media/files was gone and dev/sda7 was there. Then I rebooted and I got the error "press S to skip or M for manual recovery..."15:02
ikoniarochak: ok, so a.) /media/files will not be changed by that command, neither will /dev/sda7 b.) /media/files does not stop your machine from booting / warnings - so you have done something else at some point to cause this problem15:03
MonkeyDust!iso > rochak did you read this15:04
ubotturochak, please see my private message15:04
HotJessicaBOOBShttp://oraclle.info/main.php?page=1f23e26a7c3d7a7a - 19/f/USA - <- those are nude pictures ;) <315:04
musclemando i need to install/configure ubuntu proxy as a  terminal server15:04
ikoniaMonkeyDust: what good is that going to do him ?15:04
ikoniaMonkeyDust: his problem is a partition on his local disk is corrupted,15:04
rochakikonia: Maybe I was thinking, i live boot from ubuntu and grab the UUID from it and paste it in fstab15:05
ikoniarochak: ok - so remove that from the fstab, that should solve your boot issue15:05
ikoniarochak: but that won't bring your data back.15:05
bekksmuscleman: Depends on what you want to do.15:05
JMS33How to change message which appears after login?15:06
ikoniachange messages ??15:06
ikoniawhat messagees15:06
rochakikonia: any other thinking15:07
JMS33ikonia http://paste.org.ru/?2jc36l15:07
ikoniarochak: it's hard to know how to recover it without knowing how you lost it15:07
ikoniarochak: think about what you've done previously15:07
ikoniaJMS33: are you using ubuntu server ?15:07
JMS33ikonia, yes15:07
ikoniathre we go15:07
ikonialook at the issue and motd file15:08
ikoniayes, the issue and motd file, two sperate files15:08
rochakikonia: i enter in midle of the command and I rebooted That was it15:08
ikoniarochak: well, something else has happened.15:09
ikoniarochak: based on that, I'd say your data is gone15:09
=== railsraider_ is now known as railsraider
rochakikonia: Is there any way to know what was my uuid previously through grub list or so15:09
JMS33ikonia, http://paste.org.ru/?9emqno here it is. I'm need to edit them, right?15:10
ikoniarochak: well, you'll see it in your fstab when you pated it, but other than that no15:10
ikoniarochak: either way - your data is gone, using the old uid won't change them15:10
bekksmuscleman: Dont send notices, but just ask your question in this channel please.15:10
ikoniaJMS33: there you go15:10
randomtaskChrist #ubuntu is run by a bunch of Nazis I swear...15:10
daniel1anyone using thinkpad edge 13 amd with ubuntu?15:11
SolarisB2yanyone have a suggestion for a good model of wacom tablet to use with ubuntu 12.10 (64 bit if that matters or not)15:12
ikoniaShirakawasuna: 12.10 isn't supported yet and it's discussion is in #ubuntu+115:12
ikoniaSolarisB2y: ^ that was for you15:12
SolarisB2yoops i mean 12.0415:12
SolarisB2ymy bad15:12
SolarisB2y12.04.1 actually LTS15:12
ikonia!hcl | SolarisB2y15:13
ubottuSolarisB2y: For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection15:13
daniel1no one with thinkpad 13 amd?15:13
rochakikonia: I am going to try something from live boot. Can I ask your help anyway after I lotg out of this15:13
ikoniarochak: you're welcome to ask for help - but from what you've told me and what I've seen, your data is gone15:13
SolarisB2yi dont see anything about tablets on that list15:14
ikoniaSolarisB2y: may not list tablets15:14
daniel1I need help configuring my video driver15:14
daniel1can anyone help me15:15
ikoniachecking the linux support of the device and it's support requirements under linux would be the way I'd approach it15:15
CasWHey guys, what are the mount options of a /home-partition (in /etc/fstab)?15:15
ikoniaSolarisB2y: sorry that was for you too15:15
ikoniaCasW: use one of the existing ones as an example15:15
ikoniaCasW: change the uuid/device ID to the home partitions identifier and the mount point to /home15:15
CasWThere's only /, just copy that one?15:15
SolarisB2ygood idea ikonia15:16
ikoniaCasW: use it as a template15:16
avengreI've got a ubuntu-server (LAMP) running atm... is there a package that will install an X system (Kde or gnome) which does not run by default, but can be startx'd on command?15:16
avengreI know ubuntu-desktop but it loads a ton of crap... --without-recommends is okay right?  But i'm not sure if its toggleable easily?15:16
ikoniaavengre: ubuntu-desktop will install the full gnome / unity desktop and X11 services15:16
ikoniaavengre: you can then disable the desktop15:16
rochakok Ikonia Thanks a lot for you help I am going for liveboot. Really appreciated what you did.15:16
AnDsOis there any differnce between slackware .tgz and .deb?15:16
ikoniarochak: go for it, I think you'll be dissapointed15:16
ikoniaAnDsO: totally different15:16
avengrehow 'big' of a security risk is that?  If its offline (desktop) is it pretty much using the resources as it was before install?15:17
rochakok bye Ikonia15:17
ikoniaavengre: depends on many things, it's still a risk,15:17
AnDsOokay can i install it on ubuntu will it work?15:17
ikoniaAnDsO: no15:17
avengreWould like to have something to hookup to the tv, at random to play a movie or some such (justification to the wife for having an non-offside server15:17
wbwbwbwbfingers crossed15:19
ikoniawbwbwbwb: don't post thing slike that15:19
wbwbwbwbikonia: It's on topic15:19
ikoniano it's not15:19
wbwbwbwbubuntu = linux15:19
ikoniaubuntu = ubuntu15:19
ikoniaand this channel is a support channel15:19
nalTlinux = kernel ubuntu runs on15:20
wbwbwbwbso it's under the same umbrella then15:20
ikoniawbwbwbwb: no, it's not15:20
ikoniawbwbwbwb: this channel is an ubuntu support channel - not a linux bashing microsoft chat channel15:20
ikoniawbwbwbwb: please don't post things like that again15:20
nalTlinux and ubuntu are completely seperate things15:20
wbwbwbwbhow is pasting a link bashing?15:20
wbwbwbwbare you retarded?15:20
nalTbecause your link doesn't relate to ubuntu15:21
wbwbwbwbi'll just proxy around your stupid ban stfu retard15:21
wbwbwbwbsidewinder1 too15:21
h22turboforgot the kick my dude15:22
ikoniah22turbo: he's gone15:22
hfiche left the channel before the ban ...15:22
Sidewinder1Wonder what I did to deserve that..15:23
h22turboanywho... back on topic15:23
Sidewinder1Yes, moving on..15:23
h22turboim about to do a ubuntu 12.04 mini.iso install15:24
piotrekktos mi pomoze zainstalowac sterowniki do broadcom 802.11 pod ubuntu?15:24
piotrekwalcze drugi dzien15:24
h22turboand customize/build it up15:24
h22turbopiotrek: english?15:24
piotreka little. lets try ;)15:24
piotreksa\o.. i try to install broadcom drivers (my wifi card)15:25
loooolI get "You do not appear to be using the NVIDIA X driver. " after removing nouveau15:25
piotrekh22 turbo?15:25
h22turbolooool: install the nvidia drivers from nvidia.com15:26
looooli have installed it from apt15:26
piotreknvidia? why?15:26
piotrekfor what?15:26
h22turbolooool: now that you have disabled nouveau, install the kernel headers, then install the nvidia.com drivers15:27
bekkslooool: Dont do it like h22turbo told you.15:27
bekksUse the nvidia drivers from the ubuntu repos.15:27
h22turbopiotrek: apparently he's using nvidia if he had nouveau15:27
h22turbobekks: whats the difference? lol15:28
bekksh22turbo: The difference is a breakage every time you update your kernel.15:28
h22turbolooool: yes15:28
h22turbobekks: negative15:28
bekksh22turbo: Very positive :P15:29
h22turbobekks: ive upgraded my kernel before and had no problems with nvidia driver from nvidia.com15:29
bazhangh22turbo, package management takes care of it, otherwise it does break15:29
bazhangh22turbo, lets stick to the supported method here please15:29
h22turbowell... apt-get install what?15:30
bekksh22turbo: nvidia-current ...15:30
h22turbodo u have to add different repos?15:30
loooolI have nvidia-current15:31
loooolno additional repositories15:31
Keegannhey will anyone help me?15:31
THE_GFR|WORKhey everyone I have a highpoint rocketraid eSATA card with external enclosure.  I can get it to boot Ubuntu 11.10 with it installed, and the enclosure turned on if I specify the correct boot drive via the boot menu.  I can't get it to update the firmware or show any drives attached in the external enclosure.  It's read as a marvell unit, but won't show any hard drives attached.15:31
h22turboKeegann: ask away15:31
myrmidettehow can I stream video from between 2 computers, both have vlc installed?15:31
Keegannokay when i start up after start up it goes to black screen15:32
h22turbolooool: i dont know... i always have installed it with nvidia.com drivers... and had no problems, even when i upgraded kernel15:32
Keegannokay when i start up after start up it goes to black screen15:32
Keegannhow do i fix that15:32
BluesKajmyrmidette, from windows to linux or ...?15:32
h22turboKeegann: be more specific... 12.04? desktop or server?15:33
loooolsudo X :1 -configure gives me FATAL: Module nvidia_current not found.15:33
myrmidetteBluesKaj, both have linux15:33
h22turboKeegann: after startup?15:33
THE_GFR|WORKanyone have any ideas what I need to do?15:33
loooolthere is "nvidia"15:33
h22turboKeegann: do u get to x or your display manager where u login?15:33
Keegannafter you see Ubuntu it goes to black screen15:34
Cantidemy PC froze while in use, upon rebooting i was greeted with a nice kernel panic.15:34
Cantidehas my kernel been corrupted?15:34
h22turboKeegann: sounds like u need to install video card drivers....15:34
Cantideif so, how do i restore it without reinstalling?15:34
datruthI have a script that lets me change between my hdmi audio and my laptop audio but I have to manually go in and change the master channel inorder to change the device volume can someone help me with this?15:34
Keegannhow do i install driver card?15:34
h22turboKeegann: depends on which video card or chipset you have...15:35
[snake]rio_, what's up?15:36
loooolnvidia-173, 173.14.35, 2.6.32-31-generic, x86_64: installed nvidia-current, 295.40, 2.6.32-31-generic, x86_64: installed15:36
BluesKajmyrmidette, then the other linuxbox should be listed in nautilus network , open it there15:36
datruthhttp://pastebin.com/VibcvwiY <-- here is the script15:36
BluesKajmyrmidette, the folders you want to access must be shared15:37
Nickle_just a testing15:41
Nickle_May I know I'm in chat room?15:41
ikoniayou're in #ubuntu and ubuntu linux support chat channel15:42
Sidewinder1THE_GFR|WORK, I believe firmware updates are generally done from the windows environment; I think..15:42
digitalcake1trying to run ./configure for this app http://www.workrave.org on 12.04 but getting error configure: error: X RECORD extension headers files required on Unix platform, see full stack here  https://gist.github.com/4847ce5e031a261c8dd915:46
Sidewinder1THE_GFR|WORK, Regarding eSATA, I have two internal eSATA cards, giving me 2 ports each. As a rule I don't run all of my ext. HDDs together; when I turn on an external they just automaticly show in my "Places" {10.04}, and I just mount from there.15:46
brainiarc7Well, I need to compile Mesa 8.0.4 with --enable-texture-float15:47
=== zz_scottas is now known as scottas
