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velhohello music people!! :)01:53
velhoguess everybody's sleeping01:55
len-dtvelho, not many  people here01:55
holsteinwe are here if you need help velho01:55
velhoone free musician!! hello len01:56
holsteinjust ask :)01:56
velhoholstein :)01:56
len-dtYa taking a break from playing..01:56
holsteinyou might want to try #opensourcemusicians01:56
velhoI just recently joined the linux force01:59
velhoI've tryed linux before01:59
holsteini havent heard of the linux force.. unless you mean you just started using linux.. in which case welcome01:59
velhobut, this time, is forever :)01:59
velhoyes, holstein! thank you02:00
velhoI mean "force" as in the power of the people02:01
velhosorry, I'm not native english02:01
len-dtLots of people are not, no worries.02:01
velhocan I install ubuntu studio inside my ubuntu installation? if yes, how, and how much space do I need? thank you in advance02:02
len-dtubuntustudio is ubuntu with extra packages pretty much02:03
holsteinvelho: i would just open the package manager of your choice and search ubuntustudio02:03
holsteinthe sizes will be there02:03
holsteini suggest *not* just installing the ubuntustudio meta packages, and maybe just try ubuntustudio live, or just install what you need02:04
holsteinfeel free and ask about what pacakges might fit your needs depending one what you are trying to accomplish02:04
holsteinpodcasting... multitrack recording... MIDI... etc...02:04
velhoI use Cubase (legit) on windows plus a bunch of vst plugins02:05
holsteinlikely the audio meta package would suit you... ubuntustudio-audio02:06
velhofor multitrack recording, mixing and mastering02:06
holsteinthe desktop we use is XFCE, which is different from the main ubuntu, which uses unity02:06
velhothat's the main thing I wish to acomplish in linux02:06
holsteinif you add all the pacakges, the look and feel will change02:06
holsteinif you want that, go for it!... if you want to keep the current look and feel, just install what you need02:07
holsteinJACK, ardour... some audio plugins02:07
velhowhat do you mean? that ubuntu=gnome and ubuntustudio=XFCE ?02:07
holsteinubuntu = ubuntustudio02:07
holsteinubuntu uses the unity desktop environment02:08
holsteinubuntustudio uses XFCE, as does xubuntu02:08
velhohmmm, to save recources?02:08
holsteinyou can use the ubuntustudio packages and metapackages with any of the environments02:08
holsteinvelho: are you asking why we chose XFCE?02:08
holsteinwe had gnome2... we feel XFCE is the most like gnome2, and the xubuntu team is great to work with02:09
velhoi'm searching for packages in the ubuntu software center02:11
holsteincool.. you can also search in synaptic, or any package manger, if those results are not making sense to you02:11
velhowell, they don't :(02:12
holsteinthey? dont what?02:12
velhoI only see "Ubuntu Studio Controls"02:13
holsteinright... in synaptic you should see more.. the metapackages we have02:13
velhothe results, there is only one: "Ubuntu Studio Controls"02:13
holsteinvelho: but in synaptic?02:13
len-dttry ubuntustudio all one word. There was something else I had to do too...02:13
velhogonna install synaptic now02:13
holsteinyeah. thats what i have... search ubuntustudio.. all one word02:14
velhook :)02:15
velhoby the way02:15
velhothese "packages"02:15
len-dtmaybe ubuntustudio, in SW center. When I go ubuntustudio- and then remove the - it all shows up...02:15
velhoare bundles of programs? in this case, music programs?02:15
holsteinmeta packages..02:15
holsteinvelho: there are different ones. and they should have descriptions02:15
holsteinubuntustudio-audio for the "audio" apps02:16
holsteinubuntustudio-graphics... ets02:16
velhowhat's the meaning of "meta"?02:16
holsteinvelho: its a big fake package that points to a group of others02:16
