len-dtWow! that holstein is a pro...02:05
holsteini think we need a bot that spits that crap out02:20
len-dtGood morning smartboyhw 02:33
smartboyhwGood morning02:34
smartboyhwAlso holstein too02:34
holsteinsmartboyhw: o/02:37
micahgsmartboyhw: adjust the testdrive settings to have a large drive then02:45
smartboyhwHAHAHA, I did02:45
len-dtmicahg, thanks for doing the release02:46
smartboyhwThanks micahg02:46
micahglen-dt: sure, sorry it took so long :)02:46
len-dtJust the metas to figure out I guess. If need be I can put them back on the graphics meta. But it does need fixing some time...02:47
len-dtsmartboyhw, you -can- run with no swap partition.04:04
len-dtIn fact it is sometimes better for audio.04:04
smartboyhwailo: I heard that you got some new work to do/ Is that true? Hi len06:37
len-livefor those who are interested... the quantal daily fails06:38
smartboyhwOh, why?06:39
len-liveThere are a number of bugs. Aside from the panel indicator missing and some metas missing...06:39
smartboyhwBug 1044299?06:39
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1044299 in ubiquity (Ubuntu Quantal) "ubi-partman crashed, and then no installation process, no installation options" [Critical,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/104429906:39
len-livethe removable drives show up on the desktop more than once06:39
len-liveubiquity exits at partman so no install06:40
len-liveThat sounds like a similar bug to bug #104490506:41
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1044905 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "Ubiquity exits when trying to partition drive" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/104490506:41
smartboyhwIt is a duplicate06:43
len-liveDoesn't look like the same bug06:43
len-liveThe fix was released before the image I downloaded.06:43
smartboyhwTheMaster: Why did you change your nick?07:18
TheMastersmartboyhw: Please don't private message in irc without asking first, it goes against netiquette.07:21
smartboyhwSorry TheMaster07:21
TheMasterAlso, if you look again, I didn't change nicks.07:22
smartboyhwBut then you use TheMaster in here, Unit193 in there. How do you do it?07:28
TheMasterDifferent clients.07:31
ailosmartboyhw: May I help you with something?15:04
smartboyhwailo: What?15:04
ailoYou have been sending me PM's15:04
smartboyhwNothing, just that my documentation will be delayed, I lost it when my kernel building failed15:04
smartboyhwMaybe till Wednesday15:04
ailoHow did it fail?15:06
smartboyhwailo: I didn't use the Ubuntu repos, just build it completely, and then I lost my drivers15:06
smartboyhwAnyway, I'm fine now15:06
ailoIt's enough if you let me know when you finish it. 15:08
smartboyhwBye ailo15:16
ailoTheMuso: Hi. I'd love to take over maintenance of linux-lowlatency for precise. Would you mind sharing your workflow?22:52
ailoAlso, where would you recommend to keep the source?22:53
ailoI see that one can ask Pete Graner for putting up a git repo22:56
TheMusoailo: The workflow is essentially documented in the git tree I uploaded to on kernel.ubuntu.com. Look in the MAINTENANCE file in the top directory.23:13
ailoTheMuso: Thanks. So, I take things up with UTK then?23:21
* micahg thinks it would be great if *someone* updated that package :)23:22
ailoTheMuso: You removed your tree?23:24
ailoTheMuso: Found it. Wasn't visible on the web page23:27
ailoTheMuso: I'm wondering if that's all? I rebased the source, but how about the debian changelog?23:55
ailoI had to do: fakeroot debian/rules clean, in order for fakeroot debian/rules startnewrelease insertchanges to work23:59

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