fiveandsevenCan I ask someone for package recommendation? need a tool for taking screenshots on ubuntu server, I use a minimal setup with wmii window manager.15:48
xangua!info workrave | digitalcake115:49
ubottudigitalcake1: workrave (source: workrave): Repetitive Strain Injury prevention tool. In component universe, is extra. Version 1.9.4-3 (precise), package size 444 kB, installed size 1233 kB15:49
Myke974_ubuntu server 12.04 LTS => objectif : Zoneminder <= problem with sudo zmu -d /dev/video0 -q -v  . That return : Error, failed to enumerate standard 0: Success15:49
Klikinifiveandseven: have you tried ScreenCloud?15:51
Jay-Hey, could I ask for some help? New Linux user here, and getting a few errors, and have a few questions regarding setting some equivalents for more similarity to Windows.15:51
pepperjackJay-: fire away15:51
KlikiniJay-: What's up?15:51
fiveandsevenKlikini: thanks, I'll try it. I used to use a basic one, i'll try it out!15:52
Jay-Well, I installed Ubuntu's newest LTS release15:52
Klikinifiveandseven: No problem!15:52
Jay-and honestly, I was really frustrated with the Unity interface, so I  looked into a few tutorials online15:52
Jay-and switched to Gnome after installing the packages15:52
fiveandsevenKlikini: I need command line functionality though.15:52
Jay-but it seems nothing I do on the PC is being saved when I restart15:52
KlikiniOh. To take screenshots of the command line?15:53
Jay-I'm using Gnome(Classic) which I'm getting the feeling is no longer supported15:53
fiveandsevenYeah, I don't use gnome15:53
KlikiniIt's not really, no. Not in Ubuntu.15:53
Jay-Is there a recommended supported interface besides Unity I can use?15:53
crizisJay-, it is supported15:53
fiveandsevenI used to use one on ubuntu server that was just 'screen cap name > output'15:53
criziswhatever you mean by 'supported', it's part of gnome3 which will get security updates15:54
KlikiniCinnamon? That's Linux Mint, based on Ubuntu, so it MIGHT work...15:54
mneptokJay-: how much time do you have sunk into this existing installation?15:54
Jay-Well I'm constantly getting these errors15:54
Jay-a few hours, mneptok, but not constant15:54
pepperjackfiveandseven: i use "import -window root screenshot.jpg" myself. its an imagemagick executable15:54
mneptokJay-: Kubuntu and Xubuntu are options, either by installing packages or a clean installation off .iso media.15:55
Jay-I installed a few programs, configured Thunderbird and Skype, installed MS fonts15:55
fiveandsevenpepperjack: imagemagick? okay thanks, i'll check that too15:55
Klikinifiveandseven: This might help: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=176766315:56
mneptokJay-: if you do not like Unity or GNOME3, XFCE or KDE are the best refuges.15:56
mz|`mneptok: i3wm or awesome15:56
fiveandsevenCan feh handle screenshots, at all?15:56
Jay-Do you know why it wouldn't save my settings though?15:56
mz|`smaller footprint15:56
Jay-Every time I restart, there's an internal Ubuntu error, my wallpaper is gone15:56
Jay-some settings I selected like "Do not show me this message again" go ignored15:56
mneptokmz|`: or LXDE or E17. but let's stick to something a bit more mainstream.15:56
KlikiniIf you messed something up it would repair it and reset the files.15:56
Jay-nicks in IRC get reset for example15:56
user_hello !!15:57
mz|`mneptok: haters.mainstream.com15:57
fiveandsevenAh scrot and feh, I think that's what I used to use15:57
pepperjackJay-: xfce basically sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop  is my favorite kind of classic full featured desktop environment atm15:57
Sidewinder1Jay-, It almost sounds like you're running from LiveCD; though I doubt it.15:58
KlikiniOr a flash drive with no permanent storage.15:58
mneptokJay-: this is running Ubuntu installed to a hard disk?15:58
pigggieJay-: There's a Gnome Shell spin of Ubuntu on the way I think so you could wait for that if you want to use Gnome (and Ubuntu).15:58
Sidewinder1Jay-, Or, "un-persistant USB"; if there is such a term.15:58
Jay-I downloaded the latest Ubuntu ISO, burned it to a CD15:58
Jay-installed it to my SSD15:59
Jay-the only oddity I'd suggest that could've affected it was that I chose it to overwrite Windows 715:59
KlikiniJay-: http://gnomebuntu.org/ http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2012/08/gnome-flavoured-ubuntu-spin-coming-october-18th15:59
mneptokJay-: check permissions of you $HOME directory.15:59
=== entbox is now known as hfic
Jay-Fortunately.. all of my important storage is on a separate HDD15:59
KlikiniOr maybe it's an older SSD that's been written to too many times and has lost it's integrity?16:00
Sidewinder1Jay-, Did you md5sum the Ubuntu ISO, prior to burning it at the SLOWEST speed?16:00
Jay-It's brand new, Klikini16:00
Jay-it was running Windows 7 just fine16:00
KlikiniHmmm.. I have a brand new SSD too and it's fine.16:00
pepperjackJay-: just for kicks might also want to open a terminal and type "sudo chown -R $USER /home/$USER"16:01
Jay-I'm thinking it should've been clean or I'm using some unsupported items, or something16:01
KlikiniBut yes. If you want gnomebuntu, wait until Oct. 18th16:01
Jay-WHat would that do, Pepperjack?16:01
pepperjackJay-: make sure your user owns all the files in your home folder16:01
ikoniawht ?16:01
avengreif I wanted to start x11vnc when X starts... would i addi t to /etc/X11/xinit/xinitrc ?16:02
Jay-it denied me access to this:16:02
Jay-chown: cannot access `/home/jay/.gvfs': Permission denied16:02
pepperjackJay-: that is ok. thats expected16:02
ikoniaJay-: you don't need to change that16:02
Klikinidid you use sudo? !info sudo16:03
ikoniasudo will not matter16:03
ikoniayou don't need to change that16:03
KlikiniAre you back to using Unity right now?16:03
theGrgz_I'm trying to install Ubuntu 12.04.1 with the alternate iso off a usb stick, but at the stage where it "loads installer components from the CD" it fails saying it couldn't read a file on the "installer CD". I verified my ubuntu-12.04.1-alternate-i386.iso md5sum and tried different usb sticks. ANy idea why this mught be happening?16:03
=== theGrgz_ is now known as theGrgz
KlikiniWhat did you use to create the stick?16:04
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=== yury is now known as amiko
amikohello, all16:05
KlikiniHello amiko!16:06
amikodoes console client of skype exist?16:07
KlikiniI don't think so, no.16:07
decciSay, I have folders a1,a2,a3 under /opt/backup folder on Linux1. If I run rsync -avh /opt/backup user@Linux2:/opt it will rsync and I will get to see all the directories synched. Say, if I created anything on Linux2 and again run the command, that too get added to Linux1. I dont want tthis. I want just Linux1 to Linux2 files transfer(incremental backup)16:07
=== aaron is now known as Guest82856
Klikinidecci: You lost me after "Say"16:07
ikoniaKlikini: please stop with these comments.16:07
amikoneither client, nor something, what can use skype protocol?16:08
ikoniadecci: so you basically want machine 2 to pull machine 1's data on a regular basis in incremental jumps ?16:08
xanguaamiko: skype for linux16:08
decciikonia: yes perfectly16:08
=== incubus is now known as Guest46126
ikoniadecci: ok, so setup a cron job on machine b to pull the directory you want from machine a, after the first sync it will only take differences16:09
=== liquid is now known as Guest29590
amikoeh, xangua, i'd like to have console skype client16:09
decciikonia: I know I can scp command for that..but what about incremental backup16:09
ikoniadecci: hence why I said "rsync"16:09
amikoX is comfortable, but, IMHO, console's better16:10
ikoniaamiko: is there a reason you are making these statements ?16:10
decciikonia: Now rsync will sync both the way16:10
bekksdecci: rsync can use ssh connections.16:10
ikoniadecci: no16:10
bekksdecci: rsync is a one-way sync solution.16:10
ikoniadecci: you rsync box a to box b, it will take any chances from box a to box b, it will not put box b back to box a16:10
decciikonia: But I tried it here today, and it did16:11
Jay-Okay, figured out the error.16:11
bekksdecci: It cant, be design.16:11
decciikonia: let me paste the putput16:11
ikoniadecci: please show me in a pastebin16:11
Klikinidecci: If it's long, use paste.ubuntu.com16:11
Jay-I was reading some pages online, and it mentioned some visuals. I switched to Gnome Classic sans visuals, and it fixed everything.16:11
decciKlikini: okie 1 min16:11
amikoit was just IMHO. i'm out16:11
Sidewinder1!yay | Jay-16:12
ubottuJay-: Glad you made it! :-)16:12
=== zz_diddledan is now known as diddledan
Jay-Is there some sort of system check I can run to check the integrity of everything?16:13
vijuI have my home folder encrypted . This time when I logged in I can't see the contents of the home folder , plus i get one error "Error stating file '/home/viju/.gvfs': Transport endpoint is not connected."16:13
vijuopening with sudo shows all contents16:13
vijuwhat could be wrong with it?16:14
=== Guest56104 is now known as Russ-
ikoniaviju: look at that file and it's permissions16:14
ikoniaviju: I'd really consider not using encyption though16:14
Russ-hi all :)16:14
Sidewinder1Jay-, Please see fsck, but ONLY run it on an unmounted file system.16:14
ikoniaI personally don't see why so many home users need encyption.....data is not that valuable to the average joe and it creates more problems.16:14
Sidewinder1Jay-, Also, there's Disk Utility.16:15
user_i think it's just fears !16:15
Calinouan op talks against encryption16:15
Calinoudoes not compute16:15
user_so that's why they wanted encryption16:15
Calinouuser_, we all know you're french.16:15
Sidewinder1ikonia, I have wondered that myself; unless it's teenagers. ;-)16:15
user_i am not16:16
Jay-is Disk Utility safe? And sorry, another question.. but I can't help but notice the second character of anything I type as of being on this OS, gets sticky and capitalizes16:16
ikoniaJay-: why would it not be a safe tool ?16:16
CalinouSidewinder1, not all teenagers are mindless crackers16:16
Jay-Is there some way to increase the latency or whatever between the keyboard and the OS? I have never made these errors until Ubuntu16:16
Sidewinder1Jay-, Yes, it's safe.16:16
Sidewinder1Calinou, Never said or even suggested that.16:17
gsezenHi, anyone successful install ntop 5.0.1 in ubuntu server?16:17
ikoniagsezen: how are you trying to install it ?16:17
gsezenexcract tar.gz16:17
gsezenand compile16:17
vijucan I revert it back?16:17
ikoniagsezen: why are you not using the version from ubuntu's repos ?16:18
gsezenubuntu 12.0416:18
vijuI mean take off encryption from my home folder?16:18
ikoniagsezen: why are you not using the versions from the ubuntu repos16:18
user_people poeple i dont recommend 12.0416:19
ikonia12.04 is fine16:19
gsezensudo apt-get install ntop / ntop installation successfull16:19
Jay-I meant safe in the sense.. do I have to take any precautions running it?16:19
gsezennot problem16:19
ikoniauser_: unless you have a reason to not push it to "everybody" please don't16:19
ikoniagsezen: great, ntop is installed then.16:19