holsteinthere are a bunch of audio apps02:16
holsteinyou can search and install them one by one.. or just the ones you want02:17
velhocool :D02:17
holsteinOR.. you can use the ubuntustudio-audio ones02:17
holsteinthe ones ubuntustudio has as "audio" apps02:17
holsteinthey are not ours.. they are the same ones in debian and most other distros02:17
holsteinjust the normal tools most folks use.. such as JACK and ardour and the plugings... JAMin.. whatever else you might use02:18
holsteinyou dont have to install ubuntustudio, nor the ubuntustudio metapackages.. you can just install the applicastion you want to use02:18
holsteinOR, take advantage or out prepackages distro in whatever way you want... check it out live, and learn what you want to run.. install the OS.. install the metapackages of your choice in your current OS02:19
velhoyea, good idea :)02:19
holsteinwe add no extra packages.. everyhing is in the main repositories02:20
velhoI now see so much results :)02:20
velhothank you!02:20
holsteinvelho: anytime02:20
holsteinjack is what you will want to learn about.02:21
velhoisn't jack a virtual pach bay?02:22
holsteinand more.. if you want to do proaudio in linux, JACK is the main tool02:22
holsteinits the "hub" of the pro linux audio studio02:22
velhoyes, I want to do pro audio02:22
holsteinhence the suggestion to research JACK02:23
velhois there any pros using only linux? I would like to know what they are using02:23
holsteini am02:23
velhoawesome :)02:23
holsteinlost of folks in #opensourcemusicians do02:23
holsteinthe #ardour channel and #jack channel are full of them02:23
holsteinJACK and ardour ar the big ones02:23
holsteinthere are lots of MIDI too, but i dont do much of that02:24
velhoI just love the power of linux02:26
holsteinyup.. its a great community02:26
velhowish I could cut my dependence from cubase, and use only linux02:26
holsteini did02:26
holsteintook a long time02:26
velhoI bet :)02:26
velhowhat did you use before?02:26
holsteincubase and XP02:27
holsteini dual booted for a long time there testing02:27
velhowich cubase version?02:27
holsteinthen, i just had a laptop for daily use.. only linux02:27
holsteinthat helped02:27
holsteini did less and less in XP02:27
holsteinthen, i just finally made the leap02:27
holsteinno more windows02:27
holsteinvelho: i dont remember02:27
velhowell, I'm just following your steps. will you accept me as an disciple, my dear master?02:28
holsteinme or someone in opensourcemusicians im sure02:28
holsteinthat who really help me02:28
velhoi'm an independent musician02:29
velhoto use only linux would be a great thing02:29
holsteinwell, linux is not magic02:29
velhoalthoug, I just wish steinberg ported cubase for linux02:29
holsteini like it... and it works great, and i wont use anything else, but have realistic expectations02:30
holsteinyou didnt sit down in front of XP or OSX and start recording audio02:30
holsteinvelho: after you move, you wont miss cubase02:30
holsteinat least, i dont02:30
velhoi quit linux some years ago because I've tested some audio apps. the core system was great, so many incredible apps. but, in audio... anything pro :(02:30
holsteindid you try JACK?02:31
holsteinyou might have tried audacity or lmms02:31
velhoi think ardour02:31
holsteinvelho: nah... you would have liked ardour02:31
holsteinand you need JACK to run it02:31
holsteinif you just clicked on it and it didnt do anything, then thats what i did for years too02:32
velhoyou've gessed :)02:32
holsteinvelho: when you get into it, you'll see why its so complex02:33
velhobut I've made a big mistake. I didn't know about irc channels02:33
holsteinand why its just not that easy to make it easier02:33
holsteini wouldnt have made it if i hadnt found the IRC02:33
velhowell, I'm addicted to complex02:33