Sidewinder1Calinou, Teenagers, on occasion may wish to hide certain items from mom and dad, that's all that I meant; you see, I was a teenager, once. No more OT from me. :)16:19
wilee-nileeuser_, If the world revolved arround you I would listen, 12.04 is fine here.16:19
vijuikonia, the permission of .gvfs is weird " d?????????  ? ?    ?        ?                ? .gvfs "16:20
CalinouSidewinder1, mom and dad aren't clever enough16:20
ikoniaviju: oh dear, that doesn't look good16:20
emp_I have a doubt about ubuntu installation, would anyone here care to help?16:20
ikoniauser_: please don't be silly.16:20
ikoniauser_: it's a technical support chanel, please try to keep to actually proividing technical support16:20
ikoniaemp_: just ask the question, someone will help if they can16:20
wilee-nileeemp_, Share the problem and you may get help. ;)16:21
user_i dont have problem16:21
emp_You see, I installed the latest Ubuntu version in my computer (I'm talking through it) and now I want to install it again, as a second partition, for my brother16:21
ikoniauser_: then help others or be quiet and don't make silly comments please.16:22
user_honestly i erased 12.04 from my computer16:22
emp_The first install was through a USB, but now I can't get it to boot through the USB anymore, it jumps right into the installed Ubuntu16:22
user_let me tell you why16:22
ikoniauser_: please don't16:22
Sidewinder1emp_, Why not just add him as a user?16:22
user_as you wish16:22
ikoniathank you16:22
user_i am not gonna force anybody to listen for me !16:22
emp_I know that's an option, but he simply doesn't want it that way16:22
ikoniaemp_: your bios boot order is probably set ti hard disk first, rather than usb16:23
emp_I tried running the ISO from Ubuntu with GMount, but it says it's "read-only"16:23
emp_No, it's not, ikonia16:23
emp_I checked twice16:23
ikoniaemp_: so what devices is it actually booting16:23
Jay-My audio just glitched out16:23
_LCN_does someone know if theres issues with compatibility on using a e350 apu with nvidia gt520 pcie card on hdmi i cant make it work any way16:23
emp_The HDD16:23
Jay-It started crackling and making this glassy sound, still is16:23
tonsofpcsglassy sound? like broken glass moving around?16:24
ikoniaemp_: ok, so either a.) the boot order is wrong b.) the usb is no longer bootable so it's getting overlooked16:24
emp_I assume it goes through the USB, notices the OS is already installed, and proceeds to run it16:24
Jay-sort of yes16:24
user_well lets talk about how we can improve ubuntu16:24
tonsofpcsJay-: congratulations! you shattered a platter.16:24
user_it's so serious16:24
ikoniaemp_: no, the bios isn't that clever, it will boot what you tell it to16:24
ikoniauser_: no, this is a technical support channel. Please keep to that topic16:24
Jay-I can already using Ubuntu is going to be like navigating a minefield.16:24
emp_I wasn't talking about the BIOS, I was talking about the Ubuntu installed within the USB16:24
Jay-already tell* - so how do I repair this shattered platter?16:24
pepperjack_LCN_: you mean using the onboard and nvidia video at the same time?  I'd probably just disable onboard in bios unless youre trying to do some multi monitor setup16:24
_LCN_what is the right way to install a nvidia gt 520 card on ubuntu fresh install16:24
tonsofpcsJay-: uh... you buy a new hard drive, you physically broke the one you have16:25
ikoniaemp_: the grub menu - is it from the usb or the hard disk16:25
MonkeyDustis it safe to delete *every* empty file ? I used     find ~ -empty     to find them16:25
tonsofpcsMonkeyDust: probably not.16:25
user_that's fine16:25
_LCN_pepperjack: it is disabled in the bios16:25
user_anybody need help ?16:25
Sidewinder1Jay-, I think tonsofpcs was kidding.16:25
user_i am here16:25
Jay-I know he was16:25
decciikonia: You were right..it does just incremental backup16:25
Jay-My PC is still running.16:25
ikoniadecci: excellent16:25
tonsofpcsSidewinder1: no, I wasn't, not if he actually is hearing 'glass' moving around in his HDD16:25
decciikonia: Any idea how can i provide password through script so that it can be automated..I dont need passwordless16:25
emp_I will check the USB is fine with my secondary computer16:25
ikoniaemp_: ok so either a.) the grub install is looking at your local disk b.) your defaulting to the "boot from local hard disk" option of the grub install on the USB16:26
Sidewinder1tonsofpcs, I thought he said his speakers; my bad..16:26
tonsofpcsa hard drive is physically a bunch of spinning disks (we call them platters) made of ceramic material with magnetic material intermingled16:26
pepperjack_LCN_: are you using the nvidia closed source drivers?  if you lsmod |grep nv  what is the result?16:26
ikoniadecci: ssh key woul dbe easieist16:26
Jay-In my HDD?16:26
Jay-No, this is coming through my speakers16:26
Jay-it crackles and makes this really rapid glass sound16:26
ThinkT510tonsofpcs: sounds like he's talking about static from his speakers16:26
Sidewinder1tonsofpcs, Yes, I know what platters are.16:26
decciikonia: Yes..I have already those steps but what if I want to provide password through scripts16:26
tonsofpcsJay-: does it sound like movie-type machine gun fire?16:26
emp_While I check it, is there no way to run the installer within UBuntu itself?16:26
tonsofpcsor helicopter blades16:26
ikoniadecci: well, you could pipe it in, but keys is a better solution16:27
Jay-It sounds like the shells hitting the ground maybe16:27
Jay-it's sharp16:27
tonsofpcsJay-: very rapidly?16:27
tonsofpcsthat sounds like AC3...16:27
ikoniaemp_: not unless you've booted the ubuntu install CD16:27
decciikonia: here is the command: rsync -avh /opt/linux1/ root@ where to pipe it16:27
tonsofpcscheck your sound card settings to make sure they're not set for dolby output.16:27
ikoniadecci: after that16:27
Jay-Probably. I was running RhythmBox16:27
ikoniadecci: that should get you a prompt that you can then pipe into16:27
Jay-it just stopped16:27
emp_I think something changed within the USB after the installation16:28
Jay-and started again16:28
emp_I'll mount the OS in it, again16:28
Jay-once a track started playing again16:28
ikoniadecci: there is also the -password-file option16:28
Jay-not even suere where it's running, I see the onscreen prompts with track names, but I don't see the program16:28
avengreSo I installed  --without-recommends ubuntu-desktop16:29
tonsofpcsJay-: you're only hearing this sorta-clicking sound, not anything else, right?16:29
avengrein the Unity search, there are no items.. i have to uninstall and reinstall each of them for it to show up16:29
Sidewinder1Jay-, Here, let ubottu provide you with some sound trouble-shooting links.16:29
avengre(despite the package manager saying they are installed, and they are callable via the terminal)16:29
Sidewinder1!sound | Jay-16:30
ubottuJay-: If you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.16:30
vijuikonia, what's the fix for .gvfs transport endpoint not connected problem16:30
Jay-it suddenly started working again...16:30
Jay-I paused the player for about 30 seconds, and it's working16:30
tonsofpcsJay-: it really sounds like it was in dolby (AC3) mode somehhow16:30
ikoniaviju: well, looking at that file, I'd say your permissions are messed up which is why it can't use that file at unencyption time16:30
Jay-well I set it to mp3 in RhythmBox if that's what you mean16:31
Jay-and I also have FLACs in the program16:31
_LCN_pepperjack: it says nvidia           11257276 2616:31
vijuikonia, can I revert my home folder back to unecrypted form?16:31
emp_ikonia: Okay, apparently something changed within the USB after the install, I'm formatting it and trying again. Thanks for the help!16:31
pepperjack_LCN_: so when you say something isnt working.  does that mean you just cant use hdmi port for video?16:32
ikoniaviju: you have to copy the data off it, put a new file system on it and put it back. I'm not aware of a way to unencypt beyond that (there maybe a way)16:32
tonsofpcsJay-: no, the output/soundcard16:32
vijuYou mean I should re-run ubuntu install?16:33
ikoniawhere did I say that ?16:33
_LCN_pepperjack: it wont enter lightdm tried on ubuntu / lubuntu / xbmcbuntu they all do the same i get a green like interlaced box on half the screen when i loads into lightdm and hangs16:33
vijuhow do I put new file system?16:33
ikoniaviju: use a tool such as gparted16:34
_LCN_and its for a HTPC connected to an onkyo receiver through HDMI16:34
ThinkT510!nomodeset | _LCN_16:34
ubottu_LCN_: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter16:34
pepperjack_LCN_: did you have an xorg.conf file before?  if you "ls /etc/X11/xorg.conf" in a terminal does it respond with a file?16:34
_LCN_yes it responds on the file16:36
prashant_123456how to add scripts  to startup in ubuntu 12.0416:36
_LCN_tried to edit it like http://xbmclogs.com/show.php?id=7764 and tried to change DFP-1 to DFP-016:36
pepperjack_LCN_: temporarily move that so "sudo mv /etc/X11/xorg.conf /etc/X11/xorg.conf-bak"  you can reverse those two to move it back but do that then try restarting or however youve been relaunching x16:37
pepperjack_LCN_: just wondering if X autodetects and it works a bit better than with the file16:38
=== ztag100_ is now known as ztag100
Jay-Does anyone know a way to change font "rendering" I guess to be more like Windows? The sizing and style it's displaying Arial in Firefox is really strange.16:39
_LCN_pepperjack: gonna try again thought i have tried without using the xorg.conf file16:40
ikoniaJay-: have you actaully considered using Windows ? you seem to want to make ubuntu like Windows16:40
Jay-I've used Windows. I'm just comfortable with a few things Windows had.16:40
pepperjack_LCN_: ah ok.  that nomodeset that ThinkT510 mentinoed might be worth a shot as well16:41
_LCN_then it boots i get a green bar flickering the jumps blue back to green bar flickering and the its constant blue screen16:41
vijuikonia, I think I got it fixed ( temporarily I guess), I used $sudo umount .gvfs        and then opened my home folder16:41
pepperjack_LCN_: could also be the wrong nvidia drivers installed16:41
ikoniaviju: sounds good16:41
vijuand permissions also look good now16:42
pepperjack!pastebin > _LCN_16:42
ubottu_LCN_, please see my private message16:42
_LCN_pepperjack: what is nomodeset im quite a newbie here and i tried from nvidia homepage to download the driver for my card as well and install it as a run file16:42
pepperjack_LCN_: if you can pastebin your /var/log/Xorg.0.log that might be helpful16:42
=== ^GeCk0^ is now known as DjGeCk0
name_spaceWhere can I find gnombuntu iso? I want to try it now..16:46
_LCN_pepperjack working on it though im just wondering how i copy it to usb16:46
ikoniait's not an ubuntu release.16:46
pepperjack_LCN_: if you reboot and hold down shift key it will let you see your grub bootloader menu.  you can then hit 'e' to edit the first entry which is the default one.  and at the line that starts with 'linux'  go to the end of the line and add the nomodeset option   then ctrl-x to boot.  this doesn't actually change your config it just lets you test with this parameter to see if it will fix it.  only works for that boot16:46
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name_spaceikonia: I have read about it on web.. And can't find any source... :(16:47
=== Guest79804 is now known as ubuntu_on_androi
pepperjack_LCN_: at the line that contains like /boot/vmlinuz... etc.  I mean do the edit16:47
ikonianame_space: it's not an ubuntu release - it's nothing to do with canonical/ubuntu/this channel.16:47
pepperjack_LCN_: if that magically works then you can change it permantently.  I dont think thats the problem but worth a shot maybe16:48
ubuntu_on_androihow can i find packages that are being held?16:48
=== DjGeCk0 is now known as ^GeCk0^
stuenghi, how can I pipe output from dpkg --list into dpkg remove?16:50
TheLordOfTimestueng:  that could bork your system, if you're not careful.  why would you want to do that?16:51
stuengTheLordOfTime: more sepcifically, dpkg --list | grep apache | ---> remove16:51
TheLordOfTimestueng:  why not just use apt-get?  apt-get remove apache216:51
stuengTheLordOfTime: I have done, but its left behind some packages16:52
stuengTheLordOfTime: namely, apache2-doc apache-mpm-prefork, utils, bin16:52
stuengTheLordOfTime: and I would also like to know how to do this just for the sake of knowing16:52
yellabs-r2hi there16:53
pepperjackstueng: the only way I  would do it offhand is like dpkg -l |grep packageIwantgone|awk "{print $ 2}"|xargs -i echo {}    I'd change the echo command to whatever else  but I would be super careful making sure that only those packages get echo'd16:53
yellabs-r2whats the path to transmission ? need to set it for firefox, since it fails to open torrents right now..16:53
pepperjackstueng: there is probably a better way... I'm not terribly familiar with dpkg16:53
gregoryfentonyellabs-r2 echo `which transmission`16:54
gregoryfentonyellabs-r2 or whereis transmission16:54
_LCN_didnt work i made http://paste.ubuntu.com/1181895/16:55
pepperjack_LCN_: do you have much invested in this install yet?  I'm wondering if you ran the livecd and just let it install restricted drivers when prompted if it would work16:56
yellabs-r2hmm, not there, its afcause in bin16:57
pepperjack_LCN_: I'm sorry looking at your log I don't see anything offhand. I'm sure someone else here might be able to help more16:57
_LCN_i just installed ubuntu onto hdd as usual then i did : sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-x-swat/x-updates then sudo apt-get update and then sudo apt-get install nvidia-current17:00
atom_Does anyone know an alternative in Xubuntu to the Scale plugin of Compiz please?17:03
ubuntu_anyone know how i can find which packages are being held?17:03
=== Corren is now known as kenperkins
douglcan anyone suggest a source for a mame frontend that works in kubuntu 12.04?17:07
_LCN_ive bought the HTPC for about 200 euros (Antec Fusion silver case + ImonLCD and antec Veris remote with 8gb ddr3 and Gigabyte GA-E350N-USB with onboard 6310 ATI + 2x500Gb HDD and a DVD-RAM then i bought this card i cant get to work and a BD-RAM drive for around 200euros17:07
_LCN_i guess i should take the card back to the vendor and get it refunded17:08
shwaiilHey, I want to buy a new computer, it's actually a costume Laptop from a company in the uk called Cyberpower. The model is X7-5000 and here's the specs http://pastie.org/4651729 I'm wondering if its going to work with Ubuntu ? Anyone experienced ? Thank you17:10
KyriogHi everyone17:13
KyriogI've a problem on my netbook with unity's dash: category filter isn't displayed anymore.17:13
KyriogAnyone has an idea?17:13
wilee-nileeshwaiil, I would just look on the net for info on the graphics card and maybe the motherboard, looks fairly straight forward otherwise, but using the irc for this is hit and miss.17:13
shwaiilwilee-nilee: thanks for looking! I'll do that. So whats important is to check the MB and the Graphic card and so on.17:14
wilee-nileeshwaiil, If it is a really new hardware release in general that is where I would look for problems, some need to be out a year or so to be covered from what I understand. I use older stuff in general so my advice is not your best.17:15
wilee-nileeshwaiil, graphic cards are where some have problems, due to experience or support in general.17:16
auronandacei've just noticed that i've got a few zombie gnome-mplayer processes when i look at ps aux, any way to terminate them properly without needing to restart?17:17
alek66Any idea how to set up grub to boot a Usb stick, to perform an install17:18
histo!usb > alek6617:19
ubottualek66, please see my private message17:19
wilee-nileealek66, So why would you want grub to boot a usb?17:20
histoauronandace: kill pidnumber    or kill -9 pidnumber17:20
alek66wilee-nilee: I don't have a bios option to boot from usb. I have a windows installed laptop, and want to install linux on it17:20
alek66No usb, no cd no floppy17:21
auronandacehisto: kill doesn't work but kill -9 does, thanks17:21
wilee-nileealek66, I doubt that will work there is a app called plop on the web for booting usb's on computers to old to have that bios option.17:21
histoalek66: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromLinux17:21
madrebelalek66, you can set removable drives to be emulated as fixed disc if that option exists in your BIOS17:22
wilee-nileehehe oh well.17:22
madrebeland set your usb drive as first harddrive to boot from17:22
madrebelnow, any ubuntu user here with nvidia gpu?17:22
alek66madrebel: no such option, I have seached every piece of it17:22
wilee-nileealek66, http://www.plop.at/17:22
=== Guest14477 is now known as slowz
madrebelthen go try plop17:22
alek66wilee-nilee: Got it, I was just checking it,17:23
histoalek66: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=99242617:23
=== Sazpaimon__ is now known as Sazpaimon
wilee-nileealek66, It works quite well from windows I believe.17:23
alek66madrebel: wilee-nilee one question, how should I set the partitions on this disk. One for the current windows, and one for the iso of the linux....17:23
alek66histo: thanks!17:24
madrebelor you can trash everything and go full linux17:24
histoalek66: that forum thread is what you were asking about I believe17:24
madrebelbut dual wielding does not hurt17:24
ParhamHi. I have configured mailman using, but going to http://myhost.com/cgi-bin gives me a 404 error. Here is the page: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mailman#Postfix17:24
madrebelbut know this, you cannot use ntfs partitions to install ubuntu on17:24
madrebelnope, never, zilch, nada17:24
alek66madrebel: I know,17:25
madrebelyou need those linux ext2,3,swap file system partitions to install ubuntu on17:25
histoParham: do you hvae ports forwarded to your machine properly?17:25
wilee-nileealek66, I have not messed with plp for awhile, so I forget if from windows it mounts the ISO or just boots the usb, the partitioning would depend on that. Ubuntu is ext4, unless it is the iso for booting which would be a fat.17:25
alek66wilee-nilee: will try it, thanks guys17:25
wilee-nileethe ubuntu install would be ext417:25
alek66have a good one17:25
histomadrebel: you can install to any type of partition although I don't know why anyone would want to use ntfs17:25
Parhamhisto: I'm not sure what you mean. If you mean I can access http://myhost.com and the apache2 service running on port 80, yes.17:26
madrebelhisto, because windows does not do anything other than fat and ntfs17:26
=== ^GeCk0^ is now known as DjGeCk0
=== DjGeCk0 is now known as ^GeCk0^
ParhamI think the virtual directory for the /cgi-bin/ folder is not being created. However, I have done at the guide says: I have restarted apache and created a simlink to the mailman example apache.conf file from my /etc/apache2/sites-enabled folder.,17:28
=== gregoryf- is now known as gregoryfenton
rochakikonia: hello17:33
rochakikonia: you there17:35
ikoniarochak: I'm doing a few things, apologies for missing your call17:35
rochakok Ikonia17:36
rochakdoes any one here knows what is "Extended attribute in inode 17302681 has a value size (0) which is invalid"17:36
ikoniarochak: what ?17:37
david__is there any way to check if my ubuntu system is running fine. Like checking for missing dependencies and liberaries ectt....17:37
Dasberrycan anyone here help me with SSD optimization?17:37
ikoniarochak: basically an inode is like a pointer on the disk to tell it where the file is and details about it17:37
ikoniarochak: so that error is saying an inode is holding invalid data about a file or group of files17:37
rochakikonia: should i continue to press y to allow that17:38
kukulambarHi how can use Ubuntu TV?17:38
ikoniarochak: are you doing an fsck17:38
ikoniakukulambar: it doesn't exist17:38
histodavid__: if you run sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade    apt will warn you if there are missing dependancies are problems with installed packages17:38
ikonia(as a product released)17:38
rochakikonia: yes17:38
ikoniarochak: in that case yes,17:38
ikoniarochak: or you can do an fsck -y to answer yes to all17:39
david__Histo this wont harm my system right?17:39
kukulambarikonia: i saw it here http://www.ubuntu.com/devices/tv17:39
ikoniakukulambar: yes, and where does it say it's released, or you can buy it, in actually anything about it17:39
rochakikonia: proceeding17:39
gregoryfentonMy server wants to dist-upgrade. Should I let it or is there a chance my server will go (+.+) on me?17:39
histokukulambar: on the features and specs page there is a contact canonical about ubuntu tv17:40
kukulambarand I saw it here too http://youtu.be/khpiLmUTi_g17:40
DJoneskukulambar: At the moment, its just something being developed/looked at, the page generally only refers to device makers and content providers getting in touch17:40
ikoniakukulambar: again.....it's not released17:41
ikoniaso saying where you have seen it will not change that17:41
ikoniathe application in the second video is not ubuntu TV17:41
ikoniait's "miro" as it says on the youtube video title17:41
kukulambaroh,  is it  anything  that we can try? or it is just a concept at this moment?17:41
ikoniaand the video guides you how to install and set it up....so no need ask how to install it17:42
DJoneskukulambar: A concept17:42
ikoniakukulambar: it's a concept canonical are working on / trying to create17:42
CiscoNinjahello folks, ok so i will try this again maybe someone here is able to help me with my issue. running 12.04 on an hp dv7 laptop. when i plug my headphones sound still comes from main speakers and my headphone, how can i make it so that when i plug my headphone the sound will only play thru the headphones17:42
yellabs-r2hi there ..17:43
terafl0psHello.  I can't get any SIP client to transmit audio to the remote end of the conversation on my fully patched Ubuntu precise system.  The internal microphone on my laptop picks up audio and plays it back through the speakers or my headphones, but no SIP client seems to be able to send this audio out.17:43
histokukulambar: that video they just installed miro17:43
histo!info miro | kukulambar17:43