holsteinyou'll fit right in!02:33
velhodo you know of any well written pdf manuals, or video tutorials?02:34
smartboyhwGood morning holstein02:34
holsteinvelho: sure.. the ardour manual is great02:35
holsteinthe JACK one is the key.. and theres not a great one02:35
holsteinit really depends on your hardware02:35
holsteinvelho: i suggest getting the ubuntustudio iso ...the live one02:36
velhoi have an edirol fa-6602:36
holsteinvelho: have it and test with it02:36
holsteinvelho: you can break it all in the live environment and just reboot :)02:36
holsteinvelho: thats firewire, correct?02:36
velholol, good idea :)02:36
holsteinthats a whole other PITA02:36
holsteini have a firepod, but you want a texax instruments chipset02:37
len-dtEasiest tp load the ISO on a USB stick BTW02:37
holsteinpain in the a$$02:37
holsteinyeah, like len-dt says.. live USB is nice.. faster too02:37
holsteinok.. gotta run for a bit... i would download our iso velho ... it'll help with troubleshooting02:38
velhogonna do it!02:38
smartboyhwholstein: Give him the iso link?02:38
velhothank you so much for your time02:38
holsteinsmartboyhw: is you want...02:39
velhoi think it is http://ubuntustudio.org/download/02:39
holsteinvelho: get the 12.04 one02:39
smartboyhwDownload it in http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntustudio/releases/12.04.1/release/02:40
velho32 or 64 bit? I use win7 and ubuntu 12.04 64bit02:40
holsteinvelho: either is cool now.. i would go with the 32 live02:40
holsteinfor troubleshooting... i use the 64bit now though02:41
holsteinvelho: really, either is fine02:41
holsteinused to really matter02:41
velhowell, they recommend 32 bit02:41
velhodon't know why...02:41
smartboyhwAlso more people use 32 bit I think, though I use 64 bit02:42
len-dt32 bit works on anything.02:42
len-dt64 bit only works on machines that support it02:42
velhooh ok :)02:44
velhogonna download ubuntustudio 64bit02:45
velhodoes it work as a live cd, also?02:45
len-dtWe only have live dvd right now.02:45
len-dt(kinda big for a CD at 2.1 Gig02:45
smartboyhwDVD or USB please;)02:46
velhodoes ardour support vst?02:47
len-dtThat is it's own story.02:48
len-dtI think there is a patch that supports some VST if you are willing to roll your own.02:48
len-dtHowever, because of the ability to patch programs together... there are some other VST containers around.02:49
velhonice :)02:49
velhoand what about audio delay?02:49
len-dtArdour seems to calc it pretty good and make all of the delays the same to keep tracks synced.02:50
velhoand when one is recording?02:53
len-dtBest to monitor with hardware if possible.02:54
velhothank you foir your time, mates :)02:54
len-dtJack will let you set latency, but a longer latency allows more tracks/effects02:55
velhowill see you here tomorrow, hope! cheers :)02:55
len-dtbye, enjoy02:55
velhoI'm sorry, I really gotta sleep02:55
smartboyhwGood night velho02:55
velhobut loved the conversation02:55
len-dtno problem02:56
velhoyou are all incredibly kind02:56
velhoI really don't understand why there aren't more linux users02:56
len-dtAs one who has not (out of choice) ever used either MS or apple SW... I don't either02:57
velhoat least for everyday task, linux is way better02:59
velhoreally gotta sleep02:59
len-dtGood night02:59
velhogood bye, and have a healthy life :)03:00
velhogood night03:00
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drupinsmartboyhw: u need to /ID pass first b4 joining the chan...14:09
drupinits shows you changing host14:09
smartboyhwOh sorry14:09
smartboyhwI went suspended14:10
drupinits ok smartboyhw you are macho14:20
smartboyhwdrupin: What?14:21
NosferathHolstein, are you there?14:21
drupinnothing i seen your lauchpad page14:21
drupinman you working on so many projects same time14:22
drupinhow did you do that14:22
smartboyhwNosferath: I can help too, holstein is away14:22
smartboyhwdrupin: Most of them are open or moderated team14:22
smartboyhwIf I got into a restricted one, those are my REAL work14:22
drupinthats ok but how you manage14:22
smartboyhwdrupin: Because I am clever enough:)14:22
drupinhe he14:23
smartboyhwhe he14:23
smartboyhwNosferath: What is your problem14:23
drupinwhere i learn packging14:23
smartboyhwdrupin: Packaging?14:23
drupinin the build system14:23
Nosferathsmartboyhw: Ok. The other day I installed UbuntuStudio, but I'm totally new on Linux, and I don't know how to install drivers and stuff for us both14:24
Nosferathrecognition stuff14:24
smartboyhwso you had problems for your USB??/14:24
NosferathI don't know, I'm not sure14:24
NosferathI don't even know how to view my usb devices14:25
Nosferathon Linux14:25
smartboyhwEr, it should be identified instantly.14:25
NosferathAnd shown where?14:25
smartboyhwAnd it should be on your desktop and the file manager14:26
len-dtNosferath, what USB device do you have?14:26
smartboyhwHi len14:26
NosferathA pen drive14:26
len-dtnormally in 12.04 it would show up on the desktop or in any file manager14:27
smartboyhwIf not maybe your USB drive hasn't been properly formated14:27
len-dtanother place to look is the last 10 lines or so of the output of dmesg14:27
Nosferathdoes it have to be ext?14:28
len-dtno, normally fat or vfat14:28
NosferathSo ubuntu automatically installs drivers of all the hardware?14:29
smartboyhwNosferath: It should14:29
len-dtThe kernel comes with most things needed.14:29
NosferathWhat if I want to install a sound card? it's a bit old, though14:30
len-dtIS it USB?14:30
len-dtis it PCI?14:30
NosferathOh, and also, does it have to be connected to the Internet for the drivers to be installed?14:30
len-dtIt is probably supported out of the box14:31
len-dtyou can see what sound cards the systems sees by opening a terminal and typing aplay -l14:33
len-dtto list sound devices.14:33
len-dtNosferath, I have some older PCI sound cards, ensoniq (SB live?) and d66, they just work.14:35
NosferathOkay, I'll do that later, as I'm not currently using the computer and I'm a little busy reading a book14:36
smartboyhwNosferath: :)14:42
Nosferathno sound comes out from my computer17:24
ailoNosferath: I always prefer quiet computers17:39
ailoNosferath: After rebooting, or?17:39
ailoLet us know what you think may be causing it17:39
ailoNosferath: Ok. I read the backscroll17:40
ailoNosferath: What is the name of the card? You can find out by doing: cat /proc/asound/cards17:41
Nosferathhow do I do that17:41
ailoNosferath: Open a terminal. You'll find it in accessories in the menu17:41
ailoThen type the command, or just paste it (shift+ctrl+v)17:42
ailocat /proc/asound/cards17:42
ailoNosferath: And paste the output here http://paste.ubuntu.com/17:43
Nosferathsays there's no such directory17:43
ailoNosferath: You have mistyped17:43
NosferathI'm sure I typed it correctly17:44
ailoI'm sure you didn't17:44
NosferathD: how is it possible17:44
Nosferathno spaces inside the command, right?17:45
ailothere's a space between the command "cat" and the argument "/proc/asound/cards"17:45
ailo/proc/asound/cards is a file. cat is a command that will output its contents17:46
Nosferaththere it is17:46
Nosferaththat pc has no Internet17:46
ailoYou should see names inside []17:47
NosferathI have an Ali M5455 and a SB Audigy17:47
NosferathI want to use the later17:47
ailoFine. So, you probably only need to set the SB as your audio device in the pulseaudio mixer17:48
ailoYou find it from the volume applet17:48
ailo"settings", or something like that17:48
ailoOn Ubuntu Studio, you find your device, and check the button called "Set as fallback"17:49
ailoIf you have any programs running, you might need to restart them to get sound17:49