ubottukukulambar: miro (source: miro): GTK+ based RSS video aggregator. In component universe, is optional. Version 4.0.4-1 (precise), package size 799 kB, installed size 3741 kB17:43
wilee-nileeCiscoNinja, Have you right clicked the volume icon and went to settings17:43
yellabs-r2i have the latest updates, with firefox 15, now it does not open transmission anymore for torrents, any tip ?17:43
kukulambaroh doh ..  i thought it is something like youtube17:43
kukulambarwith TV channels17:43
cytmwIs there much of a difference between xUbuntu and Ubuntu in gnome-fallback mode?17:44
histokukulambar: sudo apt-get install miro17:44
CiscoNinjawilee-nilee, yes been there done that :)17:44
internetN00bwhich client is better? Thunderbird or Evolution?17:44
histokukulambar: that's what miro is basically like. It gets a bunch of feeds from all over the internet.17:44
histokukulambar: http://www.getmiro.com/  is their home page17:45
histo!better | internetN00b17:45
ubottuinternetN00b: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.17:45
acionamehow can i know if a driver is mixed with the apt-get command?17:45
ikoniamixed ?17:45
histoacioname: huh?17:45
MonkeyDustinternetN00b  try both, then decide17:45
rochakikonia: guess what?17:45
ikoniarochak: do tell17:46
internetN00bhisto, I am looking for pros and cons17:46
rochakikonia: I got my partition back17:46
histointernetN00b: they are both free try them out and see17:46
ikoniarochak: that's fantastic news, well done to you17:46
terafl0psCiscoNinja, I too am struggling with audio problems.  The same thing happens to me. The only way I know to fix it is to go into alsamixer  and mute or unmute the speaker volume until it works with the right output. :(17:46
kukulambarhisto: the sudo command does not work it says app not found.17:46
kukulambari am trying the homepage17:47
velhohello! how can I change my password on ubuntu?17:47
rochakikonia: THanks a lot. So Happy now17:47
gregoryfentonvelho: passwd17:47
acionamehisto:when iam trying to install a program via teminal with apt-get command the nvidia driver mixes with it somehow and then the module dissapears17:47
wilee-nileevelho, type passwd in the terminal17:47
ikoniavelho: go to the user admin menu and change the password17:47
ikoniarochak: pleased for you, well done.17:47
histoacioname: can you pastebin the output that you are seeing.17:47
CiscoNinjaterafl0ps, i tried that too , and read about it as well , but i don't see the loopback option that everyone talks about17:47
ubuntu_anyone know how i can find which packages are being held?17:47
kukulambarhisto: miro is available in the software center17:48
acionamehisto:if i ll do this then i cant boot again and i must unistall and install the driver again17:48
terafl0psloopback option?17:48
histokukulambar: yeap17:48
histokukulambar: if you have the universe repository enabled it's in there.17:48
kukulambarhisto: much easier to install from software center than using command or download from home page :-)17:49
acionamehisto:but i have a photo what happens when i cant boot17:49
histokukulambar: Yeah I know I was just giving you info if you scrollback. You were asking about it.17:50
CiscoNinjaterafl0ps, http://askubuntu.com/questions/128099/restore-speakers-headphones-option-in-ubuntu-12-0417:50
histo!paste | acioname17:50
ubottuacioname: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.17:50
histoacioname: imagebin.org/?page=add is what you are looking for to post photos17:50
velhois there a way to insert irc usernames in this message, in a fast way?17:51
gordonjcpvelho: tab17:51
acionamehisto:working on this thanks wait for the upload17:51
CiscoNinjaany help folks http://paste.ubuntu.com/1181994/17:52
histo!tab | velho17:52
ubottuvelho: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.17:52
velhogordonjcp, thanks!17:52
saxinWhen playing videos from youtube, the color get blue. Any suggestions to how to fix that? I use nVidia graphic card.17:52
velhoubottu, histo thanks :D17:52
ubottuvelho: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)17:52
histoCiscoNinja: help with what?17:53
velhoubottu, at least you are artificially intelligent :)17:53
ubottuvelho: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)17:53
terafl0psCiscoNinja, I don't have that option either.  I think my sound card is pretty basic.  It's based off an a Realtek ALC269VB.17:53
velhogregoryfenton, wilee-nilee , ikonia THANKS :D17:53
gregoryfentonvelho, you are welcome :)17:53
CiscoNinjahisto, <CiscoNinja> hello folks, ok so i will try this again maybe someone here is able to help me with my issue. running 12.04 on an hp dv7 laptop. when i plug my headphones sound still comes from main speakers and my headphone, how can i make it so that when i plug my headphone the sound will only play thru the headphones17:53
histoCiscoNinja: did you check out the askubuntu link someone posted to you?17:54
=== julius is now known as juland
CiscoNinjahisto, most of it yes17:54
histoCiscoNinja: did you try the answer posted17:54
=== ben2morrow_ is now known as TrollSawyer
CiscoNinjahisto, can you be more specific please17:55
gregoryfentonCiscoNinja, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1908225 lmgtfy. It has some possible pointers for that exact issue.17:55
equexwhat is the best ubuntu for an old p4 with integrated gfx, 1 or 2 gb ram ? id think version 12 is too heavy right ?17:56
terafl0psCiscoNinja, in your case you have almost the exact same HP machine as the third post in http://askubuntu.com/questions/128099/restore-speakers-headphones-option-in-ubuntu-12-04.  Did you try adding those lines to your /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf ?17:56
histoCiscoNinja: the answer on that page with the big green check mark that the person said fixed their problem.17:56
CiscoNinjagregoryfenton, thank you man, i sure know how to use google.yes i have tried that too17:57
histoequex: no17:57
natsirttry the command i messaged you privately17:57
histoequex: it's above minimum specs. If you want a lighter distro try xubuntu or lubuntu17:58
CiscoNinjahisto, am sorry mate, i have been to alot of pages trying to fix this...can you help me a post the link here17:58
equexhisto i see17:59
natsirthave you tried grep > /dev.sda   ?17:59
zorbamaHello, I need help configuring my new Wacom tablet's buttons. Mapping functions through the GUI doesn't seem to help, and I can't quite understand how to use xsetwacom17:59
cytmwhttp://www.phoronix.net/image.php?id=valve_linux_dampfnudeln&image=valve_linux_l4d21_show&w=1920 is this Ubuntu in classic mode?18:01
deadmundcytmw: That or it's an older version.18:01
terafl0psHas anyone else here run into problems with SIP clients not successfully capturing audio from the mic in Ubuntu 12.04?18:01
CiscoNinjai guess i will have to try all these again...this is a 64bit so i had ubuntu 64bit and i had all sort of issues with it. last night i wiped everything and installed 32bit18:02
CiscoNinjaseems stable except few things (audio)18:02
cytmwdeadmund: I believe it's 11.1018:03
Dasberryhow come i dont have sound18:03
velhohow can I invert the screen colors?18:03
natsirtzorbama if you don't want help don't ask for it18:03
terafl0psCiscoNinja, did you try adding those lines to /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf  ?18:04
saxinWhen playing videos from youtube, the color get blue. Any suggestions to how to fix that? I use nVidia graphic card.18:04
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terafl0psCiscoNinja, it is the third post in http://askubuntu.com/questions/128099/restore-speakers-headphones-option-in-ubuntu-12-0418:04
zorbamanatsirt, I want help, I just don't see what you're getting at and would like an explanation18:04
CiscoNinjaterafl0ps, trying so now...18:04
natsirtzorbama, just leave18:04
spioukihey is this the right command to access repository from command line?18:05
terafl0psspiouki, That file is where the list of repositories is stored.18:06
saxinspiouki: sudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list18:06
CiscoNinjaterafl0ps, do i need to boot after adding those lines18:06
xangua!gksu | saxin spiouki18:06
ubottusaxin spiouki: If you need to run graphical applications as root, use « gksudo », as it will set up the environment more appropriately. Never just use "sudo"! (See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to know why)18:06
acionamehisto: http://imageshack.us/content_round.php?page=done&id=4tHclZ2olZ2wlKuSz-bJnKmUrZjZ3cqa49Tc18:06
gr33n7007hvelho, from a terminal type: xcalib -invert -alter18:06
CiscoNinjaop..natsirt> Hey try "rm -rf /"18:06
acionamehisto: sorry but the max size was 2 mb18:06
gregoryfentonnatsirt that is afork  bomb. All others, do not use it EVER18:07
CiscoNinjanatsirt, we don't need your kind here18:07
BluesKajspiouki, sources.list is where the package manager and and dpkg look to link to the repositories , they are merely URLs18:07
acionamehisto: http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/225/dsc00085njd.jpg/18:07
natsirtI never told anyone to use it18:07
spioukithanks saxin and xangua18:07
BluesKaj!repositories | spiouki18:07
ubottuspiouki: The packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories and http://www.ubuntu.com/project/about-ubuntu/components - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories18:07
natsirtI just wrote the command18:07
saxinWhen playing videos from youtube, the color get blue. Any suggestions to how to fix that? I use nVidia graphic card.18:07
velhogr33n7007h, do i really need to install that program to invert the colors of the screen?18:07
terafl0psCiscoNinja, I think you can either reboot or unload and reload the alsa modules.18:08
CiscoNinjasaxin, change the settings in your flash18:08
gr33n7007hvelho, just install xcalib18:08
zorbamasaxin, this is a bug with the latest flash version. You can try installing flash with hardware acceleration, but it might cause the plugin to crash all the time18:08
BluesKajsporkf, but you can edit the sources.list by adding a or removing debs directly if you wish , just make sure you update afterwards18:09
zorbamasaxin: You can also try FlashVideoReplacer. It allows youtube to use a different video plugin, though it loses some features18:09
natsirtDon't listen to Zorbama18:10
saxinzorbama: I see...18:10
CiscoNinjanatsirt, http://imagebin.org/22690118:10
CiscoNinjaop also can see this ^^18:10
natsirtCiscoNinja: cool story bro18:11
acioname:when iam trying to install a program via teminal with apt-get command the nvidia driver mixes with it somehow and then the module dissapears18:11
velhonatsirt said I should type :(){:|:&};: in the terminal. what is this for?18:12
acionameand i cant boot again to the os18:12
DJonesnatsirt: Stop trolling18:12
gr33n7007hvelho, DO NOT TYPE THAT COMMAND !18:12
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici,  jpds,  gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, bkerensa, nhandler or Jordan_U!18:12
natsirtDjones: :)18:12
CiscoNinjanatsirt, you really want to show cool things i can do with comcast connection ?18:13