ailoUsually, pulseaudio defaults to the internal device (is what I've experienced 100% of the time)17:50
velhocheer.s :)17:54
Nosferathno sound :/17:55
ailoNosferath: Did you find the mixer, and the settings for it?17:56
ailoAnd you set audigy as the fallback device?17:57
ailoAlso, what program are you using to see if you get sound?17:57
NosferathI got my pc on Spanish, set fallback is the green icon?17:58
ailoNosferath: That's right17:58
ailoNosferath: And the program you are using to play audio?17:59
ailoNosferath: That won't work with pulseaudio. It's a jack application18:03
ailoNosferath: Have you made sure you have desktop sound first?18:04
Nosferathhow do I do that18:04
ailoNosferath: Pulseaudio is the desktop sound system18:04
ailoNosferath: Most applications will work with pulseaudio, but the pro audio applications (ardour, qtractor, hydrogen, etc) are designed to be used with the pro audio sound system called jack18:05
ailoNosferath: Have you been trying to start jack?18:05
NosferathI'm totally lost with all the apps18:06
velhoanyone had sucessfully installed Editor FA-66?18:06
ailoNosferath: Try your web browser to play some sound from any page18:07
ailoNosferath: Or, if you have sound files, double click them and play them18:07
Nosferathgot no Internet on that computer18:07
ailoAh, right. Then sound files it is18:07
ailovelho: Editor?18:09
NosferathI get sound18:09
ailoNosferath: Good. Now, if you want to play with audio apps, read this https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuStudio/ProAudioIntro/1204#Jack_-_The_Pro_Audio_Sound_System18:09
ailoNosferath: Start jack first, as described on that page. Then start hexter18:09
ailoNosferath: Really all you need to do is select your device in qjackctl settings, and push start18:10
ailovelho: ffado has full support for edirol FA-66 http://www.ffado.org/?q=devicesupport/list18:12
Nosferathfailed to open server18:18
ailoNosferath: Make sure you are not using the device with any program when you try to start jack18:21
velhoailo, thanks :)18:21
velhois ffado a driver?18:21
Nosferathokay, I'll reboot18:21
velhosorry, i'm noob18:21
ailoNosferath: Could be jackdbus is running now. To make sure it's not, kill it with this command: killall -9 jackdbus18:22
ailoNosferath: No need to reboot18:22
ailovelho: Yes. ffado is a driver which you can use with jack18:22
ailovelho: Also means, you cannot use the firewire device for desktop audio, unless you connect pulseaudio to jack18:23
ailovelho: alsa does yet not support many firewire devices, which is what us used for pci cards18:23
ailousb, pci == "alsa", firewire == "ffado"18:24
Nosferathokay, I chose the device and pressed start, now what?18:28
ailoNosferath: Now open hexter18:30
ailoNosferath: Assuming jack started and did not shut down18:30
velhoailo, I'm using a pci card WITH a firewire converter, where I connect the Edirol FA-66, on Windows18:31
velhoso... do I need to install ffado and alsa?18:31
velhoand pulseaudio and jack?18:31
ailovelho: No need to install anything.18:31
ailovelho: The audio device is firewire, so you will be using ffado for it, not alsa.18:32
velhoailo, so, how to setup FA-66 in ubuntu?18:32
ailovelho: Just plug it in, and start jack with the firewire driver18:32
ailoAssuming you installed jackd18:32
velhoailo, how can I do that?18:32
ailovelho: Are you on Ubuntu Studio?18:32
velhooh no! I'm using Ubuntu, not Ubuntu Studio18:33
NosferathI'm running hexter, what now18:33
ailovelho: Since you are new to this, I would recommend you install Ubuntu Studio, or at least use the live DVD to test your device18:33
ailovelho: Everything is set up already on Ubuntu Studio18:34
velhoailo, ok! can I try to install the FA-66 driver with the live cd?18:34
ailovelho: No, there's no FA-66 driver18:34
ailovelho: But, if you want to have the device working instantly, just install Ubuntu Studio, or try the live DVD18:34
velhobut I need to test if ubuntu recognises FA-6618:34
ailovelho: It is fully supported, so it will work. But not out of the box with a standard Ubuntu Install18:35
velhoailo, do you mean that fa-66 is recognised automaticaly?18:35
ailovelho: Yes, on Ubuntu Studio18:35
ailoNosferath: There's a test tone button18:35
velhoailo, thats GREAT news :D:D18:35
velhoand what about in ubuntu?18:36
Nosferathnothing happens18:36
velhohow to make it work?18:36
ailovelho: You need to configure Ubuntu for realtime audio18:36
ailoNosferath: Check qjackctl -> Connections18:36
velhoailo, can you help me achieve that?18:36
ailoNosferath: Make sure hexter is connected to "system"18:36
NosferathWhat's the server route supposed to be? cos I think I accidentally changed something there18:37
ailovelho: Install jackd. Say yes to realtime during install. Then add yourself to audio group: sudo usermod -a -G audio $USER18:37
ailoNosferath: Server route?18:37
velhoailo, I'm going to install kack18:38
Nosferathit works :D18:38
velhoerrrr... how do I install Jack? sorry for the ignorance :/18:38
ailoNosferath: Great. Now, you know how to get jack running. If you get problems, please store these commands for later: killall -9 jackdbus18:39
ailoNosferath: And: killall pulseaudio18:39
velhoI see several "jack" programs in software center18:39
ailoNosferath: pulseaudio will always respawn after being killed18:39
ailovelho: In a terminal, do: sudo apt-get install jackd18:39
velhoailo, done ;)18:41
ailoNosferath: One program that is easy to learn is Hydrogen. I recommend you try that18:41
NosferathI was using it now18:41
Nosferathalready made a base,  wee18:41
velhoailo, what to do after installation?18:41
velhowhat do you mean by audio group: sudo usermod -a -G audio $USER18:41
ailovelho: so, make yourself member of audio group: sudo usermod -a -G audio $USER18:41
ailovelho: then reboot18:41
Nosferathhow do I insert notes between notes?18:42
velhoailo, what is that?18:42
ailoNosferath: From there on, I would recommend you look for software manuals, etc18:42
velhoailo, thank you so much for being so much helpfull :D18:42
Nosferathokay, thanks :D18:42
ailovelho: How did you install jackd?18:42
velhousing the command you gave me, ailo18:43
ailovelho: So, use the other command I gave you18:43
ailosudo usermod -a -G audio $USER18:43
velhobut what does that do?18:43
ailoIt will add your user to audio group18:44
ailoYou need to be in that group in order to get access to realtime audio18:44
ailoAnd the firewire device18:44
ailoTo see which groups you are in, just do: groups18:44
ailoYou will not see audio there, until you logout and login again18:44
ailoSo, actually, no need to reboot18:45
ailovelho: If you like, you can instead manually edit the file /etc/group18:46
ailoJust add your user name to the audio groups18:46
velhoailo, already used that command18:46
velhonothing happens...18:46
ailovelho: As I said, you need to log out, and log in again for changes to take effect18:46
velhosudo usermod -a -G audio $USER18:47
velhowhere ┬žUSER is my username, right?18:47
ailovelho: $USER will automatically become your username18:47
ailoIt's a variable18:47
ailoYou can see it by doing: echo $USER18:48
ailoYou can also exchange it with your username. Doesn't matter18:48
velhoreally need to learn there linux commands again :)18:48
ailovelho: Again, just logout and login again to see the change18:48
velhogonna logout and login. see ya then ;) ailo18:48
velhoand THANKS!18:48
ailovelho: Is your firewire device connected?18:50
ailoYou need to make sure it's turned on, naturally18:50
velhoailo, no18:50
velhook, just a second...18:51
velhoit's connected now!18:51