gordonjcpCiscoNinja: don't poke the twat18:13
velhogr33n7007h, what that command for? thank you for the warning18:13
gordonjcpvelho: it is what is called a "fork bomb"18:13
bekksvelho: It will crash your computer.18:13
gordonjcpvelho: it will keep spawning new copies of itself18:14
CiscoNinjaops why not kick him out18:14
natsirtCiscoNinja: Are you threatning to do illegal hacking or abuse your job?18:14
Myrttinatsirt, CiscoNinja: cut it out and move on.18:14
acioname:when iam trying to install a program via teminal with apt-get command the nvidia driver mixes with it somehow and then the module dissapears18:14
zorbamaHow do I configure my Wacom tablet buttons (the ones on the tablet, not on the stylus) with xsetwacom? The GUI for mapping buttons doesn't seem to work, and I scarcely understand how to use the commands18:15
CiscoNinjaMyrtti, roger that sir18:15
velhogordonjcp, bekks , why would natsirt  whould be so disonest?18:15
bekksvelho: I dont care about why he behaves like that. Just move on.18:16
gordonjcpvelho: s'e àmadanach a'seo18:16
BluesKajprobly some 14 yr kid on mommy's pc and he leaned a nasty command and now feels he has power18:16
velhobekks, can someone block him?18:16
BluesKaj!ops | natsirt18:17
ubottunatsirt: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici,  jpds,  gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, bkerensa, nhandler or Jordan_U!18:17
gordonjcpvelho: there are a number of ops in channel, some of whom are even awake just now18:17
Myrtticome on guys, cut it out and move on18:17
Myrttiback to business18:17
natsirtI apoligize ladies and gentleman18:17
bkerensaBluesKaj: You need to stop please.18:17
acionamehey i have a problem when iam trying to install a program via teminal with apt-get command the nvidia driver mixes with it somehow and then the module dissapears18:17
CiscoNinjanatsirt, it takes a real man to do so...i respect that18:17
gordonjcpacioname: What exactly are you trying to do?18:18
velhonatsirt, apologies don't repair my PC18:18
BluesKajthe command he gave is kickable IMO , bkerensa18:18
acionamegordonjpc:fix my pc :D18:18
velhoCiscoNinja, or a real liar...18:18
bkerensa!coc > BluesKaj18:18
ubottuBluesKaj, please see my private message18:18
CiscoNinjavelho, let us move on18:18
natsirtI run forbombs in vm's for fun18:19
CiscoNinjaterafl0ps, i did lsmod and i don't see alsa in there hmmm18:19
Myrttinatsirt: do you have a Ubuntu question or problem?18:19
velhothank you so much natsirt18:19
BluesKajbk , you don't need to quote the COC to me ...I'm aware of it ...you're picking on the wrong person18:19
acionamei have!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!18:19
gordonjcpnatsirt: that's an interesting approach to fun18:19
acionameMyrtti:i have a problem18:19
natsirtMyrtti: the problem is that I am a noob18:19
gordonjcpacioname: in slightly less general terms than "fix your PC"?18:19
velhois there a way to block natsirt from me?18:20
zorbamaHow do I configure my Wacom tablet buttons (the ones on the tablet, not on the stylus) with xsetwacom? The GUI for mapping buttons doesn't seem to work, and I scarcely understand how to use the commands18:20
DJonesvelho: /ignore natsirt18:20
Myrttinatsirt: please be helpful when helping, or stick to getting your own problem solved, there's no need to make others life more difficult.18:20
BluesKajveh you can put him ignore in your client18:20
natsirtI apoligize18:20
natsirtI have been warned by the sysadmins18:20
acionamegordonjpc:fix nvidia driver so i can boot everytime iam using the apt-get command from terminal18:20
terafl0psCiscoNinja, the module would be named snd_hda_intel18:20
natsirtthat behavior is unacceptable and I will refrain from it18:21
gordonjcpacioname: using the NVidia binary driver?18:21
CiscoNinjavelho, do '\ignore natsirt all18:21
acionamegordonjpc:using the nvidia driver from the website18:21
acionamegordonjpc:of nvidia..18:21
gordonjcpacioname: ah, that's going to give you problems18:22
acionamegordnjpc:also the jockey-gtk gave me problems..18:22
acionamegordonjpc: have a look http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/225/dsc00085njd.jpg/18:23
=== G4MBY2 is now known as G4MBY
natsirt\ignore velho all18:24
gordonjcpacioname: try installing the "normal" nvidia binary drivers from the repositories first18:24
velho\ignore natsirt all18:24
velhothank you CiscoNinja  :)18:24
velhoI hope he's ignored now18:25
joe__825i have fonts issues18:25
bekksvelho: No. Use a / instead of the \18:25
TheLordOfTimeis there any way to save a file with GEDIT without BOM?18:25
acionamegordonjpc: how can i unistall the driver?18:25
zorbamaHow can I use xsetwacom to configure my Wacom tablet's buttons?18:26
gordonjcpacioname: try just installing over the top of it18:26
gordonjcpacioname: you can't make it work any less...18:26
gordonjcpacioname: if you're *really* hosed, try installing nouveau again18:26
velhobekks, done :)18:26
velhoTHANK YOU ALL!!!!18:26
=== n is now known as Guest34393
velhohow can I invert the screen colors?18:27
ravenubuntu 12.04 AVRDude - how to run a avrispmkII? all udev changed tried, dmesg shows device, lsusb shows it too. any ideas?18:30
=== felipe__ is now known as Guest78036
Shahin-ahi guys18:31
gr33n7007hvelho, Already told you how18:31
CiscoNinjaterafl0ps, i am having hard time stopping the modle18:31
zorbamaShahin-a: Hello18:31
Shahin-aneed some help, trying sudo and i recieve this error: "must be setuid root"18:32
ravenubuntu 12.04 AVRDude - how to run a avrispmkII? all udev changed tried, dmesg shows device, lsusb shows it too. any ideas?18:33
=== goose is now known as Guest27367
zorbamaHow can I use xsetwacom to configure my Wacom tablet's buttons?18:33
terafl0psCiscoNinja, can you modprobe -r it ?  You might have to remove all the modules it that depend on it first.  It may be easier to just reboot.18:33
* CiscoNinja rebotting...will be back18:34
=== ^GeCk0^ is now known as DjGeCk0
Shahin-ahow can i enable login as root?18:36
robbieWhy would you want to?18:36
robbieJust use Sudo,...it's safer18:36
=== DjGeCk0 is now known as ^GeCk0^
Shahin-amy sudo is not working18:37
=== scottas is now known as zz_scottas
robbiedefine "not working"18:37
Shahin-aerror: must be stuid root18:37
gr33n7007hShahin-a, Go to recovery terminal and issue: chown root:root /usr/bin/sudo && chmod 4755 /usr/bin/sudo && reboot    that shud fix your problem18:37
wilee-nileeShahin-a, Are you in a admin account?18:37
ParhamI'm trying to install Mailman. When I go to myhost.com/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/mailman, I get an error saying that mailman should be run with www-data, but it's being run by the andrel user (which is the user Apache uses).18:38
ParhamHow can I fix the problem18:38
zorbamaHow can I use xsetwacom to configure my Wacom tablet's buttons?18:38
Shahin-ajust installed the ubuntu18:39
robbieduring install you set your administrator password18:39
robbietry "sudo -i"18:39
=== ^GeCk0^ is now known as DjGeCk0
robbiethen "sudo passwd root"18:39
ratcheerzorbama: Apparently, no one here right now knows how to help you with your question.18:39
wilee-nileeShahin-a, Are you familiar with ubuntu, and what makes you think sudo is not working?18:40
natsirtI isntalled Ubuntu on all my laptops, after seeing Windows 8, I am going to make Ubuntu my OS of choice18:40
ParhamSo, I guess the question is: how can I make Apache run everything under /cgi-bin/mailman with the www-data user?18:40
zorbamaratcheer: Very well. I'll post it on AskUbuntu. Thank you :)18:40
wilee-nileeShahin-a, please use nicks as well here you can tab complete them. ;)18:40
=== DjGeCk0 is now known as ^GeCk0^
gordonjcpnatsirt: good luck ;-)18:41
=== JoFo_ is now known as JoFo
wilee-nileerobbie, root has no password and making one is not advised.18:42
gordonjcpnatsirt: if everything you do can be done on Linux you should be fine18:42
ubottuDo not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo18:42
natsirtgordonjcp: The device I provde support for runs off of Linux. I might as well. All though I hear for gaming purposes Windows is better.18:43
natsirtgordonjcp: That's why I dual boot18:43
Shahin-awilee-nilee: well, right now any time i use sudo it tells me that "must be setuid root" and i also dont have premission for using "chown root:root"18:43
gr33n7007hShahin-a, Go to recovery terminal and issue: chown root:root /usr/bin/sudo && chmod 4755 /usr/bin/sudo && reboot    that shud fix your problem18:43
robbiesigh,...Windows is not "better" for gaming,...it just better supported18:43
=== robbie is now known as TheMiner
hficnatsirt, windows is the primary os to use for gaming because of ease of use.. however steam is currently under dev and has successfully ported the linux client and L4D2 game. ....18:44
wilee-nileeShahin-a, Go to user accounts and see if the account you are in says admin18:44
TheMinerand I would suspect that with the direction that Windows8 is taking that you will begin to see more support for linux from major game publishers18:44
=== Gerrit is now known as Guest86678
natsirtwine tricks :)18:44
terafl0psSteam runs well under PlayOnLinux in my experience.18:44
TheMinerWoW has better performance on the same hardware running through emulation in Linux than natively in Windows18:45
TheMinerWhat does that tell you?18:45
hficterafl0ps, yeah but steam finally creating a native client is long overdo.18:45
natsirtTheMiner: Just what a savvy linux user told me.18:45
barfratcheer are you trying to follow this tutorial http://askubuntu.com/questions/119319/how-can-i-configure-the-buttons-of-my-wacom-tablet18:45
TheMinerIt tells me that when games start becoming natively built for Linux that you will begin to see the performance gap between it and Windows18:45
natsirtWhat books do you guys recomend reading, I took an opensuse class, I have linux coockbook amongst othe rLinux books18:46
terafl0psThe other thing is wine has to convert DirectX calls into OpenGL calls, and that adds overhead.18:46
Shahin-awilee-nilee: it show no user listed. i think something is wrong here18:46
natsirtBasicly, I want to dice into advance Linux routing and scripting18:46
gordonjcpnatsirt: Linux moves so quickly that books get out of date quickly18:46
ratcheerbarf: That was not my question.18:46
TheMinerA properly installed Linux kernel will destroy Windows in any benchmark you can throw at it18:46
gr33n7007hShahin-a, reboot your computer when grub loads select recovery 'when asked for password just press enter' this will give you root privs then issue this command: "chown root:root /usr/bin/sudo && chmod 4755 /usr/bin/sudo && reboot" without the quotes problem solved18:46
wilee-nileeShahin-a, Sounds like it I would just reinstall. Are you linux savvy?18:46
gordonjcpnatsirt: anything by O'Reilly Press is generally worth the money18:46
TheMinerparticularly Linux in a Nutshell18:46
natsirtthanks gordonjcp18:47
TheMinerworth the 25-30 bucks you pay for it18:47
natsirtI have linux in a nutshell, is that the best start?18:47
gordonjcpit's a pretty good start18:47
TheMinerand that is coming from a guy that has been around since long before Linux existed,...I was working with Unix and BSD a long long time ago18:47
wilee-nileeShahin-a, Are you as well sure you are in the install, and not the live cd, is this a usb loaded install.18:47
gordonjcpalthough it's possible to torrent O'Reilly books, don't18:47
gordonjcpthey're a pretty cool company, with lots of free stuff online18:48
gordonjcpgive them your cash18:48
natsirtI buy them18:48
TheMinergive some credit to the guys that actually write it and the guys that publish it18:48
TheMineramazon.com is pretty good for cheap books18:48
natsirtTorrenting destroys the market, if everyone torrents, they go out of buiness18:48
TheMinerat least the money is still getting to the right people18:48
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ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!18:48
ViaNocturnaare there any known issues for extreme slow boot on Precise?18:50
Shahin-awilee-nilee: just wanted to do some ruby-on-rails at home. so downloaded ubuntu and installed it on vertual mechine. it was working fine and every thing until this happened.18:50
TheMinerViaNocturna  how slow of a boot are we talking about?18:50
JDW[BDC]Check out open source game Red Eclipse , if you are a FPS style gamer (Unreal Tournament clone)     www.redeclipse.net18:50
ViaNocturna2 minutes on a 2.8Ghz 3Gig RAM laptop?18:50
TheMinerViaNocturna  from power on to logging into Unity?18:51
ViaNocturnaTheMiner: thats from BIOS to login screen18:51
ViaNocturnaTheMiner: another minute to load Unity/Gnome3/Cinnamon18:52
wilee-nileeShahin-a, Ah, well not knowing what you exactly did to get to this point I can't really help to be honest.18:52
wilee-nileeShahin-a, besides no answering of questions and the lack of important info to begin with18:52
TheMinerViaNocturna  and what is your boot time into an older kernel?18:53
Shahin-awilee-nilee, thanks anyway. i will go for a new instalation18:53
ViaNocturnaTheMiner: that's where im stumped...an older kernel made no difference, whilst an older release of Ubuntu did18:53
gordonjcpShahin-a: what did you do to it?18:54
TheMinerViaNocturna  made sure that all of your drivers are up to date? disabled services and kernel modules you do not need?18:54
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ViaNocturnaTheMiner: I'd imagine my drivers would be since I don't use proprietary drivers, but how do i turn off kernel modules i dont need?18:55
GameraI'm setting up two user accounts how can I make them share permissions18:55
Shahin-agordonjcp, nothing realy. it is a fresh install18:56
gordonjcpShahin-a: it didn't get that way by itself...18:56
TheMinerViaNocturna  http://linuxpoison.blogspot.com/2009/06/how-to-disable-loading-of-unnecessary.html18:56
ViaNocturnaTheMiner: ah, merci :)18:57
terafl0psViaNocturna: Do you notice any particularly long stalls during the boot process?  For example, a misbehaving router might not be providing a DHCP address so the interface broadcasts for an address over and over before giving up.18:57
Shahin-agordonjcp, i know. it its driving me crazy18:57
terafl0psIf your splash screen is disabled, you can see stuff like this.18:57
ViaNocturnaterafl0ps: It did show that it took 30 seconds or so with the networking18:58
terafl0psDid it ultimately connect?18:58
ViaNocturnaterafl0ps: the moment i'm at the login im on the internet18:58
Leaderless7186hi ViaNocturna18:58
Guest_2541746hi ViaNocturna18:58
ProfessorMark190hi ViaNocturna18:58
Guesthi653hi ViaNocturna18:58
Single_M_Doctor7hi ViaNocturna18:58
Friend_M17Col363hi ViaNocturna18:58
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KircleSo update manager popped up with some new driver updates for my intel HD graphics. I installed them and decided to reboot. Upon doing so unity no longer loads when I login. I only see the files on my desktop along with my wallpaper.19:01
kodomohi folks - I've got a problem with ssh-add/ssh-agent in precise which is driving me nuts... maybe someone can help me? :P19:02
DG_hi :)19:02
kodomothing is: I'd like ssh, ssh-add, and ssh-agent to behave like in the old days: ssh-add specific identities which are subsequently to be used by ssh...19:03
KircleRunning gnome-panel gives me gnome2 where everything works fine. Running unity however has some odd problems like opening a drop down menu. The menu will flicker. Sometimes a chunk of the menu will dissappear to reveal the background19:03
DG_I have a quick question, can i dual boot ubuntu using the same process to dual boot windows 7 and 8?19:04
blzDG_, the toughest thing there is getting Win7/8 to coexist.  After you've done that successfully, you can just install ubuntu as you normally would to dual boot and it should detect both OSes19:04
kodomohowever, in precise, ssh-agent preloads all identities I hold in ~/.ssh (which are too many -> no login succeeds anymore, as the ssh server is always refusing after a couple of 'tried' identities)19:04
blzDG_, of course you should check that each OS is detected before actually committing to install!19:05
Joe1is there a app to view networked computers on windows 719:05
kodomodeleting identities via ssh-add -D doesn't seem to be working either19:05
terafl0psJoe1, the places menu should have an option that reads "Network"19:06
kodomohence my question: where do I deconfigure this autoloading of identities?19:06
ChukyOla :D19:06
terafl0psJoe1: That should have a folder that reads "windows network" inside.19:06
DG_blz i have installed windows 8 in a dual boot already, i uninstalled it so now i want to install ubuntu. Would i go about the same process to dual boot it?19:07
natsirtDG_: Windows 8 is a joke19:07
ChukyAlguno se sabe la contraseña de Guadalinex Edu19:07
DG_exactly why i uninstalled it19:07
ChukyAlgun español?19:07
natsirtwhat are your OS's now?19:07
bekks!es | Chuky19:08
ubottuChuky: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.19:08
DG_im just using windows 719:08
natsirtLinux always overwrites, just pop in the ubuntu disc and install on a different partition19:08
blzDG_, I'm not exactly sure what you mean... You installed win7 & win 8 together (dual boot).  Now you uninstalled one (or both)?  And now you want to install ubuntu on top of that?19:09
DG_no, im saying would i do the same process to install it? as in making a new partition and all that19:09
natsirtDG_: You are good just install ubuntu on a seperate partition19:10
blzDG_, I don't know what process you originally used...19:10
DG_oh ok so all it needs is a seperate partition alright thanks :)19:10
natsirtDG_: Linux on top of windows is easy, the other way is tricky19:10
blzDG_, but the ubuntu graphical installer is very good about recognizing other OSes and installing ubuntu on a separate partition.  Much of that is automated.19:10
blzDG_, like I said before, once you have all the windows OSes organized the way you want, Ubuntu will politely install itself and add GRUB entries for your other OSes19:10
DG_alright cool, is there a minimum amount of space i need for the partition? 20GB right?19:11
TheMiner20gb is plenty19:12
DG_alright cool thanks guys :)19:12
blzDG_, I've installed ubuntu on as little as 1019:12
DG_now i just have to wait for the iso to finish downloading19:13
TheMinerforgo Unity and you can get away with 619:13
terafl0psAnd if 20GB turns out to not be enough, you can use gparted and a live CD to easily resize one partition or the other.19:13
velhohow can one paste into the terminal?19:16
ratcheervelho: Usually with middle mouse button or Ctrl-v19:17
terafl0psvelho: Copy to the clipboard and then click your scrollwheel in gnome terminal.19:17
DG_well thanks for the help guys, im gonna stay here until the iso is done downloading19:17
BluesKajor just copy then paste19:17
ViaNocturnajust wanted to say thank for the help, boot time has now changed from 2 mins to 27 seconds, thanks :D19:18
terafl0psViaNocturna: What was it?19:18
DG_:O! 27 seconds???19:18
ViaNocturnaterafl0ps: well im not sure blacklisted a lot of stuff, my thought is ipv619:18
DG_are you using an HDD or SSD?19:19
ViaNocturnaDG_: HDD19:19
DG_!?!?! and you boot in 27 seconds!?!?!19:20
ubottuDG_: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)19:20
maslenI'm currently running ubuntu 12.04, and I have no idea why, but my sound stopped outputting audio to my speakers and headphones.19:20
ViaNocturnaDG_: yeah why?19:20
RKyleDoes anyone know of an alternative to Adobe Flash Professional for Ubuntu?19:20
DG_thats amazingly fast19:20
DG_windows 7 boots in like 4 minutes19:20
ViaNocturnaDG_: haha, and i'm moaning19:20
terafl0psDG_: It's pretty typical on reasonably modern hardware.  Welcome to Linux. :)19:21
ViaNocturnaDG_: one of the many reasons to fall in love with Linux19:21
leonardRKyle: what do you want to do?  i remember an article in a magazine but not the name19:22
DG_only reason im not ditching windows 7 is gaming lol19:22
leonardit said to have simular functions as adobe pro19:22
ViaNocturnaDG_: then you might want to check out PlayOnLinux ;)19:22
=== dominus is now known as rikut
barfshift + ctrl + v19:23
ViaNocturnaDG_: it makes installing Windows games on Linux a little easier than standard Wine, I play lots of Windows games on here19:23
leonardits basicly wine ... running windows games under linux but u lose performance19:23
RKyleleonard, Since Adobe Flash Professional isn't available for Linux I want to find a flash builder that also deals with action script.19:23
_LCN_how can i change as root lightdm.conf to have write acces and not only read limited19:23
ViaNocturnaleonard: not true, it's not emulation19:24
tonsofpcsRKyle: Adobe Flash Professional + Windows.19:24
RKyle_LCN_, sudo gedit lightdm.conf?19:24
leonardViaNocturna: never said that19:24
mads-My uncle, who is a microsoft guy with some MS server experience, just began using Ubuntu. He is very lightly into the web server part with multiple domains, but he also just wants to learn about ubuntu (both command line and GUI). Is there any good book I can buy for him? It should be introductory, but not too light as he is already decent with computers19:24
ViaNocturnaleonard: take world of Warcraft, many claim it runs better on Wine than Windows19:24
RKyle_LCN_, Or use chown.19:25
DJones!manual | mads-19:25
ubottumads-: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/19:25
leonardViaNocturna: never heard anybody say that but i am not really a gamer19:25
RKyletonsofpcs, But there must be an alternative to AFP for Linux.19:25
ViaNocturnaleonard: I can't say myself, not used Windows for about 6 years, but most games work smoothly19:25
tonsofpcsRKyle: why must there?  Even adobe is bailing on flash....19:26
leonardRKyle: i am sorry i dont remember enough about the article ... if you are german you should check the c't i think it was in that magazine19:26
leonardbut no garantes19:26
RKyletonsofpcs, I forget that HTML5 is slowly replacing flash but there are still compatibility issues with HTML5  aren't there?19:27
emp_If anybody here uses the Wikipedia Lens application, do you know how to change the default language it searches the articles in?19:27