ailovelho: For some devices, you need to turn on first, then connect the cable, or the other way around, for things to work18:51
ailovelho: Just telling you now, in case it doesn't work18:51
velhobut the thing is, ailo18:52
velhoI don't have a firewire port here18:52
ailovelho: You said you have a pci with firewire18:52
velhoI need a pci converter, with 2 firewire ports18:52
velhoand one of them is connected to the FA-6618:52
velhoailo, YES that's it18:53
ailoSo, what's the problem then?18:53
velhowell, I don't now18:53
ailoI'm assuming your FA-66 is connected to the firewire pci card18:53
velhojust feel like It would be better to explain my situation, before install anithing18:53
velhoyes, it is now18:53
ailoOk, so start qjackctl18:54
velhostarted! then?18:54
ailovelho: In Qjacktl -> Setup18:54
ailoSet "Driver" to "firewire"18:54
ailoAfter closing setup, and saving, click "Start"18:55
ailovelho: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuStudio/ProAudioIntro/1204#Firewire18:56
velhoError - JACK Audio Connection Kit:18:56
velhoD-BUS: JACK serer could not be started. Sorry18:56
ailovelho: It would help if you copy and paste the entire error log to http://paste.ubuntu.com/18:57
velhoI'm trying to copy the text18:58
ailoAnother thing that would be helpful is if you install ffado-tools: sudo apt-get install ffado-tools19:00
ailovelho: After install ffad-tools, do: ffado-diag > ffado.log19:01
ailoThis will output everything to a file in /home/$USER/ffado.log19:02
ailoPaste the contents of that file to http://paste.ubuntu.com19:02
velhojust a second...19:02
velhoi'm trying to find my home (palmface)19:03
ailovelho: If you open your file browser, home is the first thing you see19:04
ailovelho: btw, I realized, you might need to reboot after jackd install to get privileges19:04
ailovelho: so, if you haven't rebooted, please do19:04
velhook I will19:05
velhowhat about the ffado.log?19:05
ailovelho: Very weird19:05
velhoailo, what?19:06
ailovelho: The firewire module seems not to be loaded19:06
velhomaybe I need to reboot?19:06
velhoi'm going to do that now, see ya then19:06
velhoand THAAAAAAAAANK YOU, truly :D19:07
ailovelho: Make sure this is installed: jackd2-firewire19:07
velhoailo, should I install that now?19:07
ailoIt should be of course19:07
ailoPlease do19:07
velhohow can I see if that's installed or not?19:07
ailovelho: No, forget that.19:08
ailovelho: This one: ffado-dbus-server19:08
ailosudo apt-get install ffado-dbus-server19:08
ailoThen reboot19:08
velhook done :)19:08
velhogonna reboot now, see ya19:08
velhoailo, back :)19:13
ailovelho: Try ffado-diag again: ffado-diag > ffado.log19:14
ailoAnd paste the output to http://paste.ubuntu.com/19:15
ailowell, actually I just realized the problem was not installing ffado-dbus-server, all though that was needed too19:17
ailoBut the firewire module is still not loaded19:17
velhoso, how to load the firewire module?19:17
ailovelho: From what I see, you don't seem to have a firewire controller19:18
ailoSo, I'm wondering what kind of pci card is it that you have?19:18
ailovelho: If you do: cat /proc/interrupts19:19
ailoOne line should say firewire_ohci19:19
ailoThis is the firewire controller19:19
ailoI was assuming your pci device was a firewire controller card19:19
ailoDoes it need extra power?19:20
ailoMake sure it's installed correctly19:20
ailovelho: I need to attend to other things right now, but you can always ask for help at #ffado, #opensourcemusicians, #jack, or here19:21
velhoailo, are you going away?19:21
ailoYes. I'm a little busy :)19:21
velhothank you for all the help :)19:22
velhoI'm a little bit tired too19:22
velhogonna try again tomorow19:22
velhothank you ailo  :)19:22
ailohope your solve your problem tomorrow19:23
velhome too!19:23

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