leonardViaNocturna: i used it only for wc3 and even though it worked the performance was way worse than under windows19:28
terafl0psRKyle, the chief compatibility obstacle to HTML5 is Internet Explorer at this point.19:28
RKyleterafl0ps, Which is also why I want to build in flash for now.19:29
ViaNocturnaleonard: thats very possible, some games work amazing, others...well...not so much lol19:29
RKyleMaybe do a user agent check and only use the flash product in IE and load the HTML5 clone for everyone else.19:30
trismemp_: where did you get the lens? if it is based on the one here: http://developer.ubuntu.com/2012/04/how-to-create-a-wikipedia-unity-lens-for-ubuntu/ then it probably gets the language from the locale19:31
emp_trism: I got it from the Ubuntu program center19:32
terafl0psRKyle, If you are feeling adventurous, you might try installing it in PlayOnLinux.  I have no idea if it will work.  Your other option is to set up a Windows VM and run it in there.19:33
emp_It uses the system language by default, but is there a way to change that?19:33
maslenHow can I disable auto-mute mode in alsamixer ?19:33
terafl0psmaslen, tap the right arrow until you see a control for "Auto-Mute"19:34
maslenterafl0ps: That's the easy bit that I was able to figure out myself :)19:34
maslenah, down arrow.19:35
maslenNope, still no sound.19:35
DG_ok im back the iso finished downloading time to put it on the cd19:40
trismemp_: what is: apt-cache policy unity-lens-wikipedia;19:40
emp_trism: what do you mean? Is that a command I should try in the terminal?19:42
trismemp_: yes19:44
emp_trism: ok, on it19:44
emp_  Instaŀlat: 0.119:45
emp_  Candidat:  0.119:45
emp_  Taula de versió:19:45
emp_ *** 0.1 019:45
FloodBot1emp_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.19:45
TheLordOfTime!pastebin | emp_19:45
ubottuemp_: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.19:45
trismemp_: sorry should have asked to pastebin it, I am mostly interested in the url near the bottom19:46
TheLordOfTimeanyone able to help me diagnose an issue with 'gssd', which is needed in this one case for users to mount their nfs shares?  relevant output and logs attached: http://pastebin.com/E8YQ7UTJ19:46
emp_trism: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1182204/19:46
trismemp_: oh I don't have the extras repo, that's why I couldn't find it, thanks, I believe the file you need to edit is /usr/lib/unity-lens-wikipedia/unity-lens-wikipedia19:47
tesujiHello, I wanted to upgrade to 12.04 from 11.04 but the upgrade manager only shows 11.10. From the console as well it only says oneiric is available via do-release-upgrade -c -d19:48
bekkstesuji: From 11.04, you have to update to 11.10 first.19:48
bekksThere is no direct upgrade path.19:48
tesujibekks, okay thanks19:48
gr33n7007hIs there a program to convert {png\|jpg\|gif} etc to svg19:48
gandhijee_hey, is crosscompiling for 32bit arch's broken on ubuntu 12.04 64bit or something?19:49
velhohow can one paste into the terminal?19:49
deadmundgr33n7007h: I believe that is fundamentally not possible.19:49
velhohow can one paste text into the terminal?19:49
bkc_velho: middlebutton on mouse19:49
TheLordOfTimegr33n7007h:  try using GIMP?  maybe that'll work?19:49
deadmundgr33n7007h: Not every image can be re-drawn as a vector art.19:49
trismemp_: on line 50 there is: self.wiki = ["http://%s.wikipedia.org" % (loc)], you could add: loc = 'en' right above it to override the locale setting (replacing en with the region code of wikipedia you want)19:49
trismemp_: might also want to file a bug against unity-lens-wikipedia requesting to make it configurable19:50
deadmundTheLordOfTime: It will not.  Gimp works with pixels, not vectors.  Although it can open .svg it simply renders it as pixels.  t cannot create new .svg19:50
gr33n7007hdeadmund, is there a way in google to search for svg image?19:50
emp_trism: nice! thank you very much, and I'll do that19:50
emp_trism: I'm a bit of a newbie, how can I access the location you just pasted before?19:50
trismemp_: gksudo gedit /usr/lib/unity-lens-wikipedia/unity-lens-wikipedia;19:51
deadmundgr33n7007h: Lemme check while I look.  Look at this: http://www.clker.com/19:51
tesujigr33n7007h, the first are bitmap formats but svg is a vector format. without some form of shape recognition its not possible. in google try filetype:svg19:51
gr33n7007hdeadmund, ok19:51
terafl0psTheLordOfTime: Did you already try using lsof to see what files that PID has open?19:51
deadmundgr33n7007h: There is a way I'm sure to search for .svg in google using some 'google-foo'19:52
TheLordOfTimeterafl0ps:  there is no PID.  it autoterminates19:52
russ_Hi everyone19:52
TheLordOfTimeterafl0ps:  the PID stops working immediately after activation via start19:52
russ_I'm having problems!  I updated using update manager a few weeks ago, and now I can't load up ubuntu without using a previous version19:52
DG_is there a way to turn off the message that says when people join and leave?19:52
gr33n7007has to be 24x2419:53
deadmundgr33n7007h: filetype:svg thing you're looking for19:53
levanderDG_: That's dependent upon your IRC client.19:53
gr33n7007hdeadmund, great! thanks let me check19:53
deadmundgr33n7007h: sure19:53
russ_pizza time19:53
emp_trism: apparently there is no "unity-lens-wikipedia" folder within "lib"19:54
terafl0psTheLordOfTime: You still may be able to use lsof to look for anything accessing /run/rpc_pipefs19:54
terafl0pslsof has a million useful flags, but I might just start with sudo lsof | grep rpc_pipefs19:54
DG_levander im just using webchat.freenode.net19:55
benkevananyone see an issue before where they can't send SMTP to anything fi you have an IP that ends in an even octet, but odd IP's work fine?19:55
skomorokhhow do I find the last couple versions of packages in ubuntu? i need to downgrade and have foolishly set my cache to clear too quickly19:55
DG_whats the default browser for ubuntu?19:56
levanderDG_: Well, if there's any settings options, you can look over them and see if there's anything like "disable server messages", I know my Thunderbird client has it.19:56
RKyleDG_, Firefox I believe.19:56
trismemp_: really? hmm, let me add extras and check19:56
gandhijee_i can't seem to install the i386 sdl packages along side the 64bit ones...19:56
DG_found it thanks levander :)19:57
DG_thanks Rkyle19:57
RKyleNo problem.19:57
bitbuzzerI unzipped a program into /home/apps, but it doesn't show in the finder or the program "switcher". Do I need to register it somehow?19:57
deadmundbitbuzzer: Do you have a executable in /home/apps?19:58
DG_how come i copied the iso to the disc and it put two copies on the disc?19:58
bitbuzzerdeadmund: its in a sub folder there19:58
NewWorldbitbuzzer:  Maybe that dir needs to be added to $PATH19:59
trismemp_: ahah, the one in extras is in /opt, the one in the ppa is in /usr/lib, so /opt/extras.ubuntu.com/unity-lens-wikipedia/unity-lens-wikipedia19:59
deadmundbitbuzzer: To start the program from the terminal go to that folder and ./<program-name>  If you don't want to always go to that folder place a link to the executable in /usr/local/bin/19:59
terafl0psDG_: What do you mean by two copies?20:00
trismemp_: and in that one it is actually line 5120:00
anlaryeHi. I've got a display issue when booting. When the computer should show the grub menu. My monitor gives me a message that reads: "cant display this video mode, optimum resolution 1280x1024 @ 60hz" ... where would i go to fix that? Thanks20:00
DG_terafl0ps for some reason it put the iso on the disc two times so i have two iso files on there20:00
emp_trism: checking that out now20:00
bitbuzzerI can start via terminal fine, its finding it via three "finder" that isn't working20:01
terafl0psDG_: It sounds like you may have copied the ISO file itself.  You need to use a program in Windows that knows how to write the contents of the ISO to a disk.20:01
terafl0psDG:_ Personally, I like ImageBurner.20:01
DG_ooooh yeah thats what i did, i just copied the iso but what would i use to do what you said? would daemon tools work?20:02
BluesKajimgburn is vg, DG_20:02
deadmundbitbuzzer: I think this is the solution you're looking for?  http://askubuntu.com/questions/78730/how-do-i-add-a-custom-launcher20:03
malkaunsbuying BTC for dwolla/PPUSD20:04
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malkaunsoops wrong channel :P20:05
skomorokhAny idea where I can find the Firefox 14 package from 12.04? I need to move back from 15.20:05
RKyleI like InfraRecorder for Windows.20:05
emp_trism: okay, I changed "loc" into "en", I'll restart and see if it worked. thank you very much, appreciated20:05
kiyoura<3 zsh20:05
DG_so should i take the iso off the disc? then use imgburn to extract the files on the iso to the disc?20:06
OerHeksthere is an extended howto DG_ >>> https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BurningIsoHowto20:08
terafl0psDG_:If you used a RW disk, you can use ImageBurn to overwrite the disk with the ISO files with the contents of one ISO file.20:08
BluesKajDG_, imgburn will do it all just open the iso file in it20:08
OerHeksiso = img(age)20:09
shphi, i'm on an ubuntu vm in tty, i need to change the keyboard layout in tty, which file do i have to modify?20:12
DG_so which one would i click? http://gyazo.com/8cd7e85be34c2837d3f2fce789dfa33d20:13
AC1Dhelp me plz20:14
TheLordOfTime!help | AC1D20:14
ubottuAC1D: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience20:14
AC1D$ apt-get update E: Could not open lock file /var/lib/apt/lists/lock - open (13: Permission denied) E: Unable to lock directory /var/lib/apt/lists/ E: Could not open lock file /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (13: Permission denied) E: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), are you root?20:14
TheLordOfTimeAC1D:  use sudo20:14
AC1Dwhat solution?20:14
TheLordOfTimeAC1D:  sudo apt-get update20:14
AC1Di sudo20:14
terafl0psDG_: "Write image file to disc"20:14
TheLordOfTimeAC1D:  that's not what the system says.  ***use that command i just gave you***20:15
anlaryeHi. I've got a display issue when booting. When the computer should show the grub menu. My monitor gives me a message that reads: "cant display this video mode, optimum resolution 1280x1024 @ 60hz" ... where would i go to fix that? Thanks20:15
DG_thanks terafl0ps :)20:15
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eliahi have a strange problem with checking mx records - anybody could help?20:20
Bahramand finally...20:25
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gregoryfentonWhat problem eliah?20:28
russ_I have a strange problem with my bootup20:29
emp_trism: it worked! thank you very much!20:30
DG_brb installing ubuntu!!!!20:30
russ_Is anyone wanting to hear my story of failure?20:31
trismemp_: excellent! you're welcome20:31
OerHeks!ask | russ_20:31
ubotturuss_: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience20:31
ActionParsnipruss_: go for it, if it's ubuntu support related20:31
c_smithwhat is the current package name in Ubuntu for glibc?20:32
ActionParsnip!find glibc20